Sunday, August 4, 2013

8413/maids stalking Boehner at beach

8413/it's hunting season, for Republicans. Pro-amnesty hotel maids stalking Boehner at beach?, Gohmert, R Texas, isn’t sure how big of an issue immigration will be, but are otherwise focused on bigger issues wnd-YOU CAN'T MAKE UP IGNORANCE OF lib dem Politicians, LibNazi party is close to being a hunted breed here in America. And you want to talk "RADICALS", fat boy? My GOD Google "Bush death threats" and "anti Bush rallies" and see your kind and the radicals that you traitor scum are. Stop snorting Hussein Bin el Obama's cocaine, tubby, * thinks HE is the final friggin' word on everything, and places like CNN are wrong, Are you infactuated by your new boy muslim Ellison as much as you gush over the RACIST TURD muslim zeroBOWma!! And it was not taken out of context, AMERICA HATING muslim Ellison, like all SCUM democrats want's control of all America wealth, so they can buy more votes by giving you unwashed democrats more free stuff! If you Google the quote all that comes up is 3 RWNJ sites trying to make something out of nothing. Seems you got fooled...AGAIN!-How does Obama taste?-How really stupid of you. You have no idea of President George W Bush's intelligence. You are like all other Liberals that have fallen prey to a Democrat smear campaign. If what he left was such a mess why is Obama continuing his policies?-noticed in addition to being unable to give a decent debate, that person has only started a handful of their own threads, a trait shown by most liberals who are cowards-just to prove al quaida is on the run-Wonder why he had to make it such a world wide notice that we were giving in to Al Qaeda and hiding? Bet they are sitting in their caves laughing knowing that it is next week end that they are going to attack. Supposition but how do we know it isn't the truth. Gone are the days of the world afraid of waking the sleeping giant of the United States military force-aibafs/Rangel ~> Tea Party Same "White Crackers" We Fought In South-McDonnell donor cooperating in corruption probe-Barney Frank Comes Out–As A Pot-Smoking Atheist tw/Chronicle study in 2006 found that a homeless person can cost $100,000 annually in emergency medical and other services, while a supportive housing unit costs about $25,000 a year. tw/ the fact remains that both pillars of the pro-austerity position, claims of expansionary austerity, and claims that terrible things happen when debt crosses some rather low threshold, have collapsed, spectacularly. Yet policy hasn’t changed at all; at best there have been tiny adjustments at the margin in Europe, and in the US we’re still slashing spending in the face of a weak economy. It’s pretty depressing for those who would like to believe that analysis and evidence matter. The recent evolution of both policy and conventional wisdom on macroeconomics seems to suggest otherwise krugmannyt/stein humping buffet, on cbssm/inserting bombs, egypt zz war, mccul rtex  mad science eminent alert, giving galant effort shumer gives insight, peggy ozoozes wingnut nonscence, sequester mothballing 3 aircraft carriers, on mtncbs/disaggreeing with kerry, singing dempsey butthurt about swnowden admits military force never produces democracy, libetarian will jumps in christy rand fight, on abc/illegally fired after he testified on behalf Zimmerman, Ben Kruidbos, the former director of information technology for Corey's office, is seeking more than $5 million in damages testifying at a pre-trial hearing on June 6 that he believed prosecutors had failed to turn over to the defense, as required by evidence sharing laws, potentially embarrassing evidence extracted from Martin's cell phone-it's all whitey's fault anyway, evil...according to George stephanopoulous the whiteys left Detroit's suburbs and those that remained didn't make it better. they somehow managed to make it worse aibafs/ Gingrich (R-Ga.) is rethinking his neoconservative stance, I am a neoconservative. But at some point, even if you are a neoconservative, you need to take deep breath to ask if our strategies in Middle East have succeeded, It may be that our capacity to export democracy is a lot more limited than we thought."on U.S. military intervention in foreign countries. we really need a discussion on what is an effective policy against radical Islam since it’s hard to argue that our policies of last 12 years have effective hp/
8313/Capitalism is certainly not perfect, but it created the most productive, affluent nation in the history of mankind: the good old United States of America. Certainly, some unfortunates will slip through the cracks and will need help getting by; that’s what churches and countless charities are good at-no surprise that the U.S. Army has been awarding contracts to members of Al-Qaeda, years before Osama bin Laden was our archenemy, he was our ally to whom the U.S. provided funding, training, manpower and weapons in order for his team of Mujahedeen to help accomplish our geopolitical goals. In fact, the CIA labeled this group of recruits placed under bin Laden’s leadership “Al-Qaeda,” or “The Database. if it weren’t for the U.S.’s covert funding of it. foreign policy demands an credible enemy to justify our presence in the Middle East, and Al-Qaeda has worked wonderfully. They’re not so much a terrorist organization as they are a U.S. funded controlled opposition force. As long as they get adequate funding and military supplies, they will continue to recruit new members, go on terrorist rampages throughout that region, destabilizing nations and necessitating (so they say) Western involvement either through covert funding or military presence-guilty of EVERYTHING they accuse others of, which is why they spend so much of their time trying to figure out ways to Smear, Distort, Lie About and outright Silence those who speak the truth. what Modern Day Lib-Retards do. The "exploit" anyone and anything to advance their sole goal, which is to expand the Nanny Entitlement State and Democratic Party's Religion of Government they want power and control from. More attempts to engineer "Fairness", More attempts to engineer "Equality of Result", More attempts to engineer "Social Justice", More attempts to advance "Unions" Lib-Retard Filth? The Genie is long since out of the bottle, Because when one lives by the Lies & Fraud of Modern Day Lib-Retardism, one will ALWAYS eventually die by those Lies & Fraud, time to Exterminate from the face of this earth-State Department to divert attention from all the "phony scandals" swirling in his toilet bowl-fear mongering criminals are at it again, quick burn the Bill of Rights, that should protect all Americans. And don't forget to CC the NSA with all your e-mails and do a 3-way with them when you make any call. Oh wait, you don't need to do that, they catch everything anyway. Also be careful not to Google pressure cookers and backpacks, even if you need one-we'll just ignore all of the empirical evidence, the sum total of our experiences to date, and make SURE we don't have any particular "hyper-vigilance" when it comes to members of the religion of peace, keep doing body cavity searches of white grandmas from Iowa, that way muzzie bombmakers won't have their feelings hurt-No government should have the power to keep waging war while using secrecy to cloak policies that cannot stand the light of day. Thank goodness for the courage of Bradley Manning usatd-The rally is part of a nationwide push known as “1984 Day”  for Aug. 4, or 8/4, designed to call attention to the NSA’s surveillance program, under which the government collects and stores for five years the records of all phone calls made in the U.S., opponents in the House tried to cancel the program by proposing an amendment to defund it. Mrs. Pelosi voted against that amendment, helping doom it to defeat on a 217-205 vote  wt-In a sluggish economy, good jobs are scarce; employers offer mainly low pay or part time work employers have also discovered that they can use technology to do tasks more cheaply and efficiently than office workers used to do. And some have found that they can shift middle class jobs to low wage countries such as China. By contrast, most lower-paying jobs, from waiters and hotel maids to store clerks, bartenders and home health care aides, can't be automated or shipped abroad. "You're always going to have jobs in the retail sector ap-Manning could have saved their lives, after I dove into deep water in Baku did I discover, trolling through the so called "WikiLeaks" documents, secret State Department cables released by Manning. The information was stunning: the US State Department knew about the BP blow out in the Caspian and joined in the cover up. BP refused to tell its own partners, Chevron and Exxon, why the lucrative Caspian oil flow had stopped. Chevron bitched to the office of the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. (George Bush's cabinet member should not be confused with the 129,000-tonne oil tanker "Condoleezza Rice", which Chevron named after their former board member.) Ambassador in Baku got Chevron the answer: a blow out of the nitrogen-laced cement cap on a giant Caspian Sea platform. The information was marked "SECRET". Apparently loose lips about sinking ships would help neither Chevron nor the Azeri President Ilham Aliyev, the beneficiary of millions of dollars in payments of oil company baksheesh-aibafs/Journalist Barrett Brown spent his 300th day behind bars this week on a range of charges filed after he used information obtained by the hacker group Anonymous to report on the operations of private intelligence firms. Brown faces 17 charges ranging from threatening an FBI agent to credit card fraud for posting a link online to a document that contained stolen credit card data.- Threatening letters with a "suspicious granular substance" have been sent to a number of senators. But the substance does not appear to be hazardous, according to Senate sources. The handwritten letters, sent on July 25, were postmarked from Omaha, Neb-four-year prison term after trying to run though a presidential security barricade in a car loaded with guns during Barack Obama’s visit to the region last September. Kerry T. Prater was sentenced Tuesday by U.S. District Judge David Bunning. Prater, who has a history of mental illness, had pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm by a person committed to a mental institution. Prater was involuntarily committed-arrested a man who appeared at a Flint-area movie theater wearing body armor, possessing a gun and carrying 34 rounds of ammunition. Cassidy Delavergne was charged Wednesday with possessing a phony [Yeah, right!] card that identified him as an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency.-Yahoo egroups relegate CLG Newsletter with Bradley Manning verdict to spam bins/Santorum Files for Divorce, Blames the Gays Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum filed for divorce today. cited irreconcilable differences with his wife of 23 years. The move comes as a shock to the family and friends dailycurrant-fb/plans starving democracy in egypt, dogtv dtv 5$pm, on cbs/cutup monica bill breakup bribe tripp recording surfaces and weiner wagon creates perfect hollywood gop storm, on geraldo /baldwin mccolla concerned over popes resistance to judging gay priests kfnx/
8213/Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, is having peaceful singing protesters arrested because you suddenly need a permit for groups of 20 or more people.-Sickening and maddening, but those singers are heroes!-Those without love in their hearts fear the power of music.-Hopefully the decent people of the state of Wisconsin get out and vote this Facist out of office-Dude they are being obnoxious. They are inside the building. it would be more respectful to go outside. protesters indeed deserve their First Amendment right to its fullest extent, but that does not mean that they can actively disrupt the business of the Capitol-Another piece of shit right wing christian. Fuck Scott Walker and his pussy ass preacher father-not enough chemicals already added to our drinking water, as there is now a call by “experts” to further poison our water supplies by adding Lithium. Their main reason is to decrease suicide and violent crime rates-fb/Paranoia Paradise; an infinite war with enemies lurking everywhere. The Bush-Obama continuum is the real star of this show; under the new war on terror that is not a war on terror, just as the military coup in Egypt is not a military coup bo has already prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other US administrations combined. Arctic polar bears know Donald Rumsfeld institutionalized torture in Iraq; the Pentagon killed an untold number of civilians in its self defined "arc of instability"; the Pentagon never admits collateral damage (not to mention collateral murder); and the absolute majority of the Guantanamo prisoners are absolutely innocent. if the US government and the Pentagon threw Manning into a variant of Edgar Allan Poe's Pit and the Pendulum, they would never be able to hide their wasteland of war crimes. Assange is confined to an embassy, Snowden to an airport and Manning to a jail cell. But make no mistake; it's the Masters of the Universe who are afraid, very much afraid. Afraid of anyone with a conscience; afraid of you; afraid of the whole wide world-
aibafs/Payed Off Home Plate Umpires, Umpires AVERAGE 192K, they get first class airfare and 350 bucks a day traveling expenses, 20 years experience have salaries as much as 360K....And some of them think that they are the show..Jim McKean was a good friend of mine..He umpired for many years and eventually became the head of MLB umpires..I have a clue on this...I coached one of his kids.. His wife died from cancer shortly thereafter, we talked.. It's a great gig being an umpire-The argument that atheism and communism go hand in hand is ludicrous-There has been no civilization that has thrived and survived in economic structure based on capital markets, credit system, and personal delivery of lifetime in a job for money. No matter how many generations are spent in this system of credit and speculation, all have collapsed by themselves. Humility and fraternity are necessary to correct the way before civilization disappears. Remember, none (civilization) have survived no matter how long be extended your current bet-CIA is subjecting operatives on the ground during last year's terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya to monthly polygraph tests as part of an effort to keep the details of a clandestine mission there secret, cnn Citing unidentified sources, reported that 35 Americans were on the ground during the attack, including about two dozen CIA employees. what exactly the CIA officials were doing there remains unclear. the spy agency is stepping up its polygraph tests to ensure that details aren’t leaked to either Congress or the media, using monthly polygraphs rather than doing so every few years, which is standard practice insisted polygraphs were not intended to hide information from lawmakers investigating the Beghazi attackWas the CIA annex being used to facilitate these transfers?” Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., asked from the House floor on Thursday. “If these weapons were not being transferred to other countries like Syria, where exactly did they end up?” The CIA did not respond, officials have dismissed the GOP’s probe of Benghazi as a “phony scandal,” accusing Republicans of exploiting a tragedy to score political points. GOP leaders counter that questions about what happened that day remain nearly a year after the attack-I am not at all interested in having Moose Limbs in my family, and I suspect they feel the same way. Same with gangstas in any inner city in America. You think they consider you or me part of their "family"? This feel good stuff you're spouting sounds wonderful. What's it called? How do you propose to put it into practice? Would you imprison or kill those who wouldn't go along?-Humans are also enslaved by their silly primitive religions yc/“Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined... They are the gravest threat to our national security.” Admiral Bobby Inman Former Deputy Director of the CIA-iranians are the last pure race in the Middle East, They are straight forward. They can't operate like Israel. They have a pure character. They say what they feel. They are straight forward. The Germans respect their character and have had a booming trade relationship with them for over 100 years. Israeli traits: mixed race, sneaky, conniving, liars, self serving, manipulative, racist-owners of the Orlando, Fl based company are funneling company money into their own pockets. But they need help and Sholam Weiss is just the man to provide assistance. Together they find new ways to bilk the company. When all is said and done, they take $450 million from National Heritage. Authorities become suspicious. An investigation is underway. Weiss and three others tied to National Heritage go on trial for what turns out to be the largest collapse of an insurance company due to fraud in U.S. history. ygs/Madeleine asked LBJ if he had anything to do with the JFK assassination. Johnson got angry; he began pacing around and waving his arms. Then LBJ told her: it was Dallas, TX, oil executives and "renegade" intelligence agents who were behind the JFK assassination. 1 LBJ later also told his chief of staff Marvin Watson that the CIA was involved in the murder of John Kennedy. History is proving that Lyndon Johnson played a key role in the JFK assassination. An important book is LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination (2011) by Phillip Nelson, quotes Nixon as saying "The difference between me and LBJ was, we both wanted to be President but I wouldn't kill for it. LBJ & Hoover were very close and literally neighbors for 19 years in Washington, DC, from 1943-1961. Both men were also plugged in socially and professionally to Texas oil executives such as Clint Murchison, Sr, H.L. Hunt and D.H. Byrd. the very moment JFK was being assassinated in Dallas on 11-22-63, Don Reynolds was testifying in a closed session of the Senate Rules Committee about a suitcase of $100,000 given to LBJ for his role in securing a TFX fighter jet contract for Fort Worth's General Dynamics--When Congress returns from a five-week recess in September, lawmakers will have just nine legislative days to craft a stop-gap funding measure to keep government agencies from shutting down as the new fiscal year gets under way on October 1 rawstory-Dowd, the preachy liberal columnist for The New York Times, reminded her readers that Bill Clinton officiated at Abedin’s and Weiner’s wedding in 2010. And she managed to find one positive result from the latest Weiner escapades: “Aside from being a gift to clowns, hacks, punsters, rivals and the writers of ‘The Good Wife,’ Carlos Danger [one of Weiner’s texting non de plumes] is also a gift to political scandal survivors. His behavior is so outlandish and contemptible, the sort of thing that used to require a trench coat and a park, allows Eliot Spitzer and Bill Clinton to act huffy-aibafs/Dirty politics? GOP supposed to be the Jesus party? But in reality, it's the party of Satan, bo is blamed for low wages, and which sectors hires or not, he calls for higher pay 'raising the minimum wage' they scream NO..LOL who's do what? limbaugh, set them straight they don't know and don't care unless you tell them first- yhal/ 8 perches for hummingbirds about 3 feet from my head and about 20 hummingbirds looks like a gawdamn dogfight!-a 3 acre lake outside of Atlanta that was overrun with watermoccasins and cottonmouths. My dad bought 20 ducks that cleaned out the snakes, but we raised German Sheppards too and it wasn't long before they took care of all the ducks.- rbg/legalization of pot in Uruguay may put a dent in the malicious US war on drugs BuzzFlash/detoit rock city by stevemiller visits nugget asks for free copy of book, repeating bengazi wingnut talk points tapper stinks up the joint, weekly standard wingnut obamanation health care sez alciada on the run tho cia sez opposite as 20 me embassies close including bagdad, on dennis/white culture delema,k on randi/juror b37 advised b24 because her husband was a lawyer, on progressive radio/20 embassies close, on bbc5/

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