Tuesday, June 18, 2013

61813/barking about the Rapture.

61813/ Why is Yahweh so nasty? Why the bad attitude? Can anyone say "Revenge"? Revenge by the Heebs against their former captors the Babylonians and Canaanites, for starters, might be a logical answer. As comedian George Carlin said, one of BibleGod's favorite things to do was "Smite," and in truth it was the priests and the people who wished to smite those who had enslaved them. They were poor losers ygs/ Veritas effort in Texas, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut showed Obama campaign workers, including Organizing for America Regional Field Director Stephanie Caballero, helping people who declare they want to commit election fraud. The investigation was inspired by a column by WND columnist Chuck Norris-caught too many times lying and cheating to make O’Keefe point... in fact, he's not only been caught lying, he's been caught breaking and entering, trying to bug the offices of a congresswoman, sentenced to three years of probation, 100 hours of community service and a $1,500 fine after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges stemming from his involvement in a break-in at Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) office-aibafs/Rightwingers have been griping for years about how our country will collapse because of a wild variety of reasons. And yet, here we still are. Your prediction will just get piled up with the other nitwit alarmists who are afraid of their own shadow (because it isnt white). Might as well be barking about the Rapture. Aint happenin-we have only to note there are two houses in Congress. The senate infection with commies is the probblem, that and the fact they have let obama remain in office. But fear not the American people will remove is party at the next election and rhinos too. The next president will have his hands full cleaning up the obama mess and may well not be able to stop the collapse of the country that democraps started, looks oddly like the Clinton Bush cycle. I hae not done a lot of checking but you will notice many jobs lost during W created under Clinon include LEH, architects of the internet bubble, and Enron-So now youre against the election of government officials? Why dont you regale us with how many nuts are in a Mounds bar again? Idiot-I challenge you to name a single communist in the Senate ybac/when you eat at a Darden Restaurant, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, The Capital Grille,Eddie V's, or Yard House REST ASSURED THE STAFF WORK EVEN WHEN SICK or they don't get paid Florida Gov. Scott sided with big business interests including Disney World signed a bill that blocks local governments from implementing paid sick leave legislation-in the back of St. James Catholic Church in Ogden as the priest was preparing to administer communion when Charles Richard Jennings Jr. allegedly shot his father-in-law in the back of the head. ran to a nearby home where he stole a truck and a cellphone at gunpoint from a nearby home. The suspect then fled north in the truck before he ran out of gas and then continued fleeing on foot-catholic zombie shot in head during ritual cannibal act-Cheney slithered from the vat of feces and baby tears in which he is kept preserved to heave himself into the studios of Fox "news" yesterday and speak, sputum spouting from his mouth hole, to Mike Wallace's product of a broken condom, Chris. Cheney was in full snarl, rasping about the damage done to American security by NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who, it seems, Cheney wishes to snatch with his claw-tipped tentacles and pull him into an embrace so that the acid slime that coats Cheney can dissolve Snowden into an easily digestible liquid he can absorb through his skin, Apparently, terrorists use Rolodexes. A Rolodex, children, was a series of notecards arranged in a circle that contained your friends' and associates' contact information. (Note: Look up "notecards" on your own.) Cheney said, "[W]e could get [Khalid Shaik Mohammed's] Rolodex and see who he was talking to inside the United States." Perhaps this is why we've caught so many terrorist - they usefuckin' Rolodexes. Who knows what information we'd find? (Although, many people found it odd that Mohammed kept ordering pizza from Little Caesar's, , his vile new hog's heart was pumping away. Benghazi is a "cover-up." Obama blows turtles. The IRS thing is the worstest abuse of power ever. Wallace lapped it all up like cuuuum gobbler in the center of a circle jerk. Fuckit, Wallace even let Cheney get away with talking about weapons of mass destruction. How can you do that? How can you hear Dick Cheney use those words and not fall on the floor, pizzing yourself from laughing so hard?-drama queen, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, is changing his tune yet again Immigration bill a must for GOP to survive, weeks after threatening to kill it, Schumer, Durbin, Feinstein and Franken guaranteeing that gay binational couples are added back into the comprehensive immigration reform when it comes to the Senate floor rbg/Ass holes: A Theory by Aaron James, How recently have you experienced someone cutting you off in traffic at breakneck speed and then slamming their brakes; or, a neighbor who plays his music at a volume and bass level that vibrates through your floor to your kneecaps? What about the politician who believes he shouldn't have to pay the same taxes as everyone else, sez ass holes come in varying degrees, in his view GW Bush wasn't a true ass hole but Cheney along with Douglass Macarthur and Gen McChristal are first class ass holes.. Newt is just an average ass hole rbn/Patriots owner Robert Kraft revealed the real story behind a 2005 meeting with Vladimir Putin, during which the Russian president pocketed his Super Bowl ring, worth more than $25,000.Putin stole Bowl ring tw/He's a Traitor': Dick Cheney Adamantly Defends (data mining) NSA Programs- Palin to Reporter: “You just put the ‘BS’ in cbs'Fns/ How LIAR TURD zeroBOWma Protects Himself From Scandals, Barack Obama explains to Rahm Emanuel how his administration is surviving the latest scandals-patriotupdate-aibafs /cnn 41 forcefed today For the 160 plus inmates at the U.S. prison camp here, each sunrise brings a new day that most would rather starve than endure/President NOGGER, the brainless Monkey has done got to pass off to the next life. Pack and a half a day Marlboro smoker BOBO is a freak, that has dawned the decline of the USA-Presdent Obama has done used the IRS to Americas advantagess Next step be usens those DHS and get theme FEMA camps up and runnings-the Irish didn't laugh in her face. They cheered the nonsense. Michelle it's good to be home, Then Moochy retired to her $3,300 per night hotel suit yc/BAMA's 'NSA' Doesn't Need To Watch Me. They could save billions by just watching the muslims whose religion conflicts with a democratic republic. They are the ones who wish to kill us-If you haven't done anything wrong, then you don't need to worry about it!! Isn't that spew the pukes spewed when gdummie did the patriot act. yhal/Patriot Act Author Sensenbrenner: Data Mining Led to Missed Signals in Boston Bombing -Obama at Odds Over NSA Programs- Ron Paul: Edward Snowden a Hero-half of those surveyed said the National Security Agency's program to collect phone records is OK and two-thirds approve of the Internet surveillance program. preside5nt's approval rating is 45 percent usnews- but they failed to point out, 30pt higher than congress in 13 yrs, 30% higher than w ever was, 90% approve of background checks /blair sexing murdocks wife, on steph/sherrif joe explaining ussc decision, on klif occonnor/ hb paul mccartney 71,/
61713/A company in northern Idaho has come up with a culturally sensitive solution. Jihawg Ammo has developed a proprietary system for infusing ballistic paint with pork. The special pork infused paint is then applied to the bullets of loaded ammunition. The inclusion of pork in the paint makes the bullets haraam, or unclean. Under Islamic law, anyone who comes in contact with any haraam item is then unclean, and must engage in a cleansing ritual. No unclean person can be admitted into Paradise. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 72 virgins clashdaily-a silly ignorant assumption. If a murder is committed and no one is charged and indicted, does that mean the murder wasn't committed? In this case, Obama self proclaimed that Bush and his gang of criminals would be granted BLANKET IMMUNITY with his "we have to look forward, not backward" speech. And by doing that, he also insulated himself for committing the same and other WAR CRIMES-Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed into law a bill that designates home-based child care and personal care providers, many of whom are self-employed business owners, as state workers solely for the purpose of forcing them into union ranks- Jared Marcum, eight-grader who was suspended earlier this year for refusing to comply with his school’s demand to take off his NRA T-shirt now faces jail time and a fine, Breitbart reported-We should allow parents to use their children to advocate whatever they please. Guns, gay rights, trans-sexual rights, pro-Muslim rights, communism, etc, ad nauseum- aibafs/DOW BLASTS THROUGH 15,200 AS HORRIFIED PUKES SUCK ON TEABAGS!-Department of Agriculture quietly released new statistics related to the food stamps now Democrats are free to register every illegal alien to vote for them and complete their destruction of America-Instead of blaming democrats for you and yours losing elections, maybe you should focus on why your beloved party is SOOOO out of touch with Americans-Supreme Court strikes down Arizona law requiring would-be voters to provide proof of citizenship in order to vote Alabama, Georgia and Kansas have almost identical laws-Hussein wins another battle in his war on America.-To Dems fake voters and dead people voting is a way of life. If voting was fair, no Democrat would ever get elected-Do you have any idea how unbelievably stupid you sound with your made up nonsense??- Several states said that such a law reduces voter fraud, but civil rights groups said it was an effort to discourage voting by legal immigrants-yhal/if kids were being taught to pray Islamic prayers that Christian parents would be upset by it... But it perhaps wouldn't become a big news story because everyone agrees that this is wrong...they just think christian prayer is the exception-atheists in general feel that belief in an invisible man is rather silly, childish and well, stupid they do not require "Do Not Believe in Bull Pucky Gods" signs to be put up in schools, courthouses, town halls, you know, government sponsored places. We just ask that the Constitution be followed and not have the govt. sponsor religion of any typeyn/Assad is NOT fundamentalist enough, His wife, Asma al-Akhras, is British born and British educated, And is a Sunni Muslim is backed by Hez Iran-far more complicated than what you read in the western press, Extremist fundamentalist groups, including iranian mullahs,Have little use for Assad, Beyond the 'thin thread', being the common hatred for Israel ygs/all repubs have left are bad jokes about black people, enjoy your irrelevance teabilly crazy train-Bush Went to Ireland, and Got Pelted With Rotten Eggs Obama goes and crowds cheers him in the thousands Why does EVERYBODY hate the GOP?-thousands of socialist welfare beggar everywhere-The rest of the world is full of "socialist welfare beggars" except the Red States??? You dumb hicks are hilarious!-Red states have big pus pockets of Liberal welfare plantations where you breed your voter slaves. You are a halfwit yhal/jwes decide the direction of the markets ever heard of the Rothschild syndicate-The Rothschilds introduced the rule of money into European & US markets. The Rothschild syndicate runs all of Europe,except Russia,and all of South and North America, jwes make money in up markets and down markets as they are the controlling players-always need a scapegoat-Henry Kissinger: Jews Are 'Self-Serving SOBs' ygs/congress is at about 10% . gwb 2nd term was a disaster but obummer's 2nd term is going to be worse. liberals and liberal media refuse to open their eyes to a pres. that wants to dicatate rather than lead. heard on a interview with a author on fox that biden is going to run for pres. if he wins the nomination then say hello to a republican wht. house. jmho-bucko- Right-wingers have been griping for years about how our country will collapse because of a wild variety of reasons. And yet, here we still are. Your prediction will just get piled up with the other nitwit alarmists who are afraid of their own shadow (because it isnt white). Might as well be barking about the Rapture. Aint happenin-The senate infection with commies is the probblem, that and the fact they have let obama remain in office. But fear not the American people will remove is party at the next election and rhinos too. The next president will have his hands full cleaning up the obama mess and may well not be able to stop the collapse of the country that democraps started -ybac/Ultra right wing Republicans are delusional. Remember when I posted for MONTHS the final would be 332-206 and Republicans insisted Romney had it in the bag. I came to the table with electoral college polls, state polls, historic precedent and election models...Republicans came with NOTHING, at least nothing credible as far as science and math goes and they ate a LOT of crow. not fact based people. They are driven by belief, fear and narrow views of the world. yhal/
61613/"Hardball" continues, Matthews just signed (April 30) a long-term extension of his contract -thanks buzzkiller-comparing Ted Cruz to the Nazi-sympathizing, World War II-era Father Charles Coughlin. After playing a montage of the Republican senator, Matthews sneered, "I think [Cruz] fits in the tradition of Father Coughlin and McCarthy and, of course, maybe to a lesser extent, Pat Buchanan and, of course, [Bill] O'Reilly-This pathetic weenie is SO typical for liberal males-I wonder if Mr. O'Reilly, America's "general" in the War on Christmas, will enlist Mr Cruz in the good fight-all those people that voted against an honest man like Romney delivered the same corrupt Administration into power again for another 4 years. Wonder how many of them would have voted that way had they known then about Benghazi, NSA Scandal, IRS Scandal-You could have shown film of Obama stomping puppies and kittens to death and a lot of them would have still voted for him. I really believe that- Iraqi general, Georges Sada, makes the charges in a new book, "Saddam's Secrets, transferred the chemical agents from Iraq to Syria-aibafs/Reformist Said to Have Won Iranian Presidency in Heavy VotingHasan Rowhani, the candidate favored by Iranian reformists, won the Iranian presidential elections in a landslide, a source with close connections Gutman/Thousands of Companies Swap Data With the NSA Daily Kos/Bank of America Lied to Homeowners and Rewarded Foreclosures, ProPublica/ Public Schools Lay Off 850 Teachers, Staffers Chicago Sun/Inter Press Service: For the first time in two decades, a congressional task force started to review the US federal penal code and come up with recommendations for broader reforms of the criminal justice system./Americans' Confidence in Congress Falls to Lowest on Record Gallup/Consortium News: US government officials insist that their secret surveillance techniques are so valuable in fighting "terrorism" that they must be kept completely in the dark, with the American people. This alleged imperative has justified even lying to Congress/Police in Turkey Are Using Chemical Agents in Water Cannons on Protesters Daily Kos/Pipeline Spills Toxic Oil Waste Over More Than 100 Acres of Alberta, Canada Grist/Lenders Seek Seek to Collect From Homeowners Years After Foreclosure wp/Study: Chemical Used by Monsanto Is Being Found in the Urine of Europeans rt/Pentagon's Preparations for War Against Us Truthdig/Seeing Red: Disinformation in the Age of Reagan: In this archived feature from 1981, Greg Guma reports on the targeting of dissenters in the Reagan era and one can see the eerie parallels in the present day Maverick Media/prepare for new war WH says Syria crossed the "Red Line" Used sarin gasWatch reaction from Russkies and Iran, This could get ugly -it's ugly now....for the rebels-there are NO good guys in Syria...Only Bad and Worse We don't want the present government...Cause they won't listen to us, But backed by Russians...While the so-called rebels range from #$%$ Iranian to Al Qaeda sunnis, We always prefer to have governments that bow to us, Nothing's changed-Already 90,000 have died, there are countries closer to the conflict who should get involved. Rich countries. Any ideas?-Prepare for Civil unrest in USA Zombie $ucks time has come to to take on BANKSTER financial Terrorists and high treason criminal rulers OBAMA is worst than OSAMA for USA 99% and so are neo-cons aka repo-cons, Usa zombies are $ucked by corporate thug media in usa coward zombies in usa : scammed banged and busted and still have no balls to revolt? lol ygs/arriving in Britain ahead of an international summit set to be dominated by disagreementPutin says West arming Syrian rebels who eat human flesh r/Two Boy Scout Leaders' Membership May Be Revoked Leaders for Apology for Marching Utah Pride Parade ABC/Despite the best efforts of Rupert Murdoch's lawyers, his divorce from Wendi Deng may not go smoothly. Divorce: Why Wendi May Not Go Quietly forbes/ Traitor Snowden revealing more classified secrets this time to embarrass our greatest ally Great Briton. The timing obviously intended to disrupt the G8 summit. What a patheticprick rbg/McRibs = "restructured meat technology" containing a mixture of tripe, heart, and scalded stomach. @McDonalds Do you serve any "real food?...N-O -they keep those ingredients secret like secret sauce. Who would buy that puke-Crowley says Syria is now a proxy war between US and Russia tw/fifa cup italy beats mexico 2;1 wished i could've watched it on comcast (i abhor)spain open 2-0 uruguai 30min/
61513/JERUSALEM – In a bombshell admission that has until now gone unreported, Martin Dempsey, chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, conceded that highly trained Special Forces were stationed just a few hours away from Benghazi on the night of the attacks but were not told to deploy to Libya-the words were too big for you. I'll check with Bob and see if he can provide smaller ones so that you can understand the evidence-wrong, big surprise. What you seem unable to grasp is that there is more to providing 'evidence' than simply making statements. There is NO *evidence* offered in the OP because there is no possible way to verify the statements made, not even so much as a named source. a matter of verifiability-blogcatalog- aibafs/
61413/new, US$2 billion NSA Utah Data Center was uncovered by Wired way back in March 2012.[2] Call it the Matrix, The Utah Matrix node is the Total Information Awareness dream come true. TIA, if anyone remembers, was a Bush 1.0 invention concocted by DARPA that was killed by the US Congress in 2003, allegedly, would destroy the privacy of American citizens, iiiiit's back, as the Utah Matrix node. And fully privatized, operated by the usual legions of contractors with top secret clearances, Enter, again, the privatized racket. In March, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper flatly denied the NSA collects "any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans." That was a flat-out lie. And Senator Dianne Feinstein let it pass. Former NSA and DNI director Mike McConnell now happens to be vice chairman of Booz Allen Hamilton, Snowden's employer up to this week. Talk about revolving door; from the NSA to Booz Allen to DNI and back to Booz Allen. Only this year McConnell has already raked in US$1.8 million by selling Booz Allen shares and options.[3] Clapper, the current DNI, is a former Booz Allen executive.aibafs/TransCanada Caught Training Police to Treat Anti-Keystone XL Activists as "Terrorists" Native News Network/ U.S. officials on Thursday unveiled the 400-page diary of Alfred Rosenberg, a top aide to Adolf Hitler, who oversaw the genocide against Jews and others during World War Two.R/Like Vultures, Life Insurance Companies Risk Financial Security of Families, BuzzFlash/

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