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52613/fix the damn bridges

52613/they were more concerned in legalising weed than fixing the bridge. Not that legal weed is a bad thing. Then we have the shovel ready stimulus money the 800+ billions that the US pissed away which was suppose to go to concrete infrastructure. We need to inprison the entire political class and start over. these greedy motherfluckers are only concerned with the good life for them while they keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit. The bridges need fixing but all the politicans need to stop stealing the money and giving it to their cronies and fix the damn bridges-aibafs/
52513/Americans do not have the guts to go after the rich so they punish the poor for self gratification-How do we hold ignorant hate inciters like Bryan Bsa ‘The Boy Sodomizers Of America’ Fischer accountable? How can we make him pay? -How does anyone jump from that to one of the idiot religions? tw/continual "Might makes Right" lecture. Apparently the"scenario he envisioned isn't turning out as he was told it would. Seems Teddy was lied to by those he wishes to believe. That is the originating nature of his angst-they are obviously scared. They are so afraid of Media Matters that they have become obsessed with destroying it. They are afraid that the successful campaign against Glenn Beck will continue to unravel the Fox News bastion of lies, racism, and partisan propaganda, fear extends to the political candidates Fox promotes. Fox Nation recently posted an article that makes it clear what is keeping them up nights: Media Matters Spawn Trailing G.O.P. With Cameras. the most frightening prospect facing any Republican is that of being captured actually saying things to citizens. It sends them into seizures of anxiety and wails of gotcha-ism, happy to use the IRS as a cudgel against their own perceived enemies-80 percent of food-stamp recipients are elderly, disabled or children; their average benefit is $4.45 a day-three developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy Carey-The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy: that is the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness Galbraith-majority of the people are willing to spend more money for education and the environment, but most of our legislators balk at allocating tax dollars for anything other than the Pentagon, prison construction, and corporate welfare. Rothschild-rbn/Illinois Ag Dept. illegally seized privately owned bees from renowned naturalist, Terrence Ingram, without providing him with a search warrant and before the court hearing on the matter, reports Prairie Advocate News-Racism within the military has long been an important tool to justify the destruction and occupation of another country. It's long been used to justify the killing, subjugation and torture of another people. Racism is a vital weapon employed by this government. It's a more important weapon than a rifle, a tank, a bomber or a battleship. It's more destructive than an artillery shell or a bunker buster, or a Tomahawk missile-Prescott Bush, made his fortune by funding the Nazis and Hitler's rise to power. This is the same clan who went after Saddam Hussein in Iraq after they put him in power and armed him in the first place. But why pay attention to details if it interferes with our troop worship and flag waving? Behind the obvious violations of his Constitutional rights is Monsanto. Ingram was researching Roundup’s effects on bees, which he’s raised for 58 years. “They ruined 15 years of my research- no one really wants to know the truth about 911 except those who have another agenda, such as those who are anti-Semitic or Holocaust deniers or those who want to "cover up for the Islamists who did it". Everyone else is happy with the lies and cover-ups perpetrated by government and its complicit media-a poisoned well. You are drinking from it, your heroes are drinking from it, undermining your credibility. This fake 'truth' movement of yours is nothing of the sort. It is a propaganda machine for liars who have an ulterior motive, a motive of excusing the people who did it and pointing the finger at Jews such as Silverstein-sadly found out, was obsessed with Jews. We ate together, drank together, and they talked, Hardly a day passed by without at least one interviewee talking to me about the “rich Jews," the "shrewd Jews," the Israelis who eat Palestinians for breakfast on a daily basis, the "manipulating Jew," or anything else "Jew." Some told me that all Jews knew each other, others said that all Jews helped each other, and still others claimed that all Jews were "very good" with money-aibafs/obamas son trayvon martinguns and weed in his cell wingnutz abound clashdaily/targeting tea party groups? After all , it was the entrenched GOP, Rove and all, who were really trying to scrub out the Tea Party.... so hmmm..old Bush cabal inside the IRS trying to get information from TP groups applying for 2006 non profit status? not so far fetched is it?-Boehner, McConnell and Rand Paul will fall on the sword for the Scandal and the cause dk/the same sort of dysfunctions we’re seeing in Washington. I know it from the backstabbing and finger-pointing, from the warring factions and power struggles, from the gridlock and analysis paralysis, from the ivory tower and bunker mentality, from the silo and passive aggressive behavior, from the sacred cows and pet projects, from everyone protecting their turf and covering their ass, when that sort of dysfunction becomes pervasive and systemic.dysfunctional behavior infects the executive ranks, when it ripples down through the organization, when it becomes the norm, that organization is doomed. We’ve seen that happen time and again at companies like Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, Tyco, and Computer Associates (now CA Technologies), to name a few. The sad part is, those are just the famous ones, the ones the media had a field day covering. the same sort of thing happen at dozens of companies, big and small. Some you’ve definitely heard of and many you haven’t, for the same reason. Their leaders were dysfunctional, selfish, self enriching, self serving narcissists who used the power and authority granted by their stakeholders to act in appalling ways that undermined the strength and stability of those they served. And when they finally self-destructed, those executives took their companies, their shareholders, and theirs employees down with them fxbtobak/ Military should conduct drone strikes: Powell-Blackstone to pull money from SAC Capital mw/the radical Left’s intentions crystal clear. It’s because this IRS cluster hits close to home for everyone. It’s tangible proof of how a corrupt government can intimidate and target a person’s record, reputation, and life, and make them feel helpless, are a sad and stark reminder that only limited government can ensure liberty. government is something we all “belong” to. I guess they’re right because when the government is powerful enough to target, intimidate, and harass us, we do “belong” to them. At our core, we Americans just want to be left alone to live freely, peacefully, and productively. The real question is: Will we stand for this? bbt/A Vote for Permanent Poverty, you’d think that the Mora County Commissioners would welcome the jobs that are boosting the economy in the southeastern part of the state. Instead, they voted, 2-1—in a session that may violate the Open Meetings Act as the notice did not contain the date, time, pass an ordinance that permanently bans oil and gas drilling. townhall/star spangled security writer, admits drones work better than regular military, jgowdy upset about lerner, molney frustrated, spiting into phone carlwinger pist about trumphedup rosengate almost nothing to do with national security, on geraldo podcast
52413/The humiliation Jewish men must feel over the Holocaust Two wrongs however do not make a right. They shouldn't take their revenge out on the Palistinians because they are too weak to fight the Germans-Stealing money compensates for deep feeling of impotency and inferiority, witness explotation of Pals-USA is financing the genocide of the Palestinian people, the world will unite and tell Israel to take a long walk- ygs/
America has morphed into pre WW2 Germany, Bankers controlling the government, squeezing the middle-class at every chance. We know how it ends. It is hard to believe Americans have allowed this to happen. We need politicians that will end the "Fed", dissolve the IRS, IMMEDIATELY disband and unarm the brown shirts, er meant the DHS and refuse to pay back the debt to the ultra rich-part of the transformation of a true democratic system into a plutocratic one, where the political establishement is subservient solely to the wealthy elite. It is unfortunate, but part of the natural evolution of things human. In our case it all began during the Reagan Administration. Nothing can stop it. Collapse is inevitable, as unchecked greed and pervasive corruption compromises the critical political, economic and social institutions. We must not forget that the human brain of the Roman days was the same as ours. It has not evolved to truly learn from the past and avoid the calamities that are visit upon us from time to time-yc/I want to open a tax-free corp that pledges to work to overthrow the IRS-Now you are surprised when the IRS gives them a hard time?-except for the fact that they will rubber stamp any application that pledges to kill minority babies en masse with a rusty coat hanger. That's a "tolerant" liberal for you. They'll tolerate you, as long as you let them kill your young, and then they'll tell you they did you a favor-Killing fetus with a rusty coat hanger is how it was done before Roe Wade. If you want to repeal Roe Wade that is what you go back to. Back room abortions in unsanitary conditions and more injury to women ybac/he war on drugs, the persecution of whistleblowers and the repression of dissent are making a mockery of American justice, especially while bankers who crashed the economy and torturers have impunity? then you know that the United States and the world are in urgent need of a new mindset - the one that our politicians and media currently have just isn't working-Supreme Court Empowers Employers to Lock Out Workers-Fracking's Dumping Ground Ohio has become a fracking dumping ground, with 179 wells absorbing more than 1 billion gallons of hazardous wastewater from the process from several states-Blood Ties, Nepotism and Democracy In our supposedly meritocratic society, is inheritance of wealth and position an inequity that should be eradicated?-From its origins as the manufacturer of lethal poisons, Monsanto represented a challenge to human and environmental health. Today it threatens food supplies and democracy around the world-Foreclosure Victims Protesting Wall Street Impunity Outside DOJ Arrested, Tasered Hundreds of to demand that Attorney General Eric Holder prosecute the Wall Street bankers responsible for the financial collapse and foreclosure crisis-You don't have to own Park Place to be a winner. The maker of the board game Co-opoly tells how the game encourages cooperation in a climate of cutthroat capitalism Truthout/Coburn Calls Tornado Aid Debate "Typical Washington BS" tpm/Mississippi Could Soon Jail Women for Stillbirths, Miscarriages mj/Neocons, Hill Democrats Push for War Against Syria Nation/What Boehner Considers "Inconceivable" MSNBC/Behold the "Job Creators": Cash Piles Up as US CEOs Play it Safe With Slow-Growth Economy Bloomberg/Tea Party Is Partying and Martyring Like It's 2009 BuzzFlash/Apple Avoids $17 Million in Taxes Daily Through Ballsy but Genius Tax Avoidance Scheme Business Insider/On The Record: Second Term Scandals, embroiled in controversy! Greta's in the inside track, heart of the Beltway-Paula Broadwell apologizes for Petraeus affair-IRS official who refused to testify, resign signed Tea Party letters in 2012-Boy Scouts approve plan to accept openly gay members-Illinois judge charged with heroin, gun possession-Suspect in killing of officer found dead in cell fni/Warren Student Loans Bill Endorsed by Several Colleges, Organizations hp/The Bush Tax Cuts Didn’t Work Roll Call/King (R-Insane) Blames Reagan Amnesty Bill for Obama Presidency thehill/Daily Show's Jon Stewart Annihilates Peggy Noonan tpm/defense attorneys for George Zimmerman. Some of the photos appear to have been released online previously while others, including photos of a Smith & Wesson handgun, appear to be new. series of photos shows Martin blowing smoke while another shows a close-up of a small marijuana plant growing in a pot. In addition to the photos there are multiple references to smoking marijuana-attorney for the family issued a statement which read "The pretrial release of these irrelevant red herrings is a desperate and pathetic attempt by the defense to pollute and sway the jury pool-Holder Approved Warrant for Fox News Emails-Cuomo Flogs Weiner: 'Shame On Us' If We Elect Him-PALIN: Going Rogue in Wrong Direction bbt/considering a lawsuit expected to take part in a parliamentary meeting on the slur, against Escobedo for saying that “Jews burned better than wood” through the voice of his puppet, Murdock the Lizard, Gabriel Zaliasnik lacks humor, there is no reason to laugh and he has injured people’s dignity-That would be the only mistake the Allies made in WW2, they didn't eradicate all the nazis-Not much different then when Saturday Night Live makes fun of Jesus. I think their writers are Jewish too- paranoia and over sensitivity is what makes people hate you. Keep digging your own mass graves-If millions of your ancestors were murdered, I'm certain you wouldn't do a damn thing about it. Spineless-Go dig your own fucking grave-destroying Chile You are bothered about a situation of discrimination and you are falling worse on the same thing that you condemn-how else can you explain the total absence of forensic evidence, all of these phony Holocaust survivors who have been living off of reparations payments all of these decades finally get the derision and ridicule they deserve-Hatred is the universal language of the ignorant-funny. The Christ Killers need to lighten up a little-someone" had to kill him so that your sins could be atones for, idiot-ALL of them didn't have to demand that Jesus blood be on them and their descendents while they were demanding he be executed, did they? Their own Messiah, just like their own prophets? toi/filibusters, the sequester, attaching bullshit to what would otherwise be good bills and then bitching about those same things being in the bills.. You name it and they have done it. They don't make a secret of it. Mitch McConnell said himself that sabotaging this President was the number one goal of the republican party. it's not illegal to search phone records anymore, thanks to the patriot act passed under a predominatly republican congress and george w. we TRIED to warn you guys it was a bad idea, but were ridiculed. they fact it took place to a reporter from fox news, the same network who mocked us on the left by saying things like "why, do you have something to hide?" is nothing less than divine justice--Who's the GOP going to run in 2016?-Rubio likely the last chance for the GOP to pull something out of the hat-a split of the Hispanic vote, and Rand will be an attempt to bring in the fringe retards-doesn't matter since whoever it is won't be anyone who gives a shit about average Americans instead of just their corporate campaign contributorsfb/Bank lobbyists cut out the middleman, writing legislation softening financial regulations on their own instead of leaving it to lawmakers to draft the paperwork-What does everyone think these lobbyists are doing in Washington with millions of dollars? This is a very good investment with a great return yc/Welcome back to the dumb season, writes Matt Taibbi: it's debt ceiling time again. With Congress gridlocked, the Federal Reserve is conducting a radical experiment with the American economy. It should be stimulating profound debate about money creation, but no-McCartney has sent handwritten letters to Russian authorities asking them to consider parole for the incarcerated members of Pussy Riot, one of whom has just begun a hunger strike rs/tngop finch takes 3.5M$ farm subsidis sez food stamps are stealing other peoples money-Republican filibuster of infrastructure bill is one more piece of economic sabotage-foot lockr, cato fashion, nordstrom, carter, target, kohl, jcp, macy, gap, searskmart, walmart refuse to sign bangladesh safety accord-Sexual Harassment: You Decide” and features a montage of various inappropriate moments with the various ‘on-air personalities’ One has to wonder why any woman would want to appear on Fox much less work for that lousy bunch good ol’ boys. I mean, it’s Fox News for crying out loud. The general rules of common decency, etiquette and respect for women do not apply. Fair and Balanced’ news is more like ‘Fair and Are You F**king Kidding Me?-in Canada as our relevant laws include strict ethical standards. Needless to say, Fox's deliberate distortion of news, let their propensity for outright fabrication to "shape" events to fit their political views, are only the first in a long list of factors that ensure that Canadians will never be subjected to the blatant BS that is heaped on Americans 24/7. Oh yes, not only do we have safeguards to keep our airwaves clean, we have universal health care as well... and functional schools, infrastructure, legislative assemblies- women allow them to get away with it. They have allowed themselves to be prostituted by Roger Ailes-eye candy with big mouths and idiotic opinions who know as much about politics, nothing-no woman with a mind of her own would spew the shit they do-remember Bill O’Reilly and his sexual harassment lawsuit with his producer. Some things will never change at Pox- fb/ PBS Killed Wisconsin Uprising Documentary "Citizen Koch", a documentary about money in politics focused on the Wisconsin uprising, was shunned by PBS for fear of offending billionaire industrialist David Koch, who has given $23 million to public television-Economically, Could Obama Be America's Best President? forbes-Even Conservatives blame bush for his incompetence-Should the Iranian regime-do they have the sovereign right to have civilian nuclear power? So, like, if I were you, that's what I'd ask me. And the answer is, yes, they do. W. 2008-Barack Obama, 47, was given the least-desirable job in the entire country Tuesday when he was elected president of the United States of America. In his new high-stress, low-reward position, Obama will be charged with such tasks as completely overhauling the nation's broken-down economy, repairing the crumbling infrastructure, and generally having to please more than 300 million Americans and cater to their every whim on a daily basis. As part of his duties, the black man will have to spend four to eight years cleaning up the messes other people left behind. The job comes with such intense scrutiny and so certain a guarantee of failure that only one other person even bothered applying for it-nyt a growing, dirty side effect of refining tar sands bitumen from Canada. Assumption Park gives residents of this city lovely views of the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit skyline. Lately they’ve been treated to another sight: a three-story pile of petroleum coke covering an entire city block on the other side of the Detroit River. Detroit’s ever-growing black mountain is the unloved, unwanted and long overlooked byproduct of Canada’s oil sands boom, A Black Mound of Canadian Oil Waste Is Rising Over DetroitThe evidence is on clear display as a black mountain piles up alongside the Detroit River, thanks in part to Charles and David Koch aibafs/a full wrap-up from Abby Phillip on what they have done in Washington (pass a Transportation Bill) and what they haven't (allocate nearly enough money).Collapse Unlikely to Move Likely To Fall on Deaf Ears in Congress. Infrastructure has always been non-partisan, The reason that it's contentious in Washington is because the morning prayers are contentious in Washington..Bridge collapses, by the way, particularly when there is no loss of life, are great for headline puns-Did Obama Forget to Salute? of the marine standing guard at the door of Marine One, as he climbed the steps to the helicopter cabin abc/ living in fantasy land. The scandal is the way the RePOS are freaking out, creating FAKE crisis and making mountains out of mole hills-MAIN REASONS I like BO is that the is a not a blue blood silver spooned ass hole, believing he is ENTITLED as a blue-blood family (think Bush)....OR as Ann Rawmoney believed of Mittie, the Repo Mormon Bishop POTUS lose rbg/No doubt however Obama could have achieved MORE had the Republicans not been such ass holes and determined to harm the country-Terrorism is a warfare tactic of enemies. There is no expectation it is over, but a fear it will continue in one form or another-you say they have US on the run. Well, just what have the islamoterrorists accomplished since 9-11 other than scare nitwits like you- rbn/cruz don't like democrats or republicans when it comes to debt ceiling, on glen

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