Thursday, May 30, 2013

53013/Baby 59 left in sewage pipe

53013during the worst recession since the depression, Obama only added 241k more disabled than Bush did during prosperous times, like the fact that under Bush, 46.1 percent of those who applied for disability received it... while under Obama, that number is only 35 percent, this is only Bush's first year. there is a reason not to include Bush's second term.... figures don't lie, but liars love to figure aibafs/Israel made the bad choices, don't blame samson the messenger, Choices create consequences-you use this goldman finance message board to promote your hatred, to promote your anti semitism-Chosen made the choices, chosen must face the music-One and one equals two not three , chosen make their choices and make their consequences-gets zero from the US gov't-No bigger dirtbag on the planet the Ben Netanyahu. days ago he would try and wiggle out of the peace talks...They were 100% correct-Chosen kicked out of 130 countries? but never to blame, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive-Chosen? Chosen for expulsion-you really are insecure and morally degenerate!-forwarded to the cdl, insecure is a funny one we laugh at you transgender,if any group is insecure it is the khazars why do they keep lowering the number of people that died in poland?cant keep the lies straight anymore-Donate now to the Israeli boycott-Amusement Park in Israel has days for Arabs and days for jews... No Apartheid?-praised American Jews for playing leading roles in the fight for homosexual marriage, open borders, feminism, “social justice,” and more. Biden said that Jews were one of the biggest factors, if not the single biggest, driving social change in the United States, changing the culture of America. Jews are responsible for 85% of America’s changing attitude on homosexual marriage, credited Jews with playing a major role in the feminist movement and changing America’s immigration policies to allow for massive third world immigration. Biden also praised Jews for playing a leading role in getting the Civil Rights Acts passed that mandated affirmative action policies and special privileges for minorities. the Jewish people have contributed greatly to America. No group has had such an out sized influence per capital as all of you standing before you, and all of those who went before me and all of those who went before you, praised all three Jewish Supreme Court justices by name. Biden ended his twenty minute speech to Jewish leaders by saying “we owe you, behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.”more than any other factor in the last 223 years. And that’s a fact,” said Biden-forgot to mention the illegal interfaith marrage policy in Israel? OR Did Joe forget to mention that little tid bit of racist policy-People listen to Joe then laugh hysterically-Say it isn't so Joe-I am so proud-history repeating, Didn't they instigate revolutionary projects in Germany and Russia about 90 years ago hm er um cough, cough YES-ygs/McConnell loves Richard Nixon! He idolizes Nixon! Lying, cheating piece of junk! The ONLY reason he has that Philipino wife is cause not even the white trashy white woman wants him! When your own race wont lay up wit you, go get the Philipino!- Russia might give Syria a new weapon system: the Scalar Wave Energy Weapon It can penetrate concrete and lead wall, and can dematerialize any object instantaneously electromagnetic wave that works outside physics as we know it. scalar waves restore certain useful aspects of Maxwell's equations "discarded" in the nineteenth century by those fools Heaviside, Hertz and Gibbs.[1] Nikola Tesla was also interested in them, Free energy advocates have pushed the concept since the 1990s.[2] It has since been adopted by alternative medicine practitioners as the new "quantum": a universally applicable sciencey handwave to support any arbitrary claim whatsoever.[3] Conspiracy theorists hold that it is behind weather changing superweapons that brought down space shuttle Columbia. conspiracy theory Soviet Union used for years to modify weather in the rest of the world.[9] It taps the quantum vacuum energy, using a method discovered by T. Henry Moray in the 1920s.[10] It may have brought down the Columbia spacecraft.[11] However, some conspiracy theorists believe Bearden is an agent of disinformation on this topic.[1, Just so happens I am selling Anti Scalar Wave Energy Weapon Tin Foil Hats for just $100 each. Aren't you and your family's life worth more than $100 each?-I'll go with the Israel, every time, every enemy-I recently had dream in which there is a giant fire ball on the top of Tel Aviv. I do not know how to interpret this-Time for big banks to pay up, All of this just greed. Get massive salarys massive bonuses short long term.Investors get left holding the bag when the sell off comes-a BIG PIG Bank bubble yc/ lots of naive college grads working at Burger King, etc. teaching young people to lie when problems exist. Has increased the welfare rolls to now 50 MILLION from 17 when he took office. Kept the borders open, denied military help in life or death situation. All political, VOTE BUYING from the low-information voters. Not to mention the 154 vacation trips at taxpayer expense. Hired the likes of Holder, Rice, Clinton, and has clearly demonstrated a penchant for blacks. Has racially divided this Country like never in history. Even the mess'icans now think the U.S. is theirs. Seriously damaged the financial system, and much more. What a mess this piece of squat has createdybac/really is a colored woman, after all. She reminds me of the the blacks you see slurping on a can of malt liquorEvery other sentence they be blaming the white people for something-To Intentionally Confuse White Trash!-What or you black trash?-What Are You?, A Moron-they have LIED from the beginning -, frank luntz's "government takeover" REGURGITATED by REPUBLICANS was the LIE OF THE YEAR, there are NO DEATH PANELS, ANYONE NOT HAVING advanced directives IS A FOOL, and who is MORE QUALIFIED than a doctor with whom to discuss YOUR WISHES? the government? the church? an attorney? bush's UNFUNDED prescription drug plan was signed in 2003, went into effect in 2006-WHITE TRASH EASILY CONFUSED yhal/Assad eyes missiles Syrian rebels under siege near the Lebanese border pleaded for help on Thursday against government troops and their Hezbollah allies as a confident President Bashar al Assad spoke of having new Russian missiles. Though Moscow contradicted r/Syria S-300 Missiles: Somewhere in Israel, the countdown has started, the clock is running. Destroying them after they go-Disney Sued for Billions Over 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Films yn/a hell of a lot smarter than a lot of people give him credit for-rummy's another political animal well trained in the art of bullschit, a complete stumblebum when it came to conducting affairs in real time, we'll never get to the whole truth because benghazi was a cia operation from the getgo. for better or worse we do not compromise cia operations-God-given gun rights?? Third ricin letter threatens Obama over God-given gun rights Violence Policy Center determined in 2010 that Louisiana had the highest rate of gunfire deaths in the nation. rbg/Mother of Sex Abuse Victims Accuses 266 of Pedophilia in Suit, calling them pedophiles after videos of her two daughters being sexually molested by their father and a co conspirator were exchanged and circulated as part of a child porn series-Very, Very Partial to Paul Ryan' for 2016 Ann gave her first solo interview since election, weighing in on the recent scandals hitting the White House, as well as 2016 presidential ABC/Adam Levine was caught on mic saying "I hate this country" after a disappointing elimination, sez he's sorry-enforcement officials are walking their claims of self defense all the way back a week after the shooting of Ibragim Todashev aw/The federal investigation into the truck stop chain owned by the family of Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam-Pakistani Taliban withdrew their offer of peace talks Thursday, following the death of the group's deputy leader in an American drone attack ap/bachmann, A welcome change of the GOP guard Finally, conservatives seem ready to replace angry political clowns with bold and serious thinkers theweek/Assad's stepped up military efforts, new Russian anti aircraft missiles; imported fighters from Lebanon and Iran; and lately, increased use of chemical csm/ trial date has been set in an Iowa lawsuit letter to the Hekis from NICHE president Justin La Van acknowledging a belief by his board members that the Hekis did not knowingly provide the database to the Bachmann Campaign. leaders Hekis were more loyal to Bachmann than to NICHE. not a genuine recognition of the effect you have had on the board and its reputation, and your greater concern seems to remain for your own reputations and your own interests in being involved with NICHE, the board does not believe you both will serve the NICHE best by remaining on the board/Everyone thinks Comey's appointment reflects President Obama laying down for the Republicans. I think it's a huge b*&ch slap. He was involved in everything bad that happened legally during the Bush admin. Bonus reason: He's a neo-con's worst nightmare, His two undergraduate degrees are in Chemistry and Religion. We all know that science is to a neo-con what kryptonite is to Superman. How will the gotp be able to grasp a man who believes in both science and God? Aren't they mutually exclusive? Even Michelle Bachman will have difficulty coming up with a conspiracy for this rbn/fn Sekulow baselessly accuse the Obama administration of continuing to use inappropriate screening to scrutinize nonprofit groups even after Obama condemned that practice. Sekulow's Fox-fueled campaign comes as legal experts say the IRS must continue assessing whether groups are eligible for nonprofit status-tea party-sponsored conference call suggested that the way to change Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) mind on immigration reform would be to shoot her, the violent suggestion was not condemned, but met with hoots of laughter by others on the call. tp-evade answering the question by asking another... the winger way such intellectual puzzies-the 17th century, the Bishop of Quebec approached his superiors in the Church and asked whether his flock would be permitted to eat beaver meat on Fridays during Lent, despite the fact that meat-eating was forbidden. Since the semi-aquatic rodent was a skilled swimmer, the Church declared that the beaver was a fish. Being a fish, beaver barbeques were permitted throughout Lent. Problem solved! the Europeans came. With them came disease along with an insatiable desire for beaver pelts and for beaver castoreum, a urine-like secretion often used in perfume and cologne. Combined with the once-sustainable hunting of beaver by indigenous North Americans for their meat, the beaver population rapidly declined. once 60 to 400M(The species is now rebounding, thanks to trapping regulations, and now includes some 6 to 12 million individuals) In addition to disease, the European settlers also brought Catholicism with them, and successfully converted a large proportion of the indigenous population. And the native Americans and Canadians loved their beaver meat-Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) sounded a dire note about the dangers of curtailing the First Amendment, warning ominously that any limits to free speech should serve as a call to arms. The minute we start stifling our speech, we might as well go home, roll up our sleeves and get our guns rbn/2-year-old boy in Texas was pronounced dead Wednesday after he shot himself in a home that Child Protective Services had deemed unfit for children just last year-Insurance Analysts: Obamacare to Increase Out-of-Pocket Premium Costs, Aetna CEO Bertolini: Get Ready for 'Rate Shock' as Some Health Insurance Premiums to Double in 2014-GOP's Failed 'Welfare4Wealthy State': Trickle down economics has been an abject failure for 99% of Americans, If we want to deliver better results, strengthen our middle class and expand middle class opportunity the conservative theory that fiscal policies benefiting upper earners will improve the whole economy and therefore also benefit the middle and lower classes, we have to be willing to make better choices. Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley-CBO looked at the ten biggest expenditures — which encompass about two-thirds of the budgetary effect from all expenditures, found total over $900 billion for 2013, or 5.7 percent of the economy. For the 2014 to 2023 period, amount to $12 trillion, or 5.4 percent of the economy. BOY IS THAT STUPID. (WOW, ENTIRE DEBT DISAPPEARS IS YOU JUST STOP THE TAX HANDOUTS TO THE MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES, NO MORE DEBT, THE GOP WHINES AND WHINES ABOUT DEBT, YET CREATES ALL OUR DEBT BY GIVING HANDOUTS TO MILLIONAIRES-Bone'rquester-rbg/ Top US Brand of Children's Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs, & Other Hazardous Chemicals, shocking effect, ingredients that most parents would never intentionally expose their children to Sayer Ji/Canadian
Tech Leader Warns, exposure to electromagnetic radiation (generated by cellphones, smartphones, tablets and other wireless gadgets, as well as the towers, router of Wi-Fi, Smartphone, Cell Tower Radiation/FDA finally admits chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic, Anti-foaming agent found in Chicken McNuggets, document stating that vaccines pose a significant risk of harm to the health naturalnews/US Air Force's robotic X-37B space plane has quietly passed the five-month mark on its latest secret mission in Earth orbit hp/After FBI agents questioned Ibragim Todashev, father sez they murdered him, for hours on end about one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, unarmed shot 7 times, to keep him from talking-three victims, aged between 24 and 60, were suffering from chronic diseases, including kidney failure. They had been hospitalized a month ago. Thirty people have died globally from the novel coronavirus. The novel coronavirus, also known as nCoV-EMC, is a cousin of SARS. [US bioterrorists are busy little bees!-Obusha picks James Comey, a Republican and former hedge fund executive, to lead the F.B.I-Hartford Consensus' Draft Plan to Help Cities, Towns Prepare for Mass Shootings, The eight-member committee met two weeks before the Boston Marathon bombing [Holy coincidence, Batman!-investigative reporter has revealed that the image released by the FBI as evidence on one of the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings was doctored with a computer software such as Photoshop. The FBI image was put forth as evidence-trolling for new wars for BP, ExxonMobil and Israel: Obama Asks Pentagon for Syria No-Fly Zone Plan-growing pressure on Saturday to explain what they knew about the two men suspected of murdering a soldier in the streets of London earlier this week, amid claims that MI5 had attempted to recruit one of them. Britain's intelligence services were under pressure Saturday to explain their knowledge of two Islamists suspected of hacking a soldier to death in London, amid claims they had tried to recruit one of them. Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22 -- who remained under armed guard in hospital after being shot by police at the scene -- were known to the intelligence services but were reportedly assessed as not posing a deadly threat. An alleged friend of Adebolajo was arrested at the BBC after telling the broadcaster that British security services had tried to recruit the murder suspect. Abu Nusaybah told BBC television on Friday that Adebolajo was asked by the MI5 domestic intelligence agency if he knew certain individuals and later if he wanted to work for them. [LOL. Scratch a false flag, find the FBI, CIA, MI6 or MI5.]I wonder if MI5 hired him, too?] 26 May 2013 The stabbing of a French soldier near Paris by a man who is still on the run bore the hallmarks of 'Islamist terrorism,' the interior minister said on Sunday, and police said it may have been inspired by the murder of a British serviceman in London. Anti-terrorism investigators are hunting for a bearded man aged about 30, who fled into a crowded train station after attacking the 23-year-old soldier from behind with a knife or a box-cutter on Saturday. The French soldier survived the mid-afternoon attack, which was carried out three days after a British soldier was hacked to death-Terry Holdbrooks Jr., 29, converted to Islam while serving as a U.S. Army military policeman guarding detainees at Guantanamo Bay. It was the faith he saw lived by the detainees that drew him to study the religion he had been told was violent and destructive, he found there a discipline and peace he'd sought all his life. Holdbrooks told the story of his conversion and of his observations of the controversial detention center to an audience of about 80 people at the Huntsville Islamic Center in Huntsville Saturday night, May 25, 2013. The camp, he said, tramples on every human right the U.S. has said it is against-Canadian Federal Court has confirmed that the country's 2011 federal election, which led to the victory of Stephen Harper's government, was fraudulent. The court emphasized in a Thursday ruling that it has found in no uncertain terms that widespread election fraud took place during the vote. The ruling also stated that "there was an orchestrated effort to suppress votes during the 2011 election campaign by a person with access to the [Conservative Party's] CIMS database." Accordingly, the Council of Canadians has called on the Conservative Party to investigate the issue. It says anything less at this point would be a cover-up on behalf of the Conservatives-Pharma fascism: Vaccinate your children or declare why not, parents in Australia will be forced to either vaccinate their children or register for an exemption in order to enrol them in childcare-clg/Obama Market and Economy ROCKING BABY! Poor goobers, running around as their heads EXPLODE! ybac/bye Misses Big Headed Back Door Bachman!yc/Walmart sales suffered last quarter as shoppers struggled with a delay in their tax refund checks and a payroll tax hike. Target, another Costco competitor, lowered its earnings forecast for the year, after customers cut back, pushing profits down 29 percent, Costco worker made $45,000 in 2011, according to Fortune, compared to Sam club average salary of $17,486 per year, Glassdoor Walmart has also been the target of protests by some of its workers, Costco, or at least many of its officials, would like to see the company's practice of paying employees well put into law. supports President proposal to raise the minimum wage, even arguing that lawmakers should boost it to $10 per hour. hp/Zimmerman's relevant past 28 May 2013 Thanks to Florida's incredible sunshine laws, we know a few relevant things about [alleged Trayvon Martin murderer, George] Zimmerman. In July 2005, he was arrested for "resisting officer with violence." The neighborhood watch volunteer who wanted to be a cop got into a scuffle with cops who were questioning a friend for alleged underage drinking. The charges were reduced and then waived after he entered an alcohol education program. Then in August 2005, Zimmerman's former fiancé sought a restraining order against him because of domestic violence... Meanwhile, over the course of eight years, Zimmerman made at least 46 calls to the Sanford (FL) Police Department reporting suspicious activity involving black males. We also know that Witness No. 9 accused Zimmerman of molesting her when they were children. The relative's revelation is appalling but irrelevant. What most folks don't know is that Witness No. 9 made an explosive allegation against her cousin. "I know George. And I know that he does not like black peoplewp/gone from working at Bain Capital to the thick of presidential politics. He has come out strongly against President Obama's Affordable Care Act and has questioned the scientific evidence on global warming. Meet Avik Roy, a senior fellow at the New York-based Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, and a key defender of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt health care policies. enter Roy. kills three birds with one stone by giving Romney a way out of owning his own mandated health insurance system; portraying it as a private sector dominated policy; and blaming a Democratic governor for destroying Romney's original blueprint also named a policy adviser for health care policy at The Heartland Institute, a Chicago think tank with a mission to find free market solutions to social and economic problems-Dole couldn't make it in today's Republican Party. And not just him: "Reagan couldn't have made it. Certainly Nixon couldn't have made it, 'cuz he had ideas. We might have made it, but I doubt it." His words put me in mind, as a disturbing number of things do these days, conservative reformers, male pundit intellectuals on the right who have, through some clever prestidigitation that I have yet to comprehend, come to be known as reformers, often named in this group include David Brooks, Ross Douthat, Ramesh Ponnuru, Yuval Levin, Reihan Salam, Avik Roy, and a few others. Josh Barro is sometimes included, as are David Frum and Bruce Bartlett-Does anyone here think that after the arabs get us jew boys in israel, they will get us here in the U.S?-Religious fundamentalism and cruelty to children may one day be treated in the same way as mental illness, a neuroscientist, Kathleen Taylor, a research scientist at Oxford University, Fundamentalism Categorized As Mental Illness Can Be Cured By Science-review just how bad things were in 2009. In 2000 America was completing the longest bull market in history. But by the end of President Bush’s tenure the country had witnessed 2 stock market crashes, and the DJIA had fallen 58%. This was the second worst market decline in history (exceeded only by the Great Depression,) and hence the term Great Recession was born rbg/GAAAWD these teabaggin freaks are idiots Bachmann's Legislative Accomplishments, Teahadist darling, for the people-Cuccinelli took a somewhat different tack after the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling found him trailing rival Terry McAuliffe by 5 points in the race for Virginia governor: His campaign created its own mock polling firm to deliver more welcome news, not uncommon for campaigns to take issue with the results of polls, or to counter by releasing more favorable internal numbers. leads Terry McAuliffe by 12 points in a Virginia statewide poll released today by the newly formed polling firm, R Strategist Chris LaCivita formed RRR last week and has pledged to only conduct surveys on behalf of Republicans, automated telephone survey of 600 likely Virginia voters had a margin of error of +/- 0.00%. Interestingly, only one individual surveyed responded favorably when asked about Terry McAuliffe. That person, in turns out, owns an electronic car company in China and is living in America temporarily thanks to an EB-5 visa provided by GreenTech Automotive. hp/President Obama is quietly overseeing an economic recovery, but you won't hear that discussed among the Washington press corps bama's achievements unheralded amid 'scandals' bbc/Could Obama Be America's Best President?/ the world knows conclusively that the US government engaged in illegal torture is because of John Kiriakou. In response the Obama admin sent him to Federal prison for telling the world the truth, while the torturers are free men-16 of the 22 Monsanto Lobbyists have Held Government Jobs, including the current FDA Chief of Foods-Colorado Springs Tuesday night, some 800 people showed up at a fundraiser organized by the Independence Institute in support of its lawsuit challenging the state gun control laws, raised close to $15,000, the lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month on behalf of 55 of Colorado 62 elected sheriffs, is mostly being funded not by grassroots donations but by the biggest Second Amendment rights group in the world. nra, pretty clear who's pulling the strings here, The polls are showing that people greatly support over 80 percent in Colorado support background checks. So why is there this resistance? Whose side are the sheriffs really on?-rbg/an ongoing national tragedy. Just this morning, here in Chicago, a dozen protesters were arrested for blocking traffic to call for an end to the deportation of undocumented immigrants-The crisis of foreclosure and lost wealth is not over, but changes in policy that the federal and local governments may implement could forestall further losses and allow the economy to begin a real recovery-overwhelming evidence to the contrary, raises grave questions over the motives of those challenging the grim reality that the "Silent Genocide" did, in fact, occur- Truthout/Republicans Want to Destroy the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Elizabeth Warren Created-Colorado Governor Signs Bill Ending Marijuana Prohibition in State, Enacting Amendment 64 bf/Chomsky: The Kind of Anarchism I Believe in, and What's Wrong With Libertarians AlterNet/norris talksup teebow, buthurt spy journalist to boycott holder press briefing, on nerd radio/emerge habemus papam tw/conservative henry gibson goes over 5M$ problems with wood, billy tries to slap obamacare, calls alan silly for saying gop nitpicking, holder and obama using nixon line, i just read it in the paper, on imus/ same ricin sent from lousiana nonamericans, on liberal media geraldo/wkok bloomberg seeks ricin vengence
52913/JERUSALEM Israel clinched a deal to abolish wholesale exemptions from military service for Jewish seminary students, ended a brief crisis that divided the ruling coalition parties. The issue of "sharing the national burden" is at the heart of heated debate over privilege-Impoverished Afghanistan, already plagued by insurgency and strugglingGrowing crystal meth use blurs drug-hungry Afghanistan's future R/Bachmann quitting-going to run for President again. Finally we can get rid of ugly socialism in this country-We could only be so lucky that she runs again. Maybe Rick Perry or Herman Cain, or better yet Donald Trump will be her running mate! Setting up for some good bac/Quitting Under Fire, the notorious four term congresswoman whose political star power, like the Tea Party movement she came to embody, has quietly faded almost as quickly as it so vehemently burst onto the national scene, will not seek reelection in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District-With less than two weeksZimmerman's Lawyers Ignore the Law to Paint Trayvon as a Brawling Pot Head-conglomerate Walmart agreed to pay $81 million Toxic Waste Settlement Will Cost Walmart One Day's Worth of Profits-With the Grand Theories of John Boehner least productive Congress in history after a series of manufactured fiscal crises, an inability to stop a sequester- aW/Dole Says Today's GOP, Should Close for Repairs-Jiroemon Kimura, the oldest living man, celebrated his 116th birthday this past Friday. Born in 1897 abc/13% Of Harvard's Graduating Class Has Had Sex In The Library Bi/derailed train just outside the hub of Baltimore sent a huge plume of smoke into the sky Tuesday afternoon that could be seen from downtown, as buildings shook from miles away and residents feared the worst from schools and office buildings across the city a cargo train went off the tracks around 2 p.m. There have been no injuries reported so far, but things are still early. The Baltimore Sun reports hazardous material teams are on the scene. The Sun is also reporting several buildings collapsed after the explosion happened. The local CBS station reports that in the Rosedale area of Baltimore/ Overregulation,’ Possible Drug Shortages, and 11th Hour Hearings: But This Health Crisis Isn’t Obamacare, Part of the remedy: steep fines imposed by the Health Ministry for each drug that doesn't have a multilingual label, specifically $8,100 for each drug not properly labeled-think that isreal has socialized medicine?-All that is really taking place is corporate warfare. These companies use the gov as a means of fighting proxy wars against each other. They do it in every industry. Just like opposition to the Keystone Pipeline was supposedly centered around "environmentalism, business interests warring against each other. Politics is about economics. Always has been and always will be.-In the near future, instead of buying pills to cure what ails you, you will just buy a license and perhaps some materials and print em up on your 3D printer. Then you are not paying attention to tech drug companies must love this article an example of a simple solution was the problem of english vs spanish in u s drug labels, once daily means 1 times a day in english, once daily means 11 times a day in spanish-yBlaze/wasn't very receptive to fellow New Yorker Love's message. "Courtney Love is the ugliest woman I've ever seen," she tweeted back. "To be mentioned by her at all makes me and all my friends laugh! Courtney Love took it upon herself to tweet Amanda Bynes some advice, There was a smell of marijuana and a bong in the apartment, at which point Bynes picked up and threw out the window following her marijuana possession, reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence arrest, pull it together dude," the 48 year old singer, who has famously struggled with substance abuse for much of her public life yomg-Aren't you like a coke whore, though?-she's been clean for almost a decade dude-ya she's a fully FUNCTIONING strong independent coke whore, u mad faggy boi?-an "aspiring journalist", and you call someone a "coke whore"? Good luck getting any work, you ignorant shit./mb calls it quits, tea party firebrand won't run again. Thanks for the memories mjtw/Its simple.. Never lie to someone who trusts you, and never trust someone who lies to you/H.Weitzman & others are behind the theft of her & Frances Bean Cobain's assets cltw /no sane and rational people can understand why these new technologies, if indeed exist, have not been widely adopted. Well, it is economics, stupid! If they are widely adopted, the $200 trillion worth of investment in carbon energy sources will probably devalue by at least 70%. That means trillions of lost revenue and profit, hundreds of billion of lost tax revenue, the loss of "petrol dollar" as the pillar supporting USD, the sudden disruption in geopolitical balance and hence the global power balance yc/Fake buyers n sellers lol daily trading is more like criminal racketeering controlled rigged markets advertised as free markets Just another day of organized crime on fraud street just ask cnbc boiler room ybac/OBAMA TO CELLMATE:"DO THESE ORANGE PRISON JUMPSUITS MAKE MY #$%$ LOOK FAT?" as Obama voiced his concern over being "popular" in his new Leavenworth surroundings-he'll have plenty of buds from Holder & co, IRS staffers.. State dept scammers etc-he'll likely enjoy the Bubbas more than faking it with Michelle-boyz like Barry are VERY popular in prisons hillarys_dangling_clitoris yhal/Netanyahu's lies are becoming more lame all the time. Why dosent the guy just admit he has no intensions of making peace. He makes me sick. look at the #$%$ that defends the theif ygs/Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind jfk61-Once you say you're going to settle for second, that's what happens to you in life JFK tw/foreclosed homeowners rallied outside the Justice Department in D.C. earlier this month, to demand that Wall Street bankers who caused the foreclosure crisis be held accountable, officers from the Department of Homeland Security taser and arrest protesters-having trouble summoning pity for the battered "mainstream" news media as they sit in high dudgeon over the government's treatment of journalism and the First Amendment. For the luvva crumbcake, where have these people been? spying, surveillance and criminalization of dissent has been ongoing for more than 10 years, not just against journalists, but against the American people as a whole. And the "mainstream" media is just now getting concerned?-to/ PBS President Freaks Out Over Documentary Critical of Koch Brothers, Offers David Koch Unprecedented Rebuttal With cutbacks in government funding, the Public Broadcasting Service is in danger of becoming the Plutocratic Broadcasting Service. Let them eat opera! BuzzFlash/Hungary Torches 500 Hectares Of GM Corn opednws/brokoff files, debating who cries for help, instant of zimmartin affair recording, caller lies to discredit sez u a bum, on geraldo/
52813/the president exchanges with Code Pink anti-war protester, well known around Washington as a perennial protester on national security issues-prosecutor in former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's sex trial has received a series of anonymous letters of threats, including one with two bullets-r/If Monsanto was such a great company with an array of great products, it would want everyone to know that their products are in the food we eat. So why on earth would they spend a fortune campaigning and lobbying against GMO labeling? Why would their products be banned in several countries? Why did tens (hundreds?) of thousands of people around the planet protest against Monsanto? Come on man you're better than that!-people in general are lemmings, always glomming on to the latest fad, joining the latest cause, marching for the latest crusade irrespective of actual facts. It took me a long time to accept the fact that there really are people who don't want to know the truth. In fact, that is the case with the majority of the public. Most people want to believe what makes them feel safe and comfortable. Whether it's true or not really isn't important to them.-you are a better person than I as though I wouldn't wish such on any person if you are familiar at all with my opinion of politicians the only reason I would not wish it on them is that they already cost us enough. If my cancer cost as little as 30 to 50 thousand cause it was caught early enough the same for one of the beloved politicians would be 150 thou. at least, politicians believe it only from the point of view of how much better if the number of people were reduced to something like 500 million world wide all of which would be able to see to their wants whims and well being on a much higher level than they and their peers around the world now enjoy..Then they would not think they are all decended from the Gods they would know it-it couldn't possibly be because Monsanto doesn't give a fuck about the planet, just its massive profits, that's just a conspiracy theory and the latest "fad". These people have nothing better to do than to bitch about Monsanto. They're "lemmings", after all, protesting about Monsanto is just like jumping off a cliff. And here I thought you were better than that. I guess I was mistaken-Not ONE scientific study has shown GMO to cause cancer, not one. So who again is the lemming?- eat your Monsanto daily, it's perfectly safe for you, Monsanto said so. aibafs/Reporter’s Fate in the Balance Jana Winter still faces jail time simply for doing her job. In the words of Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: “Putting reporters in jail for revealing the truth while protecting their sources is highly offensive to the values the First Amendment was written to protect fni/ Israel's defense minister signaled that his military is prepared to strike shipments of advanced Russian weapons to Syria, in a rare implied threat to Moscow, criticized the decision and acknowledged, answered Russia's pledge by warning that it would be prepared to attack any such missile shipments. EU nations continued to express divisions within their 27-nation bloc over sending arms to the rebels while both sides fighting in Syria spoke out on the decision. Analysts, however, said the EU's move would have little immediate impact on the fighting. McCain, meanwhile, made an unannounced visit to rebel forces in Syria, putting more pressure on Assad to seek a negotiated settlement, no sign of any willingness to cede power in Syria, a key opposition demand before entering any talks. Meanwhile, the opposition could try to make a public show of willingness to attend the talks, only to demand that weapons deliveries from Europe start right away if the hoped-for Geneva process breaks down it is perfectly possible to see arms disappear in the hands of extremists and jihadists. And, second, it is a real proliferation. There are enough arms in the field, not only in Syria but also in the neighboring countries, amid growing concerns that Assad's may have resorted to use of its vast chemical weapons stockpile against the rebels. French military authorities on Tuesday were analyzing medical samples from patients who had been hospitalized after inhaling poison gas in Syria to see if they can determine that such weapons were used, samples, taken by Syrian doctors, to the French government for analysis, resemble the effects produced by neurotoxic agents present in the Syrian chemical arsenal-Russia is making money ... now the EU will make money from the idiots who are paying for this conflict-Russia has the most advanced ICBMs on the planet. Yes, even better than ours. They are the last guys you want to drop a bomb on-what a tangled web we weave Even the EU has started to support ALQaeda shame less-good for the goose is good for the gander-More and mre are getting somehow involved in this mes and therefor it is no longer a civil war but more somelike a proxy war and a staging for WW3-not a good thing- So there is a down side to giving muslims weapons?-another proxy war like Vietnam-what you hear on the media. Go to Syria and then tell us which side is better. Assad is liberal and the alqaida that you wanna support will turn their guns on America #$%$ soon as Assad is dead-AlQaeda is the only reason he is still in power!-This was a small protest movement blown out of proportion by the west-ap/Firefighters in China have rescued a newborn baby boy lodged inside a sewage pipe leading off a toilet. China's Baby 59 left in sewage pipe evokes mass sympathy and anger, rescued from four-inch sewer pipe, 'Very Healthybbc/"Machete Kills. By Nardine Saad Sheen is changing his name to Carlos Estevez-Marijuana tied to better blood sugar control - Yahoo! News From Yahoo! News: By Genevra Pittman NEW YORK (R-Cannabis use associated with lower blood sugar | Fox News A new study published in the American Journal of Medicine has revealed a potential benefit from the use of cannabis,-The Next Diabetes Drug? TIME y/Obongo policies as leading to Texas' success? Seems to me maggot loudmouthed LibNazi's love to crap on states like Texas, because they don't vote the way they do-taking over for snuffie since he ran and hid. Loudmouth maggot Neo's cover each others scat? Too funny for words. Stimilus money TEXAS used to stay out of bankruptcy! Texas can't make it without Fed bailouts. They are takers that cannot contribute. Maggot loudmouth Neocons anyway-krugman yes, it does look as if there’s an Obamacare shock coming: the shock of learning that a public program designed to help a lot of people can, strange to say, end up helping a lot of people, especially when government officials actually try to make it work-As long as the voters allow this sick regime to stay in office, we can expect it to use the IRS and any other handy bureaucracy to target its political enemies and to issue illegal decrees. They have little respect for the law and less for the voters. There is only one cure for this disease: Obama, his congressional accomplices, and the enabling media must be replaced by people with at least a passing familiarity with ethics and integrity.- aibafs/PolitiFact Rates Higher Percentage Of Republican Claims As False, Study Finds fb/

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