Monday, May 6, 2013

5613/Housing Shell Game: Prices Up, Ownership Down

5613/Carey L. Biron, Inter Press Service: UN Finds "Little Appreciation" for Human Rights Among US Businesses UN expert group says US businesses (both in terms of their domestic and international operations) don't do enough to protect the human rights of workers and the communities affected by those operations/Sam Pizzigati, Hypocrites With Fat Wallets: CEOs Want It All, top corporate executives love lecturing the rest of us about "fiscal responsibility." They want us to expect less from government. But they expect more, and a new report shows how they’re getting it/billionaire heir Penny Pritzker, President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Commerce, will likely face standard Republican flak in her Senate confirmation hearings. family businesses have often engaged in anti-union practices. She is a director of the Hyatt Hotels, which fired and then replaced long-time room cleaners in its Boston hotels with non-union subcontracted workers. Conflicts of interest. The family’s $20 billion empire was built on a diverse base of businesses, including Hyatt, Marmon (an industrial conglomerate), the TransUnion credit rating agency, made serious flaws in its credit reports on individuals, then failed to correct them upon discovery.
5513/nascar goes to ussc/Adair Grain, Inc, Republican Jews blew-up a U.S. Community! GD X-ians killed more Americans than Terrorists bombing a marathon internationalists love nationalism and nationalisms preoccupation in order to cover up and distract from what they are doing. Since do you think the internationalisst could get away with their covert internationalism and evil, if there wasnt babelism and the babelism requirement or spin off, that is always nationalism. Which means the internationalists evil has a lot of help from a certain god. The god of all religions. Since if no babelism, many races, colors, religions and languages, there is no internationalists and their geopolitically engineering the world in a most dirty and evil way. There is method in the maddness and gods ways I suppose, like the end justifies the means-Terrorism against the military???? BS. can't happen.... but the military committing terrorism....happens all the time by the US forces and the Israeli Defense Forces against innocent civilians, they call it "counter terrorism, terrorism nonetheless-perhaps Israel used the chemical weapons as a FALSE FLAG event to put pressure on the Syrians by the International community. Israel is attacking them regularly now, Israel is the current aggressor against Syria and wouldn't think twice about generating a chemical weapons false flag event. Israel's forces are terrorists of the "counter" kind-queer over me and dozens of other fake IDs of about everyone here including 'bawdy'. (and he says I don't have a life!-ama's children will be educated, mine won't be, stupid and repulsive to acknowledge you Canadian parasite filth. admin ordered home loans for those who cannot qualify again, Salty, but don't let the facts spoil your fine lib whine-got YOU to admit you hated Clinton because of DADT and wouldn't vote for him his 2nd term. Your defense of NAMBLA was a dead give away, "Ownership" society ...of if you can fog a mirror YOU TOO deserve and FHA loan!!! That kind of thingie? anti-America ilk can get your rocks off some other way surely. Go meddle in some poor third world nations internal politics or maybe economically en-slave Americans to wage slave reality even more than you have already-Israel is attacking weapons being sent to Hezbollah in Lebanon from Iran,via Syria!! Get it commie?-BERKSHIRE Cash Hits Record $49.1 Billion as Profit Climbs Up 51% Obama is make the RICH RICHER The founders were "anti-government" allowing for just the necessities in our Constitution. They KNEW the tyranny of a large, abusive central government. You obviously aren't as smart as people were 300 years ago-ALL the left's posters have on this board are LIES and multiple personality disorder posting perversion--fixing health care is not expanding a broken system, Aaron Bean, R-Fernandina Beach. "Medicaid is not good-Fund Syrian rebels but don't fund American's Affordable Care Act for American's health?-more than enough material for impeachment proceedings to begin and criminal charges levied against Hillary Clinton directorblue-izzyR targeting Hezbollah arms-Housing Shell Game: Prices Up, Ownership Down, Surprisingly, Fitch Ratings Agency agrees with me, Recent Price Gains May Not Be Here to Stay-35% of German Muslims Have Multiple Wives, perhaps 6-7 children from each wife, All Funded by Welfare, 10 WIVES FUNDED BY YOU AND OBAMA, THANKS IN ADVANCE.. GAY NBA GUY WANTS 10 HUSBANDS-Medicaid, awmakers would find a way to accept the federal government's offer of $51 billion over the next decade to expand Medicaid. a lopsided 38-1 vote, the Senate had adopted a unique plan that met federal guidelines and still adhered to free market principles by giving qualified residents an opportunity to buy private insurance Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, failed to reach a workable compromise with their counterparts in the Republican led Senate, effectively killing any deal for now and leaving Florida's uninsured in jeopardy. Scott's role in all this has been disappointing This is a huge loss for the people of Florida, the triumph of toxic politics over common sense. Editorial MiamiHerald-Fertilizer plant leaders did a good job. No security, $1million paltry insurance. Blow up the hood, declare BK, walk away. Well done.-Terrorism is a tricky act to define, particularly when household appliances have become weapons of mass destruction, another story of violence and mass insecurity surfaced.In other words, the well heeled boys are back in town, peddling predatory mortgages to be bundled and sold on Wall Street. Even the Times, generally bullish on business, struck a cautionary tone. The revival also underscores how these investments, known as structured financial products, have largely escaped new regulations that were supposed to prevent a repeat of the last financial crisis, The banks that created risky amalgams of mortgages and loans during the boom — the kind that went so wrong during the bust — are busily reviving the same types of investments that many thought were gone for goodnyt counterpunch-Bernanke And Friends Are Setting The Stage For An Avalanche mauldineconomics-Obama aide says, "If he drops sarin on his own people, what's that got to do with us? HATS OFF TO YA ISRAEL!tw-What DOES Syria's civil war have to do with the security of the United States? Is the warmongering media making you guys poop your pants yet? WTF, let's throw a trillion at it, kill a few thousand and eliminate Meals on Wheels to pay for it-a Republican clusterfuck $900,000 a year per inmate. Costing 10 - 20X other US prisons, Gitmo is the most expensive prison in the world-600+ dead capitalist wage slaves in that country will nonexistent by capitalist investors in the unUS of A-Watch what Iran, syria, russia and some other countries do to isareal in the near future. Blow those uselesss JEw away- -rbg/!ABC news: Thieves steal IPhones, wipe them clean, then sell them for up to one-thousand bucks, an uptick in stolen Apple products, dubbed "Apple picking/I'll listen to your arguments about video games if you stop making guns that can branded with "My Little Pony." Otherwise, STFU-Wj Miller I had many toy guns when I was kid. Sorry.... my school buddies and I played up in the woods with them and all that. We even had bows... real ones.... One thing we were taught though, is never point a gun at anyone, even our toy guns... (well when we played up in the woods we broke the rules sometimes, but never with a BB Gun or anything else, you or your friend could lose an eye. We'd never want that to happen because we liked each other. I know I'm just another dumb red neck hick who doesn't know a thing about your world, but if you were from my world you and your kids would know how to act around guns, knives, life, and especially how to respect other people. But most of you aren't from my world. Hard Left or Hard RIght thats all we have today, and no middle ground in sight-RNC 101 if we win we will take care of ourselves and only our needs. If we loose then we will stop or block everything that is right or good for the people. fb/Sheriff Winters looking to bust the pot growers and own everything they have. You can watch it on tv. Winters doesn't care if you have a medical card and paid for a license to grow the cannabis, he hates it, so he's going after card holders. People who have verifiable medical conditions shown to improve with cannabis and have paid for a card to "legally" grow it, are his targets--OSHA spokesman as saying the West plant was not included in its so-called National Emphasis Plan for inspections because it did not produce explosives, had no major prior accidents and the Environmental Protection Agency did not rate it as a major risk. The plant’s latest OSHA inspection occurred in 1985-oFraud talks big and doesn't follow through. No one pays any attention to his empty words any longer-You are grossly under informed. What about Libya? Yemen? Afghanistan? Do those folks disbelieve Obama? In the case of "talks big", it's called negotiation and diplomacy and it's preferable to spending blood and treasure to prove how tough and stupid we are ... like Bush and the neo-con men aibafs/daryl tips his hand of a successful racing team, g force pull and turbulance, separating theirselves, fns/jewish lightening fire at 3am shushi bar, every two idf killed=600 men women, and child palistinians mohr/after second attack, syria accuses izzy of aiding alciada-fn/disreguard russian link driving war on islamic terror, on mtp/ 

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