Friday, May 10, 2013

51013/general ham bengazi standdown

51013/Congress is poised to take a vote, again, to repeal the nation's new health care law next week. the 37th time, according to Congressional officials, that such a vote has taken place. It is not only a symbolic effort by House Republicans, We've got 70 new members that have not had the opportunity to vote on the president's health care law dÃjÃvu abc/Reputation Trumps Reason Austerians are trapped in a box. The enormity of their error makes it impossible to respond to criticism. Krugman/Indefinite Enemies in the Hell of Indefinite Detention BuzzFlash/One-Third of US Honeybee Colonies Died Last Winter, Threatening Food Supply Wired/An Effort to Thwart Sale of Newspapers to the Kochs nyt/Elizabeth Warren: Student Loans Should Have Same Rate Big Banks Get hp/Whistleblower's Yarn Fails to Tie Benghazi Lapses to Politics wp/House Approves Bill to Change Overtime Pay Law ap/
5913/Mike Ludwig, Truthout: According to data recently compiled by the Center for Effective Government (CEF), during the past 15 years, 1,000 accidents have occurred nationwide at chemical facilities that hold large quantities of the deadly element anhydrous ammonia/Greg Palast: It's unlikely the Boston bombers were on the CIA payroll, but it's more than likely the elder brother's connections in Central Asia could be traced back to US-protected killers of years past/creative Time Reports: In 1998, Illinois opened Tamms Supermax prison. It was designed for just one purpose: sensory deprivation. A decade after the prison opened, Tamms Year Ten launched a campaign to challenge the prison's solitary confinement policy/Republicans and the Benghazi, They Didn't Complain About All the Terrorist Attacks on Diplomats Under w's Watch BuzzFlash/Maureen Dowd Military Injustice nyt/Sanford will take back the seat again for the first time since January 2001 abc/Hollywood Responded to the Sandy Hook School Shooting, to make violent movies less readily available to children. Four months later, what meaningful solutions has the industry offered? Not many rs/Watch the jews try everything to derail peace talks, Funny that they think people don't notice-You would have thought that after they tried thier games in Germany, they would have learned their lesson... History for them will always repeat-Free Palestine, destroy GS in the courts of law Both will fall as a result of the many victims created by their ugly criminal choices-continue to use this goldman finance message board to promote self-serving political statements that have no relevance on this goldman finance message board. ygs/country Hostage is the House Republicans, Time To Remove And Replace All House Republicans, Time to pass a bill to allow this country to compete with the world yc/yahoo is having problems with their system. they can't seem to get it right-Not surprised-sure they're having problems.but did you notice the pay package that the non experienced ceo got? 36.6 million. must be nice ywfc/pressure some Americans feel to cling to a corporate job chiefly for the health insurance could, conceivably, ease in coming years. Under provisions of the health-care law, new-business owners will be able to get coverage through public marketplaces, or “exchanges,” beginning in October, obamacare will take effect starting in Januaryconvicted for a $292 million fraud scheme and is currently serving 12 years in federal prison, property formerly owned by Hassan Nemazee has sold for $17,750,000 bnutw/about to get kicked off Clear Channel if he keeps up the bullshit limbaugh weighs in on the side of the guy who says immigrants have lower iq, not need them propping up their bias. LifeNews supports your call for a blackout on links to mainstream media-Washington Post and New York Times, have reportedly been moving to paywalls (or digital subscriptions) due to the fact that advertising revenue is drying up, POLITICO is that unlike other media companies, we often sell out our ad inventory in the Washington, D.C., market because demand for our ad space is so high. We want and need that traffic in D.C. because the desire of advertisers to reach our elite audience here is exceptionally strong-Well, that is a relief. I sure would hate to think that one of the most corrupt news outlets in the history of the universe might be floundering, or something @NolteNC tw/ Unless we are going to find out what the CIA was doing in that Annex we will never know what went down in Benghazi-you think the GOP has never do a single thing wrong ever. You won't even admit we went into Iraq under false pretenses, or the other 7 attacks during w's rein, Benghazi is nothing more then a Right Wing witch hunt and smear campaign. All previous terror attacks on embassies have been ignored until this one, breit/Scares Me To My Core Angry about his sister’s Congressional election loss to Mark Sanford, Stephen Colbert did the logical thing and declared Sanford his new sister-CBS Charlotte/commenter on Atlantic saying the OH kidnappings were faked to distract from Benghazi tw/a few photo ops with the teacher and her class excuses Bush and absolves him for STANDING DOWN on 9/11. The school and the "My Pet Goat" story was the most important thing on Bush's calendar on 9/11. After all they did this because they hate our freedoms and they each get to pop a hundred virgins in heaven. Our entire $multi-trillion intelligence/defense system were caught with their pants down, who could blame them? No one had a clue that they could use airplanes as weapons to take down 3 buildings and the Pentagon. They forgot to read all the manuals that said they could and also forgot about all the war games the military created that simulated such attacks, successfully neutralized, along with a couple dozen alphabet agencies, while 19 Arabs armed with box cutters and led by a man in a cave in Afghanistan who was dying of kidney failure committed the worst terrorist act in the history of the US, totally unmolested for well over an hour and a half-Fixed Noise' own megyn kelly acknowledging that Fixed has overdone their frenzy-cnn Wolf is like an Isreali activist, Barger is like a snapping dog-aibafs/SoRRY Mr. PresidenT nO can Do as a MiddLe incOmer. La Cosa Nostra JUST STEALS and SnoRts. MiddLe America NO I*NVEST UNTIL nYC pHUCKS and RED Plague Get NEWKED ygs/cheering 79M$ from embassy security, still wet themselves over bengazi fb/examing wingnut abberations frank rich and rachel goes to all conspiracy theories, using the cutest irony, sarcasm, if were wrong, there's no downside rokcoburn, racial ammo tactics, rduncanscwho needs numbers, beck deporting victim covered with bb blood, dimint heritage killing immagration reform static based on richwine harvard iq parody essay, brooks sez hawks redherring humping war presidential perogative, 1/2 trillion art heist, diamond heist italian jew theives wired, antwrerp 50M$ 5 minute jbrussels jeewel theft 31 arrested/albert resurfaces to jump an the wagon, rudi knew bengazi was a coverup democrats need to standup, a good obstruction tool, quoting 911 intelligence briefs worthless, on geraldo wants cell phone used in crimes should qualify for federal charges,/alex encourages wingnutz to protest with rpgs like syrian rebels, accuses jama and co for standdown, all un officers are pedophiles, jeremy drew teaches how to question authourity/ISSA'S INFAMOUS WHISTLEBLOWER A HUGE FLOP? what sleeze and a liar, HILLARY NOW LOOKS MORE HONEST THAN EVER?? #$%$ HAPLESS FAILURE PUKES-Did Clinton fail to provide adequate security for the Consulate? The three diplomats who testified at the hearing gave no evidence that this failure sprang from anything other than the need to use limited resources as efficiently as possible, Republicans who voted to cut funding for State Department security should understand that their philosophy, small government is always better, has consequences. Bureaucrats have to make judgment calls. Sometimes they will be wrong. The Pickering Report appears to make clear what we already knew: that there was strategic warning from the intelligence community of a dangerous security environment in Benghazi and that our diplomats were failed by the bureaucracy at the State Departmenty hal/78,000 apply to leave Earth forever to live on Mars Huge numbers of people on Earth are keen to leave the planet forever and seek a new life homesteading on Mars. About 78,000 people science nbcnews WallSpace/giant African land snail has been spotted in a Houston. the slow-moving menaces are sometimes carriers of a life-threatening meningitis. The disease-carrying, freakishly big hermaphroditic snails—they can grow up to almost 8 inches in length and up to 4 inches in diameter—can each lay some 100 eggs per month, they consume at least 500 different types of plants [and] can cause structural damage to plaster and stucco-Meanwhile salt prices in the greater Houston area have mysteriously skyrocketed-kosher salt--Jordanian lawmakers have denounced Israel's arrest of a top Palestinian cleric and in a symbolic gesture, voted that the Israeli ambassador to the kingdom be expelled, underlines frustration over Israeli policies toward the Palestinians-2006, Three months after his appointment as Grand Mufti, Hussein stated in an interview that suicide bombing by Palestinians against Israelis was "legitimate, of course, as long as it plays a role in the resistance-Bangladesh factory fire kills 8; collapse toll tops 900, Salvage teams were still pulling bodies from the rubble of the Rana Plaza complex in Savar, around 20 miles northwest of Dhaka, and on Thursday a spokesman at the army control room coordinating the operation said the number of people confirmed to have been killed had reached 912. Roughly 2,500 people were rescued from the building, including many injured, but there is no official estimate of the numbers still missing-Move these jobs to the Ozark mountains-There were there already. You missed it-US Corps will just wind up killing Ozark folks in search of cheap labor and conspiring contractors. DOLLARS is what drives these criminals/Vatican francis said it very bravely. as I think, he was blaming these buyers of so-called department stores, who squeeze the factory owners in Bangladesh and other poor countries to take less than $1 to manufacture a shirt. Same shirt they sell for $30 or more. Fact is, everybody do penny pinching in this trade. The biggest winners are, department stores, importers and factory owners. Victim is always the workers with less than $1.50 per day wages for solid 12 hours of work. They work hard, get burn on these factories and die, their life is over, people talk, drop few fake tears, write a few words and than all is back to same old jazz & #$%$ talk--Back of the bus seating for women on any public transport in Israel will soon be outlawed, sweeping legislation to stop Jewish zealots trying to enforce gender segregation in many spheres of life yn/ Sister Megan Rice shared with members of her jury on Wednesday was that she wished 70 years hadn’t passed before she took direct actionyear, 83 old nun who broke into a Tennessee depleted uranium storage facility in 2012 and splashed human blood on several surfaces, exposing a massive security hole at the nation’s only facility used to store radioactive conventional munitions, was convicted Wednesday and sentenced to a term of up to 20 years in prison, WSI Oak Ridge, the private contractor responsible for protecting the facility, is a subsidiary of G4S, which has faced heavy criticism for its failure to provide a sufficient number of staff at the Olympic Games in London-the streets will be safe for Skilling when he gets out-Bangladesh put the factory owner whose factory collapsed in jail, but the corporation and managers that leveled a town in Texas are walking around free. Someday maybe Bush Bama will lead us to surpass Bangladesh in workplace justice, Skilling who ruined hundreds of lives will be getting out of jail early. And all the banksters and wall streeters who steal daily from people get off scott free. When will the revolution begin-rstory/bengazi stand down order for the rescue team in Tripoli came from either AFRICOM or SOCAFRICA. General Ham. fb/claiming lincoln was a tyrant, claiming to be rupert pal, blackwater phycologist whacko dr pachenick, blames barry, joe, brennan, and hillary cia fbi pentagon termoil, izzy tending alciada in syria, on pp/
5813/Egypt set the foundation of “Liberation Square,” balancing the powers of the army with that of the January 25th revolutionaries. Syria, where the people’s revolution is bursting amidst blood and fear, added a new slogan to the streets of revolution: “the Syrian people cannot be humiliated” The use of the word humiliation means that people are crying out against the deepest of wounds. The word is one of the most savage and chaotic words in the Arabic language, no synonym for it in the most complete Arabic dictionary, Lisan al-Arab. The definition offered was this: “humiliation is the opposite of respect and honor, humiliation is raggedness, subjugation. Ibn Manthour could not explain the meaning of humiliation except by citing its opposite. This is because “humiliation” in Arabic brings together “subjugation” and “shame,” includes the abuse of honor, and leads to the feeling of a loss of humanity ccb/Typical Hypocrite Reatard GOP Sanford, let's impeach Clinton for marital infidelity! ybac/Nearly All Top Advertisers Have 'Exclude Rush Limbaugh' Orders-Tim McVeigh, Loughner, Rudolph, Holmes, Lanza, Hinckley & Oswald Were WHITE! yhal/ twitidot -wish u "journalists" at Fox were this enthused about the false WMD reports. Or outing Valerie Plame. Jr. Jimmy Olsens-Crowley who never reported on the 53 dead Embassy workers under Bush-Monica is a moron; but also a porch shill (well-paid) for Uncle Rupert. Amoral? Of course-you started it." "Gratuitous attack." Someone needs to take the dictionary away from him-Obama needed to campaign and cover his ass, Gowdy calls liberals out on their bullshit-Olbermann says I should let other people eat what I cook-While I'm unable to listen to the hearings. I find it fascinating that as I was live tweeting, a "journalist" took the time to insult me.. tw/US finances one of the largest concentration camps in history None dare to tell the truth, occupied areas closed to outsiders, and US churches complicit in the coverup- ygs/Tea Party leader threatens Lindsey-you really can't fix stupid, Bendover SC, a moocher running a moocher state-denied the lady convict wind farmer from upstate a seat. That must be a real shame for you. And Nancy was ready to put her mugshot on her new business card and stationery... No two ways about it, it's a tragedy, alright-Cheats on his wife, cheats on the tax payers, Good job Brownie ! I bet Sanford can't even believe how stupid SC voters are ybac/California's highest court ruled on Monday in an opinion likely to further diminish the state's once-robust medical marijuana industry, 17 years after voters in the state legalized medical marijuana, the court ruled unanimously in a legal challenge to a ban the city of Riverside enacted in 2010, advocacy group Americans for Safe Access estimates that another 200 jurisdictions statewide have similar prohibitions on retail pot sales. Many were enacted after the number of retail medical marijuana outlets boomed in Southern California after a 2009 memo from the U.S. Justice Department said prosecuting pot sales would be a low priorityBasel Committee had a luv fest with the banks and gifted them a sweetheart deal which in essence is re-creating the "bubble". Mortgages can be counted as liquid assets. Four more years before stricter requirements must be met. It's back to the business which got us into this mess in teh first place for the big banks that are "too big to fail". The bubble is back and it's bigger than ever- a coordinated crackdown on dispensaries by threatening to seize the property of landlords who lease space to the shops. Hundreds of dispensary operators have since been evicted or closed voluntarily. allowing local government to bar dispensaries thwarts the intent of the state's medical marijuana law — the nation's first — to make the drug accessible to residents with doctor's recommendations to use it cnbc/Five Key Points from Today's Benghazi Hearing (So Far) - 1. Two "stand-down" orders were given while the Benghazi, Previously Unreleased Benghazi Email DuringHearing,Whistleblower ‘Stunned’ Attack Was Blamed on Video, Whistleblower Directly Contradicts Director Of National Intelligence-with my bare hands! Choked the life out of Mr. Benghazi I did-Thousands protest against corruption in Moscow wptw/Cheney: Benghazi Terror Attack Shows 'Failure of Leadership gbreitbart- essence of truthiness. swinging … against Republicans who dare to question the Obama administration’s story on Benghazi. This warrior for truth mocked all questions about whether the administration did all it could for security in Benghazi before the September 11, 2012 attacks that claimed four American lives including our ambassador to Libya. That’s The courageous faux right-wing host stated that he would not broadcast his normal episode because of breaking news on Benghazi. “Since last September, Fox News has been pursuing this story doggedly, ended with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) saying that the testimony would make Americans mad. “It’s gonna make me mad?” Colbert smiled in fake glee. “Oh, oh, oooh, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve who’s about to get the bike he asked for, except it’s on fire! Colbert joked. “To uncover how the administration blew it, when they blew it, why they blew, and how they will continue to have blown it. And, most importantly, how is this car still burning?-Shameful. Mr. Colbert apparently does not value human life as much as he values a snide laugh-Colberts went 0 for 2, yesterday. Their parents must be so proud.-Unreadable garbage. Your stream of consciousness is a pathetic cartoon, and your logic is as flawed as your grammar.-I've occasionally laughed at Jon Stewart when he zings the right people, but I've never figured out Colbert. His act seems to be a lame Bill O'Reilly parody for liberals who have never actually watched O'Reilly's program. Is there more to it than that?-Yes, but it seems to be mostly over your head-Colbert is a vicious, no talent little cretin. He has no patriotism, he obviously hates America. My question is, why is he living in the US. If this cretin thinks the Benghazi hearings are not important he is more insane than I originally thought-Cheney: We would have been ready for Benghazi because 'we were always ready on 9/11' Except for that one time dailykos/Maybe we can tell the media that Ben Ghazi & Kurt Gosnell were ex-lovers of Arias?-this is Twitter. Not exactly a Fact Factory. Certainly Gossip Central-Rule for the day after watching Rumsfeld#Benghazi hearings: "You can't pray a lie-regulations skyrocket under Obama’s presidency. to see the red tape in pictures heritage infographic tw/touring Dominican underage boy-brothels with Viagra prescribed to his Dr to hide Limbaugh's Identity Shakeup? Cumulus May Dump Rush As Feud Escalates-Huckabee: Benghazi Will Drive Obama From Office, before it’s all over, this president will not fill out his full term. I know that puts me on a limb-wrong president, W should be prosecuted for murder, for the murder of nearly 4,000 American soldiers fighting the war in Iraq. The war that has not only caused the deaths of American soldiers but also over 100,000 innocent Iraqi men, women, and children; cost the United States over one trillion dollars thus far with no end in sight; and alienated many American allies in the Western world-Typical reich wing white racist gut wind. What is of much greater concern are the previously mentioned breeches in national security where white elected officials are briefed on national security matters before the Hawaiian POTUS who the peoples of the United States of America also elected to be the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces. Not Senators McCain, Graham, Mitchell or Congresspersons or even PT Governors of Alaska or radio talk show entertainers. Radical white supremacist and their political party ARE the real threat to the USA; abroad and at home ac/rocky goes to broadway, fluffdementor christian, julia liliss, willis vs rock, dennis/ shultz wrestling with the cry for gun control, doesn't remember 90% w's disapproval rating/richkid silver shirts arian fukwitts 

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