Wednesday, March 20, 2013

32013/Progressivism, the warped philosophy

32013/America today has nothing to do with liberal or conservative. You
simply cannot see the problem. That is the problem. If you could see the
problem like Europe does I should think you would have it fixed by
now-Progressivism, (noun), the warped philosophy that people are helped
more by tearing down the strong than building up the weak, effectively
reducing everyone to the lowest common denominator- liberalism is not
known for its logical consistency. often times self contradictory and
hypocritical as it is emotional in nature rather than rational- Always
better to be driven by the almighty corporate dollar, no doubt. Who needs
emotion when you have "rational" kooks like Nugent and Rush Blimpbaugh to
look up to?- EVERYBODY call in sick tomorrow, then watch real change
begin. Hit the corporate fat cats directly in the pocketbook- Notice that
every comparison made reveals the insane and ludicrous actions-policies
of liberals to the common sense actions policies of we Conservatives.
Someone said that with the most radical leftist presiding in the WHITE
HOUSE today, that America is heading leftward down the treacherous road
to oblivion pf/Obama: U.S. Israel's 'greatest (only) friend'-42 days
Guantanamo hunger strike grows- Flood of dead pigs, trickle of answers in
China- Anti whaling ship captain slips away before docking in Australia-
yn/genocidal nazi, gop, how about Reid and the Senate dems taking a big
crap right in the middle of you nazis hatred of freedom?-Hopefully
they're preparing to take on you Fifth Column traitors who raped America-
AP report regurgitated claims by the federal agency that 1.6m bullets
were bought in bulk to save money and were for training purposes only, as
former Marine Richard Mason infowars, hollow point bullets (which make up
the majority of the DHS purchases) are not used for training because they
are more expensive than standard firing range rounds-rbg/New Jersey
police and Dept. of Children and Families officials raided the home and
demanded to see his guns after he posted a Facebook photo of his
11-year-old son holding a rifle. "Someone called family services about
the photo," Shawn Moore certified firearms instructor for the NRA:. "It
led to an incredible, heavy-handed raid on his house. They wanted to see
his gun safe, his guns and search his house. They even threatened to take
his kids."Dept could not confirm or deny an investigation or raid had
taken place due to government regulations Moore was not arrested or
charged-pb/Netanyahu's last visit to the White House he sure wasn't
treated like a "best friend-Obumer is no friend to you trust nothing this
deceiver says to you-Israel hates him and ALL BLACKS, they are EVICTING
BLACK AFRICANS and practicing ethnic cleansing on the black jews. Obama
should have continued to ignore them-where is the proof?-a natural
occurring virus, regarding the name. Conspiracy of morons-They brought in
all these Sudanese from Africa that were considered Jewish, but since the
southern part of Sudan has become it's own country from the Northern pure
muslim part, the Israeli government has begun to tell them to go home
now. Legislation is pending to forcefully remove them back to their
lands-Sanctuary given to Sudanese was not part of the Jewish right of
return, it was temporary compassionate shelter. Yes, they are going back
to Sudan, with their health and hunger taken care of, job training and a
grubstake. Much more than Israel is obligated to do. The ingathering of
Jews from Yemen and Ethopia is a different matter entirely; they are Jews
coming home-HIV LAB MADE, The virus naturally occurs in some primates,
also been found in swine. Once it began to spread to towns and cities, it
became an epidemic. Their was No CIA conspiracy to develop the HIV virus
as a weapon or any other purpose-nothing natural about HIV, a virus that
didnt exist 50 years ago-he's a liar pos-Israel needs more space for
its new baby boomers and anyone not Jewish is a target for housing
takeover. That's what aparthied states do-Please name me one new
"settlement" that has been built in the past 10 years! There are none.
You are a victim of the disinformation of the leftist media, the
Palestinian Authority (PA) openly teaches hatred of Israel and Jews in
their schools (where Israel does not appear in any schoolbook map of the
area) and government media. I guess only the Israelis are worthy or
criticism in your eyes-millions of people believe him, it seem like you
would know that after he was re-elected. IF PEOPLE LISTENED TO BUSH THEN
THEY SURELY CAN LISTEN TO OBAMA!-the jews are too smart for him-doesn't
mean that the president gets to do everything he wants to do. I really
like George W. Bush but i didn't agree with everything that he did, and
indicated so. Also, George W. Bush did a lot of growing up in his life,
all Barack Obama seems to do is lie, lie, and conspire to do more lying.
Being the President of the United States is a lot more than continuous
campaigning and telling lies. It is about carrying out the legal wishes
of the people of the United States-Amazing what inexperience combined
with ignorance, cunning, & arrogance creates-only in your fabricated
Republican world-you overlooked that fact that Obama was elected by a
majority in the USA and you just can't get over it. No small win either.
He got 5 million more votes than the loser. The only one who is ignorant
is you-Entitlement voters,illegal voters & muslim lovers must be the
majority. Sure am glad I am not that majority-yet our American masses
continue to blindly follow him as he strokes the mindless...straight into
the abyss-I voted for Obama. Twice. In the same election. And I'm not
even a citizen-wonder if B.B. left obama cooling his heels in a waiting
room while he had dinner with his family, the way obama did that to him-
hoping he would go to Israel's security fence and say "Mr. Netanyahu,
tear down this wall-openly campaigend for Mitt, This meddling by a
foreign leader in our internal politics can hardly be expected to gain
him any favors with the person against whom he campaigned-why are you
idiots so comfortable with our leaders taking orders from israel?-Not
proud of sending Barry anywhere as this two bit hack of a Socialist is
about done as America is getting SICK of him and his FAILED
ADMINISTRATION!-BB Yahu is a begger with an attitude-thought would do the
best job" for Israel! the very definition of political interference. He
backed the wrong horse and should expect the treatment-yn/ hidious
shrimp, bloomberg is right according to two white blonde sluts diedra and
lisa, on imus/4 more accuse elmo of abuse, on wabc/ambassador hopeing for
 white smoke to signal a message to zion enemies, netinyahoo proves he
can still lie, on geraldo/jn1 news calls jama obammer, zion butthurt
cause jama visited egypt but not israel, others deface advertisment for
visit, shows francis with yamaka, is a argentina jesuit/free oversupply
cabbage tiawantv cpt12 gitmo hunger strike 24 on day 43, 8 being force
fed-replay rediculous bomb chart as reason to attack iran- suni car bombs
taking their toll of sheits-allepo chemical attack- rt/
31913/while breaking up the ‘too big to fail’ banks is highly unlikely
anytime soon, it’s now plausible we could see more serious consideration
to a combination of the following: Reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, which
separated commercial and investment banking and or full adaptation of
the so-called Volcker Rule, which bans banks from trading their own
accounts, i.e. “prop trading.” Requirements to list derivative
transactions on an exchange, if not actually regulate the trading
thereof. Higher reserve requirements and or lower maximum leverage
ratios- perhaps Cyprus is just a test case to see how far the banks can
go before people revolt. It might explain why the Dept. of Homeland
Security is preparing for major domestic unrest-parasites will never be
happy with their incredible easy lifestyles on the backs of the taxpayers
so they will continue to vote to confiscate the non government workers
hard earned income, possessions, savings accounts and anything of value.
The corrupt, greedy appetites of the Democrats will never be quenched-  
What's 'terribly wrong' is that none of these banksters are in jail or
hanging at the end of a rope-The ruling class doesn't go to jail, only
the peons-This time they go under and your savings go with them no
bailout-no one in the investment banking industry or government was held
accountable for the largest criminal bank theft in US history-elected
"leaders" are a joke. The banks pay them off with bailouts from the
taxpayers-criminal organizations. Pitch forks and torches. Once a few of
the CEOs are found hanging from lamp posts they will get the message-
Glass-Steagall was overturned by Bill Clinton (under the urging of Sen.
Byrd-Actually Republican Senator Phil Gramm, McCain's 2008 economic
adviser WROTE THE BILL-Graham started out as a Democrat before turning
colors for self benefit. A true wolf in sheep's clothing-had Glass
Steagall been in place, Bank of America would have been prevented from
taking Merrill and Bear Sterns could not have been taken over by Chase- 
the whole world is upside down. Why?..The middleclass didn't ruin it,
Must be bankers, Wall Street and politicians-Fines with no admission of
guilt. Such a sham the SEC allows-the New Reality. Did you learn nothing
from TARP? Americans were overwhelmingly against it, but that didn't
matter. The ruling class needed to be saved no matter what the cost!- The
Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLB), also known as the Financial Services
Modernization Act of 1999 to dissolve glass steagall? yn/Tipping point
with Israel is iminent Buoyed by confidence the chosen will get more
aggressive with their demands and blow the whole deal-We must raise the
retirement age to 72 in the USA so we can continue to dump trillions into
the Middle east cesspool. 1000 US military bases in 148 countries and
ever increasing foreign aid is something all virtuous americans must
support. Opposing raising the retirement age is anti semitic-WS HEBREWS
WON'T LET THEM GO DOWN-Obama pressured to release Pollard-Goldman
mortgage appeal rejected by Supreme Court-ygs/rich people are FREAKING
OUT that a country would DARE to charge their deposits to balance the
books. In the US, for example, there are about $140Tn The majority of
that money, $60Tn, is held by "The Financial Sector", ie, exactly the
kind of people who might get 10% of their money "confiscated" if the
government ever decides it would be a fun way to quickly pay down half
its debts of total Financial Assets in the US and, of all that, only $4Tn
of that is insured (under the FDIC limit) and the rest is held by "rich
people," who have so much money they can't even be bothered to open
separate accounts to keep the money insured or it's at play in the
markets, etc. Even with the Supreme Court granting citizenship to
immortal Corporations (and I created 2 dozen corporations since then and
they're all voting Democrat, you rat bastards!), that bottom 80% is 80M
families with about 160M voters, voters who have, relatively, NOTHING
compared to their masters in the top 10%. When given the choice between
having what little they do have left being slashed away through ruthless
austerity programs or just voting to take it back from the rich guys,
what do you think is going to happen? 88% national income growth went to
corporate profits, while 1$% went to wages between 2009*11  sa/ Ten Years
After Iraq Invasion-GOP's 2012 Autopsy, Our message was weak; our ground
game was insufficient; we weren't inclusive; we were behind in both data
and digital; our primary and debate process needed improvement,There's no
one solution. There's a long list of them, Priebus said of GOP's 2012
loss-abc/Let's finish what we started bo/War's Legacy of Cancer Dahr
Jamail, Al Jazeera: Two US-led wars in Iraq have left behind hundreds of
tons of depleted uranium munitions/Prison Profiteers Are Neo-Slaveholders
and Solitary Is Their Weapon of Choice Chris Hedges, Truthdig: An
interview with two longtime prisoner advocates reveals much about the
shame of America's gulags/IRS examiner is going to jail for cutting a big
bank's taxes by millions in return for a job. That makes sense. But
neither the bank nor any staff member is being held criminally
accountable We guess the guy hired himself- March Madness: The Fifth
Straight Year of Extreme Corporate Tax Avoidance BuzzFlash/Why Was the
Press Not Held Accountable for Going Along With Iraq War Deceptions?
Consortium News/ Fresh Evidence Shows MI6 and CIA Were Told Before
Invasion That Iraq Had No Active WMD Guardian/Amy Goodman and Juan
Gonzalez, Democracy NOW!: Saudi Arabia is playing an increasing role in
Syria, allowing the supply of arms and even the infiltration of militants
to help the rebels/Paulson & Co..get a bond insurer to guarantee payments
on an investment (bond) allegedly designed to fail r/The Zionist entity’s
outgoing defense minister, Gen. Ehud Barak 70, has painted a very dark
picture of Israel’s close allies (the US, Germany, Britain rahmat1/ (3
billion not enough?)/Guess who doesn’t want to offend Obama as he travels
to sites in Israel and the Palestinian territories? Netanyahu Quietly
Freezes Construction Through Barack Obama’s visit thedailybeast/will have
dinner with the first-ever black Miss Israel when he makes his first
visit to the Jewish state uktelegraph/Pentagon bans 60 mm mortar round
after deaths- Eighteen workers trapped underground at Polish mine- Study:
25,000 U.S. deaths linked to sugary drinks-yn/HEM had a army of immense
force invade nineveh for it's massive oil fields and then had the commons
pay for it by debt and blood with no spoils, then they in their ruthless
greed pulled in the blink of an eye a $5.257trlusd bank heist and dumped
tonnes upon tonnes of toxic uranium on the tigris, euphrates region as to
salt the earth on the way out rbg/ amman using clorine poison in syria,
deidl's brother burns feet as per dr oz, on imus/kt admits iraq debacle,
sen portland flipflop, repeating hebrew phobias cpac speaker okRsen
enholf, too much politics exRsen kyle going to a second breakfast on
geraldo/cyprus rejects bailout terms rt/papel francis draws neocon fire
on euronews/
31813/Euro Crisis Is Nowhere Near Being Over, At the insistence of both
the E.U. and the IMF, Cyprus would only receive a bailout if as much as
$6 billion of the money could be recouped from bank depositors. That
solution was aimed primarily at the Russians, (rightwingnutz) and other
wealthy depositors, with more than $130,000 in their accounts. But under
the terms of the agreement finalized on Friday night, all depositors will
take a hit. A one-time levy of 9.9% will be charged on deposits over
$130,000, and accounts with less will be charged 6.75%-watchdog European
Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)has criticised the world's top
three ratings agencies Moody's, Fitch and Standard & Poor's, over a lack
of transparency over how they evaluate banks and has demanded more robust
internal reviews of their methods-EU Economics geniuses couldn't even
predict what the immediate reaction would be. They and their rapacious
banking buddies will not be regarded well when this series of charades is
finally recorded as history- Coming to a bank near you- A test-run to see
how the population responds to the direct appropriation of their funds-
Cyprus bailout highlights the continued weak links in the system," Morgan
Stanley banking analyst Huw van Steenis time/Elizabeth lacks confidence
and intelligence and is unable to confidently discuss any political
scenario. Her brand is perfect for faux entertainment, which is likely
where she is headed-Joy and Whoopie are the angry beavers on that silly
show. EH never gets a chance to speak. Maybe once every six months if the
liberal old lady, Babs, allows it-such a threat to tiny minds that are so
spoiled and selfish they must force their ideals down our throats then
insult anyone who doesn't swallow it!!-you describe Lizzie in a Tizzie to
a T-a shame, she helps let people know the prejudice and irrationality
of GOP because she has strong beliefs without reason or purpose-She sux.
Bottom line. She's immature and whiny and shrill. They'll find someone
better suited to be the water carrier for the conservative voice-kids see
no point in getting educated when Pallin and Elisabeth can make millions
knowing nothing-My Daddy taught me to beware the good Christian-leave it
to lizzie to portray herself as a victim--CPAC Coulter Tells Christie
Weight Joke, Even CPAC had to cut back on its speakers this year about
300 pounds,, Calls Bill Clinton 'Forcible Rapist-cPAC Highlights, Michele
Bachmann: Conservatism Is "The Movement Of Love, The Movement Of Care-if
future GOP presidential runs depend on silver tongues articulation of
dorm room "makers vs. takers" arguments, then Walker's future is pretty
bright-Palin: White House to use drones without accountability, but not
enough power to open WH to kids for spring break-hp/giant corporations
rue the day-gitmo mass hunger strike hits 41 days-uk to regulate press
met by questions-lowball iraq war cost 2, 6T$, 200k iraqi deaths, 8M in
dire need-belarus pres lukashenko denies being the last dictator for lack
of resources-timcurt points out 3.1B israeli racism handout-rt/"ROLL UP
Scheme Must Be Allowed to Continue-J #$%$  community complicit in cover
up an established social and political power in the United States. In
concurrence with the democratic principles of our society, it is morally
and politically correct to offer criticism of #$%$ and its politico
cultural power-We do not see a denial on the part of the J community,
because there is no defense ygs/The status of Liberty... did it say
"Bring your your insane, your bat(shit crazy, nutters, idiots and fools"?
Seriously, you are so predicable. You as always have nothing, you pander
to each others paranoid lies, blaming the black POTUS. It's raining today
"Thanks Obama", seriously, this is the level of petty minded lying that
you guys do. Well done, congrats, on showing us all exactly how "smart"
you are Peace wins every war This is Obama's fault? Yeah, of course! The
USA wasn't heavily endebted before, your people weren't borrowing to buy
TV's and the like, no no no... this alllllll came about in the last 6
years. The worst part of this thread, will be the idiots on this board,
brain dead morons, who come along and agree with the message of the OP.
Whic actually indicates the real problem in the USA, a shockingly bad
education system and a populace of people who believe Hollywood films are
there for their education-If people are good only because they fear
punishment, and hope for a reward, we are a sorry lot indeed." -Albert
Einstein-If the truth aids the enemy then we are in the wrong war--Judge
overturns Mo. unconstitutional law. Another win for freedom and another
failure for the theocracy! The judge made it clear that this law is
unconstitutional and is superceded by federal law, which as we all know
trumps state law 10/10 times. Its good to see a judge stand up for
freedom and stand against religious zealots. Corporations are NOT people
and have NO right to force their beliefs on others. If they feel this way
then perhaps they shouldn't have opened a business. Allowing this absurd
law to take affect only opens the flood gates for more absurd "morality"
exemptions Judge Smacks Down Texas Law That Would Defund Planned
Parenthood- Judge blocks Okla. abortion law- Judge Halts Alabama
Immigration Law-- A lot of black people have become much more blatantly
hostile toward whites since Obama has become president. Anti-white racism
is certainly on the rise. Which illustrates a sad irony that the more
progress some people make, the less happy they become. This is what
happens when people are consumed with revenge fantasies instead of a
genuine desire for peace and harmony. Progressivism - (noun) - the warped
philosophy that people are helped more by tearing down the strong than
building up the weak, effectively reducing everyone to the lowest common
denominator "If they could get the middle class, along with the poor, to
envy the rich, they could control the largest voting bloc and seize all
the power they'd need. Saul Alinsky-jama hasn't caused more racism... he
just brought the racists out of their caves, as you can clearly see from
this forum. Friends don't let friends vote Republican-Conservatives see
liberals as being the race baiters. I see 70+ years of liberal policy
keeping the blacks shackled to a dependent/entitlement lifestyle to big
government as being a far more racist sign than any small time quips or
quotes from the fine people here at this forum. Peaceful segregation of
the races would prevent any and all racism from ever taking affect.
Liberalism: Moochers Electing Looters to Steal from Producers Kids that
Fish, Trap and Hunt don't Steal, Deal and Murder!- politicalforum/
31713/your loser politicians & wanna be back in the spotlight B listers
all lining up for another shot at their 15 minutes & i almost forgot to
mention the tribble headed carnival barker . corruption, & pure bullshit
storefront lobbing is all it is david keane : president of the 'american
consevervative union org that sponsers&puts together CPAC.' from 198(4?)
thru 2011, left in 2011 because his beloved wife was found guilty &
served time for embezellment of funds belonging to CPAC. keane's son is
currently serving a 10 year prison sentence for road rage involving the
discharge of a firearm, apparently just missing his 'target's' head.
keane's son has been hospitalized several times for mental issues dating
back to when he was 8 years old, yet was able to legally obtain a
firearm, which his father knew he had. NOW keane is president of the NRA.
coinky-dinky? me thinx not-Sister Sarah *addressing* the CPAC mob.
Apparently the (gop)'s idea of a speech is to string together as many
cliches, rehearsed talking points, and childish snipes as possible, one
could say that hers is a dense speaking style. I would have watched more,
but I literally could not catch my breath from laughing so hard-aibafs/
Two high school STEUBENVILLE, Ohiofootball stars were found guilty-
RACEWAY HORROR: 2 Killed as Race Car Runs Into Pit Row at Calif. Track
fn/4 year old girl is badly mauled by a dog and the horrific attack is
caught on surveillance video. WABC/  Police: Mom lets toddler smoke pot-
Dolphin seen in NYC's East River cnn/PL Thomas, Becoming Radical: "The
Poor Are Too Free?:" Unlocking the Middle Class Code, The idealized
middle class fantasy of the poor ignores that behind the weightless
freedom often lurked the life long burden of debt, the thirty year
mortgages, the monthly bills/ corker sez the bully pulpit is an unfair
tool, latourette sez teabaggers are chuckleheads, kibbs freedomworks
worst teabag sideburns ever, RANd stale and moss covered filibuster waas,
the finer points of legitiment rape, american crossroads rove dislikes
buckup or stayin the truck palin, on fn/notears bohner trusts jama,
albright assures goy, deplomacy is not exausted, on abc/previous cpac
keating, walker proud of (stealing?) 2 elections in 2 yrs on mtp/
31613/Carol Rosenberg, McClatchy Newspapers: Fifty one attorneys wrote
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to intervene in "a serious threat to the
health and life of detainees/BP Asks Judge to Halt "Fictitious" and
"Absurd" Deepwater Oil Spill Payouts Guardian-16,000 Iraq War Prisoners
Still Unaccounted For; May Be Held in Secret Prisons AFP-/ Elizabeth
Warren, who is roasting bankers and government officials alike for
financial criminal behavior.-Holder Enables Dishonesty, Fraud and Likely
Criminal Activity on Wall Street-GOP and Obama Ready to Make Needy
Seniors Pay for Bush Wars-GOP Supreme Court Coup Is the Carbon Monoxide
Asphyxiating Democracy-If Hugo Chavez Was a Dictator, Why Was He Loved by
Millions of People?- BuzzFlash/Father Accidentally Kills 10-Month-Old Son
in Front of Family NBC/Mitt Romney Gets B-List Treatment at CPAC
Politico/Man Kills Self in Front of Children at Gun-Safety Class Seattle
Post Intelligencer/ Thom Hartmann Program: Here in America, there's a new
Taliban rising. They fetishize guns, just like the Afghan Taliban. They
fear women and education. They want to keep the people stupid and in
chains. They love their ignorance, their bigotry, and most of all, their
FOX News/Fukushima Is Already Harming Our Children tpm/Colorado passes
new background checks-Reps. Bill Keating, D-Mass, and Hal Rogers, R-Ky,
Making Pills Less Snortable , if passed, would help curb a "silent
epidemic" of prescription drug abuse-Rick Perry. "The popular media
narrative it's that this country has shifted away from conservative
ideals as evidenced by the last two presidential elections. That's what
they think. That's what they say. That might be true if Republicans had
actually nominated conservative candidates in 2008 and 2012. Might be
true Seriously. Mitt wasn't conservative at all-Obama defended his "charm
offensive" against Congress, saying he is simply trying to break through
some of the "gobbledygook of our politics, just hours after meeting with
House Republicans on Capitol Hill-Rubio Garners Loud Applause (fat
hands)-CPAC Heckler Interrupts Immigration Speech-Michelle Obama Gets
Second Vogue Cover-Sandy-Struck New Jersey Worries About Sequester Cuts-
Republicans Hate on Ashley Judd Weighs Senate Bid as McConnell Does
Harlem Shake-Actress Ashley Judd is "seriously considering" running for
Senate Judd - Republicans are pouring Haterade over the actress as if she
had just won a bowl game-Elizabeth Warren brings it to regulators at
another Banking Committee hearing. If you're caught with an ounce of
cocaine, the chances are good you're going to jail. If it happens
repeatedly, you may go to jail for the rest of your life. But evidently,
if you launder nearly a billion dollars for drug cartels and violate our
international sanctions, your company pays a fine and you go home and
sleep in your own bed at night, every single individual associated with
this, and I just think that's fundamentally wrong- Rand Paul is the Obama
administration's targeted killing program. the use of drones to bomb
suspected terrorists in foreign lands is Constitutional. His concern hit
a new level Monday when his office released a letter from Attorney
General Eric Holder explaining that the administration feels it has the
ability, in the extremely unlikely situation, to kill Americans on U.S.
soil to avert an imminent terror attack. More than that, he sees no
geographic or temporal limit to the war on terror. More on Paul and the
very weighty issues of the 5th Amendment, executive privlege and secrecy
abc/mitt in the end, we win-Rove was so wrong, because he was just
looking a polls that agreed with him and listening to the FOX/LIMBAUGH
rhetoric. Maybe he is not as smart as advertised ( as he advertises).
Why on earth would anyone listen to his dribble now?

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