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31613/Aunt Jama holding a chicken leg!

31613/FBI issues thousands of them a year to banks, phone companies and
other businesses demanding customer information. They're sent without
judicial review and recipients are barred from disclosing them, a federal
judge in San Francisco declared the letters unconstitutional, saying the
secretive demands for customer data violate the First Amendment-    Boxer
and Feinstein (both jews) according to her wikipedia page. And EFF lawyer
Matt Zimmerman has a jewish name.  merely validating what I've validated
so many times before. And I lied when I said I wasn't suprised my heart
sank truth be told-That American Jews are Anti-American or in conspiracy
with the terrorists? -The point is simple. And you got it, even though
you feign not to know-Constitutional Republic?? Really? The USA is
now, and has been for awhile, a Plutocracy. The country is by and large
run and controlled by the rich, the powerful and by large corporations,
lobbyists by the thousands in Washington D.C and each and every state
capital with millions and millions of dollars to spend to sway our too
pathetic too often bought parasite "politicians" and the ridiculous
idiotic ruling of Citizens United-make lobbying illegal. If you are a
lobbyist and or member of congress you are guilty of taking and or giving
bribes-corporate supranationals control all of the money. They are
hoarding cash by the TrillionsUSD. Unions? Really? Union membership is at
its lowest since the 19th century- disappointed when Obama renewed the
Patriot Act. This is what happens when the Government has a knee jerk
reaction to a crisis without thinking through the ramifications of the
laws that they pass. Violating our individual liberties in the false hope
of temporary security is not the answer-implemented W, but the GOP spin
continues like the playground bully. denying everything-BE VERY AFRAID OF
MANIFESTO OF 1892 "We [the bankers] must proceed with caution and guard
every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs
of restless commotion.Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently
yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that
we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance how
to fleece "the lower order of people" and "the common herd" believe me
these Mafioso have only gotten worse more cunning and deceitful-3
individual forces -all parts of a whole 1) Wall St.+ The Federal Reserve
who create The Dollar as debt out of thin air for mortgages,loans etc
+big Corp/ Military etc. 2) The White House.The Pentagon/Cia/Mosad
etc.The Council of Foreign Affairs 3) The People. No 1+2 have conspired
to fleece The People. Now The People have The Internet and have started
to figure it all out what our "Money Masters" have really been
up..creating money out of thin air -dipping in social engineering The
People by means of a cunning form of slavery "MONEY"-fiat' "PROMISSORY
NOTE CONTRACT", now created at the click of a mouse once the victim
has signed to repay an I owe you ie: the mortgage or loan papers bailouts
etc, load your victim enemy up with debts. then go in and strangle them
get everything on the cheap, no doubt whatsoever,that these evil money
powers are REALLY behind all the PROXY WARS +ALSO DONE 9/11 +JFK MURDER,
100+years of MEDIA CONTROL, If you can't get what you want by deceit get
a "Royal Charter" and INVADE-Obama and the left want complete control
over our lives. Look at New York's Bloomberg-libertarians have become a
front for teabag Republicans-Nothing you can do non violently to unseat
these people. They will never give up power without a terrible blood
bath. Jerrymandering and lobby money has made them un defeatable- who
started the most expensive wars in our Nation's history? Who enacted the
Patriot Act? (Granted, with the help of the Democratic wing of the
National Party). Who started Guantanamo? Torture? Rendition, to some of
the most despicable countries on the planet, including Syria? take off
your ideological blinkers--Pictures streamed from man’s stolen iPad are
‘continuing fountain of entertainment’-Statue of Liberty will be coming
down and replaced by Aunt Jemima holding a chicken leg!--the three day
event, a gathering of thousands of conservatives from across the country,
have focused on finding new ways to win elections in the future. In the
end, we'll win. We'll win for the same reason we've won before, because
our cause is right, and just. he exited, the audience gave a standing
ovation.Mitt told activists to remain optimistic despite the loss. "I
left the race disappointed that we didn't win. But I also left honored
and humbled to have represented values we believe in, and to speak for so
many good and decent people, It is up to us to make sure that we learn
from my mistakes and from our mistakes, so that we can win the victories
those people and this nation depend upon, It’s fashionable in some
circles to be pessimistic about America, about conservative solutions,
about the Republican Party. I utterly reject that pessimism. We may not
have carried the day last November 7th, but we haven’t lost the country
we love, and we haven't lost our way," "I would urge us all to learn
lessons that come from some of our greatest success stories, and that is
30 Republican governors,-/Jeb Bush: GOP has a perception problem ‘Obama
zombies’ invade CPAC after dark The Ticket/Last American Man’ facing
shutdown from North Carolina gove … The Sideshow - 18 hrs agowalked out
into the Appalachian Mountains, where he has lived for 30 years. In that
time, he’s faced down wild animals and entitled children. But the
proprietor of Turtle Island may have finally met his match in the form of
red tape. offering paid courses to visitors who want to stay at Turtle
Island for trips ranging from two hours to two weeks. These buildings
aren't fit for public use," Joseph A. Furman, county planning director,
tells the WSJ, describing toilets made of sawdust and open-air kitchen
facilities. because, as the Wall Street Journal reports, the Watauga
County planning department has created a 78-page report detailing the
various health and sanitary violations at Conway’s nature paradise. For
his part, Furman says it’s not about forcing Conway and Turtle Island
into the modern age. It's about making sure the visitors to his wooded
paradise don’t leave with illness or injury, We need to respect our
ancestors' way of life, but we also need to do it in a sanitary manner,
There needs to be give and take on both sides," he told the WSJ-I'm so
sick of Government intrusion into our lives-you will get a lot sicker as
time goes by-Why do you think it's the government? I suspect there are
competitor businesses using the local authorities as a tool. That's good
business practice, and fully to be supported. Why pay for your own attack
dogs if you can get other people to pay for them for you?-kill yourself,
we wont miss you. Im sick of you paranoid lunatics always complaining
about the government-that damn government that gave you an education
(well, at least the opportunity, your post would suggest that you might
not have taken advantage of that) roads, electricity, clean food and
water, and some thing like a living wage. I just can't stand that the
government has to be so nosey-more thumbs up than the rest of you did?
Looks like more people are siding with HIM!-yet the rethugs who own NC
hoot and holler about less government. you betcha-such a racist lump of
porcine excrement!-Uhmerican freedom is a lie.-To be free one needs to
make a stand and tell the bureaucrats NO MORE! It must be backed by will,
resolve, determination and the weapon of your choice. You might fall but
the next one that stands will have those idiots saying "Is it really
worth it?-I am all for a peaceful revolution after all it is how we are
designed. it is simple and free reject D&R we can win this fight one
person at a time and armed only with truth-Where the population goes the
corrupt politicians follow and bring along their low life #$%$ kissing
helpers-    Living "with" nature as was done more than 100 years ago was
NOT safe or sanitary, BY MODERN STANDARDS; yet people survived, and in
many cases were doing a BETTER job than "modern" man at it!-Yep. Know
what the life expectancy was 100 years ago. "doing better"? If ya
consider dying before 45, and women a lot younger, doing better-I've
known people born in the 1800's and they were healthy and tough even in
their old age (80's -100's). They all were well read, believed in honest
living and would even climb a mtn just to "get some air". Maybe you are
mixing up those active hard working people with the dark age europe?-
American just love our freedom if we didn't we wouldn't be Americans!-
Hence the bitter words to the dictator/traitor in office and his gestapos
in CA-Oh ya. Just like the people #$%$!ng and bathing in the same river
water. You are WRONG-Death rate was pretty high. We survived because our
grandparents had like 10 kids so 5 or 6 would survive to adulthood- Equal
protection under the law...where are the govt flunkies going after the
real estate developer scammers getting huge bailouts, not arresting mega
bankers for stealing US citizen tax money, not acceptable!
(constitutional constipation?) " /. mankind takes over satmornslam/
31513/ Looks like that pushback on the prostitution angle of the Robert
Menendez scandal didn't cut him any slack with federal prosecutors
pedophile posse goes to work: WP: Federal grand jury has reopened probe-
unfortunate. Although no administration believes it, it's healthy when
Congress keeps its feet to the fire, not with cheap shots, as with the
Benghazi imbroglio, but in a serious fashion, by broadening the
discussion about major geopolitical concerns, certainly war and peace.
Are You Really Rich or Merely Affluent? reports recent data shows there
is a wealth gap growing, even among the wealthy.Robert Frank-More:Booming
Market Adds 300,000 New Millionaires), according to the Federal Reserve,
With the tax cut in place, lower earners used the extra money to pay down
debt, which has recently grown to $40 trillion nationally- CNBC/Patriot
gives his final warning: Pushing Us Ever Closer to the Edge by Emperor
Misha I As the ever diligent and tireless Imperial Staff has been keeping
you well up to date on, the natives are getting restless, the Browncoats
are getting louder in their warnings to the federal tyrants and their
minions, yet the ProgNazis and their RINO collaborators รข€” a word to the
latter: historically, no matter how brutal the revenge upon the
instigators after a successful insurgency, the treatment that their
collaborators got was invariably orders of magnitudes more merciless.
Enemies are enemies, collaborators are treasonous backstabbers. You might
want to at least think about that, keep pushing right on. we would like
to remind you that we mean all of you. You, ProgNazi reading this while
laughing to yourself at the bluster and bravado of this silly Internet
blowhard, may think yourself safe, ensconced behind all of the
paramilitary protection that the Enemy Occupation Force that you've built
can provide. But can you say the same about everybody that you love and
care about? Can you say the same about everything that you love and care
about? And can you even say that said wall against the inevitable
consequences of your own lust for power that obviously overrides the oath
that you, with lies in your heart and treason on your mind, made when you
made it to DC, that said wall can protect you 24/7? Every minute of every
day for the rest of your lives. Can you? Because if you think you can,
then you're deluding yourself. More and more firearms and ammunition
manufacturers are joining the ranks of those who refuse to serve traitors
to the Constitution (Beretta being one of them, for crying out loud!), we
understand that their number is now up to close to 200 with no signs of
slowing down, more and more local LE departments are declaring that they
will not, under any circumstances, assist the federal tyrants in DC in
violating their citizens' unalienable rights, some have even gone so far
as to declare that they will, further, arrest and prosecute any federal
agents trying to do so in their jurisdictions, thousands, tens of
thousands of patriots are speaking up openly, stating that they WILL NOT
COMPLY ON PAIN OF DEATH with an enemy overthrow of our nation's supreme
law, yet the mindless, power mad tyrants in Moscow on the Potomac press
on regardless as do, sadly, too many state governments across the nation,
thinking that they're doing What the People Want, convinced by their own
press and manufactured polls. We are MUCH better equipped, mentally, to
handle the kind of situation that you're FORCING upon us than your mall
ninjas, no matter how much you try to buy up all of the latest and
greatest military equipment for them. Equipment alone doesn't win the
battle. Look up Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion of if you doubt us.
Moreover, we're all bound to an oath that we, unlike you, took seriously
when we made it. We're all trained, finely honed, to focus on the mission
and our honor, second to absolutely nothing else. And we're supremely
well equipped to train those of our fellow patriots who didn't Just ask
the Egyptians, Syrians et al how they fared about the Israelis in 1947
when the pisslamists were armed to the teeth against a bunch of rag tag
Jews. Or ask, if you could, our Founding Fathers who went up against, and
DEFEATED, the world's most preeminent military power with nothing but a
bunch of armed peasants They're in for one heck of a surprise nicedoggie/
mcconnel is excited about rubio wabc/Taibbi spent the day at the Senate
hearing on J.P. Morgan Chase and the infamous "London Whale" trades.
Chase, supposedly the most successful and highest-functioning of the big
banks, has paid $8B in settlements and twice that in legal fees since
2009 rs/overwhelming 78 percent of Catholics now disapprove of how the
church has handled the issue of sexual abuse of children by priests, and
two-thirds disapprove strongly abc/William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: The
sequester is "brought to you by your friends in the GOP, who tell us that
we're broke, and can't afford nice things anymore ... but whatever you
do, don't look at all the ways we throw billions at our friends through
the money laundering process of warfare and militarization./
31413/Dylan Voted Into American Academy of Arts and Letters-
Hawaii's 'Steven Tyler Act': 'Now I Can Walk Around
Naked'-Clive Burr, Ex-Iron Maiden Drummer, Dead at 56 rs/The GOP's Real
Agenda, Tim Dickinson, The GOP's Real Agenda Republicans have pretended
to be more moderate - but their politics are harsher and more destructive
than ever, The hardcore rump of the party is even working to punish
moderate outliers like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. like a wounded
beast: Rarely has it been more dangerous, their plan also contained a
huge giveaway to reckless Wall Street speculators by eliminating the
funding necessary for the government to shutter huge financial
institutions. The bill also would have given Congress the ability to zero
out the budget for the hated Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the
watchdog agency brought to life by Elizabeth Warren that protects
homeowners and credit-card holders from the abuses of predatory lenders.
brutal for jurisdictions whose economies are dependent on federal and
military contracts. Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., are poised
to lose a combined 450,000 jobs, double the losses projected for a
megastate like California. Some Republicans have attempted to blame the
president for the pain caused by the "Obamaquester." But for the big
bosses of the conservative movement, the true problem is that its cuts
don't go far enough. Pointing to a right-wing think tank slamming the
sequester as "insignificant," the GOP's anti-tax Svengali, Grover
Norquist, snarked, "Ouch. Ouch. I cannot stand these 'meat cleaver' cuts
in sequestration. Chain-saw massacre stuff. Jindal wants to abolish
income and corporate taxes, financing the giveaway by increasing the flat
tax on purchases. Jindal claims the proposal "will put more money back
into the pockets of Louisiana families." That's a lie. Taxes on the
poorest 20 percent would rise nearly $400 a year in order to lower taxes
on the top one percent by $25,000, state is on track to pile up $2.5
billion in debt by 2018, yet Brownback is still calling on the
legislature to whittle away at income tax rates, he declares are on a
"glide path to zero, Georgia Rep. Paul Broun, a creationist who blasts
science, "all that stuff I was taught about evolution, embryology,
big-bang theory, as lies straight from the pit of hell', Rubio in Florida
doubts whether humans are driving climate change and believes we should
just let it ravage the planet in any case: "We can pass a bunch of laws
that will destroy our economy," he said, "but it isn't going to change
the weather." DECLARE WAR ON WOMEN, limited government ends at a woman's
vagina. Arkansas passed a bill outlawing abortion after just 12 weeks'
gestation, a law "designed to dial the clock back 40 years," said Nancy
Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights. The measure was
vetoed by Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe, who decried it as "blatantly"
unconstitutional. Republican governors, including Rick Scott of Florida
and Christie in New Jersey, have embraced this Medicaid expansion as a
sweetheart deal: The federal government will pay all costs for new
enrollees for three years, ponying up 90 percent thereafter. But other
GOP leaders who despise government are content to put the health of
millions at risk rather than sacrifice ideology. Rick Perry in Texas,
calls Social Security a "disease", refusing to expand Medicaid, claiming
it would "threaten even Texas with financial ruin." In fact, Perry is
looking a gift horse in the mouth. The feds would give the state $100
billion over a decade to cover nearly 2 million residents, while
requiring just $15 billion in state matching funds. Sen. Ted Cruz of
Texas, Channeling Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Cruz has declared Barack Obama to
be "the most radical" president in our history, adding that Obama was
educated at Harvard Law School by "Marxists" who, Cruz insists, "believed
in the Communists overthrowing the United States government-The idea that
Krugman has attacked ad hominem shows a misunderstanding of the term "ad
hominem". He doesn't go directly to personal qualities, if at all,
instead, he attacks ideology and intransigence. I don't care what kind of
a "conservative" you "are", you aren't using the words properly so fifty
cent phrases really don't improve your argument at all-doesn't have any
respect for Paul Ryan: He knows that Ryan's claims and plans are
completely 100% bogus. There's a difference between doing that and, say,
calling someone a big fat idiot.- They think they're smarter than the
internet. That's funny.- The wiser heads in the GOP (e.g. Frum) get that
there's a problem and the party needs to adapt. The problem is that
angry, old, white people outnumber the wiser heads by significant amount-
As long as people like you blame ONLY the Republicans or ONLY the
Democrats, then YOU TOO are part of the fascist problem. How soon you
forget that at the end of 2010 it was the Democrats who refused to raise
taxes on the rich, that last year both the Republicans and the Democrats
voted for the fiscal cliff, and that the Democratic Senators refused to
eliminate the filibuster three times since they took control of the
Senate. The Democrats and Republicans have merged into the Democratic
Republican Party, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Fascist
Elite, Ltd-the "plague on both your houses" mentality that brought us
(via that super-narcissist, Ralph Nader) George W. Bush in 2000. How's
that working out for you?-Really, we're still blaming Nader for Bush?
Gore won the election, it was stolen by Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, and
the Supreme Court-it is worse to try and paint someone else's agenda as
fact when it is merely your own propaganda-use a small blog website that
suspiciously has the same name as your screen name as a source? Twice??
And you're talking about "intellectual dishonesty"?-boggles the mind...
Next he'll be quoting himself-Half of all 'comments' on the net are from
PAID trolls hired by Republican and Neocon fundraising groups...there
needs to be a better expose on this although the NYT and other magazines
have written about this shady practic-The sequester was born of
republican obstructionism. Common knowledge. This is quite naive and
shows a complete absence of knowledge in economics. Think 'financial
crisis' and the near obliteration of capitalism. That doesn't even make
sense. The courts seem to have disagreed with you as well as the majority
of Americans. Did you even read the article? Invasive probing and
Violence Against Women Act? I couldn't care less what your views on
abortion are. The logical flaws exist in your head-I have no problem with
YOU or your fellow right wingers not going for an abortion but forcing
your religious beliefs on everyone smacks of a Taliban type government.
Are you one of those that wants to force their religious beliefs on
everyone?-The facts are everywhere you just have to look for them. But
you won't see them through your blinders- Wisconsin, Florida where people
stood for hours to vote. Wake the hell up would you-Total self denial, I
have no doubt. All those self deniers are the root of the problem-Thank
god. A person with a brain. Too bad your not our president. Total
honesty. I applaud you for taking this liberal leaning article full of
false info and Breaking it down for the brainwashed youth of america-A
frog has a brain-why is a music magazine so concerned with politics?
Rolling Stone is no doubt on Obama's payroll based on all the pro liberal
articles that flood pages instead of actual music news. So I guess if we
can blame George Bush for things like Hurricane Katrina and 911 we can
blame Obama for shitty bands like Cults and Foster the People?-STFU
rs/one for the Nazicrats, Assault Weapons Ban Passed -a real Group Of
Phonies GOP-Mass murderers, serial killers, statutory rapists,
America haters, draft dodgers, political mega criminals, sociopaths, war
criminals, terrorists, GuNazis, Klansmen, adulterers, hor mongers,
Congressional corrupters, fascist propagandists, cosmic liars,
environmental terrorists, Tim McVeigh(R); Ted Bundy(R); David Duke(R);
Wayne LaPierre(R); George Bush(R); Dick Cheney(R); Dick Nixon(R); Spiro
Agnew(R); Tom DeLay(R); Ken Lay(R); Joe McCarthy(R); Jack Abramoff(R);
Ted Nugent(R); Rush Limbaugh(R); Jesse Helms(R); Strom Thurmond(R); Lee
Atwater(R); Karl Rove(R); Donald Trump(R); David Vitter(R); Larry
Craig(R) What a party rbg/41 percent of financial service workers want
out, due to declining bonuses that in turn helped drop salaries 18
percent in 2012. In fact, hopes have turned from an increase in bonuses,
which have long fueled salary structure on the Street, to higher base
salaries, according to the survey of 1,431 workers by eFinancialCareers.
"We've hit the pain point on compensation-let me get out my violin-
overpaid idiots destroy companies, drive down share prices, aren't held
accountable for their poor performance and get paid ridiculous amounts.
Here's an idea. Why not take all those executive bonuses and pay them
back to the shareholders in the form of dividends? The salary of a few
million dollars alone should be enough to attract plenty of "talent" to
run these companies. Good riddance to those who aren't happy with their
sky-high salaries-PLUCK WALL STREET!-If the 'talent' that's lost is the
kind that got us into the housing bubble, I say good riddance msnbc/bama
tells Stephanopoulos  basically, it's not a big deal if there isn't a
budget. There's no way to get one that balances in 10 years, there may be
no way to bridge the partisan gap, and there's no immediate debt crisis.
abc/an update on a 2011 Watson Institute report, produced ahead of the
10th anniversary of 9/11, and found the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan,
and Iraq that followed 9/11 have now cost nearly $4 trillion (without
interest) and as many as 329,000 lives. U.S. medical and disability
claims for veterans in the last 12 years total $134.7 billion. Reuters
reports that the new study concluded that both the war and the $212
billion reconstruction effort that came after it were failures as the war
"reinvigorated radical Islamist militants in the region, set back women's
rights, and weakened an already precarious health care system" while
"most of [the reconstruction] money spent on security or lost to waste
and fraud. Halliburton, until 2007, owned a considerable stake of Kellog
Brown and Root, one of the major contractors in Iraq allegedly
responsible for misbehavior, abuse of funds, and less than adequate
project completion. To top it all off, the U.S. now reportedly owes the
country $7 billion, a number caught in an audit that also revealed U.S.
Army diplomats had lost gas receipts totaling to $1 billion-Now that the
Wall Streeters have the rest of the country either unemployed or working
at Walmart wages, their salaries are next in line, SURPRISE!-
businessinsider/ After taking a drubbing in the recent elections, the
Republicans have been talking a good game about reforms to make them more
appealing to Latinos, women and gay-friendly millennials. In reality, the
GOP's severely conservative agenda is moving full steam ahead/It kills
Mitt not to be in the Whitehouse-At least Romney still has his car
elevators and Rafalca, the dancing horse./Kevin Zeese and Margaret
Flowers, Truthout: There is another climate bomb in the United States,
shale gas hydraulic fracking, which emits methane, more dangerous than
CO2/Valerie Tarico, AwayPoint: The Vatican claims to promote a
"comprehensive culture of life," but it is the Church's comprehensive
culture of corruption that refuses to die/Vaya con Dios, Hugo Chavez, Mi
Amigo Greg Palast, Chavez once asked me why the US elite wanted to kill
him. My dear Hugo: It's the oil. And it's the Koch Brothers - and it's
the ketchup/Rand Paul is absolutely right. We need to undo parts of the
National Defense Authorization Act and the PATRIOT Act that give
extrajudicial killing powers haartman/GOP Congressman Convicted in
Abramoff Scandal Lacerates Boehner in New Book National Journal- ACLU
Launches National Investigation Into Police Militarization ACLU- How Wall
Street Devoured Corporate America The Atlantic/

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