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22613/obrokeo releases 7 pages of threats

ALWAYS FIND A WAY, Drugs, guns and bound Palestinians: An Israeli
Golani Brigade soldier posted a photograph of a Palestinian boy in the
crosshairs of his rifle, a new scandal emerges surrounding another
soldier's online photos, drew harsh criticism-for the first time since
Operation Pillar of Defense in November, a rocket fired from Gaza
exploded on the road south of Ashkelon, No casulties were reported, but
damage was caused to the road-If Assad falls, then Israel will have very
serious problems. They will make those with Gaza seem like a day at the
beach-betcha the Jews there didn't like it one bit, broke all the Gaza
cease fires -Nazis celebrate 3 months-while Palestinians were giving away
sweets to passers by. Just as they have done during the good ol' joyful
days of 09/11. Just goes to show you the value of ANY agreement an
Arab-or the likes of you has affixed his signature-yip/WH releases 7
pages of threats, lemmings parrot the partisan lies. They never mention
cutting waste. But they do say children, mothers, the poor, food safety,
airport security, border security, the military and veteran benefits will
suffer because Republicans are evil supporters of the rich. $85 billion
pay for? About a week. All that fear mongering over one week of federal
spending. What a joke-Wow Copper Hits $3.98 A Pound-Glad to see you can't
admit you were wrong still. Must suck to be you- this "admission" you're
hallucinating about exists nowhere outside your damaged little brain, boy
out here in reality,, you're just another retarded stalker-a mentally
retarded rightwing stalker is posting lies about me what could explain
that?- What happened to your opinion on copper. Huh?  yfs/corporate
mainstream media: in a lather because they were not allowed to cover
President Obama playing a Sunday round of golf with Tiger Woods. The
world may be going to hell in a handbasket-the sequester ax trembling
over the neck of the nation." Wasn't it just a couple of short months ago
we were being threatened with another self imposed crisis, the fiscal
cliff?-Even the live Oscars audience was reportedly bombarded with
advertisements during the commercial breaks-to/(crybaby)Jindal barely had
time to finish dessert in the State Dining Room sez Obama stop Scaring'
People Over Sequester He's trying to distort the impact, The president
needs to stop campaigning-Napolitano said the cut would force her to trim
the Homeland Security budget by about 5 percent, including reductions in
the number of border security and TSA agents-Boehner Not Blinking In
Budget Deal- Washington Tweets 5th grader at my kid's school, upon
getting popcorn in a plastic bag instead of fancy white&red stripes: "Is
this b/c of sequestration? Politico-Shushannah WalsheNew York politician
is under fire for wearing blackface for the Jewish holiday of Purim,
people traditionally wear costumes, over the weekend-Romney Strategist
'Obsessive' About Twitter, But Warns Technology Is Not The GOP's
Panacea-Michelle Obama announced Argo, Oscar Opts for Happy Ending
Political Movie-Hagel's Mulligan abc/humping israeli tourism, not likeing
michell living in the lap of luxury at the oscars liking storagewars
fauxrwnlavin is asked why not back the president, especially since they
couldn't get mitt elected, on imus/the upcoming sequester, the automatic
drastic spending cuts that will threaten thousands of jobs, vital
services, and national security if congressional Republicans refuse to
compromise on closing tax loopholes for the wealthy/travon shooting 1 yr
ago mother leads 1m hoodie march for justice, rncpubs intend laxer cuts
in 48 hrs, boner sex senate can get off their ass, finder pointers know
who is to blame, (the other three fingers correct) on geraldo/
pumper_LOAD R' UP FOR THE RIDE TO $5-look who's back. Thanks for handing
over your money like a jailhouse punk all the way up from $5. You play
for pennies. Pathetic ybac/Iran just executed 4 crooked bankers Google it
since yahoo won't let e post the link - Crooked bankers should be
executed!FYI ygs/murdock fauxnascar news suppression, norquist sez
rightwingnutz will not cede, wittiker mississippizionlover sen butthurt
about hagel appointment, rwns complain, racial demogoggery coulter hates
gay question asking pot loving libitarian fetuses, caller reads g72
willowbrook affair from the internet, caller calls first responders low
level workers subject to sequester, on geraldo/seth receives a stern
talking from lizzy, joy didn't appreciate the hollywood joo joke, brook
sez danica pole position strangle ironic, whoopie correctly guesses
hunger is a bitch, on the view
22413/I never got squat from the government so does that mean it's OK for
me and others like me to criticize government programs?-If Conservatives
were truly self sufficient they wouldn't have thousands of Conservative
Lobbyists with their hands out in Washington and every capital of every
state yfs/in the spin war with Obama, who has had one consistent message
of late: that the massive spending cuts set to take effect March 1 will
gut cherished programs, the message muddle has put the GOP at a
disadvantage- 401 filibusters???? 401???? three repub congresses in a
row, what we get from the republicans, voting against doing ANY job at
all-republican traitors propose na4i america with every post, debunked
over and over, liars lying their filthy lies about everything from
outsourcing american jobs to subsidizing corporations with tax dollars to
permitting the wealthy and the banks and the corporations to hide their
money OFFSHORE and PAY NO TAXES-GOP says Sequestration will create jobs,
expedite recovery!- yf66/Abraham Foxman, head of Israel-Jewish lobby
group ADL has called Minister Louis Farrakhan (born 1933), head of the
Nation of Islam (NOI), an antisemite for later’s criticism of Steven
Spielberg’s latest movie ‘Lincoln‘ for ignoring the fact that Jewish
elites funded both sides during the American Civil War-In order to prove
Jewish Lobby grip over United States politics, the movie Lincoln was
screened at the US Senate on December 19, 2012. According to NOI
research, Erlanger loaned $7 million dollars to the Confederacy (about
$125 million in today’s money). Erlanger made the deal through a Jewish
lawyer and slaveowner from Louisiana named Judah P. Benjamin, who served
as the Vice President of the Confederacy as well as its Secretary of War!
He was known as the “brains of the Confederacy.” Benjamin fled America,
taking multiple bales of cotton with him in order to finance his life in
exile. After the war, he used his slave-picked cotton profits to invest
in a new start-up organization, a terrorist group known as the Ku Klux
Klan! the recent Sand Hook shooting, which according to Republican
politician Michael Harris, was work of Israeli death squad, Jewish
organizations along with Barack Obama are leading a campaign in support
of gun control, Max Blumenthal, wrote in Lebanese daily al-Akhbar that
American domestic security services are totally controlled by the local
Israeli agents- JUNE 8, 1967, while patrolling in international waters in
the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, USS Liberty (AGTR-5) was savagely attacked
without warning or justification by air and naval forces of the state of
Israel. Of a crew of 294 officers and men (including three civilians),
the ship suffered thirty four (34) killed in action and one hundred
seventy three (173) wounded in action. After the Israeli fighter aircraft
completed their attacks, three Israeli torpedo boats arrived and began a
surface attack about 35 minutes after the start of the air attack. The
torpedo boats launched a total of five torpedoes, one of which struck the
side of USS Liberty, opposite the ship’s research spaces. Twenty-five
Americans, in addition to the nine who had been killed in the earlier air
attacks, were killed as a result of this explosion ybac/Americans are
cold to when innocent kiddies are slaughtered in any other part of the
world, Was Adam Lanza working for alquaeda? ygs/harry winston diamonds,
arnie sez: 40k teacher sequester layoffs, on cbs
22313/Lending isn't the cause of the failure of the system. It's tard
policy and the voter welfare mentality. Democracy is destroying our
democratic system-a staggering thought. We are completely dependent, on
the (compounding interest) Commercial Banks. Someone has to borrow
(Request the manufacture of) every dollar, we have in circulation, cash
or credit. If the Banks create (At the request of the consumer) ample
synthetic (All money is fiat) money, we are prosperous; if not, we
starve. We are, absolutely, without a permanent money system. When one
gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity, of our
hopeless position, is almost incredible-It must be a great economy.
Nordstom sales were great, net income and revenue up again. Mercedes and
BMW sales are up and approaching or hitting record sales. As a matter of
fact in the ny metro area, I see more mercedes and bmws on the road than
chevys and fords. Malls are packed, stock market is up and restaurants
are always packed. Last time I was in manhattan in december, the place
was as busy as ever with people shopping and dining everywhere. Your
right , I agree and say wow, what a great economy. It may be a fraud, but
it sure is great/Your "great economy" squeezes the life out of 99% of the
planet and of the planet's resources, including its people. You need to
take a trip to your local landfill and see what you're doing! You need to
go the lower East Side and live in an overpriced 5th floor walk-up with
sketchy water and heat. YOU are proof the species is in its last throes-
yc/ WWE invited Glenn Beck to wrassle puzzy was gonna get waterboarded
until he wasn't. j-o-k-e is beck's middle name yfs
STATE DISBURSEMENT COMMITTEE" <info@usa.com 419scam/
22213/If liberals were as intolerant as you pretend they are, Ted Nugent,
Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Michael "savage" Weiner, and
the entire conservative media elite would have been dragged out and shot
long ago. Libertarianism is a fantasy for children. There is a reason
there has never been a libertarian society in the history of the human
race. It supposes things about human beings that is demonstrably untrue.
Greed is not a virtue-Most major societies were built on the foundation
of greed. Greed clarifies. At everyone's core there is a desire to do
better for themselves and their offspring, I'm a large man. People rarely
scream or yell at me. I'm also extremely friendly, have an easy smile and
would prefer to laugh with folks. I'm a firm believer that you can't
unring a bell, so I'm careful about my words-(wikisez) Greed is putting
your desires above the needs of others. Someone pursuing an education is
not greedy. Greedy is a wall street banker demanding their million dollar
bonus after they just brought the global economic system to its knees and
had to get bailed out by the taxpayers. Greed is mistaking material
things for fulfilling the actual needs of human beings, Liberals are
basically cowards that attack those they perceive as weak and bullying
children is easy for them-hearsay, rumor and republican fables and
allegorical blogging heard from a friend of a friend stories have been so
effective in the past for spreading the republican ministry. keep up the
good republican works my son!-Fox has already shown over and over again,
you gullible mooks can be led around by your noses and you still smile as
they feed you the bullshlt every time, when are you gonna wake up? yfs/
your eco-math forgot bush's fuzzy math-Did someone sacrifice 3000
Americans? How rich did Bush and Cheney and their partners become after
911. no bid contracts for over 10 years and it was allowed. Was Bush
after Hussein for personal reasons? Was Bin laden still working for the
United States? Did we ever account for the 4000 stinger missiles that we
gave to Bin Laden? yc/Trasatlantic EMAILED TO YAHOO-best frien The arch
anti-Semite, Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels ygs/The joke is that
Time is not a magazine having lost readership because of its leftwing
spew. They can even hire American writers. They do have noted flake
Fareed, and the noted nutcase Krugman. A magazine is by definition a
paper-based product. with so many folks willing to live off the
government normal costs were shifted to those able to pay. Thus we have a
box of Kleenex being billed to a person with insurance for $40.00, yet
for nothing to a welfare person. Your statement is but a democrap talking
point easily refuted ybac/that's who we elected...both GOP & DEMs. They
have absolutely no morals, sense of values of honest care for this
country. Oh they may toot their horns for freedom, but they only care
about themselves and power. Good training grounds for a total breakdown
of the country.yfm/No Elite Bailouts from Next Crash. If Herbert Hoover
and Calvin Coolidge along with active work of GS under the protection of
the Republican party succeed in Dragging America "Back To The Future" of
1929-1938 then Global Economic Destabilization would remove All Global
Military Restraint, Bankruptcy was Not the Answer in 1929 And it is not
the Answer today...Growth through Cooperation is Always the Answer, Or
follow the Republicans and Goldman Sachs "Back To The Future" of 1929 and
the Bunkers of 1938, 1942. Hoard Gold and Food and Guns and what ever
else that one believes would make for a wonderful life yabk/Obama slashes
the military in the face of a hostile and violent world frontpagemag-
Medicare wastes BILLIONS of dollars a year. Where is the call to cut the
waste there? Congress wastes BILLIONS of dollars a year. Let's cut them
back. There is waste in the military machine and it's being trimmed- The
military should not have to bear the brunt of this sequestration. It is
the ONE Constitutional requirement of the government-Seriously, you
squander tons of cash on useless shït, just to support contractors. And
your Tea Potty stooges could avoid sequestration if they felt like it-the
sequestration is going to happen. and nothing is going to change. and
then the teller of tales of doom and gloom will appear to be the naked
emperor- progressives think we need to do away with the Constitution
since it was written a long time ago by men who are now deadago    It
will be like the Roman Empire. Following their fall, was the Dark Ages- I
envision serfdom under new Islamic overlords in a constant war with the
Chinese. The West has no testosterone left, except when it comes to
bashing Israel, In Obamanation, that makes sense. It's for the same
reasons our ambassador in Benghazi was raped and murdered while setting
up logistics to get Gadaffi's arms to the Syrian jihadi, Except when it
comes to protecting the rights of foreign terrorists set on mass murder
and genocide. Then suddenly the revered Constitution comes into play,
It's a progressive thing us uninformed low IQ crazies just can't
understand yip/Dems filibustered Bush from stopping the DNC Freddie
disasters-the ownership society was a Bush Adminstration program. It is
Greenspan that owns the housing bubble, as he was the head banker and in
charge of bank lending standards. He took those standards to zero yf66/
snowing in winter! you tards said all the ice would melt-We Don't Need
PROOF That Obama Wants To Put All Whites In Camps, Getting revenge on us
is all those people think about-The truth must be suppressed at all
costs. Political correctness and diversity is destroying this country.
Perhaps Obama is the gateway to the anti-Christ seeing as how he doesn't
practice Christianity and attacks everyone who doesn't praise him- yhal/
Police News The fatal shooting came two weeks after two police officers
wounded nine people by shooting a total of 16 rounds at an armed murder
suspect, leaving him dead in the shadow of the Empire State Building. The
bystanders all were struck by police gunfire-globalresearch Smart Meter
Dangers: The Health Hazards of Wireless, with the constant wireless
electromagnetic radiation exposure to these new meters, that other, With
smart meters, the entire body is exposed to the microwaves fgt/The
alarmist media always seeks to sell papers or broadcast ratings, built
on the unswerving fear that followed the financial meltdown, the banking
establishment profits from the debt liquidation panic. The lack of
stability in fiscal confidence certainly abounds, The implied result of a
real currency war is that nations are acting or defending their own
national interests. The truth is that fiat currencies, designed to
depreciate, benefits the moneychangers as the loss of purchasing power
penalizes taxpayers and consumers-The military has transformed warfare
into a deadly computer game with drone weapons. Media programs like
Weaponology or Future Weapons on the Military Channel batr/In my counter
terrorist internet activities I endured much, including death threats
from groups thought by the USA to be terrorist groups. It was not that,
but court and police supported attacks on my family, directly resulting
by police and judicial force in neglect and sexual and physical abuse of
my now 12 year old daughter (according to experienced Santa Barbara City
Police investigators and a CPS worker, all who were promptly removed from
the case), without any criminal prosecutoins (except dismissed felony
charges against me) ava/found dead at 8.19 pm 12/15/10, hanging by his
neck in the shower of his cell. The noose was fashioned from a wet
bedsheet, rolled and tied to the window bars with a hint of a sedative in
his stomach indianexpress-Suicide report: Zygier used a sheet to hang
himself in jail Jerusalem Post-Assault on Australian Jewry Clearly the
Mossad has no monopoly on the use of foreign passports for espionage, but
it seems clear that because it's the Mossad and not the CIA, and because
Ben Zygier was a Jew, that the affair has been referred to in terms of a
'betrayal- Haaretz-raised alleged Mossad spy Ben Zygier did not have
contact with Australian security agencies before his death in an Israeli
prison- The Many Scandals Of The Prisoner X Affair There is a joke among
spies that the worst curse you can bestow on a colleague is, "I hope to
read about you in the newspapers one day." In the tragic case of Ben
Zygier, the curse wasn't a joke, and he had to die for it to become a
reality Daily Beast- Spy agency with blood on its hands Israel's Mossad
has had successes ... but its long-running campaign of assassination
isn't one of them Gwynne Dyer: New Zealand Herald-Prisoner X's hanging
went unnoticed, The ultimate guide for journalists, researchers. Israeli
guards supposedly keeping a round the clock watch on a mystery dual
nationality prisoner held in isolation-/SYDNEY (JTA), The Zionist
Federation of Australia slammed media claims that Israel programs serve
as recruitment camps for the Mossad/Republicans know the Tea Bags
poisoned their well. It's now a festering cesspool-Tea Bags are history.
All they can do now is make noise like fools-Dandelions, and tea bags.
They'd like to take over, but they never do-still a toxic asset time
bomb. Lehman style accounting tricks, could go bankrupt overnight like
Lehman did. Everyone knows, the books are cooked thanks to m2m accounting
changes-ruined so many people and nothing changed since financial crisis-
ybac/On issues, GOP is badly out of step with America wp/Ignorant right
wing extremist GOP Senator Grassley Iowa, Native American Juries Are
Incapable Of Trying Whites-Vatican was informed that a European
government would be issuing an arrest warrant for the Pope for 'crimes
against humanity' for his sheltering priests Benedict Sought Immunity
For Sex Abuse Crimes Before Resigning addictinginfo/Whistleblower fired
for revealing cops threatened Obama while protecting him rawstory/ Flu
Shot Doing Poor Job of Protecting People The vaccine is proving only 9
percent effective abc/to Combat Propaganda: Teach Reason - the Fourth "R"
- in the Classroom an essential new discipline: teaching children how to
think, rather than what to think, so that they will be armed against the
potentially deadly deluge of propaganda and deceit promulgated throughout
society Carmen Yarrusso, Truthout/The strong odor of marijuana wafted
through the Colorado capitol building on Wednesday morning, and was
apparently so pungent that the state senate's president asked members
over the intercom to please douse all the doobies in the area rawstory/
Many infants who suffer the so-called 'shaken baby syndrome' may be
victims of undiagnosed vaccine damage, Ever since mass vaccination of
infants began, reports of serious brain, cardiovascular, metabolic and
other injuries started filling pages of medical journals/US used
'Christian heavy metal' to torture Iraqi militants rt/At least 800
children, it turns out, many of whom live in Sweden, now have narcolepsy
because of the vaccine, and some government officials are demanding
answers naturalnews/he wealthy proposing these austerity measures aren't
evil. Enriching oneself while letting hundreds of millions suffer sure as
hell isn't the work of some angelic type. /bengazi & impeachmentphile
wingnutz  crybabies blueprint for the war on terror x2stargeneralwriter
all butthurt, chicken hawks berate latino conservatism, on geraldo (ex
helicopters were engaged previously?) hezbola working zion into a frienzy
22113/When it comes to investing, going with the crowd will rarely, make
you rich. If your objective is to buy low and sell high, then, in the
words of Warren Buffett, you must be "greedy when others are fearful and
fearful when others are ..Insider Monkey/Libs are silent, Galloway is a
bigot bunk: Galloway's response is one of conscience-it's the angry old
white men that are waging a war against women-STFU and have some respect
for Ben Maimon-funny thing about atheists So really, you can't dis the
writers of the Torah for calling bats birds because the term mamma-
walking out on a debate a university because he didn't like the birth
status-better than telling the student what he thought of him and his
"nation-libs' silence on Salazar's idiotic comments means that they
concur that women obama_is_garbage- Galloway is absolutely correct. To
engage the Israeli is to tacitly and implicitly endorse yip/Mortgage
settlement wipes out $614M in debt in Illinois Almost half of the 20,000
Illinois consumers who have participated in the year old national
mortgage foreclosure settlement have received loan principal writedowns
or the debts have been extinguished Chicago Tribune- Banks Turn
Punishment Into Chance to Ditch Bad Loans: Mortgages  San Francisco
Chronicle/Thousands of NYers share $1.8B in mortgage relief  Houston
Chronicle g+/Romney to speak a CPAC, along with Palin. The same old
recycled ideas and people-GOP admits they will cut medicare for those
over 55, Reagan Republicans promised I'd be good until I was 99->>>I
asked. why do you continue this thread about your own personal opinions
of liberals in our schools? >>>Well, if you can't understand I should
stop immediately...Does that answer your asinine question?<<< No it does
not and your rude reply and ignorance over your own peronal opinions on
this subject will obviously continue.<<< Profound thinks way, way, way
too much of himself and his opinions-LOL---"As a rule they can articulate
their position and have a deeper understanding of our government and the
Constitution than most liberals that I've met." -- As a stooge in the
first degree, I find without question teaparty people are a bunch of
rhetoric spewing morons-Considering the average IQ of a teabagger(I'm not
a scientist, MAN!, "Keep your government hands off my medicare.") is
barely above that of an imbecile they have to be led around by the nose
like that. Just like Obama is doing with McConnell, Boehner, and Cantor.
yfs/shameless crooks*-processing is much like riding an easily trained
competent horse(s) fb/Arianna Huffington Jobs Rumored to Make a Guest
Appearance... Again The big news about President Obama's fifth State of
the Union speech-First came the 'Baby Boomers,' then came 'Generation
X.'Millennials Come of Age as America's Most Stressed Generation, "Stress
is a risk factor for both depression and anxiety," says Norman Anderson,
psychologist and CEO of the APA. it does make sense scientifically that
the Millennials who report higher levels of stress in their lives are
also reporting higher levels of depression and anxiety- Money and
economic success are not the solutions to our dysfunctional Family,
Corporate and Political worlds. Our erroneous belief that more money can
solve just about every problem, is the primary cause of our dysfunctional
worlds. Should core values such as: Honor, Honesty, Respect,
Responsibility, Fairness, Compassion, Empathy and Cooperation, take over
feelings of: greed, arrogance, selfishness, envy, hatred, bigotry and
vindictiveness, then we can all be proud of our worlds and live with less
stress/vscameron doesn't believe in returnisms, the diamond stays in uk,
nhk/truthsquad aqwacks about ks teabagger tsa patdowns rt/ The branding/
Sen. Graham (finally goes off the deep end) Says 4,700 Killed In U.S.
Drone Strikes-Pew: U.S. Catholics Divided On Future Of The Church npr/
GENDER-FREE JOHNS? Transgender Policy Targets Restrooms, Hits Intolerance
fn/obama is a peice of shit, suck on this machinegun, hillary ride one of
these into the sunset you worthless bitch" nugent/ It's Not our
Government or Politicians. It's the Criminal REPUBLICAN Assault on
AMERICA!-fb/Brennan's infamous to-kill list and drone attack portfolio
had their precedent when he served as deputy executive director of the
CIA. He was in that position, under Bush and Cheney, from before 9/11
through the Iraq War and beyond BuzzFlash/William Rivers Pitt, Truthout:
"The war against Iraq, in the end, was nothing more or less than a
massive money laundering operation that took American taxpayer dollars,
soaked them in blood and redirected them to Certain Friends in High
Places/Taibbi doesn't want to sound like a broken record, but the Justice
Department's latest claim to "get tough" on Wall Street is beyond
laughable. Regulators are terrified of another Arthur Andersen situation,
punishing a company and seeing massive job losses as a result rs/
mazarati gunfight exploding taxi hummer escapes in vegas-wabc/ losing
war hawk kt criew 4 vietnam vets, gives g a kiss for being neutral,
wingnut sqauwk 800k dod jama axlayoff sequester, non teabagger thinks
warren buffet has free insurance and jama playing games, on geraldo/

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