Thursday, November 1, 2012

11112/Obama took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy,

11112/Occupy’s voice has been both loud and persuasive and policymakers
have listened and are acting, we are in the early stages of a reformation
of finance, a reformation which Occupy has helped stir.” The protesters
had been right about bankers’ behaviour and the consequences of extremely
high salaries and bonuses in the financial sector and other industries,
the analytical, every bit as much as the moral, ground that Occupy has
taken. For the hard-headed facts suggest that, at the heart of the global
financial crisis, are problems of deep and rising inequality.” Mr Haldane
concluded by telling the activists that they had helped bring about
nothing less than a new financial order. “If I am right and a new leaf is
being turned, then Occupy will have played a key role in this fledgling
financial reformation-about spoonfed leaches preaching how everyone else
is lazy whilst they suck off the fat of the land defending defenceless
arguments. Mocking & sneering at average Joe who is continually ripped
off by a financial system designed to do just that-this particular BoE
official must either be on drugs, or have a gun to his head. The band of
vermin who refer to themselves as Occupy are just lazy, feckless
squatters by another name. Hose them down, ship them off and disinfect
the areas they've soiled. Meanwhile, the rest of us will work our nuts
off still to pay for them.- I attended the seminar last night and
certainly didn't notice a gun pointing at Andy Haldane's head and perhaps
the only drug taken was conceivabley pentothal! I have no personal
exprerience of Occupy's actions outside St Pauls Cathedral. However I,
and 40,000 other small to medium sized businesses, do have had first hand
exprience of the catastrophic effect of 'trusted banks' ruthlessley
persuing short term, bonus driven profit, at the expense of long term
banking relationships-Far from a  hot bed of left wing anarchists, the
seminar brought together many people from all walks of life whose lives
have been affected by the immoral actions of thebanks
g/Chinese woman born in 1885 Oldest woman of world still alive! 127 year
old-the oldest man in earth and his age is our 150+ in india ,and he
dont't want know him any people i.e he live he's life very confidently no
one could imagine that he's age 150+ he look like 80+ fb/Bush is not
campaigning for mitt because he and the policies he implemented are
politically radioactive to most American voters, in political Siberia
because the mitt campaign is doing everything humanly possible to
prevent voters from realizing that Romney intends to return precisely
those same failed Bush policies to the White House if he is elected bf/
103112/Mitt will fight for every American job."ad, showing images of
American cars being crushed, "Obama took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy,
and sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China.
mitt's position that "loan guarantees" would have been his recipe to help
the auto industry in 2008 and 2009. Banks were not offering the more than
$60 billion needed to save GM, Chrysler and auto parts-mitt is now wet.
He is jumping from one state to another instead of zeroing in Ohio. He
knows he will lose Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, Milwaukee and out
of ten signs in houses I saw only 1 mitt sign. The rest were Obama. In
Madison, out of 20 signs I saw only 1 mitt-DELPHI and its "middle class
workers" their jobs and life time retirement savings shipped to China to
build new auto parts factories. 20,000 U.S. jobs lost but China gained
100,000 auto worker jobs in a transfer made possible by stealing DELPHI
worker-mitt kill his own mother to win the election. Telling the truth is
a thing of the past. It is sad that the truth does not speak for itself
for it is blurred in Lies and manipulation, kinda like lying about ones
income taxes. aol/Yahoos are taking over Yahoo. There are no stars upon
thars. No cleverly designed avatars. And the Grinches at Yahoo brains
that are two sizes too small-Octomom in Rehab Xanax Drug of choice yabk/
minnesota debat, Graves slammed Bachmann for attacking President audience
laughs at bachmann rawstory-tea-party-backed candidate holds a master's
degree in geology from Ball State University, he calls climate change
"the greatest hoax of all time, is a threat to our national security,
God controls the universe, I don't believe biology works in an
uncontrolled fashion."-students in Texas were protesting hate crimes,
they were victims of their own possible hate crime as they were bombarded
with balloons full of bleach, no arrests-Anyone who thinks that Walmart
has a profitable business, Black Friday Walmart Strike Reveals Shocking
Facts, those profits come at the expense of thousands of workers who have
to rely on government money for help, even though they work full time, at
least one store has 80 percent of its workers on food stamps. Other
sources have found that Walmart employees are among the top Medicaid
receivers-Bloomberg is a mini hitler in NYC and they roll over and take
it-from or FOX news?-meteorologist says Hurricane Sandy
manipulated by government weather technology, examiner-Fibonacci,
Leonardo of Pisa, Leonardo Pisano, lived in Pisa around 1200 and gave his
name for The Golden Ratio. FIBONACCI SEQUENCe (1.618034), is found
throughout nature- Anderson (CIA Trained Propaganda) Cooper's Daytime
Talk Show Not Renewed for Third Season-He who passively accepts evil is
as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts
evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. mlk-
Mitt’s Biggest Whopper Yet Will Cost Him The Presidency Swing state
residents are calling Mitt mitt’s latest campaign strategy 'pitiful
addictinginfo-Greek government faces another strike, this time from
journalists. Greek state television staff have begun to protest what they
say is increasing government censorship-Apple's co-founder fears that
freedom of information is under attack, with the internet controlled and
regulated in unnecessary and harmful ways. RT-Question: Did we ever find
that missing trillion Rumsfeld was questioned about? ut-Ryan washed pots
that didn't need washing, mitt collected goods for storm relief that the
Red Cross says they don't need collecting. This is playacting, not
leadership-mitt's Storm Relief Event Just grab something, A scramble to
depoliticize a political campaign, and $5,000 in supplies from Wal Mart
buzzfeed-MADISON, United Wisconsin responds to voter suppression efforts
by mitt campaign allegations surfaced that the mitt campaign is
intentionally mistraining poll watchers politiscoop-(zion) White House
Disinformat, CIA agents confirm Obama told them not to Aid Ambassador
Chris Stevens After American diplomatic facilities in Libya came under
sustained assault by militia forces, the Obama administration, including
the president and Secretary of State themselves beforeitsnews-drugs do
cause addiction, however most "doctors" would call this dependence
because you do not have to take an increasing dose over time. They are
completely fine with you being addicted to the same amount of any given
drug on a daily basis. Over half of the people that commit suicide in the
United States are prescribed to psychotropic drugs. ie Paxil
Paroxetine, Zoloft Sertraline, Prozac, Wellbutrin Bupropion,
Effexor, Seroquil, Ultram Tramadol-mitt's fema privatized!!!! can't
wait!-Nothing like extorting money from the helpless! Haliburton is
licking their chops at getting their hands on the emergency FEMA tax
dollars-it's the *love* of money that is the root of all evil. And it's
truly evil if FEMA is privatized and disaster weary Americans are faced
with the prospect of paying $10 for a gallon of water or charged to have
trees removed from power lines. FEMA is a better use of taxpayer dollars
than the money that is thrown at corporations which get a tax break by
moving jobs overseas fb/By choomerbama, WHEN OBAMA CALLED THE SEALS, THEY
blog, has been censored by Facebook in order to cover for Bozo-CBS NY
mitt DON'T SHOW YOUR FACE HERE IN NJ. FOR PHOTOp dextergestapo- will
keep the ad about jeep running, people in Ohio know it is a total lie.
Jeep responded to the mitt ad and said they are expanding in the U.S.
and adding 1,100 new American jobs. Even after that mitt keeps running
the ad because it sounds good, we don't expect voters to fact check the
ad. fus-One more thing, these polls rely on future elections as well and
the accurate polls are paid a lot of money. Their future hangs in the
balance. Gallup has been around for a long time for a reason and it's
mitt 52-45-(best reason ever to lie a lot)- yc/Obama is an
EMBARRASSMENT to America. Our allies cannot believe that we elected an
apologist loser that is rushing us headlong into bankruptcy!
CLOWN-the GOP is made up of the very same STUFF. They're ALL LIARS!- When
you are a socialist i am glad you can tell the difference!!!!Wednesday
morning you can call them and tell them you are moveing to china!-
unfortunately, the American people were not provided with all the
information they needed about this character Barack Hussein Obama II. So,
what could possibly go wrong if Barack Hussein Obama II got to be POTUS?
Well, we've had over 45 months to find out and it's fugly! B & R, among
others from the yellow stream media, should be ashamed of themselves. No
one should believe anything he or anybody else from the yellow stream
The banks of Europe thank you whole heartedly for your generosity with
U.S. taxpayer money! AIG, a great triumph for your kind outsidetoinside-
Chosen acting in their self interest only, nothing else counts Whatever
advances their self interest, ethics be damned.-as they lead every battle
for the downtrodden and lead in philanthropy -even if true how does that
differ from any other group?-Israel resented the world over, only USA
keeps it afloat, and USA pays heavy for the ill will incurred. ygs/
Republican campaign manager loses job over storm hoax tweets,
The congressional campaign manager Shashank Tripathi, blamed
for spreading the now-widely debunked rumor that the
New York Stock Exchange trading floor had been flooded with 3 feet of
standing water. The rumor was eventually picked up by CNN and New York
Magazine until NYSE officials shot it down. under the guise of his
Twitter handle @ComfortablySmug,resigned from Christopher Wright's New
York City congressional campaign. sent out several pieces of
misinformation during the worst of the storm Monday-been paid thousands
of dollars as a consultant to the Wright campaign, according to BuzzFeed-
You can't always be sure of the validity of the things people say on the
internet." twitter Abraham Lincoln- Can we trust the truthfulness of the
Deathray?- yip/Christie: Obama is great; mittard says FEMA is immoral how
much do you have to hate America to deny the fact that mitt would be a
disaster for this nation- Obama did more for Mass in the last two days
than mitt the flip did during his entire stint as guv. That is why Mass
will give mitt the largest home-state loss, Christie cooperates with
Obama and Americans are saved Christie is praising Obama now, where is
the mittard? face facts cons, mitt svks and if you vote for him the
truth is the truth whether toads like the cons like it or not. merc-mitt
is a pathological LIAR! He proves it daily!- Fort Collins, 4-year-old
Abigael Evans has had enough. The girl, who lives in a battleground
state. broke down in tears after listening to yet another report on the
radio about the race, "I'm tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt, said the
sobbing girl She's probably not the only one yahoo blogs y66/Top Southern
Baptist Official Separation of church and state, Breaks a longstanding
personal pledge, Southern Baptist leader Richard Land has endorsed GOP
presidential nominee Mitt, election is the most important since Abraham
Lincoln's win in 1860 and he can no longer stay silent. "America is at a
fork in the road- Jeb Bush Slams '10-Year-Old' Obama Former Florida Gov.
Jeb Bush (R) criticized the tone of Obama's attacks against GOP
presidential candidate Mitt interview with Newsmax, claiming that they
were more befitting of a child than a president. “When you act like that,
when you blame other people - I don't remember him complaining when their
man was on the offensive in the first debate. Do you? hp-Bush’s FEMA
Director During Katrina Michael Brown Criticizes Obama For Responding To
Sandy ‘Too Quickly’ to Hurricane Sandy yesterday, including a dig at the
administration’s response to last month’s attack in Libya tp-fb/What
great things to expect in a 2nd Obama term? more jobs more homebuilding
more respect for america and hopefully ...less puke bullshit-the east
coast should have a building boom in a few months.. will obama take
credit?-would you want him to do ?? not mention it ?-Or thousands killed
and tens of thousands permanently disabled looking for non-existent
weapons of mass destruction- y2k/Re: Joseph Smith & Mitt mitt: Smooth
liars, Both men repeatedly lie/lied through their teeth, never attempting
to correct what they know to be a lie. Maybe there's something to the
heathen cultish Mormon White Horse Prophecy after all- Yes, please spew
more garbage from your Liberal propaganda websites! dailykos-facing
scrutiny on aid in storm's wake, said it was "immoral" for the Federal
Government to help hurricane victims.-we cannot afford to do those
things without jeopardizing the future for our kids. It is simply
immoral, in my view, for us to continue to rack up larger and larger
debts and pass them on to our kids, knowing full well that we'll all be
dead and gone before it's paid off. It makes no sense at all.”-All FEMA
does is hand out government checks you FKNG KOOK liberalpussies-mitt has
flipped his last flop. aleut y66/Ann Romney: Horse Therapy for Multiple
Sclerosis is Legitimate, Some patients like Ann Romney find horseback
riding helps with spasticity and pain. some scoffed, accusing the
presidential candidate's wife of dressing up a luxury as a medical
treatment. Accusations about dressage as an elitist sport aside, some
with MS have long used equine therapy, also known as hippotherapy-aol/
Obama is The BLAMER IN CHIEF fb/peter king sez long island (bernie) is
underwater, without power for a week accepting fema cash, nyse with 2
generators longest shutdown since 1888, christy, praising jama, sez nj
looks like bombing site, on imus 30f in georgia, 60f in maine,
frankenstorm hits cleveland, frankensurge, 57 dead, other rightwingnutz
rethinking fed gov disaster assistance, on geraldo (torn between
bengazigate and frankenstorm)/
103012/fireundersmoke NEWS FLASH: Gas Was Over $5 And Oil $148 pb Under
Bush, mitt Is The New Bush. Oil Companies will rule this country again
under mitt, he will bring the next Enron to rape the nation. Oil prices
could go to $200 pb and Gas will go over $5 for Sure under mitt. Don't
give this country back to the Corporations, This is a country "FOR AND BY
THE PEOPLE", the GOP are selling this country cheap to Corporations,
everything Americans own are at Risk, stop the bleeding of America ybac/
Florida 2-1 Votes for Obama in Miami Dade, mitt needed way better than
that to carry Florida. Red state NC now a tie yc/TRAITOR mitt has
corrosive Stage 3 liar's romnesia-twit is in a desperation lying mode
twit is doubling down on his lies kennelmeister-gop had all three
branches of the US government, waged a real war after 9/11 merc (against
america)  y66/Jeep ad exposes mitt. People are starting to see the
real mitt. People understand politicians lie but they don't lie about
everything, big or small, like mitt does. I know integrity doesn't matter
to the racist&rabid repugnant but it metters to most americans- Mike
Manley, chief operating officer of Fiat and Chrysler in Asia and
president of the Jeep brand, We're reviewing the opportunities within
existing capacity" as well as "should we be localizing the entire Jeep
portfolio or some of the Jeep portfolio" to China Bloomberg-Everyone is
"the enemy" to Republicans. Even half of America-Don't forget that
stinking liberal Big Bird-Low effort thinking is becoming the norm in
America, which means Mitt has a shot. Many Americans don't put any more
thought into the Presidency than they do American Idol-Sad but true. That
ad thay show with the Chinese discussing the debt they own is wrong. The
bigger threat to america is the brain dead generation coming up. We're
seeing it already with the teabaggers yfs/Obama like whoppers but if he
fvcks this Company somebody will put a bullet in his sandwich yfm/A
Cannabis User is Arrested Every 47 Seconds: New FBI Report Exposes Drug
War Persecution theintelhub-BBC headlines are shouting "Hurricane SANDY
has already killed 69 people - 52 of them in Haiti". But the BBC is
eerily quiet about the number of deaths caused by Fukushima - the offici
al media spin is that 'no one has DIRECTLY died' as a result of
Fukushima… They, of course, ignore the fact that slow, painful
wasting-away deaths are an inevitable consequence of the Fukushima
disaster... There are many nuclear facilities in the path of this
hurricane... If you are in the New Jersey/NE quadrant of USA, Listen Up:
Many nuclear facilities are directly in the path of HURRICANE SANDY…
Each and every one of those facilities is presently at weather-damage
risk which might lead to plutonium and/or caesium contamination of the
local environment and inhabitants, Glen Seaborg, the man who discovered
Plutonium described it as the 'most toxic and carcinogenic substance of
earth'. One millionth of one gram lodged into a lung would irradiate the
surrounding organs, causing lung cancer. Plutonium is an alpha emitter
which fools the body into thinking it is bio-digestible Iron. It is
therefore translocated from the bronchial and lungs by white blood cells
and then sits in the lymph system at the centre of the chest, constantly
bombarding passing white cells and mutating the inner nucleotides and DNA
blueprint, causing blood cancer and tumours. Once diluted into the
bloodstream and mistaken for Iron, proteins which normally carry
nutrients around the body would transport the plutonium-trojan-horse
directly into the bone marrow, where it will poison and hijack the
heamoglobin process, creating 'pirate' red blood cells which in turn
would circulate through the heart and then spread to the brain and
essential organs. Fukushima is still poisoning the oceans and posing a
major clean-up problem with dangerously high doses of radioactivity being
emitted - however, Fukushima has had ONE SILVER LINING in its dark cloud
is the MEDIA (mostly independent media) warn residents that there could
be another Nuclear Nightmare, You don't need a Fukushima style ripped
nuclear core for there to be overheating and the 'China Syndrome' to be
triggered. European Superstate's ENEA Nuclear agency had hired the
Sicilian MAFIA to dump nuclear waste into the Mediterranean, Chernobyl
poisoned thousands of square kilometres and made several ghost towns. The
concrete sarcophagus which surrounds the 'elephant foot' of oozing semi
solid nuclear matter which has created a new element on the periodic
table (called Chernobylite!) that sarcophagus is cracking up, mainly
because of weather and gamma rays, the core will stay radioactive for
32,000 years, and that concrete sarcophagus will have to be renewed and
made thicker every 30 years or so. By the time the core has cooled and is
safe, the Chernobyl sarcophagus will be the size of Belgium enigmatv-
fb/Obama stretches Ohio lead to 4 points” President Obama meonlysmells
all you liberals are #$%$ if obama the liberal gets in i hope the stock
market goes down 5000 points and we get a depression, serves you a holes
right ygs/Just you average democrats, proof that they never mature, will
always be profane, and always will look to voilencee to get their way.
Nothing but small minded trash, from the cradle to the grave. y2k/end
game, New York City's main utility cut power to about 6,500 customers in
lower Manhattan, which includes Wall Street. Authorities worried that
seawater would seep into the subway and cripple it, along with the
electrical and communications systems vital to the nation's financial
center. How soon will the final battle at Megiddo Israel is near-
Citibank, JPM, GS, and MS, not to mention Leh, were responsible for the
government action against all of the banks. It is unfortunate that some
of the banks behaved responsibly and still have to put up with this-ywfc/
we now have a Democratic party that has adopted the SINs of Romans 1 as a
party platform. In addition, NYC has thrown all the churches in the inner
city out of the public schools which were being used as church meeting
places. President Barrack Obama and Mayor Bloomberg have, though a number
of recent actions, thumbed their noses up at the Almighty, Righteous,
Holy and Just GOD of the Bible (Yahweh Elohim). Does anybody think that
this storm is result of our nation's campaign for immorality? Me thinks
it is and my suspicion is that this event might change the outcome of the
election, the economy and moral attitude of the average US citizen when
it is all said and done. sa/having trouble finding private industry to
fix infrastructure, christy and other rwnbs cry for relief, bloomberg
admits tons of work, the storm helped obama job situation, on geraldo/joy
thanks all sex crazed polticians, rosey v lizzy with cleavage replay/

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