Monday, October 29, 2012

12912/Barrack Hussein Obama determined to turn America into a Marxist-Socialist society.

102912/The Wall Street Mafia could use the storm as an excuse for the
crash-a phenomenal score that points to the fact that Barrack Hussein
Obama is determined to turn America into a Marxist-Socialist society.
Don't just belittle the opposition. Search for the truth. We all need to
pull together or watch the death of a free democratic society. Pray for
Americans to seek the truth and take action for it will keep us FREE. Our
biggest enemy is not China , Russia , North Korea or Iran. Our biggest
enemy is a contingent of politicians in Washington, DC. The government
will not help, so we need to do it ourselves-There were no facts to the
Fox assertion that 2 of them were on the roof fighting with their machine
guns at the second location. The 2 fired their machine guns until they
were out of ammo, just great for a move, but not what happened.
Family of one of the dead is on Fox every day, three times a day, well
paid by Fox to support mitt with their tears. How low could Fox go??
They would love to see another 9/11, they are racist terrorists who hated
Obama a year before he took office- ybac/Syrinx Za International How the
#fullmoon is affecting Hurricane Sandy amplified by full moon in its full
phase, high tides on Earth will rise about 20 percent higher than normal,
adding more power to the already intense storm fb/Obama began his day in
Orlando, will return to the White House to monitor what's been dubbed a
monster storm-Antibiotic Resistant ‘Super Bug’ Found in Wildlife »
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) kills about 18,000
people each year in the U.S.-“I’m being sued by one of the richest people
in Connecticut,” Two state Senators expressed anger that a billionaire
from Greenwich would spend more than $37,969 on a television ad to oppose
a candidate running in a district that covers Manchester, Glastonbury,
Bolton, and Andover. Sen. Steve Cassano, D-Manchester-Williams called the
expenditure in the final days of the campaign when a candidate has no
money left to respond to “unprecedented.” I’m surprised Sen. Williams
would admit to being out-foxed in strategy. Not too swift.-class warfare.
What’s that have to do with not wanting someone outside my district to
try to influence an election? What’s wearing thin is some people cloaking
themselves in freedom and liberty to have other people believe their
intentions are other than promoting their own self-interests. -Enough
with the self-righteos indignation.  Senator Cassano and Williams only
support free speech when its speech they agree with.  Connecticut has
been ill served by their agenda ($3 billion tax increase on the poor and
middle class, endless increases in state spending and lackeys to the
state employee unions).-candidate Linda McMahon told 3,358 senior
citizens in a telephone Town Hall Thursday that she would not do anything
to threaten their Social Security or Medicare benefits, +/acknowledges
wingers do not understand what informed intelligent people like Carville
are saying...its a Fox viewer condition"- mitt In Debate: Shut Down
Federal Disaster Agency-How's about THIS for an October surprise?-Which
Mitt Is It? Who are we to believe? Which Mitt is it? When I heard a
busload of Bain Sensata workers, whose jobs had been outsourced to China
were coming to New York City- hp-How Fox News created a new culture of
idiots Cable news has created an entirely new breed of blowhards, and the
style has infected banking and even the arts salon-Mitt Sanity A frank
look at the various comments the mitt family have made to the media,
regarding Mitt's mental well-being ut-What the hell is it with Ann
Coulter and croutons?-It's part of her "let them eat little square pieces
of bread" philosophy-you do realize Fox news is not allowed in Canada for
their misinformed coverage of news, and their right wing Lies in the
media- fb/Super Stupid Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) seems to be painfully
ignorant, Oh, well, I don't know. I haven't talked with with the campaign
staff about that. I will say this. For workers in the auto industry,
across the board, whether it is GM, whether it's Nissan, whether it's
American Motors, individuals are very concerned about the impact of
regulation that the EPA and OSHA and other federal agencies are heaping
on our manufacturers. American Motors hasn't existed since 1988. And
Nissan is Japanese. Is she suggesting we should cater to Japanese
companies?- Sandy Has Robbed us of Final Warren v Brown Debate abc/GOP
wants to privatize disaster relief and put profit before people, mitt
Says Axe FEMA, as Hurricane Sandy Looms Jeff Fecke, Care2/Misleading
mitt Auto Ad Backfires With Media tpm/mitt's Return of the Project
for the New American Century, Which Brought Us the Iraq War BuzzFlash/
Stephen Stills on mitt: 'Creepier Than Nixon', Stills makes a fiery
case for the re-election of President Obama. mitt has "raw
ambition with no real ideology-Chuck Berry traveled to Cleveland to play
a tribute concert in his honor with guests including Merle Haggard and
Darryl "DMC" McDaniels. "I'm 86 years old," he told an ecstatic crowd,
"and I'm happy to be anywhere!"- rs/How else could Republicans think that
resuscitating former party heavy-weight John Sununu would help their
cause? It is hard to understand why this old windbag is still huffing and
puffing around the edges of polite political discourse. His most recent
observation, that General Powell's endorsement of Obama was
understandable for reasons other than an assessment of his
qualifications", "when you take a look at him, " suggests race was the
determining factor. As often happens when a firestorm erupts over some
obvious racial insult Sununu tried to "walk back" the racist overtone of
his words but the walk-back only served to accentuate the original
impression. Sometimes such political missteps are called gaffes. In
reality, however, they simply reveal the thinking behind the words.
Republican rhetoric is peppered with subtle and not-so subtle
racially-charged innuendo, a shameful exercise of free speech in which
ugly words fester relentlessly, as a painful manifestation of our
unresolved racial animus, something Bill Gates Sr pointed out in his
defense of the estate tax as a way of re-paying a debt to the country for
making his success possible. It was refreshing to hear a millionaire say
he owed something to others and his country instead of claiming all the
credit for himself. Unfortunately man of our candidates are a different
breed, who keep as much of the nation's treasure for themselves and their
friends as possible. bf/Greed is the real killer. I always get amused
when people criticize the covered option technique, for example, as one
that limits upside potential. In their criticism, they are essentially
saying that they are perfect market timers and know when to sell their
shares (presumably always at the peak). The reality is that human nature,
greed, prevents us from doing that. We almost always think that there's
more to be had and instead, end up watching those paper profits
disappear. There's nothing wrong with being assigned and turning those
paper profits into real ones and then getting to do it all over again
sa/ clearwater frankenstorm, superstorm geraldo, macies, pen station, all
mass transit, and wall st, tunnels a 2pm, closed, tzami toiletplunger
effect, nj gov nutter reports discouraging anyone being outside not "safe
and secure", schools, amtrack shutdown, sen grim checking hospitals,
geraldo kisses man who called jama a murder, wabc/
American Workers and try to screw them at every turn. Making money they
is America, God is Money, is their Motto. Republicans claim Rape is God
sent. Iraq War, Bush Cheney Haiburtons Private War, Republicans loot the
Country, Republicans are the terrorist buddhazenpeace-ybac/Prince Turki
Al Faisal Al Saud, a top spokesperson for Saudi Arabia, said that Saudi
Arabia intends to generate 100 percent of its power from renewable
sources, such as nuclear, solar, and low-carbon energies-don't let the
right wing find out. Remember, for America, buring fossil fuels good!
Carbon dioxide in the air good! Green technologies bad. Let the Chinese
waste their time and money on that foolishness. aol/a ponzi scheme, where
the vote is the promise of great fortune. Liberalism is the gov't taking
money from one family and giving it to another- Conservatism is an excuse
for outright selfishness and government sanctioned corruption Perpetuated
by fear and lies, right wingers rely on fanaticism and dismiss common
sense-selfishness is defended in the founding principles as is charity,
it's a right, it's a choice. We each have a God given right to choose-
fb/Consortium News: Republican presidential nominee Mitt mitt has
charted a novel course through Campaign 2012, shape-shifting his
positions endlessly on domestic and now foreign policies. In Monday
night’s global affairs debate, mitt exchanged his neocon garb for a new
cloak of moderation Melvin A. Goodman/Arizona's Maricopa County Tells
Spanish-Speaking Voters to Vote Two Days Late Raw Story/Inside the
Monsanto Information War Mike Ludwig-"Citizens" United: Bain Capital,
Clear Channel and Those Voter Fraud Billboards The anonymous donor behind
a voter fraud billboard campaign would rather pull the ads than be
identified, raising questions about ties to mitt-founded Bain Capital
and its ownership of the company that owns and operates the billboard
firm Yana Kunichoff, Truthout/mitt, Family and Friends Connected to the
Company Counting the Vote in Cincinnati Gerry Bello and Bob Fitrakis, The
Free Press:Bain-Owned Sensata Illegally Threatens Workers for Organizing
The workers in Freeport, Illinois who are protesting the outsourcing of
their jobs are part of the larger story of devastation that Walmart and
Bain Capital business models have wreaked on American wages & benefits
Dave Johnson, Campaign for America's Future/Fourteen Arrests Today at
Sensata Protest Against Bain Capital Moving Illinois Factory to China
Campaign for America's Future/technocrats are turning Greece into a
feudal state - and people are dying, war may be around the corner between
Israel and Sudan, Wikileaks began releasing more than 100 Department of
Defense files exposing military detention policies in Iraq and Guantanamo
Bay under the Bush Administration- Fukushima's water-treatment manager
admitted that they are having trouble disposing of hundreds of thousands
of tons of contaminated nuclear waste water; a CEO threatened his
employees that he would drop the company's contributions to employee
retirement funds if Obama wins; oil giant ConocoPhillips announced
earnings of $1.8 billion in the third-quarter of this year, yet receives
on average $600 million in tax breaks ever single year- thom hartmann/
Four debates later, and it's clear that Big Finance will continue to
drive our economy. Banks trump citizens, and absent severe reconstruction
of the banking system, the cycle will absolutely, unequivocally continue.
Nomi Prins, AlterNet/Supreme Court Secretive Surveillance, Americans
can’t challenge a law that lets the National Security Agency eavesdrop on
them, but that could change next week as the Supreme Court begins its
second session of the year and addresses this issue as a first priority
RT News/October Surprise: Shadowy Conservative Groups Dominate Outside
Spending Daily Beast/No Accident GOP Candidates Can't Stop Talking About
Rape Guardian/Court Sentences Ex-Premier Berlusconi to Four Years in
Prison nbc/Obama Says He Had Not Been Aware of Prior Security Requests
from Diplomats in Libya Jake Tapper/Hillary Clinton 65th birthday-
Provisional ballots won't be counted until eleven days after election day
and absentee ballots can be received until Nov. 16 abc/As for Obama being
good for business, that's like saying the boot on the neck is good for
breathing-Fear-mongering is the strategy most used when they sense they
are losing. Not a great tactic to use sa/Maher argued that Mitt winning
the presidency would not just be a victory for him, but for every
Republican extremist mitt has ever supported in his recent political
career. “may seem like a nice fella,” but he’s “a compulsive liar whose
whole life is secret” and would bring too much unwanted baggage into a
relationship with America/mitt vetoed 800 bills as gov on abc
102712/"You can always tell a blind trust what it can and cannot do, you
give a blind trust rules,". While Malt is clearly on mitt's side when
it comes to the candidate's personal investment portfolio, his political
leaning may not be so obvious. The reportedly self-described Rockefeller
Republican donated $2,300 to the Obama campaign in 2008, according to
mitt in 1994 Daily Beast/Blind Trust, thats what should be said about all
you Obama followers,Blind Trusters. No more Hope and Change now its
Forward, yeah into the Abyss Stevens (rwn sacrafical lamb) apllies for
help Obama ( or His people in charge) DENIES, REQUEST DENIED Stevens Dies
Obama Lies CAN YOU SAY COVERUP or do you need Big Bird to spell it out
for you Makes Watergate look like a kid stealing gum from a candy store
OMG- Obama Must Go-Mitten's won't be moving into the White House, his
"ruse" man will be able to keep his job!-incom*petent wretch Obama The
Benghazi Bungler (having problem keeping covert operations covert)-hp/ so
many people saying that they will not vote for Obama becasue of the state
of the economy. I wish these people would realize just WHO put our
economy in jeopardy JUST to put one man out of a job. EDUCATE yourself,
don't be another mindless sheep, The enemy here is republican policy,
refusing to pass the jobs bill and putting the farm disaster bill on hold
UNTIL after the election, WHEN is it enough people ?? Vote these
self-rightous bastards out of office and elect a congress that will work
for OUR interests, NOT corporate profits fb/BRET BAIER TIMELINE
(fauxsnooze) BENGHAZI ATTACK First hour of the attack, MEETING AT THE
WHITEHOUSE fully aware of the attack and has recieved pictures from the
DRONE, and has recieved 3 E-MAILS asking for NEEDED HELP and ASSISTANCE,
and nobody came, no help was given- "if obummer admin. Can sit there and
watch live video of 4 Americans fight for theur lives and 3 times refuse
to send aid, what makes you think obummer cares about you and your
famiky? The pres. Flies to a fundraiser as he states the 4 Americans
lives was not optinal, bucko" ybac/Colin Powell's former chief of staff,
Lawrence Wilkerson, MY PARTY IS FULL OF RACISTS' hp/
102612/Congress GOP Holds Americans Hostage, Ransom Demand: Vote For
Republicans, are the ONLY THING holding back the country from
Growth. Republicans have been holding Americans and the President
Hostage, destroying this country in the hopes of Winning Americans Votes
in an Election. If Americans cave in to the Republicans Demands we may as
well send money to Al-Qaeda if they ask for it yc/Financial
exploitationis a rationalization the chosen's hurt, short term gain, long
term destruction for those who practice criminality, Prayer of the
perpetrators, Lordm make the world mine, smite the swine, as all the red
wine is mine. ygs/BOBO tell us how he'll cut the Deficit in half yet?
especailly since he plans to use the unbudgeted money from the wars- BYE
BYE OBAMA Almost election time- still gets off playing with himself i
expect the dumbo/mobro campaign committee pays him-Crude and gasoline
prices continue to plunge 90% of the GOP talking points are gone. Time
for the Sununu racists to put some meat on the plate- Re: ANTI OBAMANS
MIGHT ALL BE RACISTS (foxworthy could be a redneck)-maybe he just sucks-
course they could be anti  marxist, anti narcissist, anti gov't
spendthrift, anti mooch, anti looter, anti crook, anti-thug, anti-punk,
anti parasite, anti stupid-House passes resolution defining criticism of
Obama as racism- Ahkmed, link?- You can run but you can't hide-Cali
passes resolution defining criticism of Isra4l as anti-Semitiism-y66/
Another staple of Israeli propangada has been busted, as Israeli
television has, years late, admitted that claims rockets were fired
from UNRWA schools in Gaza were false. Channel Two News, has published a
statement correcting false claims that rockets were fired from schools
operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine
Refugees (UNRWA) during the Gaza war in 2008-2009/European meddlers
warned about observing Texas elections Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
issued a warning Tuesday to international groups hoping to observe the
November 6 general election: Steer clear of polling places, that "OSCE's
representatives are not authorized by Texas law to enter a polling place"
and added it "may be a criminal offense" for them to get within 100 feet
of a voting station-death threats-riot warnings worry Republicans Despite
the majority of news media outlets ignoring the story, a law enforcement
source claims that the Tweets by Obama supporters calling for the murder,
assassination, of mitt increased in their numbers and in their severity
after Tuesday night's presidential debate. Other supporters are
threatening civil unrest in U.S. cities should Obama lose the White
House-Monica Lewinsky Spotted with Barack Obama? No reason to believe
that pressure from Isra3li government was behind Dems plans to get Monica
into Obama White House-"Compliance," examines "the human desire to follow
and obey authority, Liberal institutions, such as the media,
universities, federal courts, and human rights organizations, which have
traditionally functioned as checks on the blind obedience to authority,
have in our day gone over to power's side. The subversion of these
institutions has transformed them from checks on power into servants of
power-Infowars Congress investigates WH payoffs to MSNBC's Olbermann,
Maddow-Rabid Reconquista zealot says DNC will reach out to Latinos- yip/
g johnson nm presidential spoiler, cannible cop, rwn tightrace rendell
hoping for katrina voter turnout, style, bengazi blown by jama? attorney
attacks single mom divorce case 4mitt,
perfect  frankenstorm to depress turnout on (bumbling eastwiood) geraldo
102512/BTW God wanted them to war against each other. I dont get it. Why
did God bother, let me create two great nations from Abraham and have
brothers hate each other-why we give Israel 10 Billion, its just another
fuckin welfare state. There not poor-Hate is enemy of Good Judgment-
People needs to differentiate between jews and zionism, and i dont think
this 'hate' is aimed at jews but at this zionism system. Zionism wants
the world to confuse them with the jews so to create this hatred-Military
and sacrifices?... Yes that is the same propaganda EVERY Imperialist
nation uses to create an army of citizens and soldiers who will not
question their motives and demonize anyone who dares-It's been influence,
peddling and the power of pull, in ever increasing measure and in every
facet of our lives. We're going to wake up one day and realize that our
Declaration of Independence and Constitution are a vague and fuzzy
memory-many Democrats and Republicans in congress call for expanded
authority for the FBI and other federal security agencies to intrude into
the lives of the American citizenry? Who is the fascist, when the call is
made for increased power for the FBI to undertake “roving wiretapping” or
have easier access to the telephone and credit-card records of the
general population? Who is the fascist, when the proposal is made to make
it easier for the FBI to investigate and infiltrate any political
organization or association because the government views it as a
potential terrorist danger?" Quote by: Richard M. Ebeling, Hillsdale
College Source: The Oklahoma Tragedy and the Mass Media, The Tyranny of
Gun Control, 83 (Future of Freedom Foundation 1997)-huge corporations and
drug companies are running america and writing laws more favorable to
themselves and there is ample evidence to prove it-this conversion is
like playing chess with a pigeon-Merica! let's blow some more shit up!-
Time for bed so I can dream of the possibility of living a peaceful world
without so much proud ignorance-ultimatly, it is we the people that give
our power to them by buying their goods and services. Without OUR money
they are powerless but we will never unite to take it back-Mitts of the
rich, by the rich and for the rich.-zion v jews akin to alciada v
arabs-he does have a particular fascination with drones and is "in the
mix" for every single one. I seem to remember some little "blurb" from
one of these posts... 586 Generals and Admirals stand with mitt and
Obama has 4. Don't actually know if that's true... I have not checked it
for "truth"... But if that WERE true? It would be very telling-In 1916
the US military had 108,000 bayonets. In 2012 the US military issued
330,000 bayonets. In ObamaMath, that's "fewer-fb/Your perception of lying
and coverup is a bit stilted and unjustified. What good business person
are you speaking of? No candidate for president or VP has any real
experience producing anything. Neither republican has a reputation of
working well with others and it was the republican congress that made the
decision not to cooperate and announced they would rather see the country
fail than help Obama-Mitt got a deferment because he was in college..he
married and knocked his wife won't understand that...i was
drafted..and served..anyone that didn't go to jfk f--ked up war was smart
in my book..not a coward...the god dam democrats was the party that
started the vietnam war...i'm glad the china ran our #$%$ out of there
country ybac/bully Rom hole bragging that he is buying this
sending out random checks in the amount of 200.00 to voters in the swing
states, We know all about what you Ass Hats are up to-Republicans were
offering people in one of the swing states, (maybe N. Carolina, I forget)
$50 to vote for mitt-T partiyers live in a fairy tail land were all the
bridges and roads magicaly fix themselves so therefore taxes and evil
government aren't needed-Christian values. Teabaggers are all about Fuck
You I Got Mine-Republicans ... bringing their Taliban Sharia law to the
USA ... taking us back to the Dark Ages-shriveled old guys in the GOP are
rape defenders who need to be sent packing- fb/Rolling Stones are set to
rehearse for 350 lucky fans in Paris tonight to prep for their upcoming
50th anniversary shows. The tickets are being sold for a mere $20
rs/Would You BELIEVE the Guy that Advises the Pentagon and the CIA-
Senate Democratic staffer arrested for disclosing identities of CIA
operatives to al Qaeda Gitmo inmates-they cannot understand plain simple
mathematical principles. Or is EVERYTHING FOX says gospel? not actually
useing statistical data to back hypothesis. If the oil comapny's are
backing mitt, it's probably a candidate you don't want to vote for,
afterall they won't survive at all without their billions in subsidy's &
profits-Thank you for trashing Fox news. It is simply the worst newscast
i ever seen and i truly believe the removal of Fox news from the MSM
would do wonders for the American people. Even promote reading something
in order to seek out the truth not listen to crony biased journalism- NPR
may be somewhat biased, depending on you point of view. But most of what
passes for "news" on FauxNEWS is severely distorted at best and outright
fabrication at worst. Mitt sez, "We're not going to let our campaign be
run by fact checkers." Or governed by the laws of simple arithmetic
either-What is sad is that journalism as defined by the dictionary is
hard to find to the detriment of the public. I used to work with the art
director of the Washington Post in the 90s and once he asked me if I knew
how journalists could afford expensive suits. Then he proceeded to
highlight how many of them are in bed with politicians so stories can be
fed as needed-sa/Mourdock's Abortion Answer - Greg Krieg reports: This
morning, Mourdock tried less stark context. "God creates life, and that
was my point," he said in a press release. "God does not want rape, and
by no means was I suggesting that he does. Rape is a horrible thing, and
for anyone to twist my words otherwise is absurd and sick, he said that
his words were "mistook and twisted," and that the uproar is symptomatic
of "what's wrong with Washington, I believe God controls the universe,"
if he thought pregnancies resulting from rape were God's plan. "I don't
believe biology works in an uncontrolled fashion- abc/Hydrochloric Acid
Leak Shuts Down aol/regular contributing member of Fox News: Democrats
are very good at watching Americans die Neil Cavuto, host-neo cons do
with great joy is sending our troops to die and if they should come home
alive they are very good at ignoring them-Tell it to the obstructionist
GOP congress who were elected on the jobs platform but whose real and
only agenda is to "make Barack Obama a one term president-Republicans are
good at giving reasons for Americans to die. Like conflict, and lack of
health care for all-Condoleeza Rice expresses the need to wait for an
investigation to complete before drawing bengazi conclusion-Limbaugh
defended mitt from criticism today for refusing to release his tax
returns by challenging President Obama to release his college transcript
mm/ fb/ wall st corruption, *doug megan, satisfying climax, kelly ghosts
of mannhatten- trumph offers 5M (cheapskate) for jama's records...sally
returning to what started the mess) schools bernie (rwntzz parrot)
reaganesq takes a beating like a baby seal cries coverup, on imus/since
we was kids in keyna, joke on leno, and other zingers, mitt refuses
letterman, sen akin benefacor sen chandler? bengazigate struggles to link
spy network, on geraldo/
102412/Don't take it from me, Abraham Lincoln: "You cannot bring about
prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by
weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the
wage payer. You cannot further the the brotherhood of man by encouraging
class hatred. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot
keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. You cannot build
character and courage by taking away man's initiative and independence.
You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and
should do for themselves. "You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening
the strong. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage
payer."-prosperity is all about how much is left over for investors after
the board pay themselves. Just ask Glenn Beck he'll tell you-LOL! The man
helped free the slaves. It is ironic that a black man would be the one to
counter everyone one of those statements, You don't want black men to
take over nothing. You're the Old Guard- They've got a firm hold on
violent crime yip/religion doesn't fly jets into building crooked old men
with agenda's of world domination do that-when did this atheist shoot
places up? Was it prompted by his atheism? or science? no. it wasn't, but
religionists bomb women's health centers, shoot girls for wanting to
learn etc because of their religion. HUGE difference-I'm done with this
group. It has thoroughly insulted my faith enough-Stalin, I consider it
completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is
extraordinarily important is this, who will count the votes, and how."-
Comparing 2016 to The Eternal Jew is a sad and desperate. Playing the
Nazi card, seriously?-the name Dinesh D'Souza, I knew the movie was
nothing more than propaganda-I've had many debates with mitt zealots
and they never have ingormation to disprove what I'm saying and just come
back with nonsense. So I would not even promote this movie because all it
will do is fuel the fire for mitt zealots-getting rich off of
ignorance- as someone who lost family in the Shoah I can see where the
lies affect people's lives, too bad you do not understand or refuse to
understand or are complicit in the Goebbels sort of big lie-Moores
laughable Fahrenheit 9/11 was ok to liberals even though 99% was proven
to be false-9/11 the official government report was proven false rofl the
towers didnt fall to no gas fire and building 7 was never touched so im
pretty sure moore was closer than the government story havent seen 2016
yet but i know who the people behind it are and since most of wut these
ppl do is hate speech i prolly wont watch it-haters believe this
propaganda- It is easy to hire someone to say anything. I do not trust
any news media or movies as any kind of proofgod made rape pregancies
muordock-Ann "Sarah Palin created more jobs then Obama did" Coulter's
style-Coulter = Douche Bag-She's no clown. Clowns are funny. She is evil
and pathetic-The red nose Is an improvement!-(ann the man explodes in
mitt's face)- fb/wanted Detroit automakers to be bankrupt down and out
then Bain Capital would move in like vultures and steal all assets ybac/
Uncle Sam wants to put Bank of America outof business! Why else would
they constantly harass an American Icon with this lawsuit. Let the market
fix it self. BAC was not the reason for the fall of Freddie and Fannie
ybac/some new info on the so politically correct GOP? Republican
Fundraiser in Utah, Charged With Multiple Counts of Rape and Kidnapping,
Commits Suicide A violent end to a tawdry tale of power and abuse
alternet-"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.
Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." —Marie
Curie-not only political rhetoric, but a LIE by R-Money! After Obama
stopped the bleeding and set the economy in the right direction, the
economy will generate jobs but nobody should use such a number given that
a good part of jobs will not come back at all! That's the reality as the
world is going global and competition is tough when it comes to
manufacturing jobs. Asia (China, S. Korea, Indonesia, etc., etc.) can
produce goods at a much lower labor costs than the U.S. That won't change
for decades until and unless the living standards in those countries
improve and labor costs go up like ours did in the past 50 years fb lizzy
blow talor swift interview bengazi dwarfs watergate, reported 2hrs later,
(as protest gone bad) eib/

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