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92812/bama and Bernanke hurling Keynsian medicine

Australians are suddenly a whole lot better off after the government
statistician "found" A$325 billion in share assets previously
unrecognized R/good governor slap fight on geraldo/
92712/Will Israel shed blood with Iran? Absoultely not  ISRAEL BECAUSE
Your anti-semitic hate postings were emailed to yahoo!- WOULD HAVE BEEN A
IS ENTITLED, LITTLE LYING WEAZEL-obama? the reverend wright buddy? his
philosophy is that you should feel guilty to make a good living.Its good
to subsidize the welfare trash who love to post on yahoo and preach
bigotry instead of looking for a job-AONE EXPANDS INTO CHINA WITHOUT
CHINA,FISKER -gs/I felt sorry for the guy. I could tell he really did
believe what he was saying. I wish I had recorded the entire thing.. He
was literally just inches from my face screaming these crazy things and
did so for about 15 mins. I really don't know how I maintained self
control. The whole thing was so weird. The trouble is the only other
person who practices Bowen therapy in this area is his wife. The whole
thing started because he touched my left knee and said so how long have
you been smoking marijuana. A Bowen therapist touches different areas of
your body and can tell things about you... anyway he said I needed to
quit smoking weed because it will kill the left side of my brain.. my mom
chimed in and said that must be why she's a democrat and he freaked. It
was a clear case of what I call Demophobia. fb/Re: glenn beck is back on
t.v, the blaze exposed, now it's 9:30 and you are spewing pathetic
hatred. yip/Fed comes out with its QE3 infinity Ponzi Plan to prop p the
house-of-cards. Now China creates its Ponzi Stimulus illusion and
releases the news today. BRACE FOR GLOBAL ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION, Weapons
of Massive Wealth Destruction(WMWD) have be released and it is all
AND CAN NOT BE DEFUSED!-bama and Bernanke have been hurling Keynsian
medicine at the economy for years now, simply isn't going to work... and
they aren't going to change... Obama has hated capitalism and colonialism
please someone tell me where i get to vote for Obama I am thrilled with
no growth, record debt and record unemployment, Go out back of the house,
look for the little wooden building with a half moon on the door. Hold
nose, open door, drop pants, sit on registration hole, and squeeze out
your vote for Obama. The country is in the crapper anyway ybac/Mitts nose
stretches from Virginia to Ohio Has the US ever seen a major party
candidate lie with such gusto? yfs/supermassive black hole in question
lies at the center of the galaxy M87, which is about 50 million
light-years from our own Milky Way. This behemoth black hole contains the
mass of 6 billion suns Carolina Could Discourage 10
Million Eligible Latino Voters Carmen Cusido, McClatchy Newspapers-The
Moochers Mitt Missed: Meet the Welfare Queens of the 1% Forget the
laid-off workers, disabled veterans and elderly retirees. Pentagon
contractors are far more dependent on taxpayers to pay their way than
Mitt Romney's fabled 47 percent; and rest assured, Mitt can count on
their support Mike Lofgren-At least two large explosions struck a
military headquarters in a busy square in central Damascus on Wednesday
morning, setting fire to the building on the second day of dramatic
bombings in the Syria, Kareem Fahim and Alan Cowell-The Republican Party
of Florida just had to fire Strategic Allied Consulting - a firm they
paid about $667,000 this year to presumably run its voter registration
campaigns in the state. The firm was found guilty of turning in more than
100 apparently fraudulent voter registration forms, Brad Friedman, The
Brad Blog-Krugman wondered what it says about Romney that he is relying
on the same group of people that botched Iraq-Truthout/the gals destroy
coulter, lizzy stfu surprize, on the view/-hero list, dancingj00z,
sanctimonious_rob, rasta_man_says-tulsaturd, transatlantic
92712/Clinton said, the rising threat from violent extremism across the
region,” adding that groups including Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
have launched attacks from northern Mali into neighboring countries.
These same groups, she added, “are working with other violent extremists
to undermine the democratic transitions underway in North Africa. White
House last week said it was “self-evident” that the Benghazi attack was
“terrorism,” the US is “taking aim at the support structure of Al Qaeda
and its affiliates, closing safe havens, cutting off finances,
countering their ideology, but Republican critics have said the
administration for too long attributed the attack to a spontaneous and
unorganized mob-you cannot mention the words "intelligence" and US
Government in the same sentence-Obummers fault for not listening to them
-it was Al Queada behind the attack, they are being financed by the CIA
and probably had their help in planning it. US is also supporting Al
Queada in Syria to help over throw the government-repubs would not know
how to properly conduct foreign policy. Repubs have to land on an
aircraft carrier and make a big speech about what they know under a
“mission accomplished” banner-yet the Obozo sheep just go BHAAAAAAA-they
have Muslium brotherhood members working in the White House-Evolved= flip
flop in obamanese-What gave it away, the black Al Qaeda flag nailed to
the embassy door just hours after the attack?-bama must be the luckiest
dude on the planet, something is happening to Mitt, the businessman
candidate is getting dumber and dumber as the election goes on, Jon
Stewart-yer boi Obammamma-Sociopaths are those who call Obama, "Kenyan,"
"Muslim," and other things, also seem to be, normally Republicans,"
particularly in the South after the Great Party Shift happened when
bigots the hidden sociopaths and psychopaths, like Bush and Cheney
Thurmond went over to the GOP, reflect back into the secret traditions of
Skull 'n Bones, Caligula and Nero-having the lying usurper Ocommie
removed from ballot-Sara Palin been really quiet lately?-she has been
out-dumbed by Mitt-mitt’s first project with Bain in 1977: Help propel
Monsanto-also took 10 million in the bailouts he says he is against while
he smiled all the way to the Cayman islands-Monsanto is America's most
dangerous criminal. History will judge them to be mass murderers. From
Agent Orange to NutraPoison, to Dioxins and PCBs-Mitt will defeat
Nobumma, we who feel our religious rights are being taken away. It's we
who support the freeloaders in this country and are tired of it. It's we
who watch a weak President bow to our enemies and abandon our staunch
ally Israel-Keep your religion out of my life. How about my freedom from
your religion-will need lots of tissues come election day. There's not
enough of you bible freaks to get Obama out-dont come to our hospitals
and dont eat our charity food. Liberals ARE the MAIN enemy of the USA.!
THATS why they hit us on 911, because of you ungodly people and your
filthy practicies. Nobody will tell my kid homosexual is anything but a
mental disorder-There is no god and you should have been aborted you
pathetic little fuqstain-    comments only push moderate leaning folks
over to the left? Either way, thank you, Please continue ranting about
how evil gays and liberals are-I needed a good laugh! I love witty
satire!- Unlike you, I haven't fallen for the propaganda from the
corporate PR machine. I can see that Romney would be a disaster for this
country-    dummys. Patton would smack you all silly, Why defend evil and
perversion like its normal? Come over the the RIGHT side. The air is
cleaner-I'd kick Pattons #$%$ and YOURS. Then I would pyss on your fairy
tale bible for fun-    used to like jon stewart until he sold out for one
side and became biased-Jon is not the one who has "sold out". THAT would
be the people he makes fun of the most, like mitt-can't wait to hear
what Mr. Stewart has to say when Romney wins-The only thing that this
#$%$ Rob-Me might win is maybe a new pair of 'Magic Underwear" since the
ones he has on HAVE to be soiled since he is so full of schit!-good thing
we'll NEVER have to find out-Go suck Bill O'Reilly's #$%$ why don't ya-
Hate to bore you with FACTS, I'm a jerk because I'm telling you the
truth...imagine that. This is an intervention to all you liberals. Better
prepare yourself because Obama is not going to win-they asked him what
loopholes he would cut on tax's.. he couldn't answer. He said hes leaving
the door open for congress and him to decide that once he is elected.
It's like he just wants us to just trust him. He wont even give us a hint
of what loopholes he would like to see cut. He has no plan. "Just trust
me-bets he will not want to close his $100,000,000 loop hole in Bermuda-
get your head out of the bong smoke. Obama is a thug without ANY plan and
and mirrors. Too bad real geniuses like you are so easily fooled-mitt is
smarter than Bush. But really, wh0 isn't. In a dumb-off between Bush and
Palin, who "wins"?-mitt Channel?-fox and facts in the same sentence
(oxymoron)-Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as "the evident demonstration of
reality though not beheld." In other words we don't have to see the
reality to know it's real. We see evidence of it around us-Christianity
is not faith, its a reality-you have shown that you are a man of faith.
Why can't you accept that and not put others down for their faith?, you
just got spanked-bama speaks very well and represents our country in a
manner that is the complete opposite of gw bush. Who is hated all over
the world, sent thousands of brave americans to there death for war
contracts and to make up for his fathers mistakes-Ann, a Stepford nobody
wife. She is absolutely brainless and worships mitt-Obama to Crash Debate
Prep in Nevada- Gay TV show "New Normal" gives Republicans a voice-
Alligator rips off woman's arm in Florida canal- Ohio Slipping Out Of
Reach For Romney-908 Nigerian women pilgrims held in Saudi Arabia-Mitt's
Mind-Bending Flip-Flop on Emergency Rooms and Health Care-yn/Obama" means
azzboil, Barack means "PUs-filled Deep Cover CIA Manchurian Candidate and
New World Order Agent, Barry Obampot Soetoro-ygs/Astronauts Can Keep (or
Sell) Their Space Artifacts, New Law Says geraldo became a republican to
get a state job/ bernie lost his virginity to his uncle, backs hillary/
92612/MANY PALESTINIANS ARE KILLED IN SYRIA Six Palestinians were killed
some of the bodies showing signs of torture, Yarmouk, unofficial camp for
Palestinian refugees. The densely populated, impoverished district in
southern Damascus is packed with concrete buildings. Last week, at least
18 Palestinians were killed and their bodies displayed publicly in
Damascus, the Syrian regime "committed a massacre" against Palestinians
in the camp. Bodies were found mutilated and charred. HUNDREDS MORE THAN
are involved, no one cares about killing Palestinians. Ma'an yip/Ohio
Debuts 50-Foot Hug Me Jesus Statue-hp/ROMNEY AKA LADY GAGA IS FINISHed,
it IS OVER, YOU KNOW IT hp/bama leads Mitt by ten points, 53%-43%, in
Ohio, according to the Quinnipiac University nyt cbc-Obama's lead is nine
points in Florida, 53%-44%-Your anti-semitic id posting was emailed to
yahoo!-Germany is tanking because rodents are feasting on their reserves-
Italy and Spain will be very violent. In the US,anarchy will focus on
bankers and GS and the rats who created this mess ygs/IAC executive
decried the state of American political campaigns. “I'm not frustrated
but I'm ashamed how much we tolerate spending $2 billion for commercials
that are entirely negative that don't deal with anything, Diller s a fan
of Bloomberg, said, to run such an inept, depressing campaign is grounds
for dismissal, but the alternative would still be worse cnbc/All over the
world, the .01% are the problem. The .01% are the ones who need to have
AUSTERITY shoved down their throats. The IMF, EU, & ECB ARE ACTUALLY THE
.0001%, same as the 'Federal' Reserve and the Wall Street Bankers in
America-NYNY police and LAPD Protesters are treated as rioters guess the
Mayors of these American cities are putting on a display of anti
Constitutional capability with no one to stop them-When the Banksters own
the governments the police are working for the banksters. In that
scenario it is the people's duty to save their country from the forces of
fascism. In the 21st century that seems to be the police. Kudos to the
citizens of all the nations where they have stood up to the fascism
police. If violence is perpetrated against the police it is because they
perpetrated violence against the people they were sworn to serve and
protect-fb/Son of a Bigot His dad founded the infamous Westboro Baptist
Church. Nate Phelps is dedicated to reversing that legacy of hate.
alternet/Conservative racism at its finest, Scott Brown’s Campaign Staff
Makes Indian Noises,  addictinginfo made issue of the fact that Elizabeth
Warren decided to check 'Native American-spends the peoples tax dollars.
Having his staff out in the crowds to poor Indian chants to incite the
crowd-when you can't debate the issues your campaign uses racial slurs
while you say over and over again in your best Rainman voice "she checked
da box-Anyone see the pattern? Republicans blow the racial dog whistle
when desperation creeps in. Ask Mitt-a shameful display of ignorance on
Browns part but why are we surprised .Anyone who chooses to use the race
card will do anything-A victory against chemical poisoning. EVERY human
sample urine test had the poison "roundup in it". Down with poisoning us
I say!French farmer sues Monsanto for chemical poisoning and wins,
World's Healthiest News Monsanto Charged with Chemical Poisoning care2-
Spain Protest Gets Out Of Control! Evolution is NOW!- fb/James Molinaro
Staten Island Borough President Calls Lady Gaga A 'Slut', his two young
nieces love the singer, lost a son to a drug overdose in 2006, To me
she's not an actress, she's a slut, pointing to Gaga at a performance in
Amsterdam, when she lit a joint on stage and praised marijuana as
wondrous, credited marijuana for helping her spiritually, and helping her
cut down on drinking-Gee, why does that sound sooo familiar?-as a
politician, he is most certainly whoring himself out to those with money
to buy him and his vote-beset by some guilt over his own son's death from
drugs and is lashing out-technically illegal in the Netherlands since
1950. However, pragmatic Dutch authorities don't usually prosecute minor
offenders, as they view doing so as a needless expense that does more
harm than good, drug use is treated like a health issue similar to
obesity, smoking and alcoholism. People possessing up to 0.5 grams of
hard drugs are generally not prosecuted, but simply have their drugs
confiscated by police. Possession of up to 5 grams of marijuana is
typically ignored. Dutch authorities are more concerned with production
and trafficking. Possession of large amounts of marijuana, up to 30
grams, is punishable by one month in prison and/or a fine of 3,350 Euros-
He had to turn to name-calling and bullying? Yeah, he's a great example
to kids everywhere-promoting "if it feels good to you than do it" leads
young people down a bad path. This has been the theme for 2 decades now,
hence the entitled generation who have never really faced adversity are
setting up for a lackluster america. These Mexican immigrants are the
best thing this country has going for it right now-Did you sleep through
the 60s & 70s?-There are worse things she could be, like a corrupt
politician-Politians are not role models for anybody either except greedy
spoiled ignorant brats-shameful behavior for a politician, wonder how
he'd look in a meat dress-It's all fun and games till someone loses an
eye-Wayne Powell to REPLACE Eric Cantor in VA Rob Zerban to REPLACE Paul
Ryan in WI-his current tour is called "Capitalism", the famously
combative Henry Rollins has been eyeing the presidential campaign. Of
Mitt Romney, he tells Rolling Stone, "I've never heard a more robotic,
dehumanized person in my life rs/Who lobbies on behalf of the people? No
one. This planet is like an Old West town that has been taken over by
bandits, and Dirty Harry has joined them sa/bernie call for mossade hit
on admadinejhad, and no to mrs. jesus, guns call for nfl ref riots,
school morning after pill, blondes h8 madonna (4mitt), iman does the j00
yonkiper diet/hannity jama laughing his ass off at dumb people that vote
for him/previos rnc chair sez ambassador murder terrorism, as opposed to
jama sez murder/sd hoven r frack humper cries about the epa, on (crummy)
geraldo/j00z want un boycott admadinejad, reagan "advisor" ktm cfartland
usual antijama rant, infers assissination is planed attack al cia da,
blames gitmo releasee sez jama should have backed iranian protesters,
zion antichristianism wabc/zionamerican vidio actress, "legitiment"
journalist jelous of the view gals/rush sez mitt needs to step it up/andy
williams rip/
92512/mitt and the Calamitous Republicans Democratic Underground
September 24, 2012 The media is abuzz over what appears to be the
implosion of the campaign, with leading Republicans offering scathing
"pre-eulogies" such as Peggy Noonan's statement that the campaign is a
"rolling calamity" bgk/Mitt told the press that his campaign is failing
because of Obama. Romney blamed Obama for running 'inaccurate ads' and
'fooling people' about his beliefs-Mitt look like a total douche. Well,
not that Mitt hasn't done enough to look like a total douche, all by
himself-This guy is psycho for real! Wah Wah! Boo Hoo! Same old "I'll
just project what I do onto you!" BS, LOL! He needs meds-neither he nor
Ryan nor any of their SuperPacs have *ever* said anything inaccurate
about the Pres. or Democratics -He wonders why AIRPLANE WINDOWS DONT
OPEN!!!! Of course nit-wit blames President Obama!-Fooling people about
beliefs: something Mittens is more skilled at than Obama is-mitt the
twitt-people with half a brain know that it's a losing cause since
Romney, himself, is sabotaging his own campaign. And the worst thing
is... he can't help it!- other puppets after RR fall from the grace of
their own party-giving excuses before he even gets into office??? Imagine
how much whining he'll do if elected-an arrogant asshole-only people that
will vote for that dunb fruit, are other dumb azzes-Maybe if the other
team didn't show up Mittens would have a better chance. But then again an
empty chair won the last debate.fb/awarded a $250 million U.S. Army
contract to build the system for Baghdad and 15 other cities in 2004,
Geoffrey Willson, said in a lawsuit in federal court in Seattle that
Lucent lied to the U.S. government when it claimed to have completed
testing of the system's radio transmission sites and of the network as a
whole, Among other claims of accounting fraud, in an attempt to
get paid more quickly, and that the company's performance was a factor in
an $8.5 million bonus it received. The company retaliated against him by
falsely accusing him of impropriety and ultimately firing him, he said.
Willson brought the lawsuit on behalf of the U.S. government and as the
whistleblower keeps a substantial chunk of the payout: $758,000, the
special inspector general estimated that of the $51 billion in taxpayer
money the U.S. government spent on reconstruction there, $6 billion to $8
billion were lost to waste, fraud and abuse-ygs/Madonna Calls Obama a rs/
That tide that raises all boats works the other way also-Rambus willfully
destroyed potential court evidence. Rambus (RMBS) "willfully" eradicated
documents that could have been used in its IP dispute with Korea's Hynix
Semiconductor (HXSCF.PK), a District Court judge has ruled, although he
said that Rambus' patents are still valid. Judge Ronald Whyte didn't set
a penalty for the U.S. company, but Hynix expects the ruling to
"substantially limit" the royalties it will need to pay Rambus for
infringing the latter's IP- The replacement officials are working so well
for the NFL that I propose replacement CEO's at companies who are in the
news on a regular basis. JPM, Bank of America, and the lot should hire
some inexperienced folks to run the show and see how it goes. Could make
things interesting and give a reason for all of the shenanigans taking
place. Just a thought with a dash of sarcasm thrown in. Where is Jon
Corzine and is it true that iMaps keeps showing him the High Road on his
iPhone5?-Yahoo News is an oxymoron. Nothing more needs to be said-
"content quality, not user experience" I believe "user experience" is a
component of "content quality-Really confusing, you are saying Soviet run
factories under Stalin were great because there were no unions permitted.
So we should run things like Stalinist Russia, as you conclude that gov
run corporations are a "wonderful idea". Never heard the argument put
that way before, good job-kleptocracy - an old russian tradition-
"So just to be clear, Not likely, source considered. "Stalinism
(totalitarianism) is bad- Yes.-.since factories had no union labor."
Since government forbade unions, no reason for workers to need collective
bargaining because government would look out for workers interests, i.e.
work like the government appointed managers order you to work or go to
Gulag. Such irony! The saviors of labor from exploitation by capital
became even more exploited by their saviors (foxconn?). Moral? Be careful
what you wish for-sa/Wants to Raise Your Taxes Ezra Klein writes that
Romney's "going to have to raise taxes on the people he defines as the
middle class." Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash- Elizabeth Drew: If GOP Can't Buy
the Election, They Will Steal It New York Review of Books- Mitt Romney's
People Problem wp- Riot Closes China Foxconn Factory Al Jazeera-Inmates
"Fly Kites" to the FCC Demanding Fair Phone Call RatesPhone companies
charge rates so high - as much as $15 for 15 minutes in some states -
that many of America's roughly 2.3 million inmates and their families-
Mike Ludwig, Truthout/FDIC is only good for about $10 Billion. Insured
deposits are in excess of $5 Trillion. It is interesting to ponder what
would happen if one of the TBTF banks goes down and there is a call on th
FDIC to cover say, $200 Billion! i guess they would go to congress ,
perhaps Bernanke would print some up / Dont know. But that is why we need
to worry about the losses at these types of banks - because the FDIC is
woefully undersized relative to these TBTF banks-bankers lobbied congress
to change the law. Now we have to underwrite a huge amount of risk.But,
since I am forced to take that risk, shouldn't I partake in the rewards?
aren't I really an owner? NO. so i am forced to take the risk but get no
rewards. I am a sucker as are all of us. The "banking" system is broken-
bankers lobbied congress to change the law. Now we have to underwrite a
huge amount of risk.But, since I am forced to take that risk, shouldn't I
partake in the rewards? aren't I really an owner? NO. so i am forced to
take the risk but get no rewards. I am a sucker as are all of us. The
"banking" system is broken-The ego of bankers is mind blowing and so
dangerous to this countries future. I think banks should be nationalized
which they basically are now except for the fact bankers skims billion
for compensation.Banks can't exist without the fed time too fold up the
big 5 banks they are toxic!-sa//lizzy shows ass on the view/
92412/four days after Stevens was killed during a Sept. 11 attack on the
U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. CNN has reported that Stevens was
worried about being on an "al-Qaida hit list. Reines has blasted CNN for
first telling Stevens' family it would not report about the journal's
contents, then going ahead and doing just that. The network says issues
raised in the journal "required full reporting. Hastings began the email
exchange Sunday. There's no serious cussing in the first two from each
man. According to the chronology and texts posted by BuzzFeed, it was the
reporter who dropped the first true obscenity — employing that commonly
used eight-letter word for manure that we'll abbreviate to B.S. Reines
responds with three cusswords in the space of four sentences. He ends by
telling Hastings to F-off. Their correspondence doesn't last much longer.
Reines unleashes one more F-bomb and tells Hastings "I'm done with you
... have a good life." Hastings wishes Reines "all the best." We suspect
there was some sarcasm in each man's words. npr/Clinton Aide Tells
Reporter To “Fuck Off”, emails quickly got personal, with Reines calling
Hastings an "unmitigated asshole"  And “Have A Good Life” As the State
Department's story about what happened in Benghazi crumbles, Clinton's
personal spokesperson, Philippe Reines, loses his temper. “Have a good
day. And by good day I mean Fuck Off.” buzzfeed/Obama campaign had twice
the staff as Romney last month at same cost lat/Iran's Leader Keeps Up
Bluster Against Israel wsj/UN envoy: Syria war threatens region USAt/So
we whine and moan about GM because they have union labor whereas bailing
out Citi, JPM, et. al. is different because they do not. Endless ranting
about the Volt, but mostly crickets about deregulating banks so they can
create derivatives based on Mortgages that blow up the financial world
(where the trillions of dollars are really going) Oh! what a piece of
crap the Volt is! (meanwhile -- QE-infinity is announced so more of the
toxic MBS crap can be dumped on the taxpayer -- $80 billion a month now
is it?) Did I rant today on what a piece of crap the Volt is? Oh that
terrible union-labor GM killing America! We shoulda let them fail and all
those American workers thrown on the unemployment dole! It's Commie,
Marxism, Fascist, Socialist, Obamas fault! Here you go bankers, interest
free money to speculate with. Try not to do it again, Okay? You don't
have to do anything like create jobs with it. Now excuse me, I have to
rant some more about an American manufacturing industry that I hate
because they have terrible union labor that might see to it that some
workers actually get paid decently and have a secure retirement sa/
Tax payer funded.b.u.t.t.p.l.u.g.s.for the flamiest tards may be the key
to a better more sanitary mb-CEO of Citi Bank throws 20 billion in $100s
off Empire State Bldg; starts race riot! CNN school buses from Harlem
with parents aboard headed down 5th ave. Even Bloomberg is on the action
Red! He jumped off the building after. yc/Ahmadinejad made clear what he
meant when he said Israel should be "wiped off" the map and touched on
everything from the Holocaust to homosexuality in a wide-ranging
interview that aired Monday on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight." The
president, speaking through a translator, also said what his country
would do if attacked by Israel, and he slammed an anti-Islam film that
has triggered protests in the Muslim world. "If a group comes and
occupies the United States of America, destroys homes while women and
children are in those homes, incarcerate the youth of America, impose
five different wars on many neighbors, and always threaten others, what
would you do? What would you say? Would you help it? cnn/j. tapper and
iman makeout for fauxsnooze goons

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