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92412/wealthy liberals donated money to Hitler

92412/Houston police officer kills double amputee in wheelchair,
diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, had lost an arm and a
leg in a train accident, brandishing a metal object that turned out to be
a pen Chicago Tribune- anti colonialist means you hate America-we've left
behind thousands of military contractors that don't abide by any law or
Geneva convention- Evidence of this can be found in the National Defense
Resource Preparedness Plan which allow the president take control over
all energy sources and industries needed to prosecute a war-Adviser
Triples Down: “We’re a nation of people dependent on their government two
step punch as defense. just wants to pull those 47% of Americans up into
the middle class so they make enough to pay income taxes. taken out of
context, As in, could “never convince them they should take personal
responsibility and care for their lives.” It was all just a political
balance let go and gravity will put it back to essence-bad casting, blame
the director-sadly true. Mitt does come off as a spoof of the man-too
much a caricature of the 'evil, rich, white man' and came off 'robotic
and unreal' and would have said his character did not represent real life
whatsoever-facial expressions. Looking at mitt's face in that light tells
me I wouldn't trust him to take out the garbage!-Whether or not I know a
person I will stand up for what is right or wrong. The world has become
too complacent. Wrong is wrong. It should never go unpunished....ever-To
be liberal is to inherently express support for liberty; it's the
DEFINITION of liberalism. To call one's self liberal and advocate
censoring speech is to be a living paradox-utterly brainwashed by the
childish, illogical, emotional rantings of a conservative-fb/BASHAR
ASSAD'S GRANDFATHER...A Z.IONIST! 1936, Sulemein Assad warned the French
of Izlamic terrorism and appreciated Z.ionism and the creation of the
modern State of I.srael- he knew what was good for syria, look what
happened- see what happens when I.slam goes out of control?-In
any war between the civilized man and the savage-Maybe in Tel Aviv. At
least there you have some skin in the game. American liberal joos choose
Obama over Israel unlike you I do not measure my support of Isr**l by the
amount of hate I have for Mooslims. Unlike you I believe that war is not
the answer to all conflicts. Unlike you I do not wish for the Pals to be
wiped off the planet but for peace between the two peoples. Finally just
because I am a democrat and support the democratic president in his
reelection bid does not mean I do not support the State of Isr**l. Now of
course Netanyahoo and Romney are best friends and you may say that is
reason for Joos to support Romney but that has little sway with me
because like moderate Joos in Isr**l they are not very fond of either
politician as with myself- "Someone who rejects everything Israel stands
for is neither I s r a e l i nor J u w"-untrue. Many Јews oppose Israeli
policies-Leftist "loos" don't-loos no longer care about Israel-they would
rather die as good progressives than live free as joos-Isra3l is only
democracy with homosexual marriage, abortion (and universal healthcare)
freedomns and racism ban with full legal freedm for settlers daughters to
marry arab men, Which other mideast nation has those democratic values?
yip/Why the Mideast Exploded, Really Years have come and gone, still no
coherent approach and with continued media camouflaging of the bedrock
reasons as to 'why they hate us.' Among the chief beneficiaries of this
woodenheaded approach? One can look at the military industrial
congressional media security complex, especially the war profiteers and
their favored politicians who stoke fear of the 'evildoers.' All the
better to scare you with Ray McGovern, Consortium News-Occupy the Truth:
Challenging the Media's Premature Post-Mortem on Occupy Michael I. Niman,
Art Voice-Banks Threaten Elderly Veterans With Foreclosure, According to
a recent AARP study titled, 'Nightmare on Main Street: Older Americans
and the Mortgage Market Crisis Viji Sundaram, New America Media-Haitian
Political Prisoner Released, Says Repression Likely to Continue Two weeks
ago, a weary looking yet jubilant David Oxygène stepped out of the prison
building into a throng of supporters Meena Jagannath, Dissident Voice-
Craig Romney: My Dad Cheats and "That's What We Need in the White House
Daily Kos- Greek Neo-Nazi Party Golden Dawn Opens Office in New York City
Digital Journal-comedian Lee Camp describes in his latest Moment of
Clarity rant, The point is these so-called news outlets are only
reporting on things a kindergartner would report to her imaginary pony,
once called Fox News a "festival of ignorance", on Fox News. "So where
do you go for the good stuff? Truthout/Sandusky Was Part Of Child Porn
Ring, that included Sandusky, Foglietta, now-deceased Philadelphia
businessman Ed Savitz and former Wharton School of Business professor
Lawrence Scott Ward, Greg Bucceroni, Former 'Child Prostitute' Claims,
Emotional neglect in childhood and cerebral infarction in older age "Half
of all global child porn is produced in America. Ten new images of
children are posted daily. Estimates of the global profits from child
porn range from $3-20 billion." "Money drives the crime. It is estimated
that a criminal willing to molest a child in front of a live webcam can
earn $1,000 a night-nydn/IRS decided to award Bradley Birkenfeld his $104
million dollar share for helping bust UBS bank. Senator Charles Grassley
(R-Iowa), vowed to delay pending Department of Treasury nominations if
the IRS Whistleblower Program, continued to be mismanaged, a beacon in
the storm during an Obama Administration that has targeted whistleblowers
and prevented accountability as never before. The Pentagon is also under
Senator Grassley's fire for failing to examine 1,700 of the 5,200 reports
of employees doing child porn. The Pentagon claimed it wasn't a priority
Senator Grassley and his staff have made it one. The closed investigation
into wide-spread use of child porn at the Pentagon is now re-opened-hp/
Dark energy is real, say astronomers, A visual impression of the data
used in the study. The relevant extra-galactic maps are represented as
shells of increasing distance from Earth from left to right. The closest
thing seen is our Milky Way galaxy, which is a potential source of noise
for the analysis. After this are six shells containing maps of the
millions of distant galaxies used in the study. These maps are produced
using different telescopes in different wavelengths and are colour-coded
to show denser clumps of galaxies as red and under-dense regions as blue.
There are holes in the maps due to data quality cuts. The last, largest
shell shows the temperature of the cosmic microwave background from the
WMAP satellite (red is hot, blue is cold), which is the most distant
image of the Universe seen, some 46 billion light-years away-+ 75% of the
universe is Dark Matter/ The Dark Energy is the basic element of the
formation of the Galaxies in our Universe-mitt tells "white" lies, to
discredit the "black" president.-fb/eviserates jake tapper accepting
doctors excuse, on imus/ lifetime susan sommers host exposes
gmo corn, bolton disses jama (european social democrate, more be very
afraid and bomb iran blah blah), msnbc abrams netnyahoo background noise,
pam geller (savage arabs, civil zjoos media antisemitism, islam is not a
race) part of the problem provacator, antagonist, bengazigate, on
92312/bb took ads out pleading with the US to attack Iran yfs/HUCKABEE
EXPLAIN TO IDIOT OBAMA ABOUT ISRA-EL believes Hittler was fulfilling
Mike Huckabee tells Hussien Obama some simple facts about Isra-el: 1.
Izrael does not want more land 2.Izrael does not want to invade Arab
countries 3. Izrael does not want just to exist as an indpenedent state
4.Izrael is about one thing only---making sure that the holocausT never
happens again!!! that no diabolic madman (like Hitler or Ahmedinijad)
will ever again be able to accomplish his ultimate goal, to exterminate
the JOOISH people off the face of the earth, the so called J e ws on this
message board don't uderstand it either-we dont call em 'kristian
zionuts' for nuttin-yip/brooks power point guy, loudmouth coulter (self
admitted msnbc addict) interrupts, univision correspondent on abc
r talking points rising tide (jama's lift all boats except for real
fat ones)
92212/Twit Robme thumbs-up mean the accounts in the Cayman Islands are
doing well! But still no tax returns!-Koppel slams Bill O'Reilly while on
the O'Reilly Factor telling him that Fox News is bad for America-Chris
Matthews tells Bill Maher panel: Mitt Romney is running a ‘racist’
campaign-Corporate greed has finally extended to the smallest of the
small towns. There is no escape no matter how remote the location. No one
is safe from the reach of corporate greed bt-Time Is Running OUT! Just
Days Left, ut Israel has given Obama until September 25th. To deal with
Iran-The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and
evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, Anger, and Delusion.
Bodhidharma~There is enough in the world for everyone's need, but not
enough for everyone's greed Frank Buchman-Greed, like the love of
comfort, is a kind of fear- If we go on the way we have, the fault is our
greed,,, and if we are not willing to change, we will disappear from the
face of the globe, to be replaced by the insect. ~Jacques Yves
Cousteau-in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We
cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly
polluted and overcrowded planet. ~Greed and Stupidity, Two things a
certain Political Party in America are counting on the most But don´t ask
me, I am above your mess Stephen Hawking (The Bible in one Verse,,,
No?)-Brought to you by the good folks at Monsanto 'Bitter Seeds' Film
Tells Of Indian Farmer Suicides "Every 30 minutes a farmer in India kills
himself, the third documentary in "The Globalization Trilogy-It's not a
lie if you believe it George Costanza-Death with dignity is better than a
life of humiliation, (Imam Hussain(as) (Grandson of the Prophet Muhammad-
Complete Mahmoud AhmadiNijad in Colombo University 2007 (Institute for
israHELL and Jewish Studies)  The vile taunts and insults that Mr.
Bollinger, the President of the University of Columbia, regurgitated
while introducing President Ahmadinejad-"Redistribution" is just a
prettified word for steal. Those so-called public servants that Debater
mentions are just using their agent with the gun and the badge to get by
FORCE that which they cannot or will not get from me by peaceful means.
That makes them thieves and state-addicts and it makes tax payers into
victims. Bad all around.-Taxes and Tariffs are a big part of distribution
of wealth that is needed to perform government functions. The fact that
both have been cut over the years have mostly helped the very wealthy and
multinational corporations that send jobs overseas-missouri One Woman for
MIT the Twit-Betting odds favor Obama (-340) big over Romney (+300) &
bookies don't play politics-Fox And Friends Falsely Reports Obama Met
With A Pirate This Weektpm-Faux News was tricked by Obama's press team,
which is not all that difficult. They were duped, which does indeed have
comedic value 20 times? Talk about using some of Goebbels's
indoctrination techniques!-mitt-wit [mit-wit] noun def: condescending
billionaire who will say anything to get elected- mitt Romney rant is
when he says the 47% think they are entitled to food-annmitt on her own
just pushed me over the line. "Stop it. This is hard"? Did she really
just say that? These three words from her are all I need to know going
forward. I want to rant about "what is hard" for 99% of the American she has NO IDEA of what is really hard. Her victimish words
and entitled tone in this interview make me sick. Now I don't like,
respect or empathize with her in any way. Next to Michele Obama she looks
pathetic and spolied-2003 he was Pro Choice. Mitt Romney was so pro
choice that he was in the abortion business. Did Mitt Romney campaign
when he ran for Governor that his chief qualification to be Governor of
Massachusetts was that he was the owner of the largest aborted fetus
incineration company in the United States of America? Mitt Romney’s
Romneycare, the blueprint for Obamacare provided tax payer funding for
abortions, which Obamacare does not. Mitt introduced mittcare to get the
taxpayers to pay him personally as the owner of Stericylce to burn
aborted fetuse, Mitt’s Abortion Business Made Him $50M-She CHOSE to put
herself out there, no one put a gun to her head & forced her to run for
office, she is Mitten's attack dog, plain & simple--the sooner we are rid
of this desperate couple, the better?- so sad that the comedians are the
only credible source of news, rolling stones does better investigative
journalism than most other news- starting in oct. 28thOctober, the Global
Conscious activation-4TH dimension is the astral plane, it is emotion
based.Only in these dimensions can the illusion of good and evil be
maintained and can You feel separated from Spirit and from each other.5th
dimension the Lightbody dimension. which you are aware of yourself as a
Master and a multidimensional being. In the dimension, you are completely
spiritually oriented.6TH dimension holds the templates for the DNA
patterns of all types of species' creation.7TH dimension is that of pure
creativity, pure light, pure tone. pure geometry, and pure expression.8TH
dimension is of group mind or group soul and where you would touch base
with the vaster part of who you are and travel multi dimensionally.9TH
dimension in the model that we use is the plane of the collective
consciousness of planets, star systems, galaxies, and dimensions.Imagine
being the consciousness of a galaxy. Every life-form, every star, -
planet, and group mind of every species in it is you in the 9th
dimension.10TH dimension is the source of the Rays, home of what are
called the ELOHIM.-if all 11 octaves where played correctly on a grand
piano,. You could tap into all these dimensions all @ once..
Scientifically speaking.. Not spiritually speaking, but I do believe the
harmonic frequencies we all give off allows us to travel to and fro these
dimensional planes-vigorous evanglism This is quite possibly one of the
most ignorant political/philosophical statement I’ve ever heard… it
screams absurdity!-mittidiots-he American Revolutionary War begins: “The
reason we fought the revolution in the sixteenth century was to get away
from that kind of onerous crown.”—Rick Perry 1607: First welfare state
collapses: “Jamestown colony-fb/i pray for 9/11 truth shine the light of
truth on evil doers and GOD WILL BLESS YOU- God bless those who stand
Israal- ADL and AIPAC don't attack embassies. They don't kill diplomats.
They don't riot. They don't burn stuff. Neither do the Buddhists, or the
Hindus, or the Rastafarians-No, israelis have a way to ruin people
without bloodletting. But when reps are ruined, it's like death without
blood- aipac etc suck usa taxpayers for $ Billions + per year Is*arel has
universal healthcare from our $ therefore we cant afford it- Sad, isn't
it? Guy says he's dying but instead of doing anything good with his
remaining time, he'll spend it spewing vitriolic b.s. on a messageboard-
The guy is a complete moron yip/Sen. Rand Paul, anything is better than
war, Senate neocons from both parties pushed a resolution that may lead
to war with Iran. One Senator stood up to them, all alone (ut) Filibuster
Succeeds- The Veterans Job bill was held up, Paul (R-Ky alone in his
opposition to this resolution) filibustered to gain support for the
release of a Pakistani doctor who helped locate Osama bin Laden-
unAmerican if he does doen't do as Mr.Netandyahoo demands- allies maybe,
but not exactly family.<Netanyahu Government Suggests Isr%^$is Avoid
Marrying American Je$# By Jeffrey Goldberg Nov 30 2011 The Netanyahu
government's Ministry of Immigrant Absorption is sponsoring ads in at
least five American communities that warn Is^%$li expatriates that they
will lose their identities if they don't return home. The Ministry is
also featuring on its website a series of short videos that, in an almost
comically heavy-handed way, caution I%^$#e^is against raising their
children in America, one scare-ad shows a pair of Is$%#Eli grandparents
seated before a menorah and Skypeing with their granddaughter, who lives
in America. When they ask the child to name the holiday they're
celebrating, she says "Christmas." In another ad, an actor playing a
slightly-adenoidal, goateed young man (who, to my expert Se%$^ic eye, is
meant to represent a typical young American J@# is shown to be oblivious
to the fact that his Is$%#li girlfriend is in mourning on Yom HaZikaron,
Is$%#@l's memorial day. The J^%$h Channel, which broke the story of what
it calls a "semi-covert national campaign," suggests that the Ministry
does not differentiate between the "dangers" of marrying American J%$s,
and American non-J$#s-Lieberman: U.S. to accept any Isr%$#i policy
decision- yfs/they love the mittster...1619-1808: Africans set sail for
America in search of freedom: “Other than Native Americans, who were
here, all of us have the same story.”—Michele Bachmann 1775: Paul Revere
“warned the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms,
by ringing those bells and making sure as he was riding his horse through
town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be
secure and we were going to be free.”—Sarah Palin. 1775: New Hampshire
starts the American Revolution: “What I love about New Hampshire… You’re
the state where the shot was heard around the world.”—Michele Bachmann
tnyr/Angry Libyans Target Militias, Forcing Flight "Galvanized by anger
over the killing of the popular American ambassador here last week,
thousands of Libyans marched through this city on Friday, demanding the
disarming of the militias that helped topple the dictatorship but have
troubled the country with their refusal to disband." Suliman Ali Zway and
Kareem Fahim-The Republican Party Is a Joke to the Rest of the World,
Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan called out what he calls are
"cranks and crazies" that have taken over the Republican Party; a new
study by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy shows that in all
50 states, the richest 1% are taxed at lower rates than low-income
residents Thom Hartmann: - Beyond God and Guns: Why the GOP May Lose the
White Working Class study by the Public Religion Research Institute, it’s
still politically safe to caricature. They’re less conservative than most
political analysts give them credit for - if you leave out the South Joan
Walsh, AlterNet-If Bain Capital Were Running Mitt's Campaign, They'd Fire
Him and Hire a Guy in China BuzzFlash- US Mortgage Task Force to Act Soon
Reuters- Nine Things to Know About Mitt Romney's Tax Returns Mother
Jones- Take a Look at What Paul Ryan Did to His Own Congressional
District, and Be Very Scared for Your Country Progressive Populist-
Classic Koch: How California's Prop. 32 Could Enrich Two Billionaires
Frying Pan News/To kill, we convince ourselves that the enemy is not
human: "they kill babies in their cribs", "they used poison gas on their
own people", etc. To allow suffering, we convince ourselves that the
suffering is their fault. The internal result of these self-delusions is
that we are less human/The extra tan was the least of it... Mitt's temper
tantrum, bused-in audience, and last minute demands at Univision "Town
Hall Mitt Fit: Romney Threw ‘Temper Tantrum’ and Forced Univision to
Re-tape Intro is an exception,  a tiny country
that gets about $10B in US aid every year, which is the only thing that
makes its economy work/4th of july in urmouth, co steak house $395 steak
92112/Palestinians Condemn Mitt's Comment That They Have "No Interest
Whatsoever" in Peace ap/Elizabeth Warren Wins the "Which Side Are You
On?" Debate John Nichols, The Nation/A journalist recounts his violent
arrest, My State-Sponsored Assault, Courtesy of the NYPD John Knefel-For
the angry right, hatred is a symphony of duplicity, orchestrated by
turning the truth on its head - which is how they came to compose an
operatic backlash in which a rampaging neo-Nazi was transformed into an
insidious tool of the left, Arthur Goldwag-Apartheid Never Died in South
Africa: It Inspired a World Order Upheld by Force and Illusion John
Pilger, Truthout/"If State Farm was like my neighbor, it'd steal my mail
and yell at me in Jewish," Drunk Uncle slurred. Bill Hader was slimy at
the Update desk as Democratic operative James Carville, but he didn't
slither. Seth Meyers, whose one-liners roasted Jesus' supposed-wife, the
Jewish New Year and the NFL replacement referees, was pointed, but not
razor-sharp. Between a so-so opening sketch featuring Fox & Friends
defending Mitt's latest video gaffes (note: truth has been funnier than
fiction this week), a bland commercial parody about political convention
audience members and a number of very awkward throws-to and returns-from
commercials, one wonders why not situate the whole show around Seth
Meyers and the desk, and use a large number of the cast as
guests?rs/There aren't many presidential candidates we can recall who
look to Hitler for ideas, or at least they would not publicly admit that
they admire some of the technological research of the Nazi regime. It's
just bad politic, in the chronic tone deaf fashion that we have come to
know from mitt, he doesn't offer a qualifying remark, such as, "as
demonic and evil as he [Hitler] was."  No, mitt just tosses him in with
other people and nations he would borrow energy ideas from-The wealthy
in American supported Hitler. Bush Jr's grandfather ran a money laudering
scheme. The wealthy in America donated money to Prescott Bush and
Prescott moved that money to Hitler. The scheme was shutdown. Mussolini a
facist crushed the unions and the workers in Italy, does that sound
familiar? I repeat Mussolini coined the term facism. The Republican
governors attacked unions ie Walker in Wisconsin. Romney recently said at
a campaign rally that unions are out. Facism's rise in Germany and Italy
was funded by Corporations, does that sound familiar? hint: Tea Party
directed and financed by big capitalist power. Should it be no surprise
that Romney would use the Hitler dog whistle to the big capitalist power?
No it shouldn't-"Fascism" is the joining of totalitarian government with
corporate economic and political power. Not just lil' Bush's granddaddy,
but Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh also supported the Nazis-If there's
anything to be learned from Hitler, it's don't mess with the Russians, a
memo Romney probably didn't get-bf/

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