Thursday, July 19, 2012

71912/The trouble with Liberals is that they know so much that isn't true

71912/GAGA SHOCKING ILLUMINATI CONFESSION, admits satanic influence.
Alejandro blasphemy, devil symbolism. Talks about her belief in satan,
god and her 'dream'. Luciferian baphomet, occultic freemasons-Hollywood
and Media=illuminati control-12 Trillion Republican Debt Proof wing propaganda, personal responsibility,
socialism, are all Republican talking points without any merit. What
about corporate responsibility? your worry about the poor guy on welfare
while the banks steel billions from our coffers-Tell us another
side-splitter about what Reagan did that was so magical, besides winning
the American gold medal for credit card swiping-not other's fault your
ignorance and that Fox News knows this crap and they are happy to
brainwash people like you that believe their daily unsense debates and
fabricated american news-he said they didn't build the american system
that made it possible for them to create their businesse-Do you believe
EDUCATION assists, in any way, with someone's success? In your case, it
didn't give you any sort of intelligence or critical thinking skills,
that's obvious. Another brain lost to Faux Noize. Dumber than the average
bear-How much koolaid did you people drink? Dumbocraps are tearing this
FRIENDS-The Vatican and the Knights of Malta: Owners of World's Biggest
Banks, tries to take away your
freedom and force their agenda on you, ala NAZISM of the republican kind.
Your statement is a so what? statement. We might as well say that there
are people in both parties that like ice cream, but the Dems aren't
trying to force everybody to like vanilla and outlaw rockyroad-Allah
loves not transgressors"-"FRIGHT WING"-favorite Reagan quote, "The
trouble with Liberals is that they know so much that isn't true- fb/Spain
and Italy have been burdened with sky-high borrowing costs - levels seen
as unsustainable for governments in the long term. Rogers argues that the
deal does not improve the solvency of indebted nations such as Spain.
Spain's central government budget deficit has soared to 3.41 percent of
GDP in the first five months of 2012, above the EU limit of 3 percent. He
adds that the governments need to stop coming to the rescue of failing
banks, even if it results in "financial Armageddon-Harvard Prof Niall
Ferguson S&P 500 Index goto 418 ... Harvard Business Review-Civil Unrest
If Experienced, Will Change Your Life Forever People can do some thing's
that you wouldn't think anybody could do-BANKSTER RATS SHOULD HANG, DO
you really think these guys really jumped out of their office building
during the great depression? Or did some angry investors have something
to do with it?-MASSIVE RIOTS IN 2013 Gene Burnett Jump You F*#kers (A
Song For Wall Street)- I'm ready to kick some wall st azzzzzzzzzzzzz
right now!! We just need someone to lead the charge.-ygs/If entrepreneurs
are shuttering their businesses because of this, then they probably
making a smart decision and going back to just being employees because
they are NOT entrepreneurs sa/
3.5b chineze trade deficit and olymic uniforms made there daygen, faux
sez no more drug talk,varny 150$ sidneyzoo,24$ quart of ice cream, on
71812/Countries such as Spain and Italy have been burdened with sky-high
borrowing costs - levels seen as unsustainable for governments in the
long term. Rogers argues that the deal does not improve the solvency of
indebted nations such as Spain. Spain's central government budget deficit
has soared to 3.41 percent of GDP in the first five months of 2012, above
the EU limit of 3 percent. He adds that the governments need to stop
coming to the rescue of failing banks-Red Cross report published in
1979 says that 271,704 people died Holocaust Fraud. really happen. Hitler
did kill Je_ws but not 6 million of them because 6 million is actually an
exaggerated figure. The ‘personal accounts’ of many people that are up on
the Je_wish sites are all made up. I can write a story and submit it to
the site saying “my grandmother wrote and she experienced the Holocaust”
1942, a Je_wish newspaper had it mentioned in one of its articles that
the total number of Je_ws in Germany is 3 million ygs/World is Under Rule
of Criminal Cabal-Super Criminal Plutocracy murdered President Lincoln
for exposing them in his day. They did the same to JFK for attempting to
cut the Super Crooks nutz off by shutting down the Federal Reserve
Corporation that deliberately bankrupted the USA in 1933. When the are
you idiots going to WTFU? Fox...all so true, including denying learsI
"the bomb"! The world is under MEGA MAFIA RULE that murdered Uncle Sam
and replaced him with UNcle Scam!!! Unfortunately, the people slumber
under mainstream media mesmerization-I want WWIII it would be better then
this death of a million paper cuts -Criticism and dissent are the
indispensable antidote to major delusions." Alan Barth yfs "C'mon Wall
Street don't be slow, like man it's a war a go-go". Ayer's old man was a
very rich capitalist. How old was Bill then? Did he really understand
what he was doing? I think the times were nuts, and so were the
Underground. But, over the course of time, you learn to look at things in
perspective. Today, Obama is the commander in chief & kids are being
killed again-Perry says all candidates should be transparent, but stopped
short of calling on Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns,
Tuesday, he shifted the focus to Obama, calling it 'inappropriate' that
he hasn't released his college transcripts-capitalism justification for
all enslavement, rape, and fraud in human history.-fb Official Killed in
Suicide Blast A government building was hit in Syria early Wednesday
morning, killing the regime's top defense minister and wounding another
official. How victim was closely related to Assad More News Syria Swiftly
Replaces Defense Minister Report: Country Threatened by Far-Right Senator
Accused of Blackmail marcello-dellutri-berlusconi-blackmail-Convict
Shoots Own Genitals, Gets Arrested- NOT THE SHARPEST TOOL: This Man Was
Arrested For Operating A Chainsaw Naked White Powder Scare Linked To
MURDER - Of Crows Pole Dancing Prostitutes Destroying Street Signs In New
Zealand 'I AM The Guy Who Stole The Safe': Man Comes Clean In Hilarious
Obituary-Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket Sage Stallone's Funeral-
hp-until people fully realized what was going on. An S&M dungeon where
people could learn and act out sexual fantasies was housed in the same
building as a children's dance studio.The S&M shop has since been kicked
out-_ aol/being led around by the nose by the Bush Republicans that
destroyed our economy.y66/Did Mitt release his tax returns yet? Does he
have something to hide?-Deny, Divert, Deflect, Mislead, Misconstrue and
Lie like a rug. What leftists and Arabs/M[u]slims have in common. yip/
Firefighters will spend the next two weeks setting homes ablaze on a
small island in New York Harbor for one purpose: Saving lives.r/Americans
are losing faith in traditional media. More and more, it is becoming
apparent that the consolidation of big media into the hands of a few
corporations has degraded the quality and quantity of our news and
information. In some cases, they choose to either infotain us or
deliberately mislead-mittisms? diverted $45,000 from the state's
Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) to hold a send-off rally
for the football team at Foxboro's Gillette Stadium that prominently
featured the former governor himself. The 2,500 people who attended the
rally failed to fill the stadium, but cost each taxpayer 18$--to
 mcstain, chicago sleaze politics by bernie, noel mcphoar,
fittness model, republican fund raiser, form expert, so politicans will
"listen" proposes to be perfectly honest, quid pro quo, anti-obama brand,
bsa losers sucks, on imus sumoan, no conspirsacy here, arrogance judge,
upset about badguy in batman(57) is named bane, security leaks causing
accountability problems, not sacrificing americans, lamar smith, bachman
attacks hillary and uma/Rodney King Is Dead, but Little Else Has Changed
Since the Riots That Bore His NameThe LA uprising burned through the fog
to reveal police brutality as the handmaiden of inner city misery.
Contrary to pontificating that King's beating ushered in more
professional policing, not much has changed. Policing the poor is about
keeping the profitable machinery of deprivation and cruelty running
smoothly Arun Gupta-Japanese Protesters Take to the Streets Against
Nuclear Reactors Thom Hartmann-if You're Listed as the Owner of a Car,
You Are Responsible for It. So What's the Difference With Bain?, McCain
on Romney: "Palin Was the Better Candidate."... No, Seriously, He Said
That, The "We Don't Care, Less Care for You, Couldn't Care Less"
PartyReverend Rodriguez's Unenviable Task: Selling Romney to Hispanics
Mark Karlin-FDA Approves First Drug to Prevent HIV Infection National
Public Radio- Must We Go Here Again? Birthers, Neo-Birthers and
Right-Wing Sleaze National Memo- GOP Stonewalls Climate Hearing Amid
Extreme Weather tpm- Walmart: Fifty Years of Gutting America's Middle
Class Cagle Post-Truthout/EDU Tanks As Formal SEC Investigation Continues ye/Mitt's campaign has spent $35 million in swiftboat
53,000 ads in Florida nitwit still trails/Mark Ruffalo - Oscar-nominated
actor, director, producer, activist and Truthout supporter, who also just
happens to be The Hulk - says, "Truthout is important to a healthy and
vibrant democracy. With integrity in news and fearlessness in the face of
adversity, The Truth is never a bad way to go-GOP Is So Used to Throwing
Punches, It Doesn't Know How to Take One BuzzFlash- The Rush to Abandon
the Poor nyt- Katrina vanden Heuvel | Unleashing the Power of Real Girls
Washington Post- Romney's New Tax Incentive for Outsourcing US Jobs
Center for American Progress- USDA Prepares to Green Light Gnarliest GMO
Soy Yet Mother Jones-to/Bernanke (right) called Ron Paul's 'Audit the
Fed' bill a 'nightmare scenario' cnn/
71712/.Bankers making Billions, Lending Billions to Drug Cartels while
economies burn, God and money..can't serve 2 maasters.....ex-gov served
money...worshiped it..broke up comapnies forit..stashed it illegaly in
island is supported by sleeze sheldon..what will sheldon
get if ex-gov for the Christian president that we have..not
the cultist moneylover...he is no Christian-Obama so jealous of Governer
Romney's success?-Obama had to cheat and steal to make his money. Act
like you care about people while you play golf, smoke pot and party hard.
Pathetic. Not a leader  ybac/last night's episode, the former vampire
king Russell had no qualms about dismissing Roman's bloviations as
religious fanaticism rs/inject facts and independent voices into the
veins of American moneyocracy- As the West Burns: Speaking Truth to
Fire"During the first week of July, referring to current raging
wildfires, Princeton climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer said, 'What
we're seeing is a window into what global warming really looks like. It
looks like heat; it looks like fires; it looks like this kind of
environmental disaster.' Up close, it looked scary as hell. Most Utah
residents will probably be inhaling wildfire smoke until the fall, and
not just this summer, but most summers from now on. Dr. Brian Moench, the
Biggest Company Town on Earth "The miners in West Virginia and eastern
Kentucky ... wanted to be freed from the debt peonage of the company
stores, to be paid fairly for their work, to have better safety in the
mines, to fight back against the judges, politicians, journalists and
civil authorities who had sold out to Big Coal, and to have a union. They
grasped that unchallenged and unregulated corporate power was a form of
enslavement." Chris Hedges-Kick the Habit: Fund Our Communities, Not War
Joseph Gerson, -"Nationally, Lockheed-Martin and other weapons
manufacturers have threatened to put an election year political gun to
Congress' head-Scandal-Plagued Congressman to Give Ethics Lecture to
Crowd of Lobbyists"Congressman Jerry Lewis (R-CA) has faced years upon
years of scandal: FBI investigations over corrupt land deals, ties to the
Duke Cunningham bribery scandal, pay-to-play earmarks, and even a small
controversy over his attempt to solicit lobbyists to finance his official
portrait Lee Fang-Prosecute the Big Banks for LIBOR Manipulation?[I]s
this a criminal conspiracy? Well, let's take the word criminal first.
There's no dispute this is a criminal problem. How do we know that?
Because the United States Department of Justice entered into an agreement
with Barclays and agreed that Barclays would not be prosecuted for
criminal conduct if Barclays would pay $160 million to the United States
and agree to a set of facts which clearly lays out criminal conduct Paul
Jay, The Real News Network-Ripping Off the Public of Billions of Dollars
Should Land You in Jail, Not the Forbes Wealthiest Persons List
Mark Karlin, Five Reasons the Super-Rich Need Government More Than the
Rest of Us BuzzFlash-Pennsylvania, the Rosa Parks of Voter ID Faces Down
GOP Voter Suppressioncsm- Krugman: The Election Is About the Rich vs. the
Rest- Raging Youth Unemployment Fuels Fears of Social Collapse in Spain
Global Post-The wealthiest 400 people in the US own more wealth than the
bottom 185 million*. That's crazy- Truthout
nrarobocall do you, or not, believe the un is antigun rights?/Bernanke
Q&A: clearly well-prepped Bernanke has the names and dates at the
ready, calls the system used to set the rate for pretty much everything
"structurally flawed," but says its manipulation was apparently not tied
to profit, "The Fed official did not know what Libor was, or how to pull
it up on Bloomberg, speaking of the employee whose job it was to get
"market color" by talking to banks/spider, London Olympics monument...
"keeping the theme of Zion" as Lord Mayor of London-"now the bane of the
GOP", could be his undoing?-your tone reflects your limited ability to
parse facts. Obama is not the issue, USA has been corrupted for decades.
JFK was the last relevant American president, he was killed for a reason
(by George Boosh sr CIA et all for wanting to dismantle the FED reserve~
banking cabal still owned by Rothschilds/Vatican)...if you want a fix,
it's gonna take a complete redress of our system. You can't blame Obama-
Becauuusssse ... socialist liberals do NOT believe in personal
responsibility. They believe that government is the solution to ALL
problems. Their feeble attempts at implementing their flawed dogma, have
caused the problems. Thus ... the liberals are at fault-Kettle Pot
Black-Why do republicans blame Communist, Socialist, Liberal, Homosexual,
Hipocryte, Demon-crats-Obama blaming Bush for McDonalds taking away the
McRib?-lie by omission is that it was Clinton who pushed Fannie and
Freddie to buy subprime loans. It was John Weicher, Assistant HUD
secretary under President Bush who encouraged Fannie and Freddie to buy
subprime loans in order to keep pace with the private sector; 97 percent
of subprime loans were bought between 2004 and 2006-you know President
Obama and Clinton are not liberals-Lying to the SEC is not a felony --
it's an entire industry, Colbert.-fb/Releasing past tax returns would
give Obama more to 'distort and lie ABC- Syria Said to Use Helicopters
Against Rebels Wst- Mofaz: I am willing to compromise but won't cross red
lines jm-Backwards, rp. Kind of like running a job killing, Morman as a
job creating Christian. Big Brother Speak-g/ debates/Global
banking giant HSBC failed to prevent billions of dollars worth of money
transfers that Senate investigators believe are linked to drug cartels
and terrorist groups cnn/Bernanke left out specifics Tuesday but said the
central bank was prepared to take further steps to stimulate the economy
bw/bama can't deliver, crony capitalism in whitehouse, cut a check to 23m
americans (middleclass), 900b biden conspiracy geraldo/catching 7 yr old
falling 40 ft, how much money does mitt need, on imus/
71612/Why is stupidity so rampant among the fringe right?-
They were born stupid. It's a result of inbreeding-Romney can't win, but
let's keep lying about Obama!-FDA Spied on E-Mails of Its Own
Scientists"A wide-ranging surveillance operation by the Food and Drug
Administration against a group of its own scientists used an enemies list
of sorts as it secretly captured thousands of e-mails that the
disgruntled scientists sent privately to members of Congress, lawyers,
labor officials, journalists and even President Obama, Eric Lichtblau and
Scott Shane- As Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Approaches, Debt Emerges
as Widespread Occupy Grievance: "Some of the most prominent initiatives
of OWS and the Occupy movement more broadly have revolved around the
foreclosure crisis Yates McKee, Waging Nonviolence-US Builds Criminal
Cases in Fixing of Interest Rates, Those Responsible Treated Like
Upstanding Members of the Global Elite Whose Companies Got a Traffic
Fine, Department of Homeland Security Lets Florida Use Its Data for Voter
Check nyt- Fifty Shades of Capitalism: Pain and Bondage in the American
Workplace Salon- Dear DoJ: We Don't Want Financial Settlements, We Want
Bankers Who Committed Massive Fraud to Go to Prison Crooks and Liars- The
Romney "Fact-Checking" Scandal Consortium News-to/Why? Because roc's in
MVt mirror roc's in nominal gDp. PT=MVt - Irving Fischer's "equation of
exchange", not Milton Friedman's PQ=MVi where Vi(income velocity - see
FRED database), is a contrived figure-under massive attack by perma-bears
all over the web for being too optimistic (I wrote dozens of articles
since early 2009 consistently refuting the intense and widespread belief
that the US economy and stock market was going to collapse). Now the
tables are turned and I have people all over me for being too
pessimistic. I'm interested in truth, folks. I am not interested in being
the leader of a herd or a specific partyline-month-long investigation of
the stricken crude unit at Motiva's massive Texas refinery reportedly has
uncovered the "worst news" about its condition, giving operators no
reason to shorten estimates of up to a year-long outage. The crude unit
was knocked out of production on June 9, five weeks after it began
operating, by a rare occurrence of accelerated chemical corrosion-U.K.
parliamentary panel over the Libor scandal. Del Missier says he received
a phone call from Bob Diamond saying the BOE was pressurizing Barclays to
get Libor down- sa/a system where campaign professionals themselves
estimate that 80 percent of campaign spending is wasted*, where fewer
than one in five citizens approves of the job Congress is doing and where
the noxious stench of campaign money can be smelled from overseas, we
also need to invest time and money in breaking this relationship between
money and politics, Support Truthout as we try and inject facts and
independent voices into the veins of American moneyocracy-to/Obama has
done nothing in four years to help the American People out of this mess
he said he would change. He only helped himself get rich off our Debt by
buying Treasure notes and selling books he lied about the contents in
them-obama was voted in ceo by 69m* shareholders-gallup, 68% of the
public still blame bush for the economy-two stoopid phuckin broken
records are a joke! You demlibs are SO mindphucked that you would find
any money romney made as proof he was the evil rich white guy you seek to
bury! John Edwards, Kennedy, Bloomberg all "CLEAN" money! What a flippin
joke! BTW: Obama did NOT release how much Soros paid his blind trust!-The
issue is romney's tax returns and all your blather won't change it-The
more the romney supporters see things slipping away from mitt, the more
irrational they will become-Focus indeed on the big picture: Gold was
worth $21.63/oz during the gold standard era (1913). Since then
accumulated inflation is a whopping 2200%, so a dollar today is worth a
little less than a 1913 nickel. But partly as a result of a 10 year bull
run which you assume will continue, just as we were told that "real
estate never goes down", gold prices have increased a humongous 7700%
over the same period. So either inflation explodes in today's
de-leveraging environment, or gold implodes-rb/Tell us how he formed an
international working group to address" the problem of "more than five
million Iraqis (who) are refugees or are displaced inside their own
country yfas/GOP Mocked For Protecting Own Health Care In Repeal Vote hp/
don exposes fauxbusiness syrian explosion loop. bernie does a good
cheech martin, 30 tackflats, tourdefranc, weiner back, hillary getting
the shoe in egypt, gram(hillary and weiner) and don humps mitt, dog pile
jama and billy, dagen reports lobster glutt, sally kohn on freedoms in
egypt on imus
71512/occupy druggies/losers need to be fire-hosed, Taibbi...alternet
crackpot..WORTHLESS-Kind of funny but mostly sad that in this "land of
the "free" or home of the "brave"...where we demand others live up to
"human rights" conditions...that we allow, tolerate, and support, Better
that we don't think about it!In 48 hours, we will allow more to be killed
than in the entire Iraq war! It makes the taliban beating the women pale
in comparision. Yet we tolerate it and in so doing...endorse it...
because we have mind fcked ourselves into calling it a "freedom"...a
"choice". DUB's sex life is a "choice"... and even he is willing to take
responsibility. THIS is MURDER!...and the dems want more! I post a note
here supporting killing the babies after birth and only multi replies.
"Obummer" is the most important choice in executing our "ideology"? I
dont think so! I am amazed that SO MANY can sit by and do SO LITTLE while
such atrocities take place! READ THE LOGIC OF THE NEXT WAVE COMING! dingleberry bullshite is hanging on your chin...ya
dumbazz!-mitt's the biological embodiement of a corporation-rb/old road
to full modernization modernization, social what does is confuse them...
now have a whole system of slaves which created since the lemuria...
imagine the amount of charlatans that there are thousands... most... same
ignorance in education which is obsolete and full of lies(nuevo es el
camino antiguo en plena modernizacion la modernizacion , social lo unico
que hace es confundirlos...ahora poseen un sistema entero de esclavos el
cual crearon desde la lemuria, imaginense la cantidad de charlatanes que
hay son mayoria por ignorancia...misma en la educacion la cual
es obsoleta y llena de mentiras)-to display the ugly facial features the
creator of this meme had...I suspect you are projecting your hatred and
belief in the reptilian royal blood lines onto this MEme..but the creator
of this Meme might have been a hillbily tea bagger whose motivation was
just racist..and YES Chad those are both used as definitions...But having
an idea of being superior over another based on race goes hand in hand
with pre-judging based on race-Al Qaeda's CIA connections (quite possibly
origins), the PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses Paper, and the
experiences during the months leading up to 9/11 of FBI agents like the
one who was onto the alleged hijackers at a flight school in Florida but
was told to drop it, and the pretty transparent use of the ever-looming
"threat of terrorism" being used to justify the civil liberties
obliterating Patriot Act are facts, and will always be facts. Debates
about the physics and mechanics of what happened with the planes and the
buildings aren't even dependent on those facts-if evil-ution is a lie,
that must mean good-lution is true...or what? :-) Seriously, how anyone
can doubt evolution in our day and age is beyond my comprehension. -I
think the spelling error might have been intentional. "Evil"ution. I'm
not picking a side, or anything. I'm just point that out-no wonder
majority can sleep at night. evil-ution NOT evolution. problem is lack of
imagination. & both r dumbarse. put energy into attacking the arseholes
Israel, obomber, romney, bankers, etc. fk sake-Perry of Texas " I do NOT
believe in SCIENCE " everything you need to know is right there in the
bible-Shame on you Republicans !!!! but they can not say that in Fox
News, they do not want to recognize their mistakes and how they destroy
our economy for One Guy : Osama Bin Laden - where is all that money ? in
their contractors's pockets plus Please ! OIL business, I would like to
know how much money Bush spended in that war for 8 years. Now you now
where is that money-George Bush and Dick Cheney and the rest of the
neocons were really bad for the COuntry-those average joes who oppose
affordable healthcare are doing out of ignorance of the real facts, or
are ticked off at the fact that once again a black man is making history!
but look at it this way, obama is half white, so u can take half the
credit!-“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it
cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less
formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the
traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers
rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government
itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents
familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, he
appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots
the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to
undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it
can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear” -Marcus Tullius Cicero
42 BC-Do you want a Mexican mornon as President that is foing to help
only the billionaries, are you one of them ?-Who says that Republicans
love America? The modern group of republicans love multi-national
corporations, money, convenient lies, weapons and the neighborhoods where
they live but don't give a hoot for much else-GOPer's, this non-stop
parroting of rhetoric that is short on facts and only appeals to the
bigots and hate- mongering sentiments that the mere presence of an Obama
presidency elicits. It is painfully clear the Republican obstinacy and
obstructionism has become the name of the game, and selective amnesia the
preferred route that they have taken-osama added 5 trillion in 3 years.
have you gotten your mortgage paid by him, or any check at all for
sticking by this crud and his demon looking wife? come on get real! but
this country is destined to be pulled down and osama obama will be the
one to do it-gud idea tho-By: Christians Against Obama-the pied piper and
youidiots on the left are following him again you know why because he
knows you.are stupid and will believe anything he tells you you have
already proven that just by listening to your remarks-"Forward". "The
name “Forward” carries a special meaning in Socialist political
terminology. It has been frequently used as a name for Socialist,
Communist and other left-wing newspapers and publications," a word long
associated with European Marxism-folks who booed Romney st the NAACP
Convention weren't Welfare Queens, or even people whose jobs pay so
little that they need Food Stamps. They were the inbetweeners. Too rich
for the safety net, not rich enough for the Free Stuff that the 1% gets-
I guess limbaugh was too bloated with hate to figure that out-talk to a
real live Tea Bagger...It is hilarious join me on Mitt ROmney and ROn
Paul FB pages and try and reason with someone who believes everything
Glenn Beck says, Fascinating-fb/Obama says he will not apologize for his
and his campaign's messages-Devil is at it again.... Obama quietly signed
his name to an Executive Order , allowing the White House to control all
private communications in the country in the name of national
securitygives himself US President Barack Obama control of all
communication systems in America RT-then there was in their synagogue a
man with an unclean spirit, and he cried out, "What have you to do with
us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are,
the Holy One of God." But Jesus rebuked him, saying, "Be silent, and come
out of him!" And the unclean spirit, convulsing him and crying with a
loud voice, came out of him. They were all amazed, and they kept on
asking one another, "What is this? A new teaching-with authority! He
commands even the unclean spirits, and they obey him.- »-g/kashmir /GOP-controlled House of Representatives
voted for the 33rd time in 18 months to repeal the Affordable Care Act
-The state of Texas is in federal court against the Department of
Justice, trying to defend their voter I.D. law, which has been blocked as
prejudicial. Ten Reasons Texas Has George W. Bush On Ineligible To Vote
List The Obama Administration is using a Harvard University study that
shows 1.5 million eligible voters would be purged from the state’s rolls.
Interest -fb
71412/here is why they dont want greece to default- Doesn't it bother any
of you that it's getting hotter for the joos? If I was a joo, I'd be
watching over my shoulder and not just for Arabs-You don't have to
bother, goy-Rigggggggggt and thank somebody- besides being an idiot you
are naturally born yellow-both your comments are uncalled for. It just
shows the shaky ground you feel you're standing on-If you were a Hutu,
you'd have a hard time around Tutsis. 3. If you were an Uzbek, Tadzhik,
Kazakh or any other I slam ic dimwit from the area, you'd be having hard
time staying alive in Russia proper. 4. Your chances of survival - as an
Allawite, a Palestinian or Sunni in Iraq; as Shi'a in Bahrain; as
Christian in Iran, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan; as Chinese in Indonesia -
are near zero as it is. 5. Your chances to pass for a eJw ANYWHERE but in
any of the AraNa.zi Nations are zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Kaput- you were
one, you'd be muuuuuuuuuuch smarter, and THAT is why you can't possibly
be one- calm down boy, you're gonna have a stroke. Just sayin seein more
about the joos lately in the news doing what they do best, swarming:) it
is one of your diseases, isn't it? ypi/Joe] Paterno was to be paid $3
million at the end of the 2011 season if he agreed it would be his last.
Interest-free loans totaling $350,000 that the university had made to Mr.
Paterno over the years would be forgiven as part of the retirement
package. He would also have the use of the university's private plane and
a luxury box at Beaver Stadium for him and his family to use over the
next 25 years Jo Becker-Fed Knew of False Barclays Reports on Rates -mitt
Demands an Apology from Obama for Bain Attacks nyt Visa, MasterCard in
$7.3 Billion Settlement Over Credit Card Fees MSNBC Iceland Has Hired an
Ex-Cop to Hunt Down the Bankers That Wrecked Its Economy Business
Insider-Billions Wasted in Iraq US News/USDA documents revealing the
organization’s role in the massive slaughter. In addition to the mass
bird killings, it turns out the USDA was fully aware that a
highly-popular herbicide chemical was a known bee-killer, which may have
aided the bee decline. The USDA has also threatened the genetic integrity
of the nation’s crops. Information has surfaced regarding the USDA’s
illegal approval of Monsanto’s biotech crop, sugar beets/

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