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6612/Turkey has indicted four former I[s]raeli military commanders, part
of a flotilla headed for Gaza in defiance of the naval blockade that
Israel imposed on the territory. I[s]raeli commandos boarded the ship and
nine activists were killed. "..... Israel has refused to formally
apologize, saying its commandos acted in self-defense
6512/It behooves one to understand that the dynamics of the world is such
that there are those working day and night to bring about justice
exclusive of your sentiments. The wheel is constantly turning and don't
be caught under it-Obama loves Black Friday He thinks it means voter
turn out-Funny-
so does your mamma... gives her a chance to secretyly gobble up all the
black cawk she can get, she just calls it Fridays-shooting fish in a
barrel -go all in with your monopoly money. idiot-
why are you so angry man? You're stock is up big today. I think you need
to get yourself a hot little escort and have her take some of the edge
off-nothing is worse than a liar in this world. you'll learn that when
you get older-Sluts' Unite Against Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, Amy
Bingham | ABC y/marijuana-smoking woman was arrested on Saturday in
Phoenix after she accidentally drove away with her five-week-old son in a
child safety seat on the roof, mother in Mexico has been arrested on
suspicion of gouging out the eyes of her 5-year-old son during a
ceremony.-Herb Reed, the last of the founding members of 1950s R&B
crooners The Platters, known for hits such as "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
and "The Great Pretender," has died in Boston age 83-r/could go on and on
about how ridiculously evil this network is and how horrible it is that
we allow these financial propaganda networks to manipulate the markets to
the benefit of the highest bidder but, in the long run - who cares? If
you watch CNBC and take it seriously - just like people who watch Fox to
find out what's going on in the world - you reap what stuff you have sown
GOP lost the slut vote/markets are ambiguous right now. They won't make
up their minds whether this is a correction or a bear until clarity comes
out of Europe between now and the 18th as the Greek elections are on the
17th/the markets are rigged, Ted Warren told us that years ago.
The billionaires make millions and we stand in their shadows as
"thousandaires" making hundreds", We live on credit, We live on dope.
There is no promises when your living on hope" - Blown Away - Warrior
Soul-Rule of the streets: Listen to what Goldman says publicly and
do/prepare for the opposite/1906 the Zionist congress decided the Jewish
homeland should be Palestine. 1914 With the outbreak of World War I,
Britain promised the independence of Arab lands under Ottoman rule,
including Palestine, in return for Arab support against Turkey which had
entered the war on the side of Germany. more than 800,000 Arabs who lived
in Israeli-held territory before 1948, only about 170,000 remained. The
rest became refugees in the surrounding Arab countries/meanwhile
homelessness goes through the roof. This is caused by propping up zombie
banks and not letting houses fall to market clearing rates. The waste is
quite literally criminal- You lived your entire life in a country in the
free world but you still have zero idea how free market capitalism works.
Have you ever learned what is Darwinism? Oh I forget, your religious
belief prohibits you to believe in Darwinism, but that is precisely how
the reality world works/ 09 j moshe iszali microbiologist warned of
ukrain baxter lab vaccine. 3 months before 81 deaths,24k haspitalized,
478k h1n1 infected- charged with Obama deththreats (!) then 'released to
psychiatric institution. Then he was probably shipped back 2 a black hole
in Israel/World Watches Wisconsin: Tom Morello Gathers International
Messages of Solidarity"Tom Morello played a concert in Madison,
Wisconsin, on Friday in solidarity with the effort to recall Governor
Walker. In advance of the concert, he solicited messages of solidarity
from around the world and they came pouring in from Spain, Quebec, Chile,
Greece, Tunisia and Egypt Tom Morello- California Gay Marriage Case
Headed to US Supreme Court "The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals'
decision to deny an appeal of February's ruling against Proposition 8
paves the way for a U.S. Supreme Court decision on gay marriage by next
year. The decision means the U.S. Supreme Court is likely to have two
major gay-rights cases on its docket in the near future. Another federal
appeals court last week struck down a federal law that denied federal
recognition to same-sex marriage Maura Dolan, lat-Confidant Contradicts
Walker, Claims Governor Is Not Cooperating With Corruption Investigation
Annie-Rose Strasser, ThinkProgress: Truthout:
6412/Madonna is a Crass, Vulgar, less than Stellar Human Being... The
Bovine classification Zionist whore with Satanyahu's & wife " Cruela of
Hell, Real Jews against Zionism/Norris is jumping into the Wisconsin
recall battle, telling Wisconsinites to ignore President Bill Clinton and
vote for Gov. Walker/Hawks Whip Out The Stupid, Krugman curb stomp two
British austerity jackasses. UK is officially back in a recession and one
of them claims they didn't go far enough and that's why austerity failed /OBAMA IS THE NEW HITLER Polish death
Destructive people Izrallis destroy property and are very
bad people All they want is yum yum TORONTO, porn
actor accused of videotaping a murder and mailing body parts to the
country's top political parties has been arrested in Berlin USA TODAY/
Obama, Republican challenger Mitt Romney, and their allies have already
spent $87 million on TV ads ap-Obama outspends Romney on online ads CNN-
unspoken campaign truce on issues of faithKansas City Star/Supreme Court
Justices reject appeal, shielded two Secret Service agents from being
sued for having arrested a Colorado man who confronted former Vice
President Dick Cheney on the street and said his “policies on Iraq are
disgusting lat/ Fireworks Found on Southwest Airlines Plane Virgin
Atlantic Issues 'Weep Warnings' On Flights Seychelles Shark Attack:
British Honeymooner, Eaten by Shark/
The same amount of electricity will drive an EV as far as a gallon. The
fuel/electric argument is totally DEAD. Get over it, Government doesn't
lose one penny to the people. It's obvious. They save by not exporting
money, (National debt) is stopped!! Barak must love Elon/To extract the
oil, the rock needs to be heated to very high temperatures—ranging from
about 650 to 1,000 degrees F-the kind of project that only Washington DC
could love, expensive/ As the nation's largest bank by assets JPMorgan
Chase is bound to have its share of legal troubles but recently it's been
party to some of the ugliest accusations Forbes/
By Laurence Arnold on June 04, 2012 Marion Sandler, part of a husband-
and-wife team that earned billions from lending during the housing boom,
then fought back against critics of the adjustable-rate mortgage they
helped popularize, has died BusinessWeek/Re: OBAMA'S INCUMBENCY PROBLEM
Obama has the pully bullpit and even that won't help him-ZIMMERMAN: AN
INNOCENT MAN LYNCHED BY THE LIBS, supposed to be innocent until proven
guilty in a court of law. Sadly, the Libs have forgotten this. They keep
trying to lynch Zimmerman. Just remember: today, the Libs have come for
Zimmerman. Tomorrow, they may be coming for YOU- There is admittedly some
justice in a lib who was mutant friendly getting his just desserts-lying
about how much money he has. And it doesn't make things look good when
his wife hinted about his second passport being in a safe deposit box-WHO
CARES??? Zimmerman is a lib himself. As far as I'm concerned they are
just thinning the herd-a lib who was mutant friendly getting his just
desserts at the hands of those he was trying to placate-proven liar
George Zimmerman? Is that REALLY the poster boy you want?- Who the hell
does this guy think he is, Clinton? Unless you're a Democrat President,
lying will NOT be tolerated-Nice deflection. For a second there, I
totally forgot we were discussing the Zimmerman case. :)-You're holding
him to an impossible standard. It isn't a deflection, it was simply
pointing out other folks that have sought to protect themselves with a
lie. A lot of those people are well regarded in the Democrat party-
Zimmerman admitted to killing Martin- Which was not a crime, but rather a
service to humanity-I hope you realize how ridiculous you are making
yourself look-I hope you realize just how little I care what you, or any
other liberal maggot, think-Certainly. I'm very aware of that,
thanks-You, on the other hand, have an authoritarian personality which
demands that others share your worldview on the topics of the day lest
they be characterized as "not serious-I have respect for people who hold
opinions that are different than mine. It's just that you, specifically,
are saying really crazy things and making yourself look ridiculous.
That's sure not my fault-No one cares what you think you see or don't
see, loser- another fine example of what the would define as
christianity-your racist far right do not understand this fact-
3americasbecomingafasciststate /Controversy fizzing over Bloomberg's soda
ban CNN (blog)/No voter fatigue in Wisconsin as Republicans, Democrats
continue to spend fn/we drive to work now. Which is why so many guys get
killed, but you know…lobbyists persuaded the leg generals in the
Pantygone to buy LOTS of vehicles.If you’ve got a dead kid…I weep with
you, but blame the military-industrials and their bribes. You know,
Republicans and their billionaire buddies/Sock Puppet rally for GS
Banksters to rape muppets is here/Re: Eternal cry it is anti-semitsm    
Today, tomorrow, and forever despite their circumstances-The answer is
simple give more financial aid to Israel-POSTINGS ARE EMAILED TO YAHOO!/
obsessed troll with over 1000 posts-You seem to make conflicting
statements to what is released through the business media, do you have
insider information?-kuntwipe, I'm bored of him. Initially he was an
annoying gnat & I considered posting a 20k prize for anyone who would be
so kind as to club him like a seal, but now I just think he's a sad
pathetic loser who deserves no more of our attention. And his sidekick
rielaa who keeps leaping to his defence is even more pathetic.
Neither of them know a thing about banking nor about how stocks trade.
Worthless and pathetic rants from a sad insignificant loser who'll die a
bitter lonely old man-you insignificant gnat stuck within a dingleberry
on a camel's rectum, you and your buddy I have friends who own MS and
cannot believe its crashed 40% since March, Something is wrong. No sane
person can deny that/Will Scott Walker Get a Pink Slip, an Orange
Jumpsuit or a Second Chance? broke the story that Milwaukee County
prosecutors were forced to move from a regular investigation to a secret
'John Doe' criminal investigation more than two years ago after being
stonewalled by the County Executive's office. Court records released in
the trial of one of the defendants showed that prosecutors said Walker's
office had been 'unwilling or unable' to turn over requested records....
As of today, this ongoing criminal investigation has resulted in six
indictments, 15 felony charges, and two convictions, Five people are
awaiting trial." Mary Bottari, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/Can We Accept
Becoming a Nation of Low-Minded Racists and Self-Serving Billionaires?
BuzzFlash/Transparently Secretive Chamber of Commerce"Well, the Big
Business guys are transparent about one thing: They can't stand the idea
of the public holding them to account for their attempts to buy elections
and influence policy, or even that they be prevented from corrupting the
government contracting process. They are so terrified even of having
their political spending disclosed Robert Weissman, Public Citizen/
6312/Europe is slowing, China's cracking, and Facebook is face planting.
My crystal ball says it will be a long slow grind down all summer, enough
head fakes and bull traps to keep everyone queasy-R's in congress won't
do ANYTHING that MIGHT even RESEMBLE the slightest STIMULUS; they're
holding America hostage in order to try to control the White House/please
Total fed spending in 2009 was $3.518 trillion (25% of GDP), 2011 $3.603
trillion (24% of GDP), a nominal increase of 2.42%, an actual decrease of
1% versus GDP, and most likely a decrease in spending in
inflation-adjusted terms. If that's spending running wild, then we need
much, much wilder spending spree to goose the economy, might also be
surprised to learn that the Treasury reported a $59 billion cash SURPLUS
in April, 2012, the first since September, 2008/Richard Dawson, Family
Feud and one of Hogan's Heroes, passed away on Saturday due to esophageal
cancer. He was 79. Rest in peace/Officials Predicting Heavy Turnout in
Tuesday Election, CBS  Helen Whalen Cohen is reporting that the number of
absentee ballots that have already been cast foreshadows- recall of a
Governor that brought back their state from financial chaos to staunch
firm ground, is what those that lie and cheat want. Any support of these
crooks should be looked upon the rest of us as treason against the United
States not just Wisconsin/"Your First Amendment rights can be
terminated," yells the Chicago police officer, caught on video right
before arresting two journalists outside a Chicago hospital. One, an NBC
News photographer, was led away in handcuffs essentially for taking
pictures in a public place./ OMG PROOF LADY GAGA IS A MAN! omg. /Face-eating man incident intensifies
scrutiny over 'bath salts' drug under its most intense fire yet /The Vatican and the bible is a front for Rothchilds money
and propaganda. The bible is only a blueprint of Rothchilds master plan
of enslaving the world. "Blueprint of the Illuminati" Vatican is just a co-equal of MAFIA,
leaders collects money from their area and give it to their godfather,
priest collects money to their designated area and give it to the Pope,
6212/Another Stolen Presidential Election? ‎12 years after Bush v. Gore,
Democrats still appear mostly oblivious to GOP vote-suppression tactics War You Don't See' is a powerful and timely
investigation into the media's role in war, As weapons and propaganda
become even more sophisticated, the nature of war is developing into an
'electronic battlefield' in which journalists play a key role, and
civilians are the victims, John Pilger/Strike Two Against Florida’s
Attempts At Voter Suppression, one-two punch, the Department of Justice
has followed yesterday’s federal injunction against Florida’s voter
suppression law with an order for the state to stop purging their vote's numerous affronts to civil liberties are
inexcusable-one party is bad because Obama uses killer robots... but the
other party isn't, even though Mitt will?-All parties are paid by
lobbyists, all parties answer to corporations and private interests, all
politicians are more concerned about their own wealth than the American
public, all parties have proven (time and time again) to be liars who go
back on their words-corperate intetests vote.. the winners are determined
over rounds of golf... not elections... stop with ur blasphamies..and
tell that prick in the whitehouse that we know wats going on-/Wall Street
Week Ahead: Time for some more stimulus? File photo of students at a job
fair in New York Job growth trips again, opens door to more Fed moves
Reuters U.S. job growth braked sharply for a third straight month in May
and the unemployment rate rose for the first time in nearly a year,
raising chances of further monetary stimulus from the Federal Reserve
Morgan Stanley like a junk-rated company, and the investment bank's
higher borrowing costs could already be putting it at a disadvantage even
before an expected ratings downgrade ... Wal-Mart chairman: Integrity 'is
our business' Generali board votes to oust CEO Perissinotto Reuters/The
Coming Mega-Drought: Tightening the Screws of Want and Thirst in the
American Southwest Evaggelos Vallianatos "William deBuys, the North
American Southwest is an easy protagonist, the geographic equivalent of a
stalled car on railroad tracks with a speeding train
approaching/Reflections on Chicago", tangible and important ways in which
we do not resemble a truly free country.... It is the nonviolent protest
that is condemned as violent; people leave the crowd covered in blood as
the ones holding the batons are credited with keeping things peaceful.
The question is not necessarily, 'Is this what a police state looks
like?' but rather, 'Is this what a democracy looks like?'" Molly
Knefel-Report Shows Abuses in Georgia Private Immigration Facility; CCA
Alleges No Knowledge of Bad Conditions, he wasn't only leaving behind the
four walls he had been detained in for nearly 19 months. He was also
leaving behind inadequate food portions, overcrowding, extreme
temperatures and unclean clothing Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: Protesting
Killings, Western Nations Expel Syrian Envoys, The New York Times News
Service: "The United States joined with 10 nations to expel top Syrian
diplomats on Tuesday, increasing international pressure on President
Bashar al-Assad Neil MacFarquhar- Virtual Blackout From National Media on
Voter Suppression in Florida Adam Peck, ThinkProgress- Fracking in
California Raises New and Old Concerns Christine Shearer, Truthout: "On
May 15, 2012, Food & Water Watch joined with 'Gasland's' Josh Fox- Is
JPMorgan Paying for John Boehner's Personal Polling Operation? Questions
Surround Shadowy Front "New Models USA" Lee Fang, Republic Report-
Boulder Votes to Free Its Electric Company"The city of Boulder, Colorado,
has won the right to take its power supply - and carbon emissions - away
from corporate control. The change for Boulder came in November when
voters passed two ballot measures that allow the city to begin the
process of forming its own municipal power utility. Thus began a closely
fought battle between corporate money and grassroots activism. Xcel
financed a 'vote no' campaign to the tune of nearly $1 million, buying
extensive (and some said, misleading) advertising and hiring door-to-door
canvassers Valerie Schloredt, Yes! Magazine-Koch-Funded "Like a beast
that smells blood, for-profit Kaplan, Corinthian, Educational Management
Corporation, the Apollo Group (University of Phoenix), to name just a
few, see a hemorrhaging public sector as a business opportunity - a grand
crisis just waiting to be exploited. Like private pike in a public lake,
the for-profits are poised to take over even more of the $40 billion
higher educational 'industry Danny Weil- The new American job killer is
Bank of America, 23 percent of all American children live in poverty, ten
thousand wealthy households paid zero taxes in 2009 according to the IRS-
Thom Hartmann: John Pilger: Why the Assange Case Is Important "On 30 May,
Britain's Supreme Court turned down the final appeal of Julian Assange
against his extradition to Sweden Dagens Nyheter- Counter-Revolution
Disguised as Democracy in Egypt"In a country where the embers of
revolution are still glowing, Ahmed Shafiq, the dictator's former Prime
Minister who remains a military strongman Shamus Cooke, CounterCurrents:
- Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Quebec's Student Movement"
roughly 175,000 students in the mostly French-speaking Canadian province,
have been subjected to a massive provincial and national media propaganda
campaign to demonize and dismiss the students and their struggle Andrew
Gavin Marshall, - Stigmatize the Money"Candidates want to get
elected.  they don't know they have the choice." Ken Gordon-Eating
Monsanto GMO Corn Can "Turn Your Gut Into a Living Pesticide Factory,"
"Monsanto, of course, denies Am I consuming carcinogens and other
genetically inserted chemicals that can seriously harm my health?' Bush
and His Republican Lackeys Are Responsible for the Current Deficit: Case
Closed"Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash- Who Will the President Kill Next? It's a
Secret Truthdig- "Why Don't We Try Peace?": An Interview With Dennis
Kucinich the Nation- Marijuana Legalization Supporter Beats Rep.
Silvestre Reyes in Texas Primary Huffington- Killings, Cancer,
Corruption, BP and Azerbaijan Four Senate Seats Also on
Recall Ballot in Wisconsin JSOnline- Romney Is Now the Official Nominee
of the Gray Old (Tea) Party (GOP) CNN-Precious Knowledge: Arizona's
Battle Over Ethnic Studies [DVD] By Ari Luis Palos and Eren Isabel
McGinnis: If you're wondering why the Arizona legislature has appeared to
turn into a Tea Party version of the Ku Klux Klan-Win or Lose on June 5,
Advocates Agree Wisconsin Progressive Movement Must Continue Mark Karlin-
Mainstream Media Misses the Boat, Again, on the Medical Utility of
Marijuana"Clinical data published last week in the Canadian Medical
Association Journal once again affirmed the safety and efficacy of
cannabis as a therapeutic agent - a conclusion that directly conflicts
with present US policy. Nonetheless, the mainstream media coverage of
this event was predictably underwhelming Paul Armentano- NYC Cops
Successfully Enforce Regime of Intimidating Dissidents and Press; Dozens
Notice J.A. Myerson-How Drones May Be Used Against US Citizens Soon
Medea Benjamin-Leveson Inquiry - Oh, What a Lovely Game"Offering glimpses
of the power and petty gangsterism of the British tabloid press, David
Lawley-Wakelin, who shouted, 'Excuse me, this man should be arrested for
war crimes.-Progression of Amassing the Nation's Wealth in a Few Hands
Must End John Pilger- Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash- "First Amendment Rights Can
Be Terminated": When Cops, Cameras Don't Mix MSNBC- The President's Kill
List New Yorker- Jay Townsend, GOP Spokesman: "Let's Hurl Some Acid at
Those Female Democratic Senators" hp-No Matter What the Result, We Will
Continue to Resist,Humberto Montes de Oca is the international
secretary for the Mexican Electrical Workers union. Two years ago, its
44,000 members were all fired when the Mexican government took over
generating stations, Mexican Electrical Workers Union Leader David Bacon-
Egyptian Court Sentences Mubarak to Life in Prison David D.
Kirkpatrick-67 Florida Election Supervisors Suspend Governor Rick Scott's
Voter Purge Judd Legum, ThinkProgress-Zimmerman Ordered Back to Jail in
Travyon Martin CaseGeorge Zimmerman was ordered back to jail on Friday
for misleading the court about his access to an Internet fundraising
account.  and his wife concealed their access to a $200,000 account
during a bond hearing Scott Hiaasen, McClatchy Newspapers- Truthout:
"Conservative Jewish Movement Sanctions Same-Sex Marriage Haaretz- A
Killer in the White House at This Can't Be Happening- Imagining the
Post-Occupy Social Movement at Common Dreams Truthout/Madoff Says Entire
U.S. Government a `Ponzi Scheme
Bernard Madoff, convicted for organizing a ponzi
schemee (Bloomberg)
6112/Inside sources have leaked the fact that the Bilderberg group would
like to see Congressman Ron Paul dead/Scientific Proof! 200 Million Tons
of Aluminum Aerosol Chemtrail Poisoning All Life! For copies of lab
results showing aluminum, barium, manganese, thorium, nickel, and many
other toxic heavy metals at levels 100's of X over the max limit
53112/Reuters reports The a&& holes in congress are mulling on using FnF
to finance their social programs for students and the, poor/If you want
to forge a new friendship with your ex but your spouse isn’t on board 6
Ways to Help Your Spouse Accept Your Friendship With an Ex ht0d0/old
addage~ "If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider run./ US Rep
Alcee Hastings (D): "I think most of us know that what this is about is
voter suppression" World War II Vet Caught Up In Florida's Voter Purge
Controversy Florida Gov Rick Scott (R) declares a 91-yar-old World War II
veteran as a "non-citizen"; he is among 180,000 who must prove their
citizenship in 30 days or they can't vote in Aug and Nov; Brooklyn born
Bill Internicola, 91, says he was "flabbergasted" when he got a letter
asking him to show proof he was a U.S. citizen or be removed: NPR /Leak
Estimates Return To Haunt BP, disputes official estimates regarding the
overall size of the leak, which will be crucial in deciding the penalty
imposed on it based on the Clean Water Act-‎'May' have lied? We watched
them lie live on TV-Acccording to the Right, Liberals are crying over
nothing, they say there is no lasting effect from the oil spill. Bull! of
course there are no long term effect. Aside of course from devastating
the natural habitat in a LARGE area and many different kinds of
Ecosystems. Not too mention the jobs that this destroyed and the local
economy. Shrimp with tumors? Yeah no effect at others
could never embrace the "right wing" agenda of hatred, bigotry,
discrmination, sexism, environmental destruction, and selfishness
embraced by the political "right". It is ethically indefensible and
morally WRONG. We are taught to minister to the needs of the poor,
respect temporal authority, and treat all people equally. To do otherwise
is to violate the Christian principles the political "right" claims to
hold so dear. What's disingenuous is the idea, constantly expressed by
the political right, that rolling back the gains made by the progressive
movement and fostering the greatest income and wealth disparity in our
nation's history, greater than the Gilded Age, greater than the Roaring
Twenties somehow benefits those on the short end of the financial stick.
Disingenuous is a good description of those who use fear, propaganda, and
name calling to persuade working class voters to vote for a political
agenda that is destroying their chance at upward mobility.

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