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53112/mocking Obama's "Hope and Change" message

53112/Woman Who Couldn’t Be Intimidated by Citigroup Wins $31 Million,
banks learned a lesson from the credit crisis, the story of Citigroup's
cowgirl whistle-blower. & Friends,  Producing Its Own
Anti-Obama Attack Ads, straight-up, unadulterated four-minute attack ad
mocking Obama's "Hope and Change" message and cataloging the purported
failures of his administration, complete with ominous music, depressing
charts, and voiceover audio more “men of God” — Curtis
Knapp of the New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas, and Dennis
Leatherman, pastor at the Mountain Lake Baptist Church, two different
states, advocate for the killing of gays, Bank
of America has unloaded thousands of loans to Greentree Servicing to
avoid doing any kind of modifications whatsoever. Grentree conveniently
cannot help anyone because they are not licensed in many states. Class
action in the order of billions
53012/Iceland Continues Economic Rejuvenation by Purging Financial
Parasites Iceland is showing the world what real independence from the
bankers means. The Nordic island has become the first country to
criminally charge a world leader as a result of the 2008 economic crisis.
Former Prime Minister Geir Haarde, 73, was found-the tip of the Iceberg- /Mark Cuban, in his post-mortem about the Facebook
IPO, warns hyperbolically that we can "say goodbye to the individual
investor on Wall Street." Given the fallout, the next big consumer
Internet company gunning to go public -- especially a social play -- is
going to be a hard sell all around. Fewer people trust the system. At the
very least, who's going to trust Morgan Stanley's word?-
ebruary-1973.html t-wages
rt-luxurious-spending-spree/ Did you even bother to read the article or
did you just copy the first link you could find to take a jab at Fox
News?-FB will be on the south-end of $15 a share in a year, if that. It
is almost a 'past' fad, PAST the crescendo of the curve, and Zuck knew did his bankers. He tried to protect the powerful and warn them
off...but couldn't scream loud enough over the greed. Too funny.-People
have voted with their pocketbooks that the company is worth something. I
think it is still massively over-priced, but don't pretend to be an
expert on such things. I expect various governments to step in and say,
you can't do that here and nip off the whole "social" value bit before
they figure out how to make a buck.-
lled-the-tech-bubble/ U.S. student killed while filming violence in Syria
Just five months ago, Bassel Shahade, a film student at Syracuse
University, was explaining to the hosts of Democracy Now! that he had to
speak quietly. He had hunkered down in an apartment in Damascus, Syria
worried that soldiers outside could hear him /
thank you Facebook. The last thing I wanted to see was a return to 1999
and those parasitic bankers squeezing huge fees and cheap stock out of
the tech community and investors in return for selling them mostly
garbage. Hurray for Mark Zuckerberg! They did the right thing by their
shareholders, and didn't get bent over by the bankers, and allow them to
give away Facebook stock at cheap prices to their favorite special
clients so they could flip it for fat profits. He defininitly understands
that the real value of a business is in what it does long term, and that
IPOs are just brief events in the company life-cycle. Why let the bad
guys skim off a huge chunk of the value you've created if you don't have
to?/Judge Napolitano on Obama’s “Kill List”: ‘Congress Should Do
Something About It’Judge Napolitano broke down the nyt release of
President Obama’s so-called “kill list.” He expressed discomfort at
Obama’s newly revealed list of alleged Al Qaeda suspects, saying, “Look,
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would be turning in their graves /not a fan of any politician, but to compare obama to
hitler is pretty over the top. for one hitler killed gays and obama
openly admits he has no problem with it-Obama is worse than hitler
because people don't think there's anything wrong with him and THERE IS!
granted he doesn't have the track record of hitler but neither did hitler
when he was 3 years in to his reign/Weaponized Police State Bill, HR 658
30,000 Drones To Police America Now, on 2/10/2012 we find the corrupt US
Congress has approved (and President Obama has signed) Welcome to The
Land Of The Free ! 30,000 Drones Over America/-Seen it awhile ago, he was
talking about the jonas brothers and his daughters. When everyone laughs,
you think im joking? Hes getting arrogant now... And people still support
him. He could be fucking them in the ass and theyd still say go obama!/
s/517381838/?ncid=webmail11 /FORCIBLY EVICTED "Most days, Sharihan
Hannoun and her family sit along the sidewalk on dusty white plastic
chairs watching the East Jerusalem home from which they were forcibly
evicted, watching as the strangers who took it over come and go /Jobs will be absolutely dismal.
Hyundai plant in Montgomery, Alabama more than 20,000 people have applied
for one of the 877 job openings. Ford had more than 18,000 people apply
for one of 1,800 jobs/jalamondo/ flordia lsd face eating overdose,  imus
52912/Homeland Security in the Land of the Free horror stories, Democrats
Delusional Worldview politics is a false premise experiment. The
foundation of the modern liberalism, based upon an erroneous worldview,
is a dead end ideolog/120 girls and three teachers were admitted to a
hospital after a similar suspected poisoning. Saving Aesha: Life after
Taliban attack, Taliban tightens grip schools "The Afghan people know
that the terrorists and the Taliban are doing these things to threaten
girls and stop them going to school," Aseer said last week. "That's
something we and the people believe. Now we are implementing democracy in
Afghanistan and we want girls to be educated, but the government's
enemies don't want this. Taliban denied responsibility, instead blaming
the U.S. and NATO forces for the poisonings in an attempt to "defame" the
insurgent group., more than 170 women and girls were hospitalized after
drinking apparently poisoned well water at a school. Local health
officials blamed the acts on extremists opposed to women's education.
nearly all the incidents involve girls, earlier this month, nearly 400
boys at a school in Khost province fell ill after drinking water from a
well that a health official said may have been poisoned-No different than
the nutjob preacher who advocates beating gay children- Religion is all
corrupted. Did you know that Mohammed was actually one of the first
women's rights activists? Look it up. But like all religions those who
crave power use it- Yes, they have the Right to Remain Silent-If liberals
compare living in the US like standards in Afghanistan. . .I am more than
happy to see you go :-)- Key word you used is "if", so go ahead and make
up up some more red herring / ad hominen BS for us to laugh at!- why so
defensive?  Canadian breakfast not as good as it used to be?-"Don't touch
me there, you're not a priest"  the worst kind of i diot is an educated i
diota dumber comment would be "bush lied us into war", with Nancy Pelosi
screaming war with Iraq :-) -Dumbest comment of the morning, but the day
is still young- Bush did lie us into war, With the Democrats help. when
you mistake me for a democrat you make stupid assertions-the christians
aren't going to leave the muslims alone, it's a simple case of the
Hatfields and the McCoy's-The Taliban do more represent the teachings of
Islam then the KKK has of Christianity-cnn/Insofar as the stock market is
a dog-eat-dog world governed by caveat emptor, maybe there's nothing to
worry about. One person's loss is another person's gain. But insofar as
it's bigger than that, insofar as it's an engine of capitalism and of
capital formation and of efficient capital allocation f.salmon/Gay
Marriage, Obama and the Me Value Culture, Debating the virtues and
morality of accepting gay marriage unions is like discussing the merits
of pedophiles catering head start parties for children. How one comes
down on the comparison, usually depends upon your own personal value
system and culture of acceptable conduct. committing a "Hate Crime" for
even having the cojones to raise the issue, exemplifies just how far
society has sunk to abandon valid intellectual scrutiny. Audacity in the
defense of Western Civilization traditions, ethics and, much less
religious principles, is rapidly becoming a ubiquitous bias-motivated
offense. Celebrating diversity has become accepting depravity/Sandusky,
even admitted to two university detectives that he hugged the boy while
both were naked.... Although this recorded admission of Sandusky’s is
an incriminating if not out-right confession of indecent contact with a
boy, no charges or additional actions were taken. The inability, even
failure of criminal justice authorities to take meaningful action to
protect a child is also not an isolated anecdote. /Ultra-Orthodox
Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse The first shock came when
Mordechai Jungreis learned that his mentally disabled teenage son was
being molested in a Jewish ritual bathhouse in Brooklyn. The second came
after Mr. Jungreis complained, and the man accused of the abuse was
arrested. Old friends started walking stonily past him and his family on
the streets of Williamsburg. Their landlord kicked them out of their
apartment. Anonymous messages filled their answering machine, cursing Mr.
Jungreis for turning in a fellow Jew. Ultra-Orthodox in Abuse Cases,
Prosecutor Has Different Rules By RAY RIVERA and SHARON OTTERMAN
Published: May 10, 2012 An influential rabbi came last summer to the
Brooklyn district attorney, Charles J. Hynes, with a message: his
ultra-Orthodox advocacy group was instructing adherent Jews that they
could report allegations of child sexual abuse to district attorneys or
the police only if a rabbi first determined that the suspicions were
credible/Monetary Policy for the 99%: Twelve-Year-Old Reformer Goes Viral
12-year-old Victoria Grant  the contention that governments, not banks,
should create and lend a nation's moneyEllen Brown-Homophobia Threatens
to Turn Democracy Into a Fundamentalist Theocracy fueling a culture of
hate Chris Hedges, Truthdig-Collateral Damage in the War on Protesters:
Neighbors of the NATO3 Cuffed, Held at Gunpoint: "Whether or not they are
guilty of illegal activity, the original three activists facing terrorism
charges in Chicago and their six apartment-mates are not the only people
who were raided and harassed the night of Wednesday, May 16, in the days
leading up to the NATO protests. In this exclusive, three neighbors of
the accused activists give their stories of aggressive, politically
reactionary, seemingly incompetent and extralegal harassment by the
Chicago Police Department." Sam Jewler, AlterNet- US Winds Down Longer
Benefits for the Unemployed, The New York Times News Service: "Hundreds
of thousands of out-of-work Americans are receiving their final
unemployment checks sooner than they expected, intended to tide over the
unemployed until the job market improved Shaila Dewan-Wisconsin Recall
Roundup: Gov. Scott Walker Was Closely Involved With Previous Recall
Campaigns's Roundup on the Wisconsin Recall: Scott Walker was closely
involved with previous recall campaigns, Republicans are outspending
Democrats in the recall revealed the existence of potentially explosive
emails uncovered as part of the John Doe criminal investigation. PR
Watch- In Kabul, No One Hears the Poor: "In Afghanistan, 'women have a
bad situation, Kathy Kelly, War Is a Crime-Violence in Syria May Have
Finally Reached a Tipping Point, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has relied
on out-of-state donors to bankroll his campaign, The New York Times is
out with a new piece reporting on President Obama's "kill list," the
violence in Syria may have finally reached a tipping point, radioactive
fish are now swimming in US waters, and more. Thom Hartmann-Globalizing
the Global War on Terror: "Goodbye accountability. Autonomy and
accountability exist in inverse proportion to one another. Indulge the
former and kiss the latter goodbye. In practice, the only thing the
public knows about special ops activities is what the national security
apparatus chooses to reveal. Can you rely on those who speak for that
apparatus in Washington to tell the truth? No more than you can rely on
JPMorgan Chase to manage your money prudently Andrew Bacevich,
TomDispatch-Pots and Pans" Protests for Freedom of Speech Spread Across
Quebec Against Oppressive Government enduring and widespread student
protest in Quebec, the legal attempt to criminalize dissent that
appears to be sweeping like an Iron Curtain across Western democracies.
, to publicly protest in many cities of the so-called 'free
world' is now a crime akin to committing an act of armed robbery. it
would be hard to regard this as anything but a crackdown by global
corporate/government institutions against any force that has the
potential to expose the spoon-fed narrative of the status quo of the
international 1 percent." Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash- Three Years After
Taxpayer Bailout, Bank of America Ships Jobs Overseas Mother Jones- BP
Covered Up 2008 Caspian Sea Deepwater Blowout and Already Knew Cap
Wouldn't Work Greg Palast: Crooks & Liars- Heartland Institute's
Unabomber Billboard Bombs BuzzFlash- War Machine Smoke: Nearly Half New
US Vets Seek Disability Benefits From Iraq, Afghanistan Wars RT- Top
Conservatives Warn GOP Not to Waver on "Obamacare" Talking Points Memo-
All the Media Money Can Buy The Nation- Drones: How Obama Learned to Kill
The Daily Beast-Truthout:/the evolution of propaganda and public
relations in the United States, with an emphasis on the elitist theory of
democracy and the relationship between war, propaganda and class. Psywar'
exposes the propaganda system, providing crucial background and insight
into the control of information and thought /Department of Agriculture (IDofA) Apple
Creek Apiaries, recently had his bees and beehives stolen, as well as
more than 15 years' worth of research proving Monsanto's Roundup to be
the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) destroyed Prairie Advocate
(NaturalNews)/Esoteric schools teach that a “Great Solar Year† is the
period of time during which the sun cycles through all of the zodiacal
constellations, lasting about 25,000 years. Every 2,000 years (more or
less) the sun enters a new zodiacal constellation and humanity, somewhat
unconsciously, adopts symbolism that relates to that zodiacal sign. For
nearly the past 2,000 years the sun was in the constellation of Pisces
(represented by Two Fishes), meaning that we are in the Piscean Age.
Oddly enough, Christianity has always been represented by the symbol of a
fish (i.e. the Jesus Fish). Every 2,000 years, the sun migrates to the
previous sign of the zodiac, which means that the world is set to enter
to Age of Aquarius. By showing the fall of Christian symbols and the
emerging of a new world after a massive flood
52812/Coal Industry Pays Fake Activists $50 to Wear Pro-Coal Shirts at
Public Hearing Rebecca Leber, ThinkProgress-Scores of federal regulators
are stationed inside JPMorgan Chase's Manhattan headquarters, but none of
them were assigned to the powerful unit that recently disclosed a
multibillion trading loss. The lapses have raised questions about who, if
anyone, was policing the chief investment office and whether regulators
were sufficiently independent. Instead of putting the JPMorgan unit under
regular watch nyt-the FBI Launched a War of Entrapment Against the Occupy
Movement? Arun Gupta, AlterNet-Mitt Romney Slips, Tells the Truth,
Completely Invalidates GOP Economics and Says Bain "Didn't Create" Jobs
(Video) Watch the Video at the Political Carnival A Rare Admission That
Money Trumps Everything Else In These Times Why I Threw Back My "Global
War on Terror" Medal Common Dreams New Photos of NATO Summit Police
Infiltrators; Video of Journalist Arrested for "Aggravated Battery" Plantations, Prisons and Profits nyt- When the
1 Percent Say No Salon The Latest Elizabeth Warren Witch Hunt: Her
Heritage the Daily Beast-"The American correctional system has repeatedly
sought to deploy our native ingenuity to devise the ultimate corrective:
an engine of death that will dispose of our villains in a civilized
manner. The quest, which goes on to this day as states refine the
technique of lethal injections, has been fraught with disappointments,
Maybe Justices Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Thomas and Kennedy will take a tip
from a listener to ABC News and to hell with botched executions Robert
Wilbur-"Will Obama's New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition help
farmers? The New Alliance was announced in conjunction with the G8
meeting last Friday. Under the scheme, some 45 corporations, including
Monsanto, Syngenta, Yara International, Cargill, DuPont, and PepsiCo,
have pledged a total of $3.5 billion in investment in Africa, not
charity, business, Jill Richardson, AlterNet-Top CEO Pay Equals 3,489
Years of Work for the Typical Worker CBS News- Afghan Family Killed by
NATO Airstrike; Justifications Unleashed, says Glenn Greenwald Salon-
Voting Trouble Coming From the Sunshine State Again? Florida Telling
Hundreds of Eligible Citizens That They are Ineligible to Vote
ThinkProgress- Bill Maher Takes a Shot at the Birthers With Parody on
Romney's "Wiferism" Scandal Crooks and Liars- Pentagon Contractor Admits
to Online Attacks on Journalists The Indypendent- Soldiers Return From
Iraq, But the Damage is Already Done Mother Jones- Leon Panetta Responds
to Mitt Romney's Afghanistan Comments, Praises Obama's Strategy
hp-Truthout:/Missouri. Right now, Claire McCaskill is running for
re-election against an absolute deluge of special interest spending. beat
the Washington special interests,  drawing so many attacks. When she went
to Washington, she let nothing stop her, she angered a lot of powerful
people. And when you step on toes that big, you tend to awaken some
pretty angry giants/break-down in the relationship between BP (BP) and
the four Soviet-born tycoons - including Fridman - who are the U.K.
company's partners in the JV. The oligarchs have lost faith in BP as
their partner, Reuters/the confusion between paedophilia and
orgasm-preference-partner of same gender tends to add to the confusion.
There is a very real psychological difference.I am sorry to hear of the
molestation, of course. But, all round, your response is one of a very
distinct maturity. And, you are to be highly commended for what you have
written. It is too bad that so many others seem to believe that the
matter of “control” is one founded in some mythological belief-system, or
“religion”, rather than on the grounds of actual relationships between
human beings.In the words of Thomas Jefferson: “It matters not to me
whether a man says there be one God, or twenty gods. It neither picks my
pocket, nor breaks my leg.” A bit of sound advice you have certainly well
expressed, insofar as it concerns the whole idea of “control of others”.
Thank you for your presentation/Massive targeted cyber-attack in Middle
East uncovered malware, dubbed Flame designed to steal stored files and
information about targeted systems, appears to be state sponsored. 20
times the size of Stuxnet, malware that targeted the controls of an
Iranian nuclear facility. The largest concentration of infected machines
is in Iran, followed by Israel/Palestine region, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon,
Saudi Arabia and Egypt cnet/More than 9,000 people have been killed since
the uprising began in early 2011, U.N. said at least 108 people were
killed on Friday in the town of Houla-49 of them children. The Syrian
government blamed rebel gunmen for the attacks, dismissing the suspicions
of international watchdog groups and others that pro-regime forces were
involved. U.N. Security Council condemned the killings "in the strongest
possible terms" and called for an independent investigation. "I have come
to Syria at a critical moment in this crisis," "I am personally shocked
and horrified by the tragic incident in Houla two days ago, which took so
many innocent lives, children, women and men. This is an appalling crime-
worry about a hundred murders in Syria ? We have had over 54,000 in
Mexico the last few years ! We are doing nothing there-like obama all
talk and( con) doing nothing-Atheist Government CCCP and Islam
Collectivism Cult on the March again. We have a non christian supporting
Islam President raised in Indonesia with a muslim dad and an un married
Marxist Mother and this President believes in the Koran when it says it
is ok to lie and kill non mulism infidels. We need to send in the
military and take back freedom and the White house now before it is too
late. This President wants to take away our guns through the UN. That way
we will be sitting ducks and can not fight back.. Same as what is
happening here with these poor people-Obama is supporting Islamist
terrorists in Syria-shit Saudi royal family.they are no 1 enemy of Muslim
world-Kofi and the U.N. were silent when 2,000,000 people were hacked
to death to Rwanda. This guy and the whole U.N. is a joke-U.N. failed to
prevent the slaughter, true. But it needed the resources in the first
place. Later the U.N. had a presence. But what do you expect? Without
resources from member nations little good-Madaline Albright will pay
dearly for what she said about the mass murders and acted as though she
could care less-    This is what happens when liberals are in charge.
It's a mental illness. We have to vote the lying liberals out of office
in November!-9/11, is what happens when Neo-Cons, are in charge,
Tinker-Bell-Your comments are going to drive me and other Independents
toward Obama. I thought you wanted to win the election!-it all started
with Clinton! He had his head on a silver platter but wouldn't take it. I
know liberalism is a mental illness so maybe you should seek help if you
have any brain cells left! Cup Cake!-    Why is the concern about
unsolved murders in Syria? What about murders in Mexico? Just one Mexican
city, Ciudad Juarez, said to have 3000 murders in one year. Why is Kofi
Annan not in Mexico?-because the rothchilds are after the central bank
and gold reserves there, they will get to mexico later right now the cia
is making too much money running the drug cartels-    what the UN and US
liberals would say if Al-Assad were to use poison gas to mass kill
thousands and thousands of innocent people in one Syrian town?? Would the
UN or Obama take military action then?? Saddam did it in Iraq!! Yep, he
used one of those WMD’s “he didn’t have” to do it too!-If you
conservatives are so eager for another war, then why don't you grow a
pair and lead the way? Or are you the kind of hero who just likes to
watch other people go fight in the glorious crusade?/Romney acknowledges
that he's forced himself to "be a little more careful in what I say"
after mistakes that "make me want to kick myself in the pants/Tony Blair
'is a war criminal' shouts protester at Leveson Inquiry/
s-153942570.html /Ryan J. Wilson was the 3,000th member of the coalition
forces fighting that war, and the 1,974th American, to die since it began
a decade ago.... I never met him, and I never will. I wish I'd gotten the
chance. Don't forget him. Don't forget any of them. We are surely damned
if we do." William Rivers Pitt,- After "Huge Progress," Veterans Are
Still Struggling to Find Employment Amanda Peterson Beadle,
ThinkProgress:-Lies and Consequences in Our Past 15 Wars, payoffs made by
the U.S. to the Taliban for the safe passage of goods through
Afghanistan, payoffs that amounted to either the first or second largest
source of income for the Taliban, the other being opium. The United
States has been funding, training, and arming both sides of the war-
David Swanson, War Is a Crime-Psychiatrists Seek New Patients at Annual
Meeting: "This is the year the [American Psychiatric Association] APA
puts the finishing touches on DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical
Manual of Mental Disorders. Some question the objectivity of a disorder
manual written by those who stand to benefit from an enlarged patient
pool and new diseases. Furthering the appearance of self-dealing is the
revelation that 57 percent of the DSM-5′s authors have Pharma links."
-Robert Reich's Blog: "According to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center,
Romney's plan would give a $250K tax cut, on average, to everyone now
earning over a million dollars a year. Yet Romney's plan would also
increase the federal budget deficit by more than $3 trillion over the
next ten years. This is truly nuts, a lurch backward toward the Gilded
Age of the late 19th century Martha Rosenberg, Dissident Voice- The Peace
Train: Seeing and Believing It"Instead of giving in to the negative
narratives of apocalypse, we must prepare to wage peace. Personal steps
toward a collective mentality of conscious consumption and resource
respect embodies one piece of the peace puzzle. Noah Kass, New Clear
Vision-Tony Blair Testifies About Murdoch's Influence Daily Beast- How
Florida Governor Rick Scott Could Steal the Election for Mitt Romney
ThinkProgress- The Stunning Truth About Healthcare Pricing Daily Kos-
Twitter, Koch Group Offers Illinois Residents Free Food, Trips to
Wisconsin to Support Governor Scott Walker Republic

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