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52412/Obama is a DOG, thinks America is his bone

52412/Drones over US to get weaponized – so far, non-lethally
American police officers may soon be able to use unmanned aircraft not
only for surveillance, but also for offensive action. The drones may be
equipped to fire rubber rounds and tear gas navy saves US
freighter from pirates/
52312/laughable to even suggest that any sort of major repercussions will
be forthcoming as a result of JPM's derivatives trading loss. These
losses in no way jeopardize the long term viability of the bank or the
financial system. If the government wants to make an example of someone
they should look in the mirror and blame themselves for being so stupid
about not regulating derivatives in 1996. It seems that Congress was so
fully under the spell of that old gasbag Greenspan that they failed to
act......what a surprise. The government had a golden opportunity to put
the genie back in the bottle following the 2008 Financial Crisis and they
failed miserably. I'm sure there will be a full-blown Congressional "dog
& pony" show in front of those same clueless Congress members, who accept
large contributions from JPM, to assure the public that proper safeguards
are in place, only the most foolish and gullible will believe any of
it/Pakistani doctor accused of helping the CIA track down Osama bin Laden
was sentenced Wednesday to 33 years in prison for treason cnn/Obama
struggles in Kentucky, Arkansas primaries, Chicago Tribune/Bush-brat’s
administration, there was a massive “bail-out” – or government
investment, or whatever one wants to call it – to save the American auto
industry. At that time, a number of dealerships were put out of business;
and their employees put out of work. A couple of them were among the
oldest – and MOST PRODUCTIVE – out here in good old Cowlorado, too. And,
as to retirement funds and bonds, etc., how many were hurt in the
collapse of the several banks that the Bush-brat’s administration saw
fail? The not so bright Bush-brat – who didn’t have the Oval Office, or a
State, bought for him – went to Daddy Bush, exclaiming over the “sweet
deal” he swindled out of Silverado Savings and Loan here in Cowlorado – a
“sweet deal” that was a part of the collapse of that long time Colorado
banking staple. A goodly number of people, and retirement funds, lost
everything they had with that collapse/Best Facebook photo album ever:
Pictures from a stolen iPhone! A woman named Katy had her iPhone stolen.
But because she had an app that automatically uploaded her pictures to
Facebook, the thief's pictures have been posted on her profile.
Allegedly. His name is Nelson, apparently, and he works on a Disney
cruise ship. McCaffrey has even written snarky captions for the pictures.
Check out Nelson's adventures with his new, stolen phone-it wouldn't be
hard to call or text someone in the phone book in an effort to return it
to it's rightful owner instead of using it to take pictures!
ics-to-photo-stream-for-world-to-see/ /classroom should be a
place where students learn to speak with civility, to listen with respect
to each other, to know the difference between an argument based on
evidence and an opinion, most of all to realize that they might walk into
the room with one point of view and they might walk out with another
pbs/ really kewl gif Moog and the creation of the
doodle on our blog /for +Google Italia i prefer this one:
ino/ /Weren't Invited to the Real Facebook Party, shareholders are
charging that the social media giant failed to disclose information about
its faltering numbers before last week's IPO/Egyptians Chant "Muslims
Christians Are One" as Military Viciously Attacks Protesters/Here's
something you won't see in the media: Occupy Frankfurt, Riot cops take
off their helmets and march with the protesters, clearing the road for
them/Miami-Dade College student is expected to plead guilty after
threatening to ‘put a bullet through’ Obama’s head
400 ms @38 900m users yesterday, today !@33  varney, smithphobia, imus
52212/Anonymous is taking credit for a confirmed hack of a Department of
Justice server that hosts statistical information Today we are releasing
1.7 GB of data that used to belong to the United States Bureau of
Justice, until now,” reads an Anonymous press release, referring to the
Department of Justice. Within the booty you may find lots of shiny things
such as internal emails, and the entire database dump-this is a good
thing. It helps the government identify weakness in their security
systems. Also, I do not have any knowledge of this information hurting
our national security- Thousands March With Veterans for
Peace in Chicago; Police Respond With Brute Force Allison Kilkenny-How
Rural America Got Fracked Ellen Cantarow, TomDispatch-Mortgage and
Securitization Fraud: Where Is the Task Force?: "A serious investigation
would start at the bottom and work up. It would find offices where many
of the especially bad mortgages were issued. The investigators would
question the mortgage agents about how so much false information ended up
on loan forms. After scaring some number of mortgage agents into talking,
they would then talk to the branch managers ... This practice could lead
to the top levels of the bank." Dean Baker- More NATO Summit Activists
Charged; Five Linked by Two Informants "When push comes to shove,
[National Lawyers Guild legal worker Kris] Hermes and the NLG believe
'Mo' and 'Gloves' are the 'thread' among all five activists charged with
plotting acts of domestic 'terrorism.' 'The thread between all five was
the informants that we believe were provoking criminal activity,' said
Hermes to Truthout. 'We believe it was the same two informants, which has
been ascertained from the arrestees.'" Steve Horn- In Chicago,
Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans Put NATO's Endless War on Trial Robert
Naiman, Truthout: "More than two million Americans have served in Iraq
and Afghanistan. CNN and Fox can focus on what they want, but you can't
hide the life experiences of two million people indefinitely. Just like
there's nothing that can turn you against gay bashing like being friends
with a gay person, there's nothing that can turn you against wars of
choice like being friends with an anti-war veteran who served
inconservative Starve the Beast agenda worked combat-Moyers & Company:
"Songs of social protest ... have long been intertwined, and the
troubadours of troubling times - Guthrie, Seeger, Baez, Dylan, and
Springsteen among them - have become famous for their dedication to both.
Now we can add a name to the ranks of those who lift their voices for
social and economic justice: Tom Morello, played guitar for the popular
band he co-founded - Rage Against the Machine, then for
Audioslave-Criminalizing Dissent Is a Travesty to Democracy: Chicago Is
Only the Latest Example "Frankly, one has to be a
mental/legal/constitutional contortionist to criminalize dissent while
claiming to spread democracy around the world through wars for natural
resources and military hegemony. Since 9/11 in particular, the United
States has been on an accelerating road to make all but the tamest
protest illegal. Isn't this what happened in Tiananmen Square?- How the
Ultra-Rich Betray America Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash-RNC Chairman Says
Republican Proposal for $10 Million of Race-Baiting Anti-Obama Attack Ads
Is Obama's Fault ThinkProgress Truthout/truth is hard to take, eh?
Believe this: the conservative Starve the Beast agenda worked-kindly
enlighten the poor liberal souls on this board with your endless
wellspring of economic acumen-. What Ramen Noodles do inside your stomach
This story may make you think twice before downing a bowl of Ramen
Noodles. A video showing what happens inside the digestive tract has gone
viral guy's sermon on line. I have a better idea that
locking up gays in an electrified fence area. Let's round up the bigots
and put them in there. If they can not spread their hate, maybe bigotry
will die out!-right wingers are getting pretty much like an American
Taliban. Believe our way or die! Crazy!-the pulpit "can" be holy space,
but not when it is filled with bigotry and hatred/ Spain's "indignants"
will take to the streets Saturday to mark the birth a year ago of their
protest movement against government spending cuts, economic inequality
and sky-high unemployment 3.html /Corporate
giants have outsourced the dangerous work of building and maintaining
communications towers to tiny subcontracting companies. Over the last
nine years, nearly 100 workers have died FRONTLIN3-
cision-nears-israeli-elite-locks-down/#comments /jeff himamum, tbone
pickens 84, bob sheifer, on, imus  embelton
52112/Three activists have been charged with 'possession of
incendiary or explosive device, conspiracy to commit terrorism &
providing material support for terrorism,' which seems to mean
'beer-making equipment'. The 'NATO 3' were among nine activist abducted
by police in a nighttime raid and disappeared for a number of hours. The
three activists had previously posted a video of Chicago Police
intimidating and threatening them with physical violence while they
searched the protesters' vehicle." J.A. Myerson- The NATO Raids and
Arrests: This Is What Jail Solidarity Looks Like Only a few hours after
they were released from hours in solitary confinement, a few of the
activist arrested in a Wednesday evening raid on a Chicago home were
happy to be eating something that wasn't a baloney sandwich. [One
activist] said 'I had to go to the bathroom in shackles. I felt like I
was in Gitmo.' [Another said] 'I didn't know what time of day it was …
That's what solitary confinement is for, it's torture Yana Kunichoff-
Donations to Scott Walker Flagged as Potential Fraud "When MaryAnn Nellis
tried to pay for groceries, her credit card was declined. Her credit card
company had flagged an earlier purchase as potentially fraudulent. The
problem? A $5 donation to Friends of Scott Walker, the Wisconsin
governor's campaign committee. There have been other reports recently
about insecure campaign-donation websites and the potential for fraud …
Restore Our Future, the super PAC supporting Republican Mitt Romney, was
using a collection system that made online donors' credit card
information accessible to even amateur snoopers Kim Barker,
ProPublica:-Protest NATO? "In many ways, Afghanistan is worse off under
NATO's Groundhog Day-like reign of terror than it was before…. Civilian
deaths have become a hallmark of NATO interventions, in which forces rely
on so-called precise aerial campaigns so as not to risk their own
soldiers' lives. Even in the Balkans, NATO's first and signature
so-called 'humanitarian war,' it's estimated that there were thousands of
civilian deaths and that tens of billions of dollars worth of damage was
done Sam Jewler-F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) - the most expensive
weapon ever, which is slated to be the mainstay of the US Navy, the Air
Force and the Marine Corps. The entire program is now expected to cost
taxpayers nearly $1.51 trillion; Ben Freeman-This Is Why You're Fat: The
2012 Farm Bill and the Real Obesity Lobby no data available yet on the
new farm bill, look at OpenSecrets' database on the 2007 bill provides a
look at who might be involved this time around: Big Agriculture - which
spends millions lobbying the federal government on food policy, helping
to dictate what kinds of food people can afford."Suzanne Merkelson,
Republic Report: - Memo to Mayor Bloomberg: JPMorgan Blow-Up Is Not a
"Hiccup" - It's a Giant Warning : "New York's Mayor Bloomberg rarely
loses an opportunity to rush to the defense of the reckless financial
industry where he first cut his fangs as an investment banker. His recent
excuse of fellow 1 Percent Boy's Club member Jamie Dimon … is one of the
smartest people in the financial industry,' the mayor said. JPMorgan, as
he put it, has had a stellar reputation up until this hiccup.'"Lynn
Parramore, AlterNet-One Sees a Tree, the Other, a Canoe: The Humor and
Struggle of International Solidarity "The Zapatistas have lingered in the
imaginations of progressives and radicals around the world since the
coming out of their rebellion in 1994. People from nearly all leftist
persuasions have taken the struggle of the impoverished indigenous
communities at the end of Mexico to be one of their own. Irish writer and
activist Ramor Ryan, uses a seemingly benign and common water project to
delve into the complexities of Zapatismo and of its associated solidarity
activism in his book, 'Zapatista Spring AK Press Nick Rahaim-Hundreds of
Protesters Head to Chicago Mayor's House to Oppose Health Clinic Closures
Allison Kilkenny- "Mexico is undergoing an ongoing assault on
journalists, including the killing in the last few years of at least 45
reporters and photographers. However ... figures might be on the low side
because the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has rigorous standards
for identifying who constitutes a working journalist. Furthermore, due to
the lack of police investigations in the vast majority of murder cases,
it is not clear how many journalists are killed for what they have
revealed in print or just for knowing too much information Mark
Karlin-three activists who arrived in Chicago to protest the NATO Summit.
They now face charges of 'conspiring to commit domestic terrorism during
the NATO summit.' Michael Deutsch of the National Lawyers Guild has
alleged entrapment and possibly more as the activists charged with
terrorism Yana Steve-"Chicago police have a long history of infiltrating
peaceful protest groups and fomenting violence and infiltration of
protest groups seems to be standard operating procedure for 'national
security events.' That seems to have been the case - in just the past
month, Sometimes you wonder whether such efforts are directed at keeping
us safe or 'putting points on the board' - or, when big protests are
planned, generating scare headline, Curtis Black, Is a
Crime Ending the Mindset That Gets Us Into War"Next month in Baltimore
they're going to celebrate the War of 1812. That's what we do with wars.
We claim to wage only wars we have been forced into despite all possible
effort to find a better way. And then we celebrate the wars.... But
there's no celebration of the times we avoided war. We claim to prefer
peace to war, but we don't make heroes of those presidents or Congresses
who most avoided war. In fact, we erase them David Swanson-Marijuana
Advocates Spend Big and Defeat Drug War Proponent in Oregon Zaid Jilani,
Republic Report: "One of the reasons why marijuana remains illegal and
the drug war continues to rage is because special interest groups like
police unions and the alcohol industry spend a lot of money to lobby for
the drug war. In Oregon, advocates of medical marijuana and other
anti-drug war activists decided that they'd use a similar tactic to fight
the crackdown on state medical marijuana laws- The Big Fix: Documentary
Exposes BP, US Government on Gulf Disaster, Culture Change: "One of the
world's biggest environmental crimes has been more or less forgotten.
part of our collective guilt as the world's ecosystem continues its
accelerated collapse. documentary film 'The Big Fix' takes a detailed,
daring look at what happened in the Gulf of Mexico with BP's Macondo
offshore oil drilling rig, facts that emerge are more than disturbing."
Jan Lundberg-Truthout/ Amendment to Legalize Propaganda Inserted to
Defense Authorization Bill DailyKos/ Anti-Protest Legislation Passes in
Quebec Globe and Mail/Police, the iPhone and Your Right to Record
MediaCitizen/French Cabinet Takes Pay Cut Jazeera English/ McCain Says
President Obama Will Remain on Arizona Ballot Despite Birther Threats
Talking Points Memo Demand, Deficit, and Denial: A Simplified Case
Against Austerity The National Memo/Delusional Analysts Setting Investors
Up For Disappointment/NATO Reality Check: Protestors in Chicago Can
Fatally Fracture NATO Socialist Project/ Chicago Police Accused of
Planting Evidence in "Molotov Cocktail" Plot Guardian UK/ US Veterans to
Return Medals as NATO Protesters March MSNBC NAACP Endorses Same-Sex
Marriage the Washington Post RNC Chairman Says Republican Proposal for
$10 Million of Race-Baiting Anti-Obama Attack Ads Is Obama's Fault
ThinkProgress The 5 Most Offensive Sexist and Homophobic Moves by
Conservatives: This Month Alone! AlterNet "The Whole System Relies on
These Arrests": The NYPD's Racist Marijuana Arrest Crusade and Its
National Implications The American Independent/an odd feeling, certainly,
seeing the largely undemocratic Fed, long an agency historically beholden
to Wall Street, as an important ally in the effort to clean out the
financial system and to prevent the next collapse. I'd be much happier if
Congress had passed even tougher legislation, and if President Obama and
his Treasury Secretary - that would be Tim Geithner (!) - were leading a
popular crusade for deep financial reform. Bernanke, thanks to his
baptism by fire in the crisis, has steadily moved from regulatory dove to
regulatory hawk /Too high of
taxes and too much regulation Those are the two big anchors hanging
around the neck of our economy- Revenues doubled under Reagan So revenues
doubled-.figure that one out you stupid libs- and the deficit tripled?
There's some serious spending!- The deficit tripled, The deficit, tripled
under Reagan/Gobment says "Now we got 4 ways to btfk Americans" h0m0ism
taxism regulationism marxism- Would that be the latin americas or the
canadian americans or just the general all americans in the 20 some
countries on the American continent???LOL- That boy sure does talk about
anal sex a lot- Gay is used on the board so much it has gotten so that it
sounds more like envy rather than any sort of dissagreement with it-yet
it wasn't an issue before joe and barry went gay-Where were you? Does
don't ask don't tell repeal ring a bell? How about the DOMA? You
republicans sure are 
“Remember, an FBI agent [like Ali Soufan] always keeps his notes.” Why
Won’t Obama Admin Release The FBI agent [like Ali Soufan] always keeps
his notes.” Why Won’t Obama Admin Release Them? making the rounds
rebutting/ detailed analysis here by Jason Leopold How Khalid Sheikh
Mohammed Remains in "Command" and Continues to "Strike Fear" The FBI and
CIA were so "laser focused" on Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda
(alciada)terrorist network, which journalist Terry McDermott Banking group, which has £8.5m slice of CSC, is
under pressure along with other City investors from human rights charity
owns stake in US firm accused over CIA torture flights
Gobsmacked! Guantánamo Bay contractor on shortlist to run UK police
services US firm KBR which helped build detention camp among bidding
consortiums to run police services in West Midlands and Surrey "Guidebook to False Confessions": Key Document
John Yoo Used to Draft Torture Memo Released, not a single mainstream
news source has picked up on this story, arguably one of the most
important to surface in understanding the origins of the Bush torture
program/Protest against The Queen inviting royal dictators to her Diamond
Jubilee celebration dinner at Buckingham Palace This event is supported
by pro-democracy groups from Bahrain & Swaziland, the campaign for an
elected head of state. Inviting blood-stained despots brings shame to our
monarchy & tarnishes the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It is a kick in
the teeth to pro-democracy campaigners & political prisoners in these
totalitarian royal regimes. The invitations should be withdrawn
immediately, as a mark of respect for those who have been murdered,
arrested, jailed & tortured. The invitations are a shocking misjudgement.
They show the Queen is out of touch with the humanitarian values of most
British people. She’s putting royalty before human rights/the "press" is
part of the conspiracy of stupidity,and silence.The MSM is as guilty as
if they did it theirselves,so as far as I see it,they are GUILTY of
covering up the crimes of the 1%!!!!They helped cover the crimes of the
zionist fucks who brought down the Twin Towers,killing over 3,000
Americans. No investigative reports AT ALL/Sickening reality, 2,000
falsely convicted of serious crimes have been exonerated in the United
States in the past 23 years, according to a new archive compiled at two
universities Right now everyone is going nuts over this
quote by Jamie Dimon on CNBC in January. The quote: "Giving debt relief
to people that really need it, that's what foreclosure is-amazing are all
the teabaggers and right wing Democrats defending Jamie Dimon to the
death from regulation, so soon after the bailout fiasco-
Robin Lakatos Come now. They only lost $2 billion and he's only getting
paid $23 million. What can one expect for a mere pittance? He's
practically struggling to get by on minimum wage!-
Fred Wilder Jamie Dimon is the poster boy for the entitlement class, and
one of the primary architects of the decline of the USA into third world
status.-Wells Schmuck in tuckus-This entire banking fiasco has severely
damaged the economy of this country. And still the very people foreclosed
upon have to pay taxes to bail these banks out!!! So much for democracy,
capitalism, etc-So, they don't have a house, but their mortgage goes away
and that debt is forgiven? I think I misunderstand something. Or did I
get that right?-primary architects of our decline are socially
conservative voters who fanatically support people like Dimon, not the
happy beneficiaries of this enormous mass of right wing voters-Giving
predator relief to taxpayers who are tired of propping up your lifestyle,
Jamie--that's what nationalizing your bank is!-you would think that there
would be a basic "banking vocabulary" test given to these idiots before
they start "playing" with OUR money!-His remarks are stunning. Your kids
will remember your family's homelessness as "an awesome time camping
under a bridge for 8 months." Are you shitting me. He's completely
serious. What! NOT something that they
can suppress by force, and through the threat of violence. We have come
to the point in human evolution where the old ways no longer reflect who
we are. The old paradigm of fear and separation are no longer functional/
a withering assault from the industry, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Chairman Gregory Jaczko is stepping down, The resignation follows months
of bureaucratic knife-wielding hp/Wealthy is not the Problem, BrokeBack
Obumbles is, telling the public he's going after the Rich/OBAMA EAT DOGS
in the past or maybe now as well READ THE BOOK./Republicans like to have
the best, always let me friends know that I have the upgraded model.
Also, when I see someone that doesn't have the upgrade, I feel more
special because I paid more for mine-You are a real jerk! I am a proud
conservative, ran a wonderful business, treated employees like gold. Get
a life you left wing goof!/IS OBAMA really HADJI from JOHNNY QUEST?- What
are you, a Black Panther reject? Did they find out you are pink?- IS YOUR
FATHER UNCLE OMAR? Hey Boo, can I get a false Social Security number from
you for some free Obucks-Obama: The Groomed from Birth Dictator-Don't you
have a dog to bone?- One month before Breitbart's death, he had dinner at
bill ayer's house!- Obama is a DOG. We need a leader who loves America
not a DOG who thinks America is his bone. DESTROY MARXIST SOCIALISTS IN
OUR GOVERNMENT!/barrage of anti-gay sermons delivered by North
Carolina-based pastors Put Gays And Lesbians In Electrified Pen To Kill
Them Off hp/US House Stealthily Passes Extreme Pro-Israel Legislation -
The House bill basically provides Israel with a blank check drawn on the
U.S. taxpayer to maintain its “qualitative military edge/natural
antibiotic, try “colloidal” silver (a concentration of nano-sized
particles of silver suspended in a liquid). A powerful germicidal, silver
is an exceptional metal in that it is non-toxic to the human body but
lethal to over 650 disease-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites,
and molds. The daily ingestion of colloidal silver is like having a
“second immune system / when i
remember family from long ago, it makes me feel happy enough to cry clay
ainken and arseneo staargate, beck jager political blues, don't let mitt
cut ur hair... bernie, robin gibb rip, mashooga please, ya can't blame
anyone,  imus

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