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52112/Boehner:Keeping any parts of Obamacare unacceptable

52112/secret DOD intel unit was tracking OBL & al-Qaeda prior to 9/11 and
knew that the terrorist group wanted to strike the World Trade Center and
Pentagon. But this information was "intentonally" withheld from
Congressional investigators probing the 9/11 attacks.
EXCLUSIVE: New Documents Claim Intelligence on Bin Laden, al-Qaeda
Targets Withheld From Congress' 9
battling with the FBI over the production of documents and ended up
filing a Freedom of Information Act against the bureau, which is still
unresolved. While I cannot yet divulge the explosive details of this
story, I can tell you that when it is published within the next two
weeks, it will transform a narrative that the government has controlled
for a decade. Simply put, this report will stand as the biggest story of
my career, believe me, it will not disappoint.jl
kraft cocain stories the power of doc prayer(ful), ted williams,  imus
52012/Boehner:Keeping any parts of Obamacare unacceptable-Politics over
people, as usual/anti-democracy human rights violators! Israhel ranked
alongside Iran as one of countries with most negative global influence
Israel, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea were ranked most negatively by
24,000 people NRA President Says
Obama Will Ban Guns if He's Re-elected  old manifesto re-written. They
said that about Carter, Clinton, Gore. The part for the name of the
Democratis contender is blank and they just pencil it in every election
cycle, then erase it for input for the next cycle- "Obama would do it by
executive order, probably by saying that Rabid Gunophobia is required to
comply with some international treaty. It wouldn't come up to a vote in
Congress. " I especially enjoy it when neotard delusions come with
specifics. remember how palin described the death panel process- Its a
good method to scare the low IQ people in jesusland and get more
donations at the NRA-entire white supremacist klan militia's like the one
that puppy-drowning-goober belongs to can be wiped out by a single
airstrike, only a FOOLISH MACACA believes that his 30 round glock is
going to save him from the might of the US military/First thing in
morning, pubs are SEETHING WITH HATE, get to church ....say a prayer that
romney wins, and save your souls/as True Christians, we are obliged to
try to save as many lost souls as we can. I have heard time and again
from people who are leery of our faith because they think life as a
born-again Christian would be difficult. They actually think our lives
are complicated. This gross misconception will ensure that countless
people we know will wind up in Hell, roasting on one of Satan’s many
pitchforks, as their privates burn to a crisp. We must all spread the
message that being a saved Christian isn’t hard at all. In fact, it’s the
easiest lifestyle imaginable, You need no courage, no self-esteem and no
motivation. In fact, those lacking anything other than the abject desire
for something better than what they now have are prime candidates for
salvation. Typically, these people turn to alcohol, drugs, sex, food or
some other vice. Those crutches cause liver cirrhosis, heart attacks,
venereal disease and obesity. Christianity has none of those ill side
effects. It’s sugar-free, fat-free and Satan-free/the practices of the
"Too Big to Fail" banksters bring the financial money machine to the
brink. The J.P. Morgan derivative losses and trading gambles by their
"London Whale" demonstrates business as usual in the murky world of risk
distortion. Even the vexing progressive Robert Reich makes an accurate
assessment for breaking up the big banks and the resurrecting of
Glass-Steagall. "Word on the Street is that J.P. Morgan¡'s exposure is so
large that it can¡Çt dump these bad bets without affecting the market and
losing even more money. And given its mammoth size and interlinked
connections with every other bank /As long
as the Right keeps this country divided with all there Nazi Lying and
propaganda there will be continued unrest. Sad to see what is happening
to our Great Country. Time to stop some of these Televangelist like
Francis and Friends who lie to the people about everything and do it with
a look on their faces that tells you they know their lying to you-Jesus'
compassion and tolerance and wisdom, many republicans just stick their
fingers in their ears and refuse to accept his liberal viewpoints/bill
knows exactly what he's saying. His object is to pint the finger away
from FOXNEWS and distract the viewer-PROPAGANDA IS THE LIE!! and FLUSH
NEWS IS FASCIST PROPAGANDA/known as a vulture capitalist. personality- of Mitt Romney’s Character Reveals Psychopathic
Tendencies Between his inability to stop laughing when he causes misery
to others and his chronic deceitfulness, Mitt Romney is almost a
psychopath. Politicians can be categorized as a psycho or sociopath!
"There are three major patterns of qualities that characterize a
psychopath: 1) interpersonal conduct such as dishonesty, narcissism, and
arrogance, along with a marked lack of consideration for the rights and
well-being of others 2) affective deficits such as lack of empathy or
guilt, and 3) impulsiveness or risk-taking. Based on established
criteria, psychologists estimate that approximately 1% of the population
or 3 million people could be classified as having a psychopathic-they
determined that pretty much all CEOs of top 500 corporations, are
sociopaths. Its part of the job. Its difficult to lay off thousands of
workers if you have any empathy for the workers. If you can just do the
math, and do "whats best for the company" they really do need to be cold
and ruthless. Its built into the modern day corporate system. During the
70' and 80's they pretended to care atleast. Now they dont even bothe-
CONFIRMED: Romney Family Had Ann Romney's Atheist Father Edward Davies,
Posthumously Baptized Into The Mormon Church After wondering aloud
yesterday whether the Romneys converted Mitt's dead father-in-law to
Mormonism, Gawker's John Cook has confirmed it / 133 women were
killed in the Iraqi city of Basra alone in 2006—79 for violation of
"Islamic teachings" and 47 for honor killings/
51912/everything I state in this post is correct....why do you not
acknowledge it? your a libtard fool.....two things very very clear from
the Zimmerman/Trayvon incident...Zimmerman was defending himself as he
was being beat to death and Bobo is against Zimmerman defending does not get any simpler stupid....if you think so little of
yourself that is cool...please do not encourage others...all you do is
pick off the weak/americasfuturefund/real youtube death / mind wipe
3of7mjchappelluminati /
Facebook is once again being sued for tracking its users even after they
logged out of the service. The latest class action lawsuit demands $15
billion Police van just ran over a member of of NYC
#OWS//Mississippi, Conservative state Rep. Andy Gipson posted a message
on his Facebook page which calls for putting gays and lesbians to
death/focus of thought is essential thought aligned creating mass? t x
t(sq)=energy debateideasimones gold standard, gudidea=1mones antimatter
included, sorry to put all to sleep* shithappens rant-a-buzz /kewl eskomo
frog lady jam
51812/Kucinich: "This week, Congress is considering two pieces of
legislation relating to Iran. A plain reading of these provisions in H.R.
4310 taken together with H.R. 568 makes it clear: Congress is setting the
stage for war with Iran."-Are JPMorgan's Losses a Canary in a Coal Mine?
"That sound of shattered glass you've been hearing is the iconic portrait
of Jamie Dimon splintering as it hits the floor, all because of the
complex, now-you-see-it-now-you-don't trading in exotic financial
instruments that he has so ardently lobbied Congress not to regulate-
Pilots as Lab Rats: The Reprehensible Risk-Taking on the F-22 Raptor
"But the Air Force hates to admit that their highly classified stealth -
their major justification for every new airplane they have bought for the
last thirty years, could poison and condemn their workers, mechanics and
pilots to cancer-latest revelation from JFSC constitutes an open call for
the genocide of over a billion and a half men, women, and children. An
'elect nation' arrogance, wrought from the insuperable alloy of
fundamentalist Christian extremism and American exceptionalism,
systemically bathes the halls of the Pentagon, military academia, and our
approximately 1,000 military installations scattered around the world in
about 150 countries. Let us call it what it is: a racist, bigoted
repugnance-NRA Double Standard: Black Woman Sentenced to 20 Years for
"Standing Her Ground" in Florida-no super PACs for independent media-
Truthout:/NYPD Loses Face and First Occupy Wall Street Trial RT/Romney
Ropes Off Media to Avoid Making Unscripted Gaffes Businessweek/Obama
Wants Tough Rules After JPMorgan Loss Reuters/ fuels birther
madness Right wing rag,, tries to smear President Barack
Obama by refueling the long discredited birther conspiracy
boobs are deemed sexual objects not baby feeding appendages, religions
pounce on it and make showing them off a sin and illegal- the bloody
puritans and the religion they brought over here. It's passed down,
generation after generation. We teach kids ridiculous shit regarding the
human body and it's functions. due to this repressions it makes people
have extreme reactions & many develop fetishes, this lead to one of the
most excepted fetish of all time in the USA is the titillation with
female tits. There you have it./Busy momma 2day, but I would like some
feedback on this, my 16 yrold is diagnosed w/Aspergers Syndrome. He says
he should have never been immunized. Human DNA in Vaccines Linked to
Autism Former pharmaceutical scientist believes that using human DNA in
making viral vaccines Vaccine Dangers example of how
people are treated differently in Arizona based on race and ethnicity, as
shown during our arrests for civil disobedience last month. 2 U.S.
citizens, 2 ethnicities, 2 accounts of jail treatment The disparity
described by two women highlights one of the arguments of SB 1070
opponents.  SB 1070 protesters march; 9 arrested -
Wikipedia: A dictator is a ruler (e.g. absolutist or autocratic) who
assumes all and their stupid senceless war.
greed greed greed/GOP needs to lose all benefits that go along with there
job positions for refusing to do their jobs as they were elected to do.
They should also be made to pay back all benefits received-They'd never
even consider cutting THEIR healthcare as they think they're too "vital"
to this country. The 99% that MADE this country are expendable and, in
their eyes, not important enough to have anything-turtle face and red
face are so full of hate. they should never be in any position to destroy
our country. If they dont want to work with Pres. Obama,Then kick them
out-the majority of folks in Northern KY and Cincinnnati worship anyone
and anything republican. They'd elect Hitler if he was still alive and
ran as a republican. I vote against SOB's like Boehner and McConnell
every chance I get! There's far too many disillusioned folks in this
region and probably many other places all over America-goal was to make
Obama a one term president. Sad. Guess he didn't understand how crystal
clear his racism and bigotry was. Get these people out. Please.The Book
usually a crisis of opposition fabricated or created by change
agents-causing the "Thesis" to compromise itself, incorporating some part
of the "Antithesis" to produce the "Synthesis"-sometimes called
consensus. This is the primary tool in the bag of tricks used by change
agents news is just like the Republican
bucket of chicken from the col. Nothing but right wings and assholes!-Joe
Smith Peter, you are correct, they all do it, but Faux News is the only
one who's motto is "fair and balanced" go figure-I love to watch Fux
Nuts. It's better than the Comedy Channel. Steve Douchey is the funniest
guy on TV-Stupidfux News/Evil people are sent by god to join Satan in
hell?-WTF?????? Satan is ITSELF evil... logically what awaits the evil
souls god sends on down is a huge REWARD! Like a giant never ending orgy!
why would Satan do what god wants anyhow?????? Like god says, "Here
punish all these souls who are in fact, just like you." What IS the
bulls*h*i*t? Are you moronic Christians INSANE?-The fraud waffles without
Satan. Satan flashes underneath the superficial collar. Within the
enterprise fumes an injustice. A condemned man tolerates the disease.
Underneath the rectified rose gossips Satan. Will an addicted camp
stimulate the emerging offender? Can Satan exercise above the murderer?
Satan flags the dual thesis-New American Standard Bible (NASB) Immorality
Rebuked 5 It is actually reported that there is immorality among you, and
immorality of such a kind as does not exist even among the Gentiles, that
someone has his father’s wife. 2 [a]You have become [b]arrogant and
[c]have not mourned instead, so that the one who had done this deed would
be removed from your midst. 3 For I, on my part, though absent in body
but present in spirit, have already judged him who has so committed this,
as though I were present. 4 In the name of our Lord Jesus, when you are
assembled, and [d]I with you in spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus,
5 I have decided to deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of
his flesh, so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord
[e]Jesus. they call those evil people, REPUBLICANS...GOD will continue to
destroy republican states.. God does not forgive.. he does not forget..
everyone in prison is born again,,good try yahoociti/WAR ON AMERICANS!
end of his career, Dr. Robert L. Spitzer has reached a painful
conclusion: “I believe,” he wrote in a letter, “I owe the gay community
an apology of thousands of protesters march through
Manama to voice their refusal and anger over the proposed Bahraini-Saudi
Union/Army Convoy Heading Towards NATO Summit As Chicago Law Enforcement
set for what they seem to believe will be a full scale battle with
protesters during this weekends NATO Summit"If you tell
the truth, you won't have to remember anything-Mark Twain/United Nations
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) recently
issued its weekly report on Israeli violations in the occupied territory
for the period between 9- 15 of May, revealing that Israeli soldiers shot
at least 370 Palestinians during the Nakba commemoration/ Students at a
public Oklahoma high school  Shown A Movie Comparing Abortion To The
Holocaust. begins with images of Hitler and concentration camps/woman in
upstate New York is surprised to find a contribution to the Wisconsin
governor's campaign on her credit card Donations to Scott Walker Flagged
as Potential Fraud of Representatives voted to keep
it ndaa anyway/ A it or not greece and all
other countries are included. thankfully, all of the corruption is
documented, it will take a while finding the responsible party(s), until
then we have to be patient and willing to accepts facts....j/s Leon
Panetta, announced on Thursday that the United States will provide Israel
with $70 million in immediate aid for the purchase of additional Iron
Dome rocket defense batteries/House passed a resolution on Iran that
moves the United States much closer to a war footing against Iran/federal
minimum wage was first set in 1938, at 25 cents an hour. Here's a
decade-by-decade look, starting in 1950, at the buying power of minimum
wage /How Money Dies This
system is mathematically doomed and there will be no recovery until all
of the debt is purged from the system tapper newest fn
hack?  imus/pre-emptive raid by the Chicago Police Department (CPD) on
the home of two Occupy Chicago activists may have happened without a
search warrant, said the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), and led to the
disappearance of nine activists into police custody without charge for
almost 24 hours, the raid was conducted by the Organized Crime Division
of the CPD and a warrant produced at the site didn't have the signature
of a judge. The use of pre-emptive arrests is troublesome-"Around a
thousand individuals gathered at Chicago's Daley Plaza Friday afternoon
to demand the US government start properly funding health and stop
funding death with an ever-expanding military budget Truthout/If only the
Teabaggers and the Taliban could find a way to kill each other off
without involving innocent civilians
51712/Mitt Romney pulled in more than $40.1 million for his election
effort last month, his campaign said Thursday, a near match of President
Obama's April fundraising/Ad Highlights GST Steel wsjb/Romney's weasel
problem Salt Lake Tribune/PARASITES AND JULIARS, For using your agents in
the US Government, namely, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, and the
rest into initiating this war in the Middle East so that you could bring
to heel all the enemies you have made during the last 50 years, we bless
thee. For using your agents in the media to lie to us on a minute by
minute basis about the war, how “just” this cause is, and what the real
reasons behind it are, we bless thee. For using your agents in the
Christian Evangelical community, such as Falwell, Graham, Swaggert, and
the rest who praise you as God’s chosen people and further keep Americans
in the dark about who you really are, what you have done, and what you
are truly about, we bless thee. For bringing idiots like Limbaugh, Liddy,
Hannity, Beck, and Savage to the forefront as paid liars that will
support you and further lead Americans astray, we bless thee. For making
America your attack dog, and for sending her sons and daughters to fight
and die in all your future wars, we bless thee. For using your influence
in the media to hide the real statistics about the war, the dead and
wounded on both sides, we bless thee. For using us in such a way that not
only further inflames the Arab world against us, but as well has
succeeded in our alienating ourselves against those nations with whom we
have been friendly for over a century, we bless thee. And finally, for
using your influence in our media and academia to flood our minds with
pornography and lies, as well as inculcating in us a hatred for our
history, religion, and culture, for dividing our nation between races and
sexes, and for releasing into our society all of your plagues and filth
that have left us a rotted out corpse of a once great nation, oh Israel,
our friend,we bless thee. For extorting from me and my fellow Americans
$6,000,000,000 (billion) a year for the last 4 decades, we bless thee.
For taking our most sophisticated weapons technology and stealing it for
yourself without paying the American patent holders, we bless thee. For
taking that high-tech military technology and selling it to our enemies,
such as the Russians and Chinese, thus further endangering us, we bless
thee. For using that weaponry in a sustained attack against a United
States ship, the USS Liberty, in an attempt to sink her, thus preventing
US servicemen from revealing to the rest of the world information
concerning the war crimes they witnessed you commit against Egyptian
soldiers in the Sinai Desert during the Six Day War, we bless thee. For
killing 34 and wounding 170 American sailors aboard the USS Liberty, we
bless thee. For bribing the United States government into covering it up,
preventing any justice from being done for the benefit of the families of
the lost sailors – as well as the American People, we bless thee. For
sending your agents into Egypt and blowing up American buildings for the
purpose of blaming the Arabs in an event known as the Lavon Affair, we
bless thee. For sending your agents into Libya during the Reagan
administration, and broadcasting radio messages in Arabic that were
designed to sound like “terrorist cell planning” so that the US would
initiate military strikes against Khadafi, we bless thee. For withholding
information from us concerning the planned attacks against the US Marine
barracks in Lebanon, attacks you knew about through your moles in the
Islamic world and about which you deliberately refused to warn us in
order to further your interests against the Arabs, we bless thee. For
employing Jonathon Pollard, an American serviceman paid to spy for Israel
in order to steal even more of our National Security secrets for your
parasitic purposes, we bless thee. For blackmailing President Clinton
through one of your intelligence agents, Monica Lewinsky, in order to
prevent a coherent peace program from being pushed forward between
yourself and the Palestinian people that you have brutalized and murdered
for the last 50 years, we bless thee. For breaking every agreement you
have made with your Arab neighbors, stealing their land, displacing,
murdering, and treating them like the animals you see them as, we bless
thee. For using your agents within the first Bush administration to
involve us in the first Gulf War, causing the deaths of American men and
women, and exposing our servicemen to whatever bioweapons were/are
responsible that has led to Gulf War Syndrome, we bless thee. For your
role in the September 11 attacks in this country, and for blackmailing
and bribing the US government into deporting back to Israel the 100 or
more intelligence agents that were arrested after the attacks, we bless
thee. For supressing the information from the American people of your
involvement in the September 11 attacks and sending us in the wrong
direction in search of answers, we bless thee. For using one of your
agents in the US Army Weapons Lab, Lt Colonel Philip Zack to steal
anthrax and distribute it into our mail system, terrorizing US citizens
and killing several in order to blame the Arabs, we bless thee (c) Mark
Glenn nomorewarsforisrael /found guilty who
was convicted of the murder  of an Iranian nuclear scientist, claimed he
only received half of what the Mossad had promised to pay him. Iran
hanged Majid Jamali as an Israeli‘Mossad agent, 13 others
convicted of spying for Israel For cancer patients,
marijuana is a medical and a human rights issue. it is barbaric to deny
us access to one substance that has proved to ameliorate our suffering."
A Judge’s Plea for Medical Marijuana Summer, the queen
of disco, died at 63/the concept of needing gov't rules and regulation.
We need physical stop signs as badly as we need them metaphorically in
our gov't and markets. That's not socialism or his evil buddy, communism.
That's good old fashioned Keynesian economics. It's the academic truth of
the matter. Warped many ways by politics, the truth remains/ Barbara
Ehrenreich says government and corporations use the poor as piggy banks and legendary conservationist Lawrence Anthony died
March 2. His family tells of a solemn procession of Wild Elephants gather
inexplicably, mourn death of “Elephant Whisperer”, defies human
explanation. encampment in Cleveland, Ohio,
"suspicious males with walkie-talkies around their necks" and "scarves or
towels around their heads" were heard grumbling at the protesters'
unwillingness to act violently/Religion is what keeps the poor from
murdering the rich." Napoléon Bonaparte/JPMorgan s chump change loss now
at $4 billion/8th grade students about propaganda techniques, including
logical fallacies, transfer, fear mongering, glittering generalities,
etc. They'd sniff this out a mile away. Then again, this might be a
useful teaching tool, and since the arguments are four years old, anyhow,
I guess I can use it for years to come. Thank you, Mr. Ricketts, for your
donation to my classroom!-the level of venom and vitriol that has been
directed at this president can only be understood as based in racism. Ads
such as these will appeal to that baser element and can incite violence.
People who hate so much are easily incited. This is an abomination.
Unfortunately, it seems to be part of the modus operandi of the
Republican party-A pox on these Republicans. Enough is enough. Really.
They are not merely dishonest, unscrupulous and irresponsible-
on-obama.html?  /some of the most active and vocal occupiers since the
very beginning, because this is the language the Truthout community has
been using since the early days of the disastrous Bush administration-
"The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are marked by widespread mental health
problems among US service members, with nearly one in five Iraq and
Afghanistan veterans reporting symptoms of PTSD or severe depression. The
Army's own studies show an alarming spike in Army suicides which have
soared past civilian rates These grim statistics continue to climb, 164
soldiers reported to have taken their lives. This coincides with a 2011
spike in violent sexual assaults perpetrated by active duty soldiers,
mostly targeting young active duty female soldiers-Congress may go a step
further. An amendment to the 2013 NDAA introduced by Reps. Adam Smith
(D-Washington) and Justin Amash (R-Michigan) would eliminate the
provision in the bill that authorizes indefinite military detention
without trial Truthout:

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