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42112/Obama loves to make everyone fighting each other Omoron is crashing this great country

42112/123 years ago yesterday, Hitler was born in 1888. That would mean he
would be 124/why you're so jubilant. One of Dolfy's more heinous
accomplishments involved the mass slaughter and sterilization of your
fellow retards/The death of the evil mad man by his own hand on April 30,
1945 ended the third reich/ The Germans should have put him and Goering up
against a wall for trying to overthrow the government in the early 20s.
42012/Saudi's Naimi Says Determined to Bring Down Oil Prices "Fundamentally
the market remains balanced — there is no lack of supply,"
Reuters/Locking Down an American Workforce,Prisoners, whose ranks
increasingly consist of those for whom the legitimate economy has found no
use, make up a virtual brigade within the reserve army of the unemployed
whose ranks have ballooned along with the U.S. incarceration rate Zimmerman's Bloody Head After He Shot Trayvon
Martin, graphic photo of George Zimmerman's injuries, go to the next page.
A new photograph has emerged depicting the back of George Zimmerman’s head
as a bloody mess. /Faux Trotta, the issue is having “women
once more, the feminist, going, wanting to be warriors and victims at the
same time.” She cited a recent Pentagon report that violent sex crimes in
the military have increased over the last 6 years and said women should
“expect” it, decrying more levels of bureaucracy to support women who have
been “raped too much“, the sexual abuse report says that there has been,
since 2006, a 64% increase in violent sexual assaults. Now, what did they
expect? These people are in close contact, the whole airing of this issue
has never been done by Congress, So, you have this whole bureaucracy upon
bureaucracy being built up with all kinds of levels of people to support
women in the military who are now being raped too much-"Kate Weber says she
tried to report a rape but was told to be quiet and not tell anyone Link to
this video "It was eight years before I was able to say the word that
describes what happened to me," says Maricella Guzman. "I hadn't even been
in the Navy a month. I was so young. I tried to report it. But instead of
being taken seriously, I was forced to do push-ups, cons attitude is what
did she expect when she thought she should serve her country/The party of
AbuGhraib braying over a lack of disipline, because some SS agents that
have been on the force for over a decade are now being disiplined for
seeing a hooker where prostitution is legal...ROTF...desperate
hypocrites-they rammed stuff up their butts, shocked them, smeared menstral
blood on them, forced them to masterbate at gun point, forced them to
simulate sex among each other at gun point...those are actionsfrom a well
disciplined troop? You are strange Talk about being strange you are
wayyyyyyy out there. Did you think it inhuman when they cut Pearl's head
off or was that President Bush's fault too? that is combat weary soldiers
and fury at the inhuman things that the enemy did to their comrades. It was
wrong but I can understand why they would feel that way and I think self
discipline kept them from turning the events into something much more
vicious. As for imposing discipline - that happened too so I dont' see your
comparison at all.Peter Van Buren, a foreign service officer, who once
posed for Playboy, served in Iraq and who is currently engaged in a
protracted legal battle with Foggy Bottom over the publication of his
memoir, We Meant Well, made the claim on his personal blog today in the
course of alleging American officials' debauchery in Iraq and Afghanistan
publishing a series of embarrassing photographs of U.S. diplomats-Wow,
better than paying for a-will cons be outraged over it since it was under
one of their own? legal hooker.Official got bj on roof of palace in
Baghdad?-Bill Clinton got one in the Oval Office...what is it about these
liberal idiots?-You don't know the identity of the guy in question, but you
have no problem calling him "liberal"? I guess the distinction is that "we"
liberals are cool enough to get blow jobs, while the uptight Santorum fans
are not-clearly we should assume this man is a liberal. Conservatives are
never involved in sex scandals, amirite?
rats-or-republicans-have-the-wor/ -blowjo
Christian Pastor Says Legalize Drugs? at Walgreen’s NOW!-cannabis is
jobs-medicine-peace-Living Fancy legalize it, get it out of the hands of
criminals-Living Fancy put it in the hands of gardeners-if the government
realized how much money they could make off of marijauna then it would be
legalized-There's too much money in keeping it illegal + the govt likes
having scores of non-violent potheads under their thumb (paying
fines/probation costs and losing their right to vote and such) + big pharma
and other industries are opposed to allowing marijuana and cannabis into
the market - it would decrease their profits-Good point, while legalizing,
taxing drugs would make a lot of money that could then be circulated
through various programs, many government AGENCIES would lose out: there's
A LOT of money to be made in the "war on drugs". FBI, ATF, Homeland
Security, local police etc. etc. all benefit from this war, and have a lot
to lose if drugs were decriminalized /Â EVERY police
officer in a town in Mexico has just quit for fear of their lives/
"Mexichaos is spilling over our border." U.S. Customs and Border Protection
makes the largest bologna bust in over a decade Colbert-one nation under
bologna, indivible, with liberty and justice for all-made Time magazines
"100 most influential people" list-. Colbert Report: The
Enemy Within - Bologna Border Bust/"How wonderful it is that nobody need
wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." Anne Frank-
Problem is, everyone from the whole spectrum of human ideas, including
right wing nut jobs, think the same thing. They want to''improve' the world
in certain 'ways' too/What To Do About “Radical Feminist Nuns”, not exactly
headline-worthy news that many Catholics actually hold personal beliefs
that don’t line up with church doctrine. It does get a little more
interesting, however, when an umbrella group for 57,000 American nuns is
called to the carpet for straying from Church teaching /Can
smoking pot kill you? Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said
marijuana leads to 'death'-Mitch needs to smoke a little, himself. Change
his shitty and oppressive attitude/Vermont's governor has 2 weeks to stand
with 90 percent of his constituents who favor labeling genetically
engineered foods, or cave to Monsanto, Alabama
(Reuters) - The championship dream is intact, but the $30,000 crystal
football trophy has been shattered/Earth Day has been corrupted by
profit-seeking greenwashers for far too long. This weekend, instead of
buying consumer products that have green labels on them, consider investing
your time, energy and resources in real democracy cultivation and
environmental stewardship-Progressive activists are celebrating another
victory today after the Vermont Legislature became the third in the nation
late Thursday to pass resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment
that would overturn Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission, the
controversial 2010 Supreme Court ruling that allowed corporations and other
groups to spend unlimited amounts of money influencing elections and gave
rise to the now-infamous Super PACs-Who Killed Shaima Alawadi? "Perhaps it
was an act of random hatred; perhaps it was a family dispute. What is
certain is that Shaima Alawadi came to the United States for the freedom to
be who she was. But instead, she apparently died because of her identity,
whether it was being Muslim or Iraqi or a woman. In that regard, she joins
either the thousands of other Iraqis who were killed without ever having a
chance to escape homegrown dictators and US bombs, or the thousands of
American women who never had a chance to escape violent partners-
Republican Brain on the Republican Brain, "The truth is that even before
the book was out, conservatives were attacking it without reading it -
claiming that I was calling them abnormal. I most certainly was not. All
the scientific research on what is called the 'psychology of ideology'
shows that we vary in a natural range on a number of traits, some of which
predispose us toward liberalism, some of which have the opposite effect.
But the range itself is natural and normal. It may even be a standard
feature of humanity's operating system-Guantanamo Psychiatrist Promotes
Dubious Drug Theory on Afghan Killings, "Using false information; faulty
interpretation of documents and innuendo; and in one case, withholding key
disclosures regarding their background, these authors took a serious issue
, the dangerous psychiatric and neurotoxic effects of mefloquine on some
people and the history of the use of this drug by the military and twisted
it to further an agenda that just happened to match US interests-The US and
Iran Are Talking. Why Is the New York Times Peddling Iran Islamophobia?
"The New York Times has suggested to its readers that Iran's supreme leader
is uniquely and intrinsically untrustworthy when he says that Iran will
never pursue a nuclear weapon. Why? Because, according to the Times, Iran's
leaders are Shiites and Shiites have a religious doctrine called 'taqiyya,'
which allows them to lie. No scholar or analyst was cited, which should
have been a red flag for Times' editors for an argument claiming that the
leadership of a country against which the United States has threatened war
is essentially different from us because they belong to a different
religion-recent studies published by the National Academy of Sciences and
other respected institutions have shown troubling results. They describe
mass deaths of deepwater coral; dolphins; and killifish, a small animal at
the base of the Gulf food chain. 'If you add them all up, it's clear the
oil is still in the ecosystem, it's still having an effect-Colorado and
California look to pass marijuana legalization laws this fall-corporate
foreign legion' that 'has taken over America's intelligence and military
functions,' and about the closing of state parks around the country. ('By
axing parks, politicos are stealing the people's
FAA Coughs Up Info on Where Drones Are Being Flown and Who Is Flying Them
Forbes/Pentagon Propaganda Campaign Targeted Reporters Asking About
Propaganda The Atlantic/Rush Limbaugh Boycott Spreads to Local Advertisers
and Radio Stations Politicus USA/Shocking Conflict of Interest: Private
Water Companies Partner With Fracking Lobby AlterNet/Zimmerman apologizes
for shooting; gets $150K bail ap/David Chaney, had been assigned to protect
her during the 2008 presidential campaign while she was John McCain's
vice-presidential running-mate. In a comment under one of the pictures,
Chaney wrote: "I was really checking her out, if you know what I mean?" was
allowed to take early retirement this week in the aftermath of the Colombia
prostitution scandal Palin, responded angrily. "Well, this agent who was
kind of ridiculous there in posting pictures and comments about checking
someone out. Well check this out bodyguard: you're fired, Another of the
secret service supervisors forced out was named as Greg Stokes,  identities
of Chaney and Stokes were revealed by the Washington Post, which also
disclosed the Facebook posting. three more secret service officers were
expected to lose their jobs, Eight others under investigation have been
placed on administrative leave and have had their security clearance
suspended. Also under investigation are 10 military staff./(FCC) is
ordering Fox News to change its tagline from "Fair and Balanced" to "We
Strive to Misinform." It seems that the FCC in buckling down on news
sources to be credible and honest to their viewers/gates foundation
Untested vaccines causing new wave of polio-like paralysis across India Jimmy Carter Quote "Sometimes offending people is
necessary front"'m done being bashed for my faith. Have fun
contributing to the downfall of this country JUST as much as the narrow
minded GOP. When you attack somebody's personal beliefs... YOU are a bigot,
period. You are no different than the right-wing, closed-minded, jerks you
hate so much/Police Unions: 2.) Private Prisons Corporations: 3.) Alcohol
and Beer Companies 4.) Pharmaceutical Corporations:5.) Prison Guard Unions:
The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal bernie has sara on his facebook, imus
41912/"It's certainly not over," said Rep. Peter King of New York, chairman
of the House Homeland Security Committee, The Secret Service did not
identify the agents being forced out or eight more it said remain on
administrative leave. In a statement, it said one supervisor was allowed to
retire and another will be fired for cause. A third employee, who was not a
supervisor, has resigned. The agents were implicated in the prostitution
scandal in Colombia that also involved about 10 military service members
and as many as 20 women. All the Secret Service employees who were involved
had their security clearances revoked
in-scandal-3494039.php#ixzz1sVMSQzsC /Snatch Scratch Fever is the New GOP
Illness of the Week - Blog:
The Revisionist Right (Bored on the Corner) Hey, did you hear? Apparently
giving rights to gays makes you a dictator, you're delusional if you think
there's such a thing as racism, go back to kenya /records of [George] Zimmerman assaulting
law officers? You have domestic violence...why are we going out of our way
to try and create something in Trayvon's background when you have
documented stuff in Zimmerman's background?" Sharpton/Jimmy Kimmel played
one fake one ostensibly that the Romney campaign had created, full of
stilted Spanish and lines like, "Yo tengo pantalones/Obama loves to make
everyone fighting each other  Omoron is crashing this great country, dig
that hold deeper and deeper. He is turning each an every American on to
each other. We will be like Greece in two years if this moron gets
re-elected. The sad thing is, half of these liberal hippies don't even know
it.-dog eat dog world/If Romney wins GOP, I'll join INDEPENDENT PARTY The
Republican has lost their way. I'm joining the Independent Party-the talk
was about McCain being more of the same and Obama was a bright new hope/The
only solution to our Fiscal mess is NObama! a gleam in President Barack
Obama’s eye, the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform,
to use the formal name of the panel chaired by Democrat Erskine Bowles and
Republican Alan Simpson, has been designed to obfuscate spending and
deficit issues in the knowledge that the parties will never agree on
anything anyway/Christian Left's Chickenhawk Hall of Shame, a political
epithet used in the United States criticize somebody who strongly supports
a war or other military action (i.e., a War Hawk), yet who actively avoided
military service when of age. The term is meant to indicate that the person
in question is cowardly or hypocritical for personally avoiding combat in
the past while advocating that others go to war in the present. Generally,
the implication is that "chickenhawks" lack the experience, judgment, or
moral standing to make decisions about going to war. The term is not
applied to those who avoided military service without subsequently adopting
a hawkish political outlook. es el Día Mundial
de la Bicicleta y recuerda que El uso de la bicicleta protege no sólo al
medio ambiente, ya que ayuda a la disminución de emisiones de CO2 a la
atmósfera, sino también al cuidado de la salud de la persona que la
utiliza, debido que su uso habitual representa un saludable ejercicio
físico/Fish Without Eyes Found in Gulf of Mexico, Blue crabs without claws.
Shrimp without eyes. Fish with lesions. These are just some of the
horrifying creatures fishermen and scientists have recently found in the
Gulf of Mexico, according to BP and Federal Agencies, this doesn’t
necessarily have to do with the BP Oil Spill in spring 2010. “every
scientist, fisherman, and seafood processor we spoke with about the seafood
deformities” had never seen anything like this before-FDA would tell us
it's safe.... and of course no one is going to admit how much BP fucked
up...cause then we would have to start officially looking at other forms of
energy.-dey diz on purpose so we can b poisoned-MORE TO DO WITH THE
THE OIL ARE NOT PROFITABLe-coincidence that since the BP spill occurred,
mutation of marine life has rocketed immensely...and yet, government claims
NOTHING is pieces of shit-gulf of mexico barely HAVE
any fish there since the is do not just
DISAPPEAR out of the blue without a reason, and whatever life that does
remain in there is obviously contaminated to the fucking genome, hence the
mutation...and it is VERY real, just because you do not see it on
mainstream news does not mean that this FACT is OBSOLETE.
html#ixzz1sVVRvxPa /Fracking, it turns out, yields more global warming per
unit of energy than coal — at least 20 percent more, and possibly up to
twice as much" as a new "study estimates that natural-gas producers...are
losing about 4% of their gas to the atmosphere — not including additional
losses in the pipeline and distribution system."
nc /now they finally admit it causes earthquakes,A spate of earthquakes
across the middle of the U.S. is “almost certainly” man-made, and may be
caused by wastewater from oil or gas drilling injected into the ground.
Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey said that for the three decades
until 2000, seismic events in the nation’s midsection averaged 21 a year.
They jumped to 50 in 2009, 87 in 2010 and 134 in 2011."
-tied-to-drilling-wastewater.html /plenty of renewable energy option, lets
put our taxpayer subsidies into developing those. Stop coal! Stop Fracking!
Stop Tar Sands! /levon helm rip@71/a six-year-old Georgia girl was
handcuffed, arrested and taken to a police station after throwing a tantrum
in her kindergarten class. No, BuzzFlash is not making this up! A Truthout
staff member Skyped a message wondering how the police found handcuffs
small enough for a toddler. Is there a now a vendor for the
'criminalization industry' manufacturing kiddy cuffs?" BuzzFlash/Veterans
Sexually Assaulted in VA Clinics and Hospitals Care2/As Romney Courts
Latinos, GOP Cuts Their Services tpm/Two Years After the BP Spill, a Hidden
Health Crisis Festers The Nation/Catholic League Promises to "Mobilize"
Religious Groups Against Jon Stewart BuzzFeed/Owner of KFC, Taco Bell and
Pizza Hut Is 12th Corporation to Drop ALEC ThinkProgress/hannity laughs
about hating the president, and imus quiping dog bbc/

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