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41912/rip dick clark 82/Might as well hop on the "chuckle-bus" since the
country is going to the dogs, Stewart reasoned, no question was more front
page worthy than Diane Sawyer’s question for Romney on Monday night: "Who’s
funnier, you or President Obama?", Romneys' quip in front of a small
audience of unemployed voters about how he’s "also unemployed." The awkward
laughter that ensues is enough to gather who won that round. "You don’t
want to heckle your audience," advised Stewart, Obama could be getting
worse. Stewart recalled one failed "spilled milk" joke the president
attempted to make that even had the first lady awkwardly smiling.
"Someone’s sleeping on the couch tonight," he joked/South Sudan repulsed
four attacks from Sudan over a 24-hour period as fighting on the border
showed no signs of slowing/ Sex offender questioned in search for missing
soldier Images from a page set up on Facebook to aid in gathering
infromation about missing, North Carolina soldier Kelli Bordeaux, 23,
vanished after a night out at a bar/accused of killing new mom and stealing
baby had just miscarried, 28-year-old Kala Golden had placed Keegan into
her pickup truck Tuesday afternoon after leaving Northwoods Pediatric
Center in Spring, about 20 miles north of Houston. The suspected shooter
was parked next to her, The woman repeatedly shot Golden, then snatched the
child from her truck and drove away, according to witness accounts. The
dying woman leaned into the vehicle and tried to take the boy back,
screaming, "My baby-If only the victim looked like Obama, then maybe he
would give a speech about it. You want to know why white people don't march
in the streets when blacks target and PROFILE pregnant white women to KILL
them? Because we aren't surprised. They should have this woman walk through
George Zimmerman's gated community-stupid ugly *** fkin betch she should be
tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged at least 50 miles then set
on fire-We need to screen health care workers with emotional, mental,
physical, and back round checks to prevent these crimes from occuring ever
again. Give her a fair trail and a short sentence so she could present the
baby to her man, like a trophy or prize. *** animal!-she should be put to
death asap-Her statement: "...Waah! My uterus be broken yo-clearly
psychotic as a mentally ill person she should not be held criminally
responsible for her actions instead she should be humanely euthanized
abducting-baby-miscarried-article- /has embarrassed President Obama. A
senior congressman welcomed the move to hold people responsible for the
tawdry episode but warned "it's not over
Secret Service calls Nugent over
anti-Obama screed Albany Times Union/
/Opinion:Ted Nugent should be in jail CNN/Romney walks back from
Nugent "We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their
heads off in November," Nugent said of the Obama administration
anti-Obama-screed-3491971.php#ixzz1sV6b9awh /You're a scapegoat. They're
trying to suggest that you said something that you emphatically did not
say. Nugent: Absolutely ... I have never in my life threatened anyone's
life. I am incapable of threatening anyone's life. Because, I'm about
positive change. Dana Loesch's talk radio show this afternoon, which was
seemingly broadcast from some kind of alternate universe:-Why are people
defending Ted Nugent...he's not even relevant. He has no power or influence
that doesn't extend beyond a little fringe group of crazies-All it takes is
one crazy person (anyone who agrees with Nuggies wack-job philosophies) who
thinks Ted was speaking directly to him and that he will make Ted happy by
killing democrats, the president, gay people, people who think the NRA is
TOO powerful, anyone who disagrees with crazy Ted. Words are very powerful
when used by "personalities" who may have multiple personalities like
Nugent. He needs to be confined either in a mental institution or Gitmo-
this is what the republicans have come to be, hate mongers, racists, and
bigots-one party, well armed, fundamental Christian theocracy is the
America that the Founders envisioned? Mr. Nugent has the right of free
speech, but there are limits and consequences to crossing the line. "You
can't yell fire in a crowded theater" comes to mind when I hear his words.-
remember when the Dixie Chicks said they were embarrassed
that President Bush was from Texas and America went into hysterics about
how disrespectful it was-Senator Gabrielle Gifford shot in the head. this
is what the republicans have come to be, hate mongers, racists, and
bigots.-She wasn't a senator and the mentally depraved man who committed
the horrific act was leftist-How are the Dixie Chicks doing these
days?- laughed all the way to the bank $$$ and then won a grammy for best
album of the year !!!'s GW doing these
days ;-) -Pretty damn happy and they still have a lot more money and talent
than you!
Highly Cited:This Conversation Between Ted Nugent and Dana Loesch Will Melt
Your Brain New York Magazine /Young adults
cool on Obama, Romney Tucson Citizen/not going to rise to' Obama's 'silver
spoon' comment I won't apologize for my dad's wealth,'there was no
question mitt was referring to when he noted pointedly that he “wasn't born
with a silver spoon/24 people were killed and dozens wounded when more than
10 car and roadside bombs, mostly targeting security forces/Cosmic ray
source riddle mystery now even more mysterious-puzzled about where
high-energy cosmic rays come from after a new study showed that gamma ray
bursts are probably not to blame-puzzle deepens BBC News-IceCube detector
puts the chill on fireball model of gamma ray bursts Ars Technica /AP)
Confessed mass killer Anders Behring Breivik testified Thursday that he had
planned to capture and decapitate former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro
Harlem Brundtland during his shooting massacre
In Depth:Mysterious cosmic rays leave scientists in the /imus radiothon for kidswithcancer, rodger clements retrial,
41812/Julian Assange, To some he was a hero, to others a spy, but nowadays
he is most often portrayed as a nut job.(nyt) Starts Talk Show on Russian
TV Prisoner as Talk Show Host, a cozy chat, even though they weren’t on the
same couch or even on the same continent, still managed to kid around a
little. Nasrallah noted wryly that even the most sophisticated Israeli
decryption technology couldn’t decipher the village slang his young
fighters use over walkie-talkies. No computer analyst, he said, “is going
to understand what the father of the chicken is and why they call him the
father of the chicken.” tough questions about Hezbollah’s support for
President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, suggested corruption and high living
among some members of Hezbollah. (Mr. Assange cited S.U.V.’s, silk robes
and “take-away food” as signs of decadence. He predicted that The Times,
among others, would dismiss him as “an enemy combatant and traitor getting
into bed with the Kremlin.” in bed with the Kremlin, Tuesday’s show he
didn’t put out. Moscow is at odds with Washington over Syria, and RT
accordingly colors its reports from Damascus with sharp digs at the West
and American support of opposition fighters that RT describes as
“terrorists.”  Mr. Nasrallah added with a twinkle, “It’s not going to do
you any good at WikiLeaks, by the way.” The two men laughed companionably
Assange did everything he could to minimize his prisonlike isolation and
behaved surprisingly like a standard network interviewer, Kardashians could
be next.-American media is so slanted. We need the truth about Palestine,
and Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization any more than APAC (the
American Jewish Lobby) is. That's a complete fiction. Let's get Hezbollah
on the mainstream media so we can hear the truth-Funny how Alessandra
waited until the end of her slander, has only reinforced my respect for his
intelligence, open-mindedness and perseverance. My support of WikiLeaks
will continue-sounds a bit vindictive. And compared to US talk shows, I'm
pretty sure that Assange on RT is the one place I WON'T see the
Kardashians!-Or perhaps not. It is evidently too much to expect the alleged
journalist to supply us with the answer to this question. Much easier to
sling mud and innuendo, after all-Does it not occur to Alessandra Stanley
that the people portraying him as a nut job may not be honest and may have
an interest in caricaturing him? What is with the joking, derogatory tone
when even she has to admit that he committed acts of journalism? Does she
think that the documents obtained by Wikileaks were not newsworthy?-So the
consensus here seems to be "America is evil and should be destroyed."
Assange and Hezbollah are pretty good players for that team. Now maybe
Russia too can get back in the game.-Nasrallah that was quoted in the
Lebanon Daily Star in 2002? “If they [the Jews] gather in Israel, it will
save us the trouble of going after them worldwide”-You're not trying to
create a better world,How about: America - Land of Make Believe- /christian
philosophy progression, to do is to be, socrates, to be is to do, plato, do
be do be do, sinatra/the Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets, the business of
spying on American consumers-Personal Details Exposed Via Biggest U.S.
Websites-The largest U.S. websites are installing new and intrusive
consumer tracking technologies on the computers of people visiting their
sites, in some cases, more than 100 tracking tools at a time-Microsoft
Quashed Bid to Boost Web Privacy-Lawmakers Target Google's Tracking,
congressmen called on the FTC to investigate Google,  the Web giant was
bypassing privacy settings-Facebook, Google Risk an Invasion of Privacy.
Personal Data Reappears on Site, trying to do more to address consumer
concerns about the difficulty of removing personal data permanently from
websites that collect it and make it available for background checks and
other uses-Justices Rein In Police on GPS Trackers, Supreme Court ruled
police must obtain a warrant before attaching a GPS tracker to a suspect's
vehicle, in one of the first major cases to test constitutional privacy
rights in the digital age-popular children's websites install more tracking
technologies on computers than top sites aimed at adults-'Scrapers' Dig
Deep for Data on Web, market for personal data about Internet users is hot-
Phone Tracker Fuels Constitutional and have been
tracking people's online activities using powerful new methods that are
almost impossible for computer users to detect-Facebook Adds New Privacy
Controls-Apple Shuns Tracking Tool, advising software developers to stop
using a feature in software for its iPhones and iPads-Face-ID Tools Pose
New Risk-Police to Use Device for Face Recognition, the U.S. are about to
adopt controversial hand-held facial-recognition devices- /Republicans
have chosen a draft dodger to run and now Ted Nugent, a self admitted draft
dodger, has decided to back him. That shows what you can expect from the
Repuke party. Nugent to meet with Secret Service ojama vile and evil/
"I'm a black Jew at a Nazi-Klan rally," the 63-year-old gun enthusiast
griped. "And there are some power-abusing, corrupt monsters in our federal
government that despise me because I have the audacity to speak the
truth.",I will stand by my speech,” Nugent, adding he was being unfairly
criticized. “I‘m sure we’ll have a great conversation … bottom line is,
I’ve never threatened anybody’s life in my life. I’ve never threatened. I
don’t waste breath threatening.” “Every reference I made, whether it’s a
shot across the bow or targeting the enemy, it always ended the sentence
with ‘in November” Nugent-I don`t see the Black Panthers and Louis
Farrakhan backing down from their death threats and incitement to riot-He
NEEDS to meet them in GITMO-Democrats attack Ted Nugent...Ted Nugent is a
real man, a real American...Democrats are the laziest most vile scum on
this earth...they live off other peoples taxes perverting America trying to
increase their take through more taxes...wanna bottom line?..Which parties
openly encourage females to kill their babies? steal their
get their vote .... Democrats and their dog eating leader..Bobo/John
Stillion has written of the F-35A's air-to-air combat performance that it
“can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run”, but Lockheed Martin test pilot Jon
Beesley has countered that in an air-to-air configuration the F-35 has
almost as much thrust as weight and a flight control system that allows it
to be fully maneuverable even at a 50-degree angle of attack. Chen Hu,
editor-in-chief of World Military Affairs magazine has said that the F-35
is too costly because it attempts to provide the capabilities needed for
all three American services in a common airframe. Dutch news program NOVA
show interviewed US defense specialist Winslow T. Wheeler and aircraft
designer Pierre Sprey who called the F-35 "heavy and sluggish" as well as
having a "pitifully small load for all that money", and went on to
criticize the value for money of the stealth measures as well as lacking
fire safety measures. His final conclusion was that any air force would be
better off maintaining its fleets of F-16s and F/A-18s compared to buying
into the F-35 program. Lockheed spokesman John Kent has said that the
missing fire-suppression systems would have offered "very small"
improvements to survivability/Germany opposes plans from Spain and some
other euro-zone countries to allow banks tap directly into the bloc's
temporary bailout fund, citing unnamed people involved in negotiations./
Axl Rose has released another letter. In this one, he apologizes to the
host city, Cleveland, which "does in fact Rock!/The 'Buffett Rule' - the
Democratic-authored effort to impose a minimum tax on millionaires - is
probably dead for awhile, fatally wounded by a largely partisan Senate vote
Monday. The 51-45 procedural vote failed by nine votes, since 60 are needed
to cut off debate-Can You Understand the Republican Brain?
"Scientific American lauds author Chris Mooney 'as one if the few
journalists in the country who specialize in the now dangerous intersection
of science and politics, his first book, 'The Republican War on Science,'
latest release, 'The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science
and Reality-Legislation to Combat Oil Speculation,  to combat oil
speculation-Tax Day Doesn't Belong to the Tea Party Anymore. This year, the
IRS due date bears witness to the impact of the Occupy movement in American
politics-Mitt Romney told a crowd at a private fundraiser last night that
he might eliminate the Department of Housing and Urban Development, scale
back the Department of Education, and eliminate some specific tax
provisions-ows thought - of the law. Specifically, a 2000 court decision,
Metropolitan Council Inc. v. City of New York, that ruled that sleeping on
City sidewalks was a Constitutionally-protected form of protest-Washington
is lost in a snarl of confusion, cowardice and wrongheaded ideological
assumptions that threaten to keep the economy in a ditch for a long time.
That prospect is not much discussed in the halls of Congress or the White
House. It's as though the crisis has been put on hold until after the
presidential election-Taking Uncle Sam for a Ride: How Pakistan Makes
Washington Pay for the Afghan War "Given such strong cards, diplomatic and
legal, why then did the Obama administration commit itself to releasing
more than $1 billion to a government that has challenged its attempt to
bring to justice an alleged mastermind of cross-border terrorism? The
answer lies in what happened at two Pakistani border posts 1.5 miles from
the Afghan frontier in the early hours of November 26, 2011-Raising Kids Is
Work? Tell That to Women on Welfare "For all the shameful sucking up to
multimillionaire mom Ann Romney after Democratic pundit Hilary Rosen
accused her of never having worked 'a day in her life,' the reality is
neither Republicans nor Democrats treat most parenting as work, and
thousands of poor women are living in poverty today as living proof of that
fact-the Rich Call the Shots, The New Republic: at least so far, the most
visible effect of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision has been not
so much a flood of corporate cash into politics as a flood of cash from
billionaire cranks into politics Paul Krugman-Mega-corporations use the
public's own resources against it, planning intimately and relentlessly our
future,' exercised in many spheres, including 'mass media, health care,
transportation, tax code, housing, trade agreements,' even 'patenting our
genes-Higher Education's Role in Occupy and Related Social Justice
Movement, we must get out in front and take a public stand against
harassment, intimidation and violence against peaceful protesters, whether
they are campus-based ... or not, please take some time to catch up. Your
career, indeed, your very future, may depend on it-1878, Elizabeth Cady
Stanton and Susan B. Anthony drafted an amendment to the US Constitution
that would make it illegal to bar citizens from voting based on gender. It
took 42 years for their amendment to be ratified by Congress, but nearly
100 years after that historic decision, it seems the modern GOP hasn't yet
gotten over that vote-you're supposed to believe there is no "War on
Women." Don't buy it. These right-wingers despise and disdain women with an
energy not seen since the end of World War I, and all you have to do is
look at their remarkable record of legislative actions over these past few
months to see the truth of it-some 10 percent of voting-age Americans do
not have the proper ID - with current name and current address - to vote in
the states where the GOP and their friends in ALEC have been pushing
restrictive voter ID laws, In other words, tough luck if you're a woman who
just got married, just got divorced, or are running for your life from an
abusive relationship-Since gaining control of the House in 2010, the
hard-right boys' club that is the GOP in that chamber has vomited up no
less than 916 anti-woman pieces of legislation. Contraception is bad.
Choice is bad. Being an unwed mother is bad. Sex education is bad. women
are bad, not to be trusted, and are to be treated as chattel in all cases.-
financial technocrats have taken over the European ship. Democracy has gone
out the window, all in the name of keeping the central bank independent
from the 'abuses' of government. Yet, the government is the people. or it
should be. A democratically elected government represents the people.
Europeans are being hoodwinked into relinquishing their cherished democracy
to a rogue band of financial pirates, and the rest of the world is not far
behind-ALEC Public Safety & Elections Task Force (known as the Criminal
Justice Task Force until 2009) have approved model bills that promote
for-profit prisons and lengthen prison sentences, criminalize immigrants,
expand the 'war on drugs,' thwart evidence-based pre-trial release programs
in favor of for-profit bail-bonding, and many other policies-Secret Donor
Gave Anti-Obama Group $10 Million, Watchdogs Demand IRS Crackdown, Karl
Rove-affiliated group's funding comes from megarich donors, not a
grassroots political movement, and campaign finance reformers say the group
is deliberately using its nonprofit status to hide the names of its donors
from the public as the election season heats up, the organization has
received dozens of multimillion-dollar checks from unknown donors to pay
for ads attacking President Obama-House passed Congressman Paul Ryan's
budget for the rich-more bad news is coming from the Fukushima nuclear
plant in Japan, the EPA is taking on frackers with its new pollution
standards-Women With HIV Build Safe, Healthy Lives, According to the Kaiser
Family Foundation (KFF), more than 290,000 US women have the virus and
nearly a quarter of all newly diagnosed cases-Ballot measures in Boulder,
Colorado and Madison, Wisconsin calling for an end to corporate personhood
passed last year-a great deal of disagreement about moral issues, no one
disagrees with the notion that it's wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering
on an animal. We need a good reason to inflict suffering on an animal. This
is part of our conventional moral wisdom. The problem is that eating
animals is, as a matter of moral analysis, no different from dog
fighting/Bernard Rapoport. A 'capitalist with a conscience' with an
authentic connection to the struggles and values of everyday Americans,
Rapoport died this month at 94.... A friend and long-time supporter of Bill
Moyers' work on public television, Rapoport gave millions to help
low-income children in Waco, Texas ... He urged the politicians he
supported to raise his taxes, and felt morally obligated to argue against
his own privilege/The world of risk and insurance - replete with cagey
underwriters, callous claim adjustors, and canny actuaries - is often
viewed as staid and cheerless. In Acts of God and Man, approach to
modeling uncertainty and a 'personalized scientific method' free of the
restrictions of more orthodox paradigms. Readers likely will be interested
in the book's focus on the boundary between 'knowable' and 'unknowable'
aspects of risk/whether to require TV stations to post online public
information about political ad buys. Some form of the rule seems likely to
pass, but the industry and others are lobbying the FCC to alter the nature
of the final rule, That's why the National Association of Broadcasters has
been paying visits to key FCC officials this month. A group of influential
Republican senators has also told the FCC they oppose the proposed rule-
far-right national and state lawmakers, in coordination with Religious
Right activists, have expanded their attacks. They are targeting not just
abortion rights, but also access to birth control and preventative care, as
well as contemporary views of women's roles in the workplace, the family
and the halls of power. What follows are dispatches from the varied fronts
in the growing War on Women-in the case of the war on drugs, have left more
than 50,000 Mexicans dead and thousands more "disappeared" in just six
years. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent conveying the official
story through the megaphone of the corporate news media when it comes to
Mexico and Central America. The Truthout on the Border series is ripping
off the mask of deceit and exposing the ruinous damage left in its wake-
Truthout/:Mitt Romney, American Parasite Village Voice/Stealth Evangelicals
in the Digital Age-Five Reasons the Very Rich Have Not Earned Their Money
BuzzFlash/Birthday Fundraiser for Ann Romney Hosted by Man Who Once
Barbecued a Dog Addicting Info/Ten Things Republicans Don't Want You to
Know About Taxes DailyKos/Arrests Occupiers for "Sleepful Protest"
nation/Apple, Google, Facebook: Whose Data Centers Are the Dirtiest? Mother
Jones/Corporations Are Sociopaths/

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