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3212/TOTAL FAILURE MARXIST mus lim zeroBOWma

3212/he does not strike me as a president. he has proven to be a
colossal mistake raises no respect from me. not being merely useless. I
disagree with most of what he says concerning the direction he plans to
take the United States. I disagree with his policies in general. I don't
trust him, frankly I don't like him, and I don't want him in the White
House or his minions in office. I owe the office of the president all due
respect. The individual sitting in the chair has to earn it, and Obama has
not. That Hopefully, the electorate will remove them all in November"Go To
Hell, Barack!" Current advertising on the DC METRO should become the
opposition's slogan/Strange how puppy-drowning-goober felt the opposite way
about his miserable failed fuhrer who is rated as being amongst the very
worst of the worst/Maybe it's a suggestion that he go to find Mitt's money?
GOPIG party is the BIGGEST hypocrite possible about keeping government
GOOD FOR AMERICA/shrink government down to the size where they can fit it
up women's vagina/a suspicious package sent to Rush Limbaugh's South
Florida home was not dangerous or hazardous. the item investigated Thursday
turned out to be an electronic plaque sent by a listener of the radio talk
show host's program as a "business opportunity" for him. It concerned the
assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth/Remind you
of the right-wing paranoia over Clinton and the "death list"? Breitbart
assassination theories start/.WHILE Obama fixes the Economy, GOP bans
trojans, the right distribution of labor based on ability/GOPig party is
on the wrong side of history. They are destroying themselves/Republicans
can't think any deeper than screwing their 17 year old daughter/First of
all Obama is destroying the economy. $5 trillion in debt in 3 years. Second
no one is banning anything. They do not want the government paying for it
or demanding that health insurance cover it/GOP approves Limbaugh Calling
99% of women "SLUTS", couldn't run a better campaign to assure their
destruction/TOTAL FAILURE MARXIST mus lim zeroBOWma WILL BOW TO THE UN to
propose planetary regulations of water, food/When Spoiled-Rotten Children
parents are delighted to let the schools take all responsibility for
training and teaching How many try to give their kids everything they want,
latest cell phone and video game to $150 jeans and $200 tennis shoes?how
many of those same parents bought more house than they could, demanding
someone come to their rescue. teachers’ unions defend a status quo that
produces 1 million high-school dropouts a year and a graduation rate of
less than 50 percent for black and Hispanic students, half of them can’t
write a literate sentence or give the correct change for a $20 bill. the
most feared and powerful voting blocs in this country: our senior citizens.
then decided that somebody else had to pay for their mistake? Five of our
largest banks have been pressured into creating a $26 billion kitty to help
bail them outAny politician with the temerity to try to change some of the
entitlement programs that are bankrupting this country is sure to face some
of the most vicious and dishonest advertising campaigns this country has
ever seen. Remember the Democrats’ response to Paul Ryan’s efforts to
reform Medicare? Their “throw grandma off the cliff” TV ad was a classic of
the type"Stick it to Obama" According to Chu Obama is
fine with high gas prices/Better late than never Breitbart pig is dead
Ronald Reagan Medical Center needs to bill this guy's ext of kin. We don't
want no deadbeats on the public dole/Typical left wing "civility"/Like Cons
extend 'civility' to Teddy Kennedy?/Adios, mf'er! One less warped GOPig
mind to poison the airwaves!/BofA Clash With Fannie Intensifies as Insurers
Reject More Loan, facing more demands by Fannie Mae for refunds on flawed
home loans because mortgage insurers who cover defaults rejected 25 percent
more claims last year. Unresolved insurance rejections rose to 90,000 at
the end of 2011 from 72,000 the year earlier, Bank of America said last
week in its annual filing with regulators. Last year’s denials equal $1.2
billion in unpaid loan balances, by Compass Point Research and Trading LLC. scorched-earth campaign in a neighborhood in the city
of Homs, while the Red Cross headed to the area following a bloody,
monthlong siege to dislodge rebel forces.  mounting international criticism
over its bloody crackdown on the uprising, which started with peaceful
protests but has become increasingly militarized. The U.N. has estimated
that more than 7,500 people have been killed since the uprising began
nearly a year ago, gunmen lined 10 men up early Friday and shot them dead
in front of a government cooperative that sells subsidized food. He said
Syrian forces were detaining anyone over the age of 14 in the three-story
building. videos posted online Thursday purported to show the burials of
Colvin and Ochlik in Baba Amr early this week. The Syrian government said
it dug up the bodies
html /Stephen Colbert's lawyer, Trevor Potter, who helped Colbert set up
his own outside political organizations (i.e. Americans for a Better
Tomorrow, Tomorrow), weighs in on the seeming trickery behind superPACs/
Obama Campaign Supports SuperPAC Disappointing many working toward campaign
finance reform/purchasing of prison seems like a good, cost-saving idea at
first, in the end, privatizing prisons actually ends up costing states
more. And isn’t there something wrong with promising corporations to keep
jails full, so they can keep their pockets full? turns out, we just use
prison as a punishment for just about every crime. That’s because the
prison industry is just that – an industry. Sending people to jail sends
money into pockets. Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) sent a letter
to 48 states offering to take their costly prisons off their hands. A few
stipulations though: the prison must remain 90% full, and oh by the way,
the state still pays for the care of the prisons. The state just doesn’t
provide the employees anymore. And oh by the way, again, the new private
prisons won’t take the more costly, sick prisoners. The state can keep them
and pay for their healthcare. picked up part of the
tab to home school his children even though his family resided in Virginia
at the time. The article went on to characterize Santorum's behavior as
unethical but not quite illegal. The school district in PA, which tried to
recover its money from Santorum, spent two hundred thousand dollars buying
computers, software etc for five of the Santorum children for three years.
Oh by the way, Santorum refused to repay the money and the State of PA
eventually picked up the tab/The Beatles - Dont Let Me Down Video From
Rooftop Concert /
3112/judas had guts..good job buddy nasty bigoted goy trash/offering
"Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power," the US has a love affair
with war. Frank Rich writes of "Drift": "In 'Drift,' Rachel Maddow brings
her passion, wit, cool common sense and intellectual firepower, how America
has declined into an overfunded and unchecked national security state."-
"Pity the Billionaire" a brilliant exposé of the most breathtaking ruse in
American political history: how the right turned the biggest capitalist
breakdown since 1929 into an opportunity for themselves."-If you believe
corporate personhood is a threat to democracy, then "Corporations Are Not
People"-"Illegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and
Criminalizes Immigrants"-journalistic savvy to expose newsroom practices
that favor macho rhetoric over serious inquiry, a pacified readership over
an empowered one, and reductionist analysis over integrity. ‘The Imperial
Messenger’ is polemic at its best, relentless in its attack on this
apologist for American empire-If educators and others are to counter global
capitalism's increased ability to separate the traditional politics from
the transnational reach of power, it is crucial to develop educational
approaches that reject a collapse of the distinction between market
liberties and civil liberties, a market economy and a market society. This
suggests developing forms of critical pedagogy capable of challenging
neoliberalism and other anti-democratic traditions-Shut Down the
Corporations. 'The public is never informed that a group representing the
most privileged people in America are drafting the legislation that
disempowers the most vulnerable,' said David Osborn with Occupy
Portland-Occupy Wall Street. Mills challenged the widely held belief that
American society, having triumphed over the fundamental problems of the
20th century (depression, war and fascism) had become a model of economic
success, political democracy and social well-being. warned about the
dangers of the growing concentration of wealth and power-WikiLeaks Exposes
Department of Homeland Security Spying on Occupy Movement appears to be
more concerned with protecting the mechanisms of the financial sector than
in ensuring the safety of citizens who are exercising their First Amendment
rights. They talk about threats to 'critical infrastructure' and this fear
that these protests are going to ... make commerce difficult and people are
going to start losing money-working on behalf of chemical giant Dow
Chemical, closely monitored news coverage of the Occupy Wall Street
movement. Stratfor relayed the activities of people seeking redress for the
1984 Dow Chemical/Union Carbide gas disaster in Bhopal, India, which
resulted in the death of thousands and lasting environmental
damage-'Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?' is a feature documentary
about the emergence of plutocratic control of the US government. But the
film is not meant to raise the white flag to accumulated wealth. In fact,
it concludes that, 'There are only two kinds of power in America: organized
money and organized people-government officials starting to consider more
serious options to help Syrians overthrow their authoritarian regime,
including military intervention. Although it is estimated that at least
6,000 people have been killed in the past 11 months, military strikes would
fail to protect civilians and make the situation even worse for
Syrians-Washington state court dismissed a lawsuit brought against the
Olympia Food Coop by StandWithUs and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign
Affairs ... In this case, the issue was whether the food coop had the right
to ban nine Israeli products from its shelves in support of the Global
Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement-Truthout/Obama the "Socialist"
Saved Capitalism by Giving Welfare to Wall Street and Red States
Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: "You would think that the right wingers
shouting that Obama is a relic of the Soviet Union should be thanking him
for saving capitalism, providing a climate for large corporations to soar
in profits, giving bailout money to the banks and providing red states with
redistributed income tax funds to survive." BuzzFlash/Conservative Justices
Indicate Multinational Firms and Political Groups Should Be Shielded From
Lawsuits in the US Over Atrocities Overseas Los Angeles Times/The Top Five
Stratfor Revelations Recall, Scott Walker Uses Koch
Money to Soften Image Salon/Vaginal Ultrasound Bills a Smokescreen, Say
Pro-Choice Groups Talking Points Memo/Democracy Alliance Dumps Progressive
Organizations Huffington Post/This is like prohibition go after the little
people for making moonshine, while the real crooks make a fortune can't
have any competition/Blown text auto-correct locks down school, A Georgia
student texts: "Gunna be at West Hall this afternoon." Auto-correct,
however changes the first word to "gunman." Pandemonium ensues/XP loses
ground to Windows 7 but still top OS The 10-year-old operating system saw
its market share drop in February but it still commands lead/Beijing court
has prosecuted more than a dozen people for organizing the illegal sale of
51 human kidneys worth about 10 million yuan (US$1.6 million) in one of
China's biggest organ trafficking cases/North Korea has agreed to halt
nuclear tests, long-range missile launches and enrichment activities at its
Yongbyon nuclear complex in exchange for food aid/News Corp has moved to
distance James Murdoch from its troubled newspaper brands in the UK
announcing that he would step down as executive chairman/Helicopter
gunships fired on civilians Wednesday in the besieged neighborhood of Baba
Amr as Syria's intensifying campaign triggered fears among residents that a
full-fledged ground invasion could be imminent/Rioting near the
northwestern Chinese city of Kashgar on Tuesday left 12 people dead,
according to China's official Xinhua news agency/Captain pleads guilty over
New Zealand cargo ship disaster, captain and second officer of a container
ship that ran aground last year resulting in New Zealand's worst maritime
environmental disaster, pleaded guilty/13-year-old boy was killed by sniper
fire Wednesday as government forces continue tormenting civilians across
Syria/conservative Internet publisher Andrew Breitbart, whose flare for
battle with politicians and the mainstream media earned him a reputation as
one of the nation's most influential commentators, died/NEW ORLEANS - One
suspect is dead and two New Orleans police officers and another suspect
were wounded after an early morning traffic stop developed into a gunfight
you shouldn't be surprised. The Wall Street Journal reported today that
BofA is “working on sweeping changes that would require many users of basic
checking accounts to pay a monthly fee/This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories
A police chief popping pills from the evidence room, a sheriff slinging
meth, and that's just the lowlights -Arkansas, the
Trumann police chief resigned Tuesday after an investigation found that he
had been stealing drugs that were supposed to be destroyed. Chief Tony
Rusher was given a "resign or be fired" ultimatum by the town mayor after
an internal investigation found he had stolen between 500 and 600
prescription pills from the evidence room instead of destroying them after
their cases had been closed. The investigation was sparked by complaints by
Rusher's own cops. Rusher told a state investigator he "did not consider
pills that had been through court as evidence" and that "these pills were
going to be destroyed anyway." Rusher said he used more than a dozen Xanax,
hydrocodone, and Percocet pills daily in addition to Ambien for sleep.
In Somerset, Pennsylvania, a Somerset Borough police officer was arrested
last Friday for allegedly seeking a $500 bribe to make a marijuana charge
go away. Officer Jason Michael Ponczek, 33, is charged with felony bribery
in official and political matters and misdemeanor official oppression. On
January 22, Ponczek responded to a residence in the borough after a
neighbor complained, asked to enter and was invited inside. Ponczek and
another officer found a small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia.
Instead of arresting the person, Ponczek said he would wait 30 days to file
charges and the person could earn leniency by becoming a snitch. The person
did so, twice, and then, on February 16, Ponczek met the snitch and offered
to make the marijuana charge go away for $500. At that point, the person
contacted an attorney, who sent him to the state police, who investigated
and arrested Ponczek. In Shreveport, Louisiana, the former Winn Parish
sheriff was convicted last Wednesday of participating in a methamphetamine
distribution ring that included using his lover to sell the stuff. A.D.
"Bodie" Little, 61, was one of 11 people indicted by a federal grand jury.
A jury convicted him of conspiracy to possess 50 grams or more of meth with
intent to distribute, possession of five grams or more with intent to
distribute, using a communications facility to facilitate drug trafficking,
as well as four counts of conspiring with a woman with whom he was alleged
to have had an affair. He faces up to life in prison and a $10 million
fine. In Castle Dale, Utah, a former Emery County sheriff's deputy pleaded
guilty last Friday to multiple charges related to an apparent serious pain
pill problem. Clayton Rue Bell entered guilty pleas to seven felony counts
and one misdemeanor, including four counts of burglary, one count of
falsely obtaining a prescription, one count of possession of a firearm by a
restricted person, one count of theft, and one count of DUI. Bell, 29, was
arrested in October after breaking into the evidence room to steal
prescription drugs, something he confessed to having done repeatedly. Then,
in December, Bell crashed his pickup truck and a paramedic found a box
filled with prescription drugs. The next day, Bell's own mother caught him
inside a home looking for pills and called police. In exchange for Bell's
guilty pleas, prosecutors dropped six more felonies and three more
misdemeanors. He was sentenced to 90 days on the DUI, and the remaining
charges are being held in abeyance, so if he's a good boy for a year, they
will vanish. In Gaston, North Carolina, a former Cleveland County sheriff's
jailer pleaded guilty Monday to charges he smuggled drugs into the jail.
Michael Scott Bumgardner went down after the sheriff's undercover narcotics
officers heard he was smuggling cigarettes and pills. They set up a buy
from him in the jail parking lot, then found more pills -- oxycodone and
hydrocodone -- on him when he was arrested upon returning to work. He
copped to possession with intent to manufacture and deliver a controlled
substance and delivery of a controlled substance. He will do five to six
months in prison. In Piscataway, New Jersey, a Piscataway police officer
was sentenced last Wednesday to three years in state prison for stealing
cocaine from an evidence room he controlled. Albert Annuzzi, 47, copped a
plea to official misconduct and must serve two years before he is eligible
for parole. He said he took the drugs for his personal use, taking
advantage of his position as evidence room supervisor. He was a 22-year
veteran of the force-Pigs who break the law, strange how they get to walk
or do a few months for things that the rest of us would get 5-10 years
for!-Marijuana is critical for the cartels, Byrd and O'Rourke argue,
because unlike cocaine, which must be purchased from producers elsewhere or
methamphetamine, which requires imported precursor chemicals, the cartels
control it from farm to market, generating profits each step of the way.
They take you from the pot fields of the Sierra Madre Occidental, where a
pound costs $23 to Juarez, where it goes for $73 a pound. Getting it past
the border and into El Paso drives the price up to $240, and getting it
past the Border Protection Service checkpoints a few miles into Texas gets
it to its final US wholesale price of about $550 a pound. US and Mexican
law enforcement seized or eradicated 22 metric tons of Mexican weed in
2008, Byrd and O'Rourke note. That's as much as 90% of high end estimates
of all the pot smoked in the US, which means either those estimates are way
low or that the business is way profitable. And throwing billions of
dollars at the problem through law enforcement hasn't helped. not for its
calm and collected accounts of horrifying acts of brutality, which can be
truly stomach-turning, but for the picture it paints of absolutely
corrupted and complicit law enforcement, including the military. on Mitt ‎"We now have six days, 23 hours, and 59
minutes to find a replacement for this robotic plutocrat who couldn't hold
the attention of cats with a can of tuna."/-.figures hes from Montana. That
state is behind the times and ran by incompetent old fools... I should know
Ive lived there half my life. This idiot probably has a sheep lover in his
barn-This nut case should lose his job and his pension-Appointed by, wait
for it, George W-about an hour ago-Sad thing is that the GOP and the Tea
Party are packed with IDIOTS like this moron.-the kind of Repug that says
in public, "Oh, I'm not racist! I just wanna see his birth certificate!"
No, you're just racist. Otherwise you'd make a decent argument based on
policy, not paperwork. Glad you finally got exposed. I'm sick of the false
fronts- Ever go to Tennessee? In any grocery store as you walk in, do a
friendly glance at a person of color and prepare to be shocked to see an
expression of genuine hurt and "please don't" come back to you every time
from anybody of color. Not hatred. Fear-to think he's allowed to sit in
judgement of others.... Despicable!-Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend), a
Republican in Wisconsin's state senate, thinks that children from single
parents are probably victims of child abuse-
employees and astronauts have 'slipped their tongues' about going back to
Mars. This is coupled with the infamous statements of Buzz Aldrin about the
monolith on Phobos (moon of Mars) as well as multiple other whistleblowers
discussing trips to Mars /National Defense Authorisation Act coming into
effect this Thursday. The law, that many fear spells the end of American
democracy, grants the government and the military unprecedented powers to
detain US citizens indefinitely, without trial. All this is happening
against the backdrop of ramped up anti-Iranian rhetoric from Washington.
Film director Sean Stone, who recently made headlines for publicly
embracing Islam, has told RT the timing is no coincidence/ science-bias/
James Inhofe And the GOP Anti-Science Bias /Pollutocrat Deniers Charles And
David Koch File Suit To Take Over Cato Insitute /MADRID — A tiny Spanish village has voted to lease land
for growing marijuana as a source of desperately needed revenue — a unique
but legally questionable way of battling an economic crisis highlighted by
staggering unemployment and a looming recession. town hall councilors
approved the plan Wednesday night in a 4-3 vote. initial investment of
$40,000 but makes no mention of how much it will pay Rasquera per year. A
representative who declined to give his name said more details would come
when ABCDA signs a formal agreement with the village in the coming days,
the project would create 40 jobs in Rasquera — workers to grow, harvest and
package the pot — and the marijuana produced would go to ABCDA members/75
Democratic lawmakers asked Speaker John Boehner to condemn Rush Limbaugh
for attacking a law student for testifying. Says Wanting Insurance to Cover
Birth Control Makes Sandra Fluke a 'Slut,' Urges Her and Other 'Feminazis'
to Post Sex Tapes, Democratic lawmakers appealed to House speaker John
Boehner (R-Ohio)"Standing up for women's health care does not make you a
'slut' or a 'prostitute. for Republicans to rebuke conservative radio host
Rush Limbaugh/it has become obvious, more now than in the past, that the
burgeoning problem of influence peddling with money will doom real reform.
In this presidential election year, it is virtually impossible to expect
serious governance from our elected and appointed officials in the federal
government, instead, follow specific examples of individuals who are
self-dealing for money for campaigns or jobs outside the federal government
and follow the self-dealing trail to see how various parts of the
government have been corrupted or injured by the self-dealing-Ron Paul's
outspoken opposition to the war on drugs and federal drug prohibition sets
him far apart from his opponents in the Republican primaries and President
Obama. Paul's frank libertarianism - and his willingness to boldly step
outside the Washington status quo - has not translated to primary
victories, but has earned him a legion of young followers of all political
stripes who want to see a change in the Republican Party and the way
government deals with drugs-Vaccination Nation, Moyers & Co.: "We haven't
even turned the page on the controversy over contraceptives, health care
and religious freedom, when another thorny one arises involving personal
conscience and public health-Jon Stewart made a pretty air-tight case
proving that Roger Ailes' Fox propaganda channel is basically a fifth
column cheerleading for economic failure in America-truthout/Inquiry Leader
Says Murdoch Papers Paid Off British Officials New York Times/Guatemala's
Former Leader Charged With Genocide. Pat Robertson Enabled It BuzzFlash/
Obama the "Socialist" Saved Capitalism by Giving Welfare to Wall Street and
Red States BuzzFlash/Ben & Jerry's Backs Occupy Wall Street Protesters
Crooks & Liars/

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