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22912/Obama spends $750 M for Gitmo soccer field ...

22912/Planned Parenthood also falsified patient records, and claims these
procedures were employed in all 12 Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast locations
across Texas and Louisiana, alleges that in her position was instructed to
maximize billing revenue when applying through Medicaid and the Woman’s
Health Programs. this was a standard procedure in all twelve Texas and
Louisiana Planned Parenthood locations/CIA Manchurian Candidate Barry
Obampot Soetoro meant, he would quit PRETENDING he had any intention
whatsoever of doing the things he said he would do! His mission was to
PASSIFY the mainstream media mesmerized dictatorship fodder unit majority
while the final phases of his Super Criminal Plutocratic Master's
Totalitarian World Government/Women want GOP candidates to woo them. Rick
Santorum, and Mitt Romney can promise women a candle light dinner and slow
dancing/Obama spends $750 M for Gitmo soccer field
22812/Second student dies from Ohio school shooting USA TODAY/Paul
Conroy, a British journalist who was injured in Syria in an attack that
killed one of his colleagues, has been smuggled out of the besieged city of
Homs/Obama is creating a new enforcement office to fight unfair trade
practices worldwide/new study links sleeping pills with an increased risk
of early death and cancer/Guatemalan Fruit Bats Carrying New Influenza
Virus/Bob is brave. I'm not going to take your plea bargain. I'm not going
to say that I'm guilty because I'm doing what I'm supposed to and growing
my plants and growing my medicine to help my diseasefacing two felony
charges for cultivation and intent to distribute. If convicted, he could
get up to 12 years in prison. He's the one patient who's not afraid to say,
medical cannabis is his only treatment and form of medication, and he
believes it's working. "Fifty percent of the leukemia in my body is now
gone because of medical cannabis,"  I have a better quality of life because
I'm a healthier person. For a sick person, freedom is health, and for
cannabis patients, at least in my case, I don't have access to the medicine
I need/DENVER (AP) -- A plan that would legalize marijuana for recreational
use will be on Colorado ballots this fall, whether adults older than 21
should be allowed to use pot even without a doctor's recommendation.
legalization initiative cleared the needed 86,000-signature threshold to be
put to a statewide vote/some causal relationship drawn between our
proximity to a school and any problems that may occurring at that school or
perceived to be happening," "We have the highest dropout rates in history,
because there is a medical marijuana dispensary 910 feet as compared to
1000ft?/cosmetics overload. there are laws against smoking, but you can
wear poisonous cosmetics anywhere-he thinks he can win big in a lawsuit?
Don't employers have a right to fire people for whatever reason? He isn't a
union worker, he is an on camera personality, and he works at the station's
suffrage, limited only by a contract between them. Stop whining-they will
replace him for someone for half the salary-It just goes to show you that
in this new socialistic country, individual thought will no longer be
acceptable, If it is wrong..just accept it
for-complaining/? /"“Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a
forgetting of the breath. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that
everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. Just lie down.”
~goldberg."/Ohio mother has been arrested on charges accusing her of
injecting her teenage children with heroin before sending them to school/
not saying I did terrible things last night but satan just woke up on my
couch and she won't make eye contact with me/professional gaffe machine)
Mitt Romney once penned a diatribe against domestic automakers entitled
“Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” for which Democrats are hammering him. free
market aren’t always a clear-cut example of “us versus them.” In a view
that’s surely going to incite debate, some economists say that the $80
billion rescue was a necessity- -
was-definitely-maybe-necessary-81641.html /Florida. They did a trial run of
drug testing welfare recipients. Spent $250k and drug tested 80 thousand
people. 2% tested positive. Yes only two percent. It cost fl.$250k to deny
less than 5 hundred applicants/Freakonomics. Any ways, who are you to tell
a woman what she can do with her body, Corporate welfare is good? Good for
whom? Not good for me, not good for my neighbor and not good for my child.
I believe corporations should not get one more red sent of our money, to
frivolously waste on presidential campaigns. NAFTA destroyed this Country
over-night, manufacturing jobs in the late nineties, early 2000's were
disappearing by the thousands per day. That was the strong hold of the
American Middle Class, idiots will be talking how great it would be to have
drones fly over Pueblo and spy on everyone to keep crime low/iran will take
payment from trading partners in gold instead of dollars, according to a
report by the state news agency. Sanctions have forced the country's banks
into alternative ways of settling trades, even barter. "We would accept
gold ... without any reservation/easier to convict people of driving while
stoned passed its first test in the Colorado legislature Senate Bill 117
won approval in the Senate State, Veteran and Military Affairs Committee on
a 4-1 vote after a nearly seven-hour hearing. It creates a limit on the
amount of marijuana drivers can have in their blood before they're presumed
too high to drive, The privilege of smoking marijuana should stop at the
vehicle door," said the bill's sponsor, state Sen. Steve King, R-Grand
Junction. He cited several fatal traffic crashes caused by someone driving
high on marijuana or other drugs, creates a "per se" limit for THC, the
psychoactive chemical in marijuana. The limit would make it a crime to
drive with more than 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood in your
system. King and others said numerous studies have shown that amount to
cause impairment. Cynthia Burbach, a state forensic toxicologist. "Five
nanograms is more than fair And the bill would create a "permissible
inference" that drivers are impaired if they test positive for any amount
of a Schedule II controlled substance, which includes drugs such as
cocaine, oxycodone and codeine. A permissible inference is an instruction
that "gives the jury a nudge-According to the federal government, Colorado
had 612,000 pot smokers in 2010, with 400,000 of these smoking at least
once per month. Since THC metabolites are detectable for at least 30 days,
any of these drivers will test positive after an accident /
But the version that passed in the House is substantially weaker than the
version that passed in the Senate. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
(R-Va.) did his campaign funders on Wall Street a huge favor by including a
loophole for lobbyists and hedge fund managers who trade on congressional
inside /Occupy Faux news, swiss bank accounts, Secret,
untaxed money. HE IS A CRIMINAL! say NO to Mitt/Priest Walks Out Of Woman’s
Funeral Because Of Her Gay Daughter /Berlin: 'Europe is
Pouring Money Into a Bottomless Barrel /Mystery virus kills
thousands of lambs /The only true evil is when good men do
nothing" Edmund Burke/banksters are becoming so powerful and the bailout
debacle made them even stronger. First and foremost, a bank needs to be
just that, a BANK. Put your money in, take your money out and get a loan
from them when needed. Banks need to be limited to lending money and that's
it. No investment arm. No calling Goldman Sachs a bank, who let this
happen?/Bush got his wars, nothing else mattered skrew em!  The ends
justified the means.  But tax giveaways to rich people are sacrosanct/no
surprise...thats what bush and his cia goons think of most americans/would
not dare question President Bush or even open to any disagreement to the
actions of dumping dead 9/11 victims or dead brave soldiers in landfills
like trash.  Now it took a new President who allowed Soldiers to feel free
to talk to him as several explain what was done.  Worker during the 9/11
have stepped up to tell the President what they were asked to do by the
Bush Administration.  Americans really don't care but like hearing the
attacks on President Obama and excuse all the crimes Bush did/Rumsfeld, the
day before 9/11, held a press conference stating that 2.3 trillion dollars
had gone missing...and he declared war , and said the enemies are close
by...he said the enemies are the Washington Bureaucrats html?/Is the
Era of White Privilege Nearing an End? we may prefer to deny it, I know
that there is such a thing as white America. lived a life that has been
intensely racialized. It's an experience that I doubt seriously is mine
alone.... So even though everyone is different, being white in America has
meant something, just as being black, Latino, Asian or an indigenous person
has meant something. History happened, and it matters-As the severe
unemployment crisis drags into its third year, proposals for solving the
crisis are proliferating. The single worst idea in the mix, supported by
deficit hawks in both the Democratic and Republican Parties, is that we are
facing a fiscal train wreck and that we therefore, above all, need to cut
government spending-To date, no US official has been held accountable for
US policies leading to abuse in Iraq, or for the lies that started the war.
Despite the decreased US presence in Iraq, the country has been permanently
affected and accountability should be high on the agenda-the Supreme Court
is set to hear a case that could give corporations the power to commit
genocide with no consequences, Wisconsin moved one step closer to a recall
election-Police dressed in riot gear evicted Occupy London and removed the
camp's tents at St. Paul's Cathedral just after midnight on Tuesday.
Hundreds of police and around 100 bailiffs swarmed the campsite and
arrested about 20 individuals-They're losing even more Americans now, as
the four remaining GOP candidates seek to out-do one another in their race
for the votes of the loony right that's taken over the Grand Old Party. But
the rest of us have reason to worry. A party of birthers, creationists,
theocrats, climate-change deniers, nativists, gay-bashers,
anti-abortionists, media paranoids, anti-intellectuals, and out-of-touch
country clubbers cannot govern America-worry is swirling around about what
would happen if BP settles. With 303 witnesses lined up to testify for the
government's civil trial, millions of pages of documents and thousands of
individuals and businesses looking to sue BP for the oil disaster that
ruined them, there is an expectation that truth and justice will emerge
from this colossal-Obama facing fire from Republicans over the rising cost
of gasoline, the White House moved quickly Monday to trumpet a Canadian
company's decision to build a section of the controversial Keystone XL
pipeline from Cushing, Okla., to Houston after Obama blocked a longer path
last month.... In fact, energy experts say that the Keystone XL pipeline
wouldn't do much to lower gasoline prices-drive to establish new
encampments, while important, is going to be long and difficult. The
ongoing efforts to stand up to the foreclosure and mortgage crisis, the
marches to hold Wall Street accountable, the protests against
stop-and-frisk policies in New York City or police brutality in Oakland,
while vital, do not draw the numbers into the streets across the country
needed to loosen the grip of the corporate state-Truthout:/"Man on Dog"
Rick, Santorum Makes Me Want to Vomit
Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: "Santorum is proof that when it comes
to opposing alleged and usually nonexistent intrusion into public life,
while proclaiming invasive government as a key goal of his personal
'faith,' having a college education doesn't keep you from being an Ivy
League-class hypocrite BuzzFlash/If You Want to Address Gas Prices, "Stop
Beating the War Drums Right Now  Crooks & Liars/Santorum's "Snob" Lob
Against Obama Brings GOP Governors to President's Defense Huffington Post
Santorum: Strike Iran Before It Has Nuclear Weapons, he does sound like a
good American, he will move US embassy to Jerusalem. Good for everybody-
when Rick talks about missile strikes and air strikes, he sounds just like
I imagined Jesus must have sounded-typical inbred HYPOCRITE xtian trash!
phoney baloney fairy tale myth under the bus to applaud a nutcase clamoring
TO KILL PEOPLE!-Never have I found a Liberal that was willing to force
people into their mold. No American principles in them at all. If there was
ever another Civil War it would be because Liberals were demanding we all
walk in their lockstep mold-Said a member of the party known for their
pledges and oaths-Liberals are in the tradition of the Enlightement. It
furthered explicity the idea of tolerance, which before them was seldom
practiced. Republican part is at war not only against the middle class, the
poor, science, and women, but also against the Enlightenment- Enlightenment
was the identifying word for the Spanish Inquisition and would explain much
of your warped view- /diabesity, farmacy,
farmilogical mark hymen- imus
22712/asked if she should be arrested for being a recreational drug user,
Gingrich told her, '... no, you shouldn't be arrested for being a
recreational drug user, but you also shouldn't do it.' Does this mean
Gingrich could support drug decriminalization and deescalating the war on
drugs and people who use them? Well, no."-Lawsuit Takes Aim at CIA's
"Covert" Attacks on Transparency, the CIA quietly changed its
long-standing policy for how it would process certain records requests by
implementing a new fee structure that will essentially discourage the
public from trying to get the agency to declassify secret government
documents because the costs are too high-Samuel Kent, the disgraced former
Texas federal judge who resigned in 2009 after receiving a 33-month
sentence for lying to investigators and sexual abusing two employees, told
a senior analyst for the private intelligence firm Stratfor that he
believes the Justice Department may have targeted him after he ruled
against Halliburton in a 'heavy case-Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) and Walter
Jones (R-North Carolina) are currently circulating a Congressional letter
to President Obama urging the president to redouble US efforts toward a
diplomatic agreement with iran-Churches continue to be some of the largest
big bank defectors in the Move Your Money movement-Wyoming passed doomsday
legislation that would allow the state to issue its own currency and form
its own army-The material contains privileged information about the U.S.
government's attacks against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and Stratfor's
own attempts to subvert WikiLeaks,' the group said. 'There are more than
4,000 e-mails-Arizona has a bill that would do this for homeowners who are
current in their payments but underwater, allowing them to refinance at
fair market value-leaving Zuccotti Park and were stopped in traffic by the
rear of the park. We saw an unmarked van open, in the front seat were two
uniformed police and out of the back came two men dressed as occupiers
wearing backpacks, sweatshirts, and jeans. They walked into Zuccotti Park
and became part of the crowd-if you worked at Walmart for 15 years that's
actually really good because you get a lifetime discount card. There's
something really sobering when what you're aspiring to is that if you stick
it out at $10, $11, $12 an hour you're going to get a lifetime 10-percent
discount card-Sorry, we're closed.' In one of the saddest signs of the
times, this message is popping up all across the country as governors and
legislators are cutting off funds (and shutting off access) to one of the
finest, most popular assets owned by the people of our country: state
parks- Truthout/Washington Could Be First State to Require Abortion
Coverage News Tribune/Anti-Putin Human Chain Protest Hits Moscow Agence
France-Presse/Republicans Have Mastered the Art of the Irrelevant
Non-Answer BuzzFlash/emails, snatched by hackers, could unmask sensitive
sources and throw light on the murky world of intelligence-gathering by the
company known as Stratfor, which counts Fortune 500 corporations among its
subscribersThe Blurred Line Between Espionage and Truth New York
Times/U.S.-based global security analysis company that has been likened to
a shadow CIA. Stratfor said the release of its stolen emails was an attempt
to silence and intimidate it. thieves would be hard pressed to find
anything significant in the stolen emails. "God knows what a hundred
employees writing endless emails might say that is embarrassing, stupid or
subject to misinterpretation. ... As they search our emails for signs of a
vast conspiracy, they will be disappointed-how do we know Wiki leaks are
printing the truth or just something they wish were true in order to
discredit persons/organizations they disagree with? Who’s watching the
watchers? Where does it end and who is to believe who? One thing is for
sure, in my 60 years, 30+ of them holding a “Q” clearance (Top Secret),I am
retired, although my work was very, very safe and serene, it is a dirty
world out there. Everybody who is alive has dirty hands and that is a fact
of life-WikiLeaks is reported to be an anti-secrecy group, If they wished
to be truly honest with themselves, they would call themselves an
anti-American, anti-secrecy
US$16 Trillion being doled out since Obummer was put into office. But
reading the GAO Federal Reserve $16 Trillion Emergency Bailout Loans Audit
Report suggests both could be related, as forwarded to Ben Fulford by a
“source linked to the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos” and is
verified to be authentic, and in fact, signed by both WB President
Zoellick, himself, and Hitler’s niece Elizabeth James of BlackHeath’s $15
Trillion bombshell is just a drop in the bucket as the above pages have
shown at least US$ 1,464 Trillion to be used for worldwide development as
committed to by the real owners of these assets. As the truth about these
assets slowly unfolded in the last few months, a wave of increasing
pressure mounts against the people in full control of the current financial

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