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2812/Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, lashing out at Israel and calling it “a cancer tumor on the region

2812/Creationists stand on shaky ground, no evidence, hearsay, wishful thinking
and almost as many different beliefs as you do believers. Virtually every
scientific field refutes you - geology, paleontology, genetics, microbiology, etc,
etc, etc, and let's not even talk common sense/The implication of the NWO-remember
they act decades in advance to bring aboot "change", yes they can, being forced to
register all guns n then the census global positioning of Our Homes-I bet The Farm
they have compiled a list of those Homes with GPS locations to those with being
forced to register their guns. 4 more yrs of change, massive debt, more wars for
the 1%, isreal n the CFR/MIC to the Police State & Incarceration Nation-just vote
for the kenyan. Can ANY1 give me 1 example of the obots change that tis in We the
Ppl's best interests, or America's,  or any campaign promises he lied aboot, I
mean the kenyan fulfilled???/^GSPC% 2C^IXIC%2C^DJI /Few signs of life in Japan's nuclear zone Areas around the Fukushima plant were once home to 80,000 people but are now ghost town/Houdini letters in the exhibit show a much more practical side to the showman. In his messy scrawl, Houdini -- before his fame -- writes to theater owners trying to book himself and his wife's show, hopefully for a paying gig. "I don't drink, smoke or chew," Houdini writes. "If you can't offer us a salary, let me know what you will do for us."Houdini's fortunes would rise as Conan Doyle descended more into the world of spiritualism and predictions of world catastrophes, he forecasts that earthquakes will destroy South Carolina and San Francisco. One prediction did come true. Conan Doyle predicted his 1930 death months before it occurred/Pennsylvania House of Representatives (aka Idiotville) unanimously passed H.R. 535, a non-binding resolution declaring 2012 "The Year of the Bible, resolution states that we have a "national need to study and apply the holy scriptures," a position which clearly favors Christianity over other religions and violates the separation of church and state/The brain, Huron said, has two competing goals. One, the unconscious fast path, is to react as fast as
possible, especially to danger. The other, the slow, conscious path, is
to react as accurately as possible. When a listener experiences a frisson,
Huron believes that he first reacts with fear toward the stimulus, then comes to
enjoy it by consciously recognizing that the stimulus is actually harmless. So
musically evoked frisson is enjoyable for the same reason that some people
are able to enjoy horror movies- on a neurological level, it excites the
brain and the body when a fear response is triggered. And there's an inherent
pleasure in overcoming danger- one that is certainly much easier to feel if the
danger was never real. The sound events that evoke frisson do tend to share
similarities with the types of events that frighten us in horror movies- it all
comes down to the unexpected. Sudden and drastic changes in volume, tempo, or
pitch are cited by Huron as marks of the moment in a musical piece that is most
likely to evoke frisson / As usual, Rachel Maddow stomps "Beltway Wisdom"
into the ground. At the same time, she (again) reveals the "Both parties are the
same" meme as the childish fairy tale that it is/more and more both parties ARE
the same (and I spent 5 years working for Senate Democrats)...about half the time
I find myself horrified over some fascistic piece of legislation, I find it was
introduced by a Democrat. And our current president? Monsanto's poster child.
We're on our way to eating nothing but irradiated McPhood and using big pharma
products to bandage all of our diseases/Rove’s hissy fit: “Offended” by Chrysler
ad, Eastwood sounded like Obama, it's because the GOP has ceded optimism to the
Democrats/Shut up Rove. You're just pissed off that the ad pretty much sums up the
liberal ideal. conservatives hate the idea of pulling together; sounds too much
like SOCIALISM! /June through September of 1692, nineteen men and women, all having been
convicted of witchcraft, were carted to Gallows Hill, a barren slope near Salem
Village, for hanging. Another man of over eighty years was pressed to death under
heavy stones for refusing to submit to a trial on witchcraft charges. Hundreds of
others faced accusations of witchcraft. Dozens languished in jail for months
without trials.  Then, almost as soon as it had begun, the hysteria that swept
through Puritan Massachusetts ended, 1692, young Betty Parris became strangely
ill. She dashed about, dove under furniture, contorted in pain, and complained of
fever. The cause of her symptoms may have been some combination of stress, asthma,
guilt, boredom, child abuse, epilepsy, and delusional psychosis.  The symptoms
also could have been caused, as Linda Caporael argued in a 1976 article in Science
magazine, by a disease called "convulsive ergotism" brought on by injesting
rye--eaten as a cereal and as a common ingredient of bread--infected with ergot.
(Ergot is caused by a fungus which invades developing kernels of rye grain,
especially under warm and damp conditions such as existed at the time of the
previous rye harvest in Salem. Convulsive ergotism causes violent fits, a crawling
sensation on the skin, vomiting, choking, and--most interestingly--hallucinations.
 The hallucinogenic drug LSD is a dervivative of ergot /a series of strange
circumstances had befallen a number of students in the Le Roy Central School
District in New York. Tests were being performed on soil and other for various
molds and quality of air, in addition to the potential for side effects resulting
from a number of drugs and vaccines, with hope of confirming some cause for
various kinds of strange behavior erupting among a handful of students.
In total, twelve children had begun displaying odd symptoms, described
primarily as tics and impulsive verbal outbursts similar to the popular
neurological disorder Tourettes syndrome. And yet, despite concerns (and even
widespread belief among parents) that there may have been environmental agents
acting on these students, no evidence was ever found as to what, precisely, had
been causing the disruptive behavior. The situation hadn't drawn as much attention since news first broke during the latter portion of last year, a story describing that three more individuals have been added to the list of students affected by the mystery illness. District Superintendent Kim Cox addressed the strange circumstances publicly over the weekend, according to the Reuters report; for the time being, amidst continued concern over what may be causing the strange behavior among students. Hysteria cannot be ruled out as a cause for these strange, repetitive instances of odd behavior among certain demographic groups, though it does seem to play the roll of a catch-all excuse that is tossed out when all other reasonable explanations fail. For instance, in 2007 an almost identical set of circumstances to that witnessed in New York during the last several months had been afflicting a small number of female students at a high school in Roanoke, Virginia. According to the Associated Press, the school district spent a total that may have exceeded $30,000 performing environmental tests, which found no evidence of any contaminants or other factors that could contribute to the behavior. A similar series of events took place in 2002 in North Carolina, where ten teenagers all girls reportedly began suffering from  epileptic seizures and fainting. No environmental causes were found here, either.
The attribution of mass hysteria, or even psychosis, has seen prevalence elsewhere
in recent weeks, with some now claiming that an entirely different kind of mystery
virus—the so-called Morgellons disease may be a form of psychosis. The
strange condition, which some reports link with diseases carried by deer ticks
such as Lyme disease, features it's own host of bizarre symptoms; these include crawling sensations on or beneath the skin, in addition to strange
fibers that appear to be growing from sores appearing on the skin. However,
controversy has stemmed from reports from the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention, who claim to have discovered no environmental or physical cause for
the cases. Furthermore, conversion disorder, a form of neurosis that often
includes the presence of symptoms like blindness and paralysis, has been cited as
a possible underlying cause for some patient's perception of having
Morgellon-like symptoms./Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly “If you remember with the
McCarthy era, in the 50s and they were trying to hunt down commies, Push To Fire
Her Is Reminiscent Of A ‘McCarthy Era Witch Hunt’, ‘One Million Moms’ proposed
boycott of JC Penny, which has named the openly gay comic and talk show host their
spokesperson. Bill, you just lost a ton of viewers! How dare you respond in a fair
and balanced way?! You're on Fox for crying out loud!! /
2712/imus: amc comic man kevin smith, two kinds of people in texax, steer and
people that bite their tounge-fast and furious, alabama gov. barber pardons
killers for political favors, etc, tamera holder/Chomsky, "George Orwell coined
the useful term 'unperson' for creatures denied personhood because they don't
abide by state doctrine. We may add the term 'unhistory' to refer to the fate of
unpersons, expunged from history on similar grounds-The presence of Black Bloc
anarchists - so named because they dress in black, obscure their faces, move as a
unified mass, seek physical confrontations with police and destroy property - is a
gift from heaven to the security and surveillance state-evidence to date suggests
that 'robo-signing' was not a mere technical default or sloppy business practice
but was part and parcel of a much larger fraud, the fraud that brought down the
whole economy in 2008-Police Department's secret program to spy on Muslim
communities. The Associated Press has just uncovered a confidential NYPD plan from
2006 to engage in targeted surveillance of Shiite mosques following increased
tensions between the U.S. and Iran-600 Canadian activists rallied to protest tar
sands on Saturday, Komen enlists former Bush press secretary for "crisis
communications- Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis traveled 9,000 miles, patrolled with
American troops in eight provinces and returned in October of last year with a
fervent conviction that the war was going disastrously and that senior military
leaders had not leveled with the American public-Arizona's Jan Brewer, not content
with making her state the least friendly to immigrants and people of color, has
decided to get in on the union-busting action as well-Komen underplays the likely
impact of toxic chemicals in causing breast cancer and other cancers the Cure is
helping to sell deep-fried fast food and, in so doing, help fuel unhealthy diet
and obesity across America, an odd plan given that diet and obesity certainly
impact on both the incidence and recurrence of breast cancer, pinkwashing Pinky"
vodka to women. Alcohol consumption is generally considered a risk factor for
breast cancer- -Truthout/Angry at Komen? You Should Be Furious at Mitt Romney and
the GOP Huffington Post/US Drones Targeting Rescuers and Mourners Salon/Friday,
the GOP Had a Really Bad Day BuzzFlash/Remember the Superbowl half time where they
had a ELVIS impersonator? Madonna's thing is more of being a performance artist.
She is into spectacle and big production. Just because she is not a band or some
old man strumming away on a guitar doesn't mean she is untalented and
automatically overrated and talentless. Not everyone wants to see a rock show. Its
just two different kinds of entertainment. Neither is better than the other, its
just a matter of personal taste. One of her tours grossed over $460 million so
clearly her type of entertainment appeals to many people. Just like seeing the
Rolling Stones live appeals to many people. And honestly, Rolling Stones gave a
Britney Spear's album 4 stars once. I mean if you don't like pop music I don't
know why you would even bother reading this magazine-cant stand the facts,
well...go watch fox news!!! MADONNA IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST!! THE TRUE
20120205 /gemstone file#5 the FULL STORY of the CIA-planned and executed contract
“hit” of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, not all Jewish organized crime bosses, some were
men linked to my LDS church authorities and some were nationally prominent
politicians in my beloved Republican Party! The file was extremely damning towards
George HW Bush, who in 1963 was the CIA head in Dallas. The obvious involvement of
the FBI and Dallas PD, and their subsequent squelching of information as outlined
in the file made me physically sick. There was no person in Federal Law
Enforcement that I could trust with this information, that is, IF IT WAS INDEED
LEGITIMATE! At first, I refused to believe it could be legitimate at all. My
paradigm of perception refused to believe it could possibly be factual. 1999, This
is John Kennedy calling!”. I want you to know that I have spent over six figures
in private investigators to verify its contents. I can say to you without
hesitation that its contents are indeed factual. As a matter of fact, because of
this file, a federal grand jury will be convening within the next few weeks. It is
my opinion, as well as my attorneys, that this federal grand jury will pass down
an indictment against George Herbert Walker Bush for conspiracy to commit murder
against my father, and will also indict others as the evidence unfolds. If George
W. thinks he can run for dogcatcher after this grand jury convenes and his father
indicted, he is sorely mistaken, two weeks later, on July 16, 1999, John Kennedy
Jr., along with his wife and her sister, were killed in a plane crash. /CONVENIENT LIES AND COVER-UPS Cain is back in the limelight and endorsing Newt
Gingrich, what a lauh two adulteres and in the white house/Police in the German
state of Lower-Saxony will soon use their networks of Facebook "friends" to find
missing persons and hunt out suspected criminals, according to the state's
interior minister/Science Monitor Susan G. Komen vice president, who pushed to
stop funding Planned Parenthood, stepped down from the breast cancer charity/New
US sanctions on Iran aim to head off Israel US sanctions on Iran are more
significant/Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a sermon at a university in Tehran
last week, lashing out at Israel and calling it “a cancer tumor on the region that
should be cut off.”Iran's Assets Frozen, Military Conflict Increasingly Likely to the extreme sport of space-diving. After some minor speed
bumps, Daredevil adventurer Felix Baumgartner's plans to plunge 23 miles from the
edge of space back to Earth, hopes to become the first parachutist to break the
sound barrier, plummeting toward the ground at 760 miles per hour/Lake Vostok lies
beneath approximately 4km of ice. The Antarctic lake is 14 million-years-old.
Russia’s Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in St. Petersburg reports that
the Russian team started drilling on January 2nd, has been penetrating the ice by
about 5.7 feet per day/“Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global
Financial Meltdown,” quickly is becoming the survival guide for the 21st century.
And Newsmax’s eye-opening Aftershock Survival Summit video, with exclusive
interviews and prophetic predictions, already has affected millions around the
world — but not without ruffling a few feathers /Saudi Arabia also can
export oil through the 745-mile (1,198-kilometer) east-west Petroline pipeline
from Abqaiq to the Red Sea, which is seen as the chief alternative for oil flow in
case of a Hormuz closure. But the Petroline has a capacity to handle only 5
million barrels per day of oil, less than a third, or other major alternative to
Hormuz is a $3.29 billion, 230-mile (370-kilometer) pipeline that has been under
construction for years through the United Arab Emirates. The UAE's oil minister
said last month that the nation has nearly completed building the conduit from
Habshan near Abu Dhabi's onshore crude production complex to an offshore oil
terminal in the emirate of Fujairah on the Gulf of Oman. But the Abu Dhabi Crude
Oil Pipeline's capacity would be 1.5 million barrels per day, or less than
one-tenth of the current flow of what now flows through the Strait of Hormuz
of-terrorist-activity/ Murdered U.S. Federal Judge John Roll WAS THE REAL TARGET
IN ARIZONA Ariz. Sheriff Clarence Dupnik's ridiculous blaming of conservative
talk show hosts was reminiscent of the same cover-up ploy at Oklahoma City in
1995, but his public statements regarding Roll having just dropped by to say
"Hi" and his being "in the wrong place at the wrong time" may merit further
the-us-because-of-lack-of-health-insurance/ Are Conservatives More Fearful Than Liberals? The GOP seems to understand a psychological phenomenon that
researchers are studying: conservatives appear to be motivated by fear in a way
that liberals are not/they want to project their inner fears onto EVERYONE. And if
there's nothing to legitimately fear, best believe they'll make something up and
act like it's truthfact/They have been the "god fearin' folk" type. Either fearing
or dominating, not much middle ground. The fearful is their response to things,
like change for the better, change from their routine, anything that might mean a
compromise for them, fear of having to share. Remember the saying too, "fearful
people do stupid things." Its more of a kneejerk reaction , type of fear/Piers
Morgan on CNN, Ron Paul apparently believes that only women who have been raped
should have the right to an abortion and worse yet, he qualified the term with the
word 'honest.'/Well, is he an "honest" asshole or just a misogynistic, ignorant
asshole?/their victims may feel empowered and start laying charges/I'm free. I'll
have an abortion if I want to. Fuck you! Why do I have to ask you anything? You
want to help me? Pay my fucking rent, asshole!/Corporate taxes = 12.1% of U.S.
profits... LOWEST in more than 40 years. Corporate profits at a 60 YEAR HIGH.
bankrupt-instead-of-bailed-out /Jury finds Indiana Secretary of State Charlie
White guilty on 6 of 7 felony charges, and consequently lost his job
Republican, Gov. Mitch Daniels, is going to hold White's seat open by appointing a
temporary replacement, just in case White can get the convictions reduced to
misdemeanors/the REASON republicans scream so loud about voter fraud is DUE TO
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum told the mother of a child with a
rare genetic disorder on Tuesday that she shouldn't have a problem paying $1
million a year for medication because Apple's iPad can cost around $900/'Gasland'
Journalists Arrested At Hearing By Order Of House Republicans stunning break with
First Amendment policy, House Republicans directed Capitol Hill police to detain a
highly regarded documentary crew that was attempting to film a Wednesday hearing
on a controversial natural gas procurement practice / /Giants Fans Occupy Zuccotti Park, Demands
Unclear, to watch today's Super Bowl victory parade. The crowd of peaceful, if
slightly-scruffy demonstrators have no unified message, outside of a vague sense
of elation over their team's victory in the world's most hyper-capitalist /As long as you all remember that those players are pretty much part of
the 1%/Negative thoughts and emotions are actually devastating your health.
Instead, use positive thinking and affirmations to enhance your lifespan /Alfred Blumstein of Carnegie Mellon University. The number of
drug offenders in federal and state lock-ups has increased 13-fold since 1980.
Some are scary thugs; many are not, It’s going to cost upwards of $50,000 a year
to have you in state prison. Had I the authority, I would send you to jail for no
more than one year…and a [treatment] programme after that.” But mandatory
sentencing laws gave him no choice. Some inmates emerge from prison as more
accomplished criminals. And raising the incarceration rate means locking up people
who are, on average, less dangerous than the ones already behind bars. A recent
study found that, over the past 13 years, the proportion of new prisoners in
Florida who had committed violent crimes fell by 28%, whereas those inside for
“other” crimes shot up by 189%. These “other” crimes were non-violent ones
involving neither drugs nor theft, such as driving with a suspended licence.
Nearly 200,000 prisoners are over 50. Most would pose little threat if released.
And since people age faster in prison than outside, their medical costs are vast.
Human Rights Watch, a lobby-group, talks of “nursing homes with razor wire” per
prisoner ranges from $18,000 a year in Mississippi to about $50,000 in California/
Building more prisons as an answer to crime is like digging more graves to cure a
disease/a glaring omission regarding the role the privatization of prisons and how
that's effected the prison population. Private companies feed money through
lobbyists into political coffers belonging to politicians who, while perhaps as
mentioned in the article want to appear tough on crime, actually also have a
strong financial interest in putting more people behind bars for longer periods.
Much like the military-industrial complex, it's a tax-dollar feedback loop that
has little restraint, and given the scare tactics, as mentioned in the article,
that anyone can be put behind bars for basically arbitrary reasons, there are
strong reasons for the common man to mount a campaign against it. I also would
have like to have seen more depth into how the judicial system with its horse
trading for shorter sentences actually distorts the truth in justice./US convicted
felons lose the right to vote. This is a political incentive for lawmakers and
enforcers to target groups which vote in a high proportion for the opposing party
or to lower a groups impact on an election/Jailed population has been proven to be
statistically linked to economic inequality. Given that America's level of
inequality is far higher than anywhere else in the developed world, it is not
surprising that its level of imprisoned population is also the highest in the
developed world. Obviously, American leaders don't care too much, as long as they
can keep accumulating wealth and protecting themselves with private security
inside nice fenced neighborhoods. Capitalism at its best/disgusting that America
holds 25% of the world's incarceration population. Why is that? The article hit on
some good points but there are a couple of things that need to be further
discussed. We have lost the War on Drugs. legalize, regulate, and tax them and
then use the funds for edducation and treatment. You will derail violent cartel
crime in the process/watch our justice system, it angers me to see the people
in it being used as a means to create jobs and financial opportunities
for others. There is a small population of us that are constantly fighting
to reduce mandatory minimums and to release our loved ones from
the horrible sentences that have been imposed on them. I watch how
prisons are still being built. I watch how crack and meth are being used
to incarcerate minorities for sentences that are many times longer than
those of murderers, child molesters, escapees, armed robbers, and rapists/ /by their conduct in life and in his address to the US
Congress in 1789 he (Franklin) feared Jewish threat, and predicted that the United
States easy prey for Jewish control if it is not addressed to them and prevent
them from migrating to America/Same-Sex Marriage Is Now Legal In California Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Prop 8, legalizing same-sex marriage in
California /Nevada GOP: We DEMAND a VISIBLE PUBLIC recount of
the Nevada Caucus! /Occupy Faux news I love their "clean" coal
campaign, next they'll piss on us and tell us it's raining./A day before
Republicans voice their presidential preferences in Colorado caucuses, Santorum
dismissed climate change as “a hoax”and Gingrich, vow to dismantle the EPA /blackbox /how Israel
teach their children about the world /Israel Doesn't Want You to See /Orthodox Jews harassing
Christians outside a Christian shop /Tom Cruise speaks out over
Israeli racism /Nixon nailed it
when he said "Bohemian Grove is the most faggy god da mn thing i've ever seen"
/Big Pharmaceutical Companies "Legally" Experiment On Humans. Thousands of humans
are told this is a miracle drug for a currently incurable disease. Doctors are
handsomely paid to push the new drug on their unsuspecting guinea pig patients.
These humans rush to get the new doctors-up the trial results FDA
approves it, later, ten humans die and many more are permanently disabled,
company settles with the family of the dead FDA investigatesThey pull
the drug from the market, do you wonder why pharmaceutical companies and doctors
are lobbying congress to limit the moneys awarded to their dead and disabled
"guinea pigs"? /Indian
Dye, Indian plant, ground raspberry, moon daisy, golden daisy, eye root, orange
root, eye balm, yellow puccoon, yellow root are some other names of Goldenseal

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