Tuesday, February 7, 2012


2712/Obama proposed a multi-billion-dollar package to help U.S. homeowners
refinance and stave off foreclosure, likely to face an uphill battle by the
Republican opposition/War Against Obama just ramping up.
over-mandatory-birth-control-payments/newyork.cbslocal.com furious and determined
to harness the voting power of the nation’s 70 million Catholic voters to stop a
provision of President Barack Obama’s new heath car reform bill that will force
Catholic schools, hospitals and charities to buy birth control pills,
abortion-producing drugs and sterilization coverage for their employees. “Never
before, unprecedented in American history, for the federal government to line up
against the Roman Catholic Church, hoping that if even a small percentage of
Catholics back Obama’s opponent it could cost him the election-don’t want anyone
interfering with their lives “in the bedroom” unless it suits them, apparently.
Actually, I do get liberals — they’re hypocrites and just, plain hideous people/
in republican world Governor Palin Is The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institutes 2012
Woman Of The Year/madonna should have performed on a scooter: imus/Newt has
indicated he will have growth at a minimum of 5% after he takes the oath/to have
the 51st state on the moon as well/GOPigs flailing at Clint Eastwoods praises for
the Obama American recovery A real American would be giving Clint praise for
acknowledging America's strength instead of pizzzing on it. When you have phony
Americans who put party before country, this is what you get, Eastwood told
Oreilly last night that there was no political implication and that your full of
shiznit. Sorry pal but real Americans cheer for America instead of downing it like
you peices of shlt/Sorry shitbag, but the ad was a political stunt and Eastwood
got the rope-a-dope thedaily.com /
2612/truth beknownst Obama is racist against Christians/God shares our hatred for
blacks, mexicans,muslieams, and gays. And especially he hates libs just like we
do/xtians twist God into their own likeness/Religion is a threat to communists,
Obama will soon be shutting down your religion too/hypocritical factor is always
on standby to flipflop when its CONvenient to you all/Ashwagandha, called by other
names, such as Indian Ginseng, Ajagandha, Amukkara, and Kanaje is considered
as best nutritional supplement, as it provides best relief from stress, depression
and anxiety. Due to the presence of anti-stress adaptogenic property, it provides
relief from physical and emotional stress and improves the function of nervous
system and enhances positive attitude and regulates hypertension/
defense.gov/contracts/contract.aspx?contractid=4719 /Why Libtard Politicians
Prosecute Roger Clemens, everybody on earth is a liar and cheater if you call
Clemens that....except for the libtard living off everyone elses money because he
is "such a nice guy" and the "world so cruel" factoid...Clemens built a wing on
this children's hospital WITH HIS OWN MONEY...also has four kids...what THE FUC*
have you ever done? you truly are a libtard....really stupid and no
compassion......you always follow the libtard templates..... you dig Madonna last
night? I would rather watch some T&A jiggle than watch that hag? .black racist
libtard manipulated fool...one thing does puzzle me...your up early for a
libtard...why?..obviously you have nothing to do/
Madonna yes i will hit that,roger pefer 15 year olds,if roger was black he would
be in jail,if he was black and in texas he would be on death row /his dominance of
every meaningful pitching statistic for the American league and baseball overall.
Roger may be a good old boy now, but as an exfan of Roger, I will be the first to
admit that he is a liar and a cheater...A sad chapter in the history of
baseball..Say it ain't so, Roger/Markets need some newbies to fleece, wiped folks
out in two recent crashes and with all the lost jobs, where will the fresh fish
come from?? Too many fisherman,not enough fish, big boys need big pay and bonuses
too 10,000 people retire every day/having said that the president will make sure
that the banks get away with most of "fraud" as they know they longer they keep
the issue alive, the harder for banks to lend money and hence imped growth. do you
seriously think the admistration want to lose this election?? think about it/Re:
but it was not honest. Bane Capital played bait and switch with the companies they
bought and sold. It was never about making a company profitable, it was about
taking capital out of a company as fast as possible/imus-r raygun 101-superbowl
fix-/so far fetch, we have no money, they cut the military, cut so many programs
and this clown wants to establish a base on the moon. But the worse of all things
are the people whom adore this clown, don't they have any common sense and see
that this person is not thinking normally. Gosh hope he never become president of
this country/Only when the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned, the
last fish been caught, will we realize we can not eat money, cree proverb/Newt
Gingrich is still out there grasping for lost power, howling at the moon like King
Lear, look to Callista, standing statue-still on stage next to Newt as he speaks,
gazing at him with such frozen attentiveness, the muse who sees him as he sees
himself. He is a man of history and belongs to something larger. She agrees that
his rejections have been the fault of the audience. They cannot stare into a light
so bright. She directs and channels him, saying, ‘This is what you have to do to
achieve your destiny. Barack is cocky and looks at Michelle, he might see her
thinking: “You’re no messiah. Pick up your socks.” But when Newt is cocky and
looks at Callista, he sees her thinking: “You are the messiah. We’ll have your
socks bronzed. she could give a master class to Nancy Reagan, When a man marries
his mistress, he creates a job opening/Maureen Dowd is a hoot-and-a-half. I'm just
CRAZY 'bout that gal. C'mon, kids! Wakey wakey! Ain't politics oodles of fun???
tomdegan.blogspot.com /a great word, used in a great place, in a great description
of a "interesting" woman. I will put this word to use in future republican spouses
and "fox" news anchors/car-a-pace -noun
1. a bony or chitinous shield, test, or shell covering some or all of the dorsal
part of an animal, as of a turtle/Uxorious -- overtly found of your wife and
carapace/fantasy in politics, isn't it? Gingrich's fantasy will not work, but he
has come dangerously close. Worth pondering/
nytimes.com/2012/02/05/opinion/sunday/dowd-the-great-mans-wife.html? /right wing's
bitter, decades-old war against unions…. Consider what's at stake for Indiana's
workers, particularly black ones. Black workers are disproportionately union
members. They're more likely than whites, Asians, and Latinos to be in
public-unions, and make up 15 percent of total membership, according to U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics. Historically, unions have been crucial gateways for
black workers to earn higher wages and break into the middle class."-a time when
China was referred to as a society which was Communist or Post-Communist; today,
the terms Authoritarian Capitalist or Capitalist, Characteristics are more common.
However, there is a new term that appears to be increasingly applicable…. It is
increasingly clear that China is the most powerful, mature and internationally
accepted fascist state in global history and its status as such should cause us
all a great deal of concern-not all people in women's prisons identify as women,
it also includes the story of Charlie Morningstar, incarcerated in a women's
prison because, although he identifies as a man, his body is deemed biologically
female. These stories illustrate the myriad ways that prisons attempt to erase
their personhood-working-age population has grown by nearly 10 million since the
recession officially began in December 2007 but many of these people never entered
the workforce. Millions of others are still too discouraged to look for
work-a large golf resort in Indian Wells, Calif. for a four day conference to
raise money and plot out election year strategy, the Republic Report has
confirmed. We traveled to the conference, and spoke to a few of the attendees. The
summit, organized by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, was cloaked
in secrecy-guerilla theater and bold statements in Black Mask, sold for a nickel
or given away free. Likely, the most famous incident involving the group was not
theirs: Valerie Solaris' attempted assassination of Andy Warhol-Truthout/Komen's
Small Board Includes GOP CEO, Her Son, a Top GOP Financial Fundraiser and Big
Texas GOP Donor BuzzFlash/Komen Decision: Race, Class, Abortion and Republicans
Politics/Greece Holds Latest Round of Bailout Talks BBC/The Obama Team Sadly
Misinformed by Job Outsourcers DailyKos/Romney, Self-Deporter, in the Lead After
Winning Nevada Primary wsj/Inside the New Hate Salon/ATHENS - Greece will cut
15000 state jobs this year, the government announced Monday, part of new austerity
measures it must agree on to secure new debt agreements and rescue funds/Planned
Parenthood announced Tuesday the grand opening of its long-planned $8 billion
Abortionplex, a sprawling abortion facility that will allow the organization to
terminate unborn lives with an efficiency never before thought possible
theonion.com /C.hristian Zionists Licking Their Chops, before us is a nuclear
countdown with Iran, followed by Ezekiel's war, and then the final battle - the
Battle of Armageddon. The end of the world as we know it is rapidly approaching."
-John Hagee /Th eyeranian monkey loves to tease the heebs Cuz it's so easy/magnet
bombs on eyeranian scientist cars are just a tease/America's choices in
politicians can be summed up in three categories; bad, extremely bad and you must
be f**king kidding. Tis' a real pity/Pentagon was heavily dominated by like minded
Iz.ræ3l Firster *iotards during much of the late 1990s and first half of the 2000s
decade -- *iotards like Dov Zakheim who "disappeared" 2.3 Trillion dollars of the
Pentagon's funds. *iotards like Paul D. Wolfowitz and Richard N. Perle -- people
who whored Am3rica for her military wealth; people who controlled lapdogs like
George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld/Everyone ought to know that Rumsfeld is another
crypto-Jooo whose ancestors hail from Barcelona/Santorum is a warmongering uterus
Nazi/delusion or preferred illusion/superior knowledge on any topic is
humbling youtu.be/qupAn6yOVEE /for revealing that Israel is planning an attack on
IranĂ¢€™s nuclear capability this spring, Santorum declared President Obama is
the most anti-Israel and anti-Western president/mus yells the slur "Skunk Vomit"
as a description for Newt, from the erratic "Old Cowboy" and shock jock legend
that lives on/counter-terrorism strategy and aims to stop people from becoming
terrorists or supporting terrorism... Above all, it tackles the threat from
home-grown terrorism on and off line. We are working closely with the police and
internet service providers to take internet hate off the web." [Start with the
governments of the US, UK, and Israel - and 99 percent of your work will be
done.]/temperature of a reactor at Japan's stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear
plant has soared and remained mysteriously high Monday, despite more water being
pumped through it. The facility's No.2 reactor had reached 164 degrees Fahrenheit
(73.3 degrees Celsius) by Monday morning, after sitting at 113 degrees Fahrenheit
(45 degrees Celsius/Hanford officials have settled on a plan to clean up what may
be the most highly radioactive spill at the nuclear reservation. It depends on
calling back into service the 47-year-old, oversized hot cell where the spill
occurred to protect workers from the radioactive cesium and strontium that leaked
through the hot cell to the soil below. Radioactivity in the contaminated soil,
which is about 1,000 feet from the Columbia River, has been measured at 8,900 rad
per hour. Direct exposure for a few minutes would be fatal/Terrorists 'R Us:
US-made bomb killed Iran expert/Iran to strike back if attacked/Netanyahu, said
turmoil in neighboring Arab states and threats from Iran show that Israel must
build up its military. "In such a region, the only thing that ensures our
existence, security and prosperity is our strength,"/Muslim businessman becomes
'terror suspect' after he texts staff he's going to 'blow away' the competition/
Loughner undergoing forced medication, suspected in the massacre outside of Tucson
last year will likely remain held in a federal hospital in Missouri for at least
four more months/between December 2007 and June 2010 Audit of the Federal Reserve
Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts unelected.org
2512/One does not simply Troll into Mordor/Egyptian authorities have
referred 19 Americans and two dozen others to face criminal trials/Russia-China
vetoes of a United Nations resolution calling on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
to step aside appear set to catapult the 11-month uprising into a bloodier phase/
Protesters attacked seven Syrian embassies around the world following reports of
the bloodiest episode yet in Damascus wsj/SSN system was a part of FDR's New
Deal/piss test for welfare now/wouldnt a consumption tax allow the rich people to
live even more comfortably and save more?/when they got it/Ron Paul's record
proves him a unique politician/i was trying to make the point that rich people
living more comfortably means poor people live less comfortably/da j00z h8 rp, if
he had 1 hair on his ass he would run independant stickam.com /Romney romped in
the Nevada caucuses with a leg up from his Mormon co-religionists, but also with
winning margins across other faith groups - evangelicals included - and a knockout
even among the very conservative voters/Occupy DC protesters say things turned
violent today when US Park Police clad in riot gear and on horseback raided their
camp to enforce a ban on camping-Iran Says Attack From Israel Would 'Harm America'
ABC News/ flickr.com/photos/gsfc/6760135001/in/set-72157627439487497/
lightbox/ earth from space/
husband-15518480#.Ty8Biv7aZxA Powell's father, Steve, was arrested for
investigation of voyeurism and possessing child pornography. Josh was living at
his father's home at the time, and a judge gave Susan Powell's parents custody of
the boys-must be those "family values" Conservatives are always going on and on
about/Ron Paul (R-Texas) has received an endorsement from an unexpected group in
Nevada: prostitutes. Moonlite BunnyRanch in Carson City has endorsed Paul for
president after holding its own informal election. five other Nevada brothels. The
64-year-old is best known as the reality television star of HBO's "Cathouse," Hof
said he polled all 500 women in his employ about who they thought should be the
next president. In 2008 their answer was Barack Obama, but opposition to the
roundup of horses on federal lands in Nevada shifted support to Paul for 2012.
Bloomberg News/endorsed former candidate Rick Perry, but that didn't stop Mitt
Romney from naming Sandoval at the top of a list of possible Cabinet
members/http://big.assets.huffingtonpost.com/trumprelease.png and we should care?
/No one was injured when a rock shattered a window of presidential candidate
Ron Paul's Washington state campaign headquarters in Bellevue/If the presidential
election were held today, Barack Obama would carry Ohio, according to a poll
released Wednesday by Public Policy Polling. Obama Polls Ahead Of All Four
Republicans, shows the incumbent Democrat with a seven point lead over Republican
front runner Mitt Romney, 12 points over Newt Gingrich and 10 points over Ron Paul
/We need to stand up and rebel against this evil corporation!
398452_360215844008632_100000606582121_1311971_754248287_n.jpg  shy, fucktards
.100000606582121&type=1 make u love me

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