Wednesday, January 18, 2012

11812/Newt is 1000 times smarter than Obama

11812/150 Chinese workers at Foxconn, the world's largest electronics manufacturer, threatened to commit suicide by leaping from their factory roof in protest at their working conditions, which manufactures gadgets for the likes of Apple, Sony, Nintendo and HP, among many others, has had a grim history of suicides at its factories. A suicide cluster in 2010 saw 18 workers throw themselves from the tops of the company's buildings, with 14 deaths
11712/lt comander seal on imus says taliban are evil. ramadi 08 peace had
broken out from 80% casuality in 06/Mitts family has history of turning their
backs on America, then Mexico kicked them out. Now Mitt turning his back on middle
class Americans/Newt and the SC GOP lynched Fox's Jaun Williams, for all to see.
Bet Brit Hume was one happy dude/blood suckers. You WANT things, but don't want to
pay for them. You defend the very rich as your own services decrease, because
that's what foxnews tells you to think. Grow a brain, fracking filth. exact
definition of con filth. Cowardly, stupid, disloyal, greedy. Anti-education and
proud of it/Why do progressive liberals love war?/progressive liberal = commie
fascists, most of dem elites, your herders, are of the crony variety/torturing
Americans (re: Bradley Manning/blame 10 years of war On Obama/Nothing More Than
Political Show Zion Baptist Church is a predominantly black church. Obama’s
support in the black community has been steadily decreasing due to a number of
issues. Attending a black church for Martin Luther King Jr Day gives the
appearance that he still cares about black Americans, yet many of his actions in
the Oval Office say otherwise/10 million people in the prison system in the US.
2.3 million behind bars, most of them for non-violent "crimes", and over 7 million
on probation or parole. The percentage is far greater than any other nation on
earth, including China, North Korea, Iran, etc. The US is the only country in the
world that jails children under 18 for life without parole /support letting victim take care of perpetrator
themself at the time the crime happens then there is no doubt the person was
guilty and getting rid of the vigilante laws, Society can deal with criminals much
better then the government/ giving all murderers a clear path to getting away
scott free, bad idea/Are you even aware that the deficit began in 2001? or do you
prefer the rhetoric of Faux Views to permeate your brain with trivial and blatent
falsehood? Yep, it sucks to let facts get in the way/Newt is 1000 times smarter
than Obama/Where is Palin anyways? She makes another great poster child for the
GOp/Reality check democrats there are no solutions when your this deep in trouble
financially/Moody's Downgrades the Planet Earth issued its rating for the planet
BBW. Outlook negative, ratings agency adds, in only 5 billion more years ... the
Sun's elements will 'swell' up, swallow Earth, and eventually die off into a small
white dwarf. Unless Sol is willing to curb its hydrogen consumption over the next
billion years, S&P will continue to have a negative outlook on Sol and its
surrounding planetary system to keep that as an exit only planet very traumatic when I
first 'landed/CARUSO CABRERA LOOKS LIKE A BLACK WIDOW/Referring to MF Global and
what happened to investors money that disappeared ,, she said "maybe there were
margin calls and investor's money went to money heaven",, wow/Bloomberg poontang
signs this morning, signs to lures more zoombies into the clutchesm hypocrites
everywhere/ / R's
trying to starve out FnF If Corporations are people, then this is attempted
manslaughter/ such puppets of GS-no one calls them out on this/Perry Thinks Fannie
and Freddie should be abolished, the government has no role in housing. unfair or
is fair to say that taxpayers should stop flipping the bill. 171 billion in
taxpayers losses already. enuf is enuf/obviously some bad behavior going down
during, but this right-wing lunacy about F&F and Barney F. is total fantasy. By
the way, it's really easy to judge the competence of comments that are a couple of
dozen words or less of pure fact-free insult/The solution is to allow the
corrupted banks to fail/Get rid of the mortgage interest deduction, too/Great!
Let's encourage the return of the private market for mortgages. That went so well
last time. Let's see how big they can blow the housing bubble this time/Bernanke
said there was no bubble just 3 months before it blew sky high? If you believe
these government crooks than you are just a fool!/Get the government OUT of the
business of propping up real estate/ values freefall and
foreclosures skyrocket...hardly a plan for looking out for the greater
good....although it may feed your greed mongering so you can scoop up cheap real
a consultant who speaks with a light twang from his native Alabama/just great, a
hillbilly redneck passing out money to people who already have plenty/we devote a
huge segment of our economy to the "industry" of picking each others pockets, the
end, we all
16--abc-news.html passed her 10-year anniversary with the company more than a
month before, said another manager told her it was time for her to go to lunch and
step away from her desk, but she refused. That manager observed Smiley working on
a spreadsheet on her computer, answering the phone and responding to questions by
people who approached her desk, according to a filing from the appellate court of
Illinois.Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc. human resources director then became
involved, explaining that hourly non-exempt employees were required to take a
30-minute lunch break, a policy/They were looking to get rid of you so they could
hire somebody at minimum wage/used it as reason to get rid of her because of
medical reasons with regard to her stroke and the three months off. Not the first
time an employer has fired someone because of injury or illiness because of
employer concern of insurance cost/Dollar to a donut, they wanted her "out" for
ANOTHER rea$on/She broke FEDERAL LAWS by working off the clock. It is ILLEGAL IN
ANY STATE TO WORK OFF THE CLOCK! The employers can face harsh fines and penalties,
but I guess the law doesn't apply for a black woman huh? WRONG IT APPLIES TO ALL
11612/publishing house owned by the Catholic Church has been selling thousands of
pornographic novels, The Independent reports, some 2,500 “erotic” books with lewd
titles. The publisher’s website also pictures the titles’ lascivious dust jackets
that feature color photographs of scantily clad women in high heels and erotic
underwear, according to the newspaper out his wallet and
handed a wad of cash to a woman waiting to shake his hand. The woman, 55-year-old
Ruth Williams, says she has been following the Romney campaign, she said she
received a message from God to track him down/
11512/Ellen Brown, "An electronic database called MERS (Mortgage Electronic
Registration Systems) has created defects in the chain of title to over half the
homes in America. Counties have been cheated out of millions of dollars in
recording fees, and their title records are in hopeless disarray. Meanwhile,
foreclosed and abandoned homes are blighting neighborhoods. Straightening out the
records and restoring the homes to occupancy is clearly in the public interest….
But how?-Bill Moyers Essay,visits that reveal real faces, real people, and a true
common cause. In this premiere  Bill talks about their anger - not at the concept
of wealth itself, but at the crony capitalists who resort to tricks, loopholes,
and hard, cold cash for politicians to make sure insiders prosper-Michael S.
Schmidt, on their way to a mosque to commemorate one of their holiest holidays....
During the last 10 days, insurgents have unleashed a string of attacks on Shiites
as they have made pilgrimages leading up to Arbaeen in an apparent attempt to stir
sectarian violence-John Feffer, Foreign Policy in Focus: "They’re like a heavy
metal band. Dress them up in black, put some Goth makeup on them, give them a name
like The Apocalyptics, After all, it’s mostly doom and gloom with the Republican
candidates, particularly when they start in on foreign policy. The lead singer for
a while, Michele Bachmann, loved to croon about the world entering its final days-
Few Keystone XL Jobs Would Go to Residents on Pipeline Route Lisa Song-Truthout
/US Troops Quietly Surge Into Middle East San Francisco Gate/Confused: It's Okay
to Kill Afghanis, But Not Okay to Urinate on the Bodies? BuzzFlash/Van Der Sloot
Slapped With 28-Year Sentence/Universities (Penn State, Syracuse, liberal bastions
of higher learning?/jo pa and his staff were all republicans/American corporatists
have recently sent in the U.S. Coast Guard to break up a strike by American
longshoremen, but forcing America's military to act like low-life strike-breaking
scabs? That's a cut to our democracy that may never heal. ILWU members had been
promised jobs in Longview as a priority condition for allowing corporatists to
receive massive federal subsidies to build a new terminal at the Washington state
port. But after the terminal was safely built, greedy corporatist slugs then
fired the longshoremen's union members point-blank -- and not only got away with
it but used the U.S. military as their own personal enforcers and thugs.\
ocal-21-at-egt/.These people are no more good Christians than was Attila the Hun.
Send drones to kill babies? Leaving the meek of the earth to starve to death and
the peacemakers of the world to be jailed?"Blessed are those who are persecuted
because of righteousness,for theirs is the kingdom of heaven," Beating down
non-violent OWS protesters with pepper spray, tear gas and truncheons? NOT
CHRISTIAN. Not Christian at all. Yet no one seems to be calling these monsters out
on their uber-hypocracy/. Do not confuse "Zionism", "Israel" or "the Rothchilds"
with "Jewish"/Corporate whore Ben Stein, has sued Japanese electronics firm
Kyocera for violating his "freedom of religion" by not hiring him as a pitchman
because he denies the reality of global warming/
 is $8,200,000.oo per day x'c 365 =  $2,993,000,000.oo in violation of US Aid to
laws to coUNtries with WMD-desmona isreal ISA WMD facility with nuclear bombs,
suit case nukes, pandemics, viral agents, flu virus, bacterial weapons, DIME
weapons, STUNEX puter virus, While they bail out the 1%,refuse to prosucte for
financial terroism, GE pays $0.oo taxes, Federal Reserve Bank inc pays $0.oo in
corporate taxes whilst they hammer the middle class-why not just tax the CIA drug
MONEY r the sales of guns to terrorist drug cartels r stop fUNding terrorism by
proxy to ashkeNAZIsreAL/i guess the devil jews get expelled out of every country
because theyre good peopleews are the devil.....125 countries in the last 2000
years cannot be wrong/internet zionists are the ignorant ones who take israel as
their identity because they can't accept that 'their' history is all about
treachery, usury and sell outs/poppy's failed attempt at murdering reagan, it was
the least they could do! I wonder how bags bush's puppy torturing venture is
AS NORMAL/ last year's limit — 5
nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood — in this year's bill he might propose a
zero-tolerance limit this year. Under such a scenario, drivers with any amount of
THC in their blood could be charged with driving under the influence. "If you have
THC on board, have to rely on public transportation/Perhaps there will be problems
with drivers impaired by cannabis, and driving while stoned seems like a bad idea,
but where is the evidence? Steve King is mad about the decriminalization of pot
and he will desperately try anything he can think of to slow down the process that
is making pot and pot smokers part of everyday life/A per se limit for marijuana
is not based on science, bt rather based on ignorance. Laws already exist to
protect people from impaired drivers, this is just a way for politicians to defy
colorado medical marijuana program/Romney, which is completely distinct from the
policy and left/right issues. According to Cohan, who did deals with Bain during
the Romney years, the company specialized in dirty tricks, Specifically, Bain
would make the high bid for a company being offered for sale - then, after the
other bidders had been sent away, would start finding things to complain about,
and haggle the price down. This was, I gather, a major sin, since believe it or
not Wall Street wheeling and dealing requires a high level of trust in one's
personal word/We don't need a CEO in the Oval Office Paul Krugman/
-to-china-to-sell-oil/ Obama is HITLER Lying Sac of Sheit/comparing out President
to someone who killer millions. Wow /Obama was a national socialist. He hated
International Socialism ie USSR and capitalism ie USA. He believe strongly in the
occult. He restricted religion to fall under his control. His beliefs are much
closer to Obama's than the right wing/Ben Bernankee Helping crooked mega banks
swallow up smaller failing banks by giving the larger banks trillions in taxpayer
money enabling these crooks to benefit and become larger and even more too big to
fail. execs and people in the know get multi million dollar bonuses while the rest
of the country will suffer thru the coming massive depression/Obama needs ta
nationalize de megabanks & giva de 4-clos homez ta de homless... ;-) Specially JPM
bcoz dey preditoree lones/Juish Fede.ral Reserv.e and Z.ionist puppet Obummer are
about to launch an attack on Iran. The USA taxpayer voters will pay all burdens
with no say in the matter. Putin up with obummer is expensive because American
Christians are paying for Juish warfare/afraid of truth: 911 80% of the world
agree , it was an inside job and we are ruled by elected cowards from both
parties/Funny how you questions others GAP w ith out disclosing ,your own GAP. Who
are you or what have you done that allows you to be so judgmental or
superior?/Have You Ever Been More Ashamed Of A GOP House majority?/Any American
citizen who isn't ASHAMED of nearly ALL American politicians.....well, they're
just not thinking.  btw, speaking of being ASHAMED......America ACTUALLY is a
country that tortures?...really? disgraziata/Ayn Rand + John Birch x Koch
Brothers=Racist GOP Happy MLK day haters/obama = WORST PRESIDENT IN USA HISTORY!!!
TAX AND SPENDers/republicans, are reveling in the fact Europe is dragging on our
markets/The president can make recess appointments WHEN congress is in recess, NOT
when congress is NOT in recess. That is what Obama did - the latter. His own DOJ
says "Okey-dokey, looks OK to us". Totally unconstitutional - just one more
"First" and a long list of lawless acts/Obama is neutered by the ruling class, so
he isn't a threat anymore. But, the tea party scares the s-h-i-t out of I zzraeli
firsters/newt,perry lose lawsuit, remain off virginia ballot/Truther Found
Beheaded In Zios Basement/its not often you see a decapitation with such an
expression, smirk that homeland security wears as they pathetically try to
"debunk" 9/11 on social media/Tea Party Supreme Leader DeMint endorsed Jeb Bush as
potential presidential contender in Feb 2011/If Romney releases his returns people
will find him repugnant--a fate worse than death to a narcissisitic aspirant to
military official charged with espionage/Israel Discount Bank blocks overseas web
access/gop senate caucus met in secret with dork cheaty the author of the American
torture act under dubya, and voted nearly unanimously to support taking away our
rights, wants to blame it on Obama. "Moreover, I want to clarify that my
Administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial
of American citizens. Indeed, I believe that doing so would break with our most
important traditions and values as a Nation/SPEAKER BONER we won't get a REAL jobs
program until maobowa is sent packing together with the dumb majority/RETURN TO
THE FAILURES OF GEORGE W BUSH/Two unfunded wars, failure to protect us on 9/11,
their failure to react to Katrina, the great BUSH recession of 2007 that we are
still digging out from now, their failure to regulate Wall Street and banks
causing the real estate bust and record numbers of foreclosures, the WORST job
creation record since 1939 in spite of the tax cuts for the rich.....shall I go
on?/right wing nuts cheering for millionaire tax breaks and objecting to middle
class tax cuts. It's like they are bending over to the 1% and saying please shove
it in and don't bother using lube and I'll clean up the santorum when your done/ /

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