Sunday, January 15, 2012

11512/Obama Deserves Impeachment and his Criminal Administration he's to be tried for Treason

11512/republican party is led by a radio talk show host........a drug-addicted
racist-fascist sado-masochistic animal.....and wealthy too boot.....leading a
bunch of poor, bumbling bumkin idiots, USA is collecting revenue at a 1950
rate......all the work of the republican party of hypocrity traitors, the working
class paid 93% of the tax revenue......along with giving up our pensions, profit
sharing, health care benefits, 401k matches, vacation accrual/gop bans free speech
from their events, cowards are skeeeeered of their own shadows!/Huckabee who
reminded him that the ground rules for the forum stipulated that the candidate
were not allowed to attack each other/Romney said that the middle class's problem
was "envy"/its all about how the Banking business, Wall Street , Insurance giants
are milking gazillions of dollars through our elected officials...this is done
through there hired Washington lobbyist. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum/
politicians are corrupted parasites, warmongers, liars, cheaters and couldn't care
less about the people/
-news.html /End the Fed, Ron Paul draws on American history, economics, and
fascinating stories from his own long political life to argue that the Fed is both
corrupt and unconstitutional/The biggest problem is low IQ Conservatard-Tea
Baggers are not able to process the lies and hypocrisy of their leaders/listen to
your angst. I know that you hope not but change is a comin'/in addition to being a
fat slob Moron is as ugly as he is stupid and illiterate, nothing to do with the
fact that he is a leftard. P.S Jesus loves you but I know you are nothing but a
sorry piece of liberal shiat and all around coward/Obama Deserves Impeachment and
his Criminal Administration he's to be tried for Treason/yet for selfish reasons
the Obama sheeples will vote for felons to continue the government run gravy
trains/Huntsman he is the only statesman and serious candidate of the lot, Romney
is the worst, even though Geingrich is morally corrupt Romney is even worse he is
a greedy vulture capitalist that profits off of other peoples misfortune/ten steps
up from what we've got in the White House now/Like him or not, Obama is the lesser
of many evil/four more years of Obamagraft parading as progress would be a
disaster/Ron Paul- Absolute squirrel turd. I would vote for Obama, Perry- The real
thing, the only one in the bunch that's actually QUALIFIED for the job of
President /June 4, 1963, Executive Order 11110 was signed by President Kennedy
directing the US Treasury to issue a new US currency, backed by a precious metal -
silver, unlike the credit-backed money issued by the Federal Reserve since 1913,
thereby ending the fifty year monopoly of private bankers and the Federal Reserve
Bank over US currency. Six months later, President John F. Kennedy was shot and
killed /Belarus scum & Sex slaves in the promised land /Israel has the highest ratio of university degrees to its population
in the world, produces more scientific papers, per capita, than any other nation,
and is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East/for half her people/two-year
international investigation convicts 4 Israelis of heading international
human-trafficking ring that/20-year-old woman, Carina Saunders forced to watch
another woman's torture and death, so that she would cooperate with a human
trafficking ring growing problem in Missouri, as many as 300000
American Children are prey for sex-trafficking rings/,0,538> IN THE FINAL HOUR, THE ENEMY
11412/Chinese factory conditions and war are totally the same thing.You would
think one of the biggest Chinese company would maybe try to improve the
conditions, Not in this corporate world, everything is for profit, instead of
making conditions bearable they put up suicide nets and hire councilors, because
it works out cheaper-Foxconn's flagship plant in Longhua, five per cent of its
workers, or 24,000 people, quit every month. "Because we could not cope, we went
on strike,first, the managers said anyone who wanted to quit could have one
month's pay as compensation, but then they withdrew that offer. So we went to the
roof and threatened a mass suicide
t-Thatchers-dementia-Why-this-despicable-film-makes-voyeurs-of-us-all.html/On the
contrary we have very long memories. We were and still are the only group of
people who fear a repeat of the French Revolution in the Arab Spring and if you
call fixing the country a mistake then you have weird priorities/Meanwhile;
speaking of the 'arab spring', Sky News tells us (constantly) that it has now
produced it's very own 'news as entertainment' version;  Starring   Alex 'the
eyebrows' Crawford;  Lisa Holland, Stuart Ramsay,  Tim Marshall,   Emma 'yeah'
Hurd, with Dom Waghorn and a cast of thousands of manic homicidal arabs constantly
giving thanks to Allah for the opportunity to blast each other to perdition; and
always in His name! Doubtless, if it is as grim and self serving as the trailer,
it will put a whole new perspective on your opinion of Mr Murdoch's wonderful
creation/4-Foot-2 Man Paralyzed In Dwarf-Tossing/it is perfectly legally to arrest
and detain citizens indefinitely without habeas corpus... I am sure shutting down
some websites is no biggie/
you-dont-matter/ slipped one 24-ounce can of $1.50 Steel Reserve beer into her
purse, and walked out ... and now she faces up to 10 years in jail. Hill, 35, with
the intent to commit the theft/If you want to steal something and get away with it
these days, you have to work on Wall Street. Sucks to be a PETTY criminal
now/Cathy01, posting on—a site that allows people to offer services for
$5—says she'll be your Facebook belle for 10 days and even write up to three
faux-affectionate messages on your wall/
Qatar says it favors sending Arab troops to Syria to stop a crackdown on
anti-government protesters that has left thousands of people dead/Bolton joined
the national guard to avoid duty in Vietnam/ALAN SABROSKY - israel carried out
9/11, knows z.ionists did it/true Catholic way..and you are indeed an Opus Dei
bent over Catholic/elites pander to the lowest and most destructive instincts/ GOPigs still don't have a clue,  $700 trillion bomb is
armed, banks trashed the economy when they played with derivatives and after the
$trillion bailout they continue to pour money into the phony scam/GOP seeks to rid
Washington of Democrats altogether, regardless of race, creed, or color/get YOUR
BOYS together and we northerners will get another crack at you traitors I'm sure
we have more Gen Shermans than you can handle/Yankees had to colonize the mountain
crackers of Virginia and try to teach them science and math, which drove the hard
core cracker population further down south and they became swamp cracker,
susceptible to fundamentalist religion and Low IQ living, they were the
forerunners of the modern republican party and the tea party/Republican
presidential contenders are playing the race card again, hoping to win over the
votes of angry whites by implicitly blaming the shrinking of the middle-class on
preferential treatment of blacks and other minorities, Franklin Roosevelt led a
national effort to recover from the Great Depression, which had been caused
largely by lightly regulated "free-market economics, Gingrich boasts about his
role in helping to formulate and enact "supply-side economics" - despite the fact
that it has proved a crushing failure-Reppublicans are a hate mongering group.
They seem to hate anything that really puts forth a true Christian agenda. Love
and hope for your fellow man. Jesus' teachings get no traction from the religious
Rightamazing that these so called Christians are permitted to reduce the Christian
Faith to Abortion, contraceptives, prayer in the schools then deny the foundation
of Christianity which is love for your fellow man-How else could they get poor
whites to vote for their candidates unless they played on fear and hatred? They've
been doing that since the 1850s-Hitler developed this play book and we all know
what happened to the German society under the politics of fear-What strikes me
about this article is right at the beginning in the quotation from Santorum about
the sanctity of other people's money. This is very telling - I can't imagine any
politician of any stripe talking like that in our country. And yet it seems to be
very much part of the air that Americans daily breathe and accept as normative-if
such sharing took place it would lead to a much more harmonious and prosperous
society over all. Maybe the wealthiest 0.1% would have quite as much, but how many
Bentleys do you need in your garage? I fear for your future, and by extrapolation, / /finalized in
2008. Today, Bain Capital is still one of the primary owners of Clear
Channel/Obama, delivered a string of private messages to Israeli leaders warning
about the dire consequences of a strike/ 
11312/119m for mitts untaaken blood test.d gregory inspiration for lennons
imagine/Documents Show Fed Missed Housing Bust AP / MARTIN CRUTSINGER/Democratic
DarlingCongress Votes NO On JOBS: Bastards! Cantor rejected a vote/Republicans;
Even An Atheist Knows Jesus Would Be Pissed Julie Driscoll If you think it's odd
that an atheist would be making a video about the return of Jesus, don't - because
the point is not whether you believe or I believe, the point is that the religions
right/Tea Party/Republicans claim to have a corner on the God market, claim to be
believers-Why You Should Mock People Praying For The Rapture, to summarize, all
the Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, etc. who do not renounce their faith (or
lack thereof) and praise Jesus will burn. Anyone who has not yet heard of Jesus
(while admittedly few, they DO exist) will burn. Children raised to believe
something other than Jesus will burn. Children too young to have been taught
religion at all will burn. Christians who do not believe precisely the same
doctrine will burn. Catholics will burn. Mormons will definitely burn. Gay?.
Liberal?  President Obama? So going to burn!Think I’m exaggerating? What do you
care? I’m gonna burn anyway..these distraught people are lamenting. Worldwide
death and destruction while they skate off to the promised land. They are the
spiritual version of the 1% and we’re their 99%. They couldn’t care less what
happens to their fellow human beings as long as they get their reward and I’m
supposed to feel bad for these scumbags-Rolling Stone: The 1% Are NOT Citizens Of
The United States-Taibii has put it into perspective for me and suddenly, much of
the behavior of the 1% makes sense. They are not American citizens. I’m not making
a hysterical Fox News style accusation of “treason!” That require that the 1%
actually BE a part of the country to begin with. They are not. They exist outside
any national fealty of any kind-all these sad and lonely multibillionaires want!
Let’s give them the same respect they gave us, yes? The same respect they gave us
when they used their money to erode EPA and FDA regulations so they could erode
our standard of living. The same respect when they abused the special access they
have to Washington to eliminate our access altogether. The same respect they gave
us when they grew too big to fail and reduced us to too small to matter-the book
of revelations it is the work of an angry priest, profiteer, follower
whatever-it's only "class warfare" when we fight back. Well, it's not class
warfare yet, apparently. The real war won't begin until the GOP gets caught
defrauding the 2012 election. They ARE going to do so, I guarantee it. So you have
almost a year to prepare-nota matter of hating anyone; it's a matter of defanging
those who are derailing and erasing the Bill of Rights. I don't hate the rich. I
just want them to get their boot off my neck- to be a
Filthy Liberal Scum via We survived Bush. You will survive Obama. I demand smaller
government! It can't fit inside your bedroom or uterus yet, Maybe these Taliban
soldiers just killed a few of their friends. I'd be pretty mad, too. As long as
you don't mind if they desecrate OUR soldiers, then defend this all you want. If
that makes you hopping mad, on the other hand, please STFU and stop being a
hypocrite. Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a
monster-Nietzsche/ e.jpeg
set=a.380639374263.156347.247763399263&type=1&ref=nf rep caucus results /kick
people out of churches for crippling injuries, crushed testicles, illnesses, and
deformities like it tells us to do in Leviticus. PRAISE JESUS/Romney making
victory speech ringing by white shirt wearing children of the corn/Perry's
Jennifer Rubin Gov. Rick Perry's final belly flop new line of attack against Mitt
Romney that Romney is a “vulture capitalistWashington Post/If IT happens we all
could spend time in a death camp, ”Oh” did I say death camp I mint FEMA camp where
it has that old nazi camp charm but with a updated look/ phalanx corp challenge/
 twinkies filed for being in the hole 2 billion twinkies or 1 b$/grandmother once
told me to never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed

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