Thursday, November 24, 2011

112411/Obama is a liar and a thief. The American people are Obama's sheeple

112411/Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, a frontrunner to win the GOP
nomination, compared poor people to scavenging racoons in a speech this week.
describes a requirement that workers at a construction project gather up endangered beetles by luring them into a bucket with a dead rat in order to release them elsewhere. But the plan is thwarted when hungry raccoons then eat them straight out of the rat-infested bucket. The raccoons - they're not stupid, they're gonna do the easy way if we make it easy for them. Just like welfare recipients all across America. If we don't send them to work, they're gonna take the easy route." South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer (R), who apologized in January 2010 for saying in a speech on America's "culture of dependency" that he learned "as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed."/reputation for protecting the wealthy while stepping on the working poor and middle class is coming to be blatently evident/"Pat Robertson continued to amuse on The 700 Club today, asking “What is this ‘mac and cheese,’ is that a black thing?/Concerning the OWS protestors one thing to disagree with them and their goals Funny too how so many of the same people who say they so deeply despise Communism seem to share the Communists' views on how to deal with political dissent that they diasagree with/'conservatives' who seem to think freedom of speech only applies when they agree with the content of that speech? Both on and off this board, I've seen cons avocate putting a violent end to this/We'll make you squeal like a pig': Hacker group posts pepper-spray University of California Davis officer John Pike cop's home address, phone number and email online/Israel's chief rabbi allows import of organic goose grown in Spain meat that tastes of pig/Occupy Seattle protester Jennifer Fox, 19, says police kicked her and hit her in the stomach with a bicycle while she was three months pregnant was rushed to the hospital after being kicked in the stomach and sprayed with pepper spray by police in Seattle/Bill Looman who owns the company U.S. Cranes, LLC, in Georgia, says that in the desperate economic climate he cant afford to take on any more employees. He emblazoned his company trucks with stickers broadcasting the bold message 'New company policy. We are not hiring until Obama is gone/truce in Tahrir Square as military apologises for killing so many people-Protest: At least 35,000 protesters had crowded into Tahrir Square as riot police and military fired tear gas around government buildings At least 40 people have been killed in protests and more than 2,000 wounded, mostly from gas inhalation or injuries caused by rubber bullets fired by the army and the police/Melbourne, Australia, made the agonising decision to have the sick baby injected to end his life. But the wrong baby was injectedy at the Royal Women's Hospital/Castlemead Tower in Bristol city centre and launched a fire extinguisher from the 15th floor of the 262-foot tall building. The disgruntled former employee had earlier triggered the buildings fire alarms at around 7.20pm/Had this been in Moscow the last item to go out the window would have been the guy himself helped by the security guards!!...Case closed/'Credit Crunch reaches new heights' would have been a more apt headline/Chucking PC's out of the window eh? Is that Windows through Windows? seracuse/Let me guess what you consider a fun Sunday walk -- going down skid row and kicking the winos when no one is looking, because they only have themselves to blame/the neurosis of people worried about losing their jobs are popping up in the comments sections/a used needle is the equivalent of a loaded gun./getting the bag into the Dumpster, I feel shivery, like I saw a cockroach in the kitchen and now everything looks like roaches. My brain flashes a million possible doomsday scenarios whereby I pricked myself with an HIV-infected needle and didn’t notice. Every little cut and nick on my body becomes a reason for anxiety
occupy_times_square_rally_enters_second_day/the most conflicted statement of
resistance came from Ms. Monaghan. “If the revolution comes, I’d be glad to man the barricades,” she declared. “But only until 7. That’s when my babysitter has to be
home.” There were moments of tension. When a group of protesters chanted, “Obama is a sellout, he must go,” another group of protesters confronted them and accused them of being racists who didn’t want to see a black President succeed. Heated words were exchanged. Only the intervention of the “Legalize Marijuana” faction was able to successfully mellow the vibe-a paralegal from West Nyack, NY, was very happy to be at the rally and make a stand. “Originally,” she said, “I planned to participate in the Occupy Sesame Street rally to demonstrate about our failing education system. But this protest seemed to address most of the issues that deeply concern me-If the revolution comes, I’d be glad to man the barricades,” she declared. “But only until 7. That’s when my babysitter has to be home/at the same OWS demonstration in which an 84-year old woman was sprayed, miscarried her three-month fetus on Sunday Fox arrived at the hospital, doctors told her that the baby had no heartbeat, diagnosed that I was having a miscarriage. They said the damage was from the kick and that the pepper spray got to it [the fetus], too," "I was worried about it [when I joined the protests], but I didn't know it would be this bad. I didn't know that a cop would murder a baby that's not born yet/Stebbins said Fox, whom she parented for 10 years, has a pattern of exaggeration. "My daughter is a compulsive liar," Stebbins said. "She's a wannabe drama queen.
php/Malaysia, spearheaded by that nation’s former Prime Minister, yesterday found
George Bush and Tony Blair guilty of “crimes against peace” and other war crimes for their 2003 aggressive attack on Iraq, as well as fabricating pretexts used to justify the attack. The seven-member Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal — which featured an American law professor as one of its chief prosecutors — has no formal enforcement power, but was modeled after a 1967 tribunal in Sweden and Denmark that found the U.S. guilty of a war of aggression in Vietnam, and, even more so, after the U.S.-led Nuremberg Tribunal held after World War II. Just as the U.S. steadfastly ignored the 1967 tribunal on Vietnam, Bush and Blair both ignored the summons sent to them and thus were tried in absentia/lesson supposedly learned by the U.S. establishment media from the Iraq debacle was the danger of relying on anonymous government sources to disseminate unverified fear-mongering accusations. Rather obviously, no such lesson has been learned, as this continues to be the primary reporting method for accusing the Supreme Hitlers of the Moment — Iran — of anything and everything the U.S.  Government can dream up. The latest entry, and one of the most egregious yet
112311/Kissinger said to Garment: "Is there a more self-serving group of people than the Jewish community?/working class republicans=boot-licking, @$ kissing
parasites, spend TWICE AS MUCH ON LOOPHOLES AND TAX BREAKS AND SUBIDIES FOR THE WEALTHY AS WE DO ON WELFARE recipient because you produce NOTHING other than moronic posts. I'd love to talk to your would be a real funny conversation discussing your incompetence/Romney’s choice to put them in the mouth of Obama is disingenuous; at worst, it’s an outright lie. And given the extent to which the rest of the ad relies on various distortions -–scum-sucking pig tells a bald-faced lie Romney decries the high foreclosure rate despite his preference for a process that keeps homeowners underwater -– “lying” is a fair way to describe his rhetoric/police beating 'peaceful' Iraq war veteran Oakland police investigating after ex-marine Kayvan Sabehgi suffered a ruptured spleen in apparently unprovoked incident/Texas attorney general last week filed in court to get the maps approved, but a Justice Department filing Monday indicates the federal government will fight the case. It said the plan wouldn’t “maintain or increase the ability of minority voters to elect their candidate of choice.”/we cant even get to gether and condemn isreal... so that being the case do you think white people in texas are really just let mexicans and mexican americans use politics take the territory back/ATHEISM: WHY IT IS LOGICALLY INCOHERENT/ Athiests-- they're just mouthing off the common idea of millions of dunderheads like themselves. They're the bystanders, the repeaters, the unthinking masses/The purpose for religion, which is faith based, is to control the unthinking masses. Why are they "unthinking masses"? Because anyone who accepts an idea or an ideology on faith is not using his/her brain to think it through./any group that thinks they have "proven" the non-existance of a diety is fooling itself. Same for religious folks- except religions have a reason--some historical events from prophets that instruct them.Athiesm lacks a prophet--or any historical rationale for its's just a lot of noisy people trying to pee on the religious people/when you moron cons make such statements in response to well laid out arguements that its simply a baseless stupid personal attack... and you jerks are the experts at those/Paul Ryan and most right-wing conservatives advocate the cutting of some if not all of these programs, but the libtard leaches used that fact to fear monger everyone...Let the banks fail/. If he spends his energy defining his Republican opponent, there is a chance the president will win with 50.00001 percent of the vote and no mandate to do what needs doing. If he spends his time defining the future in a credible way and offering a hard, tough, realistic pathway to get there, he will not only win, but he will have a mandate to take the country where we need to go. /If he spends his time defining the future in a credible way and offering a hard, tough, realistic pathway to get there, he will not only win, but he will have a mandate to take the country where we need to go/Ohio Salvation Army bell-ringer outside a Kmart store was robbed of his red kettle by four men with a knife.-ows blocked a downtown Los Angeles street on Thursday, snarling traffic on surrounding freeways before police moved in and arrested 23 people/Fox says can't afford more "Simpsons" without cuts,/fat, the only winner?/the Federal Reserve estimates a combined 553,629 hours will be spent completing both the annual and four quarterly tests between the 19 banks required to complete stress testing. That's more than 29,000 hours per bank. Banks have 33 working days left before the Fed's deadline of January 9/Jews refuse (mostly) to donate organs for religious reasons yet they provide the greatest demand! I wonder if the Jewish faith is diluted by the addition of a gentile organ or is the organ immediately converted? "Many of the black-market kidneys harvested by these gangs are destined for people who live in Israel" -reveals-weakness-up-top-20111122#ixzz1eXvBjeJX police are geared up to protect Wall Street and the 1%. If history repeats itself, the police will wait until dark next time to attack. It is much easier to get away with murder and mayhem when cameras can not capture brutality. Next time wear a helmet, gas mask, and have night-shot cameras. The brave US Davis students only won round one-even more powerful was the last minute or two. The crowd chanting “you can go” while the campus Storm Trooper wannabes cower together, holding on to each others belts and backing up in obvious fear brought tears of joy to my eyes/Fox talking heads felt compelled to helpfully remind her devoted minions that this incident is no big deal, really.....after all, pepper spray is a derivative of's a food product, for heaven's sake...why all the fuss? As disturbing as the erosion of rights and the corrosion of principles are, the unabashed gall of media reporters stands shoulder to shoulder./ If pepper spray is only a vegetable, then a firearm or bullet is only a mineral. Minerals are good for us, aren't they?/crystal clear who runs the country...... it sure isn't the people of the USA. The entire nation run by scumbag psychopaths just playing the parasite sucking at the neck vein. Why else would you make up a liars, war, murder USA soldiers then have the next moronic puppet continue the carnage, waste of trillions of dollars, going in their bank accounts/Violence has been sold to us as a sign of strength really is always a sign of the weak/thuggish and criminal behavior by the police is Domestic Terrorism. That's not my opinion, that's the law according to the U.S. Patriot Act/prosecution of this crime will tell us a lot about the state of the system. Now let's see who wants to get tough on crime/Spokane Conservative Examiner Those old enough to remember the unrest that took place during the Vietnam War remember groups like the Weather Underground and SDS - "Students for a Democratic Society." those groups are back, supposedly by "popular demand," and they have joined with Occupy/Why do supermarkets make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front/THE FACT THAT JFK WAS A TRAITOR TO THE UNITED STATES!!! SO FAR, I'VE ONLY HAD MINOR CHALLENGES TO THESE FACTS!!! FOR EXAMPLE, WHAT EXACTLY IS ADDISON DIEASE AND THE REAL SYMPTOMS OF IT AND ETC.!!! THE FACTS STILL STAND!!! AND THE CONCLUSION THAT JFK WAS A TRAITOR TO THE UNITED STATES STILL STANDS/
112211/ problem-with-statin-drugs/ BofA Challenges Fannie on Buybacks; A Lesson in Cajun Economics Committee (maybe not so super) brought forth a flurry of political jokes.'Terrorists have kidnapped all the members of our Congress - they're asking for $10 million in ransom. Otherwise, they're going to douse them with gasoline and set them on fire! We're going from car to car taking up a collection." The driver asks, "How much is everyone giving, on average?" and the man replies, ''Most people are giving about two gallons!"/Financial Times cajun economics: this particular day a traveling Shreveport salesman is driving through town. He stops at the Hotel Cazan and lays a $100 bill on the desk saying he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one in which to spend the night. As soon as the man walks upstairs, Bosco, the owner, grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to Boudreaux the butcher. Boudreaux takes the $100 and runs down the street to retire his debt to Trosclair the pig farmer.Trosclair takes the $100 and heads off to pay his bill at T-Boy's Farmers Co-op, the local supplier of feed
and fuel.T-Boy, at the Farmer's Co-op, takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the local "lady of the night," Clarise, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer her "services" on credit.Clarise rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill with Bosco, the hotel owner. Bosco then places the $100 back on the counter so the travelling salesman will not suspect anything.At that moment the salesman comes down the stairs, picks up the $100 bill, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, pockets the money, and leaves town. No one produced anything. No one earned anything. However, the whole town is now out of debt and now looks to the future with a lot more optimism.And that, my friend, is how the United States Government is conducting business today reports that the states of New York and Delaware "won the right to intervene in a proposed $8.5bn settlement agreement over soured mortgage bonds between Bank of America and a group of aggrieved investors-Bank of America told Fannie Mae it won't cooperate with Fannie's new stance on loan buybacks, setting up the lender for a potential surge in claims and penalties. "The bank is disputing Fannie Mae's demand that lenders repurchase mortgages or cover any losses themselves if an insurer drops coverage, Bank of America said this month in a regulatory filing. BofA said it 'does not intend to repurchase loans' under what it deems to be new rules, and the refusal may trigger penalties or other sanctions, according to Fannie Mae /
-fargo.aspx / “the government took valuable property from ……shareholders in violation of the Fifth Amendment, which says private property can't be taken for "public use, without just compensation"."The government is not empowered to trample shareholder and property rights even in the midst of a financial emergency," the suit against the government said.”/After the passage of the health care reform bill in March 2010, Cantor reported that somebody had shot a bullet through a window of his campaign office in Richmond, Virginia. A spokesman for the Richmond Police later stated that the bullet was not intentionally fired at Cantor's office, saying that it was instead random gunfire, A preliminary investigation indicated that the bullet was fired into the air and hit the office window going down. The bullet landed within a foot of the window./I'll continue to encourage everyone to write their CLOWNgress Reps; educate them that when the Revolution comes they want to be in the Mob and not in the Tumbril/Most of all, to see a company filled to the brim with goons, criminals, backstabbers and thieves go down. Thank you to Ratface Moynihan for not having a clue and allowing the company to destruct. We all know you're the village idiot and you play the role well/disputing Fannie Mae’s demand that lenders repurchase mortgages or cover any losses themselves if an insurer drops coverage, Bank of America said this month in a regulatory filing. The lender, ranked second by assets among U.S. banks, said it “does not intend to repurchase loans” under what it deems to be new rules, and the refusal may trigger penalties or other sanctions Fannie Mae’s stance isn’t valid according to “relevant contracts.” We’ll continue to study it, we’ll continue to look at it,” Moynihan said of a potential Countrywide bankruptcy. “The judgment of the board and management has been that we have a settlement on private-label litigation that’s far superior to the alternative right now.”
loan-buyback-stance.html# /Fox News viewers are less informed, results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions than those who don’t watch any news at all."/“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” -Thomas Jefferson Zbigniew Brezinski had a speech in front of the CFR about the Elite’s fear of a Global Massive Awakening. almost overnight break through to millions of people all around the world and infect their minds with life changing ideas of freedom… give the Tea Party the confidence and intellectual foundation to get a REAL alternative to the “lesser of two evils” political system…be able to show the entire play book of the Elite, so that no one ever is fooled by their games… show the world the crimes against humanity by the few Elite that control our paradigm… teach people how our debt/money system is rigged game…blueprint for leaderless resistance… / Data Accumulating That Radiation Is Rising In American Food Sharply Higher Levels Of Cesium 134 and 137, and Strontium 89 Are Showing Up In US Food Samples Across The Country warnings issued by Sound Body which began the first week of the Fukushima disaster, accelerating data studies are indicating the presence of radioactivity in American food -- and the mainstream political powers and media /entire Obama administration is corrupt. Obama is a liar and a thief. The American people are Obama's sheeple. Wake up already/another false flag?/Sounds to me like a black flag accusation to give our government the reason and what they hope is public support to attack Iran./Good job CIA! your secrets are out on Yahoo. Please, don't bother insulting our intelligence with this "mis"information/definitely has over-tones of a false-flag operation, but the reason behind it remains murky. We will have to watch to see if there are any additional developments/United States is the biggest and worst terrorist organization in the world. Sure they do humanitarian things that make it look good, but underneath it is all about corporate America stealing the rest of the planet's natural resources and using its citizens as slaves/they are definitely keeping us in the dark for a far more sinister plan then 911/
/Long list of Jewish Child Molestor Rabbis gets no media coverage/Looks like the jhoo
is on the other foot-Boycott israel... go to jail We have the right to avoid products
from whichever company and nation we please... except israel.-In the early 1920’s and early 1930’s, large amounts of money were given to the Nazi party from Jewish banks. The Bank House Mendleson & Company in Amsterdam made two transfers. One for 10 million USD and one for 15 million USD. - /let your enemy
sneak up on you and blow you to pieces! Get it through your head, these people don't care for you. You and everybody who gave you props must be idiot peace loving democrats/Obviously a large group of wingnuts and sheep/
112111/police violence that has taken place at the University of California campuses
at Berkeley and Davis does more than border on pure thuggery; it also reveals a
display of force that is as unnecessary as it is brutal, and it is impossible to
justify. These young people are being beaten on their campuses for simply displaying
the courage to protest a system that has robbed them of both a quality education and a viable future-Occupying Jail I kept reminding myself that the people who offered themselves up for arrest every weekend for 12 years a generation ago faced killer dogs and bone-shattering fire hoses - a little wrist pain is endurable-when hell
broke loose. The film school hired IRI Consultants, a union-busting firm from
Michigan. With their advice, school managers set Grace up to be fired, and prepared a classic campaign of psychological warfare against its own faculty-Walker Recall
Proponents Receive Death Threats-Freezing Free Speech: Winter Tents Are "Contraband" at Occupy Boston, items we don't want in the camp, Winter tents and, um, any type of insulation materials for tents that are already presently there-National Lawyers Guild Files FOIA Requests Seeking Evidence of Federal Role in Occupy Crackdown Dave Lindorff, This Can't Be Happening: "The Guild and other observers strongly suspect that the 72 so-called Fusion Centers created by the Homeland Security, operated by the FBI in conjunction with local police in many cities, are serving as coordination points for the increasingly systematic attacks on the Occupy Movement.-Propaganda Used Ahead of Iraq War Is Now Being Reused Over Iran's Nuke Program-the phrase 'income inequality' in print publications, web stories, and broadcast transcripts spiked from 91 times a week in early September to nearly 500 in late October, according to the website Politico - an increase of nearly 450 percent. In the second week of October, according to ThinkProgress, the words most uttered on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News were 'jobs' (2,738), 'Wall Street' (2,387), and 'Occupy' (1,278). (References to 'debt' tumbled to 398-Supercommittee Should Go Really Big and Turn Against the 1

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