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112111/officers at the University of California doused students with pepper spray for sitting together with locked arms, perceived as a “threat,

112111/a colorful group of Americans - the Washington terrorism expert, the veteran C.I.A.
officer, the Republican operative, the Kansas City lawyer - the Libyan gambit last March looked
like a rare business opportunity. Even as NATO bombed Libya, the Americans offered to make
Col.Muammar el-Qaddafi their client - and charge him a hefty consulting fee. Their price: a $10
million/Sacramento City Attorney's office Wednesday dismissed nine misdemeanor cases of
protesters arrested at the Occupy Sacramento encampment at Cesar Chavez Park/officers at the
University of California, Davis doused students with pepper spray for sitting together with
locked arms. This act was perceived as a “threat,” placed its police chief on administrative
leave/military-grade LRAD 2000X can go north of 160 decibels, LRAD 500X, which has the ability
to blast out 110 decibels/Bury 'em up to their eyeballs in lawsuits. Everyone is now carrying
two cameras with 'em, film every time a cop farts.. Oh, you think that the cops won't get
reined in then? Don't even have to prevail in court, the municipalitys will go broke trying to
defend their cops in every case, it's all about money/Now it is the era of undereducated
bullies that became the local deputy sheriff and so called "law enforcement
professional"/divergent group (primarily "fascists" (although you have no understanding of the
word's definition) is able to ransake the homes, property and businesses of America's
insulated, conceited, and compassionless "upper crust."/all the more so if this divergent group
(primarily "fascists" (although you have no understanding of the word's definition) is able to
ransake the homes, property and businesses of America's insulated, conceited, and
compassionless "upper crust."/a lot of Rush's talking points but you really should go talk to
an OWS organizer before you allow Glenn Beck to form any more of your opinions/because you was
just the kind of intelectual smartie those manipulators behind movements like OWS always want
to recruit/lobbying firm Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford and addressed to one of CLGC’s
clients, the American Bankers Association. CLGC’s memo proposes that the ABA pay CLGC $850,000
to conduct “opposition research” on Occupy Wall Street in order to construct “negative
narratives” about the protests and allied politicians. The memo also asserts that Democratic
victories in 2012 would be detrimental for Wall Street and targets specific races in which it
says Wall Street would benefit by electing Republicans instead.
out-plan-to-undermine-occupy-wall-street-video /What are you afraid of MSNBC....The truth too
frightening for the progressives?/shows how afraid and desperate the teabaggers are and their
bankers of OWS/To be told at this point that my investment is going to be cut for the benefit
of people who are making in one year more than I did in my lifetime is egregious and shameful.
For you to defend them thinking that somehow you will reap a reward from them for your support
is not only bad thinking, but indicative of your own low class status. I see more compassion
from the "moochers" and 99% than you will ever know - until the bite hits you. I await your
reaction/They didnt want to go under and cause ALL their customers harm when they went
bankrupt. They didn't care about themselves, they cared about that if they went under, they
cost jobs and cause their customers harm. It all comes back to your government. when government
tries to mess around to much in the free-market system, it collapses. Every country and empire
who has tried it proves it. Rome, Soviet Russia, and modern Europe/Taxes are lower now than
they been since the 1950's. The top earners are making record fortures while what's left of the
middle class are making do with wages that have been stagnant for over 30 years, Reagan
policies caused the bailouts of S and Ls with junk bonds; Wall Street was all but destroyed
with mortgage backed securitities which had zip to do with the involvement of Uncle Sam and
everything to do with deregulation and Enron style "pay to play" ratings and investment
culture. People did NOT just lose their savings, MILLIONS of people are losing their HOMES,
Europe is in the trouble it is in because they trusted US! What happened in '07 and '08 is what
happens when govt is taken OUT of the free market system! Enron is what happens! All of the
Republicans and conservatives are fighting like hell to make sure that everything remains
UNREGULATED/blind deregulation of industry - in this particular case, the repeal of the
Glass-Steagal Act in 1999 - is exactly why this was allowed to happen and to go unpunished.
Free market idealism is all well and good, but without someone watching for people cheating the
system, the whole thing falls apart. I don't think anyone liked the bailouts/except
paulson/Occupy movement with clear, achievable goals to get the 1 in 5 impoverished children of
our nation, their top 4 requests of Santas in 2010:1. socks 2. shoes/boots 3. jackets 4. food
17.2 MILLION of our own children! 1 in 4 go hungry so in a classroom of 25, the average, 6
children are enduring hunger and 5 live in extreme poverty. So... be watching #OccupyNorthPole
#ONP #OpJoyRising /group calling themselves the the Patriotic Millionaire Americans addressed
members of Congress, stating that Bush Tax Cuts should be immediately rescinded, and that many
lucrative tax loopholes closed in support of fixing our economy and paying their fair share. I
hope that more join their Movement!/Grover Norquist and his cronies laughed them out of the
room, and Fox News mocked and berated them mercilessly. These people are not moved by
reason/They don't need to rely primarily on the 99% in the USA any more; they have an untapped
99.9% to exploit elsewhere in the world/Add to this union-busting. Unions were reliable
employers for decades, provided good benefits and pensions. So the unions get busted. Now the
employers are bringing in busloads of undocumented Mexicans to do the same job for a fraction
of the price and no benefits. If they get too uppity, even breathe a word about a raise, call
ICE have them deported - go get another busload, remember when Bush the Younger tried to
privatize port security? Remember who he tried to hire instead of using the Coast Guard? Dubai
Port World., same bastards rewarded with tax cut, compounding the deficit/confirms the validity
of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The GOP has to plot a secretive campaign to support their
friends on Wall Street while appearing to hold their nose./they planned a hit job on Obama. It
is sad when the agenda is to smother out the masses, no matter the cost/conservative agenda to
divide and conquer is the only winner. OWS movement, the 99% are still fighting eachother
while the 1% remains unscathed/Are you nuts!? its liberals who will spend someone else's money
at the drop of a hat because "everyone deserves to be equal" and they dont care whose rights
they trample on to make everyone "equal". Im all for equality, but not their kind. Every time
the national debt goes up, most of the time, it was a democrat-liberal congress, lack of
restraint is why the media is a former shadow of itself, they don't care whether what they says
is biased or is even true/occupy K Street, the source of government corruption, on the Bush
watch that Wall Street melted down and TARP was his baby! McCain broke off campaignin g for
president and John Boehner cried like a little girl on the House floor to get it passed. Some
of us were paying attention/Dick Cheney, decided to blow up and rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan,
while borrowing money from China to pay for the bombs. The billions that used to be spent here
building our highways and Space Shuttles is now being spent to hire Korean construction firms
to build roads in Afghanistan, and bribing the Taliban to let the fuel convoys pass without
being destroyed. We didn't even get the oil from Iraq, it's going to China/phony-hypocritical
right wing politicians and talking-heads are tools of the corporations. Marionettes that follow
the script written by their masters. My only hope is that there will be an awakening of empathy
and conscience among the right/following the Joseph Goebbels handbook for propaganda and lies,
especially the BIG LIES, repeated incessantly on their FOX propaganda network. FOX fans the
flames like a giant bellows to heat up the goobers who are incurious and uninformed. I think
CNN made a fatal mistake trying to win over the Teatards from FOX/This "US vs. THEM" game has
gone on long enough and needs to stop. Talk about facts, not stories you want to believe about
your percieved "enemy"/no putting the OCCUPY genie back in the bottle. The 99% are awake and
we're mad as he_l— and we're not going to take Wall Street gangster and bankster corruption
anymore/As long as they can successfully portray OWS as 'left', they can keep the people
divided; which has been their MO for decades/profoundly disgusted with Obama's handling of BP.
His weak handling of bringing the authors of the Wall Street melt down to justice; his lack of
support for unions. There is no lack of mud to go around. We need solutions. That is what
they are out in the streets for, Republicans enjoy working with Obama just fine. He's nice and
malleable, and they can treat him like a dog that keeps coming back after its been kicked,
because he does/difference between OWS and TP is that the TP ran candidates. This is not
accurate. TP candidates are GOP candidates who jumped aboard because the GOP brand became toxic
after the Bush presidency. The astro-turf TP do not run candidates, the Koch brothers and Wall
St. do/no doubt that other such "memo's" are floating around. My guess is that Wall Street
middle-lower wage scale employees who are struggling (Only upper tier employees get those
bonuses) may be more sympathetic to OWS and could become a source of more leaked memos/Occupy Police. They have already joined the movement. Because they realize the "first responders" were only revered after they gave up their lives on 9-11. But when they wanted liveable salaries they were thrown under the/Nothaft's origination estimates for 2012 land above the $900 billion the Mortgage Bankers Association expects — though last month the trade group could not account for any effect from the new HARP program, problem, despite a recent uptick in the economy,
Nothaft said, remains unemployment, which remains above 9%. barely sufficient to keep up with
labor force growth, and insufficient to make a sizable dent in unemployment," -billion
/trickle down,piggy bank freakonomics is outdated. You have to change your evil ways and you
will be rewarded with a trickle up hard on/Capitalism is the key, but these schmoes occupying
wall street don't want capitalism, else they'd be marching on DC... They want a level playing
field where everybody wins, nobody loses and little johnny gets a trophy to put on the
mantle/GOP & T_pot Only Uses .00001% of their Brain!!! unpatriotic, un-American group of
people in the US. Putting their ideology ahead of majority of US citizen even their own
constituents. Their politicians are paid and bought by fraction of 1% of WS cronies. Choke the
economy by emphasizing the deficit cutting in the midst of high unemployment, will sacrifice
millions of American lives and livelihood to achieve their political power grab. OWS should
have this as their simple talking points to make an average American including die hard
conservatives to understand what the GOP political party is all about/Right Wing Goon squad
always supported police brutality and actually enjoy this tactic to suppress anything that
threatens their sick value system. Do not vote for a Republican that supports this cowardly
method of control. Most of them will justify it/Try sending a fairly large wire transfer. See
how long they tell you it is going to take/
their-accounts-at-occupy-santa-cruz-video/ Former Chief Executive Maurice R. "Hank" Greenberg
is launching a broad legal assault that paints the government's move as unconstitutional.
Starr International Co., a firm headed by Mr. Greenberg that was AIG's largest shareholder at
the time of the 2008 government rescue/Rabbits On Side Of Road In Colorado Springs, police
disbanded the Occupy Colorado Springs site at Acacia Park overnight, taking down tarp-covered
structures after the city denied protesters an extension of their permit to “occupy” the
adjacent street corner. KKTV 11 News/“We’re going to continue; we’re going to stay here,” said
Mark Coddington, a protester holding a sign reading “Corporation$ own our leaders. Monday
morning, about 15 people stood at the southwest corner of the park, some picketing on the
sidewalk. A couple shelves and a makeshift bench were also set up after sunrise. The protesters
stood on numerous slogans written in chalk or spray paint on the sidewalk. “CSPD stole our
tents and gave USA revolution,” read an inscription in chalk at the southwest entrance to
Acacia Park. “Do not obey,” as well as an obscenity-laced comment directed at police, were
written in red spray paint on the sidewalk about 20 feet away Last week, protesters applied for
an 11-month extension.
-Mason Gaffney, 21, whose home was burglarized Oct. 21, was able to track down a man through
Craigslist who allegedly stole a multitude of personal belongings and electronics including his
iPad. Gaffney said it took four days for Colorado Springs Police to obtain and execute a search
warrant on the alleged burglar. cops warn against doing their job If he hadn’t put so much
effort into his case, police never would have, “Crooks know they can get away with this stuff
because cops aren’t going to pursue it,” “The detective in this case worked 12 hours overtime
trying to run with the case while it was still fresh, writing a warrant and getting the SWAT
team to execute it because stolen guns were involved,” Frasier wrote. “Please understand that
cases are very involved as we check databases, pawn shops, re-interview victims and witnesses,
write and execute search warrants etc.” /I've decided to run
for CLOWNgress/Sorry monkey/Bully Pulpits use Generalizing about people and Marginalizing
people through Name Calling as a way to try to end the Debate. Calling "us" "Left Leaners",
"Socialists", saying we have no "experience", implying their Moral and Intellectual Superiority
(without proving it:)) stating "we" are just "learning about Life", are "dirty" or "smelly",
"lazy", "looking for handouts", etc. same folks would have one believe they are superior in
knowledge, experience, that God personally tells 'em the answers, that they know who "we"
should vote for, blah blah blah. I notice they are usually short on answers though. Ad Hominem
attacks only serve to reduce the attacker/he didn't remember exactly how much he was paid, but
a former Freddie Mac official said it was at least $1.5 million for consulting contracts
stretching from 1999 to 2007. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a
personnel matter."..sounds as if Newt was more or less an employee there (we know he
wasn't a Lobbyist, because he says he wasn't, just told them they were "insane" for making
loans and stuff. 2008, Gingrich suggested in a Fox News interview that then-presidential
candidate Barack Obama should have to return campaign contributions he had received from
executives of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae/"There are a number of ways to be smart about Iran and
relatively few ways to be dumb, and the administration skipped all the ways to be smart," said
Gingirch at the debate-Before Gingrich was hired, Freddie Mac paid $2 million to a Republican
consulting firm to kill legislation that would have regulated and trimmed both companies. The
$2 million was money well spent. The legislation died without ever coming to a vote on the
Senate floor. But the danger of regulation wasn't dead, so Freddie Mac hired more consultants,
Gingrich among them. budget records show $11.7 million was paid to 52 outside lobbyists and
consultants in 2006, all of them former Republican lawmakers and ex-GOP staffers/not civil
obedience but civil disobedience which is a powerful agent of change in the world/The coward
dies a thousand deaths, there anything you'll stand up for? You didnt' fight in the war you
demanded in Iraq, that much we know. And you don't mind when American young people are attacked
for protesting what they know is wrong. Such fear you have, how do you live with yourself? Why
do you live with your self?//filth, you're confused, because you have been taught to do as the
brownshirts did, and then blame someone else's 'orders' as why you followed them, but that's
why America hates con filth, nothing but cowards, rolling over for everything because they are
scared/Jack Abraramoff Say's Fat Newt Is A Crook/ATHEISM: WHY IT IS LOGICALLY INCOHERENT Vasko
Kohlmayer The Washington Times/right wingers are rather Satan's personal butt kissers/Obama
should offer the GOP the Reagan model: 1 dollar of cuts for 3 dollars of tax hikes/

112011/The bombing of the Cole did not require "war effort" but rather a "police effort".
Carter in Iran and Reagan in Lebanon for much larger policy decisions that impacted America.
Clinton handled it perfectly by down playing the issue all the while going after him behind as
"police"/little doubt in my mind that a large part of the media, and a significant part of
real ruling elite of this nation is scripting for Romney/If Obama has to face either Romney or
Gingrich in a fact based debate, he will be destroyed. These are now household names/OBAMA
character to favor the electorate. This ,while helping to destroy the US financial system, lost
them congress and reduced their senate majority.Corporations are awash with cash and the only
folk thay are trying to borrow are high risk. Obama now blame the banks for not lending to them
and at the same time insist they increase their capital. Obama knows exactly what he's doing to
get reelected next year/Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government
owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this
invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt
politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day"-Theodore Roosevelt, April 19,
1906Too funny clown......and back to bed pinko . Your rant is one of
delusion/lessons will include education in oral and anal sex. It is not difficult to see, that,
if such lessons are introduced, children will seek to try out their newly acquired knowledge by
playing "in oral and anal sex", and this will result in sodomization of children. sodomy was
decriminalized in Britain in 1967, from a rare phenomenon practiced by a small group of
depraved individuals in great secrecy, it developed into a common behaviour, accepted by the
Society and encouraged by the Church and the State - just like in the times of Abraham and Lot
in the ancient Palestinian city of Sodom. /Occupy Wall street FREE
FLU SHOT CAMPAIGN PUSH - YouTube/the 1% corporate america vaccines poisoning the 99%.  Help -
how can we get  the message out?  Makes me sick. Who knows what the are injecting into them/As
Syria slides into what appears to be a civil war, the permanent presence of President Bashar
Assad's army along the border with I srael has granted him some peace and quiet on the part of
the area's Syrian residents.e IDF believes the tyrant's days are numbered and is not ruling out
the possibility that the riots will reach the border Intelligence assessments reveal that the
Syrian army stationed along the border with I srael has neither diluted nor boosted its forces
in recent months. - A Swiss youth party called on activists on Sunday to
stage an "Occupy" World Economic Forum protest from igloos when the global elite descend on the
ski resort of Davos. Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests, the youth wing of the
Socialist Party (JUSO) invited occupy activists from around the world to set up a "Camp Igloo"
in the Swiss mountain town from January 21 next year. camps have sprung up in a number of
cities across the world this year, protesting against corporate greed and economic inequality/
The $700-per-night W Hotel Downtown last week hosted both Peter Dutro, one of a select few OWS
members on the powerful finance committee, and Brad Spitzer, a California-based analyst who not
only secretly took part in protests during a week-long business trip but offered shelter to
protesters in his swanky platinum-card room/PHYLLIS GOLDSTEIN Does history repeat itself?
Residents in Midwood, a predominately Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, may have thought so on
the morning of Nov. 11. They awoke to flashing red lights, billows of smoke and the sound of
sirens. Vandals had set three cars on fire and spray-painted swastikas and antisemitic graffiti
on sidewalks and benches just one day after the 73rd anniversary of Kristallnacht, when the
Nazis ransacked thousands of Jewish homes and businesses in Germany, torched synagogues and
shipped 30,000 J e w s to concentration camps. The incident was followed by more graffiti in
the same neighborhood only five days later, evokes the brutality of pogroms in Russia during
the late 1800/the last few days, Bob Nichols, Jim Fetzer, Lauren Moret and Christopher
Busby, published articles conclusively proving the use of nuclear weapons in Iraq. traditional
grunt work journalism, working sources within the scientific and weapons. We aren't talking
about Depleted Uranium, dangerous, we have discovered samples of highly enriched, 95%, weapons
grade Uranium 235 in Iraq, in the people of Iraq, and since then we have found nothing but a
wall of silence High Court rules Catholic Church liable over
priests /\
Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack Moscow in aggressive move to stop another
"humanitarian intervention"-DHS-Linked Group Trains Citizens Their "Best Pal" Could Be a
Terrorist Courses funded by organization that produced video suggesting buying gold-Obama
Praises Australia's Draconian Carbon Tax Businesses face million dollar fine merely for
suggesting tax will cause higher all police officers are but some do deserve
to be called pig and that boy with the pepper blaster is a pig 

111911/informing the tots that they have their choice of foster homes, Neverland Ranch, a
Catholic church, or Penn State University/Crystal Cathedral is selling its property to help pay
creditors more than $51 million and emerge from federal bankruptcy protection. After weeks of
intense bidding, a federal bankruptcy judge on Thursday night approved the church's sale to the
Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, the church is poised to reel in $3.5 million in December — a
key month for revenue — down from $4 million in the same month last year/Sandusky turned all
those tight ends into wide receivers/California restaurant owner was sentenced in February to
more than three years in federal prison for skimming $1.3 million in food stamp benefits by
depleting electronic benefit transfer cards of their balances — one cent at a time/protesters,
armed with their intentionally vague demands, have lacked a defining moment or iconic image to
help propel media coverage.  Thursday, the Occupy movement got its face--albeit a bloody
one-Michelle Fields and Direna Cousins, a pair reporters from the Daily Caller claim they were
attacked by the NYPD. protesters reportedly came the aid of Fields and Cousins. and asked if
I needed any medical assistance, They were actually very kind and helpful. It was the police
officers who were very aggressive/Where are the pictures of everyone whos felt the assault of
OWS? I'll tell you if they existed they would be everywhere.... These police officers are
nothing but a gestapo at this point/defending this behavior...your the problem/when this punk
took the guys hat... has nothing to do with OWS... He had been arrested 4x's before that? that
means he is not Protesting Leagally/he tried to remove a barricade and then fell on it when the
police grabbed it from him/Just because the rest of you haven't figured it out yet doesn't make
you right, well right wing maybe, We were told the commies were coming, just like that crap
Bush said about al-queda. We have been lied to for decades and ya'll are still believing these
ahole,just flat out stupid. Can't you do anything but call people names?-after your brain thaws
we can have an intelligent conversation/actually a bible thumper who claimed he was jesus/sure
sound like a run of the mill cop... IMMA BEAT ON YOU ARRRRR!!! lulz... you boys in blue are
such jokes/What is the purpose for advertising protester's record for arrest? it didn't say if
he was convicted just arrested. it was only published to justify the officer's actions/any #$%$
who thinks that this was ok supports police brutality and should have it visited on you/Banks
got bailed out, we got sold out. All you righties are too stupid to know you are getting
screwed/no lobbying. use your head, why are you attacking me for going to school? You can stay
ignorant, the right likes you that way/nazi's want faces bashed in?? Where does that kind of
thinking come from, mom & dad?/90% of cops give the rest a bad name./Congress Insider trading
is OK also. There taking us for a ride . I support anyone fighting for the cause/I'm sure the
other "face" of this "movement", the 84 yr old lady with a face drenched in mace(pepper spray,
or whatever it was), was a real threat to the police/I'm embarassed for them. Mental health
volunteers:We need you down at Poopy Park in NYC with a big tent/people want their voices
heard, is that too much to ask? This isn't about breaking laws, its about making them/because
they don't have any real Journalist working for them. All they can come up with is what they
think the public wants to hear, not any facts or truths./If you want to find out what really
happens at these protests don't look to the right wing mainstream media/whose the bear,,the
police or j.p Morgan who dropped 4.5 million on the nypd,,,please clarify
220542296.html /

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