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102911/Reagan Revolution of the 1980s will be well-marked by future historians recording the death of the American dream

102911/Canadian/I s r aeli Lawyer to Stephen Harper /Truthout: "At first glance, it looked like something out of Pink Floyd's film 'The Wall': menacing images of creatures in gas masks swarming toward the camera under a dark and forbidding sky. This was no dystopian fantasy, however; these were members of the Oakland police department charging into a group of protesters behind a wall of tear gas, flash-bang bombs, rubber bullets and bean-bag projectiles. The police bull-rushed these unarmed protesters with the intention to do violence, and violence is exactly what they did."Three thousand grassroots people and political activists resume the rally and occupation in Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of City Hall, the evening after polic-Occupy Oakland calls for a general strike-protestors were held for more than 12 hours after the mass arrest before being booked on charges ranging from disorderly conduct related to loitering to remaining on the scene of a riot, obstructing a police officer and battery on a law enforcement officer." -three decades of rampant upper-crust greed unleashed by the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s will be well-marked by future historians recording the death of the American dream-the noble legacy of civil disobedience on display at Zuccotti Park. We are seeing that anxiety channeled by courage can transform a society ... You can see this drama played out as the demonstrators meditate surrounded by police whose anxiety is palpable-Protesters there have already shouted down camera crews - not just from Fox News, which was predictable, but even that of the sympathetic Cenk Uygur, of the 'Young Turks,' whose broadcast one protester insisted on disrupting, accusing the host of producing 'protest porn-/
102811/let the REPS filibuster against the nation and him?  the REPS - congress - people you hired - sent a letter to the FED - unprecedented - telling Bernanke to DO nothing to try and help the economy (dressed up in fears of inflation etc)/WMD and how you baggers dishonor vets/24-year-old former U.S. Marine struck in the head during Wall Street protests on Tuesday night, had been upgraded from critical to fair condition overnight. Olsen's injury has become a rallying cry for the Occupy Wall Street movement nationwide, and Oakland organizers said they would stage a general strike over what a spokeswoman called the "brutal and vicious" treatment of protesters/US media moguls fight boycott of Israel way is to kill off any threats to their Golden Goose er Calf-BAAL. Read the talmud-tis allowed to lie, cheat, steal & murder any goy, even a child if it is thought the child will present a threat to them later-do they fear Christ returning as a Child or is this an excuse for the blood libel-is the slaughter of 1.4 mln Muslem Ppl another form of their blood libel aka bush's blood sacrifice to the Goat/chaz bono will do playboy spread-imgrane, hating fat lesbian mcstain, and imus exchange prostrate cancer9s) treatments-lohan does dancing with../Qaddafi. He never complained about human rights or a lack of democracy. He was the prime minister of the Transitional Council of Libya until a few days after the savage murder of Colonel Qaddafi. The opposition of Jibril to the late Qaddafi’s Wealth Redistribution Project and his elitist attitude are amongst the reasons he conspired against Qaddafi and helped form the Transitional Council/Maine protesters camped out in Portland's Lincoln Park were attacked early Sunday morning when someone lobbed a chemical bomb at them. No one was seriously injured when the small, homemade bomb exploded near the camp's main meeting area around 4am. Witnesses say they saw a small, silver sedan circle the park several times with the occupants yelling obscenities before the bomb exploded with a loud bang, followed by a thick cloud of smoke and foul smell-thorny question of whether scientists should inject healthy children with the anthrax vaccine to see whether the shots would safely protect them against a bioterrorism attack. A key working group of federal advisers in September endorsed testing, sparking objections from those who consider that step unethical, unnecessary and dangerous. The National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB), which advises pwns the federal government, is to meet Friday to vote on its working group's recommendation-National Transitional Council official said, ending a wrangle over his rotting corpse that led many to fear for Libya's governability. With their Western allies uneasy that Gaddafi was battered and shot after his capture on Thursday, rebels US-backed barbarians had put the body on show in a cold store while they argued over what to do with it, until its decay forced them on Monday to close the doors-Gun smuggling sting nabs 5 NYPD cops-Judge blocks Fla.'s new welfare drug testing law--Libya's interim leader [US-backed ExxonMobil mercenary] Mustafa Abdel Jalil asked NATO at a conference in Doha on Wednesday to continue its military campaign until the end of the year-Justice Department said in an indictment that the parts smuggled to Iran had been put to use in sophisticated improvised explosive devices that could be triggered from miles away. Four men have been arrested in Singapore on charges of breaking American export-control laws by smuggling 6,000 radio frequency modules through Singapore to Iran beginning in /I would like to assure the international community that we as Libyans are Muslims but moderate Muslims," interim leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil. This after we know they cut off the head of at least two young Libyan soldiers and murdered Gadaffi while a prisoner. /prophecies, carved on stone tablets and including instructions and warnings, said there would come a time of transition from the "Fourth World to the Fifth World," when Humanity would complete its awakening to its own Divinity and all things would be balanced and pure again. At the end of each of the three prior worlds, human life has been purified by the Great Spirit (“Massauu” ) after going astray due mainly to corruption, greed and turning away from the Great Spirit’s teachings. During this transition time, each person would choose between the "path of materialism and that of the Creator." Before this Global Awakening, "the leaders will have turned to evil ways instead of the Great Spirit and we were told there would be many ways this life may be destroyed and the lives of the people everywhere would become so frantic that people would rise up and pinch the ears of their leaders/Hopi Prophecies these times because of this great sickness-called greed-would infect every land and country and that simple people would lose what they have kept for thousands of years. People would speak through cobwebs, iron birds would fly, someone would go to the moon and bring things back (1969), etc. And we would know the transition time was near when “the gourd of ashes drops upon the earth making the night glow brighter than the day and will boil everything within a large space and nothing will grow for a very long time."/"Know the river has its destination.  The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water.   And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.  At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, Least of all ourselves.  For the moment that we do,  our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt. "The time for the lone wolf is over.  Gather yourselves!  Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary.  All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration/  The number of people killed in battle — calculated per 100,000 population — has dropped by 1,000-fold over the centuries as civilizations evolved. Before there were organized countries, battles killed on average more than 500 out of every 100,000 people. In 19th century France, it was 70. In the 20th century with two world wars and a few genocides, it was 60. Now battlefield deaths are down to three-tenths of a person per 100,000. — The rate of genocide deaths per world population was 1,400 times higher in 1942 than in 2008. — There were fewer than 20 democracies in 1946. Now there are close to 100. Meanwhile, the number of authoritarian countries has dropped from a high of almost 90 in 1976 to about 25 now. We're getting there and NOW is the time occupy 2012/measures nearly 80 centimetres wide and over 12 centimetres thick. It has Australian legal tender status. And at one tonne (1,000kg), it's the biggest, heaviest, inherently most valuable gold bullion coin in the world/ Republican  Campaign  Ad for 2012: Keeping millions out of work just to put one man out of a job. GO GOP!/Rush L, the admitted drug user, has a contract with them that pays him $800,000,000 over 7 years. When his contract was signed Clear Channel laid off 200 employees to help to pay the contract/Occupy Wall Street: A Davos for the Anti-Super Filthy Rich Fat Cats Bankster Crowd/Tea Baggers... they got theirs and expect everyone under 55 to pay for their SS/Medicare while everyone under 55 gets nothing... wow what a great generation/not communism at all. It is to prevent malfeasance and sick techniques to steal from others. Regulations were not enough to prevent this. This includes the cunning at rating agencies and lobbying groups such as SIFMA. It should not happen again at our expense/    The Tea Party is a REAL movement. This "protest" is being orchestrated by leftist slimebags in the Democratic Party behind the seens/this leftist Democratic movement is getting WAY too much press...It is Obamas re-election campaign and pathetically its working!/remember the sixties real well. The protests started small. After a couple of years a lot of U.S. cities were burning. I was in West L.A., Johnson visited Century City and the crap hit the wall. SouthEast L.A was in flames. Students got shot at Kent State. It never seemed to stop. The same could happen now if things don't change. Rich kids got draft deferments and the poor ones got shipped to Nam to get their #$%$ shot/producers are the ones that actually WORK and the non producers are the ones that govern, police or regulate the producers. The entire financial sector are non-producers/
102711/Problem for Boulton and those driving the wars for resource is they are war criminals/Conservatives championed massive deficit spending for 3 decades/The British government simply could not cope with the hundreds of rabble-rousers who took part in these riots, and after British troops fired on snowball-throwing civilians in the “Boston Massacre” of 1770, the image of the Royal Government dropped beyond redemption. Adams also likely played a role in organizing the band of “Indians” that held a “tea party”/the silent majority (the REAL 99%) need to step up and ensure the ignorant are informed - regardless of the fact many will never accept the fact that their leadership is what is running this country into the ground/ reveals that the battle over Ohio's Senate Bill 5 has united public- and private-sector unions against a web of front groups defending Ohio's new GOP governor and a national agenda focused on attacking public workers.- 'With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful-Oakland police officers raided the camp. Dressed in riot gear, the police used rubber bullets, flash grenades, and gas canisters to forcibly evict and/or arrest the demonstrators,  53 people connected to the protest group Occupy Atlanta were arrested, and the park was cleared by 2 a.m-Fox so-called News is now in the crosshairs of Anonymous-Goldman Sachs' recent decision to pull out of a fundraiser for the Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union in New York City after it learned the event was honoring the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. The investment bank withdrew its name from the fundraiser and also canceled a $5,000 pledge. Was the $5,000 a Goldman Sachs donation or actually American taxpayer bailout money Goldman set aside for community banks?"- ACLU reminds us that, 'we have to speak up now, before our surveillance society is irrevocably entrenched and we find that we have permanently sacrificed our essential values-voter ID laws that are sweeping the country could possibly keep five million people away from the polls in next year's election. And voting rights advocates in South Carolina think the situation in that state could be especially dire."-Man Who Helped Bush Steal 2000 Election and Wreck FEMA Now Advises Perry-Taibbi on Occupy Wall Street 's Beef: Wall Street Isn't Winning - It's Cheating-Now Seven Billion Residents of Planet Earth- Truthout
102611/50 ows arrested in atlanta-newest vp liz mcdonald at faux, former wsj writer, murdock flunkie-450 dead in turkey/You sir, or madam, are a shitstain on the underwear of humanity/MF GLOBAL Largest Hedge fund TANKING !!!*No Bailout**** this is going to have huge ripple effects across the big wall st banks !! CNBC says they are seeking strategic alternatives code words for bankrupt...This may be the straw that breaks the camels back and it's a big straw/Thomas Paine, an atheist who said churches were human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind. "John Adams said this would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it. Which is not to say the founders didn't have a moral code. Of course they did. They just didn't get it from the Bible-"Ben Franklin studied scientific phenomena like lightning and the Aurora Borealis. And were he alive today, he could probably explain to Bill O'Reilly why the tides go in and out. James Madison was fluent in Greek and Latin and could translate Virgil and Cicero. John Boehner can't translate Fareed Zakariah. And Thomas Jefferson was an astronomer and a physicist who founded the University of Virginia, played the violin and spoke six languages. Or as Palin would say, 'all of them.'"/it makes sense that Harold Camping would choose to step away as quietly as possible: Family Radio declined to confirm or deny Camping’s status to Charisma News, news reports are swirling that Camping has officially retired from Family Stations Inc. removed from its website Camping’s written comments on why the rapture did not occur on May 21. Those comments included a prediction that the world would come to an end quietly on Oct. 21/Its inevitable we will have another Kent university happening and the morons here on this site will blame Bush or the Republicans while the chief culprit in this is Obama and his incapability to understand that people are suffering and they need jobs and not B.S. But thats all he is capable of giving . Its against his thinking to set aside his socilistic ideals and look to save the country/foreign collaborator, would eliminate all religion, no problem in looking the other way accommodating the most conservative far fetched at the same time wackiness known as islam.bottom line with these guys is they endorse anything detrimental to our country. you can be fooled by their seeming concern for the lower classes but their end game is control and not benevolence, they will deny working both ends like a prostitute bleeding from her ass/crusaders, conquistadors, christian missionaries - they all looked at the world as heathens, either to be converted or killed/islamists are gaining control quickly. They are not a peaceful lot that will be satisfied, should we leave the region. As mentioned prior, Europe is having huge problems and challenges. Ours are just starting/it seems anyone that doesn't share your neocon views, frightens you. we cannot stop what the muslims of the world want or do for themselves. we cannot vanquish the will of two billion people/ /Google Declines To Remove Police Brutality Videos, tComplies With 63% Of Gov’t Takedown Request and the Bonus Army About 1500 protestors are right now in Oakland/big mac the once and future gop dictator to be was into stomping WWI vets with horses. DC police also ripped flags away from the Bonus Marchers just like the white shirts are doing in New York with the OWS Patriots/Herbert Hoover created "a nightmare in the night" in destroying the Bonus Army, an army of 43,000 marchers—17,000 World War veterans protesting in unison. It inflamed public opinion against those who used excessive force to put out this movement and in favor of the vets/too often it is violence they want and neither truth nor freedom." --American author Louis Lamour/Did it end after Gandhi, Medgar Evers, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were killed?/remember you're talking to a Nazi. Right and wrong are not important to it. The only thing that matters to it is winning. Charlie Sheen symbolizes this sort of attitude in the Repubican party: winning at any cost, spending all your efforts on getting someone you don't like, Obama, out of office rather than cooperate/First Decree to the Reich Citizenship Law; "A J-w cannot be a Reich citizen. He is not entitled to the right to vote on political matters; he cannot hold public office...A J-w is anyone descended from at least three grandparents who are fully J-wish as regards race...Also deemed a J-w is a J-wish Mischlung subject who is descended from two fully J-wish grandparents and...who belonged to the J-wish religious community...who was married to a J-w...who is the offspring of a marriage concluded by a J-w...who is an offspring of extramarital intercourse with a J-w..."August 17, 1938/Smuggling Assault Rifles into Mexico? No Big Deal/that program started under the Bush Administration and was run two times previously, they just used a different code name for each operation/
102511/One in five British women believe that the debilitating "man-flu" disease which temporarily leaves sufferers prostrate on the sofa watching televised sports is real-"Without something or someone to be afraid of, the Republicans are truly lost, wandering in the wilderness. And no matter how hard they try to gin up fear of the 'dreaded deficit bomb,' it just doesn't make Americans jump the way the USSR's nukes did two generations ago, or 9/11 did a decade ago. So now they're trying to whip up fear of the Occupy Wall Street folks-Florida high school teacher was slapped with fines for helping students register to vote, Rick Perry has gone birther, a homemade chemical bomb exploded at Occupy Dawkins: ‘Jesus would have been an atheist’/ / / /
102411/Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was generally predicted to be just another short-term protest. But it took flight in a way no one had anticipated, and has considerably altered the national conversation. For the first time in decades, corporations - as well as the entire plutocratic/government alliance - are on the defensive, although the goals of the OWS movement remain intentionally undefined, its impact on the status-quo punditry of the mass media has been profound. Suddenly, economic justice, the failed financial system and the entitlements of wealth are being questioned. Be proud of your role in helping to reach this day, whatever the outcome. Take this moment to congratulate yourself for fighting the good fight, and for keeping faith in the ideals of democracy/LONDON (Reuters) - One in five British women believe that the debilitating "man-flu" disease which temporarily leaves sufferers prostrate on the sofa watching televised sports is real-Caterpillar Inc far exceeded analyst expectations on Monday, reporting a 44 percent quarterly earnings increase due to record revenue, and the company signaled optimism in its 2012/

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