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102411/"If you were to submit President Obama's resume to the GOP for consideration as their candidate for president in 2012, and leave out the name, they would accept it in a heartbeat. They would put him in front of Reagan." - Bill Maher/By the first decade of the 20th Century securing long-term foreign petroleum security had become an essential factor for British grand strategy and its geopolitics. By 1909, a British company, Anglo-Persian Oil Company held rights to oil exploration in a 60-year concession from the Persian Shah at Maidan-i-Naphtun near the border to Mesopotamia. That decision to secure its oil led England into a fatal quagmire of war which in the end finished the British Empire as the world hegemon by Versailles in 1918. By F. William Engdahl/The Looting of America: How Wall Street's Game of Fantasy Finance Destroyed Our Jobs, Pensions, and Prosperity—and What We Can Do About It (Chelsea Green, 2009)/Shocking, Graphic Data That Shows Exactly What Motivates the Occupy Movement LEGACY 889 BIL. ON ILLEGAL WAR 4785 KIDS ASSASSINATED BY BUSH, SHOUD BE HANG/Who Gives Michele Bachmann The Sausage/I Have The Answer/that video with the black guy or the Mexican??? was great to see you opened up like a double barreled shotgun! Post more............any with a donkey?/Gadhafi regime sold only 30 tons of gold to local traders in April 2011, netting about $1.8 billion dollars for the regime which was under UN. sanctions. Libya is believed to have about 1,450 tons of gold in bank reserves...and 230B in banks and realestate/Noah Buhayar and Mike Millard Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- PMI Group Inc., the mortgage insurer that was ordered in August to stop writing policies, said a unit that sells such coverage was seized by Arizona authorities and will pay out to Pay 50% on Claims BusinessWeek
102311/Foxification" is the best way to describe what has happened to the Financial paper of Record/brainwashed populations can cause events to play out as the fantasy writers write/On the Internet, anyone can propose anything and all they need to sway their Reality is a convincing performance of the Art of Sophistry/Magic Mirror serves the Evil Queen as her vaporous visage, his curse: to always be truthful. If you request his guidance, be forewarned: only ask questions that you seek to know the true answers to/banks that exert the most influence on our democracy. Based on their size, the amount of money they spend on campaign donations and lobbying, and the number of employees who’ve gone through the revolving door into public service, or vice versa-Thousands of mercenaries will be employed by the State Department. Iraqi police will be trained to U.S. specifications on the U.S. taxpayers' dime. We will maintain the world's largest embassy. And I have to assume the CIA is not departing- "What is less certain, however, is whether American media will take upon themselves the more useful tasks of analyzing these underlying moral failures and of providing a fair hearing to the people most damaged by the economy-How to Make Banks Really Mad: Occupy Foreclosures, New Deal 2.0:-Obama, the official end of the Iraq war is bittersweet for Americans who opposed the costly, bloody conflict in the first place."-New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller asks his readers if they are "bored by the soggy sleep-ins and warmed-over anarchism of Occupy Wall Street," it displays the arrogance of disoriented royal privilege-Thom Hartmann: Republicans Block Jobs Bill, Republicans proved they'd rather protect billionaires from a one-half of one percent tax increase than keep 400,000 teachers, firefighters, and cops on the job;  New York Civil Liberties Union calls on the New York Police Department to stop its unlawful surveillance of Occupy Wall Street; the Murdoch media empire could be crumbling-Pentagon has paid $1.1 trillion to hundreds of defense contractors and their parent companies that have defrauded the government over the past ten years-Truthout:his Church Is Divesting Millions From Bank of America-GOP Debate Crowd Cheers Idea That Jobless Are to Blame for Their Plight -Obama Still Flush With Cash From Financial Sector, Despite Overtures to Occupy Wall Street-Washington Post/if pubs had any heart ,any honor ,any decency , any sense of right and wrong at least half would have voted with dems McConnel puts the blame on the Democrats????HE IS A CERTIFIED POS PROBABLY RIDES WITH THE KKK/ No membership lists in public domain voluntarily released by this British Crown organization of bankers, ambassadors, generals, admirals, corporation chairmen, university and foundation trustees. They used Franklin Roosevelt to STEAL gold and silver from Americans and created a way to holler "precedent" by stupid news commentators who puke out statements like "Federal law supersedes State law/ the City within London, a one square mile area of old money concentrated wealth, where FRAUD is their specialty/ows people deeply and profoundly fuc*ed faux Lets Regress. Repub's Wish To Bury And The Demo’s Don't Care/ been there nine years, and it has been over seven years since the Bush administration admitted that no WMD's had been found or were likely to be found. three dictatorships in the Muslim world have fallen without putting U.S. troops on the ground be back on his drugs /defends rapists, murderers and terrorists /military in Iraq being replaced with private mercenaries /Perry, in his book “Fed Up,” has called for an end to lifetime tenure for federal judges and referred to the high court as “nine oligarchs in robes.”/ excerpt, website set up by Julian Assange said that it is temporarily suspending publication of leaks to fight a “blockade” by credit card companies,  lodged an anti-trust complaint at the European Commission and expect a decision by mid-November as to whether the European Competition Authority will open a full investigation into the wrongdoing of VISA and MasterCard.”/Christian investors and Australian shareholders took it in turns to demand that Murdoch step down as CEO and chairman and make way for a truly independent figure who would improve the ethics of the company. Even before the debate began, Murdoch told the meeting he would be voting against the motion, and as his friend Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal would be joining him, the motion would be defeated, so there was no need for discussion."/ only “big” ideas Republicans and conservatives seem to offer these days revolve around novel and sometimes bizarre ways of cutting taxes on rich people. Cain’s nonsensical and regressive 9-9-9 tax plan has received, the Republican debates should have as their soundtrack that old Beatles song that droned on about the number nine. Perry hopes to pump up his campaign with a supposedly bold proposal to institute a flat tax, which would also deliver more money to the well-off. Perry plans to outline his proposal this week, but he has already touted it as a sure-fire way of “scrapping the 3 million words of the current tax code.” Why are today’s Republicans so enthralled by tax gimmicks? Their party, after all, was once innovative in thinking about affirmative uses of government. The Grand Old Party instituted the Homestead Act and created land-grant colleges, the interstate highway system, student loans, the Pure Food and Drug Act and even a prescription drug benefit under Medicare Republicans have boxed themselves into a rejection of both their own traditions and the idea that government can do any good. Thus they have confined themselves to endless fiddling with the tax code. Almost everything conservatives suggest these days is built around the single idea that if only government took less money away from the wealthy, all our problems would magically disappear/re-emergence of the Stuxnet virus in a virtually identical form to its previous incarnation heralds a "new round of cyber war," and given the fact that the last version was created by the U.S. and Israel, it's obvious where the finger of blame should be pointing once again.-Welcome to "Democracy": Gaddafi Summarily Executed Without Trial, Libyans get a taste of new found "freedoms" bestowed by NATO and Al-Qaeda\ EyeOpener Report by James Corbett presenting the history, documented facts, and cases on the CIA's involvement and operations in the underworld of drug trafficking, from the Corsican Mafia in the 1940s through the 1980s Contras to the recent Zambada Niebla Case today/ Breaking: new evidence shows Hillary a mastermind behind Gunwalker/Napolitano: Obama 'Shredding the Constitution' faster than any of the 42 men who preceded him in office, according to Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, author of the brand new "It is Dangerous to be Right when the Government is Wrong."/Dear Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Movement: LONGSTANDING AND PROVEN NON-DRUG CURES ARE BEING SYSTEMATICALLY AND PERVASIVELY SUPPRESSED IN THE UNITED STATES (and worldwide as well).I, Allen Darman, HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF BIG PHARMA SUPPRESSION VIA THEIR USE OF COMPUTER HACKERS for over FIVE YEARS, and "they" have been repeatedly trying to kill me for the last two (years) mental illnesses such as depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia are complex malabsorptive/allergic/toxic/bad biological syndromes that can be corrected (cured!) via natural means, the general public in the United States is about to lose public access to the nutritional and natural supplements that can cure the / /0/Rupert Murdoch has confirmed the family of murder victim Milly Dowler will receive a £2m settlement over the hacking of her phone's voicemail- he would also give £1m to charities chosen by the Dowlers, to underscore his regret at the "abhorrent" behaviours-private investigator deleted her messages, giving the family false hope that she was still alive/put the practice back under the spotlight and News of the World could no longer pretend the phone-hacking was the work of just one rogue reporter. Surrey Police had known in 2002 that the NoW had accessed Milly's voicemail/
102211/bac Liabilities on a Balance Sheet with 2 TRILLION, 264 BILLION, 909 MILLION DOLLARS, sort of makes the 80 Billion look like pocket change/Anatomy-Blackness-Science-Slavery-Enlightenment-to discuss the perceived problem of human blackness within the nascent human sciences, describes how a number of now-forgotten anatomists revolutionized the era's understanding of black Africans, and charts the shift of the slavery debate from the moral, mercantile, and theological realms/these so called "broke loser, whining, moaners". your parents know that you are posting such hate? you had no problem with the teabaggers. the first amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances/won't take the time to read your link. They are content to sit at home and let the mainstream media manage their perception of reality for them/the media will only show the far left ilk of the movement, just as they did with the far right portrayal of the tea party to make the whole thing more divisive to us "normal" people. this helps keep the masses divided, understand?/focus on the negativity, hatred and fear. their imagined status quo. they fail to realize the country, the world, is much larger than just them alone/
102111/REPUBLICANS FEAR BIG CUTS IN THEIR PENTAGON PORK "The b astard is making Americans think all you have to do is kill terrorists to eliminate terrorists, the liberals will try to close one of our golf courses".every terrorist leader Obama kills, Republicans see a $150 billion cut in the Defense budge-TEXAS - flags fly at half mast for their fallen hero a difficult day for Texans: Moammar is dead. TEXAS - The model for a new Texas state could not survive those who did not understand his form of democracy/Pukes Boycotting FRENCH FRIES and BERETS After finding out French jets attacked their hero Gadhafi's convoy, and are partly responsible for his death/ My headache's about to explode': U.S. girls just dropping deadnew deaths from 'mandated' shoty Joe Kovacs© 2011 WND / /I always ate better & tipped better when on expense account... those boys are "Job Creators."/Bush administration declared war on voter fraud, making it a “top priority” for federal prosecutors. In 2006, the Justice Department fired two U.S. attorneys who refused to pursue trumped-up cases of voter fraud in New Mexico and Washington, and Karl Rove called illegal voting “an enormous and growing problem. …[Yet] a major probe by the Justice Department between 2002 and 2007 failed to prosecute a single person for going to the polls and impersonating an eligible voter, which the anti-fraud laws are supposedly designed to stop. … A much-hyped investigation in Wisconsin, meanwhile, led to the prosecution of only .0007 percent of the local electorate for alleged voter fraud. An elderly black woman in Tennessee can’t vote because she can’t produce her marriage certificate. Threatening letters blanket black neighborhoods warning that creditors and police officers will check would-be voters at the polls, or that elections are taking place on the wrong day. Thirty-eight states have instituted new rules prohibiting same-day registration and early voting on Sundays. All of this is happening as part of an effort to eradicate a problem that is statistically rarer than heavy-metal bands with exploding drummers: vote fraud/Obama went to UN with the others and got their use of force resolution. UN then appointed NATO to carry out the mandate/RUBIO LIES end his political career/Supreme Court handed the election to Bush?/ built his case on several assertions that are contradicted by market indicators and government reports, discomforting fact that it appears the Speaker of the House, Congress’ most powerful official, when dealing with the nation’s most important issue, is functionally illiterate, bringing the sophistication of a slow child to the debate/he will be back on the Sunday propaganda shows and repeat all of his delusions over and over and they will go unchallenged .. by design..of the corporate media-If you plan to damage health reform, please do so openly, leaving your activist fingerprints on the product. By Harold Pollac- polling suggests it was the GOP that was hurt most by recent GOP antics. By Mark Kleiman-Whether Boehner is lying or stupid or more probably both, the best countercharge is that he's stupid. The record of the last 30 years is that voters are surprisingly tolerant of stupidity, but are apparently even more tolerant of lying-Roskam (Il- 6), repeating some of the same comments, completely, and shamelessly, divorced from the truth. aren't "stupid", but they certainly appear to be "slow learners/It was all about the power grab and never what was right for the nation. Ideology was simply a cover for control and greed...and it continues/stop beating around the bush, and just say it: Boehner and his friends are just plain stupid. STUPID/American taxpayers are shelling out at least $1.2 trillion a year for the vast military, intelligence, and homeland security combine that operates in their name ... When a country spends 'more on defense than the next 17 top-spending countries combined' and can't win a war, you should know that something's wrong-under orders from Mayor Bloomberg - and with the likely cooperation of the FBI - protesters have been treated like criminals by a highly militarized police force. In essence, the New York Police Department has become a publicly paid security force to protect the "Masters of the Universe" on Wall Street, who have committed unfathomable crimes against the /Fortunately, we have learned to ignore almost everything printed in the Wall Street Journal or any other Murdoch-owned publication-Wall Street Journal manages to have not squandered all of the $5Bn worth of integrity Murdoch purchased when he bought the Dow Jones Corporation in 2007 (but, by his own estimates, he's already used half of it). After all, it took 117 years for the paper founded by Charles Dow and Edward Jones to build that reputation and Murdoch's only had it for 5 years so far-Guardian found evidence that the Journal had been channelling money through European companies in order to secretly buy thousands of copies of its own paper at a knock-down rate, misleading readers and advertisers about the Journal's true circulation."-Executive Learning Partnership, ELP, threatened to back out. ELP alone were responsible for 16% of the Journal's European circulation, sponsoring 12,000 copies a day for which they were paying only 1¢ per copy-If you haven't heard about this massive scandal here in America - it's just an indication of how intimidated the US MSM is by Mr. Murdoch./Elites love scriptures because can make it up and then control people with it. They just have to make sure that when they make it up it has verbal tradition behind it that was made up a lot earlier by other manipulators, and try not to alter it too much, or people will argue it's authenticity of the made up scriptures/ /two forces, banksterism and xtianity, have never stopped since, to make the jews masters of the world. Using us unwittingly in their service through zionims (ie crusades, remaking israel, and end times) to achieve it for them. A true republic would never have fallen to empire, or made fantasy religions, religion/1971 when Nixon unpegged the US Dollar from gold, debt has grown exponentially and there has been nothing to stop it. We have seen the formation of the greatest credit bubble in history. It has brought with it greatest rape of the earth, the longest-working hours, the greatest slavery, the worst working conditions, the highest divorce rates, the highest crime rates, the most wars, the greatest frauds, the most malevolent greed and dozens of other beastly anti-idler practices/democracy...doing nothing is a FAILURE. That is an abdication of responsibility right at the crucial moment in this economy, in these times. Congress is in place to GOVERN. They are FAILING to provide the appropriate solutions they are hired to provide. Republican idea that doing nothing is for the benefit of the nation is a GREAT EXAMPLE of the bankrupt nature of their thinking. It partner with the idea of making THE PRIMARY GOAL OF THE REPUBLICANS to make Obama a one term president and in order to do that Republicans have justified IN THEIR ON MINDS that it is OK to harm the nation economically by NOT solving problems THAT HAVE SOLUTIONS....the Republicans have clearly shown that they are willing to HARM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to obtain a political power structure goal/obstructionism will be a KEY FOCAL POINT of the election/Obama declared a full stop to the U.S. presence in Iraq, telling reporters, “I can say our troops in Iraq will definitely be home for the holidays.”/in that kind of environment. Obama must be tired being the ONLY ADULT IN THE ROOM/a mockery of that they profess to believe in. there's no just reward for the hatred, selfishness and disregard. they parse his every word for personal gain yet his message was so simple/conditioned for so long by their Republican leaders to vote against their own economic self interest ...... that appears to be a QUALIFICATION for being a Republican for likely about 99% of them. Most Republicans shouldn't be voting Repo.,....they simply are not rich enough/all perverts who've co-opted christ's message for their own self gain/"If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn't help the poor,either we have to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are, or we've got to acknowledge the He commanded us to love the poor and SERVE the needy without condition and then admit that we just don't want to do it."  Cobert /an abdication of responsibility right at the crucial moment in this economy/Bachmann received a detached retina when Ron Paul stated we should end aid to Israel/signifies anti-social behavior bordering on pathology... the repetitiveness, the hate, the lack of any empathy towards their fellows/is this part of their character or a symptom of the FAILURE of their ideology meeting the needs of the nation PUSHING them into a dysfunctional position?/"Dad, cancel my allowance immediately, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out of the window, take my TV, and stereo, and iPhone, and iPod, and my laptop. Please take all of my jewelry to the Salvation Army or Cash Converters. Then sell my new car, take my front door key away from me and throw me out of the house." Then disown me and never talk to me again. And don't forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to my brother,.. she actually said..."Dad I have decided to work for Obama's reelection campaign."/right wingers on this board are a study in abnormal behavior. .everything from obsessive/compulsive behavior to cognizantly dysfunctional/morally and politically BANKRUPT/Christian Madness: I don't Care To Read The Word ‘Mexican’ In My Paper Given the medieval new anti-furriner laws in Alabama criminalizing even the air that circulates complacently through an illegal immigrant’s lungs, it is maybe not surprising that some of Alabama’s more boneheaded fearful legal citizens are afraid the Thought Police (Jesus?) will come after them for so much as thinking that some of its brown people continue to exist/ “This gala dinner comes just a year before one of the most important elections in Florida and the nation’s history,” said RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry. “Having a Republican leader of Governor Palin’s stature and importance is yet again proof of the crucial role Florida will play as the year unfolds. We are so grateful that Governor Palin has accepted our invitation.” meaning, “Herman Cain wanted two hundred dollars.”/garden variety self-loathing, escort-loving closeted Republican politician with a weak claim that he is totally clueless as to how a California rentboy got all those photos of Myers and his magical Superman-sized briefs asleep in a hotel bed (along with pictures of his IDs and his cell#/Bachmann’s entire New Hampshire staff has resigned en masse because she refuses to focus on the state, although reports saying that Rick Perry’s campaign is already busy pilfering some of them indicate this is mostly due to her being a blathering loser. She is such a loser, in fact, that the roaming liberal hippie mobs of San Francisco did not even bother to wander over and chant some godless queerness at her when she visited the city on Thursday, even for old times’ sake, for fear of catching a boredom-induced coma CNN/SFGate/ officials call for an investigation of Gaddafi's death, new footage reveals a different angle on the moments after he was shot by rebels Mitch McConnell,  his office at (202) 224-2541/
102011/the dominant media attempt to neutralize the issue of class inequality, making it largely invisible. At worst, they serve as active accomplices in promoting class warfare through their embrace of neoliberal values and refusal to engage any serious issues that might reveal the terrible human and social costs of the class warfare now being waged by the rich-an Army psychologist devised the "spiritual fitness" program, which he called "the largest study psychology has ever been involved in." It attempted to force soldiers into a specific Christian belief system in the name of military "resilience". In a triumph for Truthout, the Army later pulled the mandatory religious trainings from its District Court in Brooklyn, text messages and calls by Officer Daragjati, which were intercepted in a wiretap in an investigation for other crimes, showed him fabricating facts and bragging to a friend that he had “fried another nigger” and that it was “no big deal.”/because He changed the hearts and minds of men with an army of 12. His death reset the clock of time. Never before and not since has there ever been such a perfect conservative / "Humans have a very poor appreciation of their own motives, logic, and other forces driving their behavior. They cannot analyze the processes that lead to their behavior nor are they aware of any part of their mental activity except the final outcome. When their introspective explanations agree with independent measures, it is often coincidental or based on a priori predilections, prejudices, and opinions." (William Uttal/f you really wanted a "real, genuine Christian" you wouldn't listen to a fake evangelical baptist. And you wouldn't vote for Perry either. You would do the right thing and only vote Catholic/show me on their website a nazi endorsement of OWS? I assure you that the commies are there, and they are tolerated. There are also anti-zionists, but they are carful to delineante themselves from anti-semites even though I get into arguments with them and accuse them of being anti-semites. There is a very wide range of issues addressed by the OWS movement, and we have little unity except to say, "We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take this any more!"/ Hitler set fire to the Reichtag, whom did he blame it on? That's right, the communists."SOUNDS JUST LIKE THE PUKES!!! Pukes blame all their schit on Obama/N@zi Machtergreifung of January 30, when President Paul von Hindenburg had appointed Hitler Chancellor, who immediately urged the dissolution of the Reichstag and the arrangement of new elections. In early February, the N@zis "unleashed a campaign of violence and terror that dwarfed anything seen so far." Storm troopers began attacking trade union and Communist Party (KPD) offices and the homes of left-wingers./ Who do u work for??? FOX???/I think proceeds will go to Wall Street Bailouts/Obama THREE Dumbya ZERO Obama didn't need no stinking aircraft carrier, cinched up flight suit/4.8 quake in so TX, BP break the gulf?/ Oil has been surfacing all over the northern quadrant of the Gulf of Mexico for several weeks now, according to residents. Reports of slicks that meander for kilometres and huge expanses of oil sheen that look like phantom islands are becoming common again. Fresh oil, only slightly weathered, has been washing ashore in areas hit hardest by last year’s disaster. These areas include Breton Island, Ship Island, the Chandeleur Islands, and northern Barataria Bay, Louisiana. BP has reactivated its Vessels of Opportunity (VOO) Program to handle clean-up operations-More than 124,000 fish died at Lake Grapevine this week as this summer's nonstop heat severely depleted oxygen levels, an official with the Texas Parks and Wildlife /

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