Monday, October 17, 2011

101711/right-wing Jesus continues to dominate the airwaves, further enabling the American war machine to consume our nation's wealth

lords of finance in the looming towers surrounding the park, who toy with money and lives, who make the political class, the press and the judiciary jump at their demands, who destroy the ecosystem for profit and drain the U.S. Treasury to gamble and speculate-Those who worship money believe their buckets of cash, like the $4.6 million JPMorgan Chase gave* to the New York City Police Foundation, can buy them perpetual power and security. Masters all, kneeling before the idols of the marketplace, blinded by their self-importance, impervious to human suffering, bloated from unchecked greed and privilege, they were about to be taught a lesson/ sez there are no secrets concerning the Federal Reserve Corporation, like his Biblical namesake, is a LIAR and BACKSTABBER!/don't confuse them..they love to lie about facts and put their own stupid opinions in there..again..they are afraid of what the OWS is doing and how they are growing/ the Tea Party, its USA grassroots Unlike your so called 'truly populist movement' Which was perpetrated by a anti-capitalism anti-consumer kook group from Canadian/wall streeters ain't capitalists... they're cannibals.  original co-founders. even the repub leaders are softening their stance on the ows because they realize it's truly a populist movement that's attracting support from a broad base/Occupy tells all to cancel accounts with C,BAC,JPM /protest the fed and washington instead as the true culprits/Rallies rippled across the globe on Saturday as more than 900 cities in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. shocked how fast this thing has spread/Both parties are lying scumbags who vote based on popularity and who they owe the most to. they're stirring the pot and trying to change the status quo! I applaud them/ 25 customers in line to close their accounts at Citi were ARRESTED. One customer that left and was outside on the street was forcefully dragged back inside to be arrested! Do you still support big banks?/W to flight instructor: "Tell me again, which button keeps my cowardly butt out of VIETNAM!" /Cheney testified during his confirmation hearings in 1989 that he received deferments to finish a college career that lasted six years rather than four, owing to sub par academic performance and the need to work to pay for his education. Initially, he was not called up because the Selective Service System was only taking older men. When he became eligible for the draft, he applied for four deferments in sequence. He applied for his fifth exemption on January 19, 1966, when his wife was about 10 weeks pregnant. He was granted 3-A status, the "hardship" exemption, which excluded men with children or dependent parents. In January 1967, Cheney turned 26 and was no longer eligible for the draft."I had other priorities in the '60s than military service." Atkins knew the truth ... that's why he's gone Wells Fargo is simply a MUCH MORE CORRUPT ITERATION of Wachovia/rePIGphuKKKers r STARING INTO THE ABYSS, .FASCISTS and Their Pathetically-Inclined, Morally Bankrupt, Militantly-Ignorant Apologists/(_o_)Licking Corporate Stooges/ always suspected AIG was a fraudulent company especially after learning their ties to the CIA, collusion with Big Banks, Greenberg-fined $1.6 billion and Greenberg-the Starr Group controlling AIG/Ex CEO Greenberg forced to resign then pays Justice Dept. $1.6 billion for fraud. Greenberg sets up former NY AG and Governor Elliot Spitzer with prostitute scandal in retaliation for blowing the whistle. Greenberg was a CIA Director candidate in 1995 used AIG as front for CIA in Middle and Far East/Understanding comes when you uncover truth/Real-estate and newspaper mogul Mortimer Zuckerman voted for Obama but began seeing trouble as soon as the stimulus went into the pockets of municipal unions wsj/ghettocrat3-you lying little pos, i got your number, boy, and soon, it's up/don't threaten me ever again/Can you smell the desperation of right wingers on this board? this entire OWS and the overwhelming support among Americans makes conservatives look just like useful idiots of greedy WS guys/Tea Party co-founder expresses support for Occupy Wall Street MORE WASHINGTON TIMES  homophobic racist, addicted to the Wastington Times, falsely claims that Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray's The Bell Curve was banned by liberals/no one takes the Unification Church's news letter the Washington times Seriously. One misguided Yahoo! message board poster can post 20 or 30 stories from that news letter a day. It just shows how biased the propaganda is/after learning bills related to its 2007 event had not been paid and discovering other "financial discrepancies" that it said Toomey had failed to report. The group apologized to its supporters, was forced to scale back its 2008 event and eventually folded. Steve Starkey, a Madison gay rights activist knew Toomey. moved to Florida and "went underground" after the scandal. He said his research later found that Toomey's promotional company also had been accused in court of not paying vendors. Toomey filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and reported more than $20,000 in pending legal judgments against him from companies and a credit union/ Cain's presidential campaign tried to conceal the role of a top adviser who had been ousted as leader of a gay pride group in Wisconsin amid a financial scandal,  former Iowa straw poll coordinator, Kevin Hall, made the allegation in a letter applying for unemployment benefits/
101611/Nazis and Communists Throw Their Support Behind Occupy Wall Street Movements/I predict a dramatic increase in the number of suicides leading up to the 2012 elections as the socialists come to grips with the reality that their utopia doesn't exist in the real world!-Intelligent people have recognized the socialist/communist leanings of the democratic party beginning way back in the 1940's when the socialists decided that the democratic party was espousing the same goals they were seeking./Send cake to the protesters/ anti-capitalist anti-consumer kook group ADBUSTERS who perpetrated Occupy Wall Street......are Jews Haters too bet c&p has a little jesus on his dash board of his pickup...wears a cross around his neck and has a bible on his night stand...proving he is a born again catholic, doesn't practice christian love , but he says he is one...typical of these tea bagging morons/not only the catholics but all of these low life mouth breathers, a lot of catholics who do condemn the sexual assaults by priest, but then you have the likes of c& his silence he condones their acts against the young, I wonder if he is registered/All together now libs, sing along: Pope-Endorsed Child ####### and Porn for everyone!/ the right wing will really have something to cry can only push the American people so far before they fight back...these people just don't learn from history...unfortunately it will be the middle class once again paying the price...the top 1% will wall them selves in for protection/Bishop indicted in Catholic sex abuse scandal: It's about time For the first time since the Catholic sex abuse scandal broke in the United States 25 years ago, a bishop has been indicted for allegedly covering up for a sexually abusive priest.It’s outrageous that — after settlements with roughly 6,000 abuse victims, more than 15,000 allegations and $3 billion in payments, according to — a Catholic church official is suspected of facilitating and hiding more despicable behavior, Ratigan’s laptop included a child’s vagina, upskirt images and other crotch photos/my mom use to say,,,,be very careful what you ask for...repubs hate the poor yet these idiots vote for them thinking they are going to help them...not going to happen folks...and maybe one day these people will wake up and smell the roses-OWS movement is growing around the world and this country and the tea baggers are afraid...why... those who are yelling the loudest don't belong to the 1% and never will. it is amazing how these wing nuts protect the rich and the rich use them like little pawns... what fools they are../ “lefties” as you call them, who are picking up the ball and running with it – only shows how much more in tune THEY are with the fed up masses of White Workers, than the fossilized, reactionary “right-wing”. WHO holds the WEALTH and POWER in this country – the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS. WHO is therefore the #1 ENEMY who makes all this filth happen/ CHOOZE ARE THE REASON USA IS BROKE  j.ew proxy wars have cost us $5 trillion dollars ,we need to write up an invoice/Moron, you still owe gazzillions of dollars in interest and penalties for the unpaid-for 'Last Supper'/protestors didn't want to close their accounts. They wanted to make a big enough scene to ensure they get arrested while...closing their accounts/ arrested the lady and others letting alone locking them in the bank/ happening at alot of banks ,talks of losing all retirement accts freezing accts sav and checking. gov doing with banks/Reductio Ad Absurdum  this creep "sit and spin" with unmitigated hypocrisy. Typical Republican leader, as Mark Shields once phrased it — always wrong, but never in doubt/Cantor is one of the slimiest politicians to ever walk the halls of Congress. He simply came out of his million dollar bubble long enough to smell the wind, saw which way it was blowing, and realized that he'd better back peddle/said repeatedly Sunday that Republicans agree that too few people control too much wealth in America. "We know in this country right now that there is a complaint about folks at the top end of the income scales, that they make too much and too many don't make enough,"/    bribed and gave money to Iran for oil deals and this was just recently. Which is both illegal and with our current state with Iran, immoral.  Koch brothers have been pumping out the 'scientists' who have been trying to discredit climate change for years, leading to millions of American Idiots who think it is a hoax. That is not only unethical, that is a crime to the entire planet/if the Koch bros. and their evil minions think they are going to continue in their class warfare against the poor and the middle class, there will be a day of reckoning /The same people robbing this country own the media. The media keeps you content while you are being robbed/mainstream media is owned by the very people who were, or whose ancestors were, persecuted by the Nazi's. They learned how powerful propaganda is, and now use it to advance their agenda/another infamous Koch, Elsie Koch, known as the #$%$ of Buchenwald, who was tried and executed for her NAZI war crimes of horror against concentration camp victims of the holocaust/Ilse Koch hung herself, in prison, in the early 1950s. Your "facts" are as skewed as your anti-American rhetoric/ survivors of the Na.zi Holocaust marched to IsrHaeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office to protest against the government's offer of an extra monthly stipend of 20 dollars, which they say is an insult/Cornel West Arrested For #OccupyDC Protest On Steps Of Supreme Court/ Atheist "prayer": May all the yet to be understood forces of the universe unite  and grant decent people everywhere, enemies as obviously deceitful, underhanded and hopelessly dumb/,
101511/Invasion of the Home SnatchersMatt Taibbi on how foreclosure courts are helping big banks screw over homeowners-rocket docket wasn't created to investigate any of that. It exists to launder the crime and bury the evidence by speeding thousands of fraudulent and predatory loans to the ends of their life cycles, so that the houses attached to them can be sold again with clean paperwork. The judges, in fact, openly admit that their primary mission is not justice but speed. One Jacksonville judge, the Honorable A.C. Soud, even told a local newspaper that his goal is to resolve 25 cases per hour. Given the way the system is rigged, that means His Honor could well be throwing one ass on the street every 2.4 minutes-It turns out that underneath that little iceberg tip of exposed evidence lies a fraud so gigantic that it literally cannot be contemplated by our leaders, for fear of admitting that our entire financial system is corrupted to its core-When I arrive, Judge Soud and the lawyers are already arguing a foreclosure case; at a break in the action, I slip into the chamber with a legal-aid attorney who's accompanying me and sit down. The judge eyes me anxiously, then proceeds. He clears his throat, and then it's ready, set, fraud! seems to have no clue that the files he is processing at a breakneck pace are stuffed with fraudulent claims and outright lies. "We have not encountered any fraud yet," he recently told a local newspaper. "If we encountered fraud, it would go to [the state attorney], I can tell you that." But the very first case I see in his court is riddled with fraud- attorney for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid tells me that out of the hundreds of cases she has handled, fewer than five involved no phony paperwork. "The fraud is the norm,"-Here's a woman who still has to come back to this guy's court to find out if she can keep her home, and the judge's admonition suggests that she may run the risk of pissing him off if she talks to a reporter. Worse, about an hour later, April Charney, the lawyer who accompanied me to court, receives an e-mail from the judge actually threatening her with contempt for bringing a stranger to his court-assignment of mortgage is autographed by a notorious robo-signer — John Kennerty, who gave a deposition this summer admitting that he signed as many as 150 documents a day for Wells Fargo-after all that effort by the state to buy back these phony assets so the thieves could all stay in business and keep their bonuses, what did the banks do? They put their foot on the foreclosure gas pedal and stepped up the effort to kick people out of their homes as fast as possible, before the world caught on to how these loans were made in the first place/it couldn't be more appropriate or more in the American grain that, when the game changed, Wall Street was directly in the sights of the protesters. The fact is that the end of the world as we've known it has been taking place all around us for some time."-'I want to learn about what's going on here so that I can bring it back to Romania,' said Ionut-Decebal Bilan (John), 22 years old, one of the students who brought attention to cruel labor practices this summer.-Wall Street Journal Executive Resigns Over Yet Another News Corp. Scandal, oversaw a massive scam that artificially inflated the circulation numbers in Europe in order to avoid losing investors, readers, and advertisers."-Koch Brothers, ALEC and Coca-Cola: A "Classic" Collaboration-if communist revolutionary Che Guevara can launch a million unintentionally ironic T-shirts onto the backs of disaffected suburban revolutionaries, then why should this current anti-corporate movement be any less brandable?"-GOP Proposes So-Called "Let Women Die" Bill That Lets Hospitals Deny Life-Saving Care, Representative Praises Their "Fight for Rights of Women-export growth in Ireland, trumpeting a rise in pharmaceutical exports-Huntsman jokes that Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan is a pizza deal; banks may be guilty of collusion; Berlusconi barely hangs on to power-the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, the legal document describing evidence in the case provides multiple indications that it was mainly the result of an FBI 'sting' operation. The legal document ... also suggests that the idea originated with and was strongly pushed by a undercover DEA informant, at the direction of the FBI."-reading Voltaire a little while later, immersed in the words of an Enlightenment philosopher who said, among other things: 'It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.'"-people were arrested after claiming that the police led them onto the street level of the Brooklyn Bridge and then arrested them-Nearly every financial firm and multinational corporation in America is relying on Bloomberg to be their fellow multibillionaire point man in putting an end to this "insurrection," just like the British Tories tried to do with the American revolution-Cain's contribution to American political discourse thus far is a novel debating technique: When confronted with inconvenient facts, say they're wrong."-"Pressure is building on the Obama administration to delay a proposed arms sale to Bahrain, which brutally suppressed its pro-democracy movement and continues to squash dissent-the only path toward atonement is through honesty, truth and action - all conspicuously missing from American society and sadly missing especially from many American Christians.... The right-wing Jesus continues to dominate the airwaves, Congress and the White House, further enabling the American war machine to consume our nation's wealth-

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