Saturday, October 15, 2011

101511 Blackwater is a busy blowing up everything in sight until Iraq 'begs' the US to stay

101411/KRUGMAN, Tuesday’s Republican debate on the economy is, for anyone who has actually been following economic events these past few years, like falling down a rabbit hole. Suddenly, you find yourself in a fantasy world where nothing looks or behaves the way it does in real life/ paroled burglar Joshua Komisarjevsky was convicted Thursday of murdering a woman and her two daughters in a gruesome 2007 home invasion in an affluent Connecticut suburb in which family members were tied up, molested, doused in gas and left to die in a fire/Orange Killer Sported Tea Bagger License Plate" police found Dekraai about a half-mile from the salon where the massacre took place, were still combing through the vehicle, which bore a Raiders football sticker on the tailgate and a Tea Party license plate frame on the front bumperhe was wearing a bulletproof vest." /police in riot gear have moved into a park near the Colorado State Capitol where hundreds of Occupy Denver protesters are gathered the idea of an American-built wall along the Canada-U.S. border is not such a bad idea after all. Not to keep our “terrorists” out of the Republic, but instead to keep the Americans and their dysfunctional governmental ideas, their wild-eyed politicians, their preachers, and their rabid Fox commentators out of Canada actually seems the best of the lot, even if he is damned in the eyes of many in his party because, as Governor of Massachusetts, he passed a medicare bill not all that dissimilar to Obama’s. Shame, sir, shame!/Lots of sabre rattling by this Admin over Iran plot, Reagan would have ordered air strikes by now, THEN discussed any sanctions. Get these amateurs out of here. They already destabilized the ENTIRE Middle East and North Africa with their meddling and then walked away/Your traitor hero armed these scumbags,remember Nazi?/RIP United States 1492-2011* The stock market is a disgrace. C is a rabbit! This is a turtle race/WWIII is upon us men! We need to focus on the apocalypse. The New World Order. A world without credit cards or debt. A world where your only source of happiness is beheading your enemy with your bareheands while finding a feast of food in the woods! We need to be ready. We need to be prepared. WWIII is upon us and I am ready for war/.libtard perversion and libtard sloth have caused great damage. Our President is a subversive that detests the very foundations our country was founded on. Why does he detest these principles? He is a third world type so jealous he can hardly see straight. His wife is also a fat butt with a big mouth/Greed, laziness, lack of maintaining skilled trades(jobs), political corruption, laxed social behavioral standards. These 5 things have destroyed many countries over the centuries and it looks like the U.S. is not turning back/Typical unpatriotic teapublican, badmouthing America/Another Tea Party moron, blinded by Fox propaganda. Instead of laughing at the deluded, let's have some pity on them, common for children to destroy things around the house. Anybody in the Tea Party should be locked in a room with soft furniture and plastic toys so they don't get hurt or hurt anybody else/JPM WANNA FIGHT?  FHFA sued with fraud JPM on Sep.3. It would be seeking $6.6 billion in losses on a $33 billion porfolio on behalf of Fannie and Freddie (20% loss as the FHFA said when sued UBS last summer/perry: the revolutionary war was in 1600's/George W. B"When WAR CRIMINAL Bush comes to Surrey October 20th, we will meet him with a FLASH OCCUPATION. Expect us."  "WE ARE THE GENERATION WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AND WE WILL NOT STAND FOR WAR CRIMINALS IN SURREY-he could be gruff and intimidating, and that he often stood outside his house at night smoking and talking on his cellphone in a language they did not understand. [Since we're talking Rick Perry's turf, it was probably *English.*] But Mansour J. Arbabsiar, 56, the man at the center of an alleged Iranian plot to kill a Saudi diplomat in Washington, seems to have been more a stumbling opportunist than a calculating killer. Over the 30-odd years he lived in Texas, he left a string of failed businesses and angry creditors in his wake-tankers carrying fuel for US-led foreign troops in neighboring Afghanistan, Press TV reports. Official sources told Press TV that the militants set three NATO oil tankers on fire on the National Highway in the Shakarpur area of Punjab Province on Thursday. The three NATO tankers were completely destroyed-Los Angeles County sheriff's officials have disciplined more than 30 jail employees for beating inmates or covering up the abuse, according to a report from the agency's watchdog obtained by The Times. Other deputies "get away" with unnecessary force against inmates because "they craft a story of justification-241 kilometers away from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. In Tokyo, a sidewalk in Setagaya Ward in the western part of the city recorded radiation levels of 2.707 microsieverts per hour, about 50 times higher than another location in Setagaya where the ward regularly monitors radiation levels. In Yokohama, the local government said last month that it detected 40,200 becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram of sediments collected from one part of a roadside ditch-stopped short of mandating flu shots for employees at acute care hospitals in Massachusetts, and instead approved a resolution that supports hospitals that are on their own requiring the immunizations "as a condition of employment.-"nothing has been taken off the table" when it comes to the U.S. response to an alleged plot by Iran to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador "It is an outrageous act that the Iranians are going to have to be held accountable," Biden told ABC News-A Somali government official, on the condition of unanimity, told Press TV that there are secret US bases in Kenya mainly used for flying American pilotless drone bombers and that there are secret US jails in Kenya where hundreds of young people, captured in Somalia, are being held.-investigation against WikiLeaks and its supporters went beyond its efforts to obtain data from Twitter. A new report reveals that the government also used secret orders to obtain information from Google and internet service provider Sonic-4 GB worth of emails by Murdoch-owned sister newspaper The Sun, which could expose the organisation’s internal practices, such as phone hacking and paying off law enforcement-Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino today defended the arrests of more than 100 Occupy Boston protesters in a section of the city's Greenway park, saying he agrees with them on the issues but they couldn't be allowed to "tie up the city, gave the crowd two minutes to disperse from the park, warning that they would be locked up if they did not comply, marchers traversed the Upper East Side along a route that took them past the homes of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and conservative industrialist David Koch. "JP Morgan, you're no good! People need a Robin Hood!" some chanted outside the luxury apartment block that is home to JP Morgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon-Chicago police arrested 21 people protesting against economic inequality on Tuesday at two rallies, charging them with trespassing,  thousands of people including teachers, religious leaders and union workers marched in downtown Chicago to voice mounting anger over joblessness and economic woes in protests that snarled rush-hour traffic. Those marches, organized by the "Stand Up Chicago" coalition, had appeared to target financial events in the city including a conference of the Mortgage Bankers Association, which was also subject to protesters' ire on Tuesday-Six people arrested by Capitol Police after demonstrators who have spent five days camping out in downtown Washington to protest war and other causes refused to cooperate with police-Opium production surged 61% this year in Afghanistan, the United Nations reported.  more than doubled to $1.4 billion, opium poppy cultivation, which climbed 7% this year, to nearly double the area under cultivation in 2002. 2001 Afghanistan had been the world's leading producer of opium before the Taliban, citing Islamic religious principles, banned it in July 2000. In July 2000, the Taliban banned opium production, citing Islamic principles. The State Department says 2001 production has fallen to 81 tons, including 76 tons in areas controlled by the opposition-Baghdad is threatening to break its military relations with Washington at the end of this year and use private contractors to train its armed forces, as the two sides struggle to agree on terms that would see a small number of American troops remain in Iraq next year-Blackwater is a busy little bee, blowing up everything in sight until Iraq 'begs' the US to stay-detonated their explosives-packed vehicles at police stations in Hurriyah, in north Baghdad, and Al-Wiyah-Marine who was electrocuted while trying to install a wiring box at the military base near Fallujah, Iraq, cannot pursue negligence claims against defense contractor Kellogg Brown & Root, the 4th Circuit ruled. Peter Taylor had sought relief from the appellate court after a federal judge dismissed that Taylor lacked subject-matter jurisdiction since the political question doctrine bars negligence Administration War Crimes against Children Exposed /Obama is our only hope for survival in an obnoxious country where the truly rich only want to tax, tax, tax the super poor, and set up the gains for themselves/A series of loud, mysterious booms heard and felt byresidents in the Lashbrooke neighborhood in Louisville, Mystery booms! in SOUTH CAROLINA goes unexplained. A loud boom shook thecoastal Lowcountry Wednesday morning, felt from Mount Pleasant/few blocks south of the park, about two dozen demonstrators screamed "Pigs!" and hurled obscenities at a dozen officers in riot gear, who showed no visible reaction. The officers left the area, trailed by protesters with cameras/a prophetic moment," said Annie Gonzalez, a student at Union Theological Seminary who wore a sign identifying her as an Occupy Wall Street chaplain. She likened the protesters to "the prophets of the Old Testament, crying out that there's no justice."/perry's wife telling people not to call her husband stupid/expect the j.ew media to continue demonizing the occupy movement , that means the revolution is hitting the right notes/contrived evidence on IRAN NUKES / the original deal in 1913 creating the Federal Reserve Bank had a simple backout clause. The investors loaned the United States Government $1 billion. And the backout clause allows the United States to buy out the system for that $1 billion. If the Federal Reserve Bank were demolished and the Congress of the United States took control of the currency, as required in the Constitution-nearly 500,000 Americans are imprisoned on drug charges. In 1980 the number was 50,000. Last year $40 billion in taxpayer dollars were spent in fighting the war on drugs. As a result of the incarceration obsession, the United States operates the largest prison system on the planet, and the U.S. nonviolent prisoner population is larger than the combined populations of Wyoming and Alaska. Try to imagine the Drug Enforcement Administration erecting razor wire barricades around two states to control crime and you’ll get the picture-and much more/bombs reported by various witnesses to have been set off inside the buildings 1, 6, 7, the basement of the Towers, the vault in the basement of the World Trade Centre were also deliberately targeted. Why? What was it that linked these targets? The destruction of the contents of the basement of the World Trade Centre - less than a billion in gold, but hundreds of billions of dollars of government securities? In addition why were specific brokers from the major government security brokerages in the Twin Towers eliminated? To create chaos in the government securities market? To create a situation wherein $240 billion dollars of covert securities could be electronically “cleared” without anyone asking questions? Which happened when the Federal Reserve declared an emergency and invoked its “emergency powers” that afternoon /defence secretary has been under pressure since it emerged that Mr Werritty, a lobbyist, had met him on 18 foreign trips despite having no official role. Mr Werritty, a former flatmate of Mr Fox and the best man at his wedding, handed out business cards suggesting he was his adviser and was present at meetings Mr Fox had with military figures, diplomats and defence contractors /
101311/Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "When the Mortgage Bankers Association decided to hold their annual conference in Chicago, they weren't counting on a welcome committee. What they got was more than 7,000 protesters taking over the road underneath their downtown rooftop reception at the city's Art Institute-Topeka City Council on Tuesday voted to repeal the city's law against misdemeanor domestic battery, the latest in a budget battle that has freed about 30 abuse suspects from charges. One of the offenders was even arrested and released twice since- "Fifth Avenue at number 838 is a massive building, overlooking the southeast corner of Central Park. Blocks from the world-famous Plaza Hotel, the only people likely to pass by this block are extremely wealthy-Truthout:/the protest didn't just happen by accident. It is definitely planned and financed. The left, despite their ridiculing of the tea party, is extremely envious of them, and knows deep down that they are a serious force to be reckoned with. It was the tea party movement that effectively took the House of Representatives away from them. They wanted to create their own version of the tea party. What they got, however, is this bunch of filth that has no connection with middle America ... even Democrat voting middle America. I hope Obama keeps giving the protesters props, as it will surely add to his already declining popularity / / con filth are unamerican. The ideals of the Founders are not your ideals, reglardless of how you misquote them./Perry blew the debate he can't speak in complete sentences but that never stopped a Tex pol before. His mistake was in not proving that he really is as heartless as the mob that cheers needless uninsured deaths and jeers our soldiers home from combat. Perry should bring a cute coyote pup to the next debate and shoot it right between its little eyes as demonstrative proof that he's as big a monster as the gOP could possibly want/Tea Party and Flea Party contrasted  Teabaggers have the souls of clean, well kempt poodles, Americans, "not being used to doing things of this sort, choose rather to let their linen, etc., rot upon their backs than to be at the trouble of cleaning 'em themselves." The lack of women had more dangerous consequences: "Many of the Americans have sickened and died of the dysentery brought upon them in great measure through an inattention to cleanliness. When at home their female relations put them washing their hands and faces and keeping themselves neat and clean, but being absent from such monitors, through an indolent needless turn of mind, they have neglected the means of health, have grown filthy, and poisoned their constitution by nastiness." The condescending blue bloods sneered at what the real tea party turned int9o as well.! deja vu all over again Any protest against getting screwed by grasping blood-sucking captialists is called communism/socialism/marxism by the corporate butt-kissers-watched this Wall Street occupation waiting to see how the cookie crumbles. It is growing and the message is clearer. And as confirmation of the similarity to the protest against Vietnam is the posts and editorials targeting hygiene and couture to divert from the issues. different from the Tea Party which appears to be the party of obstruction. My opinion is just a guess, but this OWS seems to have locked onto what Congress misses/ trustfarian fleabaggers are the polar opposite of the good old American politeness and hard work that the Godfather Herm Cain personifies, not suprising that the rise of these radical astroturf mobs has given a real boost to Cain's dark horse campaign/ preach and teach hate. Some people rather live in a world where we don't take care of our poor, sick, elderly, babies...really?/politician says he's a Christian but actually follows the will of Satan/both parties are in the same boat so it is NOT a political issue as to parties. It is an ingrained Machiavellian tactic to Divide and Conquer. As people continue to be divided and conquered, the idiotic system continues on with their one world control, one currency, everyone receives the mark of the beast, as specified on page 1068 of the "people control" health care reform act and nobody is the wiser/"Misunderstanding of probability may be the greatest of all impediments to scientific literacy." -- Stephen Jay Gould illiterate/OverexposureBored-out-of their-minds voters watching endless GOP debates may decide Obama’s no worse, says Matt Latimer-Daily Beast/Jimmy Carter: 'I'm Optimistic' Obama Will Win 2012-Bachmann: Rick Perry Rewarded Donors With State Money-voters are embracing the Occupy Wall Street movement as they sour on the Tea Party. Twice as many respondents (54%) have a favorable impression of the eclectic band massing- /bailout amount total it would amount to euro 2 trillion - £1.75 trillion/$266 Billion Needed to Recapitalize Europe Banks: IMF /bearish technicals are indicating that institutional money or shark-like HFs are already running to the exits/OCUPY WALL STREET, SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE  No matter what you believe in; socialism, communism, marxism or god forbid capitalism, you can find it there. If you advocate bloody revolution and killing all successful people, that is there too/administration’s fabricated terror plot blamed on Iran represents the green light for an Israeli attack on Iran set to take place within the next two weeks, according to confidential military sources who spoke with Alex Jones/Crossett,Ar a largely poor, minority neighborhood, has one of the highest rates of exposure to cancer-causing toxins in the nation. USA Today reports that the Alpha Alternative School District in Crossett ranks in the top percentile nationally for exposure to probable human carcinogens, with the Georgia-Pacific plant listed as the polluter most responsible for the toxins/In Texas they say that Rick Perry is just like George Bush "except without the brains/outraged by the continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. This violence kills untold numbers of innocent civilians, it kills and maims our soldiers for no reason and it bankrupting our nation. It does nothing to ensure our security. On the contrary, the occupation of other people’s land makes us hated, recruits new adversaries and perpetuates an endless cycle of violence. The only ones who have gained from these ten years of war have been the weapons manufacturers and the military contractors. It is time to stop listening to the war profiteers and listen to the American people/ men with their hands up his backside who pulled the strings to make his pathetic jaws move, however should not escape justice. "As through this world I’ve wandered, I’ve seen lots of funny men; Some will rob you with a six gun; And some with a fountain pen." -Woody Guthrie/
101211/e-mail us at to win a free salami/Bachmann: When you take the #999 plan and turn it upside down, the devil is in the details/BOEHNER: "We'd rather see America fail than Obama win"/ BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the white racist-fascist-religious hypocrites who want to destroy the poor and the working class.......all in the name of the lord-republican abuse of the poor is disgusting and hypocritical to say the least, even worse, is now that the fascist republican plutocracy has destroyed the poor.......the republicans are now locked in on stealing the money from the working class/Scarborough slams Christians, don't practice what they preach-by far, an even more dangerous breach of the word of God.....stealing from the people who help the poor.../American Cancer refuses Atheist Money/ Reich-wing hero Hank Williams Jr fvcked up for interview/No wonder he so easily goes along with the right-wing extremist views/key suspect charged in the plot, a naturalized Iranian-American citizen identified as Manssor Arbabsiar, of Corpus Christie, Texas, was arrested late last month at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York; a second accused conspirator named in the complaint, an alleged Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps-Qods Force official identified as Gohlam Shakuri, remains at large and is believed to be in Iran. The five-count criminal complaint also refers to other unnamed conspirators in the plot and suggested they also were members of the Qods force in Iran/Richard Grasso was super positive on our beloved C and JPM, I am long on financial firms and happy with both/ / The American Cancer Society is fixated on damage control— diagnosis and .... the ACS refused an invitation to testify at Congressional hearings/2000 YEAR OLD END DAYS PROPHECY ABOUT THE FALSE PROPHET AND THE ANTI-CHRIST!!!  THE END DAYS PROPHECY ABOUT THE FALSE PROPHET (BEAST)THAT PROMOTES THE ANTI-CHRIST(666 BEAST)  then permitted to give life to this statue so that it could speak. Then the statue of the beast commanded that anyone refusing to worship it must die ONLY IN OUR TIME COULD MAN CREATE SUCH A TALKING STATUE/Free choice /Evil Forces will not let the Truth be Known/Plausible, why do evil forces choose to impede one and not the other?/excusists; INHERITED A MESS FROM CLINTON BUT HE KNEW WHAT TO DOBush was handed an economy heading into recession, 8 years of unfettered fomenting terrorism/the new rule, which would limit trading when the bank's own money is a risk, would deal a major blow to one of Wall Street's most profitable businesses. "The regulators have proposed a massive new compliance burden on banks to prove that their market-making activities are just that and not proprietary trading in disguise," wrote Hilder in a note to clients. "There will be large additional costs imposed on banks as market-makers that will not apply to market-makers not owned by banks. We would expect that to draw capital to non-bank market-makers, and cause Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to examine whether it makes sense for them to exit the banking system."-we reduce our GS EPS estimate from a 10-cent gain to a 65-cent loss," wrote Citigroup's Keith Horowitz/Funny thing about Paulson, lucked out on riding the mortgage debachle to great riches and yet suchs at picking the rebound the right way. Shoulden't he be riding real estate again now that it is near the bottom of the cycle; or, is he like the fool Shiller who thinks that housing will NEVER recover?/
101111/Naomi Klein, The Nation: "If there is one thing I know, it is that the 1 percent loves a crisis. When people are panicked and desperate and no one seems to know what to do, that is the ideal time to push through their wish list of pro-corporate policies-Grounds for Common Cause Between Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party? An Interview With Timothy P. Carney-Obama looks poised to sign off on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens discusses Florida recount in his new book, Wisconsin State's Democratic Party will begin sending out recall petitions against Governor Walker on November 15-Krugman | When Industry Pollutes, We All Pay a Steep CFPB can continue to do the big things we need them to do -- like taking on predatory credit card and mortgage lenders and bait-and-switch creditors./NYTimes Sues The Federal Government For Refusing To Reveal Its Secret Interpretation Of The PATRIOT Act

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