Thursday, October 23, 2014

102314/ISIS've had no trouble getting weapons

102314/professional analysis, ISIS is equipped with firearms and ammo from about 20 different countries (dating from 1945 to 2013). They've had no trouble getting weapons- friends & trolls and posted links for their supportive friends to see. One high school buddy is really screwed up, talking about drug testing welfare recipients. Surprise! His daughter joined me in putting him down-Only the GOP can protect you from ISIS and ebola and it happens when we are in charge, we'll just make up some lie and you're too stupid to figure it out-So many men and women served the country well. And that dickbag Savage disparaged every single one of them. What a vile piece of shit!- does anyone in that community feel good about a hospital that sends someone with a high fever and viral symptoms HOME with ANTIBIOTICS?- sms/kcwabc newhaven 9 emergency ebola threat voting for maloy, introvirus,
102214/karl rove, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but nothing beats a 50# bag of horse shit-Sweden, where 87% of the population belongs to the church of sweden (lutheran) but only 17% admit to believing in a higher powerJoe McCarthy died a dissolute drunk at 48, Cruz has about 4 to 5 years left! sms/israel planning rescue Operation Moïse french jews jewsnews-France is nothing but backed up pig sewage-today's La Crème de la Crème of all world Jewry. Don't be so sure that they will want to share a homeland with the riff raff zion-Where are they going to put all those French Jews? More land grabs?- Anywhere they want really. Jerusalem (all parts), the beautiful Shomron, Judea, many places. We will build and build and build and build and build and build and build and build until the UN executive board commits suicide-iapb/GOP candidate with fetish related felony record warns against homosexual agenda-shots inside Canadian parliament-A Hispanic man delivers absentee ballots, conservatives want him dead-south should form new nation without gays and Hispanics called Reagan- four former Blackwater guards convicted for gunning down unarmed Iraqis-Georgia man who plotted courthouse takeover accidentally shot himself first-lucky Florida man didn’t kill somebody trying out concrete piercing rifle ammo downtown- group urges blacks to defeat GOP using lynching image on flier-sphinx discovered at mysterious ancient Greek tomb-IRS officials behind fraudulent multi billion dollar corporate tax giveaways- Alaska Red stuns high school crowd comparing gay marriage to bulls having sex- Bristol’s weepy, foul mouthed post brawl statement- Accept the culture of Jesus in schools when you come to the South-Texas Law let lesbian ex wife divorce me antigay crusader complains- al cop charged with raping woman following arrest on child sex abuse charges-GOP lawmaker wants Idaho out of the marriage business-SC HS football coach fired after team mocks Black opponents with watermelons- man threatening lawsuit after Palin family brawl- Maddow’s Punk picks to get you through the elections-Ramsey: Jesus was wrong to say rich people can’t go to heaven- Did 33 cops really have to fire 600 bullets during shootout?- Kentucky prison guard avoids jail for 25 counts of sexually abusing women inmates-Gohmert’s Ebola silver lining: Latinos too scared to cross border with infected Africans-Savage: Boo-hoo-hoo! attacks veterans with PTSD- court upholds black Jewish group's right to spew hateful rhetoric in public- Ok woman claims Jesus will pay for her dinner and drinks-Zombie glacier surprises scientists, abandoned lower section of glacier to a tail that’s shed by a lizard when it’s attacked by a predator, the case of the glacier, the predator is our warming climate-global warming denial science found to be unrealistic and inaccurate rsy/ inequality equnox hartmann/gotv, isis teen draw, gopbola, manx jakie shares with steph
102114/Research shows a link between marijuana use and mental health problems like depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, short-term psychosis, and schizophrenia. While it’s not clear if marijuana causes these conditions, it can make them worse wmd/ Oliver dogs Supreme Court with hilarious canine re enactments, slams bureaucratic clusterf*ck US treatment of military translators-Smiley rips Bill Kristol, the worst of America-Brand’s anti voting revolution makes Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten want to puke-Oklahoma man opens fire on ex girlfriend for not leaving fast enough- Tn lawmaker arrested again, this time for stalking and threatening neighbor-Britain mulls 2 year prison sentence for people found guilty of trolling- AL jailers let prisoners die from easily treatable illnesses to save money-Dallas officials fear panic with dead Ebola patient-rsy/30 gun deaths per day, or stephs lesbian fantasies/Mega Billionaire seemingly anoints Human Filth Hillary$$$ as America’s next President
102014/If you vote Republican they will let you die without heathcare. a TV ad-Ebola zombies-Maddow slammed rand paul and the ebola puppets-Dad, WTF, this is science just go sit down-texas judge opens court with prayer to see defendants uncomfortable with christianity addictinginfo-Walker slime ball debate was total softball- sms/ 95% of Ebola incubations occur from 1 to 21 days, 3%, occur from 21 to 42 days, 2%, not explained- many intelligent educated people who have had their lives ruined by just the piss on demand policies of our government, but when they are pulled over for drunk driving they always flash that little badge of theirs and ask for some professional courtisy, insane and needs to stop, I for one dont care if people smoke the weed as long as they are not stoned behind the wheel. Its no wonder we are so in debt as a nation with every screwed up ideal becoming law in the USA. Even free birth control. If you are responsible enough to have sex, you should buy your own condoms. There isnt a war on women there is a war on humanity which both sides of the isle have fostered on us-curious how the rights amazing hypocrites opposes state's rights when it's to their positions-We agree, It is insane and very destructive, and a waste of billions in resources. The sad part is that so many look at smoking marijuana as a moral issue. The self righteous are always a hoot-making Pot illegal doesn't eliminate its use. Prostitution is also illegal but, just like Pot is still widespread in our society-Criminalizing Pot only makes the drug lords distributing it filthy rich. What about all the crime and murders caused by drug lords? There's zero evidence that legalizing Pot will increase the number of people killed. Has the number of people killed because of Pot increased in Colorado or Washington?-I do not want to see the 2016 have a platform of legalization of Pot nor would I want Republicans generally to have that in their platform. We have plenty of problems to be handled in the platform that are far more important. I think this whole area of accusing Republicans of wanting it in the platform is simply a political ploy being used by Democrats thinking that will help get them into office aibafs/2008, Abbott chose to defend the state’s ban on the sale of sex toys, a case that emerged from the fallout of Lawrence v. Texas, deployed novel legal arguments against gay marriage not a case about gay marriage, about every American’s god given right to buy dildos, in discouraging you from masturbating or blowing your boyfriend, Davis Doubles Down: Wheelchair Ad Was Fair And Important, thought it would be a good idea to send an press release with dildo in the subject line and blowing your boyfriend in the body, well, it’s almost hard to swallow dm-iapb/1% have security clearance, 20% paid to spy on neighbors, hartmann/jewish martial art isue, syrian, turkish, kurds fighting isis labeled terrorist by liberal media, hotshot yogurt govani uses gmo fed milk, kcwabc/
101914/We get to vote three times, absentee, early voting and Nov 4th. My dog Zorro votes too. He's dead-here in WA state where we have voting by mail of course, we organize into teams, identify the right wing neighborhoods, then when the ballots are mailed out people swoop into those areas, snap those ballots up from their outside mailboxes, fill them out as any good progressive would do and then mail them in as was intended, here in WA vote early and vote often- Shep breaks rank, says something sensible. Rush Limbaugh promptly mocks him-Ablow: Obama has it in for us; that’s why he’s trying to give us Ebola-Trump: The president is a psycho- Ingraham thinks Africa is a country wants Americans to die- Gohmert: Infected nurses are evidence of the Democrats war on women-Brown: Ebola would never be happening if Mitt were president-Israel stages Ebola screening drill at Ben Gurion-The whole thing was all because of that amateur hospital in Texas proving once again what nincompoops Texans are-Klain is a systems guy and that is where the solution lies. He is an excellent choice and the Regressive whining is just what they do with EVERYTHING Obama-isola, eboghazi, wingers will think of something-an undeclared truce between Israel and Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria, Islamist militants have not engaged in any clashes with the Israeli army, Al Nusra’s cadres prefer loose, ad hoc cooperation with other rebel factions, including those with ties to Israel, that Israel will not attempt to disrupt military strength of Al Qaeda affiliates-Basic math seems beyond the grasp of Regressives but what can we expect from people who think cutting taxes raises revenue- rbh/ CHENEY & NRA is more deadly than EBOLA-Obama's fault full background checks for gun buyers owners, but not for voters? a paranoid schizophrenic with a gun is much more dangerous than a paranoid schizophrenic with a single vote yhal/Shameless Voter Disenfranchising Schemes, there is no voter fraud. So, there is no need to enact legislation to correct a problem that does not exist, unless it is used for another purpose, like keeping minority voters from voting. Everyone knows the Repug clamor over voter fraud is nothing but a smoke screen to hide their real agenda of voter interference. And, we're not talking about voters who are not registered to vote. They ARE registered voters. They do show up to the polls to vote. They are then subjected to multiple methods of interference no different than what used to be standard practice in the South before civil rights had teeth. You repug fools don't get how this is going to backfire in your faces. What you do only infuriates those who you try to keep from voting, and motivates them to vote even more just to keep you racist repugnant rats from interfering with their right to vote-Reich What is the Source of Conservatives utter stupidity? ybac/ Iran Once Again Trying To Divert Attention Away From Failing Nuclear Talks Deadline-If the Arab Nations are in fact uniting against ISIS, why in the World is the burden on the U.S. to conduct the bombing. These are not bombing runs against hardened targets protected by advanced anti aircraft defenses, these are bombing runs against relatively straightforward targets including buildings, vehicles, targets of opportunity, The Iranian Guard alone should have been more than sufficient to have handled this problem of 20,000 ISIS fighters from the very beginning-Netty trying ever so hard to divert attention away from Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine lands, Equating Hamas to ISIS, The world is not fooled, Only his blind supporters are, Even the US is waking up to his antics. Due to Israel policies of apartheid and aggression, Maybe what we are seeing is Netty's last stand, Especially with the Arabs nations uniting against ISIS, To deflect from increasing global pressure on Israel, illegal occupation of Palestine lands, Thought you knew everything, Turns out, your knowledge is limited to Netty propaganda, UAE, Saudis and Bahrain are flying their own aircraft-I pray dat billions of peepl git the ebolla, bcoz it prophesided, only hypocrit git the ebolla, I pray daylee fa THE ARMMAGGEDDION-ygs/
101814/it will be Obama's fault If he gets in bed with Iran to fight ISIS watch for a Sunni oil embargo. The Sunnis nations of Saudi, Kuwaiit, Quatar, Abu Dubai, Oman and Bahrain will not tolerate it. he knows that. Thats why he is trying to follow Clintons lead In the Balkans and do it with air power alone. But this time Air Power alone will not cut it. It will only serve as a recruiting tool for Isis iapb/Based on the testimony and numerous statistical analyses provided at trial, this Court finds that approximately 608,470 registered voters in Texas, representing approximately 4.5% of all registered voters, lack qualified SB 14 ID and of these, 534,512 voters do not qualify for a disability exemption, Ginsburg wrote. echoed these findings in her dissent, texas officials dispute these figures. The potential magnitude of racially discriminatory voter disenfranchisement counseled hesitation before disturbing the District Court’s findings and final judgment, Senate Bill 14 may prevent more than 600,000 registered Texas voters (about 4.5% of all registered voters) from voting in person for lack of compliant identification. A sharply disproportionate percentage of those voters are African American or Hispanic. that racial discrimination in elections in Texas is no mere historical artifact. To the contrary, Texas has been found in violation of the Voting Rights Act in every redistricting cycle from and after 1970- cnn Many nations have banned flights from other countries in recent years in hopes of blocking the entry of viruses, including SARS and H1N1 'wine flu, None of the bans were effective, and the viruses gained entry to populations regardless of what radical measures governments took to keep them out. No ban will completely stop people moving about the world, It gives us the false assurance that we can ignore the problems that are happening in Africa, At the end of the day, we can't. And our own safety depends on our getting it right there, not on building the walls. President Obama opposes a travel ban. aibafs/ Georgia gop State sponsored religion will end big govt tyranny-Brianna Wu and the human cost of Gamergate: Every woman I know in the industry is scared- Maddow: Maybe Democrats deserve to lose the Senate-Darren Wilson says Brown went for his gun- ussc denies request to block Texas voter ID law- Ebola fearmongering is the GOP’s new crazy, racist dog whistle-not panicked, I’m just pissed’: Bill Maher blasts Dallas hospital morons-race baiting ad linking Nebraska Democrat to murderer- Tesla Motors slams Michigan banning them from in state sales-lynching lingers around hanging death of black NC high school football player- conservative cardinal of St. Louis says he was demoted by Pope-Pennsylvania after drunk dad tells him 8-year-old crashes car to drive home- Ancient Siberian mummy had breast cancer and self- medicated with marijuana-Palin’s PAC hoards cash while GOP candidates she endorsed go begging- Hookworms could allow people with celiac disease to safely consume gluten rsy/
101714/Obama to name Ron Klain Ebola and Right Wing Nonsense czar-Be afraid everyone, New Disease Ebola Misinformation Symndrome! You get it thru eyes and ears by listening to Fox or CNN. Also from GOP & RWNJs! yhal/Colorado Senator Mark Udall, is the target of $22 million in special interest dcc/az goes ssm- sms/Yellowstone: evidence for a secret program, which is trying to make the super volcano erupt, as soon as possible- ISIS, Israel Secret Intel Service.! criticalbelievers/ isis flees, new ebola business tzar, hypocondriac jew, harvard president, kcwabc/
101614/Mainstream US Corporate Media Ignore, You have to go to The Japan Times to find out that this week's Typhoon Phanfone caused a significant spike in the radioactive contamination of groundwater at Fukushima BuzzFlash/Rate of Mass Shootings Has Tripled Since 2011-Pushing Blacks and Latinos to Vote GOP-mj/Wealth Gap: Just $3,650 Puts a Person in Top Half of Wealth in the World Jonathan Turley's Blog/Biden: The Tea Party Is Crazy CNN/Christian Right's Vile PR Sham: Why Their Bizarre iFilms Are Backfiring on Them Salon/ CIA Study: Arming Rebels Rarely Works nyTimes/ Iraqi Doctors Call Depleted Uranium Contamination from depleted uranium munitions is causing sharp rises in congenital birth defects, cancer cases and other illnesses throughout much of Iraq, Use Genocide Truthout/Shep on Fox News clip? He was being reasonable and telling people to not freak out-a reasonable gay man who actually tries to be a journalist on faux news? not exactly a fit/going as an Ebola-ridden, ISIS Hobo- halloween used to be all about soaping windows and throwing tp into the trees. Now it's ruined- why do right wing idiots like the whiners so much like Bill O and Boner and oh who's the butch me up guy?-linsey- these 2010 elected RW Governors wanted to pass their unholy bullshit as soon as they could. Then hope people would forget when they ran for re election-Scott could almost make me support branding a big F in the middle of his forehead-Congress not doing their job is costing Republican governors their jobs-All the bad things go down the memory hole with a media that just focuses on what's in front of them sms/ Who's the real threat to America? Notice the touchy JUEWpigs on the MB why don't you join the Israli Army you gutless Loser?-Muslum in the sticks? Or some fat slob #$%$ on Park Avenue-even your own brethren won't bring you into the business, you sure don't have any real money to trade with- ygs/Bush and Cheney repressed the report of old mustard and sarin shells because it didn't fit their narrative of ongoing production including nukes. But what is really unforgivable is they denied medical treatment to the handful of Iraq and US soldiers who were exposed to these old shells because they didn't want it known they had been found in such a unusable condition, remnants of an arms program Iraq had rushed into production in the 1980s Iran Iraq war, manufactured before 1991, Filthy, rusty or corroded, a large fraction of them could not be readily identified as chemical weapons at all. Some were empty, though many of them still contained potent mustard agent or residual sarin. Most could not have been used as designed, and when they ruptured dispersed the chemical agents over a limited area rbh/

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