Thursday, July 10, 2014

71014/countering terrorism, controlled campaign of terror

71014/Although implemented as a means of countering terrorism, the Phoenix Program was in practice a CIA controlled campaign of terror in Vietnam, implement political policy through secretive, coldblooded actions, Hidden behind terms like pacification and neutralization, Phoenix implemented a program of terror and psychological warfare against the civilian population. Under the guise of counterterrorism, tens of thousands of civilians were kidnapped, tortured, and murdered, the purpose of Phoenix was to terrorize the people into submission, not only causing them to fear any possible association with the enemy but also as a means to crush dissent. the notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), discovered to be a CIA controlled terrorist network. ransacking of Iraq under Bremer in 2003. Most remarkably, control of Phoenix was transferred to Ted Shackley in 1969. implicated in events like the Iran-Contra crimes. These facts demonstrate that once something like Phoenix is created and allowed to flourish, the philosophy and machinery behind it does not go away- aibafs/ Nice waste of the taxpayer's money, all this work for a bill that won't pass, just Democratic posturing, thanks for confirming what I just stated, tard!- billions to change the bush border policy- The big question is , why did Bush not build the fence in 2006 and what happened to all the money to do so. yhal/DOJ and BAC failed meeting; Expect DOJ to proceed with BAC criminal lawsuit- Countrywide is part of BAC. It's not a separate entity and can't file for bankruptcy separately- The cartel is using the children from Guatemala, Panama and Ecudador as a distraction to boost their drug network- The US border guards are looking at the children and the cartel are using opportunity to get more drugs over. The US is being bamboozled again. Always some new manufactured crisis. There are things that need to be done here to improve the lives of Americans. This is like bringing the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to US soils and now they are asking for more money to spend on people we do not know while Americans are not taken care of. How could a child journey thousands of miles, unaccompanied and get to to the Mexican border without the help of the Mexicans?- DOJ and BAC failed meeting; Expect DOJ to proceed with BAC criminal lawsuit- Simple questions for liberals who voted for lawless and spineless, Why is Obama Such a Coward?, terrified to come to the southern border of Texas? After all, if it is as secure as the told us before the 2012 election, he should be willing to visit and see what is going on. After all, Democrats insist that the Hispanic vote is in their pocket, what is he afraid of? He is going to big time fund raisers in Texas, where he will drink and eat with the 1% Democrats. Yet he doesn't want to break bread with his loyal voters on the border itself, who are poor? What's he afraid of? The truth drives libs crazy. Why? MLK said the truth will set you free. God Bless America and US laws Obama does not uphold ybac/ what are the Republicans whining about today? Let me guess. They don't want to feed the brown pagan babies, Waa Am I close?- Funny thing is, they're all Catholic.(from centuries of demagoguery) The church makes SA people popum out like candy, then tell us we have to care for them. And so it goes- Once Hillary gives all the brown people a visa and a path to citizenship, just think of all the new Democrats we will have in what will become the two newest Blue states Arizona and Texas! Praise doG!- We should ship them all to Catholic churches rbh/
7914/met the president at his plane and they were both smiling and shaking hands just like real grownups! So Perry lied again
7814/Palin Suggests it would be a real knee slapper The View Should Hire Her Because She Would Make It Fun And Go Rogue-Actual WestView News Headline: The Ni**er In the White House-Nebraska had themselves a 4th of July parade down main street, most popular float featured a figure dressed in overalls, standing in front of an outhouse indicated the Presidential Library-Blocking Medicaid Expansion In Tennessee Destroyed This Couple's Life, so she could keep her health insurance- More than 300 people were invited on Facebook to march the streets of Carytown, Va with their handguns, rifles and long guns proudly No One Shows Up- Republican Judge Richard George Kopf, HWBush appointee To ussc SCOTUS: STFU-ll/ Carson: Sad that stoners vote after Obama distracts them from Benghazi with pot- don’t talk too much Fox News Girls Gone Mild warns women- lucrative business of selling the blood you donated- CA anti gay Baptist pastor calls Hobby Lobby protesters bigots after difficulty parking- NYC cop charged with attempted murder in drunken shooting of random strangers- Huckabee blames GOP for allowing Akin’s legitimate rape comment- Limbaugh: Sex, sex, sex is the only reason men back women’s birth control-which 14yos will be binge drinkers by 16-mlk bridge in Indiana White women do not need to mix defaced- Sugar plant removed safety device 13 days before temp worker was buried alive- Nun slaying Ohio priest to be buried with full honors, a sinner, as are we all- Francis: Catholic sex abuse like a sacrilegious cult that sacrifice boys and girls- Georgia teens indicted for brutal post prom rape that left unconscious victim hospitalized- Florida women lash out after botched theft I’ll grab your dick!- Walmart selling decorative Nazi work makes you free poster- CEO making 291 times minimum wage opposes increases, blames Obamacare- cop gave daughter in law up to feds after helping her grow pot for sick child- Cruz: Kids flee to US after being raped and maimed, but send them back anyway- Raso compares gun control to racist Jim Crow laws- CA deputy who fatally shot kid 13 carrying toy gun- Ventura alleges slain American Sniper defamed him- Texas woman shot in the face by stray bullet at off road racing event- Maddow: Koch friendly Texas GOP loosens chemical safety rules despite explosions rsy/ Post HL, Religious Orgs Want Exemption From LGBT Hiring Order- a group of religious leaders sent a letter to President Barack Obama asking that he exempt them from a forthcoming executive order that would prohibit federal- GOP’s culture war disaster: How this week highlighted a massive blind spot salon/ GOP’s culture war disaster: How this week highlighted a massive blind spot- Why are women’s rights stalling even as other societal advances are made? The answer is a disaster for the right- Republican Scandal Dies As Hillary Reveals University Speaking Fees Donated to Charity- Officer Punches Woman Repeatedly on Side of CA Freeway-Warren Over Hillary in 2016?- Teller Fired for Saying Have a Blessed Day?- Jessica Lynch Tells Huckabee Iraq Crisis Is Devastating fni/ I respect the Second Amendment. I respect the rights of lawful gun owners, to use, I also believe that most lawful gun owners want to be sure that we keep those guns out of the wrong hands, I will work to try to bridge this divide, which has been polarizing and, doesn’t reflect the common sense, the right balance to protect the constitutional right but to give people the feeling & the reality that they will be protected from guns in the wrong hands- Wonder how she feels about the Constitution- hillary:if you support gun rights youre a terrorist tpnn- a change in Medicare reimbursement rates was leaked before an official announcement, triggering 2013 trading being probed. Sutter was questioned, worked for Camp since 2002, including as legislative director, and on the Ways and Means Health Subcommittee. He served as an intern in both Camp and W-rbp/ how to tell when an article is composed of mostly horseshit? when it leads of with five paragraphs of hyperbole before it describes the supposed health crisis/ jesu.s was an illegitimate slug dreamt by losers a true representation of a hypocritical cowardly faith- WHAT TIME IS THE ISRAELIES INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS AND THE FLASH CRASH- Question remains how strong the support- Who is Udo Voigt of NDP?-Needs to be kicked off European Parliament's Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee- ygs/What a cesspool of liberal rodents this board has become-I remember you. You said that you would leave the country if Obama got re elected may God Strike you dead- Q.or something like that? Did you leave the country? If not, your credibility is a BIG FAT ZERO!-MicroCHIPS, an IT start- up company with links to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is developing a radical new contraceptive- a tiny microchip implanted under the skin that can be operated wirelessly by remote control- What a cesspool of liberal rodents this board has become- Pathetic to the extreme- Lowest of the low-HILLARY WILL KEEP RETELLING THE STORY UNTIL SHE GETS IT RIGHT OR WE BELIEVE HER MALARKEY?- hog still has marks where the jokey (Bill) was hitting it. Chelsea had to have been america's first turkey baster baby. Any of the lib dopes ever look in to who Chelsea's hubby is? Who is daddy was? Who is mommy was? How much time they did? How much money they still owe the victims- Any of you dims care to discuss your own level of education? The board would like to know- I have a ham sandwich that is smarter than Blobert- Perry summons his inner George Wallace to REFUSE to shake hands with OBAMA- Demostooge Congress cut off funding for the war? Millions die as a result- gw bush LOWERED the IQ requirement for the US Army recruits- The Department of Defense standards on qualification tests call for at least 60 percent Category 1 to 3 (the higher end of testing) and 4 percent Category 4, the lowest end, The other services follow that standard and the Army National Guard always followed it as well. But the active Army chose a standard of 67 percent, basically lowers the IQ standards for recruits. This will reduce average effectiveness of military units, 6000 to 8000 soldier recruiting shortfall for the last year is behind the policy change, Coming off a recruiting year in which the Army fell short of its goal of 80,000 active duty soldiers, those who scored between the 16th and 30th percentile in the battery of aptitude tests, silly right wing empty heads- What party was George Wallace from? Do your handlers know you are posting? yhal/ hilarious clinton's polls falling into the obama trough, will be hard to get by that 47%! Plus all the new found citizens that don't need a id to vote. A low information voter would vote for some one that gives him a 100 dollars before voting for someone that says you must work to eat!-Netherlands has the world’s tallest people, with an average male height of over 6 feet and average female of 5’7.” It’s also where incomes are highest. That’s no accident. People in wealthy countries are on- average significantly taller than people in poor ones, because they’re more likely to have better nutrition as kids. The United States used to be the tallest country in the world but is now one of the shortest of all developed nations (I assure you I’m not solely responsible for bringing down the average). Average heights have grown steadily across Europe since the 1960s, but the United States hasn't gotten significantly taller. European countries have done a good job ensuring all their citizens get adequate nutrition; we haven't. Low income kids in America consume an inordinate amount of fast food. That’s bad for height. In a recent British study, one group of schoolchildren was given hamburgers, French fries, and other fast foods; the other got 1940’s style wartime rations like boiled cabbage and corned beef. Within eight weeks, the children on the rations were both taller and slimmer than the ones on a regular diet- Netanyahu is fed up with Obama. The middle east problems come out of Iran War imminent ybac/ what would you call somebody who, for instance, thinks that Republicans are declaring a war on women, but so are Muslims?- Nothing? Okay. How about somebody that doesn't live in a gated community but thinks a border fence won't work? Is that easier?- Why is it that it is men that decide whether there is a war on women ? I am a woman and as to Republicans NO Muslims well there is avery good chance that they have declared war on their women but they have definitely declared war on all non Muslim women. I wouldn't travel to Mid East because the thought of being captured by those men is truly frightening- Costco You Really Pulled D’Souza’s Book America from Your Shelves?- perhaps bc they already have enough fRight Wingnuttery w Reilly, Savage, Coulter and Beck that they thought they could pass on the convicted campaign finance felon- NOW calls Catholic nuns dirty washington examiner- most misleading headlines possible- National Organization for Women, one of the nation's largest pro abortion lobbies, named a Catholic order of nuns to a list called The Dirty 100, a catalog of the 100 entities which filed lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act's contraception mandate-fb/ deidra is back, with imus/9 dead on bourbon street, 14 in chicago, stephie whip it out, the angels are crying tonight/religious freedom act 1993 peyote use ussc hl excuse gnbb/student influx to colorado, rita4geraldo/overiding constitution freedom of religion foundation fundamental making less secure sobpv/white horese prophecy outlawing poligmy saving relacing gov to stand by the constitution, the zion of ggawd messisa mitt nand ted hartmann/ all fifa teams obstaining the night b4 lost, ccwabc/
7714/Court Finds US Government Complicit in Death of American Journalist 1973, Charles Horman, an American journalist and filmmaker, seized by Chilean soldiers and taken to National Stadium in Santiago where he was tortured and shot to death bgk/ Cumia, formerly of Opie and Anthony, must suddenly realize that his racist Twitter rant was nothing to be proud of- World’s earliest erotic graffiti found in unlikely setting on Aegean island- Oldest skeleton of Down syndrome child ever found refutes myth of mistreatment- Marijuana shortage seen ahead of Washington state retail pot rollout- rsy/ Rupert to buy Time Warner wsbtv/Militia plans to guard border by aiming guns at immigrants, start revolution if cops show up- proObama column with N word headline- Rolling Coal: Conservatives modifying trucks to spew toxic black smoke- Louisiana man shoots and kills man who woke him by banging on neighbor’s door- deputy lets him out to watch fireworks, Accused Missouri Kool Aid killer escapes- Oliver: Fireworks are like sparkly guns you can shoot in the sky- No free passes ramps up deportations as children continue to flood across the border- Cliven Bundy must be accountable stepping over the line- indiana, police officer shot to death in patrol car- NAACP, ACLU and other groups challenge nc laws that suppress black voters- two show as open carry demonstration in Virgina shoots blanks on 4th of July- 60 women and girls escape Boko Haram abductors- Indiana man shoots own hand, both of his wife’s legs in gun cleaning mishap rsy/ This is sure to have all the liberals suffering from an atomic wedgee. Time Warner which will make Murdoch even more powerful than ever. Interesting to see what happens and the major block to it might be the government not approving the purchase- Stelter took it even further. I will eat my remote control, in fact, I will eat my copy of the New York Post, if Murdoch becomes the owner of CNN, Could we get this on film please?- Solar has won. Even if coal were free to burn, a solar driven energy democracy, even free coal has no value- Modern Day Liberalism and it's radical environmental component seeks to undermine American exceptionalism and American freedom. It seeks a new world order where a political elitist class (Modern Day Liberals here in America), sit atop humanity with everyone else below, crawling to the alter of Government for as much as possible- Do you ever read your posts and become embarrassed by how idiotic you sound?your argument and positions become nullified and you lose credibility when you accuse people of hate, is a signal of the accuracy of my comments, and most often occurs when one cannot advance an argument in rebuttal. Then to post pictures of oil disasters? Yes, tragic, as long as you remain in the same line as everyone else, utilizing the literally hundreds of benefits this substance brings to you personally, you cannot climb on an alter and lecture humanity about how horrible it is- did you see that the Israelis have already arrested 6 Jews in the case of the Arab teen that was burned to death?- Do you think the Arab filth is looking for the killers of those three dead jooo teenagers?- aibafs/ana and ama hl, slobby lobby, bankoff into a jar, so yesterday bad hair day florinaitis, stephanie/ jews taken to fema camps, on geraldo/bernie sez teachers sexting underage students legal, thanx ussc, on ccwabc
7614/Happy Birthday George Washington! I STILL am stunned that Mr McCain should be MOCKED thought The Nitwit Palin was presidential material- NOTHING more than a media whore- Any beginner Christian knows that one of the basics of believing is the sure knowledge that Jesus walks, runs and rides with us every step of our lives "I am with you always, even unto death. Washington was a Christian so indeed Jesus rode with him. Such childish nonsense from a group of non believing Liberals who have no rudder, lot of bleats about being supportive of women and their independence, We see it with Sarah, the lovely Michelle Bachmann, the alluring Ivy League educated Ann Coulter, and basically any woman who is off the liberal plantation and speaks her mind! Just look at how much venom you yourself generate from these emasculated fools!but give them one smart, attractive, engaging female with a worldview different from their Bolshevik nonsense and they lose their minds!- well if jesus rode along with Washington, then why didn't Jesus drop manna from the heavens like he did with the israelites? and why didn't jesus provide shoes? or money? or a nap?-sister Sarah's latest salvo of cluelessness- a sexless, bitter, envious jerkoff we get that, Sarah has Christ in her life, you are a Satanist, keep it up- the Prince of Peace surely rode into battle alongside Washington, helping to guide him into killing those bloody redcoats- an avatar that depicts a Presbyterian Minister, a man of the cloth, giving a double one finger salute. What a joke & mockery, not to mention vile in its display- unruly overreach backlash stirs against foreign visas- Maybe unions can find fertile ground in the hi tech sector yahoo- The GOP and their corpocracy masters are all about trashing the working class. The plutocrats want their employees cheap and desperate aibafs/ Tea Party hero Victoria Jackson linked to a satirical fake news site then presented it as a fact. Totally Lose Their Sh*t After Falling For Satirical Fake News about our evil Muslim President celebrating the Fourth of July at a mosque and she further added that he will host Muslim leaders at the White House- Perry Accuses Obama Of Conspiracy To Bring In The Undocumented, Radditz properly pointed out that it was a Bush era law that allowed children- U.S.'s Urging, Isreal Investigates Video of Alleged Beating of Florida Teen by Israeli police- Road Rage Cop Follows Black Woman, Bumps Her Car, Spits In Her face- Far Right Israelis Burned Palestinian Teen Alive-Missouri Governor Nixon (D) veto didn’t get much attention last week, but it deserves some, vetoed tripled the state’s mandatory waiting period before an abortion to 72 hours, even in cases of rape and incest- More than half the women with private insurance are getting free birth control thanks to Obamacare- Cassidy of Louisiana, a Republican who uses the term family values to sell himself to his constituency, now facing what Sarah Palin did: the pregnancy of an unmarried teenage daughter-ll/
7514/We Are a Corporate Theocracy Now: The Christian Right Seeks Cultural and Political Domination Salon/ Religious Organizations Want Exemption From LGBT Hiring Order tpm/ Campus Rape Policy Boys Will Be Boys- HLobby case is many things- the continued elevation of Christianity over all other religions, corporations have more rights than people and a political strike But, it's mostly simple, old fashioned woman hating from top to bottom- Giant Corporations, Giant Failures- Predatory Capitalism and the System's Denial in the Face of Truth- Truthout/global warming verge collapse, this Lie & Fraud is on the verge of total collapse. But beware, the very same people will soon concoct another crisis that they will claim only Modern Day Liberalism can solve. It will have all the emotionally appealing rhetoric necessary to attract and hook the Low Information and Emotionally Adolescent American, our battle against Tyranny and Corruption will continue, in their valueless lives by providing a feel good issue to attach themselves to Deceitfully creating another crisis to fleece America's producers for those who seek Emotional Relevance, a vehicle for those who have contempt for America by providing a way to inflict injury on those they do not like or are jealous of for those who follow the instructions of their Liberal Providers, who tell them they must be guilt ridden for the prosperity they have in America, which can only be soothed by inflicting injury on those the Modern Day Liberal Elitist define as societies villains-They have bought hook line and sinker this idea of Utopian Statism, which they think will deliver them fairness, equality of result and social justice- There is no faith in science. It is in no way like region- Obviously it is not. Global Warming liars that demand that the science is settled and the debate is over, those who continue advancing this fraud are the one's who are standing in the way of the sane debates and actions necessary to preserve our way of life AND our environment- Science is never settled. It goes where th evidence takes it. As new evidence is found it c as n chsnge. That is the major difference between religion and science. Religion will never change its beliefs no matter what evidence we find, long as people that don't understand science continue to cherry pick from it for their own personal agendas we will have to work harder to get the answers we seek. Science has always been able overcome this and always will- Climate Science has been refused, not because it's bad science but because it challenges authority and vested interests-Climate Science is not the only area of science to have this problem. The time for debate in Science is never over. Important ideas always bubble up to be explored, long before formal studies, climate sceptics have been shut out of mainstream publication and acceptance so extensively and crucially (as Climategate shows), they have turned to websites and blogs, to share more and more evidence that contradicts manmade global warming, an extremely dangerous concentration of power for any discipline, let alone a field possessing such enormous political and financial ramifications- some of those hypotheses and theories are quite possibly accurate but some aren't. that's where faith and opinion enter the conversation- climate scientists have no respect for the principles of scientific integrity and objectivity, speaks volumes about your own committment-Liberals aren't your enemy. We aren't terrorists or people who advocate tyranny or corruption. shesh such a drama queen!- tactics of an academic bully, Real scientists don’t need to hide behind such intimidation- dc aibafs/

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