Thursday, February 13, 2014

21314/Have you had enough

21314/Have you had enough of the talking Monkey telling how to live? Join the TEA Party movement dogcrap-Gov't is just getting started good on telling you how to live. In the past 6 months the present administration of gov't has passed over 60,000 new rules, regulations and laws. At the present time, I'll bet if you burp outside of your home you will violate a rule, regulation or a law. In some places it is now illegal to smoke in your own home. Gov't is just getting wound up. MO-Burping emits toxic gases. It's not the really bad methane that comes out of the lower colon, but it can't be good. So, yes, it's not far-fetched to think that eventually it will be regulated. But I think they'll address farting first-I've certainly had enough of his bilge about inequality of income. Especially after the state dinner this week at which he and the 1-percenter liberati dined on caviar and other gourmet foods. While the First Moochesse wore a $12,000 designer gown yet, he really not know that the inequality gap has grown much wider during HIS administration?-$12k designer dress, about buys a whole city Block in Detroit, Manchelle should be just covered up with a bed sheet like John Merrick. Only the Elephant Man was better looking. LMAO! yc/Because of the autocratic authoritarianism of the Far Right, they are far more closer to being true communist than the Democrat Party or to liberals like Robert Reich. poor_bashers, you are closer to being a communist than Dr. Reich is or ever will be ybac/Avon Products may have to pay up to $132m to settle a US bribery investigation ft/Why So Many Reasonable People Think Anti-Marijuana Crusaders Look Ridiculous, Drug Free America Foundation posed this question: "What happens if marijuana is legalized? the graphic that accompanied the question was far less so. For starters, it included zombies, Using marijuana does not make you lazy, but making wild claims without even attempting to back them up does. If they truly believe in what they are saying about marijuana, it wouldn't surprise me if they also truly believe in real zombies-Christie's chances of becoming President came and went faster than Bachmann's!-He's heartbroken and he feels betrayed and his tummy hurts!-that corn dog photo of her at the iowa state's fair kept her campaign alive far longer than she deserved, christie needs to be photo'd tonguing some frosted donut holes rbg/Cities, residents, First Nations, golf courses, environmentalists, condo councils and car dealers, all part of 2,000 diverse applicants now registered for the TransMountain NEB hearings-Canadian crude oil train derails in Pennsylvania. 1km from dozens of small town homes, spilling 15,000 litres of heavy oil-Britain hammered by ocean surges and 'most exceptional rainfall in 248 years, experiencing the worst flooding since the catastrophic flood of 1953. December and January saw the heaviest rainfall since record keeping began in 1910 vo/Conservative columnist: Girl Scouts fosters prostitution because ‘a girl has to make a living-Kentucky trooper wants job back because raping that girl was just a ‘moral mistake-Illinois 8th grader brutally beaten in anti Persian ‘hate’ attack-Colorado lawmaker shocks victim’s dad: ‘Good thing’ Aurora shooter had 100-round magazine-conservatives behind push to rewrite U.S. Constitution using obscure maneuver, armored fish ‘Romundina’ was key to the evolution-Cruz introduces bill to stop Obama, feds from ‘forcing gay marriage on all 50 states-Ohio Republican ripped off investors to fund campaign and friend’s church rsy/
21214/Crist Spills the Beans on The GOP's Descent Into Anti Obama Madness-How Dick Cheney Became the Most Powerful Vice President in History TheNation-"the best thing about twitter is you can make shit up-Smartphones are like regular phones they just allow you to get away with doing stupid shit like blaming autocorrect-US teens more stressed than adults. Parents urge them to relax, they won't get into Duke with these grades anyway-Rush must be on the Hillbilly Heroin again-Warning: Twitter may improve vocabulary, insight to human psyche, and bolster false sense of online sex appeal-Priest conceived in rape: I forgave my father and heard his confession wow! lifesitenews-tw/think of the audience you'd have over at BAC or FB, you would be educating so many more people, and your chances of getting some support are very good, and maybe you could form a coalition to fight tooth and nail for the cause, just thinking out loud-no efficency in chasing an audience, Frankly secret is almost always bad except in sanctioned war or under sworn oath to the Constitution in Legal Government duty, should be kept to the minimus in civil Government especially. The more secretive Government activities become the more its citizens must trust only a select few. The American Government was designed with a trilateral balance of opposing powers with the view that ultimately no one institution, persons or person can ultimately be trusted. I do not trust myself completely. I rely upon others to balance and test my views when the most critical decisions are to be made let's face it, the things discussed here on yahoo would never be allowed an audience. Never. Yet you see the squeals and squeaks of this guinea pig habitat heard around the world to a point of leaking out slowly but evidently into the press thus Polluting the Big Bank Propaganda fed from gs, Even The Wall Street Journal reads the yahoo boards all, (they Are not bad people over there just missled by their bosses and only do what they are expected to do. They are Employees. And everybody's Boss in the End today is Government Sachs.) Piza! PIZA! So give yourselves a big squeal and a high pitched cheers! And here's to insanity if crazy like a fox, yfnm/isn't it ironic our politicians want us to stop talking? Leslieblog/the staff of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu are rejecting the offer set forth by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey. Erdogan demanded a written apology for the Mavi Marmara incident and for Israel to allow vessels of all kinds to pass through Israeli territorial waters on their way to Hamas controlled Gaza. PMO officials stated that Erdogan's requests were "out of the question-Times of Israel reports, the Presbyterians’ Israel Palestinian Mission Network (IPMN) has issued a “study guide” about the Middle East conflict that will forever change the relationship between the church and the Jewish people. The 74-page illustrated booklet and companion DVD entitled Zionism Unsettled was published last month for use by the church’s 2.4 million members. Unlike other left-wing critiques of Israel, the Presbyterian pamphlet isn’t content to register disapproval of Israeli policies and West Bank settlements or to lament the plight of the Palestinians. The booklet seeks to compare Zionism to the Christian anti Semitism, Its purpose is to brand Israel as an illegitimate entity and to treat its American Jewish supporters as having strayed from the values of their religion. Zionism Unsettled not only swallows the Palestinian narrative about Middle East history whole, it is nothing less than a declaration of war on Israel and American Jewry-iapb/Dunning Kruger Effect without referring directly to evidence thereof they are, ironically, providing evidence thereof, guess you missed that phrase "dumber than plants" How much less knowledge can a person have if they have less knowledge than a plant. Oh wait. You just provided an example-Data Rigging Scandal Rocks US Government/funny how dems ignore the fact that come 2020 it is forecasted that there will be a shortage of 140,000 physicians-convinced the free HC insurance market can't even deliver an additional +15,000 Dr's required since 2008 totaling a mere 140,000 needed new Dr's to pay as providers to 300, You don't think the US can easily hire 140K Dr's from 95% of Earth's 8 B people? (Rhetorically) How gullible are you?, Where's GOP Child molesters Larry Craig, Tom Foley & 100's of other GOP Convicts? Duke Cunningham? VP COS Scooter Libby? W's #2 CIA Dir Dusty Fago?-Racist Restaurant Suddently Getting Glowing Online Reviews-closeted Oki homophobe Gary James is stained by thousands -no tens of thousands of same sex encounters, floating in and out of his restaurant like the wafting scent, 1st amendment protected free speech at its finest! He'll soon have the finest LGBT dining club in all of Joklahoma. alan/Weather balloon measurements have found from 1975 through 2005, the global mean, near-surface air temperature warmed by approximately 0.23°C/decade, temperature rises between 0.16°C and 0.24°C/decade since 1982, the 20th century to be the warmest of the past five centuries, confirming the results of earlier proxy reconstructions, a new global surface temperature record reconstruction using 173 records with some type of physical or biological link to global surface temperatures (corals, ice cores, speleothems, lake and ocean sediments, and historical documents, The study compared their reconstruction to the instrumental temperature record and found a strong correlation between the two skeptical science/ Political support growing to refine Alberta's oil, not export it vo/Danica Won't Win a Race Unless Everybody Else Stays Home-Rand Paul Unveils Lawsuit Over NSA Surveillance, Names Obama-Kilmeade Gets Valentine's Day Roses From Brian Kilmeade?-Hannity Debate: Vancouver Installs First Crack Pipe Vending Machines-O'Reilly: ObamaCare Asks Americans to 'Pay for Someone Else's Passion-Humanist Group Demands MN Students Stop Feeding Poor Kids in Haiti-Sinkhole Swallows Cars Inside National Corvette Museum-Why Was Christian Song's Oscar Nomination Yanked?-18 nc Patients Potentially Exposed to Rare Brain Disease-Teens Find New Way to Secretly Smoke Pot in School-Shirley Temple Dies at 85-Giuliani: Leaking Info on American Terror Suspect 'As Stupid As You Can Get-Cavuto Previews His Interview With Carl Icahn fni/ Right-wing lawyer: Christian business owners the true victims of anti-LGBT discrimination-Consequences of sin force gay soldiers to wear diapers in combat-Missouri man admits to mailing cat poop to employers that rejected him-Phil Roe: Obamacare shouldn’t cover pregnancies because my wife is ‘fixed-University tears down ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’ posters for offending Christians-Man wanted for groping girl 11 in public is notorious abortion clinic bomber-Pain slashes homophobia for six straight minutes, calling it ‘weird-Perry links marijuana legalization to murder-Bing caught censoring search results in US-Tim Huelskamp rails against LGBT rights: God is the ‘third person in your marriage-Oliver reams wealthy, entitled ‘dweebs’ at tech awards show: ‘F*ck you, straight away- Eight Corvettes plunge into sinkhole at National Corvette Museum-S.C. creationist blocks school evolution standards ‘to teach both sides-U.S. press freedom plunges to 46th, placing it behind former Soviet states-Ohio Highway Patrol won’t investigate claims that trooper masturbated with preteen boy-Stewart: GOP’s immigration stalling is ‘the greatest projection in the history of psychology-Friendly mutant algae could churn out sustainable hydrogen on your desktop-Full Metal Jacket" star: Bullied kids commit suicide because boys have been ‘neutered-restaurant that won’t serve ‘f*ggots’ gets Internet push as ‘best gay bar- Viking rune hints queer playfulness to violent Norse culture-Woman shoots up McDonald’s over incorrect burger after leaving phone number for refund-pastor: Pat Robertson committed ‘blasphemy’ by mocking creationism- rsy/
21114/What a bunch of left wing crappola-Translation: What a bunch of facts, scientific polling, math and reality I'm going to ignore in my right wing willful ignorance. Sad yhal/-Palin wraps up, an elderly couple, who are fairly itching to share their views, I'm anti spending and anti government, crows *, as scooter bound * looks on. The welfare state is out of control. OK, And what do you do for a living? Me? Oh, I'm a property appraiser. Have been my whole life. Are either of you on Medicare? Silence: Then *, a nice enough woman, it seems, slowly raises her hand, offering a faint smile, as if to say, You got me! Let me get this straight, You've been picking up a check from the government for decades, as a tax assessor, and your wife is on Medicare. How can you complain about the welfare state? Well, there's a lot of people on welfare who don't deserve it. Too many people are living off the government. But, you live off the government. And have been your whole life! Yeah, but I don't make very much rs/When you start your administrate with a market crash, a housing crisis, and losing 700thousand jobs a month, how long should it take to get it back on track. And what is on track anyway, considering what the economy was like in 2007?-Rocky Reed Reagan and Obama inherited similar economic woes, Obama has spent 5 years lying and blaming, and things have gotten worse. Reagan spent 2 years making tough cuts, forcing tough policies through a hostile congress, and got things moving-We are not in a Syrian war, are we?-Reagan had a hostile congress, did it compare to this one. I think not. This administration is plagued with unprecedented obstruction, partisanship, and self interests-we are not in Syria cause obama stated a phony red line and Putin told him to stand down-Kerry was all over the place trying to drum up support for an attack on Syria the Russians saved Obama's bacon-This republican and tea party Congress from day ONE, Vowed to Not working with him on anything! Make him a ONE term Pres, hmm didn't happen Americans have spoken. Quit Blaming him for your peeps issues, We know the truth and you spews lies-he only thing that has gotten worse is the hate and unpatriotic actions from the GOP. The markets are up, unemployment is lower, taxes on the rich are higher, what is worse than in 2007? I guess you think he can produce miracles all by himself, with the right making a mission statement of do nothing but partisan to aid this president-fb/

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