Saturday, January 11, 2014

11114/Sharon dies at 85

11114/Sharon dies at 85-It's for the best. 8 years in a coma isn't being alive, they must be dancing and handing out candies toi iapb/
11014/Australian Met Office BOM needs its brand new blue color for 50-52C again tw/November 14 arrived the procession of engineers and diplomats Aureos, which are now housed in a base of the forces of Wotan in Saturn's rings. The Dragon forces are now in a State of Orange alert, making sure that the agenda go serving is in time, form and timetable. Meetings are currently being held with key political and religious leaders to expose them the new scenario and that they abandon the line of Kabbalah and conform to the new State of collective consciousness that is forming, and they already have a grid base where scroll, that runs on the collective unconscious that is now in charge until the new Matrix is fully manifested fb/After 5 Years Of Pin The Scandal On The President, Every Republican Became A Victim-yhal/Hart’s stunning new book, The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss, is that it demolishes this facile, self satisfied position, exposing how completely it relies on a straw man account of God for its cogency. Atheism may well be true; a society of secularists might get along just fine without any form of piety. But until those unbelievers confront the strongest cases for God, they will have failed truly and honestly to rout their infamous enemy theweek/
1914/Fears Grow Over Drug Resistant 'Nightmare Bacteria' Cases in Illinois-Rand Paul Reveals to Greta His Personal ObamaCare Horror Story-The Five': Maine Gov. 12 yr olds Should Be Allowed to Work-BIZARRE: Man Admits to Kidnapping 7 yr old, Claims He Has Special Abilities-Issa Threatens Perjury Probe of Sebelius Over 'False and Misleading Testimony-Ex Principal Claims She Was Fired For Protecting Poorer Students fni/What is it you want me to give up? If you want to remain ignorant, that's your choice. All you need to do is ignore my posts. Your responses to most of my posts are quite pathetic, to say the least. You're obviously not interested so why bother? Or if you're begging me to quit posting as I see fit, you're really delusional. Either way if you have nothing intelligent to contribute, find a different thread. Ignorant, that would certainly be you-when you can't show how that's true. Most of your posts in response to my detailed posts are the irrelevant one sentence type that only serve to attack the messenger, all you show is that you're not interested in learning anything from my posts. Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance, Albert Einstein aibafs/Baghdad may appear disastrous when they are in fact progressing through the difficult process of creating a plural democracy in wake of dictatorship, called on U.S. leaders from both sides of the political aisle, and particularly on Capitol Hill in Washington, to make more of an effort to understand the complexities of Iraqi political society. "U.S. congressmen have to have better understanding of the politics, and not look at Iraq in a binary way as Sunni-Shiite-Kurd," he said. "It won't work. I'm a Kurd and a Shiite. Where does that put me in this paradigm? wt-when are the iraqis going to step up to plate and take responsibility for their own security? their expectations that we should still provide support after ten years of commitment is ridiculous-iraq wants support and israel wants support-'please send us money's what it's all about. rbh/
Goracle: five yrs ago al gore predicted north pole ice free thegatewaypundit aipb/Blubber Butt Bully A Ho Chris Christie was only hope to beat Hillary in 2016! To bad GOP! Losers! Last year US spent 350 Billion on new big government surveillance state G W Bush put in place, Because he failed to protect the US on 9 11 ybac/ Oil is 100% organic. I thought liberal maggots said organic was healthy?-Is that why you (RWNJ's) should do everything in your power to stop discredit every attempt to promote alternative energy? Is that what God tells you to do?-wind solar powered cars?!? It will drive up the cost of other things when you libs are done destroying the coal oil companies! Then it'll be "Big Electric", or "Big Solar-just 100% jibber jabber about what a great liberal he is-I can fully understand your intellectual limitations. We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law Edward R. Murrow-I have used the liberal playbook to completely beat you down today. I have pulled your strings and made you dance to my song all day. #1 I can't believe you said that. #2 You didnt really mean that. #3 you are full of crap. #4 accuse you of being a troll #5 ask you for a link to back your claim. # claim everything you say is jibber jabber. You are so blind with you own self superiority you had no ideal that you were being played. It's very plain and evident to everyone on here that you have a deep rooted inferiority complex where you need to get in the "last word". I took these tactics off of a story in PJ Media that was printed last year and guess what, they work. You are proof. You even started foaming at the mouth with your name calling. You called me a Punk, I take that as a personel attack and will contact Pete about it. Now you should stop with this last word and admit you were had. You were defeated by, in your words a punk. The great einstein defeated by a punk. My my how the great have fallen. I know you cant resist answering this post, so keep dancing and I will keep pulling your strings. I am the infidel your Iman warned you about-Nothing in the Constitution requires a baker to bake. However, the Constitution DOES require a merchant in the business of providing goods services to the public, to serve ALL the public without discrimination, As usual, Cons either don't know what the subject is that they're talking about, or else they're erecting a straw man to attack because they DO understand the issue and can't deal with it. Morons or liars, Cons - take your choice-You would be screaming like a little girl if this was President Obama saying the exact same thing. And here comes the IDIOT Libscum TROLL as usual, posting out her ass. Again, retardo, I will tell YOU how I would react to something, if it happened to Obama or someone on his staff. GOT IT punk? Unlike you LIBTARDS, I would wait for the EVIDENCE to come out before passing judgement. If Christie is found to have had a hand in this, then he should get PRISON TIME. If not, STFU and move along, capice?-All that anger. All that rage. Don't you think it's time to kick the meth habit?-aibafs/Israeli Arab leaders ask Israel to accept 1947 partition plan borders as did in 47 You guys attacked along with 7 Arab armies When u waged ur war of extermination" You lost Been sore losers ever since Could Israel put their faith that smiling old men in robes in Tehran wouldn't order missles into Israeli kindergartens living so close? While ppl like lt tecd would compromise their lives the Israelis really mean Never Again ygs/Faux host on Christie: ‘Bridge thing’ ruining coverage of Bob Gates’ Obama bashing-Texas man selling restaurant to save uninsured employee suffering from a brain tumor-Swearing toddler seen in Nebraska ‘thug’ video taken into protective custody-Fox News ‘expert’ on China fails to help O’Reilly take Jon Stewart down-Fox guest slams the minimum wage: Abolish the ‘Black Teenage Unemployment Act-Insane Clown Posse sues FBI for categorizing their ‘Juggalo’ fans as ‘criminal gang-Lawmaker fires handgun in Kentucky Capitol: ‘I am a gun owner… It happens-Oklahoma man killed stepfather with ‘atomic wedgie,-leaked bridge scandal emails: Chris Christie is clueless or a liar-Don’t laugh at Oklahoma’s Satan statue, it’s not harmless-Broun’s ranting over ‘illegal aliens’ exposes ‘what a lot of Republicans think-Warren demands transparency when feds settle claims against big banks-Maddow: Bridge scandal marks the end of Chris Christie’s presidential ambitions-fn Bridge thing’ ruining coverage of Bob Gates’ Obama bashing-Stewart on Christie’s scandal: ‘You can see Paul Ryan’s b*ner from space-Personal ‘toy’ surveillance drones peddled at Vegas Consumer Electronics Show-Take LSD, stay out of prison? Large study links psychedelic use to reduced recidivism raws/Communist Party USA Has Infiltrated the GOP! I Knew It!Rubio is not a Communist. But he may as well be. Did you know Immigration Reform is part of long-standing agenda thespeechatime forchoosing fb/Rep. Who Accidentally Fired Gun In State Capital Urges Gun Safety-could have been a twofer if KY's Sens. McConnell & Randal Paul were in her KY state capitol building as the gun nut fired her loaded weapon-illustrates Gun Ownership = Low IQ. Gun nuts are accidents just waiting to happen. A) Gun ownership is the strongest predictor of homicide in U.S. homes-Armed Conceal carry clown hid behind a wall peering around the corner as 6 were shot DEAD and 15 were wounded!-GOP Has No Empathy: They Need To Be Coached-The 89% white GOP war on 99.9% of America and against all legacy minorities culminates with the first block to extending emergency unemployment benefits alan/
1814/Illinois’s updated “Litter Control Act” will subject anyone who tosses a cigarette outside the trash to criminal penalties. The first offense now comes with a Class B misdemeanor and a fine of up to $1,500. The second time offense becomes a Class A misdemeanor. Three strikes and you’re a felon, facing from one year to three years behind bars and a $25,000 fine rbh/reaction to Martin Scorsese's portrait of Wall Street excess has been comically similar. It's been judged by some critics and moviegoers as a glorification of unchecked greed. But the movie's bad reputation as an orgy of drugs, sex and money (not to mention a reportedly record-setting 506 F-bombs) has also drawn eager crowds. In two weeks, the film has made $63.3 million at the box office and will likely become if not an outright hit, The Wolf of Wall Street" has turned into easily the most debated film in an award season otherwise lacking much controversy, aside from some scattered fact bending concerns-DiCaprio called the film "a biography of a scumbag, should donate all the money he made on this movie to charity for that comment since he financially benefited on the coattails of Mr. Belfort mf/War on Ailes: Random House Prints Slanderous Attack After Two Major CEOs Deny Incident, a window into how the MSM does its dirty work, just one example of a million, but it’s revealing. Here’s the deal: The two most important executives in cable media—perhaps the two most important executives have an argument 18 years ago that allegedly brought out an anti Semitic slur. Actually, there’s nothing “allegedly” about it at all, because both men say that it never happened. Case closed, right? Wrong. bb/Let's dirty bomb the planet!'-Gohmert, because the Obama admin required UN-IAEA daily inspections and Iran already agreed!-Where was the supposed Canadian Ted Cruz really born? He sure acts like an illegal alien. Cruz is so eff'n weird he's gotta be 'one of them!-Cruz boasted that he'd bloviate until 'I am no longer able to stand.' He lasted almost a full hour until his anti gravity boots gave out-Stop the presses! Hold the CuraƧao countdown. Weren't the Vengaboys & Perez Hilton the first quasi Dutch sex workers embarking on a Rocket to Uranus?- Dawkins: Belief In God Is Narcissism-Salon quotes your pro choice Bible's endorsement of family planning via "Numbers 5", etc. By your own admission you depend on GOP TV 'to explain it for me alan/Corker-Warner bill envisages a limited government role that would maintain a government guarantee and wind down Fannie and Freddie over five years. Critics say that schedule is too hasty to plug the hole that Fannie and Freddie would leav-we and the rest of the free world would be in the hands of corrupted politicians, those that will go to any length to destroy the American way of life. those that will put power in the hands of the old monarchy of gold and silver that has caused more bigger wars and more unstable life, the present is not perfect but we as people must move move forward proactively than the reactive interrupters that want to enslave the people for their means. FNF were designed to provide a life line to the system by destroying this semi private public system will benefit one side over the other yfmc/
1714/the enemies of Israel keep killing themselves. Even if Israel bombs them they go right back to fighting and killing themselves-So how does Israel benefit from the turmoil amongst their enemies? After their civil wars are over what is in store for Israel? After all not all Islamist won't die in this turmoil. Tell me what your crystal ball says. Boycotts of Israel have started and will progress, open you Crystal Ball and tell me how that will turn out. It turned out well for South Africa, so, how will it turn out for Palestinians. When you speak, I'm pretty sure it will be the opposite of what you say-The bible says that the enemies of Israel are going to be killed in large numbers. One of those number is 200 million, also says that Israel will have a thousand years of peace after this times of troubles-iapb/First, HIV and the Kaposi' sarcoma virus were initially "introduced" into gay men via the experimental hepatitis B vaccine programs that took place first in Manhattan in 1978, and continued in other cities until 1981 the same year the "gay plague" became official. For details on the connection between government sponsored gay vaccine experiments and the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, Google: AIDS + gay experiment. Second, the "strain" of HIV in the U.S. is different from the strains of HIV found in Africa, where the disease is epidemic among heterosexual black (but not white) Africans. Again, there is evidence tying the African outbreak to vaccine programs sponsored by the World Health Organization. (Google: WHO murdered Africa). It is important to note that the AIDS epidemic first broke out in Manhattan in 1979, not in Africa, where the epidemic did not begin until the autumn of 1982-sure, and the preservative thiomersal causes autism, same liberal urban myth crap, STDs and AIDS are still raging in the gay community because of their behaviors, not because of any experimental vaccines. And heterosexual AIDS in Af-freaka is due to the prevalance amongst the population for anal sex aibafs/Pat Robertson pointed to the cold U.S. weather, that there were no “SUVs driving around in Jupiter, to assert that global warming was a scam created by scientists. “The inconvenient truth is it’s getting cold rbh/

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