Tuesday, December 24, 2013

122413/2014 could be a much better year

122413/Separation of church and state is what the founding fathers wanted for the nation, and we must never allow anyone to distort history to make it appear otherwise. This quotation is a partial misattribution. While the second sentence is indeed something that Jefferson said, the first one is not. See the Thomas Jefferson Foundation's Superstition of Christianity page under Spurious Quotations for details about the source of both the genuine and the spurious quotation.infidels, "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge-Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen-2014 could be a much better year, the choice is yours aibafs/Nativity: Facts, Fictions & Faith-Teen Remains in Psych Ward as Parents Dispute Doctors' Diagnosis-Independent Expert to Examine Brain Dead Teen in Tonsillectomy Case-Man Threatened With Ticket for Washing His Car in His Own Driveway fni/Rubio is Confronted for Accepting $10,000 Obamacare Subsidy/Four Million Low Income Americans Now Have Health Coverage Under Obamacare, 2.1 million poor and disabled Americans were deemed eligible for Medicaid or CHIP in October. Another 1.7 million received eligibility in November-Admin chose to shut down govt rather than defund delay Obamacare not long ago. Yet, here we are cruz-Wingnut Group Seeks Help Rewriting the Bible Because It's Not Conservative Enough Alternet tw/Phil Doubles Down, I'm A Lover...Not A Hater-Duck DINO's sales were 60K units annually until they all grew hillbilly beards like Philander had. Phil says he 'stopped shaving bathing for Luck.' The gullible A&e-Ryan Defends Balancing Budget On Backs Of Retired Military-Corporate welfare queen Ryan's USA Today Op Ed cited by the Moonies Washington Times "reduces the deficit by $23 billion over 10 years alan/dennis takes abuse 4 2 yrs at faux snooze, bo shakes out the weak hands, on stephanie/
122313/bama golfing again this Sunday in Honolulu $7 Million dollar vacation as 15 Million Americans have Health Insurance Cancelled yhal/Deutsche Bank AG (DBK) will pay 1.4 billion euros ($1.9 billion) to settle claims backed debt sold during the housing bubble that preceded the 2008 financial crisis yfmc/ Two GOP attention whores come rushing forth to defend the right of freedom of speech for bigots What is the fuss over duck dynasty, Robertson ? Well we all heard that he made some comments that got him in hot water and the cable station suspended him, why you ask because Robertson said in a manner of words that black folks were just fine and dandy as slaves, the problem was when they tasted freedom Yep, they were singing and a dancin out in the cotton fields according to Robertson. Picking cotton, they were godly and happy. Then he goes on to say the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor because they haven't found Jesus and then of course his hatred of gays. In his own words "They’re full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant, God-haters, Bashir got the axe for saying Palin is full of S*** in a matter of words and the republicans called out for his head, yet two popular voices amongst the GOP are defending Robertson, why ? Well what Robertson is really saying or call it defending, is a doctrinal view about the sinfulness of homosexuality comes packaged with hatred toward gays and retrograde views about blacks and non-Christians. When you get down to it Robertson is saying America is for white Evangelical Christians only, Christians are the people of privilidge everyone else must take a back seat, not been a big turnout of republicans that have condemned Robertson but we have folks like Cruz and Sarah Palin running to defend his rights and saying his suspension was unfair and have gone out of their way ro be seen with Robertson. How do you think this will play out in the elections. The GOP has once again shown its true colors of being the party of old white christian folks. Seriously we really have to ask why Bashir was forced to resign for telling the truth breitbart.com/Big Peace Al-Qaeda Apologizes killing Muslims/Israel slams reports of U.S. spying on prime minister cnn-Poor babies. They can have Pollard in a few more years; say ten. Israel says it doesn't spy on the US. Israeli intelligence knew weeks months that the US was talking/negotiating with Iran and the US had not told them so how did they find out if they themselves weren't listening spying. This was going on before Obama told Bibi-Maybe they were listening in on Iraniapb/American Atheists, Inc. unveiled a billboard with the group’s holiday message on Wednesday, asking why anyone needs “Christ” in their Christmas at all. “This season is a great time of year for a hundred reasons— none of them having to do with religion,” said American Atheists President David Silverman via press release. “This year, start a new tradition: Don’t go to church. You hate it, it’s boring; you probably only go because you feel guilty or obligated. Instead, spend more time with your family and friends — or volunteer. There are better uses of your time and money-whacky X-ians will be complaining about people 'stealing' Jesus dolls from their lawn displays-cIA's World Factbook gives the world population as 7,021,836,029 (July 2012 est.) and the distribution of religions as Christian 31.59% (of which Roman Catholic 18.85%, Protestant 8.15%, Orthodox 4.96%, Anglican 1.26%), Muslim 23.2%, Hindu 15.0%, Buddhist 7.1%, Sikh 0.35%, Jewish 0.2%, Baha'i 0.11%, other religions 10.95%, non-religious 9.66%, atheists 2.01%. (2010 est-theists refused to provide their so called proof of god's existence but it is not had to find their so called proofs online. The first one is always "intelligent design". The claim is that the complexity of our planet points to a deliberate "Designer" who created our universe-Creationists: Evolution Is For 'Gullible' People Who 'Rely On Silly Stories John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research-rbg/o show you how bad the little Greek Island of Rhodes had flooding the end of last month. These people are on their knee's money wise and cannot afford to replace anything. So sad for them. This weather all over the world is totaly screwed up criticalbelievers/ defacating ing every room woman shoots up hubby's love triangle, on supressing erection stephanie
122213/a&e suspended papa duck but at the same time decided to run a marathon of duck dynasty programs... you think it's all a coincidence?-Cannabis and the unique chemical compounds produced by the plant, called cannabinoids, have been at the center of one of the most exciting—and underreported—developments in modern science. Research on marijuana’s effects led directly to the discovery of a molecular signaling system in the human brain and body, the endocannabinoid system, which plays a crucial role in regulating a broad range of physiological processes: hunger, sleep, inflammation, stress, blood pressure, body temperature, glucose metabolism, bone density, intestinal fortitude, reproductive fertility, circadian rhythms, inhibits an enzyme involved in the accumulation of beta amyloid plaque that disrupts communication between brain cells, the hallmark of Alzheimer’s related dementia, signaling choreographs neurogenesis (the creation of new brain cells) in adult mammals and also regulates the migration and differentiation of stem cells, painkilling effects of acupuncture are mediated by the same cannabinoid receptors that are activated by THC. Cannabidiol (CBD), a nonpsychoactive component of the cannabis plant, CBD shows promise as a treatment for many pathological conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression and psychosis. Preclinical studies indicate that CBD can shrink malignant tumors, alter gene expression, improve insulin sensitivity, normalize irregular heartbeat and protect the brain against alcohol poisoning-enenews dead creatures covered 98% 150 miles off california coast, previously 1%-bachman is travelling to benghazi on a fact finding mission-blackhawk crash fort riley 6 killed-Insurance makes a windfall from Obamacrap, they can't lose-Duck Dynasty is a WASTE OF BANDWIDTH. The diversion they represent to appropriate issues is pathetic as are pretty much all terrible reality TV series-in the end they'll likley laugh all the way to the bank over this one-in other dumbing down news, tlc announced a new reality series featuring a mormon with his five wives and 24 children-Scientists cut million year natural process to convert algae into crude oil to about an hour-rbh/By jailing four top officers of Iceland's failed Kaupthing Bank, the country showed the world the right way to deal with the people largely responsible for the 2008 financial crisis-Life was created by Christ. Show me different-Faith, in the search for truth, is a liability-Did you know these poems were changed into music based on 11th, 12th and 13th Century issues similar to those issues of today. Such as the fickleness of fortune and wealth, the ephemeral nature of life, the joy of the return of spring, and the pleasure and perils of drinking, gluttony, gambling and lust, but enjoys all aspects of the season and encourages families to have traditions that highlight the reason for the season, such as reading the biblical Christmas story together as a family newsleader-Republicans frequent casinos-Yes, I knew that. But you left out that they hated TeaBaggers! rbg/WND Exclusive: Phil Robertson The Fluffer” secret revealed, Megyn Kelly spins this breaking story as 'And “The Fluffer” was a white guy too!-Dynasty is Fake! And That’s a Fact, Jack! some interesting news with the world! Apparently, if you have been enjoying the lifestyles of the Ducking idiots on A&E tw/ACA buyers & savers for coverage beginning 1/1/14 includes Boehner, Bachmann, Rand Paul & Rubio's entire family with a 2/3 subsidy. Those GOPtp hypocrites sure folded their lie machine-If you like your skimpy “catastrophic” coverage you can keep it. Or thanks to the ACA, 56% can now buy real HC insurance for $100 per month or less politifact- alan/Charlie Sheen Demands Apology from Phil Robertson, or Face a 'MaSheen Style Media Beat Down, progressivepopulist-Sheen put embattled Duck Dynasty (former?) star Phil Robertson on the spot Saturday night with a boldly written tweet, and called on him to apologize to the LGBT community for his anti-gay comments, which by now you know about, unless you’ve spent the last few days in an underground shelter-Sheen has a problem with the bible-Sheen has his own demon's to deal with too that pointed finger Phil's message has NOT hate is is called spiritual convictions quoted directly from the bible, so this is more about NOT in agreement of the bible, if he has a problem with Phil then he has a problem with a third of the nation who are Christains, he won't change Phil and Sheen won't changePhil, deal with people FREEDOM OF RELIGION-the Faux Libs/Firebaggers (aka, Libertarians) who've gone apesh!t with propaganda about the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). The 2014 version is now in force, as it was passed by both Houses of Congress and signed by the President, Several hundred of my 1,900+ FB friends don't know about the time I spent debunking the Chicken Littles' myths about "indefinite military detention" in December 2011 about the 2012 NDAA-fb/The question that we must ask is whether we are making progress toward the goal of universal peace, or are we caught up on a treadmill of history, turning forever on the axle of mindless aggression and self-destruction? Repression, injustice and exploitation are inimical with peace. Peace is gravely threatened by inter-group fear and envy and by the unleashing of unrealistic expectations. Racial, class and religious intolerance and prejudice are its mortal enemies. The choice is Netanyahu’s haaretz-And U.S. and Canadian Jews want to deny what Israeli Jews OPENLY say about their regime‼ Oy vey-We do not need any special event in order to discuss the release of Jonathan Pollard. We are dealing with it. I am dealing with it, with all U.S. presidents, including President Obama, all the time, including now," he said Sunday at the weekly Cabinet meeting. "We hope that the conditions will be created that will enable us to bring Jonathan home. This is neither conditional on, nor related to, recent events, even though we have given our opinion on these developments. Pollard has dual citizenship. CNN-Poor babies. They can have Pollard in a few more years; say ten iapb/
122113/Westboro Baptists Are Proud Of 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson fb/Four U.S. Soldiers Wounded Trying to Evacuate Americans from South Sudan, the troops that attacked the plane were renegade forces, not government troops tw/ The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." - Mahatma Gandhi/Has This Been Your Worst Year?' Obama Takes Reporters' Questions-He Recited the Bible': Palin Sounds Off on 'Duck Dynasty' Controversy-O'Reilly: 'Duck Dynasty' Star 'Made a Mistake-Mariah Carey Paid $1M to Perform for African Dictator fni/Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline recommended for approval by JRP, despite massive opposition in BC vo/2013 deaths polish : primate Jozef Glemp, Dershowitz. Sued his anti semetic comments, forced to apologize, Carried on the long tradition of anti J rabble rousing, Backed the Auschwitz Carmelite nuns, trying to turn the biggest Js graveyard in Europe into a Christian symbol-Much of Nakba occured before the birth of the State of Israel 1937 1948-My good friend Charlie a member The Iranians who you aplogize for perceuted Mercilessly the Bhai faith members-Did u have a LASPE of memory and forget the Js accepted a sliver of the land promised the rest going to the pals?Did u forget Ben Gurion extended his hand in friendship and peace? Did u forget the pals rejected two ppl's lining side by side in two nations in peace? Instead waged a " war of extermination?" U didnt forget u suckled like a baby, The Js were not accepting a second Holocaust bc one insignificant Irish racist wanted it ygs/
122013/Canadian High Court Strikes Down All Anti Prostitution Laws Alternet-Hundreds Of Students Protest Catholic High School's Forced Resignation Of Gay Vice Principal ThinkProgress-

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