Friday, November 22, 2013

112213/bo plays knockout

112213/saudi Man arrested (( by the state’s RELIGIOUS POLICE) for giving out free hugs independentuk-1841 rule, adopted on the motion of Lott Warren of Georgia, required that “no member shall be allowed to speak more than one hour to any question put under debate.” It passed the House by a vote of 111 to 75—with John Quincy Adams of Massachusetts (known as “Old Man Eloquent” by his peers) among those dissenting. Warren’s amendment, however, only temporarily altered the House Rules. According to Hinds’ Precedents the one-hour limit did not become a standing rule of the House until June 1842. After that, the minority party would sometimes make use of the "Disappearing Quorum-funny how the gop forgets their great 2005 effort to do away with the filibuster-fascist have filibustered Obama nominees 82 times. This isn't democracy, this is thugery and trying to destroy the US from the inside. So many laws to protect minority rights..and the Dems. just did away with the only one in Congress-You reap what you have sown, motherfuckers. And now you get at least a year of eating shit on judges and executive branch appointees. Why? Because you were such unbelievable dickheads for the last three years and the government can't function when a minority of one house of one branch can stall everything, go ahead and pretend that you give a shit about anything. Go ahead and pretend, as your priggish tortoise leader says, that this was about distracting from the fuck-ups of the Affordable Care Act rollout. Please, motherfuckers, please. After filibustering hundreds of bills in Obama's first couple of years, after filibustering nominee after nominee for the last five, you have the stones to act like you're the aggrieved victims here? You got what you deserved. Now, really, go out and try to sell America on how much majority rule sucks as you try to get the majority. Kisses in Hell, Rude Pundit/Election Commission has rejected a bid by conservatives to weaken the campaign finance disclosure law. A Tea Party group had asked for a precedent changing decision to keep its donor lists secret. It said members are being targeted for harassment and intimidation-The Republicans could have done away with in 2005...AND didn't- but only after receiving the same error message experienced by other Americans. The Ohio Republican says the process worked after he tweeted his frustration with the delay, he re-started the process several times, tweeted about it, and about 45 minutes later, received an email from DC Health Link confirming he was signed up rbg/Boehner Successfully Signs up for Obamacare politix-tw/useless GOPers had it coming for their continuous use and abuse of the filibustert to stall the President's efforts to achieve any progress, watch the long list of assholes in faux nooz calling it "bullying" while forgetting who caused and cheered for the government shutdown, Enough is enough-Golden Sun I wonder how long the GOP thought it could get away their nullification strategy?-gop2016 Ted Nugent hates the President and has threatened him so he has adoring fans, therefore Nugent is loved by a circle jerk of idiots-anyone who would vote for an anti American muslim sand nigger not once, but twice, because they believe every fuckin' lie that comes out of his dick sucker. Obama needs to be impeached, put on trial for treason and murder, and then he needs to be executed according to the law for his crimes against America, it's people and for dereliction of his duty as president of the United States of America by not keeping his oath of office-Carney and ABC News reporter Jon Karl got into a heated debate, pressed Carney repeatedly attempting to get him to explain the continued failure of the Obamacare website-jeb, calling himself a "practicing" conservative, but would not reveal whether he will seek the nomination in 16-fb/rmm tray raidle dradle cocain song, on stephanie/tom wilson tx wins election maskeraiding as black pv/wrecking his throat for faux snooze ales, jessie visits, nome helps trying to throw cover on jfk conspiracy like a cat does, kemosabi means fool dick sez he didn't know white folks would tolerate jfk execution, on geraldo Zimmerman had to be acquitted for murder of Trayvon. But clearly George is borderline psycho gun crazy/ jews raid cannanite ruins for 36 hundred yr old wine, on wkok/
112113/Some black families are in a better position to do well. Some still have not cast of the bonds of slavery or the moral values imposed on them by their slave masters. Murder, rape and all the other crimes against humanity can not be ignored because a few ancestors now have better opportunity than they might have had had their great grandparents not been stolen from their families and societies whether it be by other blacks, whites, jews or Indians. We have a black president that has been quite successful in the face of opposition that is determined to make his presidency fail at every turn. Still we prosper-someone" is unloading some stock at these levels-country would have been 99 times better off with a successful businessman like Romney in charge. He made the cardboard cutout Obama look like a complete fool in the debates. The only experience Obama had running anything was his mouth, man, does it show-agonizing for just one penny-Considering BAC has been leading the rest for the past couple of days, it's about time for one of the others to do the heavy lifting-JPM dragging BAC up with it-The Real Slave Bringers, Says it all-Mark Lane interviews several eyewitnesses on film who were just feet and yards from the limo when Kennedy was shot. Many heard a shot, AND saw a puff of smoke from just behind the picket fence-tongue tied already-So grow a frontal lobe and try joining that conversation-beyond my comprehension how a party can be blamed (and I mean both parties, I take no sides) when it's a combined collective of fools from all sides running this country into the ground-Why do most tea baggers come from the states with the highest crime rates the lowest incomes and the most federal supported states?-Here idiot, choke and puke on this: America's Ten Most Dangerous Cities and their Mayors AmericanThinker-ybac/What year didn't the economy to improve over? How about the year Bush left town and Sarah Palin didn't get elected? iapb/dying before our eyes, not with a whimper or a bang, but with a grand unbathed and so apropos whine fest. The central tenets of statism are in free fall, and its beneficiaries, namely those who live off the fruits of other people’s labor, are in a panic for one last round of government handouts before they completely bankrupt the nation wt-jfk-911 hard evidence post snowden world consensus 911- conspiracy theory" or "conspiracy theorist." Weaponised by the CIA in the late 1960s as a device for its assets in the media to discourage criticism of the Warren Report, the term "conspiracy theorist" became a powerful thought-stopper and has functioned ever since as a tool of psychological control. Barrie Zwicker also shares with us aspects of his experience as a 9/11 Truther, offers advice on how to respond to accusations, and gives us his forecast on the mainstream media's coverage of the 50th anniversary of the "execution" of JFK themindrenewed aibafs/Juan Williams Meets Privately With Obama: 'They're in Full Fight Mode-Charges Dropped Against 2 FL Teens After Bullying Led to Classmate's Suicide fni/112013/Rogue 'insurance' providers >Telling customers they've found way to get around Obamacare & still sell "junk" policies-Companies Use Obamacare Confusion To Sell 'Junk Insurance' Georgene Mortimer, who runs a winery and lives in Hilton Head, S.C., was recently having trouble accessing the online health insurance exchange. So she decided to check in with the local insurance-obviously doing something right if businesses want to invest there, GovernorPerry @Forbes so they don't have to pay taxes. And can pay workers a pittance. & unequal pay-It shouldn't be gov'ts job to determine how much businesses pay workers-As soon as you start down that path, 1st signs of Communism Socialism-Freedom from oppression LilCalamityJane but "freedom from oppression BY AN AUTHORITYhypocritical selective regulation!. And being regulated by asshats like you? No fucking way!-Socrates @LilCalamityJane : "When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser- I could argue with this asshat all day. He makes it so easy! He practically (and actually) argues himself. the mental aptitude of a masturbating monkey. It's hypocritical selective regulation dumbass! Protection of Constitutional liberties isn't "regulation." That's fallacious-When your enemy is digging a hole you hand him a bigger shovel!-Italian Island sardinia Apocalyptic' Storm As 17 Inches Of Rain Fall In 90 Minutes ThinkProgress/THE WAY MY TABLES WOULD BE SET EXCLUDING THE LESBIAN TABLE-Never seen anything from the Cheyney family to indicate they think less of a lesbian...just dont agree with gay marriage-Zimmerman's pregnant gf calls 911 after he pulls a gun on her. And you know what that means, ladies...he's single!-You don't get to call people lazy when you're sitting on their work boots and hiding their food-Tea freak cokehead fined less than the cocaine on him cost. Baggers thought Trayvon deserved to die for trace amounts of pot-Limbaugh Mocks an Obese Drug Addict-If you've got a problem with Oprah you've got a problem with me. #BringItOnBaggers-tw/imperial sacrifices blogspot/I have been in contact with every politician here in TN trying to help us also and you are right—they are just too busy. I am looking up on internet all the politicians and newspapers and TV stations in your area starting today. Just MAYBE one of us can be helped. Just a thought-the attorney, i thought would help, just knuckled under to the high power attorney from nationstar.i will talk to anyone about this, someone has to stop them. if t.v. or reporters will help i will talk to them./-Virginia State Senator in Critical Condition After Stabbing, Son Dead-Kelly Takes on Architect of ObamaCare After He Blames Fox News for Website's Failure-Retired NJ Cop Arrested for Distributing Christian Literature at Mall-Fla. Sinkhole Swallows Homes, Pool-ObamaCare Debacle the End of Modern Liberalism?-College Bus Driver Says He Was Fired for Praying With Wheelchair-Bound Passenger-Mom Furious After Son Makes Honor Roll With C & D-Man's Kidney Transplant Canceled Because of Union Strike-Bachmann on ObamaCare Failures: We Predicted This Would Happen-Search Continues for Man Who Fell 2K Feet Out of Airplane-Obama Is Assaulting the Fabric of Our Nation by Changing Laws Without Congress-Cop Should've Been Arrested': Judge Napolitano Analyzes Wild Traffic Stop-Army Officer Uses Evil Twin Defense In Sexual Assault Case-Wounded Vet Overcomes Addiction After Horrific Medical Treatment-Single Mom Lauded as ObamaCare Success Story Now Can't Afford Premiums-Hannity: Will MSNBC Host Be Punished for Vile Comment About Palin?-Billy Graham Hospitalized With Respiratory Congestion-Lawmaker Radel Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Possession-O'Reilly Factor: Why Is the Media Ignoring Vicious "Knockout Game" Attacks? Calls Oprah "Irresponsible" for Playing the Race Card Against Obama Critics-When a President Is Weakened, People Take Advantage-HIGHLIGHTS: Bush Brings Down the House on 'Tonight Show-Air Force Drops 'So Help Me God' From Oaths fni/

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