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9313/rebels admit chemical weapon attack

9313/ #Marijuana grower killed by own booby trap, police say ‏@FoxNews-In a sane world, involvement of Rothschild and Murdoch in this criminal activity would jail them, but money talks, OMG! Israel granted Syria's Golan hts: oil rights to the uber, ultra rich!-fb/Claude Pupkin? Is he related to Rupert Murdoch Pupkin, opportunism stalks. It’s Tragi Comedy-linkis/The “Perfect” Wicked Occupation Facing Syria From an Israeli Bunker, the DMZ runs shiny and new Israeli barbed, high voltage, stereotypical, and despite its glow, melancholy, wire fence. Above all that mess, on top of the mountain, hums an enormous Israeli military post, equipped with dozens of radars, listening devices and antennas. It is far, maybe one kilometer away, but the sound it is producing is like that of a giant beehive. It is really obnoxious stuff, like some cartoon on over militarization; a battleship placed on top of the mountain, this on the N American speculation frenzy-counterpunch shale gas bubble-the barbaric nature of Zionists which is quite clearly well beyond Israel nowadays, international law insolvency when it comes to dealing with real problems, international law what is and what is not allowed within sovereignity framework and if there are any conditions to sovereignity, between various Arab states (note not nations but states) Iran, Israel and western meddling. banking hedge funds robbers and their influence on national governments and international institutions-still shocked that people buy the Sun after the phone hacking scandal, which was directly responsible for the worst corruption of public life for many decades. Not just in politics but also the judiciary and the police service. Even the so called ‘public outrage’ over the treatment of Milly Dowler seems to be quickly forgotten by the masses of dumbed down, uneducated morons known as ‘the public, fake British traits such as the ‘stiff upper lip’, emotional reticence and ‘keeping mum’ is a license for vast public abuse, including horse-meat lasagne, stolen pensions, totally corrupt politics, fantasy news and all the rest that the putrid class that parade themselves on the idiot box promote. The average Brit would rather have their cosy little bubble-life weekend in return for 5 days of abject slavery than live in a fair and decent society, which might cause them some occasional thinking or even having to listen to their own conscience once in a while and make some selfless choices. Heaven forbid-just one day 19 February 2013. Zionist filth assault in West Bank village, Israeli Navy opens fire on fishing boat, Israeli Navy takes prisoner 2 fishermen, Israeli Army troops and dogs invade West Bank homes, beat up youth 17-baby and mother overcome by Israeli tear gas, Israeli soldiers abduct 4 youngsters aged 15 to 17, beat up mentally handicapped youngster, destroys home and farm building, Night peace, or home invasions in 4 refugee camps and 9 towns and villages, 2 attacks, 36 raids including home invasions, 8 beaten, 14 injured, 2 acts of agricultural economic sabotage, 30 taken prisoner, 12 detained, 115 restrictions of movement-Murdoch tweeting away about the wonders of fracking and tar sands shale oil, gutterpress rants about wind turbines being “monstrosities”, while the Times raves about “investment, employment, economic growth and greater energy independence” in exploiting the fossil fuels, enthusiasm for dirty non renewables in the Murdoch press coincides with James Murdoch’s demise-Scallywag magazine, now defunct as you rightly say. Wasn’t that the mag that accused John Major of having an affair with a catering manageress in the House of Commons? And calling on David Icke for support, well, really! I believe he’s the fellow who thinks the Royal Family are all salamanders….or is it aliens from Alpha Centauri?-able to disseminate a lot of valid information regarding many areas of the bubble reality created by those who control the soon to be scrapped fiat money system. The trick with Icke is to understand the the extremely ridiculous stuff may be there as a shield, alternative is that he is a plant who’s purpose is to conflate reality with fantasy, thereby rendering reality unbelievable to the average schmuck-Birmingham planningofterror Mohammed Atta, the alleged leader of the 911 attacks, was a regular visitor to a casino ship owned by ‘crooked lobbyist’, Zionist Jack Abramoff. Anders Breivik, the, er, Christian conservative ‘Knight Templar’ who murdered 88 people in Norway (and if anyone suspects he didn’t have mental problems, please read his manifesto) made lots of money gambling on financial markets, Marc Dutroux, the Belgian paedophile murderer who worked with a number of extremely influential individuals who have not been convicted or tried, has made lots of money during his time in prison, gambling on the stock market. mentioned in articles about Carlos Sanchez (‘Jackal’) or Saddam Hussein; and similar to the way Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google get mentioned in most big news stories nowadays. ‘Get rich quick’!-those men in Birmingham, convicted of planning a terror attack to dwarf 911 (by doing things like, er, attaching blades to their car and mowing people down, and mixing poison, with handcream and putting it onto 1000 car door handles) tried to get money from loansharks as a ‘payday loan, Wonga, the vile company set up by two Israelis, which offers loans at a 4000% interest rate, and which had its knuckles lightly rapped with a feather duster for threatening its debtors and telling lies-More stealing of resources then and Murdoch right in it, is that man infallible, who’s is going to get rid of these tax dodging urchins defrauding our society and system. At what time will it become acceptable to retaliate some more and in kind, up the sanctions and boycotts on Israel, imposed by global disinvestment. Are Israeli assets abroad fair game? What should our proportional responses to such stealing be? what of the gas fields off shore, one next to the Lebanese border and one clearly within Gaza’s territorial waters, already being test drilled? How is it possible that the UN does not interfere in such deals, when it clearly is a breach of agreed statutes?- Icke was one of the leaders of the conservative Green Party, and his public profile was possibly bigger than that of the other leaders, given his recognisability as a former sports commentator on the telly. He was moving towards a position of being the first Green MP in the House of Commons. His constituency would have been the Isle of Wight.-next time we hear about rockets from Gaza, What a ‘period of calm’ looks like in the Occupied Territories Three months after the last major Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip, the “period of calm” is only “calm” for Israel aljazeera-MP George Galloway has walked out of a debate at Oxford University upon finding out that his opposite side is an Israeli, immediately left the discussion session at the university’s Christ Church College, after Eylon Aslan Levy, accidentally revealed his Israeli origins.22 Feb 2013, Christ Church College had never informed him that the debate would be with an Israeli, February 18, Galloway called on the West to “stop supporting the crimes of Israel against the Palestinianslong as Western countries are giving Israel money for weapons, inventing one law for Israel and another for others, how can you expect Muslims to look with equanimity towards a crime of such importance in such a place? presstv-There won’t be nearly as many “Holocaust Survivors” next time-Well it is O.K I gave rights to Syria to drill for hidden nukes in Dimona EEsraell-all thats missing is Larry Silverstein-I don’t think that I will be alone in celebrating if Israel ends up with a 1 megaton fireball over Tel Aviv by either the Chinese or Russians when this latest Israeli driven war of aggression is done. Some day the US will be done, whether the dollar dies or whatever, when that happens, where will that parasite known as Israel get its funding? Whose arteries will they try to sink their fangs in?-2 thousands years of hatred towards them, and it is just growing stronger. HITLER HAD THE RIGHT IDEA-because polly, that would lower humanity to their level, they only use war because it generates more money flow....no one goes thru life without problems, sooner or later the bullies reveal their own fears.. it has taken centries to get to this point, frankly well overdue,..great thread tho linkis- Blair and Kanye West are Prostitutes-Alistair Darling has warned Scots that they will lose diplomatic influence if they leave the United Kingdom. He gives Syria as an example. Syria having been such a resounding diplomatic success for the UK, and the UK having contributed hugely to the successful resolution of the conflict, or presumably craig murray~ not hard to rationalise. The ultra wealthy members of the Gulf regimes continue to act as the West’s proxies in the region and provide harbour to its neo imperialist armed forces, while at the same time maintaining themselves a obscurantist version of Islam which would have horrified Mohammed and breaks virtually every precept of the Koran, particularly as regards treatment of women and of minority religions within their territory In Bahrain the large Shia majority is brutally repressed with active western collusion; in Saudi Arabia the Shia minority in the East is degraded. Iran is the great Shia bogey, and the West is so determined to maintain it as “the enemy” that they refuse the most basic diplomatic openings-I am not convinced that Shia fascists are much to be preferred to Sunni fascists or Alawite fascists or Saudi fascists. None of them are democrats , none believe in freedom and they all discriminate against women-I suspect Miliband has been in touch with members of Obama’s team over the last few days. Dave tried to be Obama’s best mate but Obama simply dosen’t like or trust the ‘fucking lightweight’, although that decription looks a bit flakey seeing the amount of lard he’s been piling on recently-What will it take for the Mugs un power to really open full diplomatic, open, honest,un biases diplomacy, Please let peace prosper. Thanks Craig-I did not intend to imply any preference between Sunni and Shia. I have none. I just am puzzled that Western governments appear to- The Israelis have repeatedly attacked Syria with ‘unusual’ ordnance and it has had very little effect and Syria has not carried out it’s promise of retaliation. Politics is a murky old world best left to the grown ups, Napalm, a.k.a. white phosphorous, as used repeatedly by Israel in Gaza. TV picture clearly show IDF planes deploying it in civilian areas, including a UN hospital, and in areas where there were no IDF troops on the ground, which makes the excuse of it’s use as a ‘battle field smokescreen’ a complete mockery. Presumably Assad will be saying it’s a smokescreen for his troops too..Back to the real world. Co op is looking for a bailout. BofE warns that the governemnt scheme of interest free loans is reinflating the housing bubble (I thought that was the plan?) and is *threatening* the recovery (what recovery?) and the Met can’t catch criminals anymore because ‘the computer said no’. It must be a real hangover feeling after all that exciment of potential “action..Morsi made a number of fundamental mistakes, supported the Syrian Rebels, never opened the border at Gaza as promised, immediately renaged on the very thing that got him elected in the first place; the promise that all laws would have to be approved by the judiciary, used deadly force on peaceful protesters, either a complete fool or a complete tool.-The army does not have the right to remove elected leaders because Ruth or Thierry Masson do not think they are very good-You have to remember, anything that gets in the way of the powers that be….will be REMOVED blacktrianglecampaign Just one more nail being hammered in to the coffin of democracy!, step by step, bit by bit, and in so many ways!-Napalm B has a commonly quoted composition of 21% benzene, 33% gasoline (itself containing between 1% and 4% (estimated) benzene to raise its octane number), and 46% polystyrene. This mixture is more difficult to ignite than napalm.[4] A reliable pyrotechnic initiator, often based on thermite (for ordinary napalm) or white phosphorus (for newer compositions), has been used.[2][4] The original napalm usually burned for 15 to 30 seconds while Napalm B can burn for up to 10 minutes, -/Terrorists in syria uploaded(20. 08. 2013) the video of their crimes and then blamed Syrian Govern, then HOW did they upload the video on youtube page a day before the crime? youtu.be/cO8_eZcZkNE Syrian troops launched a morning offensive to rout Al-Qaeda militants in East Ghouta, Damascus. Mechanized infrantry are utilising artillery and air strikes in a massive assault on extremists who have used the area to launch attacks on communities in and around Damascus. Al Qaeda affiliated media outlets have accused the Syrian’s of deploying chemical weapons. Reports suggest that the accusations are false, a repeat of previous videos which medical experta rubbished. The government has accused thr opposition of attempting to distract the UN inspectors of attempting to distract the mission to investigate chemical weapons use by “rebels”-China, Russia- backed Terrorists in Syria hit Syrian Army with Chinese HJ-8 ATGM and Russian ATGM-Kurdish civilians massacred by terrorists in Syria before the secret meeting between PYD Leader and Turkish Intelligence- Russia postponed the delivery of “S-300″ air defense systems to Syria until the middle of 2014 but give arms to terrorists-FSA Tank Hunter Team armed with Chinese and Russian ATGM-Iraqi Army foils Al Qaeda Terrorists infiltration into Syria and killed 31 terrorists, confiscated a variety of arms including Rockets, Anti Tank Shells, Rifles, Snipers, ammunition and explosives-Freed from Syria Terrorists: France Photographer Recalls Scenes of Torture, Executions-Western-puppet Saudi Weapons Delivered to Al Qaeda in Northern Syria-Are Western powers who support terrorist Christians? Terrorists kidnap Italian priest in Syria-Aleppo massacre aimed at erasing evidence implicating West-CIA Mossad Snipers arrested in Syria/
9213/Clear evidence that Obama and his cast of goobers LIED TO US IN AN ATTEMPT TO PUT US AT WAR. So now the rebels admit the "gas attack" was caused by their improper handling of the chemicals yhal/LOL At lease Bush Got Great Britain to Support Military Action-The Bush administrations Iraq war backing came from trumped-up evidence, fact Jack!-dust to dust the sociophiles have infected the farmers-Are we to forget nanzi pelousy kissing up to Aassad during the Bush Era?-Did he really think he could charm the middle east into peace? What a sad situation when someone is not properly vetted for the job and then actual wisdom and or experience one day is required to perform the duty. Unfortunately swinging golf clubs and making speeches to idiot libtards and taking a plethora of softball questions from late night talk show hosts do nothing to prepare a man for tough decisions. Iraq is in all out civil war as is Egypt. Jordan is on the verge of a meltdown into similar circumstances. This naivete played out on the World stage will only embolden those withe diabolical plans-Why do wingers feel so compelled to fabricate straw dogs and then attack them rather than simply address the substance of a post? Not a single word of my reply above can be construed by any rational person as a defense of Obama, who in my opinion is just one more in a long unbroken line of failed presidents stretching all the way back to JFK. Nobody should trust any politician about anything, particularly when sabers are being rattled, Twas Bush's constant lying about WMD's and yellowcake uranium purchases that suckered the Limey's into supporting him. ROTFLMAO so are you a professor of Revisionist History, or just a passionate amateur?-ybac/2003, right wing victims were slobbering with war fever over Iraq's chemical weapons which did not actually exist, 2013, right wing victims are slobbering with rage that the US might go to war over Syria's chemical weapons, which not only exist but are currently in use, causing them to look like brainwashed, hypocritical drones! Thank God we have FOX News that can explain it to them in ways that they can understand. And, of course, we here at the Foundation for Right Wing Victims stand ready to counsel the confused and victimized right wingers-quoting Clinton is delusional? hilarious. Please don't ever stop. Although we'll allow you occasional conjugal visits with "Chelsea" Manning-Bill Clinton delusions have returned again. Remember in the last decade how hysterical you were over demanding that the US go to war over Iraq’s non-existent chemical weapons? Think hard. Remember posting on internet chat boards about how anyone who didn’t want to go to war over chemical weapons “hated America” and “wanted the terrorists to win, your entire political belief system could be boiled down to two simple ideas: the US had to go to war over chemical weapons and that anyone who disagreed was a “liberal, you believed the word “liberal” was not about big small government but about someone who opposed going to war over chemical weapons. Think hard. I understand that you’ll want to lash out at me for supplying this tough love, but it’s important for you to face reality. Later, we’ll need to discuss how many hours per night you spend thrashing about in a cold sweat murmuring about Bill Clinton. In the meantime, in order for you to overcome your victim mentality, you need to face up to yourself, not Bill Clinton, not Barack Obama: YOU-yc/blackwater in syria, religiousity, on hartmann/ State owned Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. said Sunday that it launched the Amos 4 satellite from a Russian-operated space launch base in Kazakhstan the previous night. Space Communication Ltd., the Israeli company operating the satellite, said the Amos-4 will be operational within two months and will provide video distribution and broadband services to Russian and Asian internet and communications companieslaunched into space the country's "largest and most sophisticated" communications satellite., Yaacov Peri said space related matters are "critical to Israel's security, The Israeli military and Defense Ministry had no comment on the launch-On average, about 24,000 Americans die each flu season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. there's growing interest in shots brewed just for the 65-and-older crowd, and a brand that targets the needle-phobic with just a skin-deep pric. Flu vaccination is no longer merely a choice between a jab in the arm or a squirt in the nose. This fall, some brands promise a little extra protection, vaccines will guard against four strains of flu rather than the usual three. Called quadrivalent vaccines, these brands may prove more popular for children than their parents. That's because kids tend to catch the newly added strain more often, Allergic to eggs? Egg free shots are hitting the market, too. Drugstore vaccination programs tend to charge about $30; expect the quadrivalent versions to be slightly more expensive- _Hundreds of deadly drone strikes have been carried out on al-Qaida targets during the Obama and the George W. Bush presidencies. The vast majority of them have been in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen. It's disputed whether the governments of all of those nations have given the U.S. permission for the strikes apex/Israel and Saudi Arabia have little love for each other but both are pressing their mutual friend in the White House to hit President Bashar al-Assad hard. And both do so with one eye fixed firmly not on Syria but on their common adversary – Iran. Israel's response to Obama's surprise move to delay or even possibly cancel air strikes made clear that connection: looking soft on Assad after accusing him of killing hundreds of people with chemical weapons may embolden his backers in Tehran to develop nuclear arms, Israeli officials said. And if they do, Israel may strike Iran alone, unsure Washington can be trusted iapb/hero Snowden wins whistleblower award in Germany rbg/
9113/I only hate what other countries take from the poor of the US. That's what I 'hate', money sent to foreign countries could benifit the American poor. You or others don't like that, I don't care-March 6, 1836. On that fateful day, Davy Crockett woke up and rose from his bunk on the main floor of the Alamo, and walked up to the observation post along the west wall of the fort. William B.Travis was already there, looking out over the top of the wall. James Bowie was sick in bed, but he was looking out the window. These three great men gazed at the hordes of Mexicans moving towards the Alamo. With a puzzled look on his face, Crockett turned to Travis and said, "Bill, are we, by any chance, having any landscaping done today?-Silly old Jew, profiling goes back to the times of ancient Egypt, Babylon, and ancient Persia-I believe Canada has told the US to fuck-off many times, though rarely when we have had conservative governments in power. This changed on Friday when Ottawa announced it would not get involved in the Syria mess, and it did so before the Brits or NATO decided to stay out as well. Oh, let me add, when on 9/11 Washington was scared shitless, or acted so anyway iapb/49 Responses to “Minnesota Rep Kerry Gauthier(D) Caught Having Sex w Boy 17-Both sides may do it, but the Democrat side is way over-represented. And the media hide it as best they can when done by Democrats, but explode it into the national conversation when it's a Republican. The media are accomplices in the perverting and degrading of our society. And they are about 89% Democrat too-damned demoncrats all think that they are above the law...comes from being slave owners for more than 100 years, and from being KKK klansmen for more than 140 years-University Of Hard Knocks - Formally Known As School of Hard Knockswtf does this have to do with slavery or the KKK you effin retard-That is the democrat trade mark, the originators of slavery and the founders of the KKK.....I guess you forgot to go to school that day dcx-Ann Coulter Democrats do not care about America’s national security told Hannity that the President wants to go into Syria fb/Lapdog Media Learns Nothing, Beats War Drums Again Salon/Massive Nationwide Walkout by Fast-Food Workers Signals Growing Backlash Against Low Wage Employers AlterNet/ Rand Paul Opposes US Attack if It Could "Kill Christians in Syria Raw Story/Republicans already playing politics with war. McRambo and Saxby Shameless both say they want WAR but not limited war, they want unlimited Republican, Bush type war or none at all. When the rank and file Republican House rejects that, Rambo and Shameless will say "we wanted to do something but Obama said no, no, no.". What? Obama wanted to bomb the mofo! Talk about spin! Spin, spin, spin as women and children are being gassed on a daily basis, congratulations for more late term Syrian abortions! Republicans are baby killers!. Good job Republicans-I would favor a surgical strike on the tyrant himself. Drop a MOAB on him please. Of course there is no way to prevent collateral damage in war but I think Obama is looking at targets like radars, planes, military bases etc. I do wish he would add baby murdering assholes like Assad- I'm more dovish than you faux liberals/ against ANY war that the U.S. dreams up nowadays, D.C. is enemy occupied territory these days and apparently has been for decades globalists Illuminati banksters just use D.C. as their puppet and the U.S. military as their strongman rbg/Our enemies are cheering’ after Obama consulted Congress on Syria Joe Lieberman has a disdain for Congress and the risking of his warmonger type agenda, The risk of letting the teabagging Obama haters to have input strikes fear in the hearts of red-blooded imperialistic war mongers- rbn/ beforeitsnews rebels admit responsibility chemical weapon attack, sold out bloodthirsty warmongers should be locked up for crimes against mankind/7 people killed in "clashes" by Morsi's police/ military but 100s shot down, most just randomly selected targets by Washington's proxy military junta rulers in Cairo is not an issue, Egypt's state prosecutor refers ousted President Mohammed Morsi for trial on charges of inciting the murder of protesters israelnationalnews iapb/thinking just one move ahead" of Obama will end any hope he would have for winning the match. The problem is that we will be the big losers and our kids will die along with the people here that get hit with a missile or just another terrorist attack. I certainly hope Congress tells Obama to go play golf and leave running the country to the adults-reasonable concerns about America's course and our place in the world, and then there are paranoid delusions. Your irrational fears fall into the latter category-Not surprising at all, how Cons immediately ran and hid from the very responsibility they insisted they had to have, and how opaquely the local CONtingent simply ignores the whiplash flip flop, Republicans in Congress are running away from responsibility for granting or denying the war powers they insisted that they had to either grant or deny- McCain and Graham said, "We cannot in good conscience support isolated military strikes in Syria that are not part of an overall strategy that can change the momentum on the battlefield, achieve the president's stated goal of Assad's removal from power, and bring an end to this conflict, which is a growing threat to our national security interests, yet they have no one in mind to replace Assad, NATION'S credibility that is now at stake. The GOP has once again stolen defeat from the jaws of victory, just what the GOP needs, another war, how are they going to fund it? complaining because Obama is going to act on his own, then you complain because he following the law. dropping the issue in the lap of the GOP was a stroke of genius, their response will, IMHO, have a huge impact on midterm elections, Forget your meds this morning? Obama conceded to Congress and the GOP promptly stepped in it-did you buy the lies and half-truths that Cheney, Bush, Powell, Rumsfeld provided concerning Iraq, like I did? btw, do you know of any way to get the blood of all those people, including our sons and daughters, off of our collective hands?- aibafs/ fossil fuel fallout from coal is terrible too. That's why 5 Indiana coal power plants just announced they're closing. of 589 ac/

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