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92513/parasites and moochers

92513/Robert Rector says it's time for the federal government to repudiate "policies which promote the collapse of the family. Vast changes are required in a wide range of social and welfare policies, These changes should include reducing the government's financial burden on middle class families with children; reforming welfare to control costs and require work; promoting policies to reduce illegitimacy and thereby improve the quality of life for America's children; reforming divorce law and strengthening marriage; and revitalizing the institutions of civil societywelfare has made marriage economically irrational, a net financial handicap. It has transformed marriage into an institution that financially penalizes nearly all-Sarah Palin, and Dr. Michael Savage in his corner, a one man wrecking machine Destroying the GOP, LIBS DEMS couldn't have done it better!-the reluctant but unavoidable conclusion that he is simply more intelligent, more principled, more right, than pretty much everyone else in our nation’s capital, not just a skeptical journalist’s take. That’s many exasperated Republicans’ assessment of Cruz, playing to the cheap seats and playing to a news cycle that thrills to conflict, bought into the notion that as a true conservative, he’d mimic Ronald Reagan’s success and avoid Bob Dole’s and Mitt Romney’s failures. This rewrites history, ignoring that the Republican nomination doesn’t go to the firebrand and that two Bushes won three presidencies by lofting words like “kinder,” “gentler” and “compassionate,” adjectives no one would ever affix to Cruz-W defends Obama's golf games as President!- Greedy, immoral CEOs cutting hours, getting bigger annual bonuses, and pukes blame Obama!-EVERYONE is too blame except them--yhal/Another Mossad False Flag Event, Is it not amazing to everyone how the Mossad is in the right place at just the right time, and is working to end this violent attack by “evil” Muslims? Come on, now…. Anyone can see that this is just another fraud to push the UN agenda for gun control, and at the same time with the Mossad “conveniently” being in Kenya at just the right time, being used to make the criminal and terrorist state of Israel look suddenly like the “good guys” to the entire world, How did they know ahead of time that this shooting was to take place?) and that the Mossad is working with Kenyan authorities to put an end to this violent attack. THIS alone should alert everyone that this is indeed a staged event, consider the motto of the murderous Mossad: By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War! ybac/hillary said a default on the nation's debt would lead to "some unnecessary self-inflicted wounds that this country does not deserve. We deserve better from our political leadership no matter what party they're in, we're not going to agree to defund health care. We're on the path to beginning the implementation. If they want to shut the government down, that's on their head and they're responsibility, for the first time lead our country into a default on our obligations, that is not just partisan politics that is going at the heart of our credibility around the world-Williamson condemns the Jews, called them the "enemies of Christ" and urges their conversion to Catholicism., claims that Jews and Freemasons have contributed to the "changes and corruption in the Catholic Church, also stated that Jews aim at world dominion, and believes The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to be authentic., denied that he is promoting hatred, attacking the enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that includes Jews as well as Communists and Freemasons-wt cruz playing kamikaze checkers with budget-missouri gov shuts down wingnut senate-Any people who have been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong Kissinger, (1923-for the war on Iraq based on the WMDs, and I even supported it on the basis that Islam needed a severe bitch slap anyway. As for the 95% of scientists who agree man has something to do with climate change, I do understand the premise, because Zombie Jeebus is the biggest lie going for you right now-iapb/Cabana Boy Teddy Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham to make it easier for you to understand, bed time stories, What a clown!-Speaking of IGNORANT CLOWNS, even Dr Seuss was OVER THE HEADS of the AMERICA HATING senate democrats-Republicans haven't been this divided since they nominated the guy who created the health care law they're trying to defund-Much as it pains you comrade, there are still people in this country who believe in liberty and freedom-certainly explains the "fauxibuster". Since it isn't a real filibuster, and won't actually stop delay anything, please tell us all how this stunt does anything substantive-clueless drone. People like you marched straight in to the Gulags without one bit of resistance. You so richly deserve the fate which awaits you-what a maroon, Please elucidate on how providing healthcare inexorably leads to gulags-1930s, useful idiots like you described the Soviet Union as a "workers paradise" and demanded that the US emulate such a system, Thanks to Solzhenitsyn we learned the bitter truth that socialism leads to despotism and the deaths of millions-More tripe-Filibusters don't have pre-arranged end times. It is a fundraising stunt. Pure and simple, he ain't putting his career on the line, he is playing to the base, obvious that you and the Repubs are scared to death that Obamacare will work-we see the very fascist nature of the Left where anyone who dares to deviate from the Party Line must be mocked, ridiculed, and help up as some manner of idiot. All the signs are there for where this country is headed-one could point out that when a Con starts a thread solely to whine about 'the Left Wing', that Con is 'scared shitless' of them-Three weeks ago you guys were complaining that Obama was even going to try to discuss matters with Iran. Now you're bitching that the meeting isn't going to come off. Next you'll bitch when a US Undersecretary meets with the Iranian Ambassador to France or something to get things going at a lower level-I don't see how libs can say this is better. Instead of we're hated, then feared, now we're laughed at-often cites his father as living proof of the American dream. An immigrant from Cuba, Rafael Cruz slaved away as a dishwasher Since he liked to eat seven days a week, he worked seven days a week to pay for his education at the University of Texas, putting him on the road to one day owning his own small business. What Cruz doesn't mention is the next step in his father's American Dream: raising a son who would attend the very best schools in America and look down upon everyone else with a nauseating, unthinkable smugness. GQ, The only people allowed in his presence were graduates of Princeton, Harvard, and Yale, the three "main" Ivy League schools. Talk about an elitist douchebag, I wonder if Teddy Cruz has a 171 IQ?-ABC and CNN headline with Cruz reading Dr.Suess, Anything to diminish his effort-speaking to an empty room for 98% of this STUNT?-political stunt that will certainly get the base to raise their hands in glee, a clown politician-if reading "Dr. Seuss" diminishes his effort, he did that all by himself-if you're going to be a little shit flinging baboon, at least get the shit right-mounted dozens of undercover investigations into illicit cigarette sales without proper approval. It says the agency misused some of $162 million in profits from the stings — including overpaying an informant by millions of dollars, and lost track of at least 420 million cigarettes. the agency's use of "churning investigations," undercover operations using proceeds from illicit cigarette sales to pay for ATF expenses-aibafs/22 american joined el shabazz, on stephanie/izzy the canary in the coal mine upset about iran charm offensive, on geraldo/
92413/THOUSANDS OF “MARTIAL LAW NOW IN EFFECT” SIGNS SPOTTED BY THE TRUCK LOAD IN ILLINOIS-Military Quietly Grants Itself the Power to Police the Streets Without Consent-GET READY! America’s Death Zones: Where NOT To Be When It Hits The Fan-Team Obama Buys 600,000 AK-47 Magazines-FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Corresponding Executive Orders-DHS Insider Warns: “It’s Already Begun. You’re Seeing It Now-O'Reilly: The Real (And Only) Reason Muslim Terrorists Kill-Factor' Confronts Professor Behind 'War Criminal' Attacks Against Petraeus-the Military Under Obama Become 'Hostile' to Christians?-a Struggle for the Soul of the Republican Party fni/ Woman Receives Letter From Dad Who Died in WWIIn 70 Years Later-Dad Gets Forcefully Thrown Out From Town Hall Forum for Asking Education Question-Minister Interrupts Wedding to Scold Photographer-Palin Rips 'Gutless GOP' for Attacking Cruz on ObamaCare fni/If you’re going to commit a hate crime and attack someone, you should probably at least confirm that you’re acting out your bigotry on the intended group of people so you don’t end up looking like a complete idiot in addition to a complete a**hole-Sikhs are not Muslims. Having brown skin does not make you a terrorist. Having a beard or wearing a turban does not make you a terrorist or a Muslim. Muslim is not synonymous with terrorist. Being a racist implies a certain amount of ignorance, but American racists seem to be exceptionally ignorant-right wing False claims are indeed silly at best-Obama lied, and we have time to stop his lie now. Don't just sit there, try to stop Obama before he hurts more Americans. Time to stand up and the liberals do nothing-Osama Obama Kills Over 300 Mexicans-such a Girlie man, he needs a tampon-surprised that * did not attend Soros's 3rd marriage-Stupid is as stupid does-I can't justify why you believe the ridiculous horsecrap that FOX news feeds you-Soros is putting the wrong name on my checks-Brotha Barack's "Hope and Change" is about the ugliest, most malevolent thing that ever happened to this once great nation and people-Ex Royal Marine With A Hand Gun Says 100 Lives!-another FALSE story-Congress And Senate Get Goverment Subsidy For YoMama Care-The rest of us face Tripled premiums with out a government subsidy-tbaggingretardate-The party that spent 6 months lying to the American people about "death panels"?-WILL IRAN GET TO HOMOBAMA'S MANGINA, SO MANY HAVE ALREADY-To be honest, I don't give a rats a&& about quadaffy, what I do care about are four AMERICANS KILLED in Benghazi after their pleas for help were denied. As a Veteran, I cannot fathom that denial of military assistance to Americans in Harm's Way, obammaie just said democracy cannot be achieved by force-you expect us to buy conservative stories on OBAMAcare? Really? the horror stories, when they make up stuff and lie all the time? REALLY. Why do repubs think people are so dumb?-As expected, Joseph G. a.k.a PS will tell tall tales about BubbaCare-If he says it is affordable, it is really Unaffordable. If he says the sun is out, he really means the moon is out-To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!-You had Germans defend Hitler to the very end. their fascist god. Harry Reid sounds like Hitler's (er, Brotha Barack's) most rabid believer-we can in Syria without proof of wrong doing-KENTUCKY FAMILY RECEIVES RATE INCREASE FROM HUMANA DUE TO OBAMACARE-article gives the family name, their location, the name of the insurance carrier and the reasons for the increase, ALL DUE TO THE ACA-Obama: Stoning Gays and Women in Iran is OK-Ryan budget depends on a bizarro universe in which President Obama ditches his beliefs and converts to GOP-Truth about BlackBerry Plan; What’s Behind Chrysler’s IPO; JPMorgan and Citi’s Strife yhal/no solution to the Israel and Palestinian conflict as long as Israeli religious extremes have control. Israel needs to get out of the occupied lands. The Israeli masters of deception roll in a little at a time and build permanent homes USA suffers terrorism, including 9/11, by backing the brutal Israeli occupation that is now in its 45th year-front and center-solution.. Its called BDS.. When Izzy has enough lost business, they may reconsider their criminal behavior. They must be pinched in the pocketbook, the only pain they feel-pocket pain is the answer-NO PEACE NO JAFFA ORANGES-I DEMAND ISRAEL CLOSE HIS MONKEY BUSINESS REAL STATE BUSINESS IN PALESTINe-ISRAEL DEFIES THE WORLD, A POOR CHOICE-COHEN OF SAC CAPITAL OFFERS ONE BILLION TO SETTLE, TO AVOID PROSECUTION-GS GET OUT OF OCCUPIED TERRITORIES-GS SPEWS HATRED BY EXPLOITING WEAK AND VULNERABLE-Derivative are an easy way to hide money, so large losses can be covered up. The SEC does not understand this and they cannot track this. The result is no regulation. It will only take one major, dishonest derivative player to send our financial systems into ruin-traitor GOPhers party leaders shunning Cruz and Rand No wonder the party has a problem of MASSIVE proportions-ygs/spin this exactly from the obamacare law-very concerned as they state fewer docs and more patients will obviously have an adverse effect on all of us. Further, hospitals will cut back on staff,..some big cuts coming at major hospitals. All this so the lazy, illegal, and other parasitic will vote for democRaps. That's it folks, plain and simple "VOTE BUYING"! BAd for Country, very bad for our economy-This market is pure Fraud organized crime nothing more-Warned you over n over trading in bac is organized crime-pretty cut n dry, same ole scam-consumer confidence is a BIG MISS. economy is tanking. Read the signs-Obama Thinks he is a Dictator. No Respect for the American Constitution as Homeland Kenya Burns tulsaturd-If you want to doubt the AAMC and Census Bureau data, Try using some common sense about human behavior-revealed that the very sick may not qualify and be thrown out of network and incur all out of pocket expenses. What a disaster. So far all the University hospitals refuse to participate in Obamacare, hospitals will cut back on staff,..some big cuts coming at major hospitals. All this so the lazy, illegal, and other parasitic will vote for democRaps. That's it folks, plain and simple "VOTE BUYING-such a disaster if you start in on all the lies, corruption and hypocracy he would be forced to resign. Therefore the media remains silent-nothing the democraps can do to cover up for the failure known as obama-Lois Lerner of IRS retires. I like phony scandals where people plead the 5th and retire-haul her back before the house comittee and grill her, get the answers, or put her butt in jail. Keep digging into the corruption and target jugears, with the end game being placing him in GITMO as an enemy of this nation-Put Obama on furlough when the Government shuts down. He won't be able to do anymore damage that way and he will have to pay his own green fees. That's a couple million in tax savings right there!-Kentucky, family receives nasty form letter telling them their health insurance will almost triple due to ObamaCare-chain e-mail purports to give "a few highlights" from the first half of the bill, but the list of 48 assertions is filled with falsehoods, exaggerations and misinterpretations. We examined each of the email’s claims, finding 26 of them to be false and 18 to be misleading, only partly true or half true. Only four are accurate-What do we want?, DEFUND ObamaCare! ybac/Maybe if Chris Matthews was polarized by a chicken #$%$ bonobo supporter the libs might not be in such a politically correct mood. But then he probably has body guards following him around with some of those second amendment hand guns he doesn't want normal folk to have access to-Syracuse NY: "Knockout 'game' leaves elderly white man in critical condition-The game "Knockout, or Knockout King" is also called "Polar Bear Hunting" by African Americans, but it is not a hate crime. Just imagine if there was a game called "Black Bear Hunting, As usual, the story in the Syracuse paper was the typical sanitized pre-fab story referring to the assailants as "teenagers", neglecting, as usual, to identify race. It seems that the liberal media believes that if they deny the existence of black on white crime, cover it up, or justify it, then it will go away. White folks are supposed to deal with and get over it, because to stop it might require more violence-Towel boy is the world's leading authority on under the desk fellatory practices And how to elbow your way to the front of the line-I must insist you also give him credit for all of his fictional as well nonfictional literary works on tardology listed previously-yc/VAPORIZE the EU, What’s Fine for Spain Is Unacceptable for Israel reports from Spain beautifully illustrate why nobody should take the European Union’s pretensions to moral superiority seriously–and especially not when it comes to Israel. Spain is now committing virtually every “abuse” the EU sanctimoniously accuses Israel of, without a peep of protest from its European peers, Spain recently erected checkpoints along its border with Gibraltar that are creating real hardship. The checkpoints have lengthened travel times from 45 minutes to two hours, unlike the Spanish checkpoints, blatantly violate the EU’s open border rules, Israeli checkpoints are perfectly legal under international law, such double standards, and it isn’t “human rights.” It’s known as hypocrisy Evelyn Gordon cm-Sweden, where denying the Holocaust is not a crime. court in the Bavarian city of Regensburg without Bishop Richard Williamson present, appeal was rejected, 73-year-old bishop While still a member of a breakaway ultra-conservative Catholic fraternity, the Society of Saint Pius X Society, Williamson also hit the headlines in 2009 when the then pope, Benedict XVI, later said he would not have made such a move if he had known about Williamson's views on the Holocaust. reversed his excommunication in a bid to bridge a rift with the organisation, was convicted of incitement to hatred after telling Swedish television in a 2009 broadcast that "200,000 to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps" and disputing the existence of Nazi gas chambers. the actual interview took place in Regensburg and it is illegal in Germany to deny the Nazis murdered six million Jews during World War II, Two courts handed him fines, but these were later quashed due to procedural, before a further court fined him €1,800 in January. Williamson was expelled from the fraternity of traditionalists last year after it said he had disobeyed and disrespected his superiors for several years-thehill kerry sign un arms treaty opposed by nra senate-iapb/Obamacare Glitch Leaves Out Kids-Reagan Statue Torched by Vandals-Massive Medicare Changes Coming-Obama Quit Smoking for Fear of Michelle-Vatican Chief Justice: Deny Pelosi Communion newsmax/It's not news that Republicans want to get rid of Obamacare. But they're now willing to grind the government to a halt in order to do it. McCain condemned government shutdown threats, most Americans are really tired of those kinds of shenanigans MSNBC- to preach to Safe Crowds of her supporters. Keep her from having to answer questions abouther corrupton and shoving Obamacare own our throats-Cruz just compared defunding Obamacare to going to the moon, the Civil War, and Nazi Germany. When is this guy going to hit bottom?-fb/gunshots in nirobi police have bad guize american militant teens and women in attacks pinned in supermarket, some have escaped early, filling statiums miley 20 child porn shocker while billy takes the heat, asking wingnut accuses iran of financing 911 hijacker friends eric while endlessly interupting, fighting the good fight on squishy rinos, asked what it feels like to get spanked by bocare not unlike rubio, cruz and rand, jaun defends gently slapping tf out of him, on geraldo/destroying wingnutz, on hartmann/master race white town in nd, gunnutz hoarding, on stephanie/bangladesh workers strike for 100$ higher wage now 38$ per mo, brazilian hackers confuse nsa and target nasa with anti syrian attack message, christian preacher matt hegge ready for end times, on pr/
92313/Let's cut the politeness of pretending that the social wing of the GOP is just into austerity and goofy views on the Constitution. It's about race, as the House's vote to cut food stamps, and let people starve, vividly shows. Only Difference Between a Skinhead Racist and GOP Member Cutting Food Stamps Is Three Inches of Hair-Nuclear Crisis at Fukushima Could Spew Out More Than 15,000 Times as Much Radiation as Hiroshima Bombing-The Average American Family Pays $6,000 a Year in Subsidies to Big Business BuzzFlash/Investigators Say Fracking Air Pollution Is Poisoning Families in TexaWhen residents near fracking sites in Texas, including a boy 15, complained of health symptoms but seemed to be ignored for months by government regulators, startling discoveries about the amount of toxicity surrounding them-More people go deeper into educational debt although the payback is ever more uncertain, especially for women who enroll at a higher rate than men, only to earn less-Obamacare: It's Better Than You Thinkdiscussion of the Affordable Healthcare Act begins in state legislatures this October, many of the long term problems once again rest with the private insurers, as the government has made no real attempt to regulate cost- David Sanger provides no evidence for his assertion that Iran is "just a few weeks" away from building a nuclear bomb, surpassing the gold standard for scaremongering set by the Israeli government Truthout/13 Benghazis Happened Under President Bush and Fox News Said Nothing, Rumsfeld tweeted this missive shortly after the Benghazi incident last year. If one is to judge "American weakness" by Rumsfeld's standards, then he and President George W. Bush are the exemplars of failure in protecting our embassies rbg/-republican run states....they're at the bottom of every measure of success when it comes to creating jobs, happiness, education, name it. And now Scott brags about Obamacare creating jobs in his state?-rbn/ no solution to the Israel and Palestinian conflict as long as Israeli religious extremes have control. Israel needs to get out of the occupied lands. The Israeli masters of deception roll in a little at a time and build permanent homes, USA suffers terrorism, including 911, by backing the brutal Israeli occupation that is now in its 45th year-america needs to give us more money we keep the middle east safe for the world-lets starve the needy in america, so we can support the warmongers, we don't really want the needy in america anyway, they drag on the economy, warmongers are good for the economy-REID CALLS TEA PARTY 'FANATICS,' 'ANARCHISTS-Let 'em bicker amongst themselves, Like little kids, hoping for a government shutdown, The whole country knows who is responsible!-ISRAEL PARIAH PARASITIC ENTITY -parasites and moochers must be eliminated-The more energy Israel spends on opposing criticism, manufacturing its own reports to offset condemnations, and taking less responsibility (standing behind their acts while not admitting their mistakes), the less legitimacy it will have in the world. It will hurt Israel's ability to defend itself and will allow a coalition of rogue groups and the countries that support them to deliver one final blow to Israel. And while war hawks may believe Israel can withstand such attacks, it most certainly will not, a slow deterioration and destruction of Israel, its society, and its integrity, and the absolute and unquestionable victory of those we set out to eradicate. Lepers are indistinguishable to the general population, and Israel is in danger of becoming quarantined ygs/

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