Tuesday, September 17, 2013

91713/texan shootsup us naval shipyard

91713/killers:The horrific mass murder, an epidemic of such gun violence over the last three decades. Since 1982, there have been at least 62 mass shootings* across the country, with the killings unfolding in 30 states from Massachusetts to Hawaii. Twenty-five of these mass shootings have occurred since 2006, and seven of them took place in 2012 More than half of the cases involved school or workplace shootings (12 and 20, respectively); the other 30 cases took place in locations including shopping malls, restaurants, and religious and government buildings, 44 of the killers were white males. Only one of them was a woman-You have a choice pay the bills or don't which actually means raise the default ceiling or don't, If you default the economy will tank and take a lot of jobs with it, the choice seems clear. Raise the default ceiling. If you want to cut spending do that WHEN YOU MAKE THE BUDGET, not when the bill comes due-New York Cops Shoot and Miss Unarmed Man, Hit Woman on a Walker Instead-Anybody who ain't white is AUTOMATICALLY attacked by the likes of Right wingers: Taking STUPIDITY to a Whole New Level, attacks on the new Miss America, calling her a "dirty black muzzie" and other infantile racist names, actually an Indian Buddhist-Racist Libs! psychological warfare, Anybody that wants to ban guns is a racist, loves Hitler & hates J¤¤s-yhal/Jihadists Pray D.C. Naval Yard Shooter Is Muslim-Ah, sounds as if the jihadis and folks such as yourself share similar prayers-/walmart compared to hitler at dc living wage rally-discussing Kant, when their tempers took over and they started to throw punches at each other. One of them pulled out an air gun and fired several times at the other, hitting him with non-lethal, rubber bullets, arrested. He could receive a sentence of up to 10 years in prison, Kant, who died in 1804, renowned philosophical theories, including the concept of the categorical imperative, which defines an absolute, unconditional moral law-iapb/Prison Fight, At Last, a Bright IdeaInstead of accepting the truth of what the federal courts have told them—that there is indisputable evidence that state inmates are being housed in unconstitutional conditions—state lawmakers instead have blamed judges for delivering the bad news Brennan Center for Justice/Shattered Hopes: a biting critique of Obama's foreign policy that explains why his attempt at peace talks in Palestine are doomed/Despite Big Bank Threats, slammed for their damaging mortgage loan policies that target poor and working class people and communities of color with high risk loans, policies that have had a profound impact, Richmond, Calif. approves measure to seize 'underwater homes' in order to write down mortgages and save homeowners Eminent Domain for the People-The HELL with these greedy motherfuckers and the complicit public servantsFuck the banks. And fuck the tools in government who service them regularly while allowing them to fuck everyone else over. Banksters foreclose on your house, kick you out, then let the entire neighborhood fall into blight because they refuse to care for the properties-TBTFs will continue to profiteer off foreclosures until they face consequences beyond slap on the wrist fines instead of accountability with the fraud perpetuated upon home owners seeking loan modifications- Boulder “gets about 1.7 inches of rain during September.” As of his writing Boulder had received 12.3 inches of rain. Based on that he had concluded that the current flood in Colorado qualifies “as a 1 in 1,000 year event. average yearly rainfall in Boulder is 20.68 inches, more than 15 inches of rain has already fallen- TV is certainly covering the event and showing the devastation, but no television journalist is raising the question if global warming played any part in causing (or amplifying) this flood. Any questions are answered by this statement. If we all get together, weep a few tears over the latest victims of climate change, and pretend that we aren't living in a house afire, we'll all come through this OK. Won't we?-Is it fanaticism to declare "wickedness" a problem that will be punished by God? Is it wrong to decry dishonesty, crime and usurpation of power by the rich and the powerful who then make "common cause" in enslaving nation after nation until 164 countries are under their spell, because they know how to cover up "crimes of genocide, murder, and treason and bankrobbery" by claiming now they "ONLY DO CHARITY"?-to destroy the biosphere with poisonous gases, is clearly not a "survival mode" but a "self destructive process" initiated by "SELF DESTRUCTIVE KING MEN" who clearly want to kill everyone on this planet the sooner people start seeing this is as "TRUTH, that is stranger than fiction-the Bill O'Hannity signature still didn't trigger that sarcasm radar- commondreams/Suspected Death Toll Rises From Colorado Floods as Nearly 500 Unaccounted for CNN/RH Reality Check: The Naval Academy rape hearing is so gut wrenching, the woman for whom prosecutors are seeking justice was treated as much (or more) of a defendant as the three alleged rapists/We Are a Democracy on Trial, and the Outcome of the Case Remains Perilously in Doubt BuzzFlash/Truthout: Today's labor camp migrant workers live near a WWII Japanese internment camp, and in not much different conditions, while Congress debates bills that expand the number of recruited workers, lower the legally mandated wage they currently receive and eliminate the current, often miserable housing guarantee-Ukraine's Gay Community Fears Russia's pud Pull/Worse, he was a Crazy Texan. No tellin' what those will do with a gun. He was not a Muslim-ybac/violent media, gun questions, on geraldo/
91613/So, The American Public Doesn't Want Another Middle East War? Ohhh baby, here's comes ANOTHER false flag operation, guaranteed!-Good Riddance Larry Summers, As part of the Clinton economic team, Larry Summers was right smack dab in the middle of the dotcom, bond, and real estate bubbles. Most of those people belong in prison but since they were heavy contributors to Democrats it was just fine. As part of Bobo's economic team, every nickel of the $700 Billion stimulus passed Larry Summers desk for approval with good ole Larry taking a cut off every transaction. Seems Larry didn't like the idea of his finances bring subject to scrunity during any Fed Chairman confirmation hearings-Hundreds of thousands" of enemy combatants maybe, but to you suicide bomb wearing #$%$, the enemy is innocent-Supply your evidence to sheriff andy taylor and deputy barney fife. if that option does not work, then use the whistleblower feature on the sec web site-dumb azze, Im not a musleem, You should visit your Bushes in Church as he and Blaire are spending most of their time there, hugging & kissing the bible and begging for forgiveness because being haunted by their guilty conscience, Hundreds of thousands of innocents being killed because of their action. That include young American soldiers supposedly with bright futures-Treason: Israel Gets Tons of Top Secret Unedited Data from U.S. Government, Officials and Citizens-Contact the us justice dept and provide the people there with your evidence-The Fat Lady is Singing for Duggie & Super-You better stick to rooting for Lard Fatwad Chrissy Sissy Christie and the Sux, Leave the men's sports to the men-Your tard indoctrinators would be very proud. You have been one of their most successful subjects-skinz numbers. Using his numbers, the rate of growth of the minimum wage has been 4.6% per year for the past 75 years. At this rate 4.6% we will be at $1,000 per hour in 110 years.. Any accountant in the bank can compute this for you if you think I am wrong-those people lined up at the counseling offices are leftards-Still needing psychiatric help after Jigolo John Kerry's loss in 2004. You remember that was the election where the exit polls had Jigolo winning in a landslide-Foundation for Right Wing Victims overwhelmed with demand for counselling services!-rightwingersarevictims As everyone can see, you really have absolutely no memory of the years from 2001-2008. Obviously you can not comment on anything at all fro this period, so let's try an exercise to see if we can help you remember. Watch the shiny necklace in my hand and count backward from 10. When you reach 0-When will the Minimum wage be $1,000/hour?-December of 1971, Nixon increased the official price of gold from $35.00 per ounce to $38.00 per ounce, then again in February 1973 when the dollar was devalued again with the official price of gold being increased to $42.22 per ounce-So how would a war of aggresstion against Syria restore credibility? The world may have hated Bush and likes Bobo, but at least the world feared and respected Bush. Bobo is simply a television presonality doing a presidential reality show-yc/Jews can't build an economy on scams, Israel will need welfare forever, 2000 years they have created one scam after another, Now they have their own country built on welfare from other nations. You can't build an economy when you have a nation made up of lazy, unproductive con artists with no viable skills-is the Coors plant anywhere near the CO flooding?-We are a nation of obesity, media brainwashing, credit card debt-Obama has hired more than 100 lobbyists; Even Illegally uses Government Agencies-Frothing at the bung Tea Bagger trash keep spinning lie after lie after lie-Nothing left for walking dead far-right zombies to do but post ludicrous desperation-t Benghazi terrorists in GTMO and try them in a military court-boplans to bring the Benghazi terrorists into the U.S. where they will be appointed to Obamacare death panels. Fox News will break this tonight-report out of one of the southern red states where this Teaparty activist wanted his local firefighter's pensions & benefits cut and decided to quit paying his sate & property taxes in protest. Long story short the dispute is dragging through court...but in the meantime the guy's house caught on fire and the fire responder's after rescuing him and his dog refused to put the fire out, and the house burned to the ground. Moral of the story is you get what you pay (or don't pay for) I guess?- ybac/The Lying Kueer claimed 80+% of Americans want his gun bill-Brotha Barack's LAME response to the new killings-REAL Americans cheer as disasters befall Obama-voting Blue state shyteholes-REAL Americans cheer as disasters befall Obama-Congress needs an enema-Why Obama's Economic Stimulus Worked-somebody please shut this liar up-Obama arms Syrian rebels while attacking American gun ownership-Watch What Harm Shall Be Done By The Sequester, Reverse Keynesian Multiplier-Is Barry bragging about all the $$$$$$$$ he and Michelle has racked up?-SO MANY SHOOTINGS UNDER THIS OBONGO ADMINISTRATION-Typical tard, thinks the government can keep guns out of the hands of all criminals-The Hom⊙ African will rant about gun control-If only someone on the Naval Yard had guns-When someone says "Here comes the Idiot In Chief-I suspect this shooting is a cover to keep elrushbo from sticking it to bozo-I thought el rushbo slimebaugh was sticking it to Dominican republic boys?-voting Blue state shyteholes bad Karma for selling out America causes fires, floods, massacres in Cali, Jersey, Colo and D C-The death rattle of extremist zombies is a welcome sound. As the death throes envelope them, the lies and slander of the walking dead far right becomes more desperate And laughable.-At his end, Hitler came out of his bunker to make noise. Far-right zombies doing same-yhal/12 dead in Navy Yard shooting; 1 suspect dead, 2 sought-DC police chief: 12 dead in Navy Yard shootings-As many as 3 gunmen attack Navy Yard, 6 dead ap/New Egyptian petition: Run, General, run-Kerrick and two other responding officers surrounded Ferrell, who “immediately charged” at the police, Monroe said. One officer tried unsuccessfully to subdue Ferrell with a taser. Kerrick then fired his weapon "several times, striking the individual multiple times. Charlotte Observer, police said initially that Kerrick's actions were “appropriate and lawful.” But a subsequent investigation found the officer, who joined the Police Department in 2011, had "violated the law regarding voluntary manslaughter." Under North Carolina law, voluntary manslaughter is defined as killing without malice using "excessive force" in exercising "imperfect self-defense,there was no evidence Ferrell threatened the woman. Alcohol did not appear a factor in the crash, two other officers involved in the incident were placed on paid administrative leave-what the republicans don't want you to know-Instagram's privacy policy make you afraid to use the service?-so proud to be the first Indian Miss America," the 24-year-old aspiring physician -Colorado Floods Are Being Called ‘Biblical-Four people in Colorado this week already lost their lives in the record-breaking rains and floods that are battering parts of the state, forcing thousands to evacuate their homes-12 dead in Navy base shooting-ap/Rand Paul: Christians Want to Fight Wars for the “Chosen People, criticized “some” Christians who support Israel and the Jews and those Christians’ “overeagerness” to go to war, I think it’s hard to square the idea of a preemptive war. Never. It will never fight such a war. Israel lacks two vital elements. Oil and Islam, the last bunch of wars have been about protecting Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, with some rhetoric about Israel occasionally thrown in to appeal to the voters, Syria. It’s being fought to protect the Sunni rebels and the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Syria. And somehow I doubt they’re the “chosen people frontpagemag-One way to reduce the tensions surrounding the Syrian crisis would be for Israel to also give up its alleged stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. Both Russia and the US are likely to ask Israel to dismantle its stocks, declassified CIA documents suggest that Israel secretly built up its own stockpile of chemical and biological weapons decades ago. This has added more fuel to the lingering complaint of Arab states, who accuse Israel of possessing nuclear weapons, Once Syria joins the Chemical Weapons Convention, only Israel, Angola, Burma, Egypt, North Korea and South Sudan will remain outside the group -iapb/ police are becoming the first point of contact for those who are severely mentally ill, and that is wrong," the chief said. "These people require health care, support, and medical treatment, not the criminal justice system, The police should not, and cannot, continue to be the first point of contact, Lives are being put at risk and we need senior levels of government to step up and provide the resources they are responsible for. mayor and chief vancouver/ Maryland counties join movement to secede, five counties whose residents largely vote Republican and feel under represented at the state capitol, run by Democratic Gov, activist Scott Strzelczyk starting a Facebook page titled the Western Maryland Initiative We are tired of this, We have had enough-If you have to use extra constitutional tactics to get your way, then YOUR ideas suck, in case you never finished 5th grade history, this country was founded as a VOLUNTARY confederation of states, capice?-If you have to secede to get your way, then your ideas suck-Tell that to the Syrians who are trying to over throw their government who Obama supports-Syria has a brutal dictator. Maryland has elections. The two aren't equivalent. In Maryland, Cons simply lose in the marketplace of ideas. Nice try though-The people of MD have just as much right to over throw a government they are dissatisfied with as the people Stria do, as the people of Egypt do to over throw their government who was democratically elected. Look up the word hypocrite and there is picture of you next to it i bet-hardly. The Constitution lists treason as a crime, what happened that last time States tried to secede? If your ideas were any good, you'd win at the ballot box-gloating over a civil war victory. could have just as easily gone the other way. feds had a hard row to hoe first two years-you have to sneak and ram it through like Obamacare-silliness. the general outline was debated as part of the 2008 election, Obamacare was debated for a year, went thru at least 5 Congressional hearings, 176 republican Amendments were incorporated, it was passed by duly elected People's representatives in both Houses, signed by a duly elected President, affirmed by a conservative leaning Supreme Court, and reaffirmed by the 20`12 election, keep pretending it was sneaked and rammed thru-replace them with more crooks-cynic. Perhaps you should get involved instead of whining. That's what I'm doing. I am a candidate for City Council in my community-Even the ones who go in with good intentions 99% of them sells out and if they don't they don't see a second term, Ask Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Jesse Ventura what honesty gets you, Poor Kucinich they redistricted to get rid of him-How DARE anyone suggest that the easy availability of guns might in any way enable gun slaughter-liberals favor gun control and conservatives are against it, just take away all the guns from the liberals. That way, if there is ever a conflict like the 2000 election that cannot be resolved peacefully, the right will win because we will have all the guns-ship yard dead shooter is identified as a Texan-ann nugent arrested with gun at texas airport-aibafs/The audit comes as questions are emerging about how the alleged perpetrator, or perpetrators, of the attack at the Navy Yard in Washington DC Monday gained access to the facility. At least 13 people are dead in the attack, including the alleged attacker, Aaron Alexis, arrested at least twice in the past, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Associated Press reports that Alexis is believed to have used someone else’s identification card to gain access to Navy Yard. It is unclear at this time how Alexis obtained the ID card. swampland/Nance lack of proofreading and a focus on Phil Simms' reportage is certainly not professional: extreme or otherwise-Colorado first state in country to finalize rules for recreational pot, Marijuana must be placed into opaque, child-resistant packages before leaving the store. The packages must also contain a label that lists the pot's potency and any non-organic pesticides or fungicides used in its cultivation-Businesses must follow extensive security requirements, including having a surveillance camera that can document marijuana sales and "the customer(s) and employee(s) facial features with sufficient clarity to determine identity". This part bothers me as it has great potential for abuse, given the spying nature of the government. I've never seen anything like this in a liquor store other than normal security cameras. Whats wrong with just showing an ID, like in a liquor store? This type of thing, along with absurdly high taxes, will keep the black market alive- dp/levin on imus/dana sez putin is strong in the 90's flagfootball with scooter libby trying to outdrink a russian, smirking blunt, fruity putin, whackadoodle bachmann, brain eating ameba in louisiana, robertson aids ring video stays on utube, on stephanie/ tbow offered 1M$ for two games in russia, church bells 10th most favorite sound, on b&t/holed up dc 1-3 gunman shoots 2 cops and 12 others 4 dead in shipyard airport locked down, zion terror attack wet dream, greyson fld agrees with bo, dislikes bibi gasmask gambet, shanker fn freebee, annie revives niggerdly contraversy, co flood bibically accurate? on geraldo not wanting to be stupid or nieve, after bo's accidental triumph in syria/

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