Friday, August 30, 2013

83013/mullah gas sniffers

83013/Children of Palestine, how they celebrate their holidays. young Arab children rejoice as each one clutches a gun, on Fatah's official Facebook page, a masked youth holds up a rifle with chains of bullets wrapped around his neck. Have you praised Saddam Hussein lately?” received 1,440 “likes”, and 111 comments, female suicide terrorists also receive much admiration as four infamous female terrorists are said to be “glittering stars in the sky.” It should be noted that three of these women were female suicide bombers; the fourth led an attack on a bus and is responsible for the deaths of 37 civilians, homage to Leila Ghannam, governor of Ramallah, who was featured in a picture honoring terrorists who killed eight civilians in an attack at the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv in 1975. Ghannam was seen laying a wreath of flowers on the monument of martyrs-How about you stick your Jew settlements up your åss-How about the defeated nomads that you refer to as "Palestinians" get the fuck out of Judea & Samaria, move on with their miserable lives, and stop whining for six decades like a bunch of sniveling infants. Jews don't get their way just because they're Jews, contrary to what your Jew parents taught you-Holy Rollers want you to load up West Bank with thieving Jews, racking up Jew points for the next life-mullah gas sniffers like you want to rid the Holy Land of Jews, you want to be one of haniyeh's 72 virgins-BBC team inside Syria filming for the Panorama program witnessed the aftermath of a fresh horrific incident, an incendiary bomb dropped onto a school playground, The attack left scores of children with napalm like burns over their bodies, a fighter jet dropping the device, a low explosion, followed by columns of fire and smoke. The children victims were described as behaving “like the walking dead-The incendiary bomb incident comes a week after a chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus, which rebels said had killed more than 1,000 people.Video footage posted on the Internet several months ago documented a rebel fighter eating the heart of a government soldier. Rebels have also been documented torturing “traitors, including publicly beheading a Catholic priest who was accused of collaborating with Assad’s regime israelnationalnews- I do not threaten anybody. Earth has a way of dealing with Jews-fair warning. do not threaten jews on this board-if a stupid fat bitch threatens in cyberspace and nobody is there, does it make a sound? Let him pour his hate into a vacuum...deny him the attention he so desperately craves-officials assert that the intelligence will show that forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad carried out the chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus-Syria was using chemical weapons six months ago. Obama ignored it then. He badly wants to ignore it now. Fine. But, it severely weakens the US on the world stage. Putin and Assad are probably as giddy as teenage girls at a One Direction concert, He wrote a check with his mouth that his ass doesn't want to cash. It's that simple, righties didn't want him to make a statement about Syria and red lines in the first place. Like almost all Americans oppose intervening in another arab war where both sides hate us, lefties who wanted to pillory Bush for Iraq aren't screaming to the heavens about the potential for military action in Syria are the true hypocrites. But we already know that from the fact they said nothing when the US was bombing Libya and the coalition it was part of was busy exceeding the mandate it had-they sure as hell weren't on side with Bush, who no matter what else, rid the world of a horrible dictator who gassed his own people...just like Assad is doing-There wasn't any womd in iraq and saddam was relegated to the mayor of baghdad so to call it hypocritical to have resolve to rid the world of present danger over not supporting to that dumbfuck conservative quagmire is a joke. Wanna complain about saddams use in the decade's before the 2003 invasion? Blame the weak and dumb reagan foreignpolicy cia helped saddam gas iran-Saddam gassed 5,000 kurds while the UN funded his regime in violation of its own sanctions. No hypocrites on the left, that's for sure-very much unlike the consensus of the right wing about iraq. Your statement makes no sense. & the ones that are for a strike, let me say it again, more slowly if that helps. In iraq there were NO womd-analysts are wondering if some of this came from Iraq in those mysterious truck convoys just before the war-ispb/gop jackassslapper Hilarious puke denial today as entire GOP party retreats further into mental illness Only one president in the last 80 years took the American economy to the brink of collapse while simultaneously setting new records for vacationing-only a treasonous lib scum would say going back to ones own home is a vacation-Well then why do Pukes complain when Obama goes to Chicago or Hawaii? Neither Camp David nor "w"s fake cowboy ranch were his "home- so what was his home you lying fluck? yhal/NASTY PALESTINIANS, Occupied for over 40 years Palestinians had homes demolished, were ,sent to camp and jails for complaining, had children and women butchered, were ,dehumanized by stopping education,water and sewage, wearing badges and showing papers to israeli occupiers,just to go to work and Israelis have the nerve to say the Palestinians have launched a rocket attack!, we can't relax in a movie or on a bus or relax in a restaurant, THIS ISRAELI CHUTZPAH or WHAT CAN YOU CALL IT, Are Palestinians supposed to surrender meekly to the chosen or are they right to resist this invasion of their land by any means possible. What the hell is wrong with Israeli mentality-Anyone remember the Stern Gang and the King David Hotel. PBS documentary 5 broken cameras if you get a chance, If you thought the Germans and Russians were evil, well you will see who takes first prize when it comes to evil-They photograph well. They even make those weird noises when one of the animals dies. Pal. are born actors-like watching pure evil at work, Shame on the USA for even mentioning Israel as an Ally-people are getting to know yid antics and tactics-Lehi Group, founded by Yair Stern, Colluded with Mussolini and Nazis in WW II And later with the Bolsheviks in 1944, Nothing has changed, ashkes remain the terrorists in Palestine. Under the cloak of the ultra right Eurogeuws-Is what you call complaining, Putting a bomb on a school bus, Shooting up a kindergarden, Poisoning oranges for Euro. market, Pushing a handicapped old man in a wheelchair off a ship (what courage!-WELL WRITTEN PROFOUND POST-Ygs/What's the difference between diarrhea and a tea bagger?-Diarrhea has more substance-diarrhea smells better-NO, your prostitutes mothers blue waffle bbyotch-If you are going to make an argument cant you show a little more class?-diarrhea is smarter-One is tapeworm fare, the other is a tapeworm-diarrhea doesn't die its hair orange and take AK15s to the movies-tea baggers cannot be cured ybac/faux col lies about bo assuming only war can help, badmouthbolan shows zionass, on imus tips hand on faux ads/putin in pink slip painting conviscated, tony sez game over man! mandantory sodomy, sexbox drivein, hayseed questions sequestration and congress pay, cruz playing gop goons, mccstain quiet about reagen arab fetish, kerry speaks, van dyke back on the road, on stephanie/ mike maloy/bradcast/win occupy walmart steps it up/
82913/motherboardvice Leader Of The Syrian Electronic Army? Syrian named Hatem Deeb 19, SEA has said it is waging cyberwar to denounce media coverage of the conflict in Syria they see as being overwhelmingly anti Assad. digg/a child of enormous privilege, the son of a filthy rich war profiteer. During the early part of his career, he helped ruin innocent people while seated at the right hand of Joe McCarthy and played the game of thrones next to his brother in the Oval Office with millions of people's lives, then he suffered a great loss, and became a different man, a better man, and wrapped his new perspective around his enormous power and influence. He stared true poverty in the face, realized how evil the war he helped to start was, and set out to make change with the same hard nosed zeal for which he had become famous, then someone shot him dead in a kitchen. dozens of moments in this country's history when fate turned on its axis in a way that changed everything. Where Robert Kennedy was inspired by Martin Luther King's opposition to the Vietnam War to take the same stance, today our leaders pay homage to Dr. King while planning air strikes against Syria. We need heroes today more than ever, but in the absence of Bobby and MLK, we must find those heroes within ourselves truthout/Will NSA Metadata Be Used to Blackmail You?-Bilk US homeowners of billions of dollars and you get to keep hundreds of millions in profit and declare yourself innocent. However, if you shoplift a toy in Michigan, you face jail time-Louisianans Who Blame Obama for Hurricane Katrina Debacle Are Brain Dead- BuzzFlash/Too Much: Back in Al Capone’s day, Prohibition helped give rise to a rash of epic crime boss fortunes. In our day, deregulation has spawned on Wall Street an entire new generation of fabulously rich racketeers/Time for Civil Rights and Environmental Activists to Join Hands Grist/if not for Emperor Dick "Darth Sidious" Cheney and his daddy's cronies, George W. Bush seems like a good guy-he many atrocities committed by the Assad regime since the start of the Syrian revolution are absolutely unacceptable and the stories emerging from the country are completely heartbreaking. And in fairness, the war crimes committed by the many rebel militias operating in Syria, though lesser in number and intensity, are gruesome and also unacceptable. The recent chemical attacks are undoubtedly a very disturbing development. The 100,000 lives lost prior to these attacks were every bit as precious and the suffering of their families is no easier due to the type of weapons which killed their loved ones-Kim Jong-un’s ex-girlfriend, a singer, was among a dozen well-known performers who were executed by firing squad nine days ago, arrested on Aug. 17 with 11 others for violating laws against pornography-aibafs/nyt opinion bomb syria even if illegal-no wonder they got hacked by the SEA-Sarin. It was co-invented by a Nazi war criminal who wound up working for the US abcnews-what is it about Syrians that makes them so much more worthy than Iraqis?-There is no truly compelling reason to act militarily in Syria except for the fact the empty suit boxed himself into a corner with his "red line". Now, every tinpot dictator with a stash of sarin gas is watching to see whether they, too, will be free to use it on innocent civilians without repercussions-evidence doesn't point to Assad using sarin, just the opposite in fact, Oddly, Israel is backing the attack on Syria. Can there be greater madness? There will be no happy outcome for them. If Assad hangs on, a neighbour who largely left Israel alone, will surely become much more assertive in the region. MB will take power. I may be wrong, but I suspect they will not make the best of neighbours. Even if the MB fighting Assad might have been as democracy luvin' as those in Egypt, they have undoubtedly made power sharing concessions to their al Qaeda friends. The dark clouds that will descend over Israel will block out all sunshine for months, assuming much of Israel survives its own short sightedness, which is far from a given!-ridiculous predictions about Israel aside, as I said earlier, there is no compelling reason for the west to act militarily against Syria. If anything, let al-Qaida and hezbollah rip each other apart there. I'm all for it- radical elements throughout jihadland are destroying each other and Israel has yet to lose a single citizen in all of this. hamas is marginalized and the Egyptians are furthering that marginalization. hezbollah is slowly going broke thanks to Iran's cutbacks in funding. The Saudis and others are more on Israel's side than against it these day because the Saud Royal Family is more worried about jihadists than Jews. Ditto Jordan and Lebanon- Death to sinners. That is the religious message brought to you by YouTube. Homosexuals and adulterers, you’d better start running, plenty of people watched Wednesday as Sheikh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak put his death by stoning show on the digital high road courtesy of the Internet, as defined by his own interpretation of Islamic law, can benefit from a jolly good stoning was running all day until it was belatedly taken down-not gay but believe that the only way to peace is to live and let live. This religion or at least these leaders are clearly a threat to our way of life. I also support religious freedom but not when it preaches this. sunnews-the present process of rampant Sunni-Shia civil sectarian war in rump Iraq, and the totally degraded civil security situation in all urban centers, where citizens are exposed to everything from hostage taking for ransom, to the slaughter of Christians and protection rackets operated by so-called “Islamic defence” gangs on all potential cash-grubbing activities, including electricity and water supply. Attacks against oil pipelines, terminals and production facilities may be attributed by Western observers to an attempt at “hurting the West”, but in many cases the real reason is turf war conflict between militias for protection racket payment by oil producers and exporters. Since early 2013, Iraq's civil war claims about 750 to 1000 lives per month. The rush to war with not a thought of “what comes next” has no excuse. Leaders like Obama have done the impossible by making Russia and China look like “the good guys” and the AK47-toting militia rabbles in Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria seem like “our local allies”. These armed rabbles, calling themselves Islamic are rabidly anti-Christian, rabidly anti Israel, rabidly anti Western, rabidly anti democratic and engage in criminal pillage against local populations-iapb/Veterans Today showing Syrian rebel jihadists loading chem weapons US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chem Attacks, relying on cell phone conversation "intercepted" by Israelis....not that Israel has any ulterior motives in Syria mind, the occasional bombing of Damascus is just their way of saying hi every morning, Syria is winning the ground war with conventional weapons, so it takes a very naïve administration to think they'd bother with cw when they have mig 29 fighter bombers...the timing of the cw attack is very problematic as well...I mean seriously, do it when the chem weap inspectors are landing at the airport? ynok/Dumbo, don't declare any more "red lines, nobody in the world believes that you intend to enforce your threats. They don't fear or respect you, Then you will either have to do something or look like a fool wif yo pants onna ground. But "doing something" just to save face can bumble us all into war. So if you don't mind, just shut up. Thanks, constantly talking about "taxing the rich" and "sharing the wealth", they're usually a Marxist. "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" That's from a letter written by Marx-You wouldn't know a Marxist if he hung you with the rope you sold him, tell me what the House of Representatives has done in 4 years? no immigration reform; no budget; no debt limit agreement; no tax reform; and no Obama appointments. There's been a HELL of a lot of activity to accomplish all that hasn't there been?-congress has been spending our money and figuring out how to legal or in the gray area to take all of our money and pocket it or put it in there off shore accounts. You can guarantee that they have their hands in the insurance scam-They have stopped a lot of left wing legislation. Unfortunately, not enough yc/REPUBLICANTS SIDING WITH IRAN IN THE SYRIAN CRISIS? the enemy within, convert them to soylent green. pigs need to be fed with something, SOMALIA IS THE PERFECT REPUBLICANT PARADISE. PLEASE PACK YOUR SHAIT PUKES! BRING HERMAN CAIN AND LONG D0NG THOMAS AND ALAN WEST, AND DR. BEN LOONEY WITH YOU TO SOMALIA. They can be your diplomats while you settle in the free state of somalia! your cohorts will clean it up. You can bring Republicant Family Values. Bring along Bristol and Sarah Palin and all will be conquered. pukes in Somalia would be like a Zimmerman Army-except for all the black people. They sure don't seem to like black people very much-Banks marked another record profit period in the second quarter, clearing $42.2 billion after expenses, Workers Have Seen a Lost Decade earnings-How do you educate someone who is that ignorant and unwilling to see reality?-You either ignore them, marginalize them or make fun of them, they are either too ignorant to bother with, too crazy to bother with or they are simply trying to troll for replies-are the republicans so stupid?-To be fair they were probably stupid long before they were Republican. The better question is why do Republicans attract so many ignorant, stupid and racist people?-if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. There are OTHER tools at our disposal-yhal/gop attacking the dream bob at dailybeast, gaga helps tsa, stern #3, booker teaches bigots on the twitter being gay didn't matter when it happens, big dog bill sez it's time to push back, a big tahank you for trolls, on bubblegum rap stephanie/wotz the rush? war tv for memorialday, un syrian inspectors finish by weekend, on ed/ 

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