Friday, August 23, 2013

82313/We Razed Arab Villages, So What?

82313/A managing director at Goldman Sachs has been charged with raping a 20-year-old woman in an East Hampton home he rents with his wifeCNBC/Rasmussen Poll shows Tea Party is LOSING support-The truth prevails. The lies fade away. Buh-bye, tea bagger filth. Winger pain. What a joy to behold! Look at the fringe fools cry-the evidence is in-and only fools deny it, Want to know how stupid the right wingers are? Ask one about global warming-It's always been right wing policy to deny facts ybac/claims to be a Christian. Why is he so racist and filled with hate?-Zionist Veteran Admits: Arutz Sheva titled “We Razed Arab Villages, So What?” Brig. Gen. Pundak said that “If we hadn’t done it, there would be a million more Arabs and there would be no Israel, Zionist Supremacists have, therefore, been responsible for the worst crimes and excesses of which they continually accuse everyone else of, from Hitler through to Saddam Hussein, Iran and now Syria: namely, crimes against humanity, their chutzpah is such that they feel free to openly admit their crimes in their own media, confident that the Jewish Supremacists who control the mass media in the West will not give these admissions of guilt any publicity.”IsraelNationalNews-ygs/DUNKED INTO THE RACIST GOP IGNORE LATRINE, accelerated towards the icy waters of the gop racist cesspool at the same rate as newton's apple falling from the tree-Taxpayer cost of housing NYC prisoners last year: $167,000 per inmate, Busloads of Undocumented Obama voters are headed to the North-Arpaio should send them some tents and bologna sandwiches. His expenses are less than $31,000 year per incarcerated criminal. yhal/liz pays 220$ bond, syrian poisioning pictures not pretty childrens eyes foaming, 50 different factions vs al assad, egypt not any better, perry asks for 11B$ for bocare, on stephanie/concord needing a g3 tank, declares ows as terrorists
82213/two decades after they made the nation gawk by forming its first unionized strip club, the dancers at San Francisco's Lusty Lady are hanging up their thongs. The employee owned, co op club will close in two weeks because it can no longer afford its rent. General manager Scott Farrell tells the San Francisco Chronicle , that while the workers own the club, they don't own the North Beach building where rent was $5,500 a month in 2001 but now runs more than $16,000. That's far more than the dancers and their wads of ones can manage. ap/untold stories of World War II, where Adolf Hitler and many other top Nazis including Martin Bormann, escaped to Argentina after the Fall of Berlin in 1945/A university research crew captured a whopping 12-foot Greenland shark from 6,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, unusually warm waters for the cold-water shark, and a first for such a catch from such depths criticalbelievers/Oklahoma Teens Allegedly Kill Australian Student 'For Fun'-"What Part of This Does Your Liberal Mind Not Understand?!" Hannity Schools Guest on ObamaCare- Bank of America Intern Dies After Reportedly Working Three Straight Days With Little Sleep-GA Elementary School Shooter Identified, Front Desk Clerk Hailed a Hero, 911 Call Reveals School Bookkeeper's Bravery, Empathy in Dealing With Gunman-O'Reilly, Kirsten Powers Face Off Over Gun Laws After "Thrill Kill" in Oklahoma-Syria Shows Dozens of Dead Children After Alleged Nerve Gas Attack-Tick-Related Illnesses on the Rise-Syria May Support Rebel Claims of Nerve Gas Attack fni/Gun Control Ad Reenacts Trayvon Martin's Shooting-Either that or armed child stalker Zimmerman had his hand down his pants after the PD told GZ 'Officers are on the way. Go stand by your mailbox- Holder's DOJ & FBI Civil rights review are underway right now for GZ's armed stalking & child abuse of 17 year and 20 day old-Kristol Now Says 'Palin Has No Future-With 59% state disapproval, most Alaskan's feel the same way. “I haven’t been in touch with her in a year or so.” Thanking their lucky Obama stars*Americans 'Angry' That Obama's President, Showing 'True Colors*showing our true colors by rejecting a punk hack who was elected" by 365-173(2:1) and Reelected via 332-206(3:2:) Morons lost 5 of the past 6 popular POTUS votes… ac/Brazil's central bank announced a currency-intervention program on Thursday that will provide $60 billion worth of cash and insurance to the foreign-exchange market yf/according to MIr Bentivolio, the reason you need evidence to impeach the president has nothing to do with the fact that you should have evidence to impeach the president ... it's just that if you impeach the president without having evidence, then the press will turn you into a laughingstock, one little thing standing in between him and his hopes and dreams-The 1%ers are maybe going to figure out that they can't put Americans in debt and live their scam if the worker bees don't have well paying jobs. For years they wouldn't pay wages but were glad to lend you money at high interest that scam has been broken!-Al Gore " Ok so I made Millions off idiots who believed the earth was melting-gore and his filthy family, are blood sucking MAGGOTS-Buffet says to buy BAC-BUFFOON is a phoney carcass, that has lived in luxury off the stupid morons who supposedly believe in a well crafted PONZI scheme-Manchild's VAGINAAA smells like American money, jellyfish, and the blood of christians-spends millions of tax payer dollars on "lobster snacks." ybac/ theatlantic Convicted Murderers for Gun Control Despite the Xanax dulling my emotions, my heart pounded when I picked up the M-16. A surge of power rushed through me when I felt the trigger. I pointed in the driver’s side window ... and squeezed. Arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to a jarring 28 years to life at Attica, I entered prison. For many years I sifted through a host of rationalizations, but today I accept responsibility. I’m sorry for killing Alex, sorry for taking all the life he could have had. With this in mind, I wish to add some perspective to the gun-control debate. My first gun was a chrome .25 caliber automatic with a pink, pearl handle. It was beautiful. But it was a killing machine, and at 14 years old I had the same hole in my heart that President Obama, in a Chicago speech, stated other child killers had. I had no business with that gun. Yet making guns accessible to troubled souls is business as usual in America. Here’s how the game works. Criminals manipulate people with clean records, cash strapped students, vulnerable women, drug addicts, to buy guns for them in states with minimal oversight, like Virginia. The criminal transports the guns to New York, then resells them or trades them for drugs that he’ll take back to Virginia to sell. This was the hustle when I was out in the ‘90s. I’m sure some form of it still continues digg/PRINCESS PRESIDENTS DAMNING FAMILY TIES TO THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD-if and buts were candy and nuts it would be christmas all year round, same asc clowns who called out obama would have called him out for the above, pukes are consistant hypocrites, alway different when puke do it-gw bush avenged the deaths of the 3000 that perished in the 911 attacks by sending 6000 more Americans off to die in Iraq & Afghanistan at a Tax Payer Cost of $1.7 Trillion Dollars... and by doing so created a $40 Million Dollar a year Tax Payer liability for the wounded's health care costs. Yes gw was a superpower of disgrace.-SERIOUSLY? in general, 29% of LA republicans blame obama while 28% blame bush, 42% of LA republicans over the age of 65 blame obama for the poor response to katrina, ohio republicans, 15% of whom believed mitt killed bin laden-Whatever became of the Occutard losers?, Are they still working part-time at Starbucks, collecting foodstamp? Where did the little commie losers go?-It was our side who used G@s in S y ria-Why would Assad decide to use chemical weapons with the UN right there? Doesn't make any sense.-remember whe demorats cried no wmd's-rumsfield gave those to his buddy Saddam yhal/example of the power of chosen owning and controlling the media, only 5% of Americans surveyed were positive Israel was an occupier of Palestinians. About 30% were not sure. About 65% said Israel was not an occupier ygs/ERBB (Debit Card Vending Machines)$100,000 profit on ERBB coming-If one does not have the ability to discuss these issues in an intellectual manner, then they resort to name calling. Why bother. They are going to worship Obama no matter how bad he does. You cannot discuss the issues with liberals. Notice how we are racists, liars, if we don't agree with them-Winger bung-crack lickers: Blue states will always trump red states. Deal with it, and G, Who wants to help trash the message board with more moronic Tea Bagger lies? We needs to show the world how stupid we are by lyingteabagsakkksukkker-“Gentiles Must Perish” Latest Hate Crime Outburst Suppressed by Jewish Supremacist Controlled Media, In past years, Christian sites in Israel have been targets of hate crimes by suspected Jewish extremists. These incidents come in addition to opposed to state moves to dismantle unauthorised settler outposts.The latest example of vicious anti Gentile hatred in Israel, firebombing of a monastery and the scrawling of the slogan “Gentiles Must Perish” on its walls, served as yet another example of how the Jewish Supremacist controlled mass media censors all news transmitted to Western nations. attacks against mosques, which have been linked to the ‘price tag’ campaign of Israeli extremists. This “description” of the attack is the standard version given out to western audiences only “minor damage” to the “exterior of the Beit Gemal Monastery, where the phrase ‘price tag’, Hebrew graffiti on the monastery walls, reading ‘Gentiles perish’ and ‘revenge. was scrawled onto a wall. Initially carried out against Palestinians in retaliation for state moves to dismantle unauthorised settler outposts in the occupied territories, ‘price tag’ attacks became a much broader phenomenon with racist and xenophobic traits Compare it to the version provided in the Beirut, Lebanon, newspaper, the Daily Star. The censored version transmitted to western audiences has had the violent and murderous Jewish hatred stripped out—by the hand of the hidden Jewish Supremacist censors who always try to avoid letting the truth about their real feelings towards Gentiles become public knowledgeOnly a newspaper in Lebanon, the Daily Star, actually carried the facts-Filthy K_kes must pay for their sins against humanity. ybac/Flash Crash? NASDAQ OMX Group (NDAQ) is proving yet again why there still needs to be some human control and interaction over the vast numbers of shares trading each day. The only good news is that this is not the same sort of halt from a Flash Crash, NASDAQ has been experiencing a trading halt in all major NASDAQ listed securities, BATS and DirectEdge exchanges have also halted trading,r The glitch is said to be tied to the quote dissemination system/sentencing of Chelsea Manning (formerly known as Bradley) is a harsh reminder that honesty is not a quality currently rewarded by the powers that be in America, it's punished. Meanwhile, there's been no punishment for politicians who lied to drag us into wars and bankers who profited from crashing the American economy, they're doing just fine-Offshore Fracking Uproar Grows in California In Wake of Report- Army Unlikely to Grant Hormone Therapy Request-when Manning spent 11 months in conditions described by the UN as cruel and inhumane and then those conditions were changed due to public pressure. That same pressure can help commute Manning's sentence to time served Truthout/Warren Reads Riot Act to Holder for Not Prosecuting Big Bank Mortgage Fraud, BuzzFlash /lisa helps stir racial pot, black, hispanic, white gang shooters 15, 16, 17, on geraldo herion antonett shows rational thought works, slap me and call me chelsie, cameroon 350$monkey scam, woman purchases & ingest tapeworm 4 weightloss, lou black flashback only in hd, leathers does weiner and me video, liberal media threatens nbc, on stephanie/ justified shootings jump 300% susan brooks chicago, on pvt/chelsie bradly manning sentenced to 35 yrs request hormone therapy, on billpress/bocare, justice darthchenny daughter jackson hole fishing licence gate or shooting someone in the face style, school clerk saved 800 lives, on ed,
82113/liberal media refuse to investigate the pig that they are responsible for putting in the Oval Office. Americans will be lucky if all freedoms aren't stripped by Obama's thuggery and complicit is the state run media who put him there, Limousine liberals send their kids to public schools? Will they send them to Obamacare physicians? Ah you see where this is going don't you...Limousine liberals are pricing healthcare, education, transportation. They want all the elitist privileges for themselves while the rest of us depend on their lousy government run handouts just to do basic things in life, In a word SLAVERY ybac/How is such victimization possible in the United States of America?! Please God, speak to Rubert Murdoch and call on him to found yet another right-wing media outlet dedicated solely to discussion of this critically important issue! yc/Ex pope Benedict says "God told me" to resign: report ry/Ted Cruz heckled at Obamacare town hall, calls out ‘astroturf’ from Obama campaign/Religions are just myths for ignorant imbeciles who fear death, Duubya is just imbecilic enough to believe all that myth junk, w has decided to go back and finish elementary school ! Good for you George-as the trumps know, data is irrelevant just perception. Ask the no doc loners how they stabilized ameruca and made it rich. Tampon praise ultimately gives way to spite as that will be all the brats have left. The stable solution required critical examination of data but all we have seen is an attempt to talk value into things which requires uniting against critics. All praise the humans, NSA camera increase or decrease the value of a home on appraisal? ROFLMFO. The no doc loners are furious. Even if detroit sells off the DIA, the NSA and CIA remain united. It is hard to make freedom scale forever. Eventually the accumulated wealth creates sociophiles who attempt to demand security. It is much easier to hire a handicapper general than someone who can edify. Spite will replace critica thought in an attempt to talk security into existence ybac/bama promised to kill Yucca as a candidate and the Energy Department tried to yank the license application after his election. But an NRC safety board made up of administrative judges ruled unanimously that this was illegal unless Congress passed a law authorizing it. Mr. Obama then teamed up with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada to stack the NRC with anti Yucca appointees. The Courts are letting Obama know that he Shall Not be King on their watch wsj-a man who has gutted the Constitution by signing the National Defense Authorization Act into law and has empowered himself to kill people in the Middle East without legal warrants or trials. Obama's assassinations are based on "suspicions" of a CIA Gestapo that has betrayed democracy at every turn while compiling an ugly record of Ku Klux Klan-style kidnapping, torture and murder Obama chooses to ignore. Sadly, the prosecution of Bradley Manning has come to symbolize the new fascism that has taken over America. When Judge Lind sentences Manning, the nation's prison population will soar at one stroke from two million to 300 million opednews-It prevented hospitals from dumping patients onto the street letting them die. Isn't that what Libs want with the ACA?-Leave my medical insurance alone. LEAVE the country's medical system alone. Leave it the way it is. In regards to those that HAVE and can AFFORD the health insurance. You mentioned Medicare and Medicaid. Okay, then just OVERHAUL Medicare and Medicaid. Again, no need to overhaul the entire healthcare system when it's Medicare and Medicaid that's fucked up and in need of a good fixing.-aibafs/Al Jazeera America officially came into being, taking sharp jabs at its competitors in the cable news world and promising viewers a different approach to TV journalism. The main message that the promo hammered home over and over again was that Americans were being denied the news they deserved on television. Clips of Bill O'Reilly and Al Sharpton were played, and people in different towns were filmed talking about how underserved they felt. "Americans want wider coverage and more real news yhal/History Channel, which censored the confession by Lt Col Rick Gibney that he shot down United Flight 93, as confessed to Col Donn De Grandprix on the Alex Jones Show and in Col De Grandprix's books. The colonel soon had a stroke and died after reporting this confession-one owner of NBC Universal is George Bush Sr Knight of the British Empire, the Bin Ladens and the German queen of England in Carlyle Group. The same folks sued by 9/11 families for perping the 9/11 Massacres. Coincidence? ut/dealt with Afghan locals. It's acceptable for Muslim business people to lie to infidels on contracts-Sounds like Jews and Goyim-CIA is helping Hezbollah in its fight against Al Qaeda, primarily in Lebanon and Syria. The risk, as he sees it, is that “the Syrian government, which possesses chemical and other advanced weapons, collapses and the country becomes al Qaeda's new haven, supplanting Pakistan, the CIA has drafted its own priorities, and Iran is a second order concern. Al Qaeda is the big game. An Iranian bomb just isn’t as dangerous as a gang of Sunni fanatics with car bombs that blow up Iranian hamlets in the middle of Lebanon, the Obama administration has no plans to take action against Iran and all its rhetoric against Tehran is just that, rhetoric worldjewishdaily-Sudan: Everything is Israel's fault-Lawsuits in Egypt to cut off electricity to Gaza iapb/master racer crow name drops mlk, cruz returning to canada for healthcare, aljeera and cbs dropped in nyc, white shooter talked down by unarmed clerk, on stephanie, h8r sez is a fascist/
82013/the legacy of Charles Koch: We don't have the power to coerce anybody" while providing massive funding to organizations that attack public education, social programs, worker salaries, business regulations, and the environment, refers to himself with words like 'integrity' and 'principles' while saying "I want my fair share, and that's all of it. I want my legacy to be...a better way of life for...all Americans. spent an average of almost $12 million per year from 2008 to 2012 on oil and gas industry lobbying, Over 100 bills introduced in 2013, backed by (ALEC) and heavily funded by the Kochs, seek to drive down wages, benefits, and worker rights. Here is some of Arkansas, local waterways have been filled with toxic chemicals by the nearby Georgia Pacific plant, a likely contributor to the surge in cancer and other illnesses in their community. EPA reported that the Crossett plant released 136,000 pounds of toxic chemicals to nearby waterways, and buried over 444,000 pounds in the soil/widely known throughout the world: "we Jews for the Jews and only for the Jews-imagine the suffering if jews were depending on folks like you for help?the reason jews support jews is that no one else will-the rule in Hollywood (the one I quoted; not yours)-I used a custom spelling for a "stupid Zionist right wing Jew" like you to enjoy-Since English is not your first language, it's not surprising that you would have spelling errors.-The "erreurs" in my spelling are intentional, jewtard. English is my third language, but the almighty has been generous to me, as even as my "third language," I understand, speak, read, and write it better than you do your FIRST "language-World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder praised Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto for being a friend of Jews and of the State of Israel and urged him to lend his support in advancing efforts for peace in the Middle East- iapb/Find Out Why These "God Is Dead" Drawings Are Causing Concern for Parents!-Organizer of Controversial 9 11 March Accused Hannity of "Villainizing Muslims-Preliminary Reports: Gunman Opens Fire in Georgia Elementary School, No Students Injured-Obama's New Math Curriculum Gives Kids Points for Wrong Answers?!-NCAA Blocks Former Marine From Playing College Football!-Supreme Court to Decide Battle Over Prayers at Town Meetings-EGYPT: Mubarak to Be Released From Prison, 25 Policemen Killed Execution Style-Should Couples Sign 'Wedleases' to Avoid Divorce?-Princess Diana Murdered? British Police Investigating New Allegations-Rand Paul on Christie Feud: 'Big Mistake to Say There's No Room for Libertarians'-fni/Man Orders Safe, Discovers 280 Pounds Of Weed Inside hp/Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Henderson County Sheriff’s Department are investigating the deaths of a father and his 12 year-old son who were killed in a house fire that reportedly started after the accidental discharge of an AR-15 rifle, the victim’s wife and mother suffered second degree burns to her arms after she tried to get inside of the back room where the incident occurred. Just hours before the 12 year-old boy had just celebrated his birthday. fon/texan kid killers and their parents, leathers upclose and personal talks porn tryouts first and last,  gen jack sez bo feckless, but wants to arm radicals or moderate rebels, would prefer air strikes but fails to see lebanon parrallels, (amazingly forgetting the power of the drone?), on geraldo still tryinhg to stir the racial pot, disappointed weiner won't be the first jew president.

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