Friday, July 12, 2013

71213/wingnutz using russian propaganda

71213/WHY THEY ARE BEING TARGETED Iran has asked India to settle all oil trade including $1.53 billion owed to Tehran in the partly convertible rupee, India has been paying for 45 percent of its Iranian oil imports in rupees, which has limited international acceptability, and was settling the remainder in euros, as the sanctions hit was halted in February under pressure from tighter western sanctions. Since April 1, Indian refiners have held on to 55 percent of payments as Iran has been exploring avenues, including settling in roubles through Russia, The non-payment was seen as a hidden incentive or a temporary relief on top, nO PAPER FUNY MONEY WANTED rygs/The federal government on Thursday reported a rare surplus of $116.5 billion in June, the largest for a single month in five years. The gain kept the nation on track for its lowest annual deficit in five years. June surplus was due in part to $66.3 billion in dividend payments from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The mortgage giants were taken over by the government at the height of the 2008 financial crisis and are now repaying taxpayers for the support they received yfnm/government using powers that right-wingers stopped supporting in 2008 to spy on citizens, it's clear that right-wingers are victims yet again! yc/this young punk was also drugged up. So much for being a kid. 17 is not a kid, by the age of 10 you should know right from wrong. Where the hell was his parents? if he is such a kid, why was he not being watched? Zimmerman is innocent, if he gets convicted, it is because of fear of racial tension. we are suppose appease the blacks? Just like that Danta punk who shot and killed 2 cops in tampa and fled. Now going thru the system, i say put him in front of a firing square. This country laws are a joke. ybac/ by w rhetoric and his actions. The rhetoric about Saddam Hussein was there early on. He didn't start talking about Al Qaeda until after 11/9/2001 (day month year format). He's certainly negligent, perhaps criminally negligent in failing to protect civilians from terrorism, but he's not the one who plotted 9/11 aibafs/
71113/Other Words: New legislation in North Carolina, a state that has the fifth highest jobless rate in the US, has shaved seven weeks from the federally mandated length of time people are eligible for unemployment benefits/Talk Nation Radio: Gar Alperovitz Points to Worker Ownership as Fix for Broken Democracy Talk Nation Radio/Payday Loans And High-Powered Weaponry: Arizona Businessman Linked to Armed Patrols in Wisconsin Woods tpm/The Sexual Assault Crisis at America's Collegest Salon/ACLU Launches Legal Challenge to Pennsylvania Ban on Same-Sex Marriage wp/US Vows to Rein In Questionable Debt Collection Practices nyt/ Truthout: In the fight against corporate personhood, citizens have the power to defend themselves and organizing against the Trans-Pacific Partnership/State Department Admits It Doesn't Know Keystone XL's Exact Route, TransCanada is not revealing the exact route of the Keystone XL pipeline due to "national security concerns," proving big oil's control over our government DeSmogBlog/Snowden Was Right to Flee the US whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked Defense Department documents in protest of the Vietnam War, explains how the conservative shifts in American policy gave National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden no choice BRAD Blog/Wall Street Rips Off 'The Sting', another hilarious corruption story, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman slapped Thomson Reuters for its brazen practice of selling early access, by two seconds, to its monthly Consumer Confidence survey Taibbi-Five Mind-Blowing Charts on the War on Pot Thanks to the good people of Colorado and Washington, the tide is turning in the War on Pot. But the true toll of marijuana prohibition has been understudied and poorly understood rs/“What we’ve found is that a series of symptoms occur almost universally. They are so common that it’s something of a syndrome,” said psychiatrist Terry Kupers of the Wright Institute, a prominent critic of solitary confinement. “I’m afraid we’re talking about permanent damage.” In the largest prison protest in California’s history, nearly 30,000 inmates have gone on hunger strike. Their main grievance: the state’s use of solitary confinement, in which prisoners are held for years or decades with almost no social contact and the barest of sensory stimuli, California holds some 4,500 inmates in solitary confinement, making it emblematic of the United States as a whole: More than 80,000 U.S. prisoners are housed this way, more than in any other democratic nation.-world's suffered the consequences. Prison should both punish and rehabilitate, and the latter is distinctly absent from this process. wired/reaffirming mitt dog story, on dennis/aisian airliner facts, forbidden to disembark, auto throttle, problematic landings are a crash, on stephie
71013/Hasselbeck Leaving ‘The View’ for ‘Fox & Friends-Bush puppet, an idiot, a moron, an embarrassment to women everywhere. Let her go peddle her prattle on a network that completely agrees with her where there is no room for dissent. She could never argue her point anyway. Goodbye Elizabitch. We will not miss, regret or watch your new show where you rip Democrats and hold Republicans as a beacon for all that is "American." So much for tolerance, acceptance, open-mindedness, intelligence-FBI file on former New York City Mayor Edward Koch detail one of the more obscure chapters of his storied political career: an unsolved plot to paint the then-congressman as a racist by circulating a forged letter, warning the city would become a "ghost town" if voters elected a black mayor, a press conference to disavow any connection, Koch contacted the FBI, suggesting the missives were retaliation for his efforts to increase scrutiny of drug rehabilitation clinics, particularly a Bronx group called the Hispanic Association for a Drug Free Society, or SERA. Koch had written letters urging city agencies to stop subsidizing the group, Any enemy of Koch is a friend of mine, no matter what he does. I'm going to beat (him), and I don't care if I go to jail, 1977 interview. abc/Where the Hell Is the Outrage? How is it that the only Americans who seem to be seething with anger are the beneficiaries of economic injustice and those who are suffering seem strangely passive? Af/ENGHAZI...KAPUT...IRS...KAPUT...ALL SCANDALS...KAPUT...TEAM O'BAMA PREVAILS, Hillary the next president...will go after gop with a vengence-left wing loons want a malevolent tyrannical totalitarian government that sees political opponents as "Enemies of the State, A government that in collusion with the media that they control, attacks any political opponents-Impeachment should be a slam dunk according to your post. When do you think Boehener will start?-Sounds like what a Cheney government would bring us yhal/no Gangnam style rager, but if you tried to cross Bedford Avenue at Williamsburg Street today, you had to navigate what appeared to be an ultra Orthodox Jewish flashmob. Thousands of Satmar Jews gathered in South Williamsburg .throwing money into a circle Controlling the stock the market and ectasy brings joy and coin Dance dance dance-HEADING THE ORTHODOX GANG IS ISRAEL ICE PICK WILLIE ALDERMAN AN TRASATLANIC-Why is this board full of screwed up gutter dwellers who find refuge in racism, anti Semitism and political bottom level discussion?-Pollard release discussed with Israel, US called anti-semitic, belongs in prison and as yet Israeli money cannot buy his release-another mensch caught spying against the land of his birth for money and has the gall to demand sympathy ygs/Palin, on her Facebook page, wondered: Why the flip-flop? Our government, yet again, either had no idea where the boss was, or worse yet, they lied to us, the reason for this deception, she said: “Our government directed its swift ly boat changing denials to what one can only surmise is their perception of who we are: a nation of sheep, heads down, grazing away, gullible, ignorant and undeserving of truth. if you lie on the little things, you’ll lie on the big things-How sad that all you have is innuendo about Obama telling "outrageous tales" about the employment numbers. Deflect all you want, but a million more people are working now than were working 6 months ago-It seems that you believe every silver lining has a dark cloud. It was like that when I got here!-How sad that you have nothing but "prediction" to base your support of the Man Who Would Be King. How many people are still looking for full time jobs, college students who can't find jobs in their field, and numbers skewed because millions have given up even looking anymore. It seems that you believe in fairy tales and butterflies and all things will be well when the Good Witch from the North returns to make all things gold-work to be done? Sure! Point is, this is still good news. But if you insist on whining, tell the Repubs to pass Obama's jobs bill-fairies are mythical creatures. Are you trying to get me to quit responding to you Stupor because if that's the case I'll be glad to do that. I do believe in God and that He is real and lives in the form of Jesus and acts in this world in the form of the Holy Spirit. You are the one that continually brings up God and takes such joy in mocking me for believing-If your beliefs which you proclaim so freely and proudly can't stand the slightest scrutiny, then run away, Go ahead and believe....just don't pretend that any of your assertations about him are valid reasons for making public policy-Russia's U.N. ambassador said Tuesday that Russian experts determined that Syrian rebels made sarin nerve gas and used it in a deadly chemical weapon attack outside Aleppo in March. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin blamed opposition fighters, an 80-page report to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that the Assad regime asked Russia, its closest ally, to investigate the attack, the unguided Basha'ir-3 rocket that hit Khan al-Assal was not a military-standard chemical weapon. not industrially manufactured and was filled with sarin." He said the samples indicated the sarin and the projectile were produced in makeshift "cottage industry" conditions, and the projectile "is not a standard one for chemical use. The absence of chemical stabilizers, which are needed for long-term storage and later use, indicated its "possibly recent production-You justy know that Cons are running on fumes when they have to start quoting Russian propaganda to attack the American President-Russia actually has more credibility when it comes to these matters than Obongo-not running on Husein Obama's Kool Aid and quoting the Huff'n Puff-the only country which benefits from the overthrow of the Assad regime is Israel, plain and simple, Israel has nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons at her disposal and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Israeli "advisors" assisted the rebel vermin in producing sarin nerve gas-aibafs/Geithner is a Fraud. The single most powerful Big Bank Opperative who is managing this Engineerd Crises to its approaching conclusion of Global Receivership. The end game plan of Austerity. Certain Bankruptcy and Recievership can be confidently argued for with ease while growth is always perceived by the wealthy as Risky yfnm/What Issues Do Americans Back Republicans On? They managed to block a number of bills to create jobs even one for veterans. The Republicans also put forth a group of bills that cut taxes for rich people and deregulate a lot of things and pretended they were jobs bills, Filibusters galore. Increasing access to healthcare Proposed nothing and tried 37 times to kill Obamacare which reduces healthcare costs. Their agenda by its very design increases poverty, Millionaires will see tax cuts if the GOP has their way, Voted against Reducing gun violence, Immigration reform Senate will kill this, if not the Republicans in the House will, Add global warming/climate yhal/hannity with hand controllling palin running for congress, on imus/palin considers senate run with hannity, larry defends against wingnut republican,
7913/Capuano’s bill is called the “Let the GSEs Pay US Back Act of 2013, if we do not address the issue of payments not going towards principal reduction then we will have accomplished nothing and the bailouts will represent nothing more than outrageous usury yabk/I guess I've gotten more confident in being an atheist. Every time that someone tries to convince me that God exists or that Christianity is the right path forward, it seems that they fall into that same stereotypical pattern where they think if they throw a magical Bible verse at me that is going to do the trick, or that clearly I haven't read the Bible, which I have, heard all of it before, frustrating when you hear the same arguments over and over. this is what I hear year in and year out, I feel that there is nothing new you have for me rbg/ W. Bush was caught complaining to vice-presidential candidate Dick Cheney that a reporter covering their campaign was a “major league asshole”). However Obama’s “slip” muttering: “God, this holiday sucks! All this national pride **** gets on my nerves, You’d think we’d stop celebrating the birth of the worst imperial power in history –but nooooo…we have to do this flag-waving bull**** every year-Keep on making those "cogent" observations DUHPROGRESSIVE, a satire site- a lame attempt to justify your gullibility. Then again your gullibility, much like your hatred, seems to have no bounds-WHERE would we ever get the idea that a guy who hung out in an America hating church with a filth anti Semite pastor would EVER be capable of such utterances himself? aibafs/Alabama's Jefferson County restructuring plan to wind up America's largest municipal bankruptcy and lock in losses of as much as 70 cents on the dollar for JPMorgan Chase and other Wall Street creditors-unless the people who lent you the money rigged the system against you knowing full well that the debt was wholly inappropriate. JP Morgan didn't give up 70% of their current and future money from this deal because they're such nice guys. It was because JP Morgan pushed bond swaps onto this deal knowing that it would actually increase the cost of the debt with no maximum cost. Had Jefferson County gotten a fixed rate bond and left it at that, they would have been fine but JP Morgan wanted more money and bribed the officials-a petition to make Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” the National Anthem. “It is what is best for this country,” the petition says after asking President Obama to “please” make the change, the petition was 99,432 short. yn/lightening sez zimmy is guilty, hidden order thor, on imus/
7813/Wisconsin Budget Includes $1 Million Taxpayer Giveaway for Well Funded Teach for America PRWatch: Snowden Accompaniment Flytilla to Political Asylum in Venezuela Another Latin American leader aims to help create a new world in which US government's power is limited Truthout:/Krugman: Where Is the Political Pressure to End Our Low Grade Depression?nyt/a Nation in Decline, a Lust for Hatred For many Americans and US institutions, hate has become our highest form of patriotism and a form of eroticism. Truthdig/ Francis said it pained him to see priests driving flashy cars, and told them to pick something more "humble-Brazilian mob decapitates soccer referee after he stabs player-shitstorm earns place in standard German dictionary R/

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