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6413/The real IRS scandal

6413/ZERO Jobs Bills, 400 + Filibusters, 37 Votes To Repeal ObamaCare, That Would Make You USELESS, #SCUM, You Claim You're Conservative, Patriot, Christian But Your Actions Say Ignorant, Selfish, Haters, Boehner Was Allowed To Remain House Speaker Because God Spoke To CULT Republicans, Medicaid Expansion Denial Will Cost States Billions They Claim What Researchers Learned About Gun Violence Before Congress Killed Funding- include deaths incurred by both sides involved in the Afghani war. Had you, your example would have been more like 200,000 dead, including 2,200 military and conservatively 198,000 civilian deaths, compared to Chicago’s 5,000, Look to remedying the vast disparities present in our society between our rich and our poor and closing loopholes in our laws that allow a man like this to easily obtain weaponry of his choosing-IRS Hearing Scorecard: Targeting 7th Graders, Denying the Right to Peaceable Assembly, Giving Donor Names to Opponent, Dems Call No Liberal Groups as Witnesses-Shep Should the U.S. Government release documents found in Usama Bin Laden’s compound?- While You Talk A Great Game About Boot-Straps, Both BUSH & ROMNEY TWO OF THE BIGGEST SILVER SPOONERS THIS COUNTRY EVER PRODUCED-If Dubya & Mittens weren't silver spooners, they'd be collecting cans& sleeping on park benches.No offense to the homeless-EXACTLY ... None Of Those Two Knows What An Honest Days Work Is. Let Alone Sweating a Mortgage, Healthcare, Food, Etc-Top Obama appointees using secret email accounts-The FACT that Racists refuse to accept that HOPE & Affordable HC has reduced Abortions 80% doesn't change the FACT-No Matter How Many Glory Holes Come Up Dry, You Still Line Up To Suck Some More-and take your vile, disgusting, narrow minded, bigoted, science-denying, mental-disorder of an ideology with you.and take your vile, disgusting, narrow minded, bigoted, science denying, mental disorder of an ideology with you-No GOP, you will not starve the elderly and children to pay for "Dubya's" Screw-Ups!-The Government Is Coming for Your Health Insurance Records-tw/problem is the same people supporting gun bans also are glorified cheerleaders for Obama’s assaults on basic civil liberties with the NDAA, assassinating US citizens or detaining them without charge or trial, patriot act, drug war, prosecuting whistleblowers at record levels, prosecuting reporters with a WWI era law at levels higher than all other admins combined, etc. There is a term for that, fascism propublica/ You Can Feel the Fear of the Old White Crackers Here, All IMPOTENT DUMB WHITE HICKS who are no longer relevant-Feeling a lot racist today I'd say that your hatred for whites is no different than the racism of every other variety. Too bad it rules your life-Incorrect Skippy....Hatred of RACIST WHITE CRACKERS, Like yourself-How many times do climate scientists have to be wrong before people stop believing them?-“Scientist ponder why World’s Climate is changing; a major cooling is considered-bama was skeptical about the degree to which China felt bound by the rules-GREAT NEWS: Putin backs BANNING Adoption of same sex couples-USA hussein letting his comrade Maj. Nidal Hasan charged with workplace violence-Science and Global Warming-Climate changes. Get over it-Democrats have no values. That's why they immediately defend Obama no matter what and un American actions, we see have come out of the IRS these past couple of years-Libs are mouth breathing peasants that can't think for themselves. They are idiots and must have a totalitarian dictator to tell them when to pee-They are the current version of German #$%$ in 1930's and Russin Bolsheviks in 1917-nfortunately, most Democrats have the values of your average criminal. It's that bad in this country. It breaks my grandparents' and parents' hearts because the escaped from Cuba. And, look what has happened here these last couple decades. We have a very large and ugly population of people-pukesrpowerless pukesrpowerless Assboil tells you what to think. You must have to stay in bed all weekend. yhal/Black Folk must be demandings reparcations now just like them Isreals peoples done with Switzeland, volfwagongs compony, DimmerBenz Co, BMW and seeamns, itily, Britan, Denmarc, and Norway. It be time for all African Americans to be warded leastest one million dollars each. No moneys no peace as the most reran al sharptoon jr the 3rd say-Maybe black folk should move to Israel and become gews-Sharptoon was misquoted.. he was talking about what some #$%$ in the hood told him.."No moneys, no piece." It was unclear whether "piece" meant one kind of crack or another-People all over the World, have to be questioning if new generation Americans are Mentally challenged. One look at what we have in the White House, it becomes plain to see how badly America has fallen.yc/education minister gets the giggles in parliament A reference to "penetration" in a speech to parliament caused Israel's education minister to burst into a laughing fit that went viral on Tuesday on Israeli websites. Shai Piron, who is also a rabbi, could not get past the first sentence of his address R/Jasper, Texas, police headquarters. Keyarika "Shea" Diggles, 25, was brought to the jail, and Grissom were apparently arguing when Officer Ryan Cunningham comes in behind Diggles and attempts to handcuff her. When she appears to raise her hand, Cunningham grabs Diggles by the hair and slams her head into a countertop. The officers wrestle Diggles to the ground before dragging her by her ankles into a jail cell, resisting arrest for arguing with the officers, a charge dropped-a load of liberal crap, a felonious ex con, made out to be a near angel by the liberal media, accepted a ride from another group of ex cons, who proceeded to kill him. Suddenly it was an instant liberal crusade. same time period, a white woman who was car jacked by a black mutant thug in Illinois was dragged from her own car for nearly two miles to her death nothing from the media about a "hate crime" there, oh no! I bet no one on this board ever even heard the story in the mainstream press-Two pot bellied pigs couldn't put handcuffs on one woman without injuring her? They should remain 'fired', NO cop should be so fat and inept as they appeared to be-Carjacking is a crime of opportunity. Even cops get carjacked-This fat simian mutant obviously had retard strength and had to be restrained as such. These cops deserve a bonus-POLICE STATE enablers are out in full force today. It just so happens they're the same ones who support endless war, genocide, torture and other war crimes. What a coincidence-I will not sit idly by while you refer to peace officers as "pot bellied pigs" or "pigs" is THAT CLEAR?-such hatred... why are you so angered by someone quoting from US Army Field Manual. Why are you angered that someone is pointing out that Manning did exactly what he was supposed to do. And then you shoot the messenger, as if pointing to a liberal college professor changes what's written in the field manual. So here's the question. Did Manning follow the US Army Field manual or not?- aibafs/ informational v information, on stephanie comic standin/@ringoffire mayflower arkansas oil spill, Obama Great Rhetoric, Low Substance-Obama Foreign Policy Echoes Bush-Jefferson Was Right Fear The Bankers Papantonio: Barriers Must Be Lifted For American Voters-Barriers Must Be Lifted For American Voters-Wall Street Insiders Desperate To Destroy Financial Reform -Corporate America’s Go-To President-Reid, Obama Compromisers Killing Democracy -The six Espionage Act indictments during the Obama Administration are a testimony of such controversy. Free speech is tremendously gracious right and a beautiful cornerstone of America and it is being exploited by corporations. The New Republic published a piece called “The Right to Evade/
6313/Liberals measure success by the numbers of individuals to whom they support through promoting and providing easy access to forms of social welfare whereas conservatives measure success by the numbers of individuals to whom opportunity is made available so that those same individuals can provide for themselves and their families-Conservatives measure success by how much of the taxpayers money they can funnel to their buddies. Remember all those massive no-bid contracts during the Iraq war? And then the pukes wonder why we have a deficit problem. Oklahoma is another good example. They say they have no money to spend to put tornado shelters in the schools to protect the children but just hand the big oil companies 200 million yhal/"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. Frederick Douglass part of a wave of education "reforms" across America that have little to do with educational quality. horrendous problems of American prisons, where prisoners are tossed away while being branded as almost non-human-War theory and the Obama administration's new rules on drone strikes-to/One Walmart's Low Wages Could Cost Taxpayers $900,000 Per Year hp/EPA Dramatically Weakens Radiation Protection-Taibbi Why Didn't the SEC Catch Madoff? It Might Have Been Policy Not to rs/Bankers tell Fed they support reduced government role in housing, The guarantor role would put the government in a fourth loss position. in the case of loans gone bad, the government would be on the hook only after borrowers, private insurance, and issuers and servicers, eventually- that so called bipartisan report and I thought that I was reading a document that was written by the same private Wall Street banks that wants to get their grimy hands on the business and profits generated by Fannie, and Freddie-mw/Lautenberg, D N.J., who cast more votes than any other U.S. senator from New Jersey, died viral pneumonia fn/ in search of dangerous storms like the one in Oklahoma Tim Samaras, 'Storm Chasers' reality show star and 2 others, killed in Oklahoma tornado Newsday/ HealthDay the number of adults taking prescription drugs,as the number of children being accidentally poisoned by them has grown/neocon sacrifice?-Netanyahu describes Israel as "the most threatened state in the world." The Israeli Defense establishment recently reported that there are 200,000 missiles and rockets in the collective hands of Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and Hamas that are aimed at every Israeli city. kissed my daughter goodbye, leaving her in Israel. This has always been one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, as a mother. I know that living in Israel is an independent choice that she has made as an intelligent, thinking adult, as I was leaving, there were two national air raid drills, hopes that they would be wise enough to avoid giving Bashar Assad the highly sophisticated, long range S-300 surface-to-air missiles, totally tipping the balance of power in the region and eradicating Israel's qualitative military edge, vis-à-vis Bashir Assad's Syria. Giving the Iranian puppet, Bashir Assad, and its Hezb'allah fighters which it has been long allied with, such a highly sophisticated, long-range missile system would be the ultimate game changer, Which brings us to the most menacing danger to the stability of the region, if not the world: the Iranian nuclear bomb americanthinker/Vinegar cancer test saves lives, India study finds Associated Press via Yahoo! News-Simple vinegar cancer test could save lives First Coast News- cervical cancer Vinegar has proved to be useful as a cheap and effective screening test for cervical cancer bbc/Natural Cancer Treatment - E A R T H . C L I N I C - Holistic Natural home remedies to cure cancer can support and even must do more tests "I LOVE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! It helped cure my husband's cancer! earthclinic/iRS Scandal widens: ** Nearly 500 conservative groups targeted ** At least 5 pro-Israel groups targeted ** Constitutional groups targeted ** Groups that criticized Obama administration were targeted ** At least two pro-life groups targeted ** GatewayPundit/Republicans say they hate waste fraud and abuse, But when Obama tackles white house tours and tax abuse, republicans go ballistic yhal/ Without Republicans the Dems would starve. Without the Rs then who would do teh work to pay for the Dems welfare? If dems were willing to work they would not need welfare. Ever notice that Dems solutions are always for someone else to do more work and provide more for the Dems who are too lazy to work? When Rs move out of a city or neighborhood the neighborhood turns into a ghetto. It is called Republican flight.-SAY the word “welfare” and immediately the image of the lazy Black welfare queen who breeds for profit surfaces in the minds of those who have come to believe the hideous stereotype. It is a myth that persists despite government figures and authoritative studies showing that Whites overwhelmingly reap the lion’s share of the dole. The image of the Black “welfare cheat,” public aid advocates say, is based on misconceptions about poor minorities. The notion, they say, comes from society’s resentment of seemingly able-bodied people getting paid for doing nothing-And f@&#^* Spiderman can beat up Superman.-let us review the true facts. gwb's 2nd term was a disaster and obama's 2nd term will be no better. if not worse. it all starts with a balanced budget and 1 term senators, reps, and presidency. 6yrs. and they are out. no re election campaigns nor fat retirement pensions. jmho bucko-GOP, has sunk to the level of its' worst constituents. Lincoln and Eisenhower would be switching parties as Dole has pointed out-There are blues in Red states you dummy. Blacks receive the money-Incorrect. The bulk of public assistance goes to RED states...not blue states. Without Repubs, the world would continue on without even blinking an eye. Though the elimination of that many hypocrites would be quite nice.-How about we eliminate all welfare? THis is where the blues flop on the issue becuae they all have a half brother on welfare-You illiterate dumbazz-Were you playing a banjo when you wrote that? Sure sounded like it. LOL-Were you rapping and shooting hoops when you wrote that? Do your kids go to school hungry while you spend money on tattoos and limited edition kicks? ybac/The Scalar Wave cannot be explained by the conventional physics. But it does not mean that it cannot exist. Maybe the science of mankind is still like the vision of the "frog in the well"-superduperrichsob my wife will be 37 in few weeks Not only is isshe freakin hot she still has the body of like a 25 yr old. Perky tatas too. I often wonder how she stays so sexy. It comes down to a few keys life ingredients...loves her family, eats healthy, exercises and live a very conservative lifestyle. Ever notice lib chicks? They are fat, abort babies like its fun to do, and they eat the worst #$%$ possible-I love your wife's tatas .. I sucked on them last night while I buried my Johnson in her stink star. She came like a wet teenager. When I was done with her, the whole house stunk like an overflowing toilet on a tuna troller. She said she hated her uptight husband's little GOP pud. She said having sex with a conservative was like being dry humped by a eunuch dwarf. I bet you are a short, fat, balding loser-According to our records It looks like you vote Republican The medical procedure you need will be denied at this time.-morphed into pre WW2 Germany Bankers controlling the government, squeezing the middle-class at every chance. We know how it ends. It is hard to believe Americans have allowed this to happen. We need politicians that will end the "Fed", dissolve the IRS, IMMEDIATELY disband and unarm the brown shirts, er meant the DHS and refuse to pay back the debt to the ultra rich-I worked for the Federal governments once. It was that, jail, I was a soldier and did what I was asked to do. They used us and threw us away when they were through. Home of the Brave and the Red White and Blue is a load of #$%$.yc/Jews trying to justify their actions can't win, Germany laughs at them. Hypocrites. Took them 10 years after the holocaust to copy the third reich. Only they are not as good-ussr Body Count 58,627,000 1922-1991 (69 years)The body count only covers the years 1923-1987 (Rummel 1996)-Guess what group was in charge of these murders Sue tribe-An unidentified country has agreed to take in 35,000 Eritreans are currently in Israel. Returning them to their homeland, a reclusive state accused Eritrean illegal immigrants living in Israel, many of the 60,000 African migrants who have walked into Israel from Egypt should be considered for asylum. Israel regards most of them as illegal job seekers, and a national debate on deporting them has stirred strong emotions in a Jewish state founded by war refugees and immigrants, local media speculated that the statement was a tactic to forestall any court moves to release migrants detained for long periods. spins to survive? Jeffrey Heller r ygs/Kristinâ story of boy to woman explores the tangled emotions of the transgender experience and opens up a new dialogue about being male or female: Is gender merely between your legs or is it something much bigger? I wonder if the Pentagon got a look at this, Chris Beck played high school football. He bought a motorcycle, much to his mother's dismay, at age 17. He grew up to become a U.S. Navy SEAL, serving our country for twenty years on thirteen deployments, including seven combat deployments, and ultimately earned a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. To everyone who saw him, he was a hero. a girl in a man'z body, A warrior. A a secret, one that had been buried deep inside his heart since he was a little boy one as hidden as the panty hose in the back of his drawer. He was transgender, and the woman inside needed to get out, a fight that requires the strength of a Warrior Princess-Issa Demands Hearings Into Why No One Listens to Him-a TRUE American hero acting on GOOD morals and conscience to expose war crimes, human rights abuses. He is a modern American hero who acted morally so that the American people could SEE what their government was doing ILLEGALLY ... acting in good moral conscience as you would expect ANY American hero to operate to expose American government crimes/wrongdoing that the government was trying to keep secret from the American people. He has already admitted guilt in a plea bargain for numerous offenses and that has landed him 17 years in prison, trial for Bradly Manning starts today. May he have a good defense, the grounds for this aiding the enemy are so flimsy and had to be built painstakingly, he embarrassed the US, exposed war crimes and human rights abuses, THAT is more accurate, aiding the enemy is a blatant lie -rbn/in greece, clitoris means divine and goddess like fb/ rogues are leading the witch hunts against President Obama instead of legislating for jobs, the economy, or anything of any value — though they are wasting your money putting on play votes to repeal Obamacare, while only working 126 days this session, culture of corruption” Vern Buchanan (R FL), under investigation by the IRS for financial improprieties. Michael Grimm (R NY), under investigation by the FBI for campaign fundraising improprieties, after members of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto’s New York congregation complained he was strong arming them for donations. Aaron Schock (R IL), under investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics, G improperly solicited super PAC contributions from other Republican lawmakers, even after the Office of Congressional Ethics called for a full-scale investigation. Rodney Davis (R IL), refused to comply with Office of Congressional Ethics investigation. Scott DesJarlais (R TN), fined after investigation by Tennessee top medical disciplinary panel fined licensed physician and U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais $500 for sexual relationships he had with two female patients. Jim Renacci (R OH), after refusing to pay his taxes had to pay $1.4 million in back taxes in 2008, after he tried to shelter income. Before conservatives get their paranoia in full gear, this dispute dated back to the year 2000 and took off in 2006-2007, is still refusing to pay the fine. Congressman Mark Sanford (R SC), paid fee after admitting to trespassing at his ex wife’s home and Now that Bachmann continues to call for President Obama to be impeached, is Washed Up, The GOP Throws Her to the Wolves while her Scandal Could Be Turning Criminal As The FBI Is Now Investigating politicususa/nyTimes article : “Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories, implicitly suggests the public should immediately halt speculation once law enforcement officials “leak” information intended to shape our perceptions. No matter that these leaks are not the same thing as evidence presented at trial, that the leaks themselves serve an agenda, and that law enforcement has a long history of attempting to persuade the public of false narratives. No matter that the latter is a practice repeatedly, if often belatedly, chronicled by the Times itself. Orders You: Stop Thinking Rationally, It is illustrated with a Victorian diagram of the brain, updated to show the conspiracy theorist’s brain, reinforces this implication. days following the bombings at the Boston Marathon, speculation online regarding the identity and motive of the unknown perpetrator or perpetrators was rampant. And once the Tsarnaev brothers were identified and the manhunt came to a close, the speculation didn’t cease. It took a new form. A sampling: Maybe the brothers Tsarnaev were just patsies, fall guys set up to take the heat for a mysterious Saudi with high-level connections; or maybe they were innocent, but instead of the Saudis, the actual bomber had acted on behalf of a rogue branch of our own government; or what if the Tsarnaevs were behind the attacks, but were secretly working for a larger organization? He didn't aid "our" enemies, in fact he EXPOSED them. He also did his duty as required by his Oath, exposing war crimes is NOT a crime, it was his obligation as a public servant. He has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. If he gets 20 years and wins the Nobel Peace Prize, that should be a major slap in the face for this criminal administration and the SECRET kangaroo court he's facing Marianne Hoynes?-coming to the "America is Becoming a Fascist State" message board as a proud republican, and defending war crimes, torture, indefinite detention, secret tribunals, the loss of constitutional rights, and crapping on the government and the military while also supporting them at the same time you are bat shit crazy and must realize that necon republicanism is a mental illness-easy for these chickenhawks, war is just a video game as long as they don't actually have to participate and war crimes are ok as long they're committed by what they believe is "good" vs "evil". Massacring innocent men, women and children is just "collateral damage" for a "just cause". It doesn't matter that in all wars, over 90% of the victims are innocent men, women and children, it's always for "humanitarian" reasons and "democracy" that the bloodbath must take place-to crucify the whistle blower of senseless murders, charging him with aiding the enemy. Well no sh1t. The enemy, and most of the civilized world, was shocked at the scenes of senseless carnage. The truth of the Black Water massacre will remain classified to protect the friends of Bush and Cheney, GOP wants to pick the truth that the public hears. Manning was man enough to take some action and he might pay severely for his actions while the trigger happy gunmen will go home proud heroes aibafs/steph want to gaymarry maygen calls out and insults fellow male faux snoozers, mtpwomen don't want equal pay as 40% are major bread winners, caller points out heath insurance providers cutting cost, by basing pay on consumer feedback on actual care givers, ussc warrentless dna rule 5 to 4, on stephanie/uk lord taking lobby money, finishing nails in holders coffin, on geraldo/collective insanity increases, ale mouth piece bildoe aggreeing with fb to limit free speech attacks, maddow sez, alex sez, jama made the tornado/ obomination healthcare, alex calls out coward bildoe and friend/theglobaldispatch.com/atheist-group-set-to-launch-1-800-hotline-for-those-recovering-from-religion-65092/
6213/National Radio Project: What’s the connection between the increase in chronic diseases, mental illness and drug addiction in our society today? Dr. Gabor Maté talks about the relationship between mind and body health, and what the rise of capitalism has done to destroy both/Occupy, Organized labor has much more to gain by joining the coalition to defeat the Keystone XL - a coalition that is comprised of environmentalists, indigenous groups, students, unions, landowners and many others/71 Senators Reject States’ Rights to Label GMOs OrganicConsumers/American Muslim Tortured Abroad Sues FBImj/Rumsfeld's Rules: Don't confuse those with the words that have come out of his mouth; "I stand by what I meant-oSlams G.O.P Student Loan Proposal as "Not Smart-His Work Here is Done, Bachmann Opponent Jim Graves Drops Out abc/All xtian repubs have left is hate, false flags, war, endtimes and JC hitler out of remade israel. Just like their evil god and pied piper spell and lure, side kick JC, wants. Then xtian jihad the europe and the world, after pied piper spell takes effect rbg/premiums are going up because you have a greedy private insurance company. They told you they were going to raise them before Obamacare even passed and they have kept their word. If the Public option had passed soon you would be able to tell them to get fucked but thanks to the republicans and a handful of dirty dems you won't be able to do that. The exchange and the fact that the insurance companies will have to spend 80 cents per dollar they take in on actual health care instead of lining their pockets will ensure your premiums will be lowered when Obamacare in in full effect. In CA the exchanges are already functioning and the plans are very unexpensive in comparison to what folks are currently paying fb/they raise prices to cover expenses-why do you think they keep throwing money at the republicans and begging them to repeal Obamacare? it is not the big bad wolf the republicans have led you to believe it is. In the very near future there will no longer be an excuse for anyone to be misinformed. I do hope that when it is all said and done that all of you will remember this battle and remember which politicians lied to you and vote accordingly, insurance companies know their days are numbered and they are bending their clients over and taking as much as they can in one last grab fb/The Right jumped the Nixon shark with this one. In Nixon's case, there was an actual smoking gun in the form of tapes proving that he targeted his enemies out of revenge. On these tapes, Nixon directed aides to use the IRS to go after his enemies The real IRS scandal is that nonprofits have been allowed to function as PACs, polluting our political system with dark money. The remedy, zero tolerance rule for all nonprofits. But of course, Republicans don't want that to happen, because they outspend liberals 34-1 rbg/ cons reveal their naivety - they really expected they could play games forever with the debt limit, the deficit, the sequester, the offsetting-cuts nonsense, and it would never, ever, have any real-world effects. As is typical, they mistook the numbers on the document for reality, amazed when reality comes crashing into their little Washington-based bubble of wishful thinking and grandstanding aibafs/conservative women attack, on mtp/57rdingleisms, on abcsm

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