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63013/ illegal Native Americans

63013/1980, German state forensic bureau, the Bundes Kriminal Amt [BKA], forensically examined the original "diary" manuscript. Their analysis determined that "significant" portions of the work were written with a ballpoint pen. Since ballpoint pens were not available before 1951, portions of the work were added well after the war (Anne Frank died in March 1945, none of the "diary" handwriting matched known examples of Anne's handwriting. Earlier handwriting experts had determined that all of the writing in the "diary" was by the same hand. Therefore, the entire "diary" was a postwar fake, Jewish novelist Meyer Levin, who demanded and was awarded $50,000 in payment for his work in a court action against Anne's father- the tip of the iceburg which is the holocaust myth. One of the unique tenets of the Jewish religion is the fact that they believe only Jews can fabricate reality from thoughts. Only they can convert what exists in their minds into historical fact by uttering it in Hebrew. Gentiles can only marvel at their god like skill in calling forth reality from chaos ygs/
62913/Doocy asked how angry he was on a scale of 1 to 10. “I don’t think that you have a scale, This is just ridiculous. I should not have to be standing here as a U.S. senator fighting my own president, fighting my own government. That’s ridiculous, stressed that he wants to work with the Obama administration, saying, “I’ve reached out. I’ll continue to reach out, but I need a partner here. I don’t need an adversary, I need a partner and an advocate. wvmanchinExplodes on Obama: ‘I Don’t Need an Adversary, I Need a Partner’- Librarians to Push ObamaCare: 'This Is Banana Republic Nuttiness!- Explosive New Details About Benghazi Revealed-“I’m gonna find you, George :Alec Baldwin's Twitter Rant -the preclearance provision of the Voting Rights Act was used by the Justice Department, by the federal government to go into Texas and say that the way the state had been gerrymandering […] depressed the Latino vote.” Sean interjected, it’s happening on both sides. Williams agreed, the way the gerrymandering is working right now is that there’s distortion, it’s based on racial politics to keep the powerful in power. You want to talk history, Sean, let’s talk about people who were given literacy tests-Witness: Trayvon Was on Top During Fight-Braulio Castillo was facing questioning because his company won several IRS contracts totaling almost $500 million. Duckworth (D-Ill.) asked a federal contractor who claimed that an ankle he sprained 27 years ago qualified him as a service disabled veteran. You who never picked up a weapon in defense of this great nation very cynically took advantage of the system […] Twisting your ankle in prep school is not defending or serving this nation, Mr. Castillo-LOOK: Bert & Ernie Celebrating Gay Marriage Ruling!? fn/Barry Goldwater was a big tent conservative who support gays. Unfortunately, he never had to deal with gay marriage, and I can't find him saying anything about it. He did have two gay grandsons-My guess is that Mr Goldwater was a true limited government conservative, and he seemed to have a jaundiced eye for God's Fan Club. would at this point support the rulings of the SCOTUS-Oh, a Jew who hates Christian teachings, why how surprising <snicker>-Stark … and I’m gonna f***…you…up.” The “30 Rock” star rattled off three more tweets about Stark before his account was disabled, issued an apology in a statement to GLAAD after calling a reporter a “toxic little queen” and “little bitch”-Alec Baldwin (liberal) once said he wanted to take the late Henry Hyde (conservative) and “stone him to death, zero attacks on Obama’s lovely children, yet routine cheap shots were taken at the Palin children, even the Down’s Syndrome baby. Conservatives will not engage in unilateral disarmament, and good liberals will not stand up and criticize the bad ones wt-you will be: Smeared, called a Racist, Hater, Bigot and a Radical automatically guilty of perpetuating "Unfairness and Discrimination," while standing for dirty air, water and unsafe food, while starving children and killing the elderly, They are not capable of winning debates on the merits of ideas & substance. They MUST silence and or destroy any and all dissent. Their only alternative is the Smear, Distortion and the Lie, from the very people who claim to be the champions of Diversity & Tolerance, the web of Lies & Fraud to advance themselves becomes more twisted, warped and perverted, they near the consequence that all who embrace lies and fraud will ultimately face; Complete Collapse & Failure. Think I'm wrong Lib-Retards?-talented, experienced, so close, yet so far away...good luck "hanging" obstructionist called the collapse, it's just a matter of how much, and when it happens. now that the hidden mini bailouts are over, wot next?-Roberts said for the conservative majority that Congress "may draft another formula based on current conditions-potus voids key part of Voting Rights Act-Stupidity deserves no pity.-convictions? if there was intimidation there must have been convictions... and those are... (in the same place the brietbart fantasy is... alive and real in someone's imagination)-So, "no convictions, no crime"? Is THAT the new standard -He did not say, or even imply, "no convictions, no crime". Classic strawman fail - falsely attribute statements, then atrtack the false statements, not only no convictions, all charges were dropped, NO ONE who was allegedly affected bothered to file a complaint, then or afterwards, the BPPA suspended the local chapter, the local chapter suspended the *thug* in question, one of the two men was supposed to be where he was, the racist epithets were never established as having occured, with two dead bodies violently murdered to establish that. That differs from this case in that there is NOTHING to establish that a crime was committed at all.You DO understand that there is a difference-hobby lobby can continue its lawsuit against the Obama administration’s contraception mandate on religious grounds-buying the contraception or the insurance they provide for their employees? Because if the employee is paying the premiums then the company has no right to tell the insurance company what they can provide-you really believe that this Family Corporation doesn't know that? Perhaps the Judge didn't know that either and felt it worthwhile to render a decision in spite of it?-People have the right to believe in what they want. BUT they do not have a right to tell others to believe the same way they do-Is that a difficult concept, No one is asking a citizen to give up anything. What the law has enjoined is the CORPORATION. The citizen can do whatever they want, the corporation cannot-Jews have an admirable sense of racial identity, they predicate every decision with the question: What's in the best interests of Jews and Israel?It's a shame that white European males have been cowed in to abandoning theirs- son of first generation Russian Jewish immigrants. But Goldwater was raised in the religion of his mother, that being Episcopalian, and stuck to it throughout his life. I found him to be fair, conservative and one who would not have sided with Liberalism in any way. He supported everyone's right of choice when it came to religion and felt it had no place in politics, "separation of church and state" at its fundamental definition-Cannabis use increases the risk for schizophrenia-it can be a trigger for psychosis-the same value as this guy's findings, Reefer Madness, all the posts in this forum and your brilliant observation. This is a message forum, one values a post as one wants to value a post. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder-headline not fitting an article... another example of correlation not causation-pull out the Reefer Madness card every once in a while to try to justify the fake war on drugs-65.4 Million Gun Purchases Since Obama Took Office 91% More Than Bush's Total-Russian police arrested several gay rights activists and declared illegal under a new law against "gay propaganda. The statute essentially prohibits public displays, as well as talking about it to children. 200 nationalists also gathered at the rally, chanting slogans such as "Sodomy will not pass," and throwing eggs and rocks at the gay rights activists, who numbered about 40-us insurance pays out 69b$ mental health costs, psychiatric drug sales 76b$ annually- aibafs/Convicted Child Sex Offender Wins Custody Of Six-Year-Old Girl-Military readies to integrate women into combat-Why Voter Suppression Is Mostly a Republican Tactic | Bloomberg -#GOP forgot they are public servants, i.e servants of the people, NOT their corporate masters. It's time we remind them-Maher: GOP Opposes Morning After Pill Because It Removes God’s ‘Punishments For Sluts Who Put Out-Climate-Science Denying Governor promises to pray the drought disaster away-tw/peddles enough gay propaganda to choke a horse every day of the week. What someone does behind closed doors is their own business, but all the gay parades, gay marriages and men walking down the street at high noon wearing nothing but a leather jock strap is disgusting-I feel the same way about the disgusting, hateful churches clogging streets ion Sundays and rambling on and on about their hateful mythology and their childish, subservient wish for a sky-daddy but as a better person then you, I know that people with different ideas get to express them-Putin is far superior to Obama. He knows how to deal with gays and Russia has a flat tax. gays shouldn't be allowed to be around kids, they are disgusting examples for sure-You propose living in fear is a solution. That's really sad-squeeky wheel gets the greece. I guess if pedophiles, rapists polygamist, bigamists, murderers press and march for the rights to do all these things. I can see the supreme court making it a legal act, i guess if you wanted to marry your sister #$%$ about it long enough our weak liberal human rights for all government will fall for it, and make those things legal like the did sodomy-you are a closeted sodomite also you get f**kd in your #$%$ you wicked bi&ch-you don't understand obvious satire. That's a lot of wrong in one post. And so mean too. Are you a Christian? Do you believe that the laws of the Bible all apply to you or just the ones you choose?-Boycott Hollyweird. They glamorized #$%$***itts-By the way a government doesn't need to be communist to be oppressive and ignorance isn't exclusive to liberalism.--we need more Americans that actually care for the liberties of their fellow citizens. You can also go to Uganda that is majorly christian that enjoy killing and imprisoning homosexuals, they also encourage the rape of lesbians, but you wouldn't mind this since your savage attitude matches their behavior. Muslim countries are also a plus for you if you feel like converting to those with serious about their hatred- to follow the former South African president's example of country before self. "We as leaders occupy these spaces temporarily and we don't get so deluded that we think the fate of our country doesn't depend on how long we stay in office," Obama told reporters shortly before a private, half-hour meeting with Mandela's family, not planning to see the man he has called a personal hero and revered Saturday as "one of the greatest people in history. two of Mandela's daughters and eight of his grandchildren at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, part of the former president's foundation. Obama said he told the family he hopes Mandela draws comfort from the time he's spending with loved ones. I also reaffirmed the profound impact that his legacy has had in building a free South Africa, and in inspiring people around the world — including me," Obama said in a statement after the visit. "That's a legacy that we must all honor in our own lives. Graca Machel, Mandela's wife, while she stayed at his bedside in the hospital. Machel said she drew strength from the call and that Obama added a characteristic "touch of personal warmth-The new boards are actually better once you get used to them. Unfortunately, that does not affect the news reporting by Yahoo! They still carry a predominantly, 85% liberal viewpoint and continued push of the Obama Socialist agenda-seen some of the nicest women, turn into complete #$%$ holes on there cycle, please stop sugar coating it-Might make it harder for the bigots to spew their hate. yn/jugears obama tells keynans he is in favor of voter ID, He is racist because duering that speech he said he likes voter ID because those folks all look alike. The Whitehouse is busy burying that remark, The whtehouse asked those msm's traveling with him to overlook those remarks-only those with Democrat voter ID can vote. And to redress the complaints of the long disenfranchised illegal aliens (in the US more than 10 days), they can vote twice-Ohio, a black democRap bragged about voting 73 times. Name: Freddie Johnson. A black election "judge", again in Ohio voted 6 times for all her dead relatives. Thses facts were on TV-THANK YOU, TEABAGGERS for your continued display of racism, rage and stupidity. It has truly been the undoing of the gop. No chance of winning a national election. You morons are the gift that keeps on giving-death threats on twitter by blacks toward all members of the Zimmerman family if you want to see racism-moronic, they never have any argument other than variations of "I know you are but what am I?" Notice that the teabagger drone trying to argue with me here has no argument other than that. A complete display of childishness and arrested development-ybac/United Methodist Church is holding its General Conference in Tampa. One of the most important, and unfortunately controversial, resolutions to be taken up is the Palestinians' request for the world community to help them end the 44-year Israeli occupation, support the Palestinians in their struggle for justice and freedom. We believe the Methodist Church's proposed resolution to divest from multinational companies profiting from the Israeli occupation will aid in ending Palestinian suffering. Tragically, the Israeli occupation continues to strangle Palestinian society. Israeli political and religious leaders threaten Palestinians with transfer out of their homeland, enforce the occupation of the West Bank with incredible violence, and continue the naval blockade of Gaza which keeps the people-Israel cannot remain unaccountable for too much longer-white degenerate moronic bigot! ygs/ as “the five new holy quintets. For them, I don’t know what kind of cloistered walls this court has been behind,” he opined. “They were not aware that the most wise man in history, Solomon, said there’s nothing new under the sun. And this isn’t new, and it’s been tried over and over. And it’s usually tried at the end of a great civilization. Gohmert (R-TX, therefore a Con and therefore a fucking moron) referred to the Supreme Court justices who voted in favor of striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Someone who's actually read the bible instead of just waving it around at press conferences might want to tell Gohmert that Solomon isn't the best historical figure to cite when defending marriage between "one man and one woman, in light of the fact that he had 700 wives and 300 concubines-STARKE, Fla. (AP)a small group of protesters blasted Christian country music and waved "Honk for Jesus" signs, the atheists celebrated what they believe is the first atheist monument allowed on government property in the United States. A group of atheists unveiled a monument to their nonbelief in God on Saturday to sit alongside a granite slab that lists the Ten Commandments in front of the Bradford County courthouse. look at this monument, the first thing you will notice is that it has a function. Atheists are about the real and the physical, so we selected to place this monument in the form of a bench aibafs/alex sez current sociopathic administration preying, equal to caliglia, hastings investigation wife is afraid of retalation, mercedes complicit/
62813/JULIARS In the Georgian language "shvili" means son of, or son, as in Johnson. "Djuga" means gew. Therefore Djugashvili means gJewison. So Joe Shtalin's real name, before he changed it, was Joe gJewison. It gets better, his name was Joseph David Djugashvili, a typical gewish name. During his revolutionary days he changed his name to "Kochba", the leader of the gews during one of the anti-Roman uprisings of the gews. Russians don't change their names. Georgians don't change their names. gews change their names.butchersharon ygs/Bankers are stateless zombies living on The Street injecting liquidity all day Fiscal meth addicts can't quit injecting liquid stimulus-The FED has now got a wild Tiger by the tail and don't know what to do. They are now boxed in as enough American People have awaken to see the visage what they are doing to manipulate markets, create a stock bubble to pad Obama's horrific policies such as Obamacare that are working to destroy the economy underneath the surface furthering the diminishing of the American middle class so elite politicians that been in power for years like the (R) John McCains and the (D) Hillary Clintons alike that work together can remain in power to continue and oversee the decline of Americas middle class and advancing the destruction of individual liberty and freedom.ybac/Hey God, I hate to interrupt you again (I know people are bowing down to you and thanking you for not sending them to Hell to burn forever), but I have a concern that may interest You. Some of the people you created are taking advantage of others by murder, extortion, rape, pilferage, and stuff like that, When you get finished with being worshiped, if you can find the time, please help-God has become an agnostic democrat. He feels the world has moved too far to the right and that a communist anti individual rights government will better take care of these things-chiding the guy who was currently married to his ex wife asks how he likes that used poosey. He replied, it's great once you get passed the used part-yc/MegynKelly prominent Fox News anchor, said recently that Native Americans are illegal immigrants, once again, unfortunately, shows the ignorance of such so-called journalists and TV professionals but also the ignorance of those that watch such TV channels-Marcus Bachmann has filed for divorce fb/Deen is out because of the "n" word, what about HBO's Bill Maher and his use of the "c" word? Maher, on more than one occasion, publicly called former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin the "c" word. He has called her a "dumb tw-t" -- a derisive slang word for female genitalia. He has described her son Trig, who has Down syndrome, as "retarded-In a deposition given in a harassment lawsuit filed by a white ex employee at a Deen family owned restaurant, Deen admitted using the "n word" in the past, during a private conversation: "When a black man burst into the bank that I was working at and put a gun to my head, I didn't feel real favorable to him. she didn't use the word during the holdup, but "probably" used it later, "in telling my husband."FBI Document—“[DELETED]” Plots to Kill Occupy Leaders “If Deemed Necessary”, Would you be shocked to learn that the FBI apparently knew that some organization, perhaps even a law enforcement agency or private security outfit, had contingency plans to assassinate peaceful protestors in a major American city, and did nothing to intervene? Would you be surprised to learn that this intelligence comes not from a shadowy whistle-blower but from the FBI itself, Houston FBI office stonewalled our requests for information about the sniper rifle assassination plot and why nobody was ever arrested for planning to kill demonstrators. Meanwhile, the Houston Police, who had the job of controlling the demonstrations, and of maintaining order and public safety, displayed remarkably little interest in the plot: “We haven’t heard about it", law enforcement forces in Houston were focused on disrupting and breaking up the Occupy action in that city. He represented seven people who were charged with felonies for a protest that attempted to block the operation of Houston’s port facility. That case fell apart when in the course of discovery, the prosecution disclosed that the Occupiers had been infiltrated by three undercover officers from the Austin Police department, who came up with the idea of using a device called a “sleeping dragon”, actually chains inside of PVC pipe, which are devilishly hard to cut through, for chaining protesters together blocking port access. The police provocateurs, Kennedy says, actually purchased the materials and constructed the “criminal instruments” themselves, supplying them to the protesters. As a result of this discovery, the judge tossed out the felony charges-hey are consenting adults, harming no one else through their actions. So WHY do we persecute and shun them? Why are they dishonorably discharged by our military? Isn't it time that our Constitution applied equally to adulterers??? Socially, each person should decide if they want to associate themselves with a person that makes a lifelong commitment and then breaks it, but I agree they should not be kicked out of the military. I'm with you, equal rights for everyone...except those damn homosexuals-Thank you for confirming your opposition to the continued persecution of adulterers. And now we turn to bestialists...why is it that society feels just in judging the relations between Man and any beast which he might own? What harm is it to society if a man choose to have sexual relations with a beast under his ownership? The same sheep destined for the slaughterhouse can enjoy many more days of life as the concubine of the bestialist. Who are we to judge?-US Infrastructure: Financed By China, Built By Amnestied Aliens? Filed under Economy, Email Featured, Immigration, Politics cheap labor, infrastructure I think No one seems to be asking where all these new provisional status Americans will work if Immigration Reform of any type becomes law now or in the future. Of course, amnestied aliens will continue to take jobs away from Americans, but jobs doing what? No one can raise a family on a low skill low wage job and prosper in America. Or can they? there is a very real connection between the calls for rebuilding the US Infrastructure, Obama’s investment overtures to China and our federal legislatures rush to legalize tens of millions of low cost illegal immigrant laborers, Every bubble that was re inflated by Obama since 2008 is getting very thin. They have to do something quick or it is all going to fall apart. Selling out millions of voting Americans who will be replaced by millions of new voters is an ugly theory to swallow. America had better start chewing on it now before they cram it down our throats. Immigration reform will destroy America last resistance aibafs/ Brain-eating amoebas thrive in US lakes as global warming heats waterways rbg/beau rants irs obamacare bengazi, daath valley 129f, on imus
62713/The Land of the Blind: The Illusion of Freedom in America. How far does a man have to go to be thought so dangerous that he needs to be locked away, physically separated from the rest of the world, behind stone walls and iron bars? Clearly, it is a last resort John Whitehead -to control behavior. Not exactly a free people, are we, I don't care what members of NAMBLA think. Two consenting adults can enter into a contract such as marriage where a child cannot. It's not the same thing. It's the slippery slope logical fallacy. Did you really just say "too much indoctrination in educational institutions"? Really? rotflmao Get real. I did become close friends with one very liberal professor. We battled over issues almost daily. My positions have not changed. Conservatism has been hi jacked-You either embrace what the Modern Day Lib Retard advances or they will attempt to silence and or destroy you.the cancer of Modern Day Lib Retardism, So, Gay Marriage does not advance on the principals of Freedom, Liberty and Equality. It advances because people are afraid they will be called Racists, Bigots, Haters and Homophobes who are automatically guilty of discrimination. People who reject Gay Marriage based on their value system & faith, and stand for the traditional concept of marriage are now afraid to do so- slams Karl Rove and challenges Paul Ryan on immigration reform Senator Brooks (R-AL) spoke of his disdain for the immigration bill saying that it, "betrays the values of good Americans". Brooks warned that, "if we continue on this path, not only will this be an amnesty bill but it will become an open borders bill too." He disputed the CBO's assessment of the economic effects of the bill, siding, instead, with The Heritage Foundation's report that "Americans' income is going to go down over the next decade if this bill passes." He also tossed out accusations by other Republican senators that the GOP doesn't appeal to minorities: "We appeal to American voters who believe in the values that make this nation great and it doesn't make any difference what your skin color may be-The future of the GOP lies with embracing immigration reform. Question is, will the Repubs commit political suicide to please their base? aibafs/Man Who Scrawled Chalk Protests on Sidewalk Against Big Banks Faces Possible Prison BuzzFlash
62613/social conservatives don't always have their way in Texas. Jamming the chambers of the Texas Senate during a courageous filibuster, pro-choice advocates sunk an onerous anti abortion bill. BuzzFlash/Truthout: Modern corporations have taken over as the governing interest in the US. With everything from taxes and economic policy to legislation regarding the health and safety of citizens being created in their favor, the question is: What have corporations done for us, and to us/

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