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42613/Right-Wing Cult Machine Exposed Limbaugh is its leader. Corporations Have Been Given Immunity for Violating Our Privacy,  Republicans want to stop the Securities and Exchange Commission from requiring corporations to disclose their political contributions, It's time to stop letting corporations openly pollute our air, damage our ecosystems, and destroy our environment while you and I are forced to pick up the bill and deal with the asthmas and cancers. Hartmann/fertilizer plant exploded in West, Texas, killing and maiming dozens. This was the result of corporate terrorism, built on years of campaign contributions to legislators and promises of lucrative jobs for oversight personnel by the larger corporate powers. Thanks to this pernicious lobbying, the plant hadn't had a health and safety inspection since 1985. Investigations into the West explosion will take longer than the mainstream media will want to stay. Once the memorial services are over, reporters will be required by their editors to move on. The corporate terrorists count on it: They can start the cycle over again with the same influence peddling and intimidation of whistleblowers. to/in the wake of an assault on our freedom and way of life, we have quickly jettisoned the Sixth Amendment right to a fair and speedy trial, and the Fifth Amendment’s right against self-incrimination. What’s next?” Stewart remarked, before playing a clip of Sean Hannity saying Tsarnaev should be waterboarded, Coulter took at stab at the Ninth Amendment by calling for the widow of the deceased bombing suspect to be imprisoned for wearing a hijab. she doesn’t just want a police state, she wants a fashion police state, there will be no way to stop the Muslims if they decide to form a well regulated militia". Fox should surely be on board with that- such distain for Fox news!! They are not even remotely a respectable, accurate news network! Their level of complete ignorance is obvious when guest fail to ser theit warped view of anything! I can not even stomach watching it, except on election night, when immediately upon knowing the president had been reelected, i tuned in to watch their shocked reaction, and they did not disapoint! lol Thank you Karl Rowe! Your preformance was unforgettable!-we laugh and laugh. Yet millions of American fascists and conservatives who hate constitutional liberty watch Fox News and eat it up - they don't give a shit what you or I or smirky Jon Stewart says, they would put us in prison camps and torture us just for fun if they thought they could get away with it-Americans sure now how to creat more enemy,s daily, how stupid can you get. To even give Nuts like Eric Bolling, Hannety,Anncoukter a Voice is criminal!-blood thirsty morons won't actually do it themselves, they'll get someone else to do it.-They'll start by saying: "People are saying do you think genocide is good? It has become controversial so lets have a fair and balanced debate.-We have met the enemy and they are Fox News. Round up all of Fox News' employees and send them off to Gitmo. Waterboard them until they reveal all the details of their plot to overthrow the government. We'll just have to sidestep the Constitution in order to save it-Stewart calls out these nitwits on what they are doing to our constitutional freedoms and how twisted these FOX pundits are interpreting our constitutional rights. Leave it up to these morons to interpret how we should all interpret these freedoms. I willing to bet, most and if not all of these jack assess ever served our country in any meaningful ways. Thank goodness not everyone watches FART NEWS. This is nothing new. Republicans are only concerned with THEIR rights... NO ONE ELSE matters. What they fail to realize is diminishing a right from one, lessens them for all. The GOP is more and more like the Taliban every day which would explain why they hate them so much. Competition-Nearly perfect. Only thing that could have made it better would be a Colbert-esque direct jab at Coulter's horse face--Silverstein, you may recall, is a reputed mobster who allegedly got his start in the sex services business and then oozed into real estate. Two months before 9/11, Silverstein finalized his 100-year-lease on the white elephant, condemned-for-asbestos World Trade Center complex, and proceeded to double the insurance and hardball his insurers into changing the policy to “cash payout.” On 9/11/01, Silverstein skipped his usual breakfast at the top of the North Tower. He says his wife reminded him of an appointment with his dermatologist. Other family members also stayed away, with other excuses. All of those who breakfasted there died. Silverstein and family survived. After confessing on national television to blowing up World Trade Center 7, Silverstein went to court and asked for, and received, double indemnity, including almost a billion dollars for WTC7, the very building he had confessed to blowing up-only thing we had to fear, was fear itself,Instead, we embraced fear, and clung to it tight as if fear was a long lost soul mate that we were never going to risk separating from ever again. That's conduct unbecoming of a nation that enjoys the protection of a Christian God. No wonder Allah and all the other Gods are laughing at us-Stewart, didn't mention how much libertards attacked and want to do away with the 2nd. I guess it wasn't convenient for him to mention that one-rawstory/@billmaher centerpiece of ur presidential liberry is a twisted hunk of metal, u were a shitty president #BushsBigDay-an infinite source of stupid hilarity. He should get his own show like that Ryan Lochte kid. "Here comes Bushy Boo Boo!-we need to say this? OK, YES, It needs to be said! George Bush was one shitty ass president, both terms!-why must you spew such hateful things? Are you upset about your life or something?-i saw that, he, more than anyone should keep proof of his treachery...the babs thing set the scene/poster taped up on a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, street asks Jewish women not to wear tank tops, ‘Do the neighborhood a favor and take it out of the window. Tip for tourists stepping into this territory, Brooklyn Hassids have their own Police Force, Punishment can be swift and brutal to outsiders, If u are not frightened you should be These cats play hardbal-ANTI-SEMITIC POSTING-Pretending to befriend D@#n dirty be@ stards-Do not go there unless someone you trust takes you on a tour, I would rather walk the streets of Iraq at midnight than chance it alone in Brooklyns' Hassid controlled territory ygs/Fraud Installed Right Wing Putsch The name for the Bush library in Dallas should be called "The Man Who Wasn't Really Elected President House of Horrors-How the Prison industrial Complex Destroys Lives- Mark Karlin bf/Murdoch and corporate oligarchs like the Kochs already wield an unhealthy amount of influence, and they want more. As skewed and unreliable as the mainstream media already is, it could get even worse-Truthout/ W. Manure Locker Is Now Open Charles P. Pierce Esquire/Snoop finds himself in a war of words with Rasta legend Bunny Wailer, it's a miscommunication-He Stopped Loving Her Today George Jones died 81-rs/tweet in question: two explosions obama injured- Bloomberg of New York created the computerized hi-speed trades. His basic training is as an electrical engineer and it made him a billionaire- While banks accepted government loans and support, bankers felt entitled to billions in bonuses paid in 2008 and 2009.  Bank boards were complicit in these awards.  Egregious, unfair, and yes, immoral, Many corporate executives continue to make deca-millions of dollars. They show up to work with no risk whatsoever and get paid like they patented a cure for cancer-we all thought that "Terrorism, Global-Warming, and Gay Marriage" was gonna be the end of the Earth, as we know it.  And all along, Armageddon will be determined by a fucking "Tweet, How stupid is this world? mj/clinton naked painting, w stuff, paltrow, on imus/jama utilizes w library to hump immagration stump, watertown waved all personal search and seizure rule, 4th ammendment on the block, jokerboat bb unarmed, on ed woodson in charleston taking callers, /
42513/Drones Over The Homeland: Mission Creep, Lack of Accountability, Boosterism, and More Coming Shame on Washington: How Could They Vote No on Expanded Background Checks?-When It Comes to Killing in the Name of Religion and Nationhood, -lear plastic trash bins are coming! They cost up to $900 apiece. “Monday’s deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon demonstrate a need for the bins at events like the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, in mortal danger every second of the day, terrorists might strike at any moment, but we’ve got surveillance cameras and metal detectors, body scans, the USA Patriot Act and now, see-through trash bins, though maybe we also need see through backpacks In mainstream media and culture, indeed, there’s no such thing as “causes.” The concept is just too complicated, unless “illegal immigration” is a cause, or “Al Qaeda” is a cause. Or opaque garbage cans are a cause-Toilet Paper Will Be More Credible Than the Chicago Tribune Newspapers if Kochs Buy Them, whose oil and gas based fortune places them just behind Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison as the wealthiest Americans, have been among the chief donors to the tea party wing of the Republican Party. Their political funding vehicle, Americans for Prosperity, ranked with casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson among the largest funders of right-wing causes and candidates in 2012. Their purchase offer won’t be buttressed by a record of involvement in or commitment to journalism on their part. But it will come complete with a commitment to journalism as a branch of right wing ideolog-Christians Hold the Modern Record Christian Rapper Blasts Prosperity Preachers, relatively unknown to the general public, is ruffling feathers in the conservative Christian evangelical community, especially amongst a gaggle of religious gurus known as “Prosperity Preachers.” named are, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Paula White, Fred Price, Kenneth Copland, Robert Tilton, Eddie Long, Juanita Bynum and Paul Crouch. followed by the song’s refrain, “is a false teacher!” bf/Why must you pay for Israel's poor choices Boston paid dearly for USA support of Israel-Nice to see someone brave enough to post that this is the main reason for terrorism against the USA, taken the Israeli position even when the israelis, stole and bulldozed Palestinian homes and land, dehuminized and murdered the Palestinian People ygs/Republican's  track record on homeland security, have an atrocious record on protecting our country from attacks. GW Bush's administration was at the helm when the 9/11 attacks occurred. Obama approved the plan to take out OBL successfully. End of story-You didn't here about Boston, huh?-Are you a trailer dwelling Radical Republican Red State inbreeder? ybac/General James Cartwright, retired,, explained that drones are cheap, at an average cost of $4 million to $5 million, compared with a conventional jet fighter, at $150 million. They are also cheap to fly and have advanced optics. not hard to see why military operations are significantly improved by this technology. Drones offer many advantages over other conventional forces-gang-bangers are devising their own version of drones. This way, no CCTV, no video, no photo evidence-absurd that you can kill 'em but you can't waterboard 'em-unfortunate that America has become so polarized that we can hate like a bunch of third world tribal lunatics-Americans like to blames anything and everyone except the man in the mirror-Bush was killing tens of thousands of innocent people every year. Bush caused the killing of hundreds of thousands of people based on the false premise of preemptive strikes. Bush lied about everything in order to get us into this war. Since the Bush actions, global terrorism has skyrocketed dramatically-Surveillance drones are the best choice for measuring the environment, ecological changes, forest fires, and many other problems. There is no valid reason to prevent the California Fire Service from using a drone, rather than a manned helicopter, to survey the size of a fire. Weaponized* drones, however, are what we need to discuss-O'Bama is our biggest threat, and if he can use drones at his own disgression, he is our worst enemy-Even without drones, he's our worst enemy-Amazing that there are so many un-American posters on here. Obama is not the enemy-our behavior which is almost identical to the other terrorist states who kill hundreds or thousands of civilians without batting an eye. Whether or not it is legal should not be addressed, but whether it is moral. How can we condemn anyone when we mimic their behavior?-Obama not listening to anyone, they will do as they darn well please-just like the Cheney administration!- not the only one giving $$ to Muslim countries. We have been paying Israel, although not Muslim by any measure but for same intent and purpose, 2 billions a year average the past decades and about half that much to Egypt. The intent is to obtain political leverage in the region. Our tax dollars need to be spent here at home on our own infrastructure and education as you stated. The point I want to bring forward is that $$ being given away to those nations are not ONLY under Bama administration. That is the way it has been long before him and likely will be long after him regardless of which party is in control of our govt-yn/elisa wanted to be a cheerleader since she was 5, but since Susie and her sisters were cheerleaders, her family enrolled her into sports. The cunt punting incident happened during 1st period when Susie made fun of Elisa's socks. Sure they weren't the same color, but it was like a dagger to the heart for Elisa. Elisa, being the athlete that she was forced to become, jumped on Susie like a fat kid to a milkshake, As they were being separated by the big beefy security guard everyone called "Charlie," Elisa went for it and cunt punted Susie. The whole thing happened all in seconds, but for some reason it felt like it all had happened in slow motion. Elisa was suspended for a week and Susie was never seen from again. Rumor had it that she had to have reconstructive vagina surgery and later became a nun at St. Anthony's. Elisa is now married to Susie's ex-boyfriend-gawker/noonan happy it was a jerk bomb, on mtp/ For those who don't believe in the power of media mind control, what's happened to North Korea? fb/small mouth bass dying in chesapeak bay wkok/a small amount of drugs and a stun gun were found when officers raided the empty bus parked under the Globen concert venue in Stockholm," where Bieber was performing, No-one has been arrested. Police acted after smelling marijuana coming from inside the bus when it was parked outside the hotel where the singer was staying. there are no suspects, and won't be taking the matter any further bbc/wyane root housing obamageddon, dave groudy, beyond war, on geraldo correctly guessing how narcostate karzi makes it/Amen to that, Babs. Bushes have crowded our political landscape for much too long. Time to give some honest women and men a chance to turn the problems created by too many of that lot-You heard it, Jeb. Ignore your idiot brother and remember that Mother knows best-For once, I agree with a Bush, HP as a news source = nope, yes mom is correct-Cons up their 'Legitimate' War on Women,Thank You Babs- I wouldn't have expected her to undercut her son's presidential ambitions. I agree with her of course, but her comments are nonetheless surprising-honesty is surprising in this country-First time ever I agree with a Bush family member. She understands-bravo. A bush with a brain-Listen to mom! She knows her family and feels they have donated enough embarrassment and disgrace to the nation, It's the nexus of the crisis-"We've had enough Bushes-she basically just publicly slap/ped Ge/orge across the face and in front of his wi/fe and daughters. what a thing of beauty.-Good job! PLEASE dissuade your son from running, WE DONT WANT HIM!- Not even their own mother can stand them anymore.  hp/gunnut attack, joker planned ny party-, gerry goudy too easy to bb hard to hit perfect) on geraldo/ changing radio, dennis celebrating 420 shooting, cronic at bush opening, go to islam jazer guy,selling beerand private parties, having a little fun randky assylm seekers phobia joins in/Obama said to Israel I speak to you as a friend the present situation is untenable, things must change. Israel thinks people can be bombed into oblivion. ygs/bomber suspect blames the dead guy ROFLMFO. interesting to see if this was more social or political although right now they are blaming Islam. The indian killers are confused ROFLMFO. At the end of the day, the zero sum game and indepednent thought result in conflict. Again, the whole premise of these asset bubbles was their social benefit, making people feel rich and secure without the risk and frustration of actually having to try to produce stuff. As the real estate people say, they aren't making any more land and so you really need to compete for what does exist. And while you may be able to argue that one culture or one reprodcutive capacity hidden behind a veil and grey smock is nterchangeable with anyother , people tend to develop attachments to certain ones and end up fighting ROFLMFO. You can print money for a while and it is interchangeable as at long as it can be converted into consumption everyone "wins." When the music stops however the trumps get angry. All praise the humans.Maybe mind control and repression can make people feel safer, that is what most places end up doing to protect freedom. ROFLMFO. jethro can do it and we can help. ROfLMFO- He should blame Palin so ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN will kiss his feet and make him a deserving victim-Won't you be my neighbor? SWAT team along with IRS agents enter Schuey's high rise luxury condo at 2700 S Las Vegas Blvd...agents travel floor to floor until they find known pimp, failure to pay HOA dues? Penthouse condo sold inside Planet Hollywood for $3.9 million down from $11 million, must spend $4 million to finish out/Bachmann in Congress, but she's on the House Intelligence Committee?" said Becky Bond, “Bachmann's bigotry and bizarre political views don't represent Minnesota values. Bachmann has launched an anti-Muslim witch hunt, actually believes that gay marriage is the biggest problem facing the nation, and has even claimed that Obamacare kills people-Howard Dean: 'Michele Bachmann Has Never Had Much Command Of The Facts-bb Motivated By Afghanistan, Iraq Wars, Guardian's Glenn Greenwald has repeatedly argued that U.S. violence in other countries is what actually fuels terrorist attacks. Greenwald frequently cites a Pentagon report finding that, "Muslims do not 'hate our freedom,' but rather, they hate our policies," including "American direct intervention in the Muslim world,  Afghan government blames the C.I.A. for the attack-This American administration will be remembered by historians as the one that presided when Islamists rose to power throughout the Muslim world.-Only by the sheeply clueless I can assure you-"War Is a Racket" written by retired United States Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler, two time Medal of Honor recipient, experience how business interests such as (Military Industrial Complex) commercially benefit from warfare. Written in 1935 it is as relevant today- Too many holes in this "official" version of the bombing. Photos available show the official media version is a fabrication. I would have hoped Huff would pick up on these inconsistencies in the official account, compared to the photographic and videographic images that show otherwise-terrorist attacks are just motivated by lunatics who use religion or some other concept to justify their belligerent agenda. You make an excellent point by providing that we need to be able to identify and control the "armed criminally insane."-convenient, is Bush's fault after all. Ok great!- assuming they actually did it, it equals approximately one Drone Strike,-hp/returning quickly back to normal after the mayhem of the weekend, Of all the things I will remember from this past week, the abject failure of much of the "mainstream" news media stands out in high relief. From CNN breathlessly, and incorrectly, announcing that an arrest had been made, to a bunch of MSNBC talking heads yowling about suicide bombers in Boston despite a total lack of suicides among the suspects, it was an uncommonly bad week for an uncommonly unreliable industry. to/gate keeper at austwitch? -Besides being a TUCHES BANDIT and a NUDNIK He is also a SHMEGEGGE ygs/Everything's Rigged: Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever Conspiracy theorists, we skeptics owe you an apology, you were right about how the world is a rigged game. Recent stories about corruption in the financial sector suggest the world's largest banks may be fixing the prices of just about everything Taibbi:rs/We're just laying out the facts. And that was a fact," Bush said. "I am comfortable in the decision-making process. I think the removal of Saddam Hussein was the right decision for not only our own security but for giving people a chance to live in a free society. But history will ultimately decide that, and I won't be around to see it. "As far as I'm concerned, the debate is over, I don't know all the facts. I don't think we all know all the facts. But I was deeply concerned that this could've been, you know, another highly organized attack on the country. And it still may be- again, I don't know all the facts-his Bathtub Self-Portrait - "I love to paint, changed my life in an unbelievably positive way," you can keep learning in life. I mean, some guy one time said to me, 'Man, you deserve to rest, I don't wanna rest. I wanna follow the example of President 41 and, you know, sprint into the grave, By the way, that's not that easy to paint, water hitting water just so, you know, and the perspectiv It's a beauty, isn't it? It may reflect my precocious nature, me painting myself in a bathtub," he added half-seriously. w- Twisted, Perverted, Knock Off Jihadis and warned those seeking to terrorize America that "we are grieving, but we are not bending-Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly, released its first ads today attacking senators who voted against the bill last week that would have expanded background checks for people buying guns. The radio ads target Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, and Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., and will run in their home states- abc/Ohio River, I learned how the state has become a dumping ground for wastewater produced by the fracking industry, trucked in from Pennsylvania and other states, and contaminated with hazardous chemicals and doing funny voices, sqwaks about the border, the world is on fire, bb planned timesquare party attack sean taxpayer funded hjad squacks county cia fbi, and jama is stupid not to mention atheists, what if's calm his followers and kiss sum izzy butt, defends backman/highest handicap wins cheech and chong grace imus borrows sistermary elephant shutup for years, and fauxsnoozeites crowd, harvard oxford nyu, rascoff ny cya intelligence anylist drownding in data/jako wants to play/zonebourse charts

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