Saturday, February 16, 2013

21613/running scared doing anything to obstruct

21613/I just lived long enough, I'd see a Liberal ask a pertinent
question in a hearing. The fact that it was Elizabeth Warren doesn't
surprise me. She's new and doesn't understand 'who writes her checks'.
The SEC takes it's 'enforcement marching orders' from the AdministrationS
in power. If the banks are "TOO BIG TOO FAIL", THEY'RE TOO BIG TO
PROSECUTE! She's on the right track but she won't stay there-if so called
christians can be called sane.. delusional is more like it. How can
anyone call talking to an invisible being based on sheep herders 2000
+year old fairy tales sane? Especially one that has an old man wandering
around the desert for 40 years and talking to a burning bush to come up
with those ten?-Expressing rage at the brutality and incompetence of the
LAPD  "To panic and shoot"-America the shameful. The land of the scared
and home of cowards who trade their freedom for security. speaking of the
common behavior observed), Robert Bruce fb/Since the earth is cooling
Global warming is BS- lobotomize_republicans, Your drool keeps you cool,
otherwise, the AC in your trailer would be set on frozen-Must be a bunch
of Republicans with ownership in the European processed meat business! I
fear that too much gov regulation by USDA inspectors and other agencies
is inhibiting innovations by the job creators in our food industry-
Republicans are good with eating "Trigger" as long as they don't eat
"Trigger"! Can't wait till the first DNA tests are done on Beef in this
country. Who knows what the "cheap labor" processing plants are throwing
into the meat grinder! It's all about less regulations with the
Republicans.....less regulation on Wall street lead to the implosion of
2008, and now in the meat packing industry-darn pesky USDA inspectors. E
coli is actually great for losing weight. Idiot-I fully expect Obama to
do something so stupid that he'll wind up just like the other despots of
history. And because you follow lunatic logic, I don't expect you to
understand. But you won't be here when that part is written anyway. The
useful idiots never survive the purges initiated by their saviors. It's
people like me -- the so-called loyal opposition who also happens to be
part of the productive workforce -- that will endure and ultimately set
things right again. That's the sad part of you lacking intelligence and
common sense. You have an inability to cope with reality. Liberals
probably have at least half of Darwinism right. Your gene pool will self
destruct in a few years. Or, like the Carter voters of old, you'll crawl
back into your hole for 30 years and wait for the next idiot to idolize.
21513/Israeli police arrested 10 women, including the sister, a rabbi,
as well as her 17-year-old niece Hallel were arrested for wearing a
blue-and-white shawl known as a "tallitot, while praying at Jerusalem's
sacred "Wailing Wall. Women of the Wall's founder Anat Hoffman was also
arrested over the demonstration-Fox News Hosts Mock 102 Year Old Woman
Who Couldn't Vote For Hours--Warren Can you identify the last time when
you took the Wall Street banks to trial? There are district attorneys and
United States attorneys out there every day squeezing ordinary citizens
on sometimes very thin grounds and taking them to trial in order to make
an example. A Warren constituent, open-Internet activist Aaron Swartz,
recently committed suicide after being hounded by federal prosecutors who
reportedly said they wanted to "make an example" of him, concerned that
'too big to fail' has become 'too big for trial Embarrassing Hapless Bank
Regulators-the LAST thing they want, to be an example. Settlements are
shoved under the carpet. The public needs to see what is going on,
criminal activity demands that banks be taken into court for all the
Nation (and the world) to see-the little guy gets crushed because he
can't afford a team of lawyers, but those with money can, rarely stand
trial, and the worst offenders; corporations never do-yesterday's story.
Today we'll have some bootlicking Republican Senator apologizing to the
banksters because future president Warren is hurting their feelings-hp/
"both dominating political parties are the same." I can respect that. But
if that is truly what you think, how come I've never, ever, heard a
libertarian say anything good about the Democrats or hardly anything
disparaging about the Republicans? If they are truly the same, shouldn't
your vitriol be "equal opportunity"? Why should I not believe that you're
actually "pot-smoking Republicans-Darwin Day is a global celebration of
science and reason held on or around Feb. 12, the birthday anniversary of
evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin. If you are hosting a Darwin Day
event, you can post information about it on our events listing-fb/Obama
to Court: CIA Drone Program Doesn't Exist not only to provide the
requested documents about the CIA drone program, but they refuse to say
whether such documents even exist. They do so by insisting that whether
there even exists such a thing as a "CIA drone program" is itself
classified, and therefore, they can neither admit nor deny whether they
possess any of the documents sought by the FOIA request: over and over
like some hypnotic Kafkaesque mantra opednews-maybe conspiracy theorists
just aren't swift enough to recognize that there is a difference-Maybe
permanently bent over stooges just aren't intelligent enough to recognize
that this is criminal FRAUD designed to try to cover up WAR CRIMES. Maybe
these stooges aren't intelligent enough to differentiate between a
conspiracy theory and a conspiracy fact and only understand the term
"conspiracy theory" as something you use to try to silence anyone who
questions or exposes government crimes against humanity-the one that are
too swift stooge known that a lie is lie no matter what you call it yfs/
First there was a blinding flash. My wife and I were in a panic wondering
if there was a war,” said Metro Chelyabinsk editor Oleg Lastochkin. “Four
minutes after the flash, we felt a shock wave and the apartment windows
were shaking. Street car sirens went off and then we heard five or six
explosions-We know the asteroid’s orbit very, very well. We know that it
poses zero chance of hitting the Earth. Not even just a tiny chance. No
chance. We know its position plus or minus two miles,” said Mark
Hammergren 10-ton meteorite that streaked the skies of Chelyabinsk,
Russia, Friday wasn’t on astronomers’ radars because it was too faint for
large telescopes to pick up. Meteorites travel, on average, between eight
and 20 miles per second, the Earth are part of a dynamic solar system,
that part of our planet is part of a large universe. And every now and
then, nature feels the need to remind us of this fact-suntimes/Come suck
on my BIG BAMBOO SHOOT by jewofasia Just shove Big Bamboo Shoots into
your hateful abstract foul Openings, You are indepted to CHINA FOOLS- CFO
John Gerspach was asked about the issue by two attendees during a
presentation at a conference hosted by Credit Suisse on Tuesday after he
noted that $40 billion of the bank's $151 billion in tangible common
equity must be used to support the DTA and so cannot be counted for
regulatory purposes under the rules known as Basel III, attributed the
rise to the losses in its Citi Holdings' "bad bank" unit, including an
impairment on its stake in wealth-management venture Morgan Stanley Smith
Barney, all of which he said added $4.5 billion to the DTA. Tacking on
another $1.3 billion was a fourth-quarter "repositioning charge" and an
accounting oddity known as a debt valuation adjustment in which a bank's
improving creditworthiness actually has a negative impact on earnings-
guardsman survives Afghanistan but not Chicago, Looks like oblamo did a
half-rumped job- yc/Facebook paid no corporate income tax in 2012 after
making over 1 billion in profits-called having skilled accountants and
lawyers to back them up--Time for a showdown. Graham and McCain need to
lose this battle-I, for one, would prefer Powell, who does not have the
anti-gay history that Hagel does-Rumsfeld"s available-full on
obstructionism to that point will backfire because a Republican will be
president again...but any precedent now set by SCOTUS would be in full
force. Long story short, they are short-sighted and have put a few rounds
into their proverbial foot, he has admitted mia culpa for being lied to
and continues to speak out-Repubtards are running scared and are doing
anything they can to obstruct. These people are frightened, because they
feel power slipping through their fingers, and every time they look at
their base they retrench because they don't know what else to do. Powell
disobeying Reagan's 11th Commandment criticizing thy fellow Republicans-
Russia’s controversial Liberal leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has blamed
Americans for today’s meteorite scare-WTF: FxNws Calls Wildly Successful
Women Fat And Lazy, apparently, thin ladies can be good role models- Many
people, the exact figure we don't know yet, have been killed today by an
asteroid impact, Meteorites and Asteroids the size of a double decker
bus are pretty common and regularly come close, they travel at around
25,000 miles per hour or more/Taibbi confirms the Department of Justice
knowingly gives big banks and their executives a get out of jail free
card, Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail RS/For Shame, Wealthy America:
Some Facts About the Victims of Your Greed- Financial settlements for
abuse and unjustified shootings by police end up being paid for by
taxpayers. Chicago residents have had to bear the costs for years. Mark
Karlin, BuzzFlash-Wilmer J. Leon III, Truthout: The rationale behind the
administration's assassination by drone program sounds eerily reminiscent
of former VP Cheney's "1 percent doctrine-Thom Hartmann: Republican War
on Women Went into Overdrive in Arkansas, It may come as a surprise to
Wayne LaPierre, but the NRA is not a political party; Arkansas's
legislature has passed one of the nation's most restrictive abortion
bans; Georgia Rep. Paul Broun really, really wants you to forget about
his record/Krugman: The Ignorance Caucus nyt/Soybean Farmer Takes
Monsanto to Supreme Court TruthDig-/Dave Johnson, Caf, The story of the
intentional destruction of the U.S. Postal Service is one more piece of
the story of crisis, all manufactured to advance the strategic
dismantling of our government and handing over the pieces to
billionaires/ GOP’s epic gamble  lazy, cynical strategy was naked,
Republicans should be thrilled Rubio got a touch of dry mouth at the
wrong moment turned out to be too tall an order for the GOP. Easier to
foist Rubio into the spotlight to propound it more gently than Mitt
Romney did, and then hope his youth, ethnicity, and support for
immigration reform will be the talismans that reverse the party’s
hemorrhaging of minority and immigrant voters-"voodoo economics" is in
fact made-up math that doesn't work simply can't penetrate the
Republicans' world of myths and lies-It should also be pointed out: it's
easier to bet on the president's policies failing when you're actively
trying to make them fail. Devil take the country, there are elections to
win. Just vile, the lot-believes government doesn't work. And every time
they're elected, they set out to prove themselves right- Come on
Republicans, step your game up! You're suppose to be the party of
grandeur. Yet you throw people like Mitt, Ryan, Rubio, Palin, Bush,
Cheney, Angle, Paul, Scott, Nugent, Bachman, etc. at us-the party of
corporate cronyism and monopolies-reaping what they have sown-nothing
wrong with the Republican Party; it's just in the wrong country-Saudi
Arabia or Pakistan-They're in the wrong century-Putin would fit right
into the GOP leadership wp/Texas congressman Steve Stockman. "I am
excited to have a patriot like Ted Nugent joining me in the House
Chamber, (takingtheheatfor4rightwingnutz)/This isn't high school getting
ready for a football game or some play that's being produced at high
school," Harry Reid-He's probably right. It's hard to imagine high
schoolers acting like this. Senators tonight filibustered Hagel-McCain
and company said on the Senate floor today they'll ultimately allow a
vote on his nomination. Just not today-GOP, Dems Exchange Ironic
Valentine Ecards, those hoping Republicans and Democrats could put aside
their partisan differences on this day of love, sorry to disappoint-
Boehner Challenges Senate to Enact Obama's SOTU Agenda-Rubio made a big
deal last night about still living in his neighborhood. It was his device
to show that he's in touch while Barack Obama is not. But the house is
literally on the market- abc/Ben Lupo, owner of D&L Energy and Hardrock
Excavating, pleaded not guilty to federal felony charges under the Clean
Water Act. He is accused of ordering the dumping of thousands of gallons
of chemical-laced fracking waste into streams in Youngstown, Ohio/Mark
Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: When will they ever learn? Harry Reid
wouldn't reform the fake filibuster used repeatedly by the Senate GOP to
obstruct nominations and legislation. Now, it's come back to haunt him/
Dennis Bernstein, Truthout: Legal scholar and editor Marjorie Cohn
discusses the revelations around a memo coming out of the Justice
Department that the Obama administration plans to keep up targeted
assassinations and expand the program/Election Opponents Team Up on Panel
to Fix Voting System nyt/If bonobo had a son he'd look like Christopher
Dorner, Rodney King, Trayvon and Buckwheat all rolled into one-Whenever
you have a new lefty putting together a NEW anything if is uked up yc/
Wal Mart, worst sales in 7 yrs. Sugar coat it CNBC! PUT SOME LIPSTICK ON
in 2011 to head up the government's newly established Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau, an entity the former Harvard University law professor
and attorney helped create. But Republicans in Washington essentially
killed her nomination, citing her record of taking on big banks and Wall
Street. That opposition helped boost Warren's reputation and led
Democrats nationwide to embrace her decision to run for U.S. Senate.
Warren moved on to the rest of the panel, knowing full well that none of
the regulators present have brought a Wall Street bank to trial. "I'm
really concerned that 'too big to fail' has become 'too big for trial,
ygs/Goldman Sachs economists, in a new report this week, forecast that
residential investment-related employment growth should pick up this year
and next, and could start to add jobs at a pace of 25,000 to 30,000 per
month, compared to the average 14,000-put the crack pipe down and started
to smoke a little pot, things mellow out a bit- yfmcc/Using a simplified
form of gematria, the number for each letter of the english alphabet can
be reduced by adding all numbers with more than one digit to each other
until it is only 1 digit, individually. J = 10 = 1+0 = 1; J=1. While
pondering the evil, hate, fear and greed that is peddled daily f=6,
O=15=1+5=6, X=24=2+4=6 = FOX=666 Believe It, Or NOT!-fellas..can you
please take a moment and try not to shoot the old women delivering
papers? LAPD Shoots Innocent People in Search for Renegade Cop Stay away
from pickup trucks. The original buyer's guide for men Sections 1021 and 1022: Scary Potential- Are the
detainment provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act
serious?- Yes they are.-there has been a lot of word-fudging in spinning
this subject, The U.S. Constitution generally guarantees the “Privilege
of the Writ of Habeas Corpus.” The writ of habeas corpus is a court order
a prisoner can obtain requiring the jailer to come into court and justify
his detention of the prisoner. It is a traditional way in which those
held can demand a fair trial by jury in a civilian court. The writ of
habeas corpus is a treasured part of our traditional liberty. Belief that
the British were infringing it was one cause of the American Revolution.
(The writ is called a “privilege” rather than a “right” because it is a
creation of the legal system rather than a natural right, like the right
to free speech, the privilege of habeas corpus is guaranteed to all those
in “allegiance” to the United States. “Allegiance” is an old technical
legal term that includes both citizens and aliens legally in the country
rwn are LibNuts scared of almost
EVERYTHING?- The Surprising Brain Differences Between Democrats and
Republicans What they found is that people who have more fearful
disposition also tend to be more politically conservative, and less
tolerant of immigrants and people of races different from their
own- Jindal Has Admitted That The GOP Is The "Stupid Party, Pukes Are
Arrogant, Ignorant Racist White Trash! yhal/The GOP has never EVER
complained about the national debt...until Obama came along ybac/
beau takeamaddogout butthurt about dorner whacking cops, russian 33k mph
metor injurs 1k, reliving the old days at scores with mikewashedup
comedian reports of ojsex in prizon cloe cardashion in will 1m$ in
caymen, oj alan dershwitz admonishes fauzsnooze for hiring racist mark
furman, on geraldo/ the view girls discuss the difference between pp and
penis, vagina and cookie, 4th sister ugly dark one
21413/fund mngr arrested ynews-another Jew? Who would of known, Hitler
was right, Mein Kampf read it, learn from it-When one thief on wallstreet
steals from another wallstreet theif they have to prosecute. When they
steal from the American people we give them billions of dollars more and
let them steal from us all over again-Republicans think Ponzi schemes are
ok-another liberal engaged in politically correct stereotyping and class
warfare-If this guy spills the beans on other Wall Streeters he will get
a reduced sentence. There are much larger rackets to go after on Wall
Street-Truer words were never spoken, Unfortunately, because its all
about the money, we cant let the banks or the hedge fund managers fail!-i
bet u he doesn't do 3 yrs-DIRTY OLD NAZI, been on ANY GOOSE STEP walks
lately?-Hitler had the right idea, just the wrong race-Greed, Money
Laundering and Rackateering Lock his behind up!-2 million fraud
prosecuted, 700 billion TARP fraud "too big" to prosecute- Take Dimon and
Blankfein with them-You just described our politicians- We continue to
pay the price of an industry protected by the Treasury Department-Money
that was lawfully intended to help the homeowners, tax payer money, your
money and mine, was instead diverted to banks. It's time we just deport
the Jews to Israel, where they belong. We don't need them here-if you had
deported jewish scientists you would now be speaking german or japanese,
idiot-not if Eichmann would have got them all. The Japs would still speak
Japanese, The Germans would still be speaking German and the Americans,
English AND Spanish-Racism and bigotry are funded by the banks through
the clandestine services that serve them. The CIA FBI all have been
provocateurs of racism and bigotry, drug and gang violence. They create
the crime to fleece us employing police to harass an oppress us. They
create the problem they want to get paid outrageously to solve, this is
the only secret of these bankers. This is not about race or religion- IF
BLACKS & MEXICANS ARE SUPERIOR, why they be needing welfare checks-Obama
and his clan has done very little, stop blaming the republicans they are
just as bad as democrats-wake up judges, Tyranny is OVER! you better be
on the right side of justice. We will make your names known to all and
your legacy will be clear in your rulings and actions! Your names will be
etched in our history either as traitors or patriots. We know who you
are, and we're watching you! The treason must end! Freedom and justice
will prevail-you seem to have made a pretty serious threat against a
fairly powerful group of people, do you suppose you can spell nsa-I
haven't threatened anyone, and I wont be intimidated by a cockroach
either. I'm not a coward, and I'm not a criminal-Why are the CEOs of the
top banks and invenstment houses in the USA not in prison?-iceland threw
all the corrupt bankers in jail, got rid of the rothchild bank system,
asked the people what they wanted in a new constitution, and then voted
on it. They are now considered a rogue nation like iran or north korea
because the rothchilds don't control the money there anymore-- Dorner was
dismissed for filing a false report wrongly accusing his training officer
of kicking a mentally disabled man. "I will bring unconventional and
asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty,"
Dorner had boasted. "You will now live the life of the prey." none of
Dorner's four victims were Los Angeles police officers. The other two
were a Riverside officer he ambushed at a traffic light and a San
Bernardino sheriff's deputy who died in Tuesday's firefight. "If you're
really trying to kill all those people, if that's really your plan, and
you're a great tactician, then you don't tell people," said Jim Clemente,
a retired behavioral analyst for the FBI-after the cabin burned down, his
body was charred, but his driver's license was intact?-I thought they
said they found his license where he tried to steal a boat?-If you plant
the evidence after the fire, of course it will be uncharred-It's good to
"teach" the next killer what mistakes he should avoid in order to avoid
getting caught-from these "mistakes"-absolutely NOTHING gutless or
cowardly about this guy. The gutless cowards were the ones that shot up
the truck with women delivering newspapers and burnt down that families
home-Rule number one,. never bunker up-pyrotechnic tear-gas canisters-I
suppose those cops are proud of themselves--acupunture may work-it works
it was used for a 1000 years in China before there was a Europe or
America and if done right it works. remember the Chinese had rifles 2000
years before Europe had bows and arrows, and America didn't exist-soon as
the medical profession finds that referrals to the acupuncture are taking
away there business and pill regiment, they'll stop them referrals right
quick-ynews/Child Sex Indictments Plague Orthodox Judaism Raping Rabbi
Used Religion as Lure RABEYE RAPIST TO KIDS Hey little boy would you like
to be circumcized? rabeyes can do it with their hands tied behind their
back! yip/cottonmouth abc, rubio: immagrant doing rich white mans work on
conan/ carnival calls trimph victims liars, abortion on valentinesday, on
(mensa meeting) imus dedra admonishes jama for invoking god bless
america/linsey (and ilk) vow full court hagal filibuster, on geraldo/
teachers learning israeli self defence, wabc/dick with charlie rose: be
very afraid nukes dirty bombs etc, invoking zero dark thirty, bengazi and
north african terrorists, cutting defense budget, denies knowing about
911, 2007 syrian reactor, insider tells dick arab spring is jama's fault/
21313/Ellen Brown, We do not need to follow the prevailing economic
orthodoxies, which have consistently failed and are not corroborated by
empirical data. It is the right and duty of government to provide a money
supply that is adequate and sustainable-Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash Just when
you thought Dick Cheney had retired to his cave to spend his senior years
peacefully, his sneering mug pops back up on television Truthout/Wendell
Potter: Fixing Medicare By Eliminating Drug Makers' Center for Public
Integrity/DC Comics Turns the Occupy Movement Into a Superhero Wired/Iowa
Anti Choicers Admit They Want to Imprison Women for Abortion RH Reality
Check/Brentin Mock, The Nation: This year, lawmakers have introduced more
than 100 election reform bills. Some are to make voting easier, but
others are voter suppression bills/New Rove Group Could Backfire on GOP
nyt/Leisure and Hospitality industry has recovered faster than other
sectors, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It added 77,000
jobs in the last three months, and 80 percent of those new jobs came from
food services and drinking establishments. It has recovered all jobs lost
in the recession. And yet it is one of the lowest paid sectors, the
highest percentage of workers making minimum wage or less. The minimum
wage for tipped workers is $2.13 an hour. This hasn't changed in more
than a decade-None of the GOP hacks condemning this has the slightest
idea of how to live on $17K a year, much less take care of a family. Our
"low, low prices!!!" are subsidized by human misery- atlanticwire/Henry
A. Giroux, Truthout: "The winter 2013 release of the Justice Department's
'White Paper,' the confirmation hearings for John Brennan as the next CIA
Director and the publication of 'Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret
Detention and Extraordinary Rendition' all provide powerful evidence of
the ongoing assault on American democracy-Greg Palast, Truthout: A parade
of media reports this week name Penny Pritzker as Obama's prime choice
for Secretary of Commerce. No longer will criminal bankers have to lobby
the administration - because now they'll have one of their own in the
Cabinet/it turned out Cujo was happy to see him. "You know how Chihuahuas
are. You're not really sure if you can trust 'em or not. But he kind of
looked at me and said, 'Man, I'm glad you're here.' He let me pick him
right up. Stuck him in the back seat of the patrol car. Jones handed Cujo
over to an animal control officer who reunited the lost dog with his
owners. They were clearly grateful. A few hours later, the owners sent a
thank-you email to the police, published at The HuffingtonPost-Trolls are
just sad that no one cares about them as much as someone cared about this
dog, hence why they pick out feel good stories to bash. Instead of making
way for the positive day, they sulk in the very same choices that they
let define they're sad lives day in and day out-hope the dog owners are
fined thousands of dollars for not keeping their dog caged and the cop is
suspended for risking the lives of motorists by forcing them to stop on a
rain slicked highway. It would have been a different story if a semi had
slid into cars and killed a dozen kids-How many people were late for
work, how many 911 calls were effected because of this-Houston Area.
Spencer Highway is a 6 lane roadway, not an interstate-redstate idiot
fukwitt cops- a waste of taxpayer money.Fire his incompetent a#$ and
sell the dog to a chinese restaurant.Two problems solved-- Georgia woman,
stopped while attempting to shoplift groceries from a supermarket, used
pepper spray on an employee and was charged not only with aggravated
assault, but also felony theft "because she had more than three previous
shoplifting convictions OnlineAthens -In exchange for a $25 donation to
Rubio's political action committee, the Reclaim America PAC will send you
an official "Marco Rubio water bottle." "Send the liberal detractors a
message that not only does Marco Rubio inspire you…he hydrates you too- 
  Leftards are so desperate to continually paint the GOP as evil they
will go after anything. They can't stand on policy so they stand on
manufactured hate. Sad really-more noble than blathering racists-were it
not so utterly hilarious---is what a willfully retahrded ʞɔıp you are-it
is the GOP who cant stand on policy. How many times did Rubio contradict
himself? Government isnt the answer to everything, except Rubios college
scholarship, his dads cancer-Vote for water boy Rubio for President!
Water boy Rubio will save America from drowning in debt-He obviously
cares more about fund raising than about the environment. Bottled water
is the most environmentally detrimental thing he could sell-People are
desperate for good clean water, and some elitist shoves his nice clean
water in their faces and asks for $25. Shameful--stocks dip-bama,
moving forward as the Haters continue to die a slow death as of
11/06/2012...can't wait until they're all dead,the real ones that is,the
so-called Bigots never matter anyway-history will write obama supporters
as the most immoral and unethical voting block in history. Your children
will look you in the eye and ask? "Why did you support this profligacy
when you KNEW it would ruin my life in taxes and inflation? And how could
you vote for a president to preside over it twice? Most of you will wind
up hanged by the neck until dead-Republican banking deregulation killed
"capitalism-Corporate fascism is all the rage this season-Bush World
Depression bottomed out in March, 2009, at 6627. If you had just a few
hundred dollars left to your name at that time, and went long JUST ONE
contract on the DOW, you are now up today (DOW 13993) over $920,750

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