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12613/obama is a racist and elitist

12613/HYPOCRISY from the right is disgusting to say the least. embassies
attacked during the Bush years, 2002 when the US Consulate in the
Karachi, Pakistan, was attacked and 10 were killed? 2004 when the US
embassy in Uzbekistan was attacked and two were killed and another nine
injured? Consulate in Saudi Arabia was stormed and 8 lost their lives?
2006, armed men attacked the US Embassy in Syria and one was murdered.
2007 a grenade was thrown at the US Embassy in Athens. 2008, the US
Embassy in Serbia was set on fire, bombings in the US Embassy in Yemen
killed 10. Notice the dates, all before the Obama administration. Not yet
convinced that all the noise over Benghazi has nothing to do with love of
countryman? How about the biggest, most catastrophic attack and murder of
Americans? As a New Yorker, Sept. 11, 2001, is indelibly imprinted on my
psyche and I’m sure on the rest of the country. 3,000 perished in the
most brutal act of terror in our recent history, all under a Republican
administration. George W. Bush and his team had nine warnings that
al-Qaida would attack within the United States, but they did absolutely
nothing. No one in that administration’s head rolled for that stunning
incompetence yhal/You can always count on Republicans to be sensitive
about racism and slavery! Not. Via NY DailyNews reports: House
Republicans gathering to discuss minority outreach picked an odd venue
for the retreat, At Former Slave Plantation fb/Egyptian rioting that
killed at least 27 people after a judge sentenced nearly two dozen soccer
fans to death for involvement in deadly violence after a game last year-
hacker collective known as Anonymous assumed control over the homepage of
a federal judicial agency this morning. In a manifesto left on the
defaced page, the group demanded reform to the American justice system
and what the activists said are threats to the free flow of information.
The lengthy essay largely mirrors previous demands from Anonymous, but
this time the group also cited the recent suicide of Reddit co-founder
and activist Aaron Swartz as has having "crossed a line" for the group.
Swartz was facing up to 35 years in prison on computer fraud charges.
Prosecutors said he had stolen thousands of digital scientific and
academic journal articles from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
with the goal of disseminating them for free ynews/fla gov rick Scott’s
hospital company, Columbia HCA,part of the 2000 settlement, agreed to
plead guilty to at least 14 corporate felonies. A corporate felony comes
with financial penalties but not jail time, since a corporation can’t be
sent to prison. and paid a total of $1.7 billion in fines related to
Medicare fraud. Even though Scott had resigned the widespread fraud
occurred while he was at the helm-I never have believed that Scott won
fair and square. I still can't find anyone who will cop to voting for
him-scott dejarlais ,a real scumbag,who the voters in TN keep voting
for-25,000 people signed a petition to build a death star, yet only 22
have signed a petition to help make Fox News accountable for their
lies, particularly Fox News accountable when spreading, misleading,
inaccurate, false, petitions. As Steve Jobs also attempted to convey, Fox
News has become one of the most destructive and counterproductive forces
in our society. This network has become so radical over the course of its
existence, it now condones when its broadcasters and guests make comments
belittling women, minorities. whitehouse-fb/Aaron Swartz' Death Fuels MIT
Probe, White House Petition to Oust Prosecutor. Reddit co-founder and
activist Aaron Swartz as has having "crossed a line" for the group,
facing up to 35 years in prison on computer fraud charges Anonymous says
Swartz was "killed because he was forced into playing a game he could not
win, a twisted and distorted perversion of justice, a game where the only
winning move was not to play." "There must be a return to proportionality
of punishment with respect to actual harm caused," hackers say they
targeted the homepage of the Federal Sentencing Commission for "symbolic"
reasons. The group claimed that if their demands were not met they would
release a trove of embarrassing internal Justice Department documents to
media outlets. Anonymous named the files after Supreme Court justices and
provided hyperlinks to them from the defaced page-banker #$%$ that
ruined this country stole trillions, but they're too important to
prosecute. So instead let's fk over someone who was actually trying to
help the human race. This country has long been overdue for a revolution-
Rapists and murderers spend less time behind bars than a hacker? Not
really surprising considering that rapists and murderers spend less time
in prison than a guy with 2 ounces of marijuana in his trunk
12513/Lanny Breuer, Head of the DOJ Criminal Division, Leaves Without
Prosecuting One banker on Wall Street Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash/Palestinian
peace activists have already set up two villages to prevent Israel from
confiscating their land, but will the Western media ignore their
non-violent action?Robert Naiman, Truthout/Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!:
The new documentary, Fire in the Blood, explores how major pharmaceutical
companies, including Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, as well as the United
States, prevented tens of millions of people in the developing world from
receiving affordable generic AIDS drugs. Millions died as a result/
Virginia could become the first state to elect delegates to the Electoral
College from districts gerrymandered by the GOP; a man puts himself in
prison to receive health care Thom Hartmann/What we have here is an
immense and startlingly new oil and gas field, nighttime evidence of an
oil boom created by a technology called fracking. Those lights are rigs,
hundreds of them, lit at night, or fiery flares of natural gas. One
hundred fifty oil companies, big ones, little ones, wildcatters, have
flooded this region, drilling up to eight new wells every day on what is
called the Bakken formation. Altogether, they are now producing 660,000
barrels a day. double the output two years ago. so that in no time at
all, North Dakota is now the second-largest oil producing state in
America. Only Texas produces more, and those lights are a sign that this
region is now on fire ... to a disturbing degree. Literally. James
William Gibson in Earth Island Journal details how some Native American
communities aren’t pleased with the no new boom. He writes, little oil
money reaches most of the reservation. According to activists Walter and
Lisa Deville and Theodora Bird Bear, lifelong residents of the
reservation town of Mandaree, none of the oil money collected by either
the tribe or the state of North Dakota comes back to their town-Grand
Theft Election: How Republicans Plan to Steal the White House- 12 Ways
Obama Smacked Down the Tea Party and the Right in Inauguration Speech-
Texas Public School Teaching Kids That Jews Practice "Flawed Religion"
and that Blacks Are "Descended from Ham" A Southern Methodist University
religious studies professor found instances of students learning a
literal interpretation of the Bible, and some racist obsessions of the
religious right.-alternet/Capitalism has beaten the lunatic leftists who
believe in National Socialism once againGOLDMAN HAS SMASHED THE LEFTIST
12413/DEMOCRATS SHOULD TRY WORKING FOR A LIVING, turn in your food stamps
and try contributing to society you might feel better-They would except
that Bush sent all their jobs to China and India. Now they're trying to
take a stand for all Americans so Republicans don't destroy the legacy of
trash left behind by Bush, Cheney and master criminal Rove-Jew CEO of
JPMorgan says you don’t need to know how banking works, Go watch the
lastest FRONTLINE documentary called "The Untouchables". Not one Wall
Street banker was ever convicted by jury of crimes involved in the
mortgage meltdown. Dimon, Blankfein and all the other cronies were all
grilled by Congress, yet they all took the Fifth Amendment right on
television as the whole world watched. Bush, Cheney, and Rove should have
been imprisoned as well. ybac/Atheism Is A product of Brainwashing and/or
Guilt, either are brainwashed into denying the obvious, or they are
afraid to be held accountable to a higher authority-a byproduct of
Christian brainwashing. Man uses it as a control tool. Just ask the
Catholic Church or others. yp2k/United Nations scam was sold to the world
as a neutral meeting ground for equals where conflicts between nations
could be resolved without the use of force, the most ardent supporters of
the United Nations are an amalgam of Globalists, internationalists,
Socialists, Liberals, Social Democrats, Environmentalists and other
foolish people who think that by relinquishing national sovereignty and
personal freedoms to an all powerful World Government will bring
security, peace and prosperity to all, behind these ardent supporters are
the true powerbrokers of the world, the Lords of Power, the Secret Group,
the Secret Cabal who control the the Dark Empire of Secret Societies, the
Secret Leaders of the New World Order Plan, the Ancient Plan is the five
thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government that intends
to eradicate all human freedom and liberty from the face of the Earth-
gop discussing more ways to work the legitimate rape into their agenda
? You know, a womens new way of inviting rape is blinking-you can
consider dropping the childish notion that you are going to defeat
tyranny as if some of you are not even living on planet Earth with the
rest of us. Your bodies are here, but your heads are careening through
the oblivion of the cosmos or something-eye for an eye leaves the world
blind, if everyone buys for one and sells for two the whole world- How
about putting a cap on maximum earnings as well as a minimum wage? The
profits from companies should belong to all of the workforce-fb/ Hillary
proved yesterday that women should be in combat. Look at the #$%$
whupping that gave to the good old Republican boys. When they came up for
air they were hollering "Please Hillary, no mas, no mas. We will be good
Hillary. We are Republicans now Hillary, but we will vote for you in 2016
and so will our children and our children's children. Please, do not whup
us any more, They were just hollering. Did you guys see that?-you're
on some bad stuff, boy. better lay off that junk-Bush in bed with so many
white collar criminals that will never see prison time for lying to
Congress. Obama tried to throw them into the slammer but Republican
Senators and Judges were paid off to vote agaist the inquiry and
prosecution. Thanks again, Republicans, for trashing the economy-Obama is
in bed with loyd Blankfein and Sorros-Why do us Tea Bagger continue to do
the bidding of the 0.1%? Are we really that stupid to not see we've been
duped? Could it be? Are we Tea Baggers just pawns of the 0.1%? They
funded their hand picked candidates, and we exalted them like heroes.
But, in the end, they all turned out to be incompetent and impotent
despot wannabes-dumpobamie is dumber,more inbred and retarded than even
George W Bush! Where's the shut off valve? There's a big break in the
SEWAGE line! pfsw is spewing all over the place!-those who claim they are
the true Americans, supporters of the constitution, who quote the
Founding Fathers and wear their flag pins and wave the American flag are
the same ones who, on a daily basis, support the Voverthrow of the ligit
goverment of the United States by force. THOSE FOUNDING FATHERS HAD A
WORD FOR THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE, TRATIOR!-if Romney had been elected.
America would be in the _hitter right now, Bush and Rove masterminded the
Wall Street crash of 2008 costing $10 trillion and widespread
unemployment of 10 percent, $16 Trillion in economic disasters
all told. It'll take a effing miracle to repair all the damage to not
only america but to the world economy. Republicans want it all but don't
want to take responsibility for it all. greedy selfish pukes-Republican
failure is complete, trickle down, job offshoring, endless wars, starve
the beast, corporate welfare, deregulated banks, have only hurt this
country-When will you take responsibility for your inaction's? BTW, this
economy is tanking even worse, and it's ALL Obama's fault!-Loyalty oaths
required when you lobby for foreign entities Especially when foreign
entitiies repudiate the USA-99.875% of all spies were Christian. he last
20 yrz They sold the security. Of USA for the love 0f money.. Some were
deeply religious and church involved Like Robert Hanssen The Walker
family gang were particularly harmful Collectively the Ussr had our codes
and we were Vulnerable To conclude that you cannot trust any Christians
Or they would have to take a special loyalty code or profiled would be
idiotic To blame all Christians for the actions of many would be stupid
dont u agree-your ridiculous examples don't amount to a hill of beans
compared to the traitorous horde that has infested our body politic since
the mass invasion of 1880. The nuclear hoax of the last 75 years brought
on by the two hangees, the murder of JFK for Dimona and the FED. You are
a know nothing clown-your ridiculous examples don't amount to a hill of
beans compared to the traitorous horde that has infested our body politic
since the mass invasion of 1880. The nuclear hoax of the last 75 years
brought on by the two hangees, the murder of JFK for Dimona and the FED.
You are a know nothing clown-ashcroft, mccrystal, betrayus, w-I'm so
attracted to Jules Hyman Bloomberg and sue Herrera cnbc-
Typical Jude, Your star would have been pinkybac/-French Students Win
Twitter Anti-Semitism Legal Battle, French court ordered Twitter to
disclose identities of anti-Semitic users, ruling it unacceptable to post
hateful material anonymously israelnationalnews-funny, *starts the thread
"Why Muslims must be destroyed", *regularly posts under the nick "the
only good Arab is the dead one". Did you guys ever hear me bitching about
this? Nope. But keep going, I get a kick out of your complaining about
the "bigots and haters taking over the board-Ex-SEAL Nearly Certain'
Women in Combat Will Cost Lives-(fauxsnooze fukwitt)-You put young men
together without women, and you will also have sexual activity, even
between men who consider themselves heterosexual. See: prisons, Navy
submarines, strict Islamic societies. Eighteen generals and admirals,
from one star to four stars, were fired in recent years, and 10 of them
lost their jobs because of sex-related offenses; two others were done in
by alcohol-related problems, figures show that 255 commanders were fired
since 2005, and that 78 of them were felled by sex-related offenses. A
breakdown: 32 in the Army, 25 in the Navy, 11 in the Marine Corps and 10
in the Air Force., high-ranking guys. Most of them were probably married
and had been in the military all their adult lives. Now, again, what do
you think will happen if you throw together thousands of young men and
women with a regulation they can't co-mingle? Seems to me I'm the liberal
here because I admit what will happen and you're the conservative because
you think all you have do is have a regulation or a law and the problem
will magically disappear-why would retards_4_romney give a matzoh ball
about anything some stupid grunt was yapping about, let alone write a
silly story based on the dummies theory?-the few, the proud, the biggest
crooks in the history of the world, bar none-With Obama re-election,
Kerry and Hagel nominations, our busy little bees are close to hysteria.
yip/Remember when 52 americans died in embassies & consulates under bush?
They covered them up by keeping them out of the news OBVIOUS from the
FACT most Americans didn't even know about-I do, but don't remember the
hearings  yfs/the Vatican built secret property empire using Mussolini's
millions Papacy used offshore tax havens to create £500m international
portfolio, featuring real estate in UK, France and Switzerland guardian
uk- Hannity Delivers Pep Talk To Conservatives: We Must Fight Obama's
"Socialist Utopia", Media Matters monitors at least 150 hours of
television and radio each week mediamatters-Republicans using Soviet
style politics! American style politics doesn't work for them!-ted plays
them rightwingnutz better than he can play guitar.-Nugent says his
buddies are ready to start an armed revolt-Unhinged Tactical Response CEO
James Yeager went ballistic over reports that the president could take
executive action with minor gun control measures after the mass shooting
of 20 school children in Connecticut last month. After the Drudge Report
likened Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin on Wednesday, pro-gun
conservatives expressed outrage over the idea that the White House could
act without Congress. “Vice President [Joe] Biden is asking the president
to bypass Congress and use executive privilege, executive order to ban
assault rifles and to impose stricter gun control,” Yeager explained in
his video message. “Fuck that.” “I’m telling you that if that happens,
it’s going to spark a civil war, and I’ll be glad to fire the first shot.
I’m not putting up with it. You shouldn’t put up with it. And I need all
you patriots to start thinking about what you’re going to do, a second
video to YouTube on Thursday, in which he advised that no one should do
“anything rash.” He added that he didn’t “condone anybody committing any
kind of felonies up to and including any aggravated assaults or murders
Raw Story-another video of him threatening to kill someone Backstory:
Apparently Jimmy was a military contractor (shocking) who came under fire
and left his comrades to die-Typical sniveling little coward right wing
America hater-Timothy McVeigh and the Unabomber had 2 different mind
sets. McVeigh was not schizophrenia. He joined idiots like this guy and
carried out his mission against the government, killing 168 men, women
and children!!! That's the problem that we're facing as a country right
now: "We get over it" way too soon without figuring out how to disarm and
red flag idiots like this guy, WHO GAVE ORDERS TO HIS FOLLOWERS TO PACK A
lead to tyranny, simple minded fools being persuaded by decisive men
preying on their fears (of Government, for example), does-standing up for
the Constitution. The Government has zero authority to regulate guns in
any way. You will not take our arms-You equate "standing up for the
Constitution" with threatening to kill people. Perfectly logical
reasoning- a Tennessee company that specializes weapons and tactical
training  if President Barack Obama moves forward with gun control
measures-rawstory-FBI Director: I Have to Check to See If Obama Has the
Right to Kill Americans On U.S. Soil FBI Director: I Have to Check to See
If Obama Has the Right to Kill Americans On-fb/mass internet hypnosis
bildoe sez christy and rubio are gop frontrunners, on geraldo/
12313/The New Extremism and Politics of Distraction in the Age of
Austerity The debate in both Washington and the mainstream media over
austerity measures, the alleged fiscal cliff and the looming debt crisis
not only function to render anti-democratic pressures invisible, but also
produce what the late sociologist C. Wright Mills once called 'a politics
of organized irresponsibility Henry A. Giroux, Truthout-Adele M. Stan,
AlterNet: Reclaiming the language of patriotism, President Barack Obama
then threw it back in the faces of right wing Republicans to advance a
liberal agenda-GOP, Thomas Hobbes Rig Elections It's time that we as a
nation ask ourselves if we are capable of governing ourselves, or if we
should simply let the modern-day kings, the billionaires, run things?
Thom Hartmann, Filibuster Reform Debate Begins in the Senate Today-not
criminally prosecuted one Wall Street executive for America's economic
collapse. Tonight, "Frontline" will report that nothing has changed-The
GOP and National Planning? Count On It-Civilian Drones in US Could
Possibly Be Hijacked for Use in Attacks, BuzzFlash at Truthout: With the
Federal Aviation Administration not far away from authorizing tens of
thousands of civilian drones, research indicates the drones will be
vulnerable to hijackings for destructive purposes. Mark Karlin-Study: 90
Percent of Criminal Corporations Are Republican BuzzFlash/Seneca, Selma
and Stonewall-Even if It Enrages Your Boss, Social Net Speech Is
Protected nyt/ Western Powers Continue to Reap War on Terror's Blowback
Common Dreams-Watching the GOP try to counter-maneuver Barack Obama's
second inauguration this past week has been like watching the Three
Stooges perform a liver transplant on roller skates Taibbi rs/One thing
that's pretty clear from the president's speech yesterday, the era of
liberalism is back, McConnell, R-Ky, declared after meeting with the
Republican caucus- upstart organization run by several former Romney
campaign staffers is hitting the airwaves in five states with a volley of
television ads/nra has announced that in addition to the right to bear
arms , they also support owning slaves, just like the founding fathers
did. Nra spokesmen advised it is the nra's position that nothing the
founding fathers supported can ever be out of date- Obama Czar recommends
moving ILLEGALS from Red States to California where liberals can more
easily support them-This means that in the Red States, the farmers will
go broke, the chicken plants will go BR, no new houses will be built, the
rich will have to clean their own houses and mow their own lawns, The
Ranchs will go under, and all the #$%$ jobs will go unfilled. It's the
End of the world- I only meant it would be easier to support ILLEGALS in
a debt-ridden Blue state than in the Red states. yc/Clinton lashed out
over the claim that the administration misled Americans about the nature
of the Libya terror attack by asserting that it was the result of a
protest, raising her voice during a Senate hearing and asking: "What
difference, at this point, does it make?"-it makes a difference because
you lied when you said the video caused the attack. How about that, you
perfidious hag?- I take responsibility, and nobody is more committed to
getting this right," Clinton said, later choking up when describing how
she greeted the families of the victims when the caskets were returned-We
didn't lie, we were just very inept at doing out job and had no idea of
events we should have known about. Best defense ever!- And the right wing
will never get over how they are the biggest fools ever.-Who could have
predicted planes would be used?" McCain, McConnell, Issa,-Bush's
ENABLERS, are still in the Senate, and still @#$%ing up the US
government"- You ignored all the memos and now have the balls to lie
about it after 4000 deaths because of your failure? You are peromoted
from security advisor to Sec of State, Condi!- yfs/bama is a racist along
with holder....they ally themselves with moose limbs, they are coming to
disarm you-a pathetic assertion. No wonder this country is in trouble
with people being so paranoid yc/ “I challenge anyone to deny the
relationship between Zionism and Nazism before World War II,” Abbas said
during an interview with Al-Mayadeen, a Beirut television station reputed
to have ties to Hezbollah and Iran. Abbas,  Palestinian moderation, went
on to claim he has “70 more books that I still haven’t published” about
the supposed collaboration between Jewish leaders and Nazis.yip/Dimon in
Davos Switzerland today explaining why people don’t need to know what’s
going on in the banking world. It’s too “complex.” Just know that their
fee comes from managing this ball of financial confusion. And that’s all
you need to know, it’s not like the world bailed out the whole banking
system-Palestinians will take Israel to Int. criminal court over new
settlement plans- ygs/
12213/we know too well the price that is paid for liberty.  The knowledge
of their sacrifice will keep us forever vigilant against those who would
do us harm.  But we are also heirs to those who won the peace and not
just the war, who turned sworn enemies into the surest of friends, and we
must carry those lessons into this time as well. Progress does not compel
us to settle centuries-long debates about the role of government for all
timem but it does require us to act in our time. decisions are upon us,
and we cannot afford delay.  We cannot mistake absolutism for principle,
or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name calling as reasoned
debate.  We must act, knowing that our work will be imperfect.  We must
act, knowing that today’s victories will be only partial, and that it
will be up to those who stand here in four years, and forty years, and
four hundred years hence to advance the timeless spirit jama/It seemed
like only a year ago that sideboob meant something on Huffpo. Sideboob in
a headline promised a pleasurable glimpse at celebrity breast from an
unusual angle. Sadly now, "sideboob" has become a cheap bait-and-switch;
a promise broken to the reader/. I work for the government. And I'm
writing down all your names so we can spy on you as demonstrated by G W
during the patriot act. All ya'll haters are going on a government list.
And don't bother deleting your comments. They're already on a chip in a
little plastic box. fb/job creator hides under desk in mali-penn state
remembers childabuse enabler-74m unemployed worldwide-texas lonestar
campus (gunfight? )two shooters, 5 shots with atlanta jersey-20 yr old cs
male dies of flu-bionce lipsinc? cnn preoccupation with the jama girls,
on kktv/bernie (searching 4 celebrity gaffs) leg twinge blows it hard,
(nixion speech writer worries aout jama sou speech in 2 wks) kt goes to
padreas at roger ales request, on imus/ 90% payments are interest commuta
wabc/ eric holder tweets crazy wingers, heads in toilet, and jumping out
windows, on geraldo/nbctoday sez obama girls stole the show/
12113/Ex-Army Officer Accuses CIA of Obstructing Pre 9/11 Intelligence
Gathering-Thom Hartmann and Sam Sacks, America's fiscal problems are a
direct result of the Billionaire Class working behind the scenes of our
democracy and syphoning off massive amounts of wealth for themselves
while paying lower taxes than they've paid in a half century-William
Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "For the gun-makers, it is about making the
product they produce attractive enough to purchase over and over and over
again. That is the only way they will be able to stay in business.
Period-Danny Weil,  How is it that the non-profit Adelson Clinic for Drug
Abuse Treatment and Research, specializing in sliding-scale fees and
methadone treatment for opiate addiction, was the fourth-largest campaign
contributor to rightwing PACs Paul Church and Ray Nowosielski, Truthout-
US Health Worse Than Nearly All Other Industrialised Countries- Carey L.
Biron, Inter Press Service-Oxfam Says World's Rich Could End Poverty Al
Jazeera-MLK Injustice Index is on the Rise in 2013: Racism, Materialism
and Militarism, The US spends more on its military than the next 10
countries combined! More than China, Russia, UK, France, Japan, Indian,
Saudi Arabia, German and Brazil together. Racism, Materialism and
Militarism in the US, Whites have 22 times more wealth than blacks a 12.3
percent of the population but 4.7 percent of attorneys, 15 times more
wealth than Latinos. 15.8 percent of the population but only 2.8 percent
of attorneys. Median household net worth for whites was $110,000 versus
$4,900 for blacks versus $7,424 for Latinos, according to CNN Money,
latest Census analysis shows 9% of white families below the US poverty
level and 23% of Black and Hispanic families below the same levels- US
leads the world in the sale of weapons in the global arms market. In 2011
the US tripled sales to $66 billion making up three-quarters of the
global market. Russia was second with less than $5 billion in sales. 45%
of the 1.6 million veterans from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are seeking
disability benefits from physical and mental injuries suffered while in
the service. Suicides in active US military, 349 in 2012, exceeded the
295 total combat deaths in Afghanistan in 2012 JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie
Dimon Gets Impunity, While DOJ Puts "Small Fry" Check Cashing Manager in
Prison for Five Years Mark Karlin BuzzFlash/ Democrats should never
forget (loling@) purebred_red sez doesn't matter Obama buses in imbeciles
and drug addicts and gives them cell phones to vote for him and you say
whatever it takes to win. You are giving way too much credit to
gerrymandering people are very conservative at the local level ybac/

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