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11613/impeachment against President Barack Obama over gun control

11613/Steve Stockman (R-Texas) making bold threats to file articles of
impeachment against President Barack Obama over gun control measures hp/
sanford seeks senate seat, deptfeebiblemypillow communita wabc/No one in
the middle class was celebrating the two percent bump in taxes they'll be
forking over under the new fiscal cliff deal. 401 gov taxdodge Buried
deep in the American Taxpayer Relief Act. Drawing a blank? Right-wingers
screeching about "tyranny": translation: they lost the last election, Why
is it when the President has an "R" in front of his name, right-wingers
are in favor of massive increases in government spending and massive
increases in the size and power of government but when it's a "D,"
right-wingers think that anything the goverment does is "tyranny"?- As
each state reported their final election details, the evidence of voter
fraud is astounding. Massive voter fraud has been reported in areas of OH
and FL, with PA, WI and VA, all are deploying personnel to investigate
election results-yc/Dildos are illegal in Texas but guns aren't. Probably
explains the low number of dildo-related murders in the area-Cruel hoax-
A scary, devious and rather dangerous one way street-ALLreligions are
cults , BUT not all cults are religions and scientology is BOTH-fb/
derswitz v coulter, nome seztruthers are birthers, tapper gunshowloophole
apoligist lines up redstate bluedogs, on (troubled by antijew sandyhook
conspiracies) geraldo
11513/doj Ruining Lives and Wasting Taxpayer Money Prosecuting Marijuana
Cases in Legalized States Mark Karlin-Five-Step Process to Cheat the
Middle-Class Worker- BuzzFlash/Military Suicides in 2012 Tops Military
Deaths in Afghanistan, among active duty service members, across all four
military branches, reached a record high of 349 in 2012, compared with
301 in 201 abc/Syria's civil war is unleashing a "staggering humanitarian
crisis" on the Middle East as hundreds of thousands of refugees flee
violence including gang rape, activists said an air strike on rebel held
territory southwest of Damascus killed 20 people, including women and
children, adding to the more than 60,000 people estimated to have been
killed in the 21-month-old conflict Oliver Holmes yip/HOLLYWOOD AND
MENTAL HEALTH wp-(rightwingnutz kentstate excuse Seven people shot by the
Ohio National Guard gunfire at Kent State)-Question For Gun Owners
Only What percent of gun owners would turn in their guns if required to
by law?- University 42 years ago Friday have renewed an appeal for an
independent review of new evidence that an order to fire was given, Now
go chew your cud and leave the adults alone-unchallenged. It is NOT an
example of 'American troops firing on civilians', it is an example of
armed, panicked men firing on unarmed civilians. There is a difference-
you're using someone else's imagination to verify your own
misunderstanding of events, the classic Rightie fail of substituting
wishful thinking for reality-Satan aka * will be one of the first to
scream for "protection" from the hoardes of mutants when all the guns
have been confiscated-such a drama queen, Your edumication is, as always,
shining through brightly. -We know how your hero, Adolf Hitler- The truth
is Hitler expanded gun rights for Germans. You must have missed that
class at that liberal "Ivy League" school you went to?- Wouldn't it be
more fun to have the jack-booted feds barge into each house, grab the
guns and push the bibles onto the floor?-A presumptive question again?-
"by law?", The simple minds are the easiest to read- yfs/Presdent Obama
done saved American peoples, Busness did not builds there business
alines. The hard worken peoples helped builds it. Presdent Obama be
smart. We shuolds all understands that without the buyers they be no
sellers. Common folk in particular black folk shuolds be sharing in them
profits. We really be needed most revren al sharpton be apointed to high
level ecumenic post to help with econmy, Unployment shuolds be extends to
5 years. Alsos welfare shuold be doubles and be funded with specail
millioares tax. Unployment be causing by them republicans-Obama knows
Democrats have NO conscience, they encourage late term and partial
birth abortion although many are Catholic...the conservative gun owner
has guns to protect themselves from Democrats who commit 90 percent plus
of all crimes, everything out of his mouth is nonsense designed to steal
your money by any means necessary, wants to bump off Whitey, this
will make him a hero in the third turd world of complete savagery, I
wonder if Obama will bring in the "head choppers" from Saudi Arabia, Ray
Lewis murdered two people in the 90's, the libtard sports press in
action....completely ignore this and instead run the "I cannot wait to
spend time with my children template and that primitive dance routine of
his...really pathetic, Many Whitey voted for Obama...union members,
goverment bums and fat chicks with no money, gays......98 blacks voted
for Obama..believe me....blacks hate Whitey.....also 71 percent
Latinos...this means the Catholic Church is a friggin joke..Obama is the
biggest abortionist in history-"Guns make us less safe." How come Obama
has 12 guys around him at all times that are heavily armed? Why do Wells
Fargo, Brinks, and other money handlers always have armed guards? Money
is more important than children?-yc/ All money should be banned. I'd
rather have private money than public money if anything cause public
money is taxpayers money. No money would allow anyone to run not just the
rich snob club +/the gang celebrates all liars in the era of the liar, on
(agrees to be ranting rightwingnut 4 3 more years wabc humps it hard)
imus/gun nutz want to issue guns to every licenced female, for the rest
of the idiots, nonswimmer natalie, after being beat up, yes for sexually
rejecting murderer.. fauxexpertdrbob sez dna from early 80's rapekit
would help solve the case, barber defends redstate sandy glutt, blackburn
r kentucky drug solving problem hoe wants to get fiscal defending
obstructionist, fauxdrsegal defending tainted vaccine, ruben(<3) defends
jama, utahrwnnut defends 10+ magazines, on heraldo/30m$ armstrong usps
lawsuit/jama rightfully goes over congress to fixit abc/rush admits
blowing newyear resolution (defendinghumping merdock directtv fatassliar)
sez lance should go prolife for freeticket/
11413/Good mourning Democrats mama_say_it_aint_so ..something you should
never forget, Republicans are the dominant party in states holding a
majority of state legislatures, governorships, lieutenant governorships,
secretaries of state and half of the nation’s attorneys general. 37 of
the 50 states now have single-party control of legislatures and
governorships: 25 Republican, 12 Democratic.-Jimmy Fallon tv band called
"the Plantation" All black band with a Jew overseer makes spike a little
uncomfortable-typical relpy from the bigot, one more broke lemming living
in a trailer hold the xanex!-WELCOME TO THE MASON CIRCLE JERK, he soils
his diaper everytime! speaking of switching ID's * owned him and whipped
like a dog on this board for years.....he is still doing it! hold the
metamucil!-most of these political posters don't have a dime to invest.
So why don't they take their worthless comments somewhere people might
give a *%!@ about their comments-A BLACK MARKET, BAN GUNS AND CREATE A
ILLEGAL GUN SYNDICATE OF GUN RUNNERS-(war on guns?)-holder is applying
for the CEO postion, he knows that he can do a good job - has had on the
job training ybac/right-wingers still love Bush's policies, still to this
day defending and supporting Bush's policies and claiming that they had
nothing to do with the economic collapse of 2008 and nothing to do with
the country's debt, then we can safely assume that these are the policies
they will pursue again if they ever get back in power. Please notice that
the right-wingers on this board will not deny this; they will simply try
to change the subject to Obama and "tards"-they must want to repeat them,
We're still paying for the FAILED bush policy's and yet right wing idiots
think somehow that bush's debt and deficits just magically disappeared?
When bush took office there was a surplus and then on the day he walked
out 8 years later there was a 11.5 trillion dollar debt. yc/* certainly
made the right decision, Staying off this board. E -gest you have more
#$%$ per-capita. Than any board I visited in last few years. That lady
was running her company taking indirect input from the likes of ingrates
like you, I had you on ignore. That didn't work. Your some kind of glue
that permeates the board. Hey maybe they will do a segment on your
postings. would you like that. Sort of after a marvel comic book, arch
villain.-you are no different than anyone here hiding behind fake names
and promoting and inciting hatred, or ignoring the hatred found here.
ygs/out of afghanistan today don't let another american die in obozos
folly yip/mareen dowd, andy rooney birthday, on imus/jama (live) tries to
quell gun owners fears
11313/Charles Freeman's 09 Statement in Wake of Withdrawal From
Intelligence Post, The libels on me and their easily traceable email
trails show conclusively that there is a powerful lobby determined to
prevent any view other than its own from being aired, still less to
factor in American understanding of trends and events in the Middle East.
The tactics of the Israel Lobby plumb the depths of dishonor and
indecency and include character assassination, selective misquotation,
the willful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and
an utter disregard for the truth yip/Ohio School Board Votes to Arm
Janitors in Wake of Newtown Raw Story/Farmers Rally at White House to
Protest Monsanto's GMO Empire Common Dreams/How many more folks have
daily access to clean drinking water now? How many jobs have been created
in developing nations? How many people have been offered religious or
other instruction? (Contacts in Cambodia have no answers: They've never
heard of charity: water, a possible side-effect of the on-the-ground
partners system, which also speaks to concerns about accountability.)
Until these questions are answered, charity: water's biggest provable
impact may be that it puts the names of Millennials on new, but perhaps
not always functional, wells in poverty-ridden countries. Again: That's
branding. Not a movement. If it's true that the charity: water model
proves that honesty - not quarter-measures, like fiscal transparency -
fosters support, the organization has nothing to lose by immediately
investigating and divulging answers to these questions truthout/the
brewing controversy over Zero Dark Thirty and torture, but thought I
should at least wait to see the movie to say anything.The thread that I
kept reading from ZDT sources was that they depict torture because it was
a part of the overall whole of capturing Osama bin Laden bkg/good news
for Republicans, 7 democrat senators are up for re-election in 2014.
Romney won every single one of those states last year. 4 of those states,
Romney won by double-digits. With Obamcare having kicked people's
paychecks and taxes, new gun laws against law-adiding gun owners, I'd say
the Republicans are in pretty good shape right now-that they somehow
managed to avoid prison terms-f66/RIP George H.W. Bush
J/K! Sorry libs, didn't mean to give you a boner-Die a Slow Death George
W. Bush So the world can celebrate. yfs/almost every gun and ammo
manufacturer has close ties to the NRA, only a tiny proportion of the
nation's gun owners are NRA members. About 90 million Americans own guns.
The NRA claims to have about four million members, although the media
have never bothered to verify that figure. Even if this number is
accurate, however, it represents only 4.4 percent of all gun owners. p2k
11213/All of this tard talk of repealing the 2nd amendment is a diversion
from bonobo's utter failure as president, his failure in the economy,
jobs, deficits, debt, the debt ceiling,... There is nothing he has
succeeded at except growing welfare and more government enslavement on
you helpless, hapless, useless tards-maybe you could explain how Bush
managed to add $5.5 trillion to the debt if he was averaging the measly
deficits that your phony numbers suggest. Of course you can't answer any
of this, so maybe you'd better just stick to lying about numbers and
whining about tards. When you can explain why the national debt doubled,
the unemployment rate nearly doubled and the stock market collapsed under
the policies that you supported, then maybe you won't look like a
clueless embecile-welfare or union or goverment, which low life group do
you belong to? Obama has inspired a new generation of losers and welfare
bums, he is so incompetent he is hijacking the Lincoln image, beyond
pathetic, Democrats are miserable excuses for human beings controlled by
devious criminals, Obama and his friends are ripping off billions of
dollars, Obama is also a hate mongering racist who wants to disarm the
White race, to sum up he is bankrupting the country and destroying our
currency "I still like Obama. I like his vision,his style,his talk,his
mindset-" ... his destruction of America? "....need I continue?" No at
the moment you need to change your adult diaper. yc/You seem to be fond
of some stupid ideas. Walking around with assault rifles in the middle of
the ****ing street? -it's legal and common here in texas yip/BIDEN SHOULD
just think , it only took you a few days to construct this, for a
teapublican, indepth analysis, How funny While the teapublicans rant a
rave over gun control their owners continue to sell them down the river,
do they have the capability to learn they are being played for the fool?
History says noI can only say that while a few corrections are needed in
the current laws, the real thing that needs to be done is to ban idiots,
but then the Teapublicans would lose their base, even with no ability you
and your fellow teapublicans with no ability will be able to just say NO
to progress.-ybac/Red states would be third world without blue state
subsidies ! FACT Teabagging inbreeds-dang liberal fact checkers-Trying to
get them to admit it is one the largest problems going in Washington
today-Doesn't fit the spin, red states are the first for a hand out and
the first to complain-Hillary Clinton said today she was "thrilled to be
back" at work at the State Department after having been away for more
than a month because of the stomach flu, a concussion and a blood clot in
her head-Scott Compton, a South Carolina high school teacher, is facing
possible dismissal by his school board for stomping on an American flag
in three of his classes-abc/
11113/fauX News: Schools pushing the liberal agenda' by teaching algebra-
evidence? Truth has a decidedly Liberal Bias-yfs/It is clear that bankers
and politicians either have an evil agenda or have absolutely no self
control. I am guessing a little bit of both. No sane human being would
run the country, its relationships with foreign countries and it finances
the way our self-absorbed greedbags do.... unless they had no self
control or they were intentionally destroying the country ygs/Krugman |
Coins Against Crazies nyt/Rove Accidentally Unmasks the GOP's Debt
Ceiling Ruse wp/GOP Amendments Could Derail Sandy Aid Again Politico/ The
Koch Brothers, Superstorm Sandy and the Teabaggers-Only a jury could
decide whether Wall Street banksters were guilty of crimes resulting in
the US economy imploding. Unfortunately, the Justice Department didn't
seriously consider prosecution and the "banks too big to fail" have been
emboldened as a result-FBI's Manufactured War on Terrorism- buzzFlash/
Jason Leopold, nine months Pfc. Bradley Manning spent in a windowless
cell, at times without any clothing, amounted to illegal pretrial
punishment, a military judge ruled. But she refused to dismiss charges
against him/Corporate America: A Whale in a Fish Tank Thom Hartmann and
Sam Sacks/KBR, Guilty in Iraq Negligence, Wants Taxpayers to Foot the
Bill hp/GOP Keeps Up the War on Women The Nation/Rep. Grayson Mocks "Bath
Salts Caucus" for Voting Against Sandy Relief Raw Story/ Krugman Nobel
Prize winner in economics for Treasury Secretary: An effort is underway
to get the the position/the Tip of the Iceberg" Chris Hedges, Truthdig:
The monitoring of Florida activist Shannon McLeish suggests we are much
farther down the road of corporate fascism than many of us care to
admit/Conservative Movement Is Still an Elaborate Moneymaking Venture
Salon/Taibbi: Ex-AIG Chief Should Be Shot Into Space What the hell is the
AIG board thinking-Australia has compelled the Bureau of Meteorology to
add a new category to its charts, showing "catastrophic" fire danger
ratings of 129 degrees or more rs/Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
Richard Ben Cramer, who died Monday at age 62-abc/Employers Across the
Nation Begin Cutting Part-Timers Hours to Maximum 28 Hours Per Week- Our
new friends-Barry and Hilarity sure know how to pick 'em-utube Video:
Syrian Rebels Praise Bin Laden, Celebrate Destruction Of Twin Towers On
9/11-Hillary's Benghazi adventure probably supplied the video equipment
and a boatload of armaments-the US has already recognized the islamists
who will take over. I find it remarkable that Democrats actually think
there is any intelligence involved whatsoever in Obama's foreign policy.
Other than knocking off cave dwellers in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it's
been an abysmal failure on every front.-As opposed to some huge success
like "the coalition of the willing" and a trillion down the hole of
Iraq?-both Hagel and Kerry had somewhat of a man-crush on Assad yip/Red
states would be third world without blue state subsidies-Republican's,
strip healthcare from everyone except the wealthy that can afford the
premiums. When is the GOP going to realize that the health and well being
of the worker bees is directly related to productivity and a advancing
GDP. You can't run the country when all of the citizens are ill or
bankrupt from healthcare costs-Like your leader Mitch McConnell could
give a darn about worker bees healthcare but when he get's a hang nail,
it's into Walter Reed with a private staff wiping his bottom. Plutocrat
boot licking hypocrites!-Who works in this country anymore? I always
worked and I always had health care you are talking about giving free
healthcare to those that want to sit on their but and eat cake and watch
tv and talk on their cell phone at my expense-We want those people to
just die off. No more welfare and no health care expense. The flu may get
some of them. Drug deals gone bad and gun fights will get a good chunk
too ybac
11013/The world according to me. To sum up the general idea of the place:
if History and Theory don't agree, it's not History. Once apon a time
there were rules for polite company, and not discussing politics or
religion played a large part in them.  Now everybody knows what (almost)
everybody thinks about pretty-much EVERYTHING, all the time, and
familiarity does indeed breed contempt. "Social Media" encourages a great
deal of what I consider to be anti-social behaviour, specifically ad
hominem attacks.  I will go after peoples' IDEAS, but not them
personally; if I feel that negatively about the person I won't waste my
time or effort on them, Tzar
of the USA Executive Order to by pass the Constitution? Good grief what
comes next?-Siberia off Alaska for offenders? just watch as the POS in
the Oval Office disregards the Constitution of the United States of
America in order to further establish his dictatorship. It was never the
intent of the Executive Order to replace the Constitution of the United
States of America/ it's what Bush and virtually every President before
him has done, curious that you only have a problem with that when its a
Democratic President, and where were you and the NRA when Bush's AG, John
Ashcroft went after your guns... more of mac's hypocrisy on display, (or
did you forget?)-You really are a purile POS! Your ignorance of
SEPARATION OF POWERS is beyond profound. Barry Obampot Soetoro was placed
in office by the Super Criminal Plutocracy who knew fools like you would
fall for his hope & change BS, which NEVER PANNED OUT! When the
Constituional Republic is restored, people like you will be stripped of
your citizenship and banished from this country. FOREVER-he's unmasked
his true identity let's watch. how him and his h0m0 loving pal Joe
try to convert. fundamentally transform america into something
unrecognizable and dont forget his friend on the court John Roberts doing
his share to support governments merciless taxation and control of
american's lives. how do libs defend this piece0sh!t?-what'sa matter? why
you raggingh on roberts for? shirley he was fine & dandy when
appointed, shirley it was fine & dandy when he turned the 'citizen's
united' suit into 'corporations are people, but one little decision
about the healthcare of american citizens & you turn on him, think he'll
be picked again & F up the simple 34 words that will be swearing in ouyr
furor for a 2nd term?-you think it's funny when the head priest of our
judicial system anxiously invents a ruling that your government can use
tax powers to punish you for not doing its will? why not take a permanent
vacation to iran?-when warrentless wiretapping & FBI 'sneek & peeks' no
longer occur-, now that's funny!-Your POS Obama can change that any time
he wants to. He has chosen to keep it. a couple of emotional hates that
come from a bit of a warped mind based on a faulty OPINION and would have
to be taken case by case. More Liberal backwash and side step around
rationality-choose words carefully did ya? & look up airplane leslie
neilson & shirley then perhaps you'll get a sense of humor along with
annie, why would i care what you think? how CONveeeeeenient it is that
apparently neither does my boy-YOU should care what I think. Your boy
barry on the other hand was elected by idiots to represent the entire
country. He should care about my opinion, but you're right, your boy
barry doesn't give a rat's ass about those people that didn't make the
horrible mistake of voting for him-good, glad you caught that sarcasm
too-What about extra-judicial assassinations, including of American
citizens and their children? What about illegal wars, torture, rendition
and indefinite detention without due process? There's very little this
war criminal does that's authorized by the Constitution-What does he
think he is, President or something-The lowest common denominator elected
him. Low-information droolers that can tell you, in great detail, the
inner workings of the latest reality TV show but isn't sure who the VP
is. It would be cool if he thought he was President of the United States
of America. In four years he's yet to act the part. It would be cool if
he thought he represented all Americans and not just unions and other
left wing interests-He is the President of the United States of America
and he knows it. The only person with a problem grasping that fact is
you, he represented all Americans, You are thinking of your guy, Mitt "I
only care about 53% of America" Romney. -says someone that more than
likely voted for Bush twice, McCain/Palin, then Mr. etch a sketch Romney.
to me those are the real moron droolers. that sit listening to Alex
Jones, Rush Limbaugh and the garbage spewers on Fox then regeratate their
pearls of idiocy-There are all the folks that would like the government
to operate within it's means as well. Are you so insanely stupid that you
really believe that it is only me that knows that your boy barry might
have the title of pres, but he isn't doing the job? So, your boy barry
does represent those folks that he perceives as holing on to their guns
and religion? Normally I'm apposed to abortion, then I meet someone like
you and understand that it would have its place if we could just figure
out how to make it more likely that it targets people like you, it could
actually be beneficial to society-yfs /the man was arrested. Apparently
he was drunk, which obviously is no excuse. Me thinks a goodly portion of
the right wing is drunk too, drunk on hate whipped up by the likes of
Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Fox talkaboutamerica.blogspot Mostly a political
blog, dedicated to my point of view, not an entirely ignorant one at
that, feel free to comment, I'm willing to engage in spirited discourse/
five defendants were arrested yesterday by special agents with the FBI,
the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Office of Inspector General, and
IRS-Criminal Investigation. Those taken into custody Aref Abaji, 31, of
Aliso Viejo, a real estate agent Maher Obagi, 26, of Huntington Beach,
the brother of Aref Abaji Jacqueline Burchell, 52, of Orange, an escrow
agent Mohamed Salah, 37, of Mission Viejo Mohamed El Tahir, 35, of Glen
Burnie, Maryland, Wajieh Tbakhi, 48, of Corona is being sought by federal
authorities. The conspiracy charge in the indictment carries a statutory
maximum sentence of 30 years in federal prison and a potential $1 million
fine. The wire fraud charges carry a statutory maximum sentence of 20
years in federal prison and a potential $250,000 fine./Wolfowitz’s
prescription for Syria? “Defensive weapons.” Where had I heard that
before? But Wolfowitz wants more US control over the weapons saying:
“Hamas, which used to be in bed with Assad, has now distanced itself from
the Assad regime. I’m sure the bad guys are figuring out how they can
help the opposition so that they can have a position later.” Hamas the
democratically elected government of all Palestinians and still in
control of Gaza, daily under an assault by Israel (backed by the U.S.) is
of course one of the “bad guys,” the infantile designation for official
enemies, at least weak ones. In a "confidential" memo, the "Red Cell"
wrote: "The Afghanistan mission’s low public salience has allowed French
and German leaders to disregard popular opposition and steadily increase
their troop contributions to the International Security Assistance Force
(ISAF). Berlin and Paris currently maintain the third and fourth highest
ISAF troop levels, despite the opposition of 80 percent of German and
French respondents to increased ISAF deployments, according to INR
polling in fall 2009. "Public Apathy Enables Leaders To Ignore Voters,
"Only a fraction (0.1-1.3 percent) of French and German respondents
identified ‘Afghanistan’ as the most urgent issue facing their nation, ,
however, furnishing a remarkable window into how U.S. government
propaganda is designed to work upon NATO citizenry to maintain public
support for the euphemistically titled "International Security Assistance
Force" (ISAF) waging war on Afghans, suffice it to say that democracies,
including Nazi Germany, the Roman Empire, the United Kingdom, France and
the United States itself, disprove this assertion. In any event, the U.S.
has been terribly hypocritical in its support of "democracies" in foreign
countries, often toppling or attempting to topple them (i.e. Iran’s
Mossadeqh, Guatemala’s Arbenz, Chile’s Allende) in order to gain easier
control of a foreign country through an allied dictatorship are actually
not less prone to war. msmittymattersblogspot/snow apocolypse in
israel?-kbr mistakes needs 100m$ taxpayer bailout- rt/
thanx 2 w3hoever set up the kewl link to my blog:)/
1912/execute ALL Democrats in America, start out hanging Barney Frank
first and then I will ask the public to hang Charles Summer next-I will
hang Bush first for his creating of the worldwide depression and for his
subprime fraud ,wars and overspending. The guillotine is the best weapon
against these mass distrucktor and dictator. His head will i send to
Iran-Enoy your visit from Homeland Security, with any luck they will take
you to the mental hosp. rather than prision. In other words threat
forwarded for investigation-just all the other mass shooters. It's loser
Republicans that are the source of all violence in America. typical
violent unstable racist redneck wannabe KKK, Republican supporter ybac/
if I converted to judism, is it required I scam people? Serious question-
All of your neonaziwarloserswine anti-semitic postings are emailed-

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